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1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog or web page. This may be your hardest task but here are the simple answers

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Forget everything about traffic and do this one thing

I confess to not having 1128 ways to find traffic but to keep it honest I will write that many words to show you a way forward.

The idea of the headline was to use a Keyword to get your attention.

With a couple of million blogs being written every day you really need to stand out from the crowd. Unless you understand Keywords you will never find a place on the first page of a search term. A place nobody goes past.

Your Keyword, your headline, and your Meta description all work together to get lookers at your work. Without traffic you have nothing.

Using Keyword tools

You will notice that this is not singular. Nothing is perfect and we want to find a healthy balance between Traffic and Competition.

You need a balance of these to find a great middle ground.

The most used tool and probably the best one is a Google search. Remember that Google makes the rules and works in its own way.

Google has really departed from Keyword selection and uses Artificial Intelligence to find what they believe is user intent. Or precisely what they think people are looking for.
However, Bing and Yahoo still use exact match search and Google will pick up words from throughout your document to place you on a page. Let's forget the robots for a moment and look at a tool that I recommend.

Jaaxy keyword tool will give you a view of the volume of traffic, how much competition, and your chance of succeeding with that selection.

Combining this information with a Google search will give you a rough idea of what you can use.

How do you create a Good Keyword?

The answer is easier than you think. You simply answer a question or solve a problem. The more specific you are the greater your chance of selection. However, it has to be something that people ask.

I did a Jaaxy search on the above words and got a zero result. I also did a Google search and there was only one competitor and no traffic. However, I might use this myself one day.

I continued down the search terms. AVG is monthly traffic, traffic is an exact match and QSR is a competition estimate

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog

Therefore The Best Keyword Website has both reasonable traffic and low competition.

The conclusion to this is that if I chose “How do you create a good Keyword” as my title I would get no traffic thus wasting my time.

I would have thought that my term here would be searched more often so I used another tool in Neilpatesubersugest

Uber suggest search

Therefore using this would be a waste of time. It may be found by a wandering traveler but not much more. When I chose that heading I assumed it would come up with better results. That is why this subject is so important.

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog

What is Keyword searching

Keyword searching is understanding where you will rank in a Google search if you use that term. I thought that the importance of this subject would be a higher profile .that shown here.

By now you will be able to start to understand how important this whole subject is. If you get it wrong you will never end up on page one of a search term.

Hubspot says that 75% of viewers never go past page one and organic search accounts for 53% of all viewers so you need to be on page one.

Everyone has a different need so start writing out all those Keywords and checking them with a reputable tool. A good balance is a traffic greater than 100 a month and competition less than 50. Remember that 50 is equal to page 5 of the term.

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog with authority

Google ranks you on authority

This is another misunderstood activity on finding good SEO. Your page needs to show that you have some expertise in the subject you are talking about and the higher the expertise the faster the rise to the top.

If you are writing about dogs, as an example, a Vet or Breeder would rank toward the top pages and you with no real background will be left behind.

However, showing considerable research and quoting authority to back up your words will assist your slide to the top.

The Debate on a Meta description

The meta description is a short paragraph that describes what your site is about. You can do this yourself or Google will do it for you taking ideas from your words.

When they search your term and arrive at page one the first three free terms get most of the attention. The question is which one will they pick. The bland idea, the promise, or the answer to your question.

The best Meta will win this race every time.

I have seen even the best operators offer up a bland description so make sure yours is pulling the eyeballs in because you have about a second in time to do it.

Don't send viewers to Social media, ever.

This is a mistake that many make and you are probably shaking your head and asking why.

Social media is designed to send traffic to you, people who are interested in what you have to say want to know more. Social media is a Vortex, a hole that offers so many diversions away from the main subject that keeps people away from you.

You duck into Youtube to have a quick look at a nice post and then find so many more interesting places to explore. The original port of call, your post, is forgotten about.

So treat Social media as a source of acquiring readers not entertaining them.

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog

You need to have both internal and external linking within your page if only to appease the Google gods. The new rules are such that you must tag those affiliate links as no follow and it is necessary to do.
However, the other one is the Open in a new tab.
What this does is bring readers back to the current site when they have finished with the visited page. Otherwise, they disappear when the finish button is hit.

This shows the button and the sponsored link ones as well and is part of WordPress.


1. Use appropriate Keywords
2. Do extensive Keyword research with great Tools
3 Make your header and Meta exciting
4. Draw from Social media
5. Use your linking for the best effect

Get these right and you are on the way to page one of a search term.

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog by Peter Hanley

Why Keywords Are Not So important Anymore

Why keywords are not so important anymore and SEO has shifted its focus? But wait this is not altogether true

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Let's have a look at Keywords

Why Keywords Are Not So important Anymore

Back in the ancient days, it was easy to find keywords because there were only a few people using them. Nike meant sporting apparel and Apple meant computers.

Then along came a new intervention they termed Longtail keywords that expanded the single word to make it more descriptive. So Nike became Nike basketball boots to separate it from all the other products.

But no. This was not good enough for Google who insisted on a phrase to really understand what the punters required. Nike basketball boots for men in Idaho size 15 and colored laces

Google demanded that good SEO was based around using the best Keyword selection and using it often.

  1. In your heading
  2. At the start of your Meta description
  3. Your opening sentence
  4. about one time per 300 words throughout the article.

Pretty easy rules to follow and we did just that. Yoast and AIO SEO tools made us conform and search results were based on exact match keywords.

Google loves to change the rules on Keywords

We have to admit that Google is pretty smart and stays that bit ahead of the market, even if it disrupted our lives.

Those that make the rules decided that Keywords had run their day and something new and shiny was needed.

