Vidnami is video success

Vidnami is video success

The creative platform behind building professional videos in a super quick time and at a great price is where Vidnami is video success.

Who and what is Vidnami

Let me be the first to tell you that Vidnami is really just a name change for the excellent program called Content Samurai.

Content Samurai was a product from the Noble Samurai group that thought a change of name was in order.

They wanted a name that really represented what they do and after a lot or tries found Vidnami

What does the name Vidnami mean?

The name Vidnami comes from combining the word “Video” and the Japanese word for wave “Nami” and it relates to the idea of using video to create a positive wave of influence in the world.

Dr Anthony
Vidnami is video success

Your free video experience

Vidnami free experience

Before you look away give this a try, it is lots of fun and you have a whole bunch of options.

You don't need talking heads, you do get music and voice works to complete a professional product.

Why use Video in your business

More salesThat's why were here
Customer retentionKeep them faithful
Superior brandingNumber 1 strategy
Increased site SEOMore time on site =
greater SEO return
Product launchGive them pictures
How to do thingsHow to fix a tyre, Unpack a box etc
A store promotionPlaying in a TV in-house
TrainingShare it around

In fact I even have a free book that will give you lots more options.

The book is still branded by Content Samurai however they will soon change all this to the new name of Vidnami. The book is free and will give you lots of exciting ideas to add to your business.

Vidnami is video success and you should bother.

Should you bother with video?

YouTube is a search engine that is used nearly as often as Google and more that all the rest combined.
That is a lot of views you are missing out on if you are not participating.

Videos stand the test of time. With the correct use of Keywords your video will be viewed for years to come. This is unlike general social media where you must post daily to stay in front of the audience.

My try with video.

Videos are multi use

Your completed video is not just housed on YouTube waiting for people to click it.
You can use your link in a lot of places.

  • Naturally on your web site as a link
  • Furthermore embed the picture into the site.
  • Include them in your email
  • link on hard flyers
  • On your signature
  • In social media

Will videos make you money

Done properly a video will create sales opportunities for you business and add all the other advantages we have described.

When you get enough traffic you can also achieve advertising income that can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. on top of your own business. quite a bonus.

Vidnami is video success and it really is easy.

Why is Vidnami so easy?

In the olden days a couple of years back you needed a whole bunch of equipment to achieve the most modest of productions. The top end still spend millions on this but you don't have to.

First of all you write a script. Generally this will follow a format that goes along the lines of the old AIDA principle.

AAttentionGreat opening headline
IInterestwhat it can do for them
DDesire How others have achieved big goals
AActionWhat can they do about it
CloseInclude your links and numbers

Next is to download your pictures

First of all Vidnami will do it for you then if you are not happy you can slide in your own images or change the stock ones to something you like.

You can download videos from your iPad or computer and include these as well.

The Vidnami pictures flow with what you say so the often represent a finished product.

Vidnami is video success with free music

The music track is done for you.

A video without background sound is pretty boring so they have a whole bunch of music to choose from.Or, let then do it for you the choice is yours.

In fact you can have a video without words. The script shows on the screen with all the background effects but no voice dub.

Vidnami is video success
example slide

These are so easy to make and really very effective. They can be as long or short as you wish so long as the convey the correct message.

Remember; most people that search just want answers.

This is where your keywords come in to the puzzle and should be used where you can to get great results. How to sharpen an axe, Installing batteries into a day shaver, braiding hair to dreadlocks, things a bride should carry and Healthy eating the tough way are all examples.

Doing your voice over just go easy

First of all you have three choices;

  • Choose from a canned lady voice
  • or a nice manly voice
  • Do your own
Screen shot

Using your own microphone or computer based one you click the green record button and start taking. Press stop to end.
Listen to the recording and edit or accept it and move on.

The site canned voices do it all automatically.

Where to save your video

Vidnami all ways keep a copy on your file if you are a paid subscriber.

YouTube is free and always accessible.

Embed into your web page.

Save on a hard disk or thumb drive.

You can share products done by others when they are public. I dropped in this stay at home video as an example. 2500 views and 67 likes.

Using analytics with YouTube

When you have your own free and easy to access YouTube channel it comes with all the stats.

You can edit keywords. opening statements or pages to get a better result.

However as Neil Patel states concentrate on conversions not on traffic.

How to start with a Video

This is the simple part.

However you need to make a plan and know what you are trying to achieve. IS it selling or branding. Have a direction and understand where you want to end up.

Where are you going to post your material, should it be long or short. A two minute video may be as effective as a 30 minute video. .

My advise is to head over to Vidnami and have a play. do a few Videos and work out what suits you. This will help you in many ways including doing them on your computer.

How to video ideas

Vidnami is video success


I had a recent experience where someone rang for a new service, he commented he had watched my video and was happy with the explanation. It took me back as it was an old video I had forgotten about.

Video marketing works. however you can spend a packet of money or just a few dollars for the same result, it is your call.

Finally It will increase your SEO and visibility and help with your sales targets.

Best wishes

Image of Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

Vidnami is video success by Peter Hanley

Video maker on line

Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity?

Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity? Not many times will present an opportunity like this stay at home period. Let's look at what to do about it.

What is an online opportunity

Making the most of an opportunity to make money or further your ambitions.

Affiliate marketingKiller ways to great income
BloggingThe writing dream
Doing a videoWork or play
Online shoppingSet up online sales
TrainingDo a training package
Social mediaTime to catch up
Email marketingYour must do
A few ideas

Online business ideas

First of all the above list does apply to your business.

They are all things you should be doing and creating marketing opportunities to grow your business..

A time for reflection

When you have a bit of space in your life it is a great time for reflection.

I see many people playing computer games in lock down or doing silly challenges that just take a way a bit of time.

Time is a non replaceable event of limited quantity.

We are all different and I can fill in time in other ways of leisure and exercise with the best of you.

However I do dedicate time to either learning something new or building a platform for the future.
The do it tomorrow attitude is just non productive waste.

I watched Netflix in lock down because it was family time and you must have balance however I chose those hours when it did not conflict with advancing my self.

Time is scarce so it must be used widely

Hell at 75 years old I can count the hours left so they have become more precious to me than ever before. The old saying time passes quickly is more than true as it breaks the speed limit as you age.

Should I be sitting back in a deck chair doing a crossword to fill in a day or being concerned that I did not achieve enough with my activities.

I still run a small business, blog regularly, coach and consult to help others because my contribution may benefit someone else.

Yes We still do courses on the internet and In fact I allow certain periods every week for training or self development. But life is not about me it is about you and what you can do.

