What is the best niche for writing a good blog

What is the best niche for writing a good blog. The hardest question yet the easiest answer if you plan it correctly at the start

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Blog writing is a long term journey so start with the correct choice

However what choice is the right one for you?
First of all never do it for money, chasing a quick return will not get you the results you want.
Boredom and frustration will get you before the income you dreamed of arrives.
Therefore choose something that you love and lets build a future around that.

  • Passion
  • Experience
  • Interest
    Build your list around these three headings and see where you can go next.

Next is to rate your list

What is the best niche for writing a good blog

Here is a list I made for myself so that I could look at all my interest groups and choose the one I was most interested in. Several got a fairly close score because I Have been in this area for awhile. However I wanted to start a new blog so I did the exercise.

Your list may include something from the following.

  • Pets
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • lifestyle
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • relationships
  • Arts
  • Music

    There is no end to this list and I could go on however I wanted to start you thinking about your best choice.

I then extended the list to bring a bit more engagement

Future learningHow much extra training neededlots
MarketingIs this easy to get a followingYes
WritingAm I comfortable writing about thisMaybe
CompetitionWill I stand a chance of competingyes
Interest groupWhat size is the interest groupLarge
Time commitmentCan I commit the necessary time 3 hrs day
Be honest with yourself

What is the best choice of niches

My choice went right to left field and I chose the Crypto market and BITCOIN

My interest and like parameters was high but my knowledge low.
There is a lot of training , easy to market not high competition and a big interest group.

I did a random survey among friends and found a lot of interest however their knowledge was very limited and hence they were very wary of entering the market.

Now I had to pick a domain name

I went to Wealthy affiliate for this and searched for the best available opportunity.
Their costing is good for both the initial purchase but more importantly the renewal.
Many companies really boost the renewal cost.

Be very careful when picking your domain name as it is easy to make a mistake like I did.
In my haste I registered Criptobasics.com and thought I had won a bargain. With Cripto spelt wrong I will just forward this to the new one with the correct spelling and be more careful next time.

What is the best niche for writing a good blog

What is the best niche for writing a good blog with a domain choice

Next is Hosting your domain

This was easy as I already have hosting at Wealthy Affiliate and I am ready to build a website.
You can do this with any company however the one I have chosen adds all the extras you need.
Support is always the first consideration and 24-7 is necessary. It is also good to have a back up forum to answer all the trivial questions you will need.

I am going to build my site using WordPress block builder. Not only is it free however all sorts of plugins are available to make the site better.

My first thing is to build all my support pages and these will include;

  • An affiliate disclaimer. Telling readers that I might get affiliate income
  • About me page. A bit of history
  • Terms and conditions
  • I should also include a page saying I am not a professional adviser
    this is not advise and that It is purely my views on the crypto universe.
  • Finally a front page that sets up a structure
  • and a blog page to write a new blog every few days

Gathering your affiliate partners

This is an important part of the process because it is where you will earn the money.
Trading platforms are plentiful so I shall pick a couple I have used and set up a commission structure. Not every platform has every product so it is easy to recommend several without crossing paths.
As always I concentrate on readers needs and lead them to the best selection.

For my affiliate links I always use a link cloak or hide the destination. I my choice for this is Pretty links. I can then see the volume of traffic going to the selected destination to see if what I am doing is working.
You can have several links and apply one to each area of marketing to see what works best.

What is the best niche for writing a good blog with a Keyword

Keyword selection is the difference between success and failure

Keywords are the terms that people use to search for something on the internet.
Furthermore words can be Long tail Keywords or key phrases and all mean the same thing.

Making out a list at the start can really simplify the journey.

do you start a crypto portfolio with $50
easy is crypto trading for seniors?
to learn all about the crypto market for dummies
beginners lose all their money if they don't do this

Is the best time to trade crypto assets
When will the crypto  market crash again
will I be able to buy goods using  alt coins
will bit coin reach a million dollars


Have a crypto portfolio
do you need more than one broker
would you buy Bit coin when it is already over priced
do Alt coins follow the rise in bit coin
Have a crypto wallet

Do you trade your crypto assets
Where do you find the best crypto assets to buy


Can provide the best advice on buying bit coin
does the legislation to stop Crypto scams

This is just a quick list to give you an idea of finding keywords You will notice the use of How, when. where and why which are popular ways to ask a question

The next step is building a website

This is a subject on its own so If you don't know how then start the basic training at Wealthy Affiliate and see where it takes you. You can get the basic elements for free as well.

Then we proceed to gathering income

This is achieved by being paid to refer clients to someone who pays you a commission for doing that. This can be a one time commission or a recurring income.
As you grow your client base you may get income from several sources which can include advertising.

You can learn more about affiliates here.

And along comes marketing

This is a broad subject on its own and I covered it extensively in a recent blog post
You can use both free and paid marketing depending on what you wish to achieve.

Internet marketing explained

If you lack a bit of motivation and need to really buckle down and do some planning
it all starts at the end.

Reverse planning takes you from a result back to the start and is a great way of looking at your future.

Off course I have written about Reverse planning


My aim within this blog is to open your eyes to finding a Niche that suits you. This is traditionally very hard for most people because they don't know where to start.
You will find a niche if you follow the above steps and be able to take that to a business opportunity.
However it will take some time and patience to achieve the end goal.

The narrower the niche the quicker the returns so try and find one that is really suited to you, has a following and affiliate opportunities and let the journey begin.

What is the best niche for writing a good blog by Peter Hanley

How to learn to make money on the internet

How to learn to make money on the internet for young and old when the whole journey seems to be really impossible. Try my ways forward

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Is making money on the internet just a scam

Making a living from the internet is the greatest opportunity of a lifetime for anyone that wants to put in the work to make it happen.

However there are many pitfalls that promise instant wealth and may beckon you into the web .

Easy money is two words that should be deleted from your mind because it is so rare you may as well buy lottery tickets and live on hope.

Therefore think of this journey as a new job you are about to embark on, a bit of onsite training, some practice and then constant toil to an end result.

The good news is that unlike a job where you are paid an Hourly wage and hope for a small increase every year the return is unlimited.

There really are a lot of people making a heap of money from a working at home idea.

You can be one of those Million dollar earners without restrictions however you must first get some training wheels and learn a few rules.

Let me take you on an earnings journey

First of all most top producers have concentrated on a single product. This is a secret that I wish I had learned earlier in my adventure. You can not be the top dog in everything you do so start by specialising.

Let's have a bit of a look at you. What are your strengths, what do you love doing more than others and how much are you willing to contribute to your success.

These may seem like mundane questions however they are really important.

Your new business that you will build may last you a decade or more so if you don't really like what you are doing your energy will fade out.
This will certainly happen if you just chase the money boredom will set in and you will simply retire.

Remember when you start this whole journey that Giving up is not an option. You are always close to the big time you just don't understand how close.

Choosing your Niche, The first step in online marketing

First of all take a pretty broad category that suits your abilities.

BloggingThis needs a love of writing
Lead generationPromoting for businesses
email MarketingA B to B promotion
Social media marketingMaking social media work
Affiliate marketing selling for others
Coaching or trainingBecome the next high earner
Building websitesEasy to do and still a business
Building funnelsThese are hard sell websites
Writing How to bookseBooks are still a thing
Become a freelance writerWrite for others
Amazon sellermarketing a range of products
Drop shippingHandling the sale
Build an online shopYour own shop
How to learn to make money on the internet

Every online business requires a basic understanding

Everything you do will revolve around a website of some kind. It may be yours or someone else's however it will be part of your package.

You must understand the basics of building a site, real easy stuff, SEO a bit harder and Keywords the one thing you have to master.

The best place to do this is with the training at Wealthy Affiliate and I have arranged a free start for you. Try before you buy and apply this logic throughout your time on the internet.
It may save you not only a bundle of dollars but a heap of time as well

Here you will find all the training you need and a free site to practice your journey.