Because they had run out of ideas they decided to get a bunch of Robots to do all the heavy lifting. This required using Artificial Intelligence to make it work. Because Artificial Intelligence might scare the masses they abbreviated it to AI because everyone knows what that is.

AI is pretty scary stuff and the Robots were given a good dose of it.

They were told to forget about Keywords and concentrate all their powers on determining User Intent taken from the written content.

User intent is really pushing Keywords to a new level

Why Keywords Are Not So important Anymore

Moving from exact match Keywords to what the heck the user is thinking when a question comes from a drunken debate about the ex-wives of Tiger Woods is a big step.

You will understand the rambling questions that are asked to Siri who is also a Robot translating to a Google Bot who replies to a nutter not sure of exactly what he/she wants.

Well, Tiger's one wife and four hundred Girlfriends never hurt his +10 handicap but did affect his driving ability.

The answer lies in the answer

What people want is an answer to their question, they don't generally want pages of info on Tiger they want an answer and the answer is One.

However, sometimes people want information.
Q: What are the Best Golf Clubs for a high handicapper. A: Ping

In this case, the question requires a lot more information. The readers will consume pages of facts, comparisons, and even recommendations because they want to be convinced the answer is correct. Ping is just not good enough.

Adding to the confusion on search terms

Confusion with Keywords explained

You now understand that Google is in fact a pretty smart Robot but they are not the only show in town.
Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and YouTube are all pretty good search vehicles however they have stayed with exact match keywords. So If you write purely for intent you are missing a bundle of opportunities.
When you do an analytics search on your posts you will find that many rate on Google or Bing but most often not both.
Putting your Keywords in the post or page helps to alleviate this anomaly.

The answer, however, does lie in the answer, and the better you get at that the greater your search results will be.

Keywords are still important and will continue to be

There is no better way to find an answer than an exact match Keyword. That is what you ask for and nothing else matters. However, if your request is at all vague then intent will take control and provide the best option.
No one said this would be easy. This is a business of change and being constantly informed of the latest road bumps will really help your traffic.


I might make light on this subject however it is really important that you understand the ramifications in your writing.

Keywords and Intent land you on the first page of the term and over 75% of readers never venture further than the first three free spots on the page.

Google was built around Keywords and even though the robots have taken control Keywords are still by far the most important part of your tools

Treat Keywords with respect and get the results you want.

Why keywords are not so important anymore by Peter Hanley

How to Make my Own Free Website

How to make my own free website and forever own the material. Remember that sometimes free is too cheap but let's take you to a place to start

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

What can I use a website for

Websites have just so many uses you really must make a plan of your ambitions and start the journey with the basics.
1. A business portal or shopfront
2. A site to run your Blog potential
3. Where to do all your product reviews
4. A charity site
5. All about you
6. An affiliate marketing center
7. Portfolio
8. E-commerce

That's just a taste of the ideas and they all start from the same place.

Having a domain name, a web host, and a template to start building your masterpiece

First of all, if you are brand new at this and want to be a high achiever do a bit of training. Get the basics and then build your empire on that. Hey, put the credit card away you don't need it yet.

Every type of website is different and you will go at it from entirely different directions and that is why you need to have a firm plan in your mind. Your needs may change along the way however all the basics will remain.
For example, I simply wanted to understand what went into a business website. Then I realized the power of a business blog and lastly an eCommerce site.

How to make my free website with choice.

There is more than one way to build a website

In the olden days, you needed a full understanding of coding to get to first base. Fortunately, that has gone out the door and now we use templates, blocks, themes, and plug-ins to do all the work.

The amateur internet was built around a product called WordPress so that bloggers could rule the world. This is a google product, in case you were wondering, and forms a large percentage of sites built.

Other enterprising people built templates using basic coding that just about anyone could follow to build sites. Naturally, they wanted money for this or a trade value of some kind.
For example, we will give you a You Beaut web builder if you sign on to our service.

However, life is not always that easy because Google manages to change all the rules at regular intervals to make your wonderful-built website all but obsolete.

In the early days, websites were built to be read on computers but Steve Jobs messed that up by introducing smart Phones and tablets. Google then said more people are using mobile devices so I will insist every website works best on a small screen. That threw a spanner in a lot of work because large files became a living nightmare.

When Keywords no longer exist

How to Make my Own Free Website

Along the way, Keywords become long-tail words and Key phrases and are now user intent.
Not knowing the difference is a recipe for disaster as Google has adopted Artificial Intelligence (AI) search and not Keyword search. However, Bing still likes Keywords so we are all in a bit of a bind here.

Then they followed up with a security issue and went from nothing to strict SSL security blocking on all sites.

Don't get comfy yet because speed has become an all-important rating. If your site is not super quick it is relegated to the back pages.

My purpose in the above is to show you how dynamic the industry is and why you must have
continual support from a reputable supplier to survive the journey.

How to make my own free website and use it for training

Practice on a training site before going live with your web page

When WordPress released the much-updated block builder many of us were scared to use it. Change is never easy and moving you is often hard work when the degree of difficulty looks too confusing.
The solution was to set up a dummy site at Wealthy Affiliate and try every block that I could use. By the end of a few hours, I was cooking and thinking how good am I.
The next was to delete the post and put all that learning into real work.

When you commit a few hours to build a product you want something worth keeping so treat your time with respect, it is important.

How to make my own free website with the best decisions.

Decide on your web builder before committing yourself.

Are you going to launch with the Free WordPress builder and all the appropriate services or go to a templated service like Blogger? is free and it is owned by Google however it has a bundle of x against it.

As a play area, it may represent good value however the long-term security is tenuous, to say the least. Google has a habit of dropping low-rated products and this looks like a candidate.
furthermore is product ownership. It all belongs to Blogger so transferring it is not an option.

