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The Sales funnel builder, free and trained

How to learn to make money on the internet

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained, I don't believe this offer will last forever because it is just too good to last

Let's look at what a sales funnel achieves.

It's a bit like a Web Page however it is designed to take a reader to a result.
Along the way you pave the road with upsells, down sells, and all sorts of reasons to buy your product now.
It is a high-pressure environment that demands reader action and is done properly only a few will escape the net.

I have long wanted to use Click Funnels but could never justify the cost

The Russel Brunson product is a great App however it also comes with a hefty price tag.
As a beginner, I could not justify the near $200 a month cost to try and learn how to build a funnel.

Even though I wanted to transport people to my training site I could never see a return that would justify the expense.

So, like most others, I shelved that project and went in other directions.

Then recently I was introduced to Groove Digital. What got me interested was the offer of a free version to play with until such a time that I had confidence I could drive a return.

The free version allows you three sites with many bells and whistles and a very clear upgrade channel.

The sales funnel builder and a complete deal

Groove Digital then sealed the deal by offering me money

That's right, they have a very easy-to-manage affiliate program that pays out on several levels.
Even as a free user you join the program although you do get paid more like a full member.

The important thing is that you are an affiliate from day one with all the promotional material you could wish for.

A lot of these programs offering great income are shady however the good ones work well.
I use Wealthy Affiliate as my core product. They have built the entire business using affiliate sales and have created high-income earners. What's more, I have been with them for several years so I understand that they have a 100% trust factor.

Another that has stood the test of time is Joel Thereon although he has had to change his product strategy along the way. He was an early innovator in Multilevel income and sharing returns among the levels of salespeople.

Is a dual level affiliate program worth while?

First of all, let me explain what we mean by two-level income. All your paying referrals earn a percentage of the payment.
So If someone takes a lifetime platinum deal you immediately get paid for that. Furthermore, if those Lifetime member recruits say 10 others you also get a piece of that pie, so they earn and you earn.

I would sooner have a single level at a higher margin however this way if you recruit one good down line it can explode your results.

Therefore please be my one great down line and start making money today.

Don't confuse this with Multi-level marketing or indeed a Pyramid scheme as both are entirely different and sometimes illegal.

You are not buying a product to sell on to others, in fact with the free version your cost basis is zero. You are recommending a service that is needed by most online marketers and being paid a referral commission for your marketing efforts.

The sales funnel builder and marketing

How would you market a product like Groove Digital

At Groove Digital they understand marketing very well, indeed it is their core business so if they don't know what to do then no one will.

All marketing starts with the fundamentals;

  • Family and friends always the first point of call
  • Your Social media pages should include information
  • Networking works well if you are so focussed
  • e-mail campaigns will generate activity
  • A blog page ( like this) is ideal
  • A signature on all your correspondence with Groove details
  • Web pages
  • Direct Mail campaigns and so on

Groove has instant material available for all of the above hardcoded into your link.

The sales funnel builder and hard coding

Hard Coding make a world of difference

This means that your referrals are never lost.
For example, Amazon has a very short window where your referral goes in the house after a day or so. What that means is if you make a good recommendation and they log in to browse but delay buying for a week your commission has gone.

Groove Digital locks your referral in by hard coding and not pixel linking so you can never miss a great opportunity. This is a very important factor because many companies are after cheap leads. You get to cut out of the action very quickly and will never be able to follow up.

Checking on your traffic

We often wonder just how many people we refer along the way and do they all hit the paying site. Not that we think companies will cheat just that everything is in place.

I use an app called Pretty links to track my clicks. This is a free service available on WordPress. It not only tracks your links, recording them along the way but allowing you to change a link on every page. All this in just one place.

Using a spreadsheet to track your monthly progress is a great idea, if it is not improving then change something to make a difference.

The sales funnel builder and training

Your training on Building a funnel

There is no way I can attempt to provide all the information you need to build a funnel hence I will link you to where you get it all for free.
It is a basic sales pitch with promises that will work for you.

Like it or not these things sell products like crazy because people want Diamonds. Instant wealth, health, or happiness delivered in a thousand words. Some good, some bad but all delivering results.

If you want just one Internet focus building tunnels can deliver above-average results even for newbies. You just need something to promote and Groove Digital even gives you the product.

Throw in a couple more affiliate products and you are off to the races and in the winning straight.

Have a look at Groove now

My Groove conclusion

This is a relatively new operation taking on an award-winning product that has millions of followers. Will they keep a free version long time, maybe because they believe a large percentage will upgrade and those that don't were never going to make it anyway?

When you start to build a few referrals and work out the variance in your income between the paid and free versions you will change. Furthermore, the change will pay for itself at double the return.

Like all new programs, it is only as good as you. Your marketing and your Funnel building prowess.

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained by Peter Hanley

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare

What home business can you start with little or no experience

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare. We would all love a constant stream of traffic that makes up the numbers but can it hurt you

What is free traffic

I guess a lot of traffic is free however some of it can actually hurt you.

Every business, website, Funnel or marketing requires traffic, without which you have nothing.
We work tirelessly to generate customers / buyers to our plans however should we be selective.

You can source any amount of traffic from a google search so it looks great on your analytics page however Google knows better.

Traffic is just one measure among the many that Google wants to see.
Equally as important are the number of disconnects. Those that hit your site and move on without a moments thought to your content.
Often generated by online programmes designed for this purpose. They actually hurt your ratings.

Important are those that open a page and even more importantly remain for a small amount of time.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare
Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare

I bought free traffic to meet a demand

Interestingly we all fall for the best ways to create an illusion. I wanted my site to display a large volume of traffic that looked real and met all the Google needs.

I found this at Spark Traffic a sight for just this purpose. The numbers reflect great activity and meet the Google requirements of page selection and time on page. As well the all important bounce statistic

This is a great way to add as much traffic as you want for a small amount of money.

However you should remember that it is computer generated traffic and not keen buyers.

When you want to add advertising to your site they wont look at you until you have a level of traffic and this shortens the process.

Same site with traffic added. Looks good enough to sell.

YouTube is a traffic generator

There is no better source of free traffic than You Tube.