Furthermore you will get access to a forum of like minded people all doing the same as you. They may have just the answers you want.

Is Blog writing a good business to start?

I Think it is and it's what you are reading now plus you will see lots more on the right hand panel.
However it is a slow boat to high income. It requires continual writing with often no return for many months or even years. However once you hit the rewards it becomes easy street.

You will earn from selling product, affiliate marketing, training and advertising income. Therefore lots of channels to add to the package.

Lots and lots of writing so if this is not your strong suite keep on reading

How to create a blog post in seven easy steps

Lead Generation for small business on autopilot

This will be a great choice for those willing to sell their product.

You set up a sales site for a local business and direct traffic to them. You then get paid a commission for each referral. When you get one working you move on to the next and repeat this as many times as you can.

You will own the website so they can't move away and furthermore control the traffic you send them. For the business it is extra income that is cheap for them.

This is for those that understand websites and are aggressive marketers.

How to learn to make money on the internet with email.

Email Marketing for your business or outsource your talent.

This is one of the easiest businesses to pick up however it does require a talent to build a database.
Email takes several forms and these include;

  • Single marketing email
  • Bulk email marketing
  • Automated emailing
  • Newsletters

The return on this can be very big depending on the size of the database and many businesses don't have time to write the material. This gives you a chance to offer your services.

Best email marketing

Social media marketing and advertising

How to learn to make money on the internet
Instagram for business

A whole industry on its own where you can charge hansom amounts for helping others.
Yes there is a learning curve and you should focus on one media to start. Each social site suits a different clientele so picking the one that best suits your client base objective is the go to one.
Very few businesses understand this so selling your abilities is easier than many of the other opportunities.

Include the Google search platform for listing your clients on the front page of a search.
Many businesses ignore this so an ideal opportunity to gather easy customers

What is the best platform and why

Affiliate marketing for beginners, the best business in town

This is simply selling someone else's product and getting paid for it. This could be one time sales or recurring revenue which ever one suits you best. Traditionally the best place was Amazon however the margins have been reduced to a point of being too low. However the university training sets you up for other services.
With affiliate marketing you can really build a business that provides regular monthly returns and will build a home business that will more than just support you.
The Wealthy Affiliate link above is the ideal starting place for the easiest job in town.

High paying affiliate sites

Coaching or training to big returns

This income can really be the big end of town. If you have a special skill, trade or performance that you can teach others you are off to a flyer.
Yes you need a gift of the gab , unless you do it all on line.
Coaches can make a lot of money running schools for multiple listeners at one time.
For those that have an edge this is a big market opportunity however enter it with your eyes wide open.

How to find a mentor online

Building websites or funnels for business

How to learn to make money on the internet

Once upon a time this was only for the talented however with technology comes change. Anyone can build a website in a very short time.

Furthermore a funnel is just a hard sell website that takes an interested onlooker from a passive interest to a redhot desire to buy the product.
It is just word building by joining the dots in a template.
Often used when a business has a particular product to take to the market.

Groove funnels

The writing career can come out

How to books are searched for every day so if you have a skill to write about now is the hour.
e.Books were a huge business however they have been somewhat overdone and now mostly given away as a promotional product.
Therefore this is an opportunity to write for all businesses and get paid for your skill.
They can buy your book as a customer giveaway.

Blogging is also a form of writing and can be enjoyable and rewarding.

How to learn to make money on the internet with drop shipping

The drop shipping adventure

This is selling a product and getting the manufacturer to deliver it to a customer. This saves you carrying inventory and opens up a much wider product range.
The downside is that you have the credit risk in the transaction because unlike affiliate marketing the sale is yours.
however when it may just be incremental products to your normal range it is an ideal way to broaden your sales base and achieve extra income.
A popular way to market however it requires a bit more knowledge than many of the other ways of making money.

Building an online shop as a retail business

How to learn to make money on the internet

Online shopping has become mainstream particularly during Covid times. You can buy just about anything online and have it delivered to your house. You just need a product range.

Even if you have a retail premises a complimentary online shop is required for this new market.

This has been one of the fastest growing ventures over the past few years and shows no evidence of ever slowing down.

Shops can be built for free using WordPress and a WooCommerce plugin or on a monthly subscription with someone like shopify.

These are relatively easy to set up for yourself or for customers that have a need to expand.

We see many businesses get big increases in sales by having an online option.

This business also expands into other opportunities with point of sale software and training.

If you have products or can see businesses with a need this is a great opportunity to really build a business.

How to learn to make money on the internet summarised

The internet holds a lot of corrupt ideas

Always be aware when seeking fast paced opportunities offering the world for little effort.
The money to be made is for the scammers and not for you so treat your spending with respect.
Try before you buy or claim your money back guarantee if it is not exactly what you want.

We have all been caught at sometime but make sure you do not get hurt, stay with reputable sites.

Summary of making money on the internet

Finally there really is something for everyone packed into this page. One of them will jump off the page and grab your interest and that is the aim of selection.

You can't do them all and do them properly. You must specialise and give your choice every opportunity for success.

Many of these have links to longer articles and ways to further your education as a beginner.
Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can before your adventure begins. Start the career as a expert and people will follow you putting you on a pedestal as the one that helped them.

You can be the top in your chosen pursuit and climb to any income level you choose if you do it properly. Remember most fail. They give up or lose interest because it gets to hard.

That is not you. You have chosen your role correctly, done the training and now wowing the world with your abilities. You will know things that they don't so you are seen as the Goto person.
Age, sex, location don't matter. The internet is blind to the supply chain or it can blast you as a brand. A hero before others.

The time to start is now, procrastination does no sell product action does.
In conclusion put a toe in the water and get dragged into the excitement of achievement and enjoy the journey to financial freedom.

Self motivation and kick starting your journey

How to learn to make money on the internet by Peter Hanley

Best virtual phone number small business

Best virtual phone number small business. Used for every day and marketing purposes. You can track every call and analyse results. Choices are extensive

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Why use a Virtual phone number

First of all the world is fast going cloud based so high priced phone systems are a thing of the past. In fact no one will have a phone system of any king within a few years because you just don't need one.

However we are talking about phone numbers that exist in the cloud so let's see what our options are.

There are currently a few options that are available for a variety of purposes.

Local area numbersFor your home city
National numberswith a national presence
Free call numbers1800 or 1300 or 800 etc
Name numbers1300 talking
Short form numbers13xxxx
Fax numbers localHome city
Fax numbers national1300 style
Mobile numbersfixed to email
Marketing numbersused in advertising
International numbersOverseas routing
Call forwarding numbersHide the caller number
Broadcast numbersDisaster situations
Message service numbersTo divert to
Every one available with a virtual service

There will be times when you need more than one of these for the purpose they are

Local area numbers

These maybe for your business, even your home, and can include a telephone service as well.
They can come with as many handset extensions as you wish and with a line hunt feature to pass to several lines available. These usual come with all the features you would expect from a phone service and have a huge price advantage.

When a 1300 number is better than a local number

To clear up one issue there is no real difference between a 1300 or 1800 number with one minor exception. Local exchange number calls to 1800 are free to the caller and paid by the owner. Note that only from local exchanges are the calls tolled. As most calls are now mobile instigated this is not a big issue.

Secondly the 1300 range of numbers does not pinpoint your location so you are selected by a much broader population base. Your business could be anywhere in the country.
However if you are just a local business having a local number will serve you better than one of the 1300 range. We often want to buy local.

One major hurdle with these numbers is that they are generally blocked for overseas calls so those dealing internationally may need to have a local company as well

Best virtual phone number small business with your name.

Name numbers

There is a much higher recall factor with a name number and indeed marketing benefits with them.

Numbers are purchased from the government with a price starting at just $250 however good numbers will achieve much higher prices.

You have 6 numbers that associate with characters as shown on your phone pad. For example
1300 sparky is really 1300 772759. (Note 1800 can be the same I just use 1300 as a genetic term for both)

Memory recall is really promoted this way and it is a great business branding tool

Short form numbers

Don't get too excited here these numbers come with a hefty price tag. Used by government and corporations alike 13xxxx numbers incur a tax of nearly $10,000 a year for the privilege.