Shared Hosting can be dangerous

Don't share hosting

It is only natural that when you load a channel with traffic something has got to give and the first thing is site speed.
Many free and low-priced carriers simply lump a bundle of sites together to share a single channel. This may be Ok for starters however if you hit the traffic jackpot and start achieving results you are going to cry like a baby. Your site will be so slow that all the hits will be wasted and there is naught you can do about it.

Take cheap hosting and grow with it

I said that free is often too cheap and that everyone deserves recompense for the services they provide. Otherwise, the flow will certainly stop at some time and you will be without a leg to stand on and all your hard work is gone.

I suggest Bluehost because they are the number one recommended low-cost carrier on the market. This offer is almost too good to be true however it is value for money. They are recommended by so come with great references

Growing with WordPress sites

One of the most common issues with building Free Websites is that one is never enough.
Pretty soon you will be deluged with new ideas and ways to increase your traffic by linking websites together. Before you know it you will have a half dozen or more active websites all spread across different carriers and creating confusion and mayhem.

I have been there so I understand the problems and that is why I choose just one host. After running my free site at Wealthy Affiliate and understanding the trajectory I was on I consolidated my sites under one paid carrier.
Suddenly cheap was not an option. Thousands of visitors a day to hundreds of pages meant that I had to have a premium offer. One that offered support and service equally to the best on the market. I got this at Wealthy Affiliate

Customer service is essential in building websites.

How to Make my Own Free Website

A website is made up of many parts all working together to provide your product to the world. When things go wrong, and they will, finding good support is essential. You can Google answers however this is often so time-consuming that you will waste days trying to find an answer.

In your free trial at Wealthy Affiliate, you do get 24-7 hosting support however you also get access to the live forum. This is where many members hang out hell-bent on helping new entrants. Most of our problems are common ones that have a simple solution when you understand the situation.

This forum alone is worth being part of in your time as a web marketer.


Web building is the most important part of your internet life so getting it correct is necessary. Play with free sites using them as training exercises but do not place your future in their hands. No one will provide an A-class service for nothing.

Some of the problems will be in the upsell solution. Once you get locked into a cheap site they will offer you fantastic paid opportunities to increase what you are doing.
All of a sudden you are committed to amounts above-market rates because they have you by the proverbial grip.Plus with no escape as you signed those long-term contracts.

I have given you a couple of honest solutions that are respected by the industry to take you on any part of the journey.

Blog with care

How to Make my Free Website by Peter Hanley

Blog writing for money is easier than you think

Blog writing for money is easier than you think. Make a career or part-time hassle from home turning your writing into dollar returns

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Where does blog income originate

This is the secret to blogging. Income may flow from many sources on any one blog page.

You are not limited to a single channel because blogging is designed to make you money.

  • 1) Affiliate programs, as many as you can fit on a page
  • 2) Sales of a product
  • 3) Advertising income
  • 4) Referral income
  • 5) Training revenue
  • 6) Being paid to write

Doing a product review and getting two dips at the money

I love this idea. When writing a product review the one you run down may also generate income if you have an affiliate link.

Readers love to further their research and see why they hate a product. Then the product brochure does its job and completes the sale.

You are not the ultimate source of information just the knowledge guide.

Product Reviews and comparisons

This is a healthy source of revenue and one that will provide a good return when you get those product clicks. This is a great volume of traffic as shop-at-home subscribers seek a lot more information.
What to buy and when to buy it.

As I said above even bad reviews can get good results. You have a target audience looking for the product you just need to set your Keywords correctly.

How to make my free blog

Blog writing is a long-term exercise so starting is sometimes quite a terrifying ordeal. You know what to write you are just having trouble putting it all together.

My advice is to never pay for high-priced training and people offering instant results without doing any work.
You do need to understand the basics and that is why a touch of starter training can make all the difference. Getting your head around Keywords is essential because without a very good understanding of this will leave you languishing in the double-digit pages.

However, your first blog posts are important and full of good ideas so keeping them long-term is an objective you must have. Many blogging sites own your material or won't allow you to transfer it away if you find a better home.

Wealthy Affiliate allows a free blog and then recommends moving them to your domain when you are really on top of your production.

The process from starter to achiever comes in easy steps however they do follow each other and getting ahead of yourself is fraught with problems.

Blog writing for money is easier than you think when you find the easy money

Where is the easy money in blogging

Blogging for money is easy

There are three main types of income from blogging

  1. Outright sale and percentage given
  2. Recurring income
  3. Advertising

Outright sale

Here you are selling products of any kind from anywhere. Maybe Amazon. Walmart or training programs that have a one-time price and you get a fixed margin, like 20%

This is ideal for higher-priced goods or volume sales however small amounts make this a hard way to earn money.
For example, selling books for $20 and making a 15% commission or $3.00. It takes a lot of books to make a living.
However, selling Gym equipment for $2000 returns you $300 on the same margins or equivalent to 100 books.

Recurring income

This is where payments are made over time and you get a percentage of every payment.
An example could be Website hosting at $50 a month. Therefore you get your $7.50 regularly over the next few years. Say $180 or more over 24 months. A small amount turns into a good return.
If you did this every month your revenue grows. Month 2 at $15.00 and three at 22.50 right through to $180 at month 24, from just one new sale a month

The beauty is this amount comes in if you are working or not.

This is really where the big money is made and a business built.

Advertising income

Businesses pay you to run advertising on your pages. If those ads are clicked you make money. This is earnings while you sleep and can be quite considerable amounts.

However, you do need quite a few monthly visitors to be interesting to the big advertisers.