This site is searched nearly as often as Google and much more than Bing and Yahoo combined.
Therefore to ignore this really at your peril.

However you must build a following and make sure your link is prominent either in or below the video.
If you are insure how to create a professional video try a free go using Vidnami. Make as many videos as you want in seven days and save them to YouTube. Each one should only take an hour or so therefore you will have a big display in your channel.

With this knowledge in place moving forward would be simple.

A dream or a nightmare, depends on how quickly you expand your knowledge.

Social media can be great but it takes work

Off course regular posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc will have a range of new and old viewers. Without spending money this is fairly limited however necessary to the overall effect.
Posting on forums and following groups will bring more contacts than pure luck. When you are active and contribute to these areas you will build a natural following. Furthermore when your readers are comfortable they will refer others to you.

The trick is to not spread yourself to thin. Each media takes time to do it properly so pick the one you are most comfortable with and make that your hero. The others are the support crew to tie it all in together.

Using Quora, reddit and similar media

There will be those that love this marketing and those that loathe it. However it really needs a trial in your internet life. Answering questions and provoking conversations can build a following that really share and like and thus building followers. Importantly many will click your links.
Build a personality and keep social to be successful.

Along with Quora is guest posting in all media where your subject can be recognised. You can become the go to expert as you answer all the questions.

A host of ideas that may take your fancy

Starting with your own eBook. A short story on a subject you understand and want to share with the masses. Answer a question, solve a problem and provide a solution. You probably wont be able so sell these wonderful products but they make a great give-a-way item to solicit followers.

Training courses are an extension of your knowledge. People want to learn and there is no better way than a well structured course that can bring many followers.

Yes they take a bit of work however they last for a considerable time and continue to provide new names and emails. If you are lucky or really very good courses can be a source of income

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare begins with great SEO

Let's not forget basic SEO practices

SEO is as important as any of the above ideas. Google rates your Web or Blog on the basics of SEO.

  • A keyword that will be searched
  • Your heading that will be read
  • The meta to draw them in
  • Pictures to maintain interest
  • Proper Sub heading structure
  • Colours and set out
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Minimum of 1200 words

Every single item will count to you being read.

You need to be on page one of a search term to have any chance of success so without well structured SEO you have little hope. You can learn more about this at Wealthy Affiliate a training site for optimal page construction.

Newsletters need a mention

This simple act can be a wonderful source of new business. Many think of a Newsletter as sales tool however that is far from the truth. The good Newsletter is there to entertain, inform and educate your readers. They will decide when to give you money whilst your job is to grow the list of followers.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare and my summary

My Summary

When I was doing some research to find a few more ideas I thought that most of the posts offered too many radical opportunities. Everything you do takes time so the best use of your time is the vehicle that gives the best return.

I have a friend that uses just Instagram for her business. Two posts every day seven days a week keeps her appointment book full for a month in advance. Time is minimal, cost negligible however the results are excellent. She spends her time on making money.

Therefore I suggest you choose your hero media and give it everything you have until you achieve great success or even fail miserably. If you fail that is one to be taken of the list and try something different.

I like a multi media approach however spreading your self to thin will actually delete the results you are wanting to achieve.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare by Peter Hanley

online marketing for business ( 5 ways to success)

Blogging is an art form

Online marketing for business ( 5 ways to success). Why only five? Any more and they will never get done until you start to achieve results

What are the five ways to success?

We have pondered this long and hard because the magic number is really seven. That is the rule of seven says that you must have at least seven ways to market.
However we are all doing some of them anyway so I tried to find the five that would provide the most growth in the shortest time.

When running a small or medium business you are always short on time and most often your priority list does not include the marketing needs. That is unless you outsource them to someone else to complete for you.
That brings me to the first rule of marketing.

Consistency beats everything else

You won't see this pushed in most online platforms however I rate it as number one. Let me give you a good example right from the top. Your local grocery chain is usually top of the list.
I get brochures in my letterbox twice a week, an email and an SMS probably several times a week all for products that I shop for every week.
They do this because they don't want me to go anywhere else.
I get told the specials around what I generally buy as well as incentives to use my rewards card. Why would they do this when I am going to shop anyway?
My annual spend with them is around $3900 a reasonable chunk of money.

Online marketing for business

That is just a small example from todays mail trying to marshal me into the store.

Why do they spend all this money on me

The answer is simply they want my business and by consistently being in front of mind they win me over.

Finally they do this because it works.

It matters not where you market it only matters how often

If you use Facebook do it everyday, Instagram every day, Twitter every day what ever your media of choice use it everyday.
My Friend uses Instagram for her Hair Dressing business, that is her only media however two or three pictures every day keeps her booking schedule a month in advance.
I get emails everyday from the worlds top marketers , not once a week or once a month but every waking day. Why? Because one day I will open one and act.
My Daughter uses Facebook everyday to sell her range of clothes because it gets attention.

Therefor what ever you do in marketing make sure you do it often to get results.

Branding sells nothing and everything

Don't be confused with this just because many will tell you to market your brand but it does not sell a product. We are not big companies like Rolex or BMW or even Nike that sell on name and reputation. Yes they have spent millions on the brand however we little people don't have that luxury.
However what we can do is use a consistent image in everything we do. Same logo, same colours, same type so we slowly gather a recognition factor.
Franchises promote a brand because they cover a range of stores across a wide area of operation based around a single idea.

They have the budget to spend so they try and build a following however a local business is really pushing it up hill to do the same thing.

However a consistent image helps you to flog product and be recognised for your brand.

You need a Social media channel that you own

Pick one and plunder it. Sure you can branch into others as well and analyse results however stay true to a channel and post at the least every day. I said consistency gets results and this is where it really applies.
Donald Trump used Twitter with great results. He was one of the first in Government to own a media and have it repeated by every news channel in the world.
Forget the fact he is now banned look at the success he achieved along the way. All I am saying is use one media and use it well and if you get banned it is about content not use.

Every channel has a general age group following so pick the demographic that your product targets. But be careful in how you apply your advertising. For instance selling a Rolex on TikTok might well be a waste of money the same as selling a Gameboy to an older audience on say Facebook.
Instagram has a much higher percentage of Female followers and Twitter probably male so chose carefully and post away.