Sure they are easy however they would need to work fairly hard to pay the rent.

Fax numbers are in the cloud

Although faxes are a dying technology the use is still very common in some industries, particularly the medical area.

No machines are required as everything operates over the email network for both incoming and outgoing faxes.

We use a 1300 fax number being a national company so they are available in most counties as well.

Best virtual phone number small business include your mobile.

Using mobile phone numbers for a business

Again we are in the cloud with new fixed numbers that travel over networks and arrive on your device of choice They can also deliver SMS messages going to your email account thus giving callers complete access to you at any time.

This is modern times and mobile numbers really have a place in our society.

Where do you find telephone numbers in marketing

These numbers are everywhere, in magazines, classified advertising, Billboards, car wraps, on web pages, blogs and funnels. Plus many other locations as well.

Marketing numbers are often used as a tracking device so that the effectiveness of the advertising can be easily monitored.

They are just virtual numbers and can be pointed at any destination in fixed or mobile phone.
They come with Whisper Transfer so you know when a sales call is coming in.

Time of day routing adds even more functionality when day time calls go to one destination and after hours calls to another. Even to an answering service.

Understanding your call traffic is necessary to justify expenditure.

Business SMS numbers explained

Why international calls can look like local calls

The telemarketers dream because they look exactly like a local number. However they are exactly that. The international, or even interstate call, goes through a local service that attaches a nice local number as the caller identity.

Not many of us will accept a call from a foreign country so they need to use subterfuge to get us to pick up. However most local carriers will not condone spam calls therefore not accepting the business hoping to provide a small level of protection.

Working intrastate offers better pick up rates

In Australia each state has a different prefix in the telephone numbers, 02 or 03 through to 09.

Again many people will not pick up on random out of state calls even if they are a recognised supplier. This has been pushed further with the amount of unsolicited spam calls coming from marketers.

This can present a problem when a legitimate company has branches in every state and operates functions out of different areas.

Call through dialling overcomes this problem by disclosing a local number to the recipient and increasing the completion rate. Smart marketing

How all calls can be forwarded to a chosen destination

Virtual numbers are just that, they are a number with no home therefore we must select a destination for them to be transferred to.

The destination can be a fixed phone, mobile phone or even an answering service. It can change by time of day or day of week automatically so that different options are based on resources available to take the calls.

This is generally the case with 1300 numbers and marketing numbers.

Why do you need broadcast numbers

These are often used in emergency situations when a range of people need to be advised quickly to avoid disaster.
A couple of large style examples are Bush Fire alerts, earthquake alerts, flooding and even a Tsunami. In these cases a message is delivered to thousands of people at one time.

We use the same thing in smaller scale operations like factories, workshops and retail operations.
The beauty is that once a call is placed the carrier forwards it to selected destinations be they fixed or mobile phone or even SMS when required. You can clear a factory in seconds with good communication.

This is also used to great success in the medical industry. An example is a hospital where random flare ups of unruly behavior occur. Instead of doing a code red where everyone is alerted a quick call can be directed to the right staff.
In some cases this could include outside agencies like Police, Fire or emergency services.

Surveys can be included under broadcast services

You may wish to randomly survey a group of clients with a message however typing one at a time is not going to work.

When invitations are necessary

This can be applied to large invitation groups where a common message needs to be broadcast. Often using SMS as well this cuts your staff time down to just one call and not a thousand or so.

What are message service numbers

best virtual phone number small business
A free plug for myself

At a message service an incoming call alerts an operator to exactly who the call is for and what actions they need to take. They do this by supplying users with a phone number to divert their calls to . They recognise that number and all the details pop up on the screen they are using.
The same applies for a virtual service where the number called can trigger all sorts of actions
at the service


This is a pretty big list of number applications however many of you will use more than one type of number.
A business may have a 1300 phone and a 1800 fax number, a local number to accept overseas calls, a marketing number on the Website, some will have a broadcast number and many will have an answering service number.

Controlling cost is always important however nowadays costs have really been reducesd to make it all a viable option.

Verdi messaging supply all types of numbers in Australia at competitive rates and advanced technology

Best virtual phone number small business by Peter Hanley

What is the best way to start a blog

What is the best way to start a blog and have any chance of being read. There are rules to follow that will make a massive difference

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

How to start your blogging career

First of all it begins with a niche, an area of focus that can last for a long term.

If your business is selling tyres you don't write about kitchen sinks and in fact no so much about tyres. It is all about what you do with them.

Your starting point is to write down every conceivable question you have been asked or may get asked in the future. This will become a building block to avoid your writer's block or to provide a clear direction for your outsourced authors.

Having just ordered a couple of tyres for my car I will use this as my example in Keywords. “Tyres”

Traffic and competition

Off course there is a lot of traffic for tyres, everyone buys them at some time and they are not all experts, they seek answers.
Furthermore because it is a massive market the competition will be really strong therefore ranking your post will be difficult.
However let's look at what we can do.

So Tyres can become;

  • Tubeless tyres
  • Tubed tyres
  • Low profile tyres
  • High speed tyres
  • Run flat tyres
  • Wet weather tyres
  • off road tyres
  • Best brand of tyres

    I could go on for hours listing out things about tyres but this will do for an example.

    Now we take Tubeless tyres as a category.
  • Are they better than tubed tyres
  • Rubber valves or metal valves
  • Made in China or America which is best
  • When Puncture repairs are required
  • longer life because of less heat
  • The effect of heat on tyres
  • why they now have tubeless run flat tyres
  • Why no spare tyre is needed when using a tubeless tyre
  • Changing a tyre
  • How to get a better seal on the rims
  • Ways to change in the bush

    Again I could spend a lot more time on this one part of a subject creating many more headings and things to write about.

Further expansion

Importantly I have started to expand each one into a answer to a general question so again we expand on a selection. say;

“Are they better than tubed tyres”

  • In new cars
  • Old cars
  • Vintage cars
  • Offroad cars
  • Racing cars
  • buying cost, running cost, flat tyres, repairs and on and on.

We have hardly started with this topic and we already have about 25 subject matters however we need more.

What is the best way to start a blog

The broader the answer the better chance of ranking

Stepping back for a moment the way your blog is read is because someone searched for it in Google or one of the other search engines.

Furthermore many searches are done on a mobile phone and by voice. “Hey Siri are Dunlop tyres any good?”

Some tricks used are putting numbers to your query, ” 7 reasons why Dunlop Tyres are best for old cars?”
Cheapest tubeless Dunlop tyres available in Floreat keys area in size 225-18 for a BMW
That is a targeted answer to get you the best position in a search.

Use how , why, when and where because that is what people want to know.

Unless you are on page one of a search you are wasting your time

A harsh but true statement. You might get a couple on page two and in rare cases page three but it ends there.

Furthermore it takes a few months to gain any recognition and move up the list.
That is why the more defined your header is the greater the chance you have of being read.

Get you keyword right and you win the game

What is the best way to start a blog

At the very least getting read gives you a chance however residing in the back blocks is no mans land so get this bit going the right way.

Look at what others are doing on Google and who is ranking and why. You will not rank against the experts for the same words so change the words and fight the average Joes.

If the word has low traffic then take it, they all add up and the tools aren't always correct.

In WordPress sites a great tool by Monster Insights creates keywords for you

Having developed a list of keywords is a great starting place

With a hundred or so subjects written down you have nearly a years worth of work.
Next in the process is subheadings. You need one for about every 200-300 words .
Define the problem and grab attention Attention

Provide interesting things about your subject. Interest

Now talk about how good they will feel owning this subject Desire

Tell them what to do next Action

Now you have a subject, you have your headings so it is time to write.

You can be better than the rest

by understanding the keyword concept and mastering your techniques you have a heads up start on the average.