Is this a period of change

Going to medical school and becoming a doctor is generally something that one would “fall back on” if a career in the arts or letters doesn’t work out. Michael Crichton did it backwards—he left behind his career as a doctor to be an author. But he sure made it count. He sold an estimated 200 million books, and he virtually invented a new genre of fiction

  • Mark Twain
  • Charles Dickens
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Truman Capote
  • Geoffrey Chaucer

These are writers that left behind unfinished books and manuscripts as they tried to cram in more time. They did not retire but continued to create until the very end.

Your life should be one of balance

It is true that busy people have more time, yes often infuriating to the under achievers however there is still only 24 hours in a day.You just have to use it wisely

Have you ever noted that the top college students also play great sport, play a musical instrument probably have a part time job and still get top marks?
The bottom level hang round the streets complaining how tough life is and how lucky the other guys are.

Good food, exercise and family are important in the day but your personal pursuits are also to be accomplished for you to achieve.

Things get done if you do them

Suppose you are learning to play a Guitar, you have a nice wooden stringed instrument that does nothing unless it is played.
You can not play without lessons therefore it will take say 200 lessons to strum a good tune.

If those lessons are going to take two years but you miss half then it is three years to get a good tune.

Do you think the top guitarists or musicians might practice every day, they sure do because they want to get better.

Music is just a model that can apply to any occupation, hobby or career.

If you do nothing what do you get?

Can you change your future

Absolutely. I don't care the circumstances you are in and the excuses you will throw at me because I have heard them all before. Poor kids get rich, Women smash the glass ceiling, people from disadvantage rise above it and seniors kill it.They do it because they do something about it. No one else can help you if you won't help yourself.

In fact I started to write this post talking about Online opportunities off which there are millions but without one important ingredient. The all important you.

Make a decision and stick to it.

Make a decision, write out a plan that includes a commitment and get your backside into gear.

With half the world on time out and reduced income when could be a better moment.

Throw the PlayStation in the corner, ditch the crossword, exercise in peak moments and put all that wasted hours into a new adventure. Learn a new skill and make it work for you.

This could be your savings plan for old age, a work from home business, even a get rich quick scheme. ( well not quick but you know what I mean).

Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity? Look before you leap.

Don't throw money at quick income schemes

The internet is a scammers paradise all ready to take your money and time on paths of glory. No they are not all bad but you should have a very good idea of your commitment and the return before paying out any money.

A great starting place is the training at Wealthy Affiliate. This allows an easy start at no cost to you so you can understand where you are being taken. Knowledge is your partner.

Nothing hidden here and no mystery up-sells or cross sells that are the robbers of the forrest.

Just invest $29 today then a $100 tomorrow , a thousand next week to get rich quick. Don't laugh they are everywhere looking for gullible punters. They get rich quick and not you.


I have written extensively on internet skills and ways to make money. How to blog, send emails , do Social media etc but they are just words without you.

You can start this journey with no money, using borrowed internet and building a personal knowledge bank worth thousands. Your investment to start is time, a precious commodity that can add value to your existence and build your confidence in your abilities.

If JK Rowing can write a book using coffee shop internet on a cheap computer and manage to get rejected by the publishers what can you do.

Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity? By Peter Hanley

Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity?
Peter Hanley

Good topics blog

What are Good topics blog and where do you start? Finding blog topics is not difficult in fact you should have a list of 100 at all times. We tell you how.

What is your market niche?

It might be food, health, exercise, medicine,sport, business, clothing, shoes and so many more.

When you know your niche you can start to understand how to break it down. As I write this we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic so incorporated under health. sub category Pandemic, COVID-19

Finding the best topics for your blog, how do you do it?

Now a pandemic like COVID has a few topics to play with so we break then down even further.

What is COVID_19
Virus or Flu.

In USA ,Australia, UK, England and on for another 193 other countries all as a subject
Then we can separate between Men, women, children.
ages 0-10 then 11-16 right through to a hundred.

Cures, prevention, symptoms, contagious, affects,
Hospital, treatment,
Protective health equipment. Gowns, masks, boots etc
Suppliers and problems

By now you will understand how to find a topic to write about. The above short list is about 250 topics without really trying.

Topics and Keywords

Topics and Keywords revolve around two important issues.

  • The amount of traffic
  • and the level of competition

If there is too much traffic you will be lost on the freeway plus if they are all going faster than you so you will be at the back of the list.

Remember that 90% of lookers never go past the first page of a Google search and half the page is paid for advertising.

So if your topic was COVID you may as well be home in bed because of high traffic and competition.

However the keyword has now changed to key phrase. They mean the same thing except one has more words. This is sometimes called a Long tail keyword but they are really all the same.

COVID is a keyword, you can Google it read about it but it is really busy.

“Covid cures for people with asthma” takes you on a less busy journey however still talking about the same thing plus you have a chance of being read.

Therefor when we blog we choose a topic that will have an audience. We find the audience by using a Keyword tool.

How to build your topics

My best advise is to build a list of 100 topics. Put them in a spread sheet and have an order.

First up is understanding your niche and we have used COVID-19 as an example.

We know it is health related and a Pandemic. It is also a virus that affects every country in the world.
People talk about cures, of which there are currently none, however there are many possibilities.

The Common flue needle, Malaria tablets or Hydroxychloroquir, bleach. alcohol ibuprofin are just a few.
Take one of these and explore it further. Use why how and when to stretch it out

Clinical trial in each country
200.000 people died
When will a vaccine be found
who is leading in research
Is animal testing the same as human tests.
Economic impact

In this way you are building blocks to work from.

Three ways to challenge your topics

The first is to use a Google search and research. You will then see what is popular and the words that are drawing readers in. You will find many more topic to expand your own list.

Dig down a couple of pages and review the meta descriptions to see what the attention getting words are and start to formulate your ideas.

Both Jaaxy and wealthy have a free keyword tool you can use to gather information on volume and competition.

Large volume of calls and high competition weans you will be lost in the rush. We look for about 100 searches a month and a competition score of under 100.

Good topics blog
A snap shot

I just did a Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool snapshot . From this you can see what words you have a chance to rank for. Certainly not covid 19 travel. However covid 19 cruises would be an option.

Uber suggest by Neil Patel

This is a free tool that has some handy references that I use.

uber suggest

Here Neil has 352 keyword suggestions on just one word. Ignore the traffic at the moment as we are looking at building a list.

Beside this you can see the websites that are fighting for first page.

Good topics blog

Again Neil had a traffic problem this morning however we are looking to build a list of keywords or subjects.

Looking at competitive websites provides an opportunity to get even more ideas.

In no way am I suggesting you use this heading for your blog. It is purely demonstrative and using a word that is current. However sometimes this is an opportunity to use this for your own business.

  • Covid in small business
  • Covid distance rules for you business, restaurant, shop.
  • Government support for Covid in small business.
  • Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity? ( I may just use this myself.)