Blog writing for money is easier than you think when you apply the multiplying factor

How to get multiple incomes from a single page

Once you are established and have a following your income will start to flourish. You may have several affiliate links on a page gathering sales plus advertising revenue backing this up.

The sources are unlimited and there are no caps on your earnings so the top end is what you can deliver.
Furthermore, if you have multiple pages of material each and everyone has the same opportunity to deliver returns.
That is why blogging provides such good returns.

No one applies the brakes to Blogging income

Blogging for money is easier than you think

Quite the reverse is true. Companies want as many sales as they can get so they will support your efforts in achieving higher incomes. Advertising revenue is purely based on client interest so the higher this is the more you get paid.

Many companies will ply you with incentives to produce greater sales and thus a higher return, they want achievers and go out of the way to support them.

People will envy your sales and never bring you down by complaining your results are too good.
I have worked in many sales operations where they try to equal incomes or favor the precious few. Blog writing is individual and the only limiting factor is you.


I have said before that Blogging is the best game in town and have given you many reasons to agree with me. However it is not a sprint, it is a marathon and designed for those with a long end game.

Nothing comes without effort and your huge returns will be the result of much learning, planning, and execution. Stay on the journey and the rewards will present themselves.

This is an exercise that is easy to start, costs little to be involved, and returns high dividends.
What more could you ask for?

Blog writing for money is easier than you think by Peter Hanley

Do AI Writers work for blogging

Do AI Writers work for blogging and all other writing? The answer depends on the robot however great results can be found

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Let's look at Artificial Intelligence

do AI writers work for blogging

AI has been called the “ultimate AI machine learning technique” because of its ability to learn new tasks and improve upon them without human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is not new. It is now a mainstream product that impacts all our lives in some way.

AI's potential to learn and improve at an accelerated rate is what makes it so powerful and feared by many.

With AI, businesses can automate processes and tasks that were previously done by humans, potentially freeing up time and resources. AI can also help businesses make better decisions by providing data-driven insights.

However, AI is not without its risks. As AI becomes more advanced, there is a risk of it becoming uncontrollable and even dangerous. AI also has the potential to disrupt many industries, putting jobs at risk. For these reasons, it is important to understand AI and its implications.

Whether you are a business owner, employee, or consumer, AI will impact your life in some way, and it is important to stay informed. So let's take a closer look at AI – what it is, how it works, and where we can expect to see AI in the future.

Who uses AI now?

Do AI writers work for blogging

To get AI, you have to have data to learn from. The more data AI has, the better it can learn and predict. For this reason, AI is used extensively by big data companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. These companies have access to large amounts of data that AI can use to learn and improve. AI

All Google searches are now done by AI looking at search intent rather than the actual Keyword like at Bing and Yahoo.

This has confused many blog writers still stuck in the old model and not achieving a page one position.

It is also being used by healthcare companies to diagnose diseases, by financial companies to predict stock prices, and by retail companies to recommend products. AI is even being used to create art and music.

As AI gets better at these tasks, we can expect to see AI being used in more and more industries.

Do AI Writers work for blogging and will it be used?

Bloggers take to AI

Imagine someone sitting on a Fivver link offering to write an article on any subject and charging just a fee or two.

We know that a thousand-word Blog will take a few hours to complete so paying $10 for one would be a real advantage.
However, would the quality be good enough to pass the critical tests?

You be the judge.

This is being done every day and you need to understand the impact on our industry.

AI writers, as in every industry are at the forefront of exceptional delivery.

You can join them or ignore them at your peril

How does AI work?

AI works by feeding data into algorithms that learn from the data and make predictions. The more data AI has, the better it can learn and make predictions. This is why big data companies are such big users of AI – they have access to large amounts of data that AI can use to learn and improve.

To understand how AI works, let's look at an example. Imagine that you want AI to help you predict stock prices. You would first need AI to learn about historical stock data and make predictions based on this data.

AI would do this by feeding the data into deep learning algorithms, which are designed specifically to handle large amounts of data and make predictions. Once AI has learned from the data, it can then make predictions about future stock prices.

Using AI in writing, a virtual experience

Writing with AI has come a long way and one company has made this a commercial product that will change the way many things are written. is a specialized writer particularly useful in the writing industry. It can spell, understands grammar, and layout sentences in a proper manner.

It may not be quite perfect to the point where you set and forget but with some help, it can certainly create work that can be published and accepted by everyone

AI is constantly learning and improving

AI is constantly learning and improving as it gets more data. This is why AI has the potential to become so powerful – it can continue to learn and get better over time without human intervention.

AI's potential to learn at an accelerated rate is what makes it so feared by many. With AI, businesses can automate tasks and processes that were previously done by humans, potentially freeing up time and resources.

AI can also help businesses make better decisions by providing data-driven insights. However, AI is not without its risks. As AI becomes more advanced, there is a risk of it becoming uncontrollable and even dangerous.

AI also has the potential to disrupt many industries, putting jobs at risk. For these reasons, it is important to understand AI and its implications.

If you search a Tesla Car factory Elon Musk has taken this to a point where hardly any human interference comes into producing vehicles. This saves a lot of money however impacts a large labor force.

Whether you are a business owner, employee, or consumer, AI will impact your life in some way, and it is important to stay informed. So let's take a closer look at AI – what it is, how it works, and where we can expect to see AI in the future.

How will AI impact the future?

AI is already having a major impact on the world and this is only going to increase in the future.

However, AI comes with risks as well. As AI becomes more advanced, it could become uncontrollable and even dangerous. AI can also take away jobs from humans, disrupting many industries in the process.

Despite these risks, AI is likely to be a driving force in shaping the future, and it is important for businesses, employees, and consumers to stay informed about AI's impact on our world.