There is nothing worse than spending a whole bundle of time writing masterfull blogs than never get read. Furthermore that land is where most writers end up and my whole purpose behind this blog. To make you understand the concept, adopt it and win the race.

Off course there is a lot more but until you get this one concept right it does not matter.

Check you traffic with the great tool


I really wish I had understood how important keywords and headings were back when I started blogging. I look back now and shudder at some of my attempts.
And having written a heap of blogs I can count the wasted hours that can't be recovered.

Keywords are important in all our marketing whether it is targeting or Social media they grab the reader's attention and keep them on site.

Therefore this one lesson can make your life a whole lot better as you outperform the market and carry the readers along with you.

What is the best way to start a blog by Peter Hanley

What is best lead generation or blogging to make money

What is best lead generation or blogging to make money in 2022. Follow us as we find the best ways to create an income for you in a hurry

Is there a difference between lead generation and blogging

These are two very separate operations however both bent on gathering a great monetary return.

Both require an understanding of building websites and using SEO to your advantage.
You must understand Keywords and how to put them into headlines so that people will follow you.

A typical blog post

This is a written article that generally answers a question asked in a Google search.
The article may be short at three hundred words or long at 3000 words depending on the in-depth analysis required.

Furthermore a blog is generally part of a webpage so that your main page can be a selling portal for goods or services that you provide.

There are companies that provide just a blogging site however this has its shortcomings.

Income comes from the sale of goods , Services, affiliate income and advertising revenue.

A Lead Generation site

This is a website (or maybe a blog) that directs traffic to a business outlet in return for a commission when a sale is made.

The purpose is to provide a qualified lead from your efforts on the internet

Same,Same but different

In fact they have an entirely different focus however the ground rules are similar.
Furthermore Lead generation could well be a quicker and a higher paid business that can be expanded more broadly.

Looking at Lead generation

This is generally finding local businesses that don't have a web presence, or a very bad one, and building a webpage that will direct traffic to them.

The best returns are found in local areas or small population cities . The type of business is irrelevant because your job is to gather traffic to your web presence and get them to contact the business where the sale is completed.
Off course you could build a website for the business however that is usually a short term occupation when they decide they no longer need to pay for your management of the site.

Depending on the business your rate of return will vary. For instance 10% on a family dinner might be $25 however Double glazing on a house may be $1000. The evener is that you can sell a lot more dinners but does it ever catch up.

How do you know you are being paid correctly

This is where they introduce the old tricks of the trade. First of all they have a phone number that the calls can be traced . Therefore everytime someone rings the business you know.

Secondly they use Voucher systems. Quote this number or phrase for your special deal.
They can also use special links that you can get numbers from. I use Pretty Links.

Finally we all rely on a bit of honesty so any business will be really thankful for the extra business.

What is best lead generation or blogging to make money, it is your call.

How do lead generators choose businesses to work with

In brief we are looking for Google search terms that rank. Using a location word narrows down the search considerably. My example for you;

How to get great leads in Perth Western Australia

  • The business you are promoting is getting leads.
  • Not just any old leads we want great ones
  • Furthermore we want someone local top do it.
  • We could add cheap, plentifull etc to this.

Using this as a heading we build a webpage or funnel and sell the product as hard as we can.
All the calls are funneled to the local Telemarketing centre ( our target customer) who are looking for business.
If they pick up a contract you get paid.

Rinse and repeat as many times as you can

What is best lead generation or blogging to make money

When you get one business up and running you add a second, third etc so you are receiving multiple forms of income. Blogging is the same adding page after page of information.

Where do bloggers earn their money

Affiliate marketing is not all that different in that you direct inquiries to another business and if successful. they pay you a commission.
However you can also sell physical products, Virtual products, training services all in the one blog.
Furthermore you can use advertising on your site to generate extra revenue. You only need one Blog site however lots of different posts.

You are reading a blog that includes affiliate links, hey that is my business and I am here to help you achieve greatness. I have found the best people to help you so that you can realise all your dreams.

Blogging is not a short term journey. It takes considerable time to gain recognition and rank your pages for large volume activity.

How to create a great blog in 7 steps

What is best lead generation or blogging to make money, start with the basics.

An understanding of the basics

You can't just deep dive into either of these because you need the basics of building a web structure. Once you have this in place move towards Lead Gen or SEO sites

Choosing a domain
Adding a dot follower that suitsThis may be .com or .com.eu etc
Buying your Name and hosting itIt's with you forever
Choosing keywords and headingsan Art class
Understanding SEOEssential reading
Using WordPress block builderThis is so easy anyone can do it
Where to spend moneyand how to save it
Adding contact detailsPurchasing a telephone number
Including analyticsKnow what is happening
Using appropriate pluginsNot to many
Writing structureFor SEO compliance
Write for Mobile phonesranking first
Site speed controlUsing appropriate images
a starter list

Don't be put of with all the knowledge you need to gain

It is all just a basic 101 course in structure. In a short time it all sinks in and you will have a broad understanding of what is happening.
Everyone has to start somewhere and spend some time learning the ropes.

You go to school for many years to learn to advance to College, then years at college just to get a job to start the learning experience.

Therefore spending a few hours running through the basics is but small hardship.
Remember if it was so easy everyone would be competing with you.

How long does it take a blog to work?

Getting continual support

None of us no it all and from time to time we need support. However nearly every block above must have its own support line.

Some will be combines however a line must be in place early in your career. You will waste endless time searching Google for simple answers that can be solved quickly.

A great forum is a key to all of this. I use the one at wealthy affiliate where among the million plus members one will have a solution.

These are people plodding the same path as you that have experienced similar situations. If they can't fix it they can tell you where to go.

Furthermore domain hosting needs to be 24-7 because times around the world are not equal.
Don't I just know this with Perth Western Australia being twelve hours different to East coast USA. A very small time frame to talk.

3:47 pm Sunday, in Perth WA is 3:47 am Sunday, in New York, NY, USA.

However half way between may be just a few hours difference making all this possible.

Where to start your internet journey

Wealthy Affiliate is a Canadian web hosting service that provides all basic and advanced training needed for any internet journey.
You may need to branch out later however the starting block is right here.

Many of us searched a long time for a home like this. Wasting dollars and half a life on dodgy training services that promised much and delivered little. Members often comment that this has made their lives and business.

The lead gen v Blog SEO business needs a basis to start

Either way is great for any one on the Internet. I chose blogging because I love to write and pass on knowledge to small business owners . Many of these are customers in another world .


First of all whatever your choice it is the correct one for you. Chose with your heart because either way it will be a long journey and you need to love what you are doing.

Both can have the same outcomes and the same challenges however they can both achieve a high income potential. In fact you can even dabble in both sandpits should you chose to do so.
Finally I recommend specialising on doing just one thing and making it pay however the choice is yours.

What is best lead generation or blogging to make money by Peter hanley

How to keep upto date with Internet marketing

How to keep upto date with Internet marketing and win the sales war. When you fall behind you never catch up unless you do these simple things

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Has marketing really changed that much?

When you remember paying twenty thousand dollars a year for a Yellow pages advert it really has changed.

Peter H

Furthermore my first basic website cost me well over ten thousand dollars and it barely delivered results.

Email wasn't a product, SMS was not invented let alone social media. Viral marketing meant it was sick and a brand would cost a trillion to develop.
A letter took days to get there and cost a fortune and there was not letterbox junk mail.

The younger set get it easy.

Consistent contact is the real winner

Instead of waiting for the customers to come to you it is now go to them and sell.
As easy as that sounds there are new rules that make it work and without conforming to them you really diminish your chance of success.

Whilst the know, like and trust formula has been around for a long time it is now really applicable to every thing you do.

All roads lead to branding

While branding has been around since Noah was a lad its position is now vastly more important.

Know, like and trust are the three building blocks of marketing.
ignore them at your peril.

Peter H

Therefore if you are not known then people won't come.
I have often said in small business marketing that selling is the way and not wasting time on branding. However that is only after you have achieved a recognition factor.