I will tell you how to get instant success but Social media is not one of them. It is a time based format where your following will grow as well your sales.

SMS is instant and easy to control

If you want instant sales then SMS is a great opportunity to open doors. Over 95% of messages are read immediately where as an email may get a 20% open.

Working with SMS marketing

A percentage of users will act on impulse and take up your offer within seconds of sending.
Therefore you will quickly understand what works and what does not. The benefit is in trial marketing, send a trial SMS to a select group and see the results. Then you can alter the message or blast your total base expecting a set return.

There is a cost to this however it is easy to do a return analysis using revenue less cost. If it is positive then go hard.

Online marketing for business using a Newsletter format

Newsletters provide that sustained value in perception.

Again I repeat that consistency and branding added to a good format will achieve long term results.
Newsletters are not about selling they are about retention of lifetime customers.
If your selling cycle is long term, for example Car Tyres, then you only see your customer every year or so.
However your customer drags along family and friends because they know, like and trust you by repeated good dealings over time.
A bi-monthly newsletter or even monthly at the most maintains good customer contact. So when they are ready to buy they will come back to you or as important recommend you to others.
This style of marketing may suit certain products over others however anyone can and should do a newsletter. It is a cheap and effective style of marketing that retains lifetime business.
I use Constant Contact as my carrier of choice because I believe they are above all others.
You can try them out for free.

My Online conclusion to better marketing

I wanted to say specialise however you will require several channels to market to cover a broader range of potential and retained buyers.
Do your customer profile and work out which media will have the greatest impact on the buying cycle. Look at your best times to push harder and maximise that opportunity to the fullest.
From a simple local event, major celebration or Black Friday use the opportunity to up your tactics for greater results.

As they say Fish when the Fish are biting.

Online marketing for business by Peter Hanley

A new entrant to your marketing plans

To keep up with future changes you may want to consider adding a Crypto currency to your portfolio.
This will target a whole new range of buyers to your brand and give growth in many ways.
I delivered much more on this at Crypto for business that may interest you

Failed online marketing

Failed online marketing

Failed online marketing. How bad is it and what can you do about it? Here, Peter Hanley looks at what could be missing and the ways to fix it

Can you fix your online marketing?

Welcome to the tribe. Many of us fail at marketing because of a bundle of reasons so let's have a look at a few ideas and ask some questions.

I would presume you have a webpage, blog page, or marketing funnel to gather interest and move buyers to where you want them.

A keyword

Failed online marketing
Get the tool

When you build a page you base it around a Keyword that people will search for. This keyword is vitally important and there are two things you must know.

  • If the traffic to this is too high you won't be found.
  • If the traffic is too low you won't be found.

Generally, you need a least 100 searches per month, and remember 80% goes to page one.
Below I shall include a Keyword tool for you to check yours.

Your search description

When people search your Keyword and find it on page one there will be 9 other entries on the page. A couple is paid so that leaves 8 altogether.
The first free one will get the most attention but most people will look to see who and what it is about.

8 Unbelievably Bad Marketing Fails You Have to See to Believe
Sep 17, 2018 – There's no shortage of failed marketing strategies, which is good for you as a marketer because you can use them to learn and avoid falling into …

The title, the keyword and the Description

Then it is up to your entry to deliver results.

Is the title compelling?
Have you checked the Keyword for traffic?
Does your Description pull readers in?

Tip. Never change your title because you lose all your history on google when you do.

Furthermore, your Keyword is in your title, description, and in the first paragraph. However, never stuff the article with keywords. You can have it in one subhead as an idea.

This page is the next consideration.

The aim is to have at least 1500 words for a reasonable blog. If you don't have this, just start writing more. A good idea is to insert a few headings first and then fill in the words. Not all are technical, just as you would speak.

Heading and subheadings have rules.
You start big and work down #1 or #2 at the start then some #3 and #4 or even #5 but don't go back up again.

This is an easy fix and should only take a few minutes

Pictures in a blog

Failed online marketing
Should always be on the subject, except a pretty girl works

They are said to have a thousand words and draw attention to the subject.
As readers, we get bored easily unless the subject is really intense. Our mind will go ahead looking at headings and pictures for something of interest,
However, the pictures should be relevant

Looking at your product

Have a good look at what you are marketing and then check out the market. Search Google and Bing and pick up keywords and descriptions to see what you can do better. I am not saying copy them, I am saying plagiarise them and find the best bits.

Because Keywords are so important I will give you two choices so you can search for them and track where the best words are.

My first in by Neil Patel. This is really new and still developing but I find it quite useful in research. Look at your Keyword them similar ones for future posts.

The other is Jaaxy which is owned by The Wealthy Affiliate group and the free version is great for everyday use. It is also available on the Wealthy Affiliate site.
Remember you cannot change your title but you can work around that or in the worst case start again.

We want to see some activity here.

Free SEO comes at a cost

The cost of free SEO is your labor. The search engines are like traffic and that traffic comes from the constant activity on your site. Building a great site and laying back to enjoying the fruits of life just won't work.
You need to blog regularly, update often and create a readership all the time.
100 blogs is a starting point, how close are you?

The Rules of Seven

As Neil Patel said in a recent chat there is one rule you cannot ignore and that is the Rule of Seven.

A client needs to be touched 7 times before they will buy. The rule goes back to olden times and has been consistent and true today as back then.

It applies equally to advertising as it does to marketing and should be the basis of what you do.

The rule of seven simply says that the prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you. There may be many reasons why the number seven is used. … Traditionally, number seven has been given precedence over other numbers by many cultures.

Tutorial point

As an online marketer, you somehow need to up your contact points

Are you using social media?

The purpose of social media is to drive traffic to your site and not the reverse.
However, like your blog, media needs attention as well so don't spread too wide to start.

I will always recommend a LinkedIn account for anyone that is in business or establishing an online identity. People will look at you and see a nice picture, a great Bilo, and a resume about what you want to deliver to the world.


It goes without saying a Facebook page is current and topical in your brand name. Yes, Facebook may seem to be declining but many of us use it as a reference point. I have a blog on rescue cats, it has a good following and I started it on a marketing exercise in building a client base. I post every day to this site to keep the growing power.
It takes me about 20 minutes once a week to set up a week in advance so it is not a big-time eruption.