Because my interest is in small business and online marketing I have used Covid coverage to work in with my niche therefore picking up extra traffic.

Write your 100 headings

Now you have all the tools to write a hundred great topics, enough to keep you going for about a year.
You will add many more as you sidetrack into new areas but that is the idea as your interest soars to new heights. This is just the starting blocks of your journey but make it interesting and challenge yourself to create.

Now think about what to write

Advanced training for blog topics

I am a graduate from Wealthy Affiliate and recommend the training and web hosting wherever I can .

The Internet journey is a constantly evolving business that requires you to up-skill regularly to maintain contact with the game. You want to be unique and different to stay on top.


When starting out on a blogging career the future often looks daunting and unknown. To make this easier is a plan around your 100 keywords will take some stress from the journey. It is difficult when you sit at the computer and start to try and think what to write. A big blank wall descends on your mind and you need to jump that wall to find success.

I did write 10 tips to great blogging that may assist the journey.

Good topics blog by Peter Hanley

good topics blog

Peter Hanley


Blogging for SEO-tips for beginners

Blogging for SEO-tips for beginners

Blogging for SEO-tips for beginners and anyone not getting results. Without good SEO you will not be read so get your SEO right before you start.

What is SEO and what can you do about it.

First of all when you have an internet presence people get to you by free methods (SEO) or paid ways like advertising. Therefor the use of SEO can mean the difference between a really bad flow of traffic and people rushing to read your blog. Wikipedia explains it as SEO unpaid searches.

In short Seach Engin Optimisation is simply using the search engines to marshal keyword traffic to a page on which you appear.

10 important blogging tips to start your journey

1Keyword or Key-phraseBoth mean the same thing now
2Blog length300 to 3000 words
3Your Blog HeadingsBe they #2 or smaller
4And picturesMust include Alt description
5Meta title & descriptionInclude your Keyword
6Sentence and paragraph lengthThe amount of words
7Links in and outA priority
8Spelling How to be perfect
9Transition wordsPositive power
10Seeking helpOnline guidance
My top 10 tips for writing a blog

1.Keyword or Key phrase

When keywords started they were just a word that you typed in to find something online.
Nowadays we type in a string of words, often called Long tail keywords to give Google an idea of what you are looking for.
The longer the tail the better the chance of finding what you want. For EG;
Nike is a Keyword.
* Then Nike shoes
* Or Nike shoes for men
*Maybe Nike shoes for men in brown
* After that Nike shoes for men in brown in New York
* Nike shoes for men in brown in New York on special

This can go even further however you will understand what i mean by long tail or keyword phrase.

Finding great topics

Traffic,competition and a first page option

Your aim is to be on the first page of a search term. Why? Because nearly 90% of people never move past page one and furthermore page one is half filled with advertising therefore it is always a struggle.
For the word Nike there is a whole bundle of searches. in fact about 1.7 million of them so we need to bring it down to about 100 for really good access.

Competition is very strong for this word, there are hundreds of thousands of outlets flogging all sorts of Nike so you need to be different.
Fortunately there is an easy way forward

Your Keyword tool

This tool is free to use for most common terms however there is an advanced version for those wanting more,

Using the tool is a daily necessity therefore save the link for later. There are other tools as well however they all do much the same thing and learning how to use them is the key to success.

How long should a blog be?

This is a piece of string story that has many variations so I shall make it a bit easier for you.

You will need at least three hundred words for a blog to be recognized, then an average result of 1500 words going right through to 3000 or more is an easy answer.

This answer comes from a variety of experts that generally accept 1200 as a minimum blog length.
At the start of your journey this will be a trek to reach over a thousand words and in fact 300 seems to be a daunting task as you try and think of things to say.

It is important to remember that most of us have a limited attention span so we really need to be entertained with an early access to an answer. In fact before the first fold is considered a strategy.

What is the question? What is the answer? Why did you give this answer and what should they do about it covers most writing.

I have written more on this at copy writing for blogs.

Blogging for SEO-tips for beginners and to clarify your structure

Headings in a blog have structure

I have said we are limited in attention thus we need to capture the roving eye with consistent headings on the subject.
However the recommended form is to start with a large heading and then go down in size as you process through the page. Importantly you don't have various #2 headings and then #3 then back up to #2 etc. You start with a #1 and finish down at #4 or five.

Setting up your free blog is easy.

Coloured heading are great and the use of different fonts provides some appeal.

Using headings to write

A great way to expand your writing is to start with headings. List out all your headings on the page and then fill in with relevant content. This is the easy way to increase your word count without trying.

Using Pictures in your blog is recommended

Pictures draw a reader to a point you are trying to make. Therefor the picture must be in touch with your content. It does attract the bored reader to explore further and read more of your fabulous writing

In fact many recommend a heading picture and it is part of the WordPress structure Most training will include this as a first priority. however i notice many of the premium sites are moving away from this idea.

Try both ways and monitor your progress.

Blogging for SEO-tips for beginners and why use a Meta description

Using a meta description is useful if not just a best practice.

A meta description tells what your blog is about and shows on the search term under your URL.

This shows differently for mobile and web page but has your URL. heading and Meta description. If you do not do a Meta description Google will do one for you usually based on the first paragraph.

Importantly people click because you answer a question in your wording.

Sentence and paragraph length in a blog.

Your writing is important and should be competed around the best habits.

Use short sentences of less than 75 words and short paragraphs of less than 300 words.

Use lots of space and make it easy for readers to find what they are looking for.

Nothing is set in stone but following closely to the rules will give you a better dump rate.

How many links should you put into a blog?

First of all there is more than one blog link.

  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Back links
  • Authority links

Each of these are important and should appear on every post you complete.
Internal linking is referring readers to other parts of your site that relate to your current subject.
You can have lots of these but at least some.

External links are linking to another site as a reference to what you are talking about, always good to have a couple.

In the same vein Back links are other sites coming to you as a reference

Authority sites are those that are recognized institutions like Universities, Government sites etc.
I regularly use Wikipedia as my authority site and it is recommended that you use at least one of these links in your post or page.

Blogging for SEO-tips for beginners and most importantly your spelling.

Spelling and grammar in your writing

Some of us are great spellers many reasonable and the rest, like me, really bad.
Google likes perfection so those of us in the lower category really need help.

You can check as often as you like or have a proof reader that combs through your work.

I use a free plug in called
In fact I now use the paid version to get even better results because I write quite a lot.

For instance this is just one however there are many others.but this works really well and is easy to follow.

What are transition words and why are they necessary

First of all these are words that link your sentence together so that the reader has a better understanding of what you are saying.Importantly Yoast SEO state that 30% of your sentences should contain a transition word.