Do AI Writers work for blogging conclusion


Do AI Writers work for blogging

As a prolific writer, I find that Jasper AI supports all aspects of my work and certainly helps creation by proving useful input.

I like to sprinkle a page with my thoughts and ideas to prevent anything that may look like canned input.

I chose Jasper after trying a couple of others that did not provide the experience I wanted.

When I discovered the lengths that Google is going to with AI it certainly pushed my button to learn more.

Elon Musk uses AI for self-drive cars but first of all, had to get them to think like a Robot who had to think like a human.

This is not the tip of an iceberg, it is an industry that is impacting our lives every single day.

What do you think about AI?

AI has a lot of potentials, but it also comes with some risks. I think it's important to stay informed about AI and its implications so that we can make the best decisions for our future. What do you think about AI? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Do AI Writers work for blogging by Peter Hanley

What is Affiliate Marketing Income Potential

What is affiliate marketing income potential? An easy business to start with little financial investment and unlimited returns

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Affiliate marketing explained

If you ever wanted to be a door-to-door salesperson this was the role they carried out.

For example, the encyclopedia salespeople sold a long-term subscription for companies like Webster or Britannica Encyclopedias.
You never bought the whole lot you got a new one every month and a small bill that your parents could manage. The salesperson copped a big commission and everyone was happy.

Now swap that door for an internet page and you can sell your encyclopedias or any of a million other products available to you at any time and bag a commission.

There is no magic it is just a new marketing focus.

The internet has made selling a lot easier

You can sit at home in your pajamas and pedal products all day long without ever talking to a single person.
Furthermore, you have no physical products to put into stock, you will do no billing and even customer service is handled by others.

Can life get better than that?

Is affiliate marketing a full-time career?

The beauty of this internet career is that you decide all the when and where decisions to suit your lifestyle.

You could be Part-time and working from home or right through to having an office and hiring all sorts of personal assistants to help bring in sales.

The only limitations are something good to sell, an Internet connection, and your contribution in time. ( maybe a small amount of money)

Is affiliate marketing a scam?

Affiliate marketing is a worldwide occupation that covers a whole range of products and services for companies wanting to promote their goods.
this has been enhanced recently with the growth of online shopping, a new generation experience that will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

Like anything in life, there will be bad operators and those wanting to rip you off so using caution and proper research you can stay well clear of this.
Always be cautious when people want you to pay more and more to get what you want.

Why do companies have affiliates and not salespeople

It is a low-cost way to gather business. Compare this to the many companies that have a whole sales operation and massive marketing budget to spend on advertising.

Because the trading market is now worldwide having paid heads in every city is just impossible. However, the commission salespeople paid on performance are worthwhile.

Is Affiliate Marketing like Multi-Level Marketing

The answer is a resounding no, they bear no relationship to each other and market in different ways.

Affiliate marketing

Multi-Level marketing

  • a) No product held
  • b) No money handled
  • c) No face-to-face
  • d) No debtors
  • e) No customer service
  • f) No training seminars
  • g) Not Pyramid selling
  • h) No obsolete stock
  • You need product
  • Taking payments
  • All face-to-face
  • Debtors
  • Customer service
  • Regular seminar attendance
  • Sometimes considered Pyramid selling
  • Stuck with non-selling items

I could go on further but you should be able to see the difference quite easily.

What is affiliate marketing income potential for quick money

Is affiliate marketing a quick way to make money?

Yes, Affiliate marketing may return quick dividends however it is more like establishing a long-term business. The early sales to customers and friends will soon dry up and a longer-term plan will need to be established.

Like any business, you will have the quick shot people and long-term plodders both winning out in the long run.

Many influencing factors go into marketing and your job is to find an area that suits you and work on that until you have the success you want.

How do you find affiliate companies to work with

Every known product will have an affiliate opportunity of some kind. You have the more well-known like Amazon and Walmart that trade heavily with affiliates right through a whole gamut of opportunities.

I will suggest some good opportunities for you however start by typing a product into a Google search, leaving a space, and then typing the word affiliate.

How do you become an affiliate marketer?

There are varying degrees of acceptance levels depending on the company

One section will just have you join the program and then you start your selling career.

Others want to see what you have done before and the success you have achieved before providing you an opportunity.

Then places like Amazon start you right out of the blocks but sack you if you don't get a desired level of sales in a short time. This trial period may only be three months and the time passes very quickly.

Affiliate marketing is a career and to be successful you need to start with a whole bundle of guidance and training so you don't get burnt out by overwork or poor results.

Marketing suggestions for a success guarantee

Take a free starter training course that teaches you all the basics and sets you up for a future as a successful marketer.

Plus you become an Affiliate on day one so you are in the pay plan straight away

Be aware of high-cost training programs that deliver little but keep you paying out in hope of early success.

The owner of Wealthy Affiliate recently did a nice pitch on what they are trying to achieve and you can read a training summary here.

This short video covers the four steps everyone needs to take when they start this journey.

Others that I like are

BlueHost is a cheap but well-rated web hosting service

What is affiliate marketing  with Jasper

A new entrant is Jasper An artificial writer that does all the work for you.

AI is growing very fast and using a writer makes life a lot easier.

In fact, on the Wealthy Affiliate desktop, you can find hundreds of opportunities that you will have entry to.


By now you should have a bit of an idea about affiliate marketing and what it can do for you.

It is relatively easy to learn, the costs associated with it are minimal and it can provide a prosperous future for you and your family.

What is affiliate marketing income potential by Peter Hanley

When email matters, do it properly

When email matters do it properly or lose your contacts. The most rewarding marketing venture available for super fast returns

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Types of email that work

  • Single shot
  • Thank You
  • Invitations
  • Autoresponders
  • Newsletters
  • special sales
  • Promotions

Emails dominate our inbox so why is it we look at some and ignore others, even hitting the spam button when the mood hits.