A product of Facebook with a difference. Instagram does not like automation so you need to snap every day or a few days with a story.
It does work and the following is pretty big and growing.


This was hard, it is now easy and I have written much more on this blog at
YouTube made it easy

It is the fastest-growing search engine available and nearly equals Google in search results. Another great touch.

Signup on your page.

If readers like your stuff they can sign up for an EBook, newsletter, or free advice, and then you can hit them many times with great ideas


Still works a treat if done properly and you have a contact list. Check your inbox and see how many you get every day.

Twitter and others

Certainly, Twitter has a lot of pull and works well if you have something to say and to lead the followers along a path. Singers, artists, and politicians do really well with this, as do many business people and news outlets.

Now you have seven touches that will hopefully grab some attention, but wait there is more.


Spend a few dollars and generate some leads to your product based on a return on the investment marketing approach. If you can get this right where every dollar spent earns $2 then you can just ramp it up and continue to grow.

Local marketing

If your product set suits a local market then meetings, groups, flyers, local media will help you out.

We are trying to get a viral effect to grow your market and sell some products.

I also recommend some extra training on any of the items you try. However, I would never recommend spending a lot of money on slick marketing programs that are designed to take your money and not deliver value. We all get hooked into these and remember them as to get and forget products that sit in the bookcase.

Who do I follow? Well, the Wealthy Affiliate free training is definite, and more on that in the link as well as my web host. I like Ryan Deiss for email and Neil Patel for ideas.
I use Samurai Content for videos and you can see my review here

Samurai, Wealthy Affiliate, and Jaaxy also offer affiliate programs if you want to add them to the list.

I have played with Amazon and done some training but I am not a huge player.

Analysing your results.

This is a very important area and one that can give you some clues as to many issues. Google Analytics is free and it really is very strong. How many calls, where from, how long do they stay, best carriers, increase over the decrease, etc? You can spend a lot of time researching and coming up with results. It is the first thing I check every day.

Where do you go next?

If your product has a market, your Webpages are competent, SEO is correct then my friends it is just time and effort that will get you to the top.
Blog often and properly following the rules and success will come your way.

Affiliate problems by Peter Hanley

Failed online marketing, image of author
Peter Hanley

Earn money fast

Here Peter Hanley discusses a well-known question on how to earn money fast and importantly keep it in your pocket for the better days ahead.

You want money now but you have none so what can you do?

We all have this dilemma at some point in our life and it is how we respond that will make a difference.

Now, look at the things that don't work.

  • Crying might help for five minutes
  • Sulking makes us feel worse and brings black clouds over our heads
  • Drugs and alcohol might take your mind away but the problem stays.
  • Blaming someone or something else is not a fixer
  • Avoiding the issues just wastes time and achieves nothing
  • Doing nothing achieves nothing and gets you the same

We are all guilty of some or all of these at some time. My best is to avoid a situation and hope it fixes itself but alas it never does.

So now I have made you feel bad about yourself what the heck can we do?

Making money is easy but is it ever enough

That's ok for me to say but how can you do it?

The first answer is always the easy one and that is to tell you to get a job, ask for a pay increase or a second job and budget your future.

Very easy for anyone to say but not always that easy to achieve for lots of reasons.

The next answer on the easy list is to cut your expenses. So often I see the poorer of us smoking and guzzling large bottles of bought drinks while feeding a couple of dogs.

Don't laugh, it is a real problem for many and they can't see it. They need the cool drink for the diabetes that it has caused and get a quick sugar fix.

Easy online income, further reading

Answer the question, how to make money?

The first question is what are you good at?
It is no good telling a Blacksmith to write poetry for a living.

In my country, and probably yours they have a service that offers work in your local area then you bid for the work and if successful do it, often at a low rate but at least it is an opportunity.

If you are good at gardening as an example you could quickly build a client list doing easy jobs. A client list that can be onsold at a profit.

I have a friend that builds up a window cleaning area. He door knocks for jobs and builds a regular customer round. When it is going well he sells it for a years revenue and starts again.
Hey, you need a ladder, some clothes and a proper window scrape. It is easy to learn with few overheads or problems.

There are many people that want household chores done and you could be the one.

Do nothing and what do you get?

Grab a sheet of paper and make a plan.
What are you going to do?
How much money are you going to make in money?
Also, what is a reasonable timeline for this?
The amount of time you will spend on it?

Then do something and do it well and you will make money.
Shoe cleaners make money, Street guides make money, beggars make money there are no excuses except your own.

I understand this is when it gets hard, we all need motivation and that is why we have a plan that we look at every day and say why not?
Share your plan and get a driving force to kick you along working to a Goal.

Make money fast
It's not all easy

Instant and honest money is not easy.

I won't go anywhere near anything Illegal or the mugs games of gambling in this post. The people that make the money make sure it is them and not you.

Multi-Level Marketing

A great way to create a fortune, unfortunately, is only for the very few. For the rest of us, the old 80% group will work our butts off for very little.
It requires a particular type of luck or skill to ever rise above the average. I have seen it tried many times, most often coming to standstill overtime.
You need investment money, lots of time and a way to destroy friendships to have any chance of success.

It is, however, a reasonably cheap entry into the market that just about anyone can learn. If it suits you give it a go and work toward that top 20%.
I have many friends that sell Herbalife weight loss and health products. I use the product myself so I believe it is good but can you make money?

I do know a couple that are killing it with Herbalife. A big monthly income after many years of dedication because of timing. Everyone else I know made very little.

Tupperware is having a comeback and many others that you can Google to choose for something you like.

It takes a lot of effort and training but it can be done.

Social media

The rise in social media is leaving many businesses behind. They can't do without it but they can't spend the time doing it creating a dilemma.

Learning one Social media platform can provide you with the 0pportunity to either do it for others or teach them how.

Teaching earns good money so this is a quick entry to an on-demand problem.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more are there waiting for someone to use them.

make monet fast
Let this not be you

Internet and making Money

There are more opportunities on the Net than anywhere else to make money.