Finally your examples of transition words

Yoast SEO has quite good training on this at their website Above all you need a basic understanding about these words to work in with what Google believes is appropriate.

The other big hangup is using an active voice instead of a Passive tone. Therefore explore some further training on this on the internet so you have an in depth idea.

Blogging for SEO-tips for beginners and further training

Where can you get training on how to write a blog?

I have mentioned Grammarly to help with spelling and Yoast SEO to help with style and format however I want you to go even further and explore a far greater starting place.

The internet is a powerful beast that must be tamed by you to have any chance of achieving a result.
A blog, a post, a book are all the same it is only the number of pages that change.

Importantly this is not me selling a product. The training is free right up to a great level of achievement and after that it is cheap enough for anyone to be involved.

As a result I have done the whole course twice because the first time I thought I knew it all. However I was wrong and skipping through did not work.

Finally I recommend you have a look around and you will find the magic to turn you into a writer.


My aim with this blog is to give you a few ideas to base your writing on and take you to the next level. Importantly it will require your participation in some extra learning to really tick some boxes.

Above all else you must be read or you are wasting time. For example if you don't understand the principle of Keywords you simply cannot achieve the results you want.

Secondly if your writing is not user friendly the readers will desert you therefore again leaving you unread

Finally the internet is based on structure so in short you must understand what you are doing.

In conclusion you go to school for a lot of years to read and write go to internet college and save yourself a lot of wasted time.

Blogging for SEO-tips for beginners by Peter Hanley

Blogging for SEO-tips for beginners
Peter Hanley
About me

Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity?

What is the best web hosting provider?

What is the best web hosting provider? I get asked this question a lot and have searched for an answer for years. Free or not so free must be considered.

If website speed is the answer, what is the question?

The biggest penalty Google applies to websites is when they are too slow to open.

Therefore I have chosen Wealthy Affiliate as my host of choice in all situations.

I want to know how quick my site is to open and be in control of the changes needed.

First of all the following are essential for any host.

  • Site speed choice. Accelerated or extreme
  • Security: Free https security
  • Support: 24/7 and chat
  • Site Health Check
What is the best webhosting provider?
Your site checker is in action

Ok, I should do better with mobile but you get the idea. You will know at any time the most important factors in your web by using the free website checker included with every domain.

These are 1200 word posts on general topics and not written to prove my point. However, I have learned a few rules along the way

Yes, it comes with a free site for all you beginners.

Keywords are the secret to being read.

The use of Keywords is essential for any Website, blog or funnel. You need to understand both traffic and competition or all the speed in the world won't help.

The free keyword tool provided is a scaled-down version of the professional Jaaxy server. You will use this every time before you write a word to understand your chances of being read.

Your SEO title and Meta description

Above all you must understand these two items on every site. If you are unsure, you will need the training provided at Wealthy Affiliate to bring your knowledge skills up to date.

Yoast SEO plugin will also help with your SEO setup and is an important element in every site.

What is the best web hosting provider?

Other hosting services

BluehostStarts at $7.99 month however
Discounts are available
HostGatorAgain $10.95 on a monthly plan
Dreamhost$4.95 a month on a monthly plan
GoDaddyPackages available
A wide choice and options

Over many years I have tried a variety of hosts and all have let me down in one way or another. None are perfect and if you are going for a super high volume expect to pay a lot more at most services.

I settled at Wealthy Affiliate about four years ago and have not had a day of doubt. Hey, we all have problems from time to time and I'm sure I have exercised my lungs about issues but they do get fixed and fixed quickly.

24-7 support is responsive and actions all wordpress and hosting problems.

However they are not your only problems. WordPress is a great beast but at times it will confuse even the best and that is when you want help.

A support forum is available

With over two million users at Wealthy Affiliate all focused on building WordPress sites, there is always someone available to answer the hard questions.
Your domain host is not there to solve your writing problems so you require that extra support. Furthermore, you want it now when you are tearing your hair out in lumps screaming with frustration because it won't work.

Therefore with several levels of support there is always someone to help.

Total training package on just about any subject.

The training package at Wealthy Affiliate is really extensive even in the free version. Certainly to go that bit further you probably need to upgrade to a full program.

I often go back to the training to re-learn those important issues I have either neglected or forgotten.
Members also provide training so there are many levels that provide a full service.

Blogging is a lonely journey

Building websites. Funnels and blogging is a time commitment that mostly has you working on your own. Relating to others is difficult because generally, they don't understand your path in WordPress or online.

This is when you need an active forum of members talking about their wins, failures, successes and Messups so that you can sympathise and learn from others.

Just this morning I received a lesson on subdomains, now I don't normally use them but it is a great idea to cloak affiliate links so the readers do not know where they are going. I generally use PrettyLinks but it got me thinking about which is best.

Eliminating plugins is a constant struggle but they do slow your site down and using subdomains might just be an idea.

What is lifestyle blogging

Use just one host provider or several?

Having tried both ways, I am now exclusive to one provider that handles all my traffic for one monthy payment.

Each one may offer something different but I am not hopping around trying to compare offerings.

Since I have 11 separate sites the single cost comes down to around $2 a month for first class hosting. this is hard to beat. Plus I can go to 25 sites for the same cost.

As you grow your business one host becomes very effective.

Your domain name pricing struggle

Domain names start cheap and then go up every year because you are locked in. This is a form of extortion that needs to be managed to save a bundle of money.
You will see offers of $5 a domain that will jump to $20 in the second and subsequent years and this is with high profile vendors.

Wealthy Affiliate discloses the second year price when you sign up with them, however they don't have country digits only dot com, net. info etc

Therefore I am still being reamed by GoDaddy

Is free hosting really free?

As always, a yes and no answer.
many free services are provided with the handbrake on as they share badwiths or domain hosting.

If you are serious about the internet be serious about your hosting because it will make a huge difference in performance.
Wealthy Affiliate does offer a fully functioning free site because they know that the majority will upgrade at some point. We all want more than one site for a whole bundle of reasons.

However, it does provide the opportunity to try before you buy and experience the offer first hand.

Special times to buy hosting.

The best time is when you need it and the second best time is in a promotion. I went on a monthly plan and then went annual on Black Friday and saved a heap of money.

What is the best web hosting provider without an affiliate program?

Affiliate program included

The whole idea of Wealthy Affiliate is to grow the site with referred memberships called affiliate marketing. When you join you can start earning money from day one. A couple of memberships will just about cover your annual cost of your full program


I have tails of misery with some hosts as websites have been wiped out or support will not attend to my problems. You put an enormous amount of energy into building a page and to see it wiped out is a shame.