The rules of email marketing explained

Many separate issues get your emails opened and if they are not followed then it is in the bin for you.

Like and Trust

I presume they know you or you would not be sending mail however have you worked on the like and trust features.

Like comes first and if you fail here you may as well clear their name from your account.

You can help this with your email headers, are you targeting your customer's needs.

Too often I see mail telling me how good the company is and how well they are going.
Hey Buddy, I don't care

Perhaps they use a false promise, “so many have bought this there are only a few left.”
Yea, tell me more or pull the other one.

Congratulations to you. You are a winner …
I am so excited I could just hit the spam button

Personalizing goes a long way

When you see your name pop up, half the job is done.
“Peter, Weekend website bonanza. “
I get quite a few from Joel Therion at GVO who does very well at this. Every mail starts with my first name so I am compelled to read the material.

What's more, I get them every other day all year around.

Consistency wins the race

Never be shy about sending mail, be worried when you are not.

The more I see your name the greater the chance of opening your mail.

We are often asked how often do you send emails and the answer is as often as we can every day is a great start.

My Newsletters are every two weeks and my autoresponder mail every two days over two weeks.

When they are finished they go on the newsletter list.

Deleting customers from the list

You will work so hard to get your list up and going but those that simply never open an email should be dropped off. You are wasting energy and destroying your statistics by keeping them on.

Many a company secretary or front desk assistant will just delete all mail every morning that is not directly related to their daily activity. The boss never gets to see these and never will so keep your list clean.

Other customers move on, they may have been looking for a certain object but plans change and they no longer have an interest. Delete them.

When email matters, do it properly and keep in touch

Future prospects should be kept in touch

My car retailer emails me every quarter even though I change cars every six years. This keeps me in front of my mind if I have a change of heart.

The Tyre retailer mails every two months even though my buying cycle is a couple of years.
They don't sell tires. They provide interesting articles that keep me in close contact just in case.

Understand the buying cycle and adapt to it

We said email every day however this also depends on where the customer is in the cycle. If, for instance, a buyer rang me to get a price on a new set of Tyres for the family wagon then the cycle is now. However, After selling the tyres the next sale is maybe two years away so I would go to a quarterly plan.

The subject line, brings on some excitement.

Readers take a very small part of a single second when deciding to read or delete your email. Therefore getting attention is paramount to success.

2 ways to increase affiliate commission, Hey Peter just dropping in to show…

This was by Monster Insights in my mail today, it shows promise, recognition, and interest.

“Does wordcount affect the performance of your posts” Neil Patel

Everyone wants to know about Word Count so this email from a marketer that knows his stuff will get read.

When you want a delivery receipt

I don't use this unless it is a financial or legal issue however it is an important tool to have

When email matters do it properly

Get your read receipt with Microsoft

Using analytics to improve your returns

Emailing is all about figures. How many opened the mail, clicked the contents, or took an action.

Whilst results matter they will vary depending on your industry or what you are marketing.
When you know your figures the aim is to obtain a small improvement the next time. Even a low 1% improvement soon adds up to much bigger figures.

Look at your heading and ask yourself are you writing for the reader. Do you promise to do something better, cheaper, or improve their future to get that all-important click.


Email marketing is one of the easy forms to gain big returns however so often miss managed.

Following these few recommendations, you may well get that 1% gain that you are looking for. Remember 1% could well be 40% better in a month if you applied all the best practices.

It costs no more yet it could return massive gains into the future.

When email matters do it properly by Peter Hanley

Best Blog writing ideas

Best Blog writing ideas for beginners and those stuck for inspiration. Get this right and your traffic and results are guaranteed

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

10 Blogging ideas that anyone can achieve

  1. Write with your audience in mind
  2. Answer a question
  3. Solve a problem
  4. Tell a story
  5. Remember it's about them not about you
  6. Provide Tips and ideas
  7. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  8. How to create, achieve, do, provide something
  9. When to do or say things
  10. The why question. Why do kids lick cake spoons?

Of Course, you can add product reviews, comparisons, and sales documentation.

Ways to find blogging ideas

This is not as hard as it sounds and in fact when you have an interesting niche that interests you the rest is easy.

Every niche is made up of little jigsaw pieces that just need reconstruction. However just like the real game you need to get out all the pieces to start the game.

Let's pick one of the following,

The most profitable blog niches for 2022

  • Digital marketing.
  • Blogging and making money online.
  • Health and fitness.
  • Personal finance and investing.
  • Recipes and food.
  • Personal development and self-care.

Recipes and food are a very broad niche and need to be bought down to little chunks or pieces.

First of all what sort of food? let's say cakes as a smaller niche. So what would you do with cakes?

  • Big or small
  • Party, kids, restaurant
  • Sponge, Apple, fruit, chocolate, Ice cream, and on with a long list
  • How to mix, how to cook. cooking time, oven temperature
  • Cake tins, shapes. ingredients
  • Icing, covering, thick-thin and with toppings

Next, pick a niche and take it apart.

Cooking time;

In what countryand or what type of cake
Types of ovensGas, Wood, Electric
Slow cookingFast and furious
MixingBy hand, or beater
Burnt or undercookedCleaning up

Cleaning up

  • Why do kids love to lick the spoons
  • Removing residue from cake tins
  • Best products to soak tins in
  • Using cake scraps to make tasty appetizers
  • Storing cake tins in the Winter

Again these can be broken down further into smaller subjects or tiles that can be a whole essay on their own.
Write down as many as you can and you have a whole list of titles to write about for months to come.

The next thing is to get your keywords in order.