There are more scams on the Net than anywhere else.
I have a cupboard load of courses that I have bought, read, attended that did not work for me.
The one ingredient that was missing was proper training to provide any chance of success.
Like everything else, you need training and one place where you can get this for free (a couple of countries not available) is at the Wealthy Affiliate. Start with the free course and learn what it is all about. Ask questions on the blog and read about the results of others. Work out what you want to do and go in that direction.

It costs you nothing to try this and my guarantee is that at the very least you will learn something right through to a lot.

Don't waste your time being unproductive

Time is precious, wasting it is wrong and making a success of something is rewarding.

We have covered a few ideas that may help you achieve a goal, Ideas that are useless unless you do something for yourself.

What sort of people makes money on the Internet?
How about an 80-year-old grandmother, a 20-year-old kid living in Taiwan and everyone in between?

If you have read this far you are keen to succeed so, come on, jump in and start a life today.

Earn money fast with Peter Hanley

Earn money fast, image of author
Peter Hanley

SMS in Marketing

Image of SMS in marketing
SMS in Marketing

Here Peter Hanley looks at SMS in Marketing and how it can work for your business and have instant results generating new business on demand.

SMS is my favourite subject

Why would I say something like that? The answer is that you have control over everything you do.
You can test, get feedback and repeat.

You will find with SMS in marketing that people act quickly and that unlike most media it is a do it now or forget it.
This allows for a real try and test formula.

Types of SMS marketing

This is not a single subject as it can take many forms of customer contact.


We all get them from our Doctor, Dentist etc as appointment reminders. These are very important because they save on No Shows which cost everyone money.
This is a great form of income for those marketing the service with a margin every time someone sends a message.


This is a great business asset. You can advise on meetings, promotions, events, special products, releases or any event you want.
As a marketer, this is a great opportunity to double up.
Let me explain. I market to a wholesale group that has a regular business function of a breakfast with a chosen supplier.
Traditionally they would have a staff member make phone calls to the 60 odd people involved and get a commitment from them. The results were Ok but they were not happy.
I suggested a program of two SMS messages. One a week before to advise about the meeting and one on the morning of the meeting. Their costs came down and importantly the attendance rate went up by a good percentage.
They have continued this over many years to continued success


This one is easy to do if you have a good list.
You may be promoting a new product, advising of a price change or a stock reduction
You blast out to your list and wait for the phone to ring, it will be that quick if your message is good.
This is one reason I have said you can test this method by choosing a small list and seeing the results.
You will have a plan and an anticipated result. If you don't get it then change something and try again.
Off course don't make the mistake of expecting huge results, it is marketing and if you get 3 or 4 per cent it could well be worthwhile.
It depends on what you are selling and the margin of the product.

Your expectations with SMS in marketing

This will vary with whatever you are trying to achieve. There is a big difference between selling a Truck and a Tyre.
There is also a time of the cycle in results. For example, if I had just bought a set of tyres I will not respond to an SMS on this for several years.
This will relate to your list and how well you look after it.
I managed service for an automotive group. They would SMS any client they had not seen in nine months as a service reminder.
people would immediately call back to book in or reply to the SMS.
Any complaint replies were immediately attended to fix the problem or pacify the customer. A side benefit was to understand which outlets had problems and make the necessary changes.
The expectations were to increase service bookings, fix faults and a follow-up list.

One time SMS and results

The same service centres would have one-time messages for certain occasions.
At the start of summer an airconditioning service or at the start of winter wiper blades.
You may not know this but many businesses rely on the upsell.
You put your car in for a simple $120 oil change and the next minute they ring with another problem or requirement that is needed. These are money games.
You make no income changing a set of wiper blades but my bet is they will notice something else.

This is when SMS works

SMS v Email

They do a similar job but they do it differently and at a different cost.
SMS costs more but gets a quicker response.
Email is cheaper but has a delayed response.
Many groups under 25 don't worry about Email.
Businesses all have emails but may not read them. If you are lucky perhaps 20%
Everyone reads an SMS, maybe 90% which is probably the secret to success.

These are all considerations when doing your plan and deciding on your media.

SMS and online services

There is no reason that SMS would not work with an online service.
It depends of course on your list, do you have the mobile numbers to send information to?
Is it something that your readers might want or to share?
Almost anything with value will sell, your SMS will be looked at and then it is the product or the message.

Programming a Message for SMS

Generally, you are limited to 160 characters in which to compose a message.
In most countries, this must include an option to opt out of the service. You must honour this request or face the consequences.
You cannot send Spam or unsolicited mail.
That is why I refer to your list at all times.

You should always include a contact number for people to call you. You are asking for contact and the ability to sell.

By now you don't have many characters left so compose your message carefully without too many abbreviations that will confuse the message. Ask for a result.

Now count the contacts, value the profit on the sales over what it cost and determine the success of the venture. Would you do it again?

We are doing this to get results, it is not a game of chance it is measurable results that will drive your business.

SMS in Marketing by Peter Hanley

I have used SMS in all forms and it does work very well.

SMS in marketing. image of author
Peter Hanley

Examples of SMS in marketing

Affiliate marketing Potential

Get business from internet

We discuss getting business from Internet marketing and the necessary tools to really grow fast. The world has changed and you need to change with it.

The internet can now deliver new business faster than any other way

Your internet journey is one to explore those products that will quickly bring you increased traffic flow and with that new business and higher income.

Is it at all possible? The answer, of course, is a big fat YES.

The world is now based around the internet and the better you use it the quicker your road to the top.

Using an online business or a fixed location there is not a lot of difference in your approach to the Internet.

Business is all about customers

Well, that's not quite true of course it is about customers that spend money with you and return you a profit. However, it all starts with customers.

Furthermore, it is about customers that use you more than once with repeat buying over a long period of time.

Titled “lifetime customers,” they provide a consistent pattern because they have trust in you to do business

So how do you get new customers?

The answer is based around a consistent and regular approach to the market. It takes effort and trial to find better ways but they are there waiting for you.

Let's have a look at a few ideas that are internet-driven.