Check into Wealthy Affiliate and have a look around, follow the members and see what they have to say and even ask a few questions. It is a very friendly location so take your time, it is a lifetime decision.

What is the best web hosting provider by Peter Hanley

What is the best web hosting provider?
Peter Hanley
About me

Make a blog site further reading for you.

WordPress posts or pages

WordPress posts or pages

WordPress posts or pages. Which is best and how do you add them, link them and support them with great SEO and in addition your keyword selection?

The starting decision should be a page

The page is a static document that sits on your website. It can be the main page or any other sort that you want. You can put the about you page, terms and conditions, credit policy etc as permanent pages.

A post is an active document that cascades from old to new or new to old when you open as a post, the latest is generally the top document. Therefore, your site presents new material when it is opened.

Selecting a page or post is easy

In WordPress this is very easy, go to your dashboard, click Settings, and reading

What you will see is this page.

wordpress post or page

Firstly, I have clicked the Static page button. This tells my website to open on a page not a post.
Secondly, it selects which Home page to open on. Using the toggle arrow you can change this at any time.
In addition, it asks how many blog titles I want to show on my menu bar, in this case the number is 10.

Is a post or page right for you?

My site, for instance, has hundreds of posts about Online business marketing. Therefore I use a static page to provide an overview of the site.
Furthermore, in my menu, I list other relevant information like:

About me pageMy branding
Terms and conditionsIncludes Privacy policy
Missed call calculatorA useful device for business
Certainly useful info

And finally I concentrate on my SEO activity around that page.

Posting in the Corona Pandemic

As I write this we are all housebound due to COVID however that is a great example of when a post page would be useful.

If I was blogging daily updates on new cases and other important matters it would be important that the latest post came up when someone logged in.
This is important because readers go straight to the information they want and don't have to waste time searching the site.

Finally it may not be Covid-19 but maybe, traffic conditions, weather, surf report or any similar issues.

This is a simple guide to Add a post or page to WordPress however there is more.

Keywords and your post or page

WordPress posts or pages

First of all, the term Keywords has now been replaced by Key phrases because most searches use a combination of words. Importantly, they mean the same thing

Above all else is Keyword management. Learning to blog is relatively easy but being found is something else. That is why Keyword research is so important.

Fortunately for you life is made easy with Keyword tools however you must have a basic understanding.

Traffic in keywords

This is the first important ingrediant in your search. Yes, we need traffic but too much and you get lost in the mire.

When your Keyword is searched it will arrive on a Google search result however among a bundle of other searches.

Competition in Keywords

Secondly, you must address the competition for your Keyword. People don't search beyond page one. so if you are on page 22 you will never be seen.

Types of Keywords

Mid TailWordPress keywords
Long TailWordPress keywords using posts and pages
These are for example

Checking keyword traffic is easy

There are many Keyword planners and I have discussed this in full in a prior article. However there are some easy ways.

  1. Google trends will give you results
  2. Uber suggest by Neil Patel
  3. Jaaxy keyword tool
  4. Too many others to list but the above will display everything you need.

Which one do I use?
All of them nearly every time because it is the difference between success and failure. Your Keyword tools

Adding pictures to a post or page

Importantly, pictures draw the readers' attention. At the top of the post and during the script. However, it is also important that the pictures relate to the article.
Random shots confuse people and you will lose them quickly.

Writing your award-winning article

Finally, there is a lot more to any product on WordPress.
Here we have cleared up a couple of the starting blocks to get you thinking about structure. I recommend training and support at Wealthy Affiliate as your starting position. Feel free to start and it will take you step by step through all the issues without paying money.


Importantly there is a lot to learn however it is now all available so anyone can learn and complete a great product.

This is your starting place so now go out and wow the world with your award winning articles.

Add post or page in WordPress by Peter Hanley

add post or page in WordPress
Peter Hanley

Blogging tips for beginners

Working from home for COVID

working from home with covid

Working from home for COVID. The transition from an outgoing journey to a housebound helper has its moments, but can we make it better?

Trudging home to work

Your covid experience is probably on the way or over by now but let's look at the journey so far.

If you have kids I really pity them. They don't want their space ruined by a grumpy parent who wants an island of peace among a sea of mayhem.

Kids love noise above all else because they don't hear it, they make it. I understand the screams of someone being killed do not sit well with writing a report.

As a responsible adult you cannot ignore it just in case there is a one in a million chance someone is injured to a band-aide level.

Solution number one

I am an experienced home worker. For years I studied after hours to obtain a degree after wasting my youth on pleasure.

My trick was to rise early and study in the dark of the morning so that disturbance was at a minimal. The dog at my feet, quiet, contended demanding nothing but the odd kick of love.

Unfortunately this is also the time the little ones love to tell you stories. There you are, the only person in the room and no one else to listen to war stories.

If you try the, “Why not go jump into bed with Mummy and tickle her awake trick?” it never works.
You are captive to the one on one time just with the two of you sharing confidences. Your desire to tie them up and muffle the conversation so that you can concentrate is really not allowed these days.

Solution number two

I am a pretty smart guy so If I can't have my mornings give me the night when the darlings are locked away and unable to disturb me.

However, all good plans have flaws that you fail to consider.
I am on page two of my report and in comes the other half, a glass of red in hand and she has you all to herself, there is no escape, telling a partner to get out is twice as dangerous as yelling at the kids so not recommended if you consider consequences as important. And they are.

New online business ideas

My final solution

You will find this one works well except for a few minor problems.
Find a room you can hide in, lock the doors and head to page three of the report.
At last peace and quiet until a loud voice states “the dog wants to come in with you.” Ok, not a problem. “Oh by the way while you are up can you just do one little thing for me?” says a pleading voice.
Oh, and one more thing I am ducking to the shops, you will be ok with the kids won't you?
They may be shipped away when you return but that is a small risk because I am sure there is a nice family somewhere that will welcome them.


Homes are not made to work in.
Forget kids and partners, these are small issues that can be overcome with gaffer tape.
Swings of concentration in an uncontrolled environment are bound to manage your ability to apply the energy necessary to get past page four of the report.

You will understand that there are so many pressing issues around the house that you could just spend a few minutes to fix.

Your internet needs better coverage, the screen is too small, you are out of printing paper until you find out it doesn't matter. Mainly because there is also no ink after the last school project.

Seriously, what is the best way to work from home?

My only answer

Go back to work, ok just kidding it is not possible at the moment.
My solution is to power work, disregard all distractions for a short period and really power to results. 30, 45 or even sixty minutes of head down activity.
Now you are free to annoy the others so much they will leave you for the next block of action, rinse and repeat it works a treat.

Working from home for COVID by Peter Hanley

Motivation to success
Peter Hanley

Motivation to success

Motivation by money

Do you have a Motivation to success or are you searching for answers? Why do rich get richer and poor get trodden on and can you get out of the mire?