This all starts with your business name and your USP (unique selling proposition)
Nike-Just do it.
Woolworths-the fresh food people.
Hellofresh- “America’s Most Popular Meal Kit” Insert any country you want.
Dominos Pizza- “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.”
Fedex- When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

How to build on your business name

First of all is consistency. keep as close as possible to one logo. same colour and use of your USP as possible.
You are setting out to achieve instant memory recall and bring in that like part of your brain.
Yes we see the Nike tick and think quality.

My Daughter bought a business called Toscas, a female clothing boutique. We tossed a name change around however the business had survived over many years so did the name.
It is now a common brand among the customers and local shoppers. You never go to the dress shop you go to Toscas.
Furthermore they now do Coffee so that become an extension of the name.

Share your brand as wide as you can

How to keep upto date with Internet marketing

One of the modern day advantages is a lot of free marketing platforms.
It starts with a website and attached Blog and extends right through Social media.
Everything you do in communication is the same style. Email marketing, Newsletters, Even SMS can accommodate your brand.

Therefore imagine the increased traffic when you become THE BRAND.

How to keep upto date with Internet marketing by using the like button

How do you get people to like your business

You will have some dodgy brands you know very well but don't like. We all do, however the dislike is often because of common misconceptions.

A customer of mine runs an auto franchise covering over 50 sites.
Twice a year he sends a service reminder by SMS to all the customers due that month.
This is many thousand so a cheap and easy method of contact.
However some that have received bad service for whatever reason will take the opportunity to vent their anger. This is by return SMS which is collected by the marketing department.

In fact we did this for them for sometime and some of the complaints were hilarious in the reply and most often included a lot of swearing.

You could just laugh this off as funny and let them go their own way but not this group.
They contacted every customer and offered a settlement or compromise to settle the issue.
This contact saved most of the complainants and retained them as customers.

Consider 30 saved customers spending $1000 a year over the next five years and you can really see the value in this activity.
A side benefit was quickly establishing the under performing Franchisees and putting corrective actions into place.

The best way to get recommendations for your business

Positive client reviews will will encourage others to feel good about their choice . One place this is vitally important is your Google Search page.

How to keep upto date with Internet marketing

However you must ask for the reviews to start the ball rolling.
Firstly I sent a request to a dozen of my customers and for those that responded I returned the favour. When I had six reviews in just a short time. I thanked them and did a review on their site to finish the deal.

At my Training program with Wealthy Affiliate you can ask members to review your web page or blog post at any time. My Blog currently has nearly 500 positive reviews from readers of the material.

The old Golden rule applies, ” ask and ye shall receive.”

How to keep upto date with Internet marketing by using rewards

Why build a rewards program to maintain customers

The interesting thing is that every large retail organisation have a rewards program.
The reason for this is simply that they work.
They like what you do and will be repeat buyers for years into the future.

Loyalty programs come in many forms, ranging from simple stamp cards to sophisticated, point-based reward systems, but all are geared toward bringing customers back to engage with a brand.

A well-thought-out loyalty program can:

  • Attract new customers;
  • Retain existing customers;
  • Reactivate dormant customers; and
  • Nudge them to spend more.

Many Point of sale systems do this for you or even a manual system can keep the tracking up to date.

Don't consider the reward as a cost. Think of it as a marketing cost in a percentage of the overall sales.
The better the rewards the greater the sales and hence your return.

When customer service is so important

Firstly every customer that repeats in a buying cycle is worth a lot of money. Losing any one of these will cost money in the long rune.

Furthermore any bad press can prevent new customers considering you as a preferred supplier.

Honoring Guarantees, replacing products, chasing up on lost articles is all part of the long term game.
In these days of super viral communications bad service can quickly spread to a very wide customer profile. It can decimate your business if it is bad enough even if based on half truths.

These things happen so fix them immediately even at a cost because the long term consequence of ignoring them could be devastating.

In the olden days a disgruntled customer might tell half a dozen people however viral Internet could be many thousand that also tell many thousands etc.

Trust is an essential element of success

Where the retail chains showed a customer service example

Companies like Kmart, Big W, Walmart, Myer all have a no discussion exchange or return policy. If you don't want it you return it no questions asked.
Therefore they must have discovered this is cheaper than quibbling over a return.

Customer retention or TRUST builds continued regular purchase cycles and is the cheapest form of marketing.

Conclusion and summary

You have been shown why KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST are essential to business health.
Making sure that these essential building blocks are in place will ensure a long term growth plan.

The delight in knowing you have achieved a gain in all these will show in the overall profit of your business.

Take comfort in the fact you have done everything possible and celebrate your year end success

These small actions are the difference between success and failure and it is on your shoulders to instigate action.

How to keep upto date with Internet marketing by Peter Hanley

Planning starts from the end

Google analytics form conversion made easy

Google analytics form conversion made easy. This procedure using analytics is sometime confusing so we make it easy with Monster Insights.

Why do you need to track lead forms, isn't a lead a lead?

The answer is a definite NO. Whilst all leads may be good, understanding where they are coming from is vitally important.

We have many posts and pages, even websites and social activity where buyers may fill out a lead form.

If you understand the journey then you can apply far greater attention to the winning formula.

This has always been too darn hard, set a Goal in analytics and start plastering your sites with code. Like you I have avoided it like the plague until I found the secret.

The answer to my problems came in a free offer from MonsterInsights available for you now.


First of all Let's look at MonsterInsights and what it offers.

  • A full Google Analytics report on your main page
  • The headline analyser to die for
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • EU compliance
  • A-B Testing
  • Affiliate link and add tracking
  • Website audience report

And todays special training on Forms Plugin and tracking

We all need a contact form on our site and that is a given because we need that email address.

That address will form a new step in our marketing campaign and furthermore build a real asset for your business. It is really that important.

At Monster insights we have WP Forms that does everything for you.

It comes in a light version and a Pro version for those that want more.

WP Forms

First of all download the MonsterInsights plug in from the site.

Then you can upload the file that has been saved from your plugin. Pretty easy stuff that I am sure you have done before.

Now go to addons and choose WPForms and install the program.
Go through the setup sheet and enable tracking in your Form views and submissions.

You can do a form for any or every occasion and they will be stored at The Monster.

Installing the form on your page the easy way.

In a page or post you will see a drop down called WPForms.

You will then get a request on which form you want to display. Choose the form
and it is all done for that part.

Understanding your customer journey

Using your Google analytics that are displayed on Monsterinsights immediately indicate where your traffic is coming from. This can be very useful in your future .

Google analytics form conversion made easy when readers want more

Readers are looking for more

It is an interesting phenomenon that when we want something we want to know all about it.
We might look at a new car advertisement 20 times without more than a passing glance, until one day We make a buying decision. Our whole focus changes.
We can't get enough information on what we are buying, we buy car guides and look at comparisons and every available detail so we make an informed decision.

Therefore you may get many readers to your blog however a small percentage will want more and this is how you give it to them.

Show them their future self

How great will you feel when you drive up at work in the new VW T-Rock . Your mates will ask you all the questions and look on in envy.

Mary-Jane Smith did exactly this and you know what, her mates looked at her with a new vision of the plain Mary-Jane, now a car fanatic that knows things.

Use visual images to solicit feelings of success coming from others

This new article will take you forward faster than ever

That's our promise or your money back guaranteed. We can make this promise because our return rates are the smallest in the industry and we just know this is for you.

These are the things to tell your customers to get them coming back to you time after time.
This is not a game it is the marketing war and there are battles to be won.

Your greatest asset is a database

Your base may be worth up to $50 for everyone on it. An asset that can be sold and monetised or used to deliver higher returns.

The hardest part is getting the base together and that can be done in many ways.

The most useful is a web form because these are the ones that are interested.
You have their full attention, have developed know, like and bordering on trust.
the three pillars of selling. It is now the time to convert them.