  • Your Website, current, accurate with a call to action.
  • Regular blogging with ideas, tips and tricks
  • Social media activity
  • Email marketing
  • Build a list of things you can drive it hard
  • SMS marketing
  • Video: The big kid in town
  • Local marketing
  • Networking
  • Charity support
  • Advertising on Google or Bing
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Ad words
  • Brand building

Don't do everything but do everything well

You may look at this list and blow your mind with despair thinking this is beyond me but stay for just a little while as we dig a bit deeper.

In your startup venture, don't spend a lot of money until you have your program in place. A program that can accept clients and turn them to customers without wasting or burning them in the travel.

From the top list, I would always start with a couple of necessary products that need to be in place before anything really gets going.

  • Your website is in place
  • Two social media channels
  • Ways to build a list
  • Networking
  • and Email

Let's explore a short marketing list


Your website is a given, it must be current, tell them what you have and provide contact details and or a shop Box.
You can do this yourself or have someone do it for you. Look to India or the Philippines for cheaper prices and think in the region of $500.
Include a Blog page and write a regular post. You can learn more about this with free training at the
Wealthy Affiliate a site set up for this purpose.
It is important to have an email capture block based around the customer needs to market to them.

It is all about the list.


Don't fire the shotgun pick two to start and build from there.
I would always establish a LinkedIn site first of all. It may not be a big customer puller but it is the start of your brand building. Create it with a great picture and a story about you and your success.
At this stage park it and forget it for a while.

What is social media?
OK, a bit of work here and a choice between Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter.
They all work if you generate activity.
Remember this well, they are not there to sell they are there to generate traffic to your site with entertainment and interest.

Sites that are neglected or half-built will create customers that feel the same.
I have a friend with a local Hairdressing shop that only uses Instagram. Two or three posts every day of the latest creations, she is booked out for months ahead. One channel does this: ten minutes of work a day, zero cost and a following in the thousands.

A shopping experience

Another has a clothing shop. Facebook and Instagram every day and the traffic continue to build plus online purchases are going through the roof.

A supplier of Outdoor Sheds and Patios invests in Adwords to have his webpage on page one when the future book slows down.
Fills his order book and closes ad words for a time

If you are building a personal profile in a certain demographic then Twitter can be your friend.

He is the darling of the political parties, singers actors and sportspersons but many others as well. I follow a writer and columnist in my group to be fed with current comments.

Social media works if you work Social media


Particularly with local businesses, this is a great way to build a following. You can use social functions, breakfast meetings, displays or stand around handing out brochures. I advise you not to work with your friends to death and keep them informed but never ever pressured.
You can often support local clubs with a small donation or work contribution and build a following>
Yes, there are easier ways but some people thrive on this activity so if you are one then build on it.

Email marketing and Newsletters

We are showing some bias here as I believe this is a pretty easy job once you have some customers in place.

First of all, the Newsletters work, full stop. They are the difference between a good business and an average one.

I noticed an increase in activity in my area of marketing and there are some good and some not so good.
The newsletter is not there to actively sell products. It is part of the customer touch campaign so when they are ready to buy you come first of mind.
It is an old marketing adage that a customer must be touched seven times before they will buy and this is just one of them.

Marketing via email and autoresponders

Customers want information they don't necessarily want to be sold to and email, when done properly, does this well.
Email can be singular or many but does need to be targeted to a client's needs. It is no good sending Baby Ware to a football person, it does not fit.

Auto Responders

Get business from Internet
Regular feed of information

This is the automatic sending of emails over time, days, weeks or months. There is a method to this to get better results and I covered this in a recent post on this site about Mass marketing with Email

The premise is all about Know like and trust and how you do this with mail.
You introduce your self first and use the appropriate name and call to action. then build a product profile and support before asking for the order.

They often liken it to meeting a new partner, you don't go full-on at the first meeting but accept the introduction, get someone to say how good you are and then build up trust, The end is easy.
Know, Like and Trust now you say it three times so you don't forget.

Once set up, the time taken is minimal and the results can be optimal.

You should, however, understand that not everyone will be your friend and some won't open some will drop out and others will complain.
The trick is to get your figures working the way you want.
The beauty is that you can run trials, make changes, work the figures and end with a great result.

There is no need to outsource this because it is easy and quick because you will learn quickly and develop skills that will drive business.

I am assuming by now you are building a list

Get business from Internet
A list is an asset

Not everyone needs to be on the list but if you want to build an asset that will deliver the results they should be.
Develop your touches and move on from there. If you have no list start from the top and get some names and emails and start working on them.

Moving on to new promotions

Video is the new king

Video Marketing with YouTube.

This really is the latest buzz word.
Videos are now searched nearly as many times as Google on a daily basis. If you want to be seen on YouTube you need to start doing some screen time.
However, there is no need to panic as I can help you.
First of all, get my free book
the Ultimate YouTube SEO cheat sheet

This is by my friends at Noble Samurai and gives you a guide on what to do.
If you need it you will be taken to a free trial to build some videos for yourself using the latest in Technology.
There is no need to go out and buy expensive equipment like in the olden days.
You can use your mobile phone
Your computer or an automated system for very little money

SEO is important every time

SEO and Keywords are the way customers get to you. If you don't get this right you will be lost in the wilderness, we will bring you a free Keyword tool to help in your preparation for internet success.

You can use the attached Keyword tool and if you are unsure about anything, go to the training panel and update your skills.

Don't use keywords that are too hard, or you won't be seen. Make sure you are found every time.

Get business from the Internet by Peter Hanley

Get business from the internet, image of author
Peter Hanley

Mass marketing with email

Mass marketing with email

Mass marketing with email is no different from single marketing when you know how to achieve results. Here Peter Hanley discusses ways to come out on top.

Email marketing is the easiest and cheapest form of selling

I have been emailing for years for many reasons that we will cover in the following paragraphs. I rarely miss a day without sending a message to my list that covers the category of interest.

However, there are important rules of engagement that you must understand or you can end up in trouble or with no results.

Spamming with email is a no-no

This may not come as a surprise but unsolicited emails can be considered spam and you can be seriously affected if you are in breach of the rules.
Most email servers go out of their way to avoid this problem with a double opt-in or putting the full blame back on you.
However, there are often ways around any problem and of course, rules change with countries.