There are many answers to success, but what are the questions?

Throughout history, people have sought the answer to the get rich dilemma. However, to this day only a very small percentage own the earth's wealth.

Therefore why don't more people get rich?

I get the fact it is not all about money however money has a heck of a lot to do with lifestyle.

I am going to talk with those that don't have it, others may comment or even criticise but follow on with the story.

My first great answer shared with you.

There is a simple truth in our life and that is if you do nothing you get the same in return.

Not rocket science and it reminds me of a little story.

A guy prays to his God for a win in the big lottery.

Week after week nothing happens so he goes into prayer one more time and says God, why can't you help me win the big lottery?
A loud voice from above says “Son, the least you could do to help is buy a ticket”



Motivation to success is your job.

It is up to you to put in an effort.

Suppose you are working a 9-5 shift at an hourly rate and just making ends meet but wanting more. You know you can't buck the security of the daily dollar but you just know there must be something else. And there is.

Dream your way to the future.

Am I going all weird on you now and inviting help from the other world. No, but there is a philosophy that does help.

Tell yourself you can't and the result is true however tell yourself you can and the result will also be true.

You may remember a book and a video called The Secret This series is about believing and the results will come however it falls short of the important ingredient ” action'

Many years before this, in fact, written by a guy born in 1883 showed why this theory is so successful.
The book by Napoleon Hill was “Think and grow rich” written after following the history of 500 of the world's most successful people.
First published in 1937 it remains a top seller to this day and is a book that stands as true today as it did 83 years ago.

You can download this book for free and read it online.

The art of visualization

First, let me say that the use of recreational drugs will rob you of all motivation. If you are taking a smoke or popping something then give up all hope of changing your life. This is not a debate about good and evil, it is a simple statement about your attitude to change.

For years we have been taught to see our future and to write down where we want to be and use it as a daily mantra.
I want to be ………….. by when………. because I will do everything that is needed to accomplish this.
I will not give in until I have succeeded.

My example to share with you. I want to be a successful and respected blogger. One that creates a specific income within two years by writing 500 blogs.
I am not dreaming. There is a goal, an amount, a timeline and a purpose.
It may be part-time or full-time and it will require training and gains plus losses along the journey. I know that this is a 500,000-word journey and each month I need to write some 39,000 words. My best estimate is 16 months from going to Woa. On this date, I am 250,000 words into my dream.
Halfway to the end

Motivation to success was the cornerstone of the greats

Facebook and others

motivation to success with Steve Jobs

Mark Zuckerberg started the Facebook idea in 2003. The story is complex and the journey worth reading however my point is that it was not monetised until 2010. It was not overnight, and it was also not without plots and subplots along the way as it weaved a passage to success.

One of my best examples was Steve jobs. He had ideas and was ruthless in the pursuit of perfection ( OK I admit drugs had a part but that is not the story)
The Apple story started in 1976 but it was 1984 before the Apple Mac arrived on the scene. Of the three original directors, Ronald Wayne failed to see a future and bailed out his shares early on. Jobs and Wozniak went on to become mega-millionaires because they had a dream.

( Author note; the story of Jobs and Apple is the best book I have read)

What is your dream?

A university course takes about 15 years of schooling and provides you with enough knowledge to get a job and start to learn.

I left school in year 10 and started work at fifteen. I started my Business degree part-time at age 23, working full time with a wife and two children because I wanted more.
My habit was to get up at three am and cram until seven before getting the kids ready and heading off to work.

At another time the opportunity came to start a business involved in Communications. From a one-man business, we went to a stock market listing in just seven years. The Gods were not kind, the GFC followed and nearly wiped us off the floor. That bit was not in my dreams.

You can not start a journey without a destination.

I care not whether you dream big or dream small but I do care that you dream a journey.
You may dream of becoming an Icecream Vendor on the corner of Elm Street or inventing a new Icecream flavour that will be sold worldwide.
It is your dream, it just needs the elements of quantity and time.
Importantly you can not be unreasonable, you are only kidding yourself if you wish to create miracles overnight.

Motivation to success does not include losers.

Giving in is not an option

You may adjust your dream, modify the time or change the journey however giving up is not an option.

Winners never quit. Quitters never win.


You will have good days and bad days but if you have a written plan and a destination you can not fail.

The obstacles are too big

This is always an excuse that can be dragged up when needed.

I have friends that are blind giving their all and people in their eighties that are still creating the dream.
Do you know how many rich and famous people suffered from dyslexia?

  • Richard Branson
  • Tom Cruise
  • Albert Einstein
  • Walt Disney.

All suffered severe learning problems at school and were often teased unmercifully or bullied because they were different.

What will you dream?

Every dream is different because everyone is different. However, provided we are reasonable the dream is achievable.

An interesting point on this is the latest Netflix blockbuster the Tiger King. Among other things, he wanted to be president of the US, a dream that was impossible or was it?
He did set his dream into action however he gave up on the first defeat.
This was unlike the other TV star who went on to become president when his dream came true.

These are extreme moments and not in everyone's pillow talk but the point is the same if the desire is strong, the plan is good then anything can be achieved.

Motivation to success by dreaming the possible

What do you do now without a dream?

You will tell me that you have no idea what to dream, there is no time and no money and you just don't know what you want to do.

And I will understand.

However, the choice is yours. Your life is in your hands. Either you try and follow the rules or give up. No one else cares.

We are not waving magical powers or summonsing the good spirits to stand by your side. That is your job. but only if you want it bad enough

Business development and strategy, keys to success


It has been proven over time that you can visualise your life's path.
You can act out the hero parts and arrive at your destination intact.

Life is a bitch. It will knock you around and try you to a point of desperation and that my friend is why some are rich and most are not.

Which one will you be?

Motivation to success by Peter Hanley

Motivation to success
Peter Hanley


One of the best starting blocks is a training course on the internet and marketing. This is free and all you need is a computer.
If JK Rowling can use free internet to write a book then so can you.
Wealthy Affiliate provides a starter course that everyone should have an understanding about. They also have a forum of like-minded people that will help you through the bad days and celebrate the good.

Money is no longer an excuse, busy people have more time and the destination is waiting for you.

Just click on the banner to start your journey to wealth

Amazon what to sell?

what to sell on Amazon

Amazon, what to sell? The question should be Amazon don't be a seller and save your time doing something productive. They must really hate affiliates.

Amazon slashes affiliate commissions.

Affiliate commissions at Amazon have been low for a long time and the terms of trading really suck. But they have gone to a whole new level of belt-tightening on commissions.