Regular contact is essential

It is one thing having a base it is another keeping them hot. This when we use email , newsletters, SMS or even an old fashion telephone. call. You are almost guaranteed results with follow up marketing.
you can use your prime property or an upsell to something different to move their money.
Good social media plans explained
Good marketers email every day. Yes, that is right every day because contact matters.
Keeping them at front of mind is a consistent battle which is easily won.
With automated emails and ready built newsletters it all happens seamlessly for you and returns income every time you do it.

Not everyone will buy today or even tomorrow but until they unsubscribe they are all yours.

Telling you to have a contact form, build a database and do up a plan of action is necessary because it is so often forgotten.
Furthermore Look at your daily emails, the most common are from the highest achievers. They are hell bent on getting your business.

Emails make a huge difference

Follow these procedures and you will come out on top of 90% of others

Coming out on top in a very busy world is necessary. The internet is competitive and you need to be better than average to survive . A database gathered from a signup form is a potent weapon with which to pursue sales. The ultimate aim of us all.

Other ways are from Social media, meetings groups, competitions, surveys etc.

Multi channel marketing


Every part of the marketing mystery is vital to your success. Building a database of interested followers is really an essential ingredient.
Doing data collection the easy and cheap way is a job done that will continue to repay you for many years.
I have a base of just under ten thousand that get a newsletter every week with really good returns.
you can as well.

Google analytics form conversion made easy by Peter Hanley

How to make life changing decisions that work.

How to make life changing decisions that work. The answers will surprise you and the results may drive you to action.

Start your decision making process now

As a kid I was pretty much left to myself. My older brother had no time for me and my parents only that time necessary for a Childs health.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining it is just that I was left to myself a lot of the time so I was responsible for my actions.

How to find your direction in life early

Life did not start out all that well. As a pre schooler I wandered the neighborhood seeking adventure. However this probably placed myself in all sorts of harm's way but that was my choice.

Finding independence

My independence was just part of the cycle that would continue for many years so I made many decisions that took a path that was away from danger.

It was always a choice of being able to handle any where at any time by myself. Fortunately that needs a level of deeper awareness, Which I had.

This is not a medical based or professional opinion

I am your average Joe that has trodden an amazing journey. Therefore I am fortunate to last this length of time. So let me look back at a lucky life.

How to make life changing decisions that work by making the best of school years

School is for learning what others think you need to know.

The start was that I was a high school drop. This was simply because I had a disrespect for rules. Particularly those that were made to shape us into identical models of an accepted normal.

I needed knowledge, I was given the same lessons that have churned out the working class for decades before. This Contained a bit of this and a bit of things that were written down by someone without care for the student.

I excelled in taking the cane and spending time in the passages out side the class rooms. That was because I was disruptive. It was not a rebellion it was boredom, plain old boredom because I was given no incentive to learn.

Finding your role

I was never going to ancient England so who cared about Kings and conquerors that raped and plundered the world. All seeking self esteem and grandeur by killing people.

Advanced math's was for those that would build bridges and I was not one of them. If I needed to count the number of welding rods I would use or the nails in the timber. I could get by.

They worked hard at destroying my self esteem by belittling the non achieving me. Therefore I was made responsible for my own self worth even though it was beyond my comprehension at the time.

Find the things you are good at and work them harder

Sport is a vertical leveler of abilities. Achieve highly in any sport and you are elevated above the battler. This will also provide an ego boost to hold high over all the other matters.
The adverse is also true.

I failed at many sports, football and rugby because I was such a skinny kid and cricket because, again, of boredom. We were taught to field in the hot sun so the elite few could bowl and opening bat. The old English traditions were upheld.

Field Hocky my savior

How to make life changing decisions that work.

Many sports were attempted in my journey until I found the one that suited me, Hockey worked because it was a minority participation and I was a majority achiever. Self esteem was a given.

So the rule is to find what suits you and make a choice based on your desire. This allows you to achieve a level that suits.

How to make life changing decisions that work means having a big plan

The skill is having a big interest the plan is to work it to death.

I never had a Hockey stick out of my hand, I trained harder than most because I could see the results flowing to me. I made it to State selection among some of the best players of my time.
Players that went on to be Olympic hero's when I fell aside. I swapped sport for Cars and Girls as a gawky seventeen year old wanting to beat the world.

Stay well away from the induction process

At age twenty one I was invited to join the army. It was a a year of conscription based on random birthday dates. The days were drawn from a hat and if your birthday matched it was two years of military service without exception.
Knowing my attitude to following rules from under achievers I was in panic on how I could be court marshalled in the first weeks for disobeying direct orders that made no sense to my random mind.

Going to war

We were being trained to go to war and fight other similar aged kids with real guns killing and blowing things and people up. To this day I cannot understand the futility of war, yet, a half a century later it continues unabated.

I missed out on the army by a lucky draw.
Getting drafted to any grandiose scheme, however noble, is not decision making it is order taking.

Take the choice to expand your knowledge by stretching your abilities

With the army behind me, many of my friends were posted away to distant killing fields.

I became restless for excitement beyond my safe life working nine to five in a Government job I hated.

The waterside industry was a union dominated territory full of ridiculous rules that we had to pay a subscription to follow.
Join a club of self assessed criminals and follow the rules. Not I.
Kicked out of the union and then my job was in jeopardy because it depended on union membership so I left.
Resigned my really good government job job and decided to travel the world much to the disgust of my Father and perhaps of my girlfriend of 5 years.

A life in a box

My life was in boxes, a job that was not suited to me, a long term girlfriend, studying accounting because I had to to stay in the employment I did not want. many of my long time friends off to war so I decided to travel. Caught a train across Australia, a ship to New Zealand and landed in a foreign city with little money and few friends.

After 12 months of work and travel I had to make a choice, continue to travel the world or return to the relationship I had left.

The result was returning to my home to start building a career and with-it a family.

How to make life changing decisions that work by being your own master.

Chose your pathway

In my travels I decided my future was in selling, I could mount a good argument and apply a dose of charm and logic to the selling process.
I chose a six month intensive training course along with a couple of close friends and excelled in the results.
Armed with a new degree it was decision time and a decision that would follow me for life.
I sold life insurance because the Income was high and the trail permanent, you built a business that would continue to pay returns for years.
Recurring revenue is a golden chalice that builds a business and will provide a future income of a size that is unlimited.

Changing careers

My Life Assurance career however was short lived. My wife's father fell Ill and there was no one to run the family business and the fate fell to me. Seconded into the retail business gave me opportunity to expand on my knowledge.

My next decision was to obtain a high paying job in an expanding industry to support my Wife and new family. One that did not involve risk but high reward.

Build you mojo to achieve better success

Make your choices based on the best available returns

At the time Oil Companies were among the premium employers with good pay and conditions. They also offered career advancement based on your results.
I chose two companies to make an application to and was accepted by both.
I was brash enough to go and interview both companies wishing to gain the best advantage of the situation.
My first choice was my second interview, where I explained company A had offered me a job. I asked what could they do for me to change my mind.

Overstepping the mark

The area manager looked at me and said if you have accepted the other job go and work for them and don't waste our time.
This was not the answer I wanted as I was desperate for the Job with ESSO a multinational well known brand and had I blown my chances by trying to advance myself to far.
It took some back pedaling and the support of a cohort to have them take me on board.

When things go wrong take time out to reflect

Esso closed down and so did my marriage and I was left with no path to follow that would lead to something bigger and better.
I closed down, grabbed a metal detector and went Gold Prospecting. Away in the bush without a care.

However all things come to an end and a new Partner meant a new Job to support a family.
I had a go at selling Real Estate but results were average and work life mostly weekends and nights. Timing that did not suit either of us.

New industries that change

I joined a paging company that had four partners, a good idea but no income and few customers.
After a couple of months one of the partners sacked me for pore performance. He had sat reading a paper in his office all morning and lunching all afternoon and had no idea of what he was doing.