Gathering an Email list

Spend some money and buy a list on the market. These are available and are generally Kosha for use.

Gather from your website using a giveaway or other device to get names and build a list.

My understanding is that when people market their email address as a form of communications it sometimes ok to use.

Market on Facebook Linked In or All social media.

If you own a business, use your customer base as a wonderful opportunity
to gather business.

Hand out cards and letter drops standing in shopping centres anywhere to get contact details.

Your email list is a valuable asset

Don't be fooled into thinking this is just a bunch of names. It can be a very valuable asset in real cash money at some point in the future. Think of $5 to $10 per name on the list, therefore, a list of 5000 has a potential price of $50,000.

Furthermore, there is a difference between a bundle of names and a target list.
It is not good selling golf clubs to aged pensioner ladies or retirement coupons to young football players. You are wasting time with everyone so your list must be targeted.

My Fish shop experience

I had a customer with a live Fish and supply shop. During bad times she had to exit the shop and move her gear out of the property. I rang another shop and asked if they could help with this by buying stock or fixtures. They were in a similar location so it would be easy.
Their response was yes, we will buy the customer list and email them with our location and pick up a lot of customers.
Unfortunately, she did not have a customer list. probably one of the causes for going broke. This is a sad and true story but how things changed.

Capture area emails

Within my capture area, I have three Pet shops. Every couple of months I go and buy Cat Food, Litter and a few trinkets.
What is interesting is they badger you for contact details and to join the free club for special offers, which I join.
What happens now is when I miss my purchase cycle because I have changed shops I get a special offer by email. Something like 20% off storewide. This is a great cycle for me as a buyer and they get a regular customer by marketing me

Fixed location or online email lists

All lists are the same and have a value if they are a targeted list with a response rate that meets or betters a market average.
Not everyone will open every email for a bundle of reasons or act on the information after they have read your information.

With a proper plan we can guide you to better results so let's move on with this.

How to prepare a list for email

This is not a real hard answer, anything from a scrap of paper to a full-blown CRM management plan. – Customer relationship management

However, let's start with an ordinary email list.
This can show your name, email, mobile and interest plus anything else you need.
If you save as CSV file you can sort to your heart's content, cut and paste as you desire.

Your email facility will also house your base under different categories.

Working a fixed location will normally contain a point of sale software that will maintain your list as well.

Last of all a full-blown CRM package costing hundreds of dollars per month, but invaluable if used properly.
You can easily search these on Google for the best use for your business.

Starting your Email marketing

Mass email marketing image
Start your marketing

We have talked of targeting your market and having a list of matches but that is the easy bit, now we are getting real with this.

The first thing in any marketing is the know, like and trust system. By email, you will need to build this along the way.

Know a major asset.

When you scan your daily emails what do you look for?
normally two things,
Who is the sender?
What is the subject?

I do, I tick all the boxes to delete and then untick the ones I want to read. Only those I know will get looked at provided the subject matter is of interest. Out of 100 emails, I might look at half a dozen. Not many.

So how do you overcome this problem?

The answer is to introduce yourself first with a promise of what is to come.
Your first email is not selling on it. No promise of riches or grandeur just to get your name on a possible tick list.
This gives you an even chance for the future.

Like is a necessity

If they don't like you they have several choices.
Report you for Spam, never good but it happens
Unsubscribe immediately, Gone forever.
Request you to unsubscribe them because they can't be bothered
Delete the email
Or they are in a band of bored that open everything

Or, they will open and read the mail. This may be 20% or 50% depending on many factors though mostly because they are interested in what you have.
These are the good ones that hold some promise for the future.

Like also centres around the subject line

Have a look at the ones that interest you and re-shape to fit your message
You can use the old How, When, Where and Why format to make a headline
I just looked at mine and I had;
Can you help……
Storewide 20% sale for customers only
Introducing belated posts ( A subject of Interest)
Great news.
It depends on what you are selling or marketing but be creative and remember to test before you opt to go big.

With Whom do you send messages

You can use Constant Contact, Aweber and Mail Chimp just like I do.
Having tried all sorts of other I have lately settled back to the major ones because it saves me time. The cost is not cheap at about $100 a month but they are consistent and we are mailing in results. If you can't earn a $100 a month give up and try something else.

You can select a list, structure it and send a message in minutes, not days and hours

Then generally, send a test message and see if it meets your benchmark in open rates before You commit a broad-based send out.
Look for an open rate at +25% in a well-selected category but it is a numbers game depending on volumes and targets. You could be happy with 5% in some cases.

Autoresponder for best results

Image of auto responder
How, why and when.

An Autoresponder sends out emails written by you over a period of time.
It might be daily or weekly but a series of messages to meet a conclusion
that you want.
You will often find acceptance rates fall over time as you wear them out or it is not of interest. What you are doing is weeding out those that will never buy and eliminating them along the way.

One business I have markets a telecoms product to a new audience. We generally choose between 250 and a thousand businesses and send them an introduction.
This eliminates the real not interested players and we now have a clean product.
The next step is to compose between 6-10 future messages that go out every day or two, weekdays only, 8 am to 5 pm.
At the end of this, you have a well-read customer contact base that you can target directly.
You can compose your emails to suit different categories of businesses under the same general messages.

The big Email blast

This usually comes with a cheap purchased list that you are firing a Shot Gun at and hoping for results. If you sent out a couple of hundred thousand emails selling a new car you only need one sale to get a return, one would assume that would be easy, but it is not.
If you were selling a $10 product you need to sell hundreds of them.
No targeting, no testing, just a blast of messages that will burn many.

The Newsletter blast

This is one of my favourite children. Every business should send a Newsletter at a defined period and then regularly for life. No exceptions.
If they don't, someone else will.
A newsletter is not to sell anything it is to inform them or entertain them.

Think this way. You have put a list through an Auto Responder and you gather a group that has shown interest but they are not ready to buy.
By then, including them in your newsletter when the time is correct, they will probably call you and the sale is done.

I have a sign-making shop send a message to me about every six weeks.
This message shows the latest Vehicle or building wrap they have done
and brag about the job. They interest me because it is in my area so I read them. If I want a vehicle wrap where will I go?
It may be a month year or never but the image is always with me and I will recommend them to others. It works.