I don't want to be negative about this as for years I have suggested Amazon as a good starter product to learn internet selling. Yes, it has had its problems but we managed to live with them in the hope of making money.

For example, just last week Furniture allowed an 8% commission rate on all sales. Most importantly this is a low figure but a thousand dollar chair made you $80 so it may have been worth the effort.

Subsequently and from today that same sale will make you $30, therefore a real game changer

Another Amazon problem

Amazon cookies have a 24-hour shelf life. If your referred buyer does not take the opportunity within 24 hours, the customer will return to Amazon. No one else I know could get away with such a ludicrous term.

Finally, you build a site and load it with products referring to Amazon. The buyer decides to wait a day and then logs directly into them and pays money. Your commission is lost.

And there is more.

If you don't make a sale within three months your account is closed.
When you start out in this industry there is a lot to learn and it takes a while to get traffic flowing and hence buyers spend. I have had this happen to me a couple of times as I attempt different marketing trials.

Likewise, you can't sell to family and friends to earn money. Amazon tracks this and doesn't pay any commission on these sales, a starting position for any new player.

Furthermore, they have increased pricing on many products and the same things can be bought locally at a better price. Moreover, while they have a convenience position this will not last all that long

My problem with the Amazon changes

First of all, as affiliates, we spend a whole bundle of time learning a craft and setting up sites to reflect on Amazon. Certainly hours of training and site costs that are often a life's work and future income required to live.

You will understand that this has been done in the middle of the Covid crisis and this is a time when many of us want an income just to live.

People like you have a huge investment in this however the ship has now hit the sand and it's not funny.

To be fair, yes, you can still make money and just accept the situation and ride the distance. Will Amazon do a backflip? I believe it is a possibility when buyers depart the scene and someone recognises what they have done.

But there again I still believe in the Easter bunny so maybe I am delusional.

Importantly, we consider Amazon what to sell and your position.

What position can you take?

If you have invested in Amazon and have an established role I would suggest you let it ride the distance and accept the pennies that flow your way.

However, I would put all the skills learned in a new direction and with someone that respects you more than they do.

Newbies find a better supplier and save your time and money.

Other supply options

If you have an Amazon background I am sure you will find acceptance among these few suggestions of ethical competitors with much better margins.

However, this is just the peak of a very large list of companies looking for good affiliates. Nearly every major organisation has an affiliate program and many of the minor ones as well.

Other income options

Above all else, if your boat can't be floated by Amazon, where else can you launch all your skills?

Moreover, I am a firm believer in the recurring billing industry where a sale continues to pay you over time. The amount every month for the life of the customer.
My fixation follows many years of running businesses just like this.
The principal benefit is that you can build a business that has a real value based on history.
Meanwhile, in month one you may have a customer that pays $20 a month but by month 12 say 40 customers paying $20 or $800 a month. Yes, some will fail but others will thrive as you build.

Furthermore, if you have two bases doing the same thing you are both protected from failure and promised double the income. It's a sitting on the beach lifestyle as your bases grow.

Beware of scam products

Most importantly you should only use products that are legitimate and have a history of success.
In addition, don't let bright shining profits lure you into the trap of paying money to get more. Believe me, these are everywhere and waiting to take your money and deliver disappointment.

As you move away from Amazon, consider your options carefully and make a plan for the long term future.

What are the best recurring income products?

Web hostingWealthy affiliate
Backup companiesAmazon (haha). Cloud services
Email deliveryConstant Contact
Video makingMaking and storing
Training sites and coursesLots of opportunities
Software Program SASSelling SDAS as a product or as
an affiliate
Service and retainersMonthly billing services
Product SubscriptionsMen's monthly shaver deal
and many more

Certainly, this is a list of a range of ideas that you can become involved in. Therefore, choose one or all of them depending on your customer profile. In fact, I still do most of these and earn a five-figure income.

So where is best to start an affiliate program?

I unashamedly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a must for anyone seeking a regular income. As a five year subscriber, I run all my websites through them, complete all the training and am a top performer in the community forum.
You can start the affiliate program from day one even as a free subscriber.

Not only do you learn with them and earn money, but they will also introduce you to other affiliate programs that have got a tick of approval.

Keyword tools are a must for everyone

Amazon what to sell?

You and everyone involved with Internet marketing must have a very deep knowledge of keywords. These are the differences between being read or being ignored. You must understand competition and page placement in everything you do. It is not nice to do itis a must-do.

I have written about Keywords but you can try them for free at Jaaxy who also have an affiliate program. Jaaxy is owned by one of the Wealthy Affiliate directors.

Above all, Jaaxy is the industry's only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. There is an incredible number of hands-on processes that are very time consuming when it comes to your business. Keywords and competition research can now be a breeze!

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keywords, websites, competition, and market research. In addition, you will need it for any internet activity you are involved with.

Amazon what to sell with video

Amazon what to sell?
Above all a must do.

Video is the new darling of the internet

You can make a video with an iPhone. iPad or any combination of picture and sound equipment.

However there are rules you need to follow, just like written posts, so that you are seen.

If you are unsure of what to do, use an online service that does all the heavy lifting for you to present a professional video with sound and voices.

If you are unsure have a read of their free book that will lead to a free trial where you can make as many videos as you want in 7 days and keep them for ever.

What do you make a video about?

  • How to do things is very popular
  • Sales and marketing
  • Branding your business
  • Entertaining and marketing
  • The stories are very strong.
  • For use on Social media

    This may be a new learning curve, however, it will put you ahead of the market.

My final input on the Video building is that Content Samurai has a great affiliate program that can earn you a regular income.

Training to make an online income

First of all, training at Wealthy Affiliate covers most aspects of your internet journey, but if you want a more hands-on approach and a faster road to the end, you may like my mate Roy Carter. Roy who lives on an island in the middle of the Pacific and has escaped from London to live the ideal lifestyle. He puts up with a few cyclones and catches a boat to go to the local Restaurant.
But Roy takes the journey with you to find wealth – a shorter journey than travelling solo.

However, be warned, Roy will give you a full run down of what he is about and may not accept you into the fold unless you have a chance of success.

Finally, fast-tracking your learning comes at a small cost but at a cost that will be returned many times over. Roy Carter a personal invitation.

Amazon what to sell when the margins disappear

Can you earn money with Email marketing?

Email marketing is the most direct and cheapest form of marketing on the internet.

It certainly works today as well as it ever did before and will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

However, if you are not involved in this you are missing out big time.

Reminder emailsAn every day item
Single sales emails
Follow every lead
Bulk emailsMail your list
Autoresponder emailsAny new enquirey
NewslettersMost important
Affiliate opportunitySelling email services
Constant Contact

There is a lot that can be done with email at the very least for your own customers. You can teach email marketing and provide local services. Write newsletters and create autoresponders.