Satisfying Google and keeping your readers on page

Google search is now ranked by reader intent using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and not by exact match keywords. Therefore you need to satisfy what the normal person would ask in a search term to get to the top of the class.

However, Bing and Yahoo still use exact match Keywords so it is a threesome that you are playing with.

Here you can use a Keyword tool or do a Google search and see what others are looking for.
Take spoon licking as an example, there are many answers in a Google search and I list just two as an example.

Best Blog writing ideas

These are popular writing but without a lot of traffic so a bit of research may find a better way.

However, you should now see the jigsaw broken down into easy chunks to write about.

Think like a reader and answer like a writer

One way to do this is to imagine you are with friends and the discussion comes around to cooking cakes. One of your audience suggests he read it is bad to let kids lick the spoon, or bowl because it is dangerous.
What rubbish, that would be a reasonable response so you pick up your mobile and say Hey Siri.

The next part of this is what you are going to write about.

Should kids lick the cake bowl?

Would you guess that there are more than a half dozen pages with a response to this simple question?

You can look at what others are writing about and make your response more exciting to get more readers.

In this case, I may even satisfy the intent and write; Is it safe to eat raw batter

Best Blog writing ideas

You can see that this has a lot of traffic so it is a popular question. Who would have thought?

The answer lies in Salmonella and E. Coli as the reasons for caution and would form part of your answer.

By researching Google queries you can refine your keyword to better reflect market needs and traffic availability

Having a title is ok, refining it is necessary

A bit of research will make a difference in your results. Under the one query above we have shown no search volume to high search volume by changing a few words.
That is what makes Blogging worthwhile.

Being found is more important than being read.

The best writing in the world matters not if no one reads it. Even a simple phrase like licking the cake bowl had 7 pages of results and no one reads page seven. Very few people go past page one of a search term.
A cruel statistic it may be however with this little bit of knowledge you can be among the mob that is read and are successful as bloggers.

Blogging is easy if you just follow a few rules.


Your best blog writing ideas are easy to come by when breaking a niche into small pieces.

Understand Keywords and reader intent and half the job is done. The kids will be free to lick the spoons and enjoy the moment

Best Blog writing ideas by Peter Hanley

Creating a better meta description

What is a meta description?

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

A meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page. Meta descriptions are typically used on search engine result pages (SERPs) to display preview snippets for a given page.

How can I create a better meta description?

The best way to create a good meta description is to think like your target audience. Write a brief, interesting description that will entice users to click through to your page. Keep it under 155 characters, as anything longer will be truncated on SERPs. In addition, use relevant keywords and phrases to help boost your ranking in search engines.

I trained to write better descriptions

In all the training at Wealthy Affiliate, they have a strong emphasis on fulfilling the complete template profile so that you achieve better SEO.

Now I am unsure which way to go because the rules keep changing. Therefore it is a bit of try it and see what happens

What are the benefits of creating a better meta description?

A well-written meta description can improve your click-through rate, which can lead to more traffic and potential customers for your business. In addition, a good meta description can help improve your ranking in search engines, as it is another factor that search engines take into account when determining where to rank your page.

Creating a better meta description is a simple way to improve your website and attract more visitors. By taking the time to write a brief, interesting description, you can increase traffic to your site and potential customers for your business.

When I don't write a meta what happens?

If you don't write a meta description, Google will automatically generate one for you based on the content on your page. However, this description may not be as effective as one that is hand-written, as it may not accurately reflect the content of your page or be as appealing to users. In addition, if you don't write a meta description, you are missing out on an opportunity to include relevant keywords and phrases that could help improve your ranking in search engines.

Does a Meta help with SEO?

writing a better Meta description
Online business marketing

A meta description is not a direct ranking factor for SEO. However, it is an important piece of on-page content that can influence your click-through rate, which is a key metric that search engines use to determine where to rank your page. In addition, a good meta description can help improve your ranking in search engines by including relevant keywords and phrases.

While a meta description is not a key ranking factor, it is still an important part of on-page SEO. A well-written meta description can help improve your click-through rate, which can lead to more traffic and potential customers for your business. In addition, a good meta description can help improve your ranking in search engines by including relevant keywords and phrases.

Creating a better meta description is a simple way to improve your website and attract more visitors. By taking the time to write a brief, interesting description, you can increase traffic to your site and potential customers for your business.

What should be included in a Meta description?

When writing a meta description, it is important to keep it under 155 characters. Anything longer will be truncated on SERPs. In addition, you should include relevant keywords and phrases to help improve your ranking in search engines. However, don't stuff your meta description with too many keywords, as this can come across as spammy and hurt your click-through rate. Instead, focus on creating a brief, interesting description that will entice users to click through to your page.

What happens if my meta is too long?

If your meta description is too long, it will be truncated on SERPs. This can hurt your click-through rate, as users may not get a good idea of what your page is about and may not be enticed to click through. In addition, a long meta description can make it difficult for search engines to accurately index your page, which can hurt your ranking.

It was important to keep your meta description under 155 characters. Anything longer will be truncated on SERPs. In addition, use relevant keywords and phrases to help boost your ranking in search engines.

However, Wordstream said

“Google recently expanded the standard length for meta descriptions. Formerly, meta descriptions were recommended to be 160 characters or less in length.

As of 2017, Google will show up to 275 characters on the SERP. Therefore, you should optimize your meta description tags to be up to 275 characters long.

Then in May 2018, they updated that to 320 as per Yoast SEO

Importantly anything over 150 will be truncated and no show under the search term except for the three dots … meaning more to come

What entices readers in a Meta?