When you see a good idea go for it full steam

How to make life changing decisions that work.

I did not take being sacked very well so I gathered some money together and bought out a third of the business on a single premise, I could run the business. A new partner also bought in to make it a reasonable promise and we started the growth of a monthly billed income.

I worked hard and long to get the business on its feet and achieving to the extent we wanted. In fact we grew to be one of the best in Australia, from a one night shift worker to a team of about 25 operators during the day and six sales people working full time.

It was so successful we sold to an international operator at a handsome profit and I stayed on to manage the new group.

When you see a bad idea that won't work, revolt

In my new role I could see that paging was at the end of the lifecycle and that a new technology called Cellular Phones would take over. I started a small Phone store as part of the business and It was slowly building with a new and expensive technology.
Our American owner visited to see how things were. Whilst the business was great he had a problem with Mobile Phones and asked, no told me, to shut the new phone division down.
I patiently explained to him that the world thought different to a Southern Yank and that he should change his mind.
I won the argument by resigning on the spot and leaving the business. History tells the final story.

How to make life changing decisions that work after those bad choices.

Bad choices bring good decisions

Life throws things at us some times that require choices we need to take.

Being unemployed I was offered a role working in Asia on a one week on three off rotation. This with three kids and a partner at home. It was probably a selfish decision . However the opportunity
was almost too good to be true. Setting up a paging service throughout Malaysia.

Malaysian people

This was an interesting position heaped with racial problems in an intolerant society that disliked outsiders. Malaysia, a Muslim society did not recognise Israel. In fact you could be barred from entering if you had been to Israel. Particularly if you had it stamped in your passport. My business owners were all Jews so that was problem number one.

More rules to follow

In Malaysia you have the Muslim or Bumi Putra group that run the country. However thirty percent are Chinese who run the financial side of the equation but are disliked by the Bumii's.
The third level is Indian that are not liked by the Malays or the Chinese.

When I found a manager for the new business operation I chose an Indian. He had an MBA and experience so he was a perfect fit.
However the Malaysian partner and the Jews considered I had lost the plot. To top that off I chose a Chinese accountant to really get everyone off side.

It was a life changing decision that worked

My point here is that I chose suitable people and would not tolerate the extreme racial distrust resident in the society.
My choice was proven correct overtime but it needed a lot of pushing at the start. Furthermore it was for many years a problem.
Fortunately our Malaysian partner ( which we had to have) covered us for many Government meetings. These were all held in the local language Bahas Malay and not English as society lived.

Success in unlikely times

We succeeded very well in Malaysia and I was also involved in China and other Asian cities.

My attempt to obtain a Mobile Phone license was futile. I wanted to add this to our future but had Government intervention on every level.

Realizing we were at the peak of the industry and the only way forward was downhill I packed up and came home. Another decision made.

How to make life changing decisions that work with recurring billing.

Once again I chose a business with recurring billing

Seeing the future of Mobile phones I started a strip store and eventually took a franchise with a national carrier.
At this time telephone calls were very expensive. Furthermore It was only through the National carrier that you could buy a subscription or service.

How to make life changing decisions that work.

Laws changed and I was induced to become one of the first telephone re-billers in Australia.
A Huge opportunity and a bundle of work.

This was a life changing opportunity, we had an opportunity and nothing more.
An office was rented and the first employee sat in the boardroom because that was the only furniture. Thus began the journey.

Never rely on one source of supply

I was promoted into the business by a Large Telephone carrier and paying for it from the Phone Shop earnings. It soon became evident that one supply chain could ruin you if anything goes wrong. And things did. The industry was new and we were limiting our market and subject to the foibles of supply.
In an unpopular decision we added a second Telephone carrier to boost our product selection however splitting the total purchases. Well for awhile anyway, growth overcame the hurdle.
Sometimes using a great mentor works

Choose your employees well and look after the good ones.

Many entrepreneurs will back this statement This includes the late Steve Jobs as an advocate to this as well Richard Branson of Virgin Group. Both of these made it through the efforts of others even though they were the shining lights. When people work for a purpose and not a salary the effort is multiplied many times.
We did this with a great bunch of guys and girls to really push the product.

Continue to learn

Unfortunately you never know it all, the world changes and so do you so take appropriate training as often as you can.
When I started using the internet to support my activities I took the tome to do some courses.
I chose Wealthy Affiliate to do this and build my own web pages

How to make life changing decisions that work and finding money.

Growth brings headaches and money worries

Constant growth requires funding and available sources were getting scarce so a decision was made to go public. A listing on the Stock Exchange was a huge jump that took a lot of mentoring by people smarter than me.

The listing was successful and our $0.20 shares quickly went to $1.00 a 5x increase and a huge achievement.

Riding the wave

When you are at the top there is generally only one way to go. Therefore a world Financial crisis brought us back to reality.
Raising funds was impossible and sales difficult. However I took the opportunity to exit with dignity and hand the reins to someone else.

The problem with new technology is that it is often replaced with newer tech bringing obsolescence a fate I avoided.

One way to achieve this is with reverse planning.

Running with technology

How to make life changing decisions that work.

Back On the market i found a great product that had massive application but bad management. So bad in fact that it was placed in Liquidation.
Not to be beaten I bought the shell company and technology from the administrator. To do this I used my credit card. However I spent a significant money on re-establishing an automated telephone message service with great recurring income in few staff. The perfect operation.

I am semi retired and It is now a decade later . I still run this operation as a home based business, a great investment proven over time.

How to make life changing decisions that work by planning and cash management.

Base your future on good planning and cash flow

Everything I did had a plan behind it. Always a plan that would predict the future and make the best of the operation available.
I have always included a Cash flow based on an excel spreadsheet. This must be done on a daily basis going at least a year in advance.

Every business has speed bumps and it is far better to know and anticipate them than to have a surprise package damage your growth.

Don't go near a twilight business because the end is in sight. Think about the future and which way it is going.

Twilight businesses

How to make life changing decisions that work.

An example could be the motor industry. Car servicing and repairs will be redundant with Electric Vehicles. Not today, but a few years time will see the decline.

You can start a home business with little or no experience. Here we tell you how.


I have had a very fortunate life however not without its problems. My greatest failure was investing more in my future than my existence. I hardly imagined living to eighty than arriving here with the same fire in my belly as I started with.

Make everyday a winner and don't stress the small stuff. Concentrate on the big picture and go hard.

This post was the egotistic me telling part of a story that rests within me. Hoping I can make a difference to someone.

How to make life changing decisions that work by Peter Hanley

Easy internet marketing training for beginners

Easy internet marketing training for beginners. We give you three great choices to start your journey to a successful business

So you want to start a real business working from home

And why wouldn't you. The time is right and everything is in place to take you on a journey of discovery.

People just like you are making big bucks selling products, affiliate marketing and creating virtual products to sell.

There are so many opportunities available however the skill is picking the right ones to suit you and your life style.

I may have recommended Amazon, last year, as a choice of activity however they have cut commissions so drastically that it is hardly a viable option anymore. Now you must produce big volume to get small rewards.

My warning to all starting on the internet or Home business

First of all no one can guarantee you any results what so ever, You can't make a lot of money without doing the work even though you will come across many that promise instant wealth.

The internet is full of scams and overpriced products preying on the unwary and I want you to be aware of this right from the start.

As an affiliate marketer I may earn some money on any recommendation that you take up. However it provides you with greater opportunities at no disadvantage by following my recommendations.
Furthermore I shall show you how to start making money from day one.

Keep your mind open and your purse closed

Most things start with a webpage or internet visibility however that is now very easy to do and learn.

My three options for you;

  • Wealthy Affiliate online training
  • The best web based starter for newbies at Appsumo
  • Coaching and mentoring to fast track your learning with Roy

All of these will allow you to grow at your own speed, Furthermore for just a small investment in time to grow a broad knowledge that will repay you countless times into the future.