Certainly, the best training and services are available at Constant contact where for just a few dollars following your free trial you have access to every part of the service.

Consequently, I email most days and send a newsletter every week to a list of 10,000. This list keeps my customers informed and creates regular sales opportunities.

Meanwhile, just last week I was watching a video presentation by a well-known speaker who asked his audience if they had been receiving his emails? In short, the answer, of course, was a resounding yes.
He then asked how many had been getting emails from him for a period of greater than12 months, again a large response.
His answer was a simple ” they have a long shelf life don't they”.

They had been following him for over a year before making a commitment.

I also find this is the case. One day you just hit a hot spot and a new buyer emerges from the mire.
Therefore learn the game at Constant contact and never come back.

Blogging is a great choice

how to become an affiliate marketer
Certainly a way of life

Above all else, I enjoy writing blogs. It fulfils my creative side and may just help a small business or online marketer somewhere along the line.

On the other hand, it is a slower approach to income however it takes many months to build a following.

However, you are building a business that can pay handsome dividends over a long period. Furthermore, it can contain as many affiliate links as you wish, therefore creating a diversified income spread.

Importantly, you could also add Amazon advertising to your page to grow your low commission sales.

Consequently, your increased sales provide that return that you were getting prior to the down turn.

Finally, Amazon may see the error of their ways in post COVID times and you are back in business. We can only hope.
How to market on the internet


If Amazon does not provide the opportunities you are seeking, then diversify.
I don't recommend trashing all the effort you have put in. Therefore accept the reduced commission and trust that time will grow your sales.

Furthermore, spread the eggs into a few different baskets so that one calamity is not a tragedy.

First of all my advice is don't try spreading your efforts too widely.
Establish one new idea before moving on.

Secondly, pick the tools to suit your market. Identify what your readers want and provide a solution to their needs.

Finally, enjoy the returns and always invest some for the future of your business.

Certainly and above all else, enjoy the journey and plan to win the race.

Amazon what to sell by Peter Hanley

Amazon what to sell
Peter Hanley

Finally Amazon what to sell is a wake-up call to diversify your offerings

my PS, always remember Black Friday shopping

Business after Corona

business after Corona

Business after Corona. Can we come back after being locked away with our business just hanging in the balance and the world upside down? I think so.

COVID-19 and the aftermath.

I am an old man by any measure and have survived business through six decades and have never hurt for so many before.

Every day I get stories of grief based mostly on uncertainty as the world tries to manage a virus that has a massive destructive opportunity if let go.

It will be finger-pointing for years to come at those that made the wrong decisions trying to calm the health and manage the business. It is a fine balance and a difficult road to tread.

I am not ignoring the health aspects of this but I want to talk about your business. What can you do and where can you build from here?

One big lesson has been in communications.

The country's leaders have constantly been on TV telling the story as it is. They may not be right all the time but they are consistent so no one remains unsure of what is going on.

Some are great orators, others not so good. However the main thing is consistency and repetition.

This should also be applied to your business and let your customers know where you stand and that you are making plans for the post Covid times.

Coming back after this mess is going to be no easy matter.
Staff may move on, customers might change, foot traffic is likely to be slow for a period.

In the meantime, you have had to manage your expenses and continue to pay rent and outgoings that won't wait.

Some businesses will falter early, others may struggle longer

business after Corona

As I work with small businesses I hear about their struggles every day and can only offer minor glimpses of clarity.

One contact has five shops in high rent areas that have all closed. Income has ceased expenses continue so the chance of survival rests on Goodwill.

Another house sitting business built up over 6 years and destroyed overnight. The future is bleak.

What can you do about your business during Corona?

First of all sit down and write out a plan. This should include all variables and what you can do about each one of them. For example a rent holiday may still mean you need to pay it later. These payments need to be factored in.

Gather any or all Government relief available to you. Jump into the queue early because the payments will flow slowly.

Keep your staff informed so they understand the position and can follow you through to the bright side. Don't give them reasons to hold a grudge because they fail to recognise the difficulties you face as a business owner. They are hurting as well so make their pain as soft as possible. Where you can assist and advise on welfare support.
COVID-19 and business

Consider the online world

Many businesses can build an online service that will gather a percentage of sales.

If you are lucky enough to have set this up then hammer the customers daily with offers and ideas. If you have time to send them then they will have time to read.

What you can sell online

Business after corona

The list is endless: One customer has eye care centres, eye testing is gone and so have spectacles but contact lenses need to be replaced, an opportunity, particularly as your customers, are known.

Many service industries can be done remotely and I am thinking mechanical repairs, battery replacements, car washing even haircutting.

Retail is easy: clothing, shoes, stationery, flowers, cosmetics etc.

Food is happening as we speak with many restaurants making meal packages and door sales of coffee.

How do you set up to sell online?

You will not do this overnight and solve all your problems but you can set it into place without a lot of trouble.
First of all, get someone to do it for you, there are lots of website people around looking for business so negotiate before you buy.

You will need an online store and payment portal as your first project. This can be done through Shopify or if you are on WordPress, a Woocommerce plugin.

The ideal is to link this back through your point of sale software so that stock levels are all visible.

Next, you will tell your customers how they can shop with you, by phone, email or SMS and finally remain consistent in sending daily info.

Business after Corona will need the support of social media

Use Social Media

Your business after Corona

This is the time to make Facebook and Instagram work for you. post every day to keep followers entertained and ready to grab any offers coming their way. It is competitive in the trenches so keep firing shots that will bring the customers in.
It costs little and returns big.
Furthermore, think about doing some videos to showcase your items, it is easier than you may think

You will need a dispatch service and a return policy

Make the rules early so you don't fight the battles later. Offering free delivery is a great incentive and a way to upsell.
My wife ordered some bathroom products recently but to get free delivery she had to spend $10.00 more, the order was increased and the sale accomplished.

In general terms you must take back the faulty product or unfit for purpose product, a change of mind or better price does not meet the terms.

Use the best form of delivery, not just the cheapest and offer insurance supplied by others.

Buy now and pay later offers

A great incentive to get stock moving and increase sales, the risk of payment is moved to others and really builds sales.

Clear your slow-moving stock

Always a great move at any time particularly in the change of seasons. It is better to quit at cost and replace it with new seasonal products than have it lingering on a shelf.


You can not solve all the problems but perhaps you can help your own way forward. Be inventive and change the rules to suit your business.

Being proactive is the name of the game and will help to build a better platform going forward.

COVID-19 is not the only distraction although it is the most pressing at this time. Business is about change and adapting to a new environment so leading the way forward and challenging the future.

Business after Corona by Peter Hanley

A bit of humour goes a long way

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Peter Hanley

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