The best practices for creating good meta descriptions are a lot like those for writing great ad text:

  • Use researched, targeted keywords in your meta descriptions.
  • Make sure they’re hyper-relevant to the content on each page; never use the same meta description across your whole site.
  • Communicate benefits and urgency.
  • Compel users to click to show them value and appeal to emotion.

Working without a Meta description

If you don't write a meta description, Google will pull information from your page to create a description for you. This may not accurately reflect the content of your page or be as appealing to users. In addition, if you don't write a meta description, you are missing out on an opportunity to include relevant keywords and phrases that could help.


This post has been written without including a Meta description. This is not my recommendation however it is becoming more common. The rules of Google are regularly changing so I thought I would give it a try. I use WordPress and Yoast SEO pro versions.

When searching material I have noticed all leading players exceeding the 150 character limit when competing against each other.

I another post listed below I have followed the rules so the results will be interesting and I shall write a summary in a month's time.

The changes in Meta Descriptions by Peter Hanley

9 stages to writing a blog. Introduction

How to get help with Blogging

How to do Internet marketing for online business

How to do Internet marketing for online business and grow your business without breaking the bank. Make a few simple changes to win the War

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

What is Internet marketing?

The internet is a wonderful source of marketing opportunities and many of them are free of cost.

I was bought up in the hard days of high-priced Yellow ( or Pink) pages and glossy brochures as the only way to the market. The problem with this was that you paid for your entry well before publication and it lasted for twelve months. There was no chance of correcting errors or making changes until the following year.

Now you can track the activity on a daily basis and make changes on the fly to ensure successful campaigns.

Internet marketing starts with your Web page.

Your shop front is a declaration to the world of who you are and what you represent so it should be pretty darn good.

When visitors go to your website they must be able to find what they need quickly.
It may be a phone number or address. Are these easy to find?

Perhaps It might be to find out about you and your company therefore do you have a profile page.

Then it could be access to your blog role to find a solution to a problem.

Does a general search take them on a story, what you do so well, and importantly how can you help them?

Are your links clear and working?

Finally, have you made any changes recently? This is necessary so that Google knows your site is current and up to date.

Does your business have a blog page?

start your blog today

A blog page can increase your traffic by a whopping 90% every month according to Hubspot

About 90% of the leads we generate every month come from blog posts published in previous months. Sometimes years ago.


That is just the start of the blogging benefits.

1. Branding is increased by more visual contact. Building more trust.

2. Time on site is increased as readers link between pages thus increasing SEO

3. Using Longtail Keywords increases interaction and draws traffic

4. Better use of internal linking. More reader time

5. Massive increase in traffic. Extra sales

6. Products reviewed thoroughly. a path to money

7. Social Media achieves greater exposure and more readers

8. They help to share company news.

Any investment in blogging is going to return you value over time.

Do newsletters still work?

How to do Internet marketing for online business

Many businesses have gone away from using a newsletter simply because of laziness in finding things to talk about.

However, value for money this is probably the easiest marketing you can do and one that will return you handsome dividends over time.

We all understand the fundamentals of a sale lay in Know, Like, and Trust, and a newsletter consistently support this rule.

Furthermore, they continue to sell over an extended period that captures customers when they are ready to buy.

Consistency is the key to success so make sure your newsletter is programmed to go out on time.

Finally, a reminder that a newsletter is not for direct selling, it is for information and entertainment however always include a call to action for those that want to make a call.

How to do Internet marketing for online business with a virtual shop

Online shopping is the new fast-action sales machine

If Covid-19 achieved nothing else it did bring online shopping to be a daily event.
Everything is now sold online. From your daily grocery list to new cars that can be ordered without entering a showroom. Therefore if you are not up with this phenomenon maybe it is time to have a look at your showroom.

While it is relatively easy to set up an online shop using a program like Shopify or if you are a WordPress site Woocommerce then getting started is easy.

However, you do need to add a payment facility and delivery costs, and instructions to the site.

It is also ideal if you can link it to your current point of sale program so that stock levels and pricing are consistent.

The important part is that online shopping may account for up to 50% of your sales so the time and cost to set it up are well justified.

Furthermore, if you don't do this your competitor will, and all that opportunity will flow out the door and you will wonder why sales are down

Using email to generate SMS messages

This may sound weird but having a fixed mobile number can really increase your traffic.

Customers can message you at any time and anyone with email access can reply. This is ideal for booking centers and those where the action is required.

When you send an email your fixed number is shown so your customers are aware of you as the call originator and will action the message.

This can be a single message or group dispatch if you are marketing something.
The beauty is that SMS gives you an instant response so you realize quickly if your campaign is working. Emails may sit around for days before they are actioned but SMS is instant.

Having a mobile phone sitting around to send out SMS is an ancient method prone to all sorts of problems and one that can be done in a better way.

Social media is still king

How to do Internet marketing for online business

There are all sorts of media and there is certainly one that will suit you. You can choose that one by demographic or social impact gathered with trial and error.

The thing with social media is that you must be consistent with your posting or you become just one of the many.

That is why choosing just one media and doing it properly will have a far greater impact than spreading yourself far and wide.

The needs of every business are very different so look at the demographic that would suit your business and use it properly.

It is interesting that Twitter is taking a bigger role with a lot more users coming on board. The recent news that Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter will bring a whole new population of readers and if your customers fit into this give it a go. It can do no harm.

Many will combine Facebook and Instagram as their media and this works really well for a female audience between 20-and 50 years old. Pushing the same message on both.


These are my best low or no-cost marketing methods for any business.
However, they are essential tools that you must use to stay ahead of the market.

  1. These methods are all easy to do however need consistency

2. They cost very little and return a lot

3. Your future sales will result and your business will expand

Stay up to date with all marketing on the internet because that is where the action is.

How to do Internet marketing for online business by Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.