Wealthy Affiliate web hosting training and support

I have been a member at WA since 2015 starting out with a free service and growing overtime to one of the top 150 contributors out of the million or so members.

They are an affiliate based service that grow there membership using member recommendations and paying out a recurring commission.

The aim of WA is to be recognised as the premium web hosting service on the market and to achieve this they offer a package better than any other service.

First of all they build web sites using the free WordPress platform which is the most often used web builder available in the world.

Secondly they have multiple levels of training that range from beginners to the most experienced on the internet.
People with five and six figure incomes that support the member base as they train and educate to much higher levels.

Thirdly, and importantly they have several levels of support operating across the clock.
It is rare that you can get support in one place for the various areas of activity that you will come across. Hosting, WordPress, affiliate sales even down to finding a suitable niche

And finally the prices are fixed with no persistent upsells or attempts to extract extra money from you. In fact discounts are available every Black Friday for those that want to gain greater benefit from the free membership through to the pro service.

I believe this service should be in the hands of every one on the internet, marketing, selling, training , blogging or what ever the activity they want.

Easy internet marketing training for beginners with AppSumo

The AppSumo challenge

This is an interesting challenge when they take you from zero to $1000 in a short time.
I have done this course to see just how they go about such a promise and if they do deliver on the goods.

How to make a $1000 a month business

The course is staged over nearly 150 modules that it is recommended you do for one half an hour a day to obtain full benefit.

What I like about this course is that they cover many of the issues we will all face on our journey Issues like boredom, frustration, failure, self confidence along with some early sales opportunities. Noah promises;

  • Overcome your fear and pick a killer business idea
  • Validate that idea and get your first paying customer in less than one week
  • Scale your business into $1,000/month and more!
  • Turn that business into a lifestyle or an empire—you decide!

These are big claims that many report achieving within the first week .

The training has a small cost however it represents excellent value for a lifetime product that can be reviewed at any time.

The normal cost is $600 however for my readers it is currently on sale for $100. This represents a small investment that will be repaid many times over.

The mentoring program with Roy Carter

Some of you may lack self confidence or an understanding how to put all this together in a package with a large chance of success. That is when you need a mentor or coach that will hold your hand until you are well on the way.

Roy is an English guy that made his money and retired to an Island to work from an idealist location at his own time. His goal is to help people just like you achieve their ambitions of living on the internet.

Importantly Roy does not accept everyone, in fact he can be quite picky because he wants to work only with those prepared to go the distance and become a success.

Furthermore tell him I sent you and you are a great chance.

Roy Carter training

Roy has done his time and understands you and what you want to achieve.
He can be contacted by clicking on the image above or here to get a personal invitation

My conclusion on Training

We all need new skill sets that are regularly updated so that we can maintain pace with the growth in the internet arena.

However, every one has different needs so I have supplied three options that can take you where you want to go at a price you can afford.

Off course live mentoring costs more however it also moves you forward a lot quicker and as this is a life time journey the returns will come to you over many years going forward.

I have a cupboard load of courses that I have wasted money on to come to this suggested approach for you, three different ways to achieve the same goal.

Finally which one you choose is entirely up to you. Each has its own merits however a basic course at Wealthy Affiliate is recommended for everyone that want to play in the park.

Finally, you can do it, just add time.

Easy internet marketing training for beginners by Peter Hanley

Training for any age any time.

It's yours for the asking.

How to to set up a blog or post to meet the stringent demands of Google

“How To Set Up A Blog Or Post To Meet The stringent Demands Of Google”. The rules are set in stone, therefore ignore them at your peril.

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Your template should be set in a standard manner

The first thing is your use of headings. A consistent manner is required in use.
first of all you start big at #1 or #2 and go down the page after that. You never go back up again or pick and choose where you want.

How to to set up a blog or post to meet the stringent demands of Google

This little pop up does it all for you. However you are allowed to run a sub heading underneath this by using a #3

A sub head is part of the conversation

How to to set up a blog or post to meet the stringent demands of Google

You will also notice I used the B or bold tab. I is for italics and the link symbol is for linking.
The three dots at the end are good for deleting a block when you want to change your set up.
You can also place the sub anywhere you want by using the three bars or move it with the < up and down arrows

It is quite ok to colour anything you want however never go mad with this option. Background colour for things you want to stand out as with word colours.

Working with words

A couple of things to do here and the first is short sentences, no more than 25 words.

This coupled with short paragraphs of less than 300 words or less and you are complying with the rules.
Other writing requirements include using transition words to connect your ideas in a sentence.

The following are examples of words to use

And, in addition to, furthermore, moreover, besides, than, too, also, both-and, another, equally important, first, second, etc., again, further, last, finally, not only-but also, as well as, in the second place, next, likewise, similarly, in fact, as a result, consequently, in the same way, for example, for instance,

Most posts and blogs set out to answer a question so doing this early in the page is recommended.

Off course spelling and Grammar must be considered but with the modern spell checkers they will make this chore a lot easier.

Adding a Alt description to all images

This little box tells Google what the image relates to. You can use your Keyword a majority of the time however not all the time, add some variety when you can.

IIt is not a general practice to use decorative images . Your image is eye candy to pull the readers to what you are trying to tell them.

Getting further help with your work

I use Yoast SEO as my check box for all my work. You don't have to be perfect and depending on the page structure results will vary.

This is a free plug in with an advanced upgrade for those wanting more. Some love this little devise others hate it however I use it as a bible, they know the rules and I need as much help as possible.

Yoast also provide several great options that include reading time and table of contents. These however are part of the paid package

Not using a passive voice too often

This one is my undoing and I often get it wrong. Now whether Google thinks this way or not is debatable however Yoast and Grammarly both are strict on it.
It is a matter of putting the subject first.

How to to set up a blog or post to meet the stringent demands of Google

An allowance is made for a small percentage of these.

These are reference sites that know more than you and make Google think that your post is worthy of being viewed. An example could be using Wikipedia to further explain on a subject.

Your work may have many reference pages that can add value to the subject and you can link to them; for example “what topics are best in blogging” is a post I recently completed among many others.

You may wish to reference other sites or other materials to build on your knowledge. For example I have another site where I have written similar material. For instance
Online business ideas for beginners”

Affiliate links make you money so using them is a great idea however Google wants to know when you use them so they don't follow to the site as part of the reading.
I always recommend the training at Wealthy Affiliate for anyone pursuing an Internet career.

How to to set up a blog or post to meet the stringent demands of Google

However this little Word press dropdown does
the job for you.
It tells Google it is a nofollow link and keeps your work in order.
This is a fairly new change so many will not tell you of its importance to writers.

To follow this rule is important.

You will also notice the first option that says Open in a new tab. If you are linking to another page by ticking this the reader will be brought back to the current page when they have finished reading.

5. Social media

Let's get one thing straight, when you go to any Social media your readers will get lost with interesting things to follow . Therefore why send them to the Alice in Wonderland hole in the sky? You want focus on your page.
The idea of Social media is to send people to your material so use it properly and get it to deliver traffic.
This is not a Google rule and can be Brocken by those that want to.

How to to set up a blog or post to meet the stringent demands of Google on a mobile phone

Write for a mobile phone, always.

When Google looks at your work it always considers just what it would look like on a mobile phone in the first instance.
So many search queries are done on mobile phones partly do with the rise of voice technology. In fact you can even search Google to see just how you rate.

Mobile phone check

You should always use the Google Mobile checker after writing your post.

Site speed is paramount to success

This an underestimate performance tool that makes the difference to your Google Friendship.
Things that can disrupt this are large images and graphs not in a useful size. Again The master gives us a tool to check this and this site scored 100 on a desktop and 95 on a mobile phone
showing some credibility.

How to set up a blog or post
I always use this service.

Conclusion and summarising the page

These rules are not all that hard as long as you remember to include them every time.
You also have SEO rules to follow that help your site be found but we save them for another day.

How to to set up a blog or post to meet the stringent demands of Google by Peter Hanley

The best way to get a cheap blog site

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