I have a Tyre store that sends history on all types of cars, Racing cars, Vintage cars, Collectables etc. Again in my interest group so I read them and
are entertained until my next purchase

So don't waste your leads, keep them entertained on your list and you never know if one day you will hit the Funny Bone

We have now completed the trust element

We targeted them with an introduction to getting known. We supplied enough relevant information to be liked and because of our constant contact, we are now a trusted supplier. The circle is complete
Well done.

Email marketing has many elements

So we have shown many elements in the market. first of all, don't just shoot a message and hope for the best works in such small numbers it will be difficult to get a return.

Build your list and develop categories of interest. I sell several products so I have several lists with a target customer in each list.

They all go into a newsletter because that is a generalised product and may well pick up floaters or fence-sitters that have been biding their time.
We all have different agendas so we are waiting for the moment

Mass marketing with email by Peter Hanley

Mass marketing with email, image of author
Peter Hanley

List growth strategies

How To Boost Blog Traffic The Easy Way
List growth strategies
Your list is your business

Online business marketing looks at List growth strategies and applications. These are your most important asset and tool for gaining new business growth

Why do you need a list growth strategy?

In any business be it fixed or online the value of your list will determine the worth of your business.
These are your customers, potentials and grazers that allow you to have contact with them in the future.

The basis of marketing

The basis of marketing comes with three important steps and if you miss just one of them your chance of success declines.

  • Know
  • Like
  • Trust

The world at large contains many potential customers all looking to be your friend and buy from you. The first question is how do they get to know about you if you hide in a corner and forget to flaunt your wares.

The first interaction must leave a positive impression that they like what they see and are happy to do business with someone like you.

Finally, after doing business with you they are more than happy to return again and again.

An example of know, like, and trust.

First of all an Online example. I bet you get a lot of emails every day, we all do from people you have been in contact with-in the loosest manner.
When you skim through the emails you first look for names and people you know and are happy to read. Most others will get the delete button. You know them or recognise them as someone you are willing to consider.

Next comes the subject line. This is an art form to get your attention but most likely they understand what you want. (we will show you how). Because they like you.

The subject line

If you have bought it before and had a good experience the temptation to dive in again will be there.

This little exercise is completed every day unless we hit the unsubscribe button. However, it is only on the ones that don't qualify for one of the three items

What will you do with your list anyway?

The next step in this introduction to growing your list is explaining another important rule of marketing.

The rule of 7

This basically states that a potential customer needs to be touched 7 times before they buy,


In advertising, the most effective frequency is the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made and before exposure is considered wasteful.

Maybe 7 or less, the rule remains

You will get to know the number along the way that mixes with your offer but the rule remains.

Therefore with a list, you can communicate in many ways to drag them to a conclusion and a buying decision.

Just this week I had a buyer call and say “you have warned me down, let's talk business.”
This came after about 10 emails in a series to a person I had never met and who will now remain a lifetime customer.
He believed he knew me because of my constant exposure to him, he liked what I had delivered with information and testimonials and I had built that trust that I knew what I was doing.
It is a great feeling when you have this contact.

So how do we build a contact list?

First of all, l let's look at what a contact list is and what form it should take.

  • A simple Exel spreadsheet is really ok.
  • Many in-house marketing packages contain a list builder
  • Through to an expensive off the shelf CRM product. (Customer Relationship Manager)

You will need basic information right through to a full package depending on what you want to do with them.
First and last name is a great start because you can address them formally in any message.
Email is essential as the cheapest and easiest form of contact.
A mobile phone number is handy for local marketing and last of all a fixed address to mail to.
It's all pretty easy information.

Now the strategies for the list building.

The first and most important is your Webpage. Do you have a contact button above the fold?
Do you have a giveaway ebook or similar on the page? Is there any reason for giving you their information?
If you want their contact details you have to ask.

Do you send invoices? Then ensure you have all their details in the list.

If you have a physical address and people walking in, have a competition, a survey, anything to get those contact details.
Ask them if you have nothing to lose.

Lady in wide hat
Not really, I would never. Blackhat

List growth strategies that are all white hat

Facebook and list building

Now listen up here, your Facebook page is a list of contacts but where do you get them?
It is surprising that many Facebook owners will put all their contact details on the page and not on a website. This is bordering on Blackhat but they should be legitimate addresses harvested from the information posted on your site. I reckon Kosha.

The giveaway list builder

This will work as good as the giveaway. E.Books, instruction manuals any free offer to extract an email address.
On your website, you will need to use a capture page linked to somewhere like A.Weber or Mailchimp that will collect and store details and deliver the giveaway.

Start a VIP club or discount card for customers but don't just provide a benefit get their details.

A lot of Coffee shops use a discount card. You get a card which is stamped when you buy a coffee, at 10 or so they give you free coffee.
I always see this as a really minimal program, I have half a dozen cards because I frequent different shops so I get my discount even not being particularly loyal.

What if they had to register the card so you got the details of your name and email etc.
One shop I spoke to recently said he had over a 1000 cards out, who are they I asked and he replied I don't know, customers I suppose.
What an opportunity missed.

What can you do with a good list?

List growth ideas restaurant
Fill those tables

I will start with my favourite example and a true story.
A well-known restaurant in my area is always busy and bookings are essential. When you book, they build a list.
We all have our quiet days so when the table reservations are down he sends an SMS message saying first 20 or so bookings tonight get 20% off the bill.
He fills the tables every time because there is always a waiting list and high prices so this is an opportunity.
How many sit and look into the street waiting for people to turn up when they can order up customers

  • You can email your list
  • Send a newsletter
  • Send an SMS message
  • Ring them
  • Send hard copy brochure
  • Do birthday specials etc

Every business is different to make yours unique.

I just had a meeting with a business broker and we talked about this topic out of interest.
he stated proudly he had a list of thousands collected over the years, Great I said what do you do with the list?
Nothing was the answer, oh my Gaud what a waste.

Remember this is target marketing

Where can you read more about list growth strategies?

Your list is an asset, make it a priority and use it properly

Peter Hanley
image of author
Peter Hanley

Business growth and strategy for extra reading

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.