What is a business image?

What is a business image? And how does it relate to you and your sales and income? Find new ways to boost your profile and run with the bulls.

Does your business image matter and can you change it?

Every day what we think of those we deal with comes under scrutiny and affects our buying decisions

A current example of this is the Chinese Social Media Platform TikTok.
The image among the under twenty year old' is one of fun and value and a necessary part of their life. The image is really a viral acceptance of a vehicle to show the photos and videos that mater.

A great name and a world wide audience of willing participants

However all is not well in the camp.

Governments have an absolute distrust in the media to the point of actually banning its use in several countries. This is all based around suspected data capture that may be used against them in the future by the owners the Chinese Communist government.

It is not who is right or wrong it is purely a perspective vision that will adversely affect the company.

Image. Definition: The perception people have of your business when they hear your company name. A business's image is composed of an infinite variety of facts, events, personal histories, advertising and goals that work together to make an impression on the public.


Is your name a business image

Your name and logo are certainly at the for front of your presentation and will contribute to customer perception.
The most famous of these is the Apple logo. It has changed slightly over the last 45 years but still remains a simple statement.

It has gone from rainbow stripes to a single color however recognized world wide.

What is important is that the brand has a high trust factor so you understand it is based around quality and delivery. It has stood the test of time and growing product range but remains a leader today.

Actual logo

I am sure the dental clinic got lots of comments however the image is not really appropriate.
I chose this out of some very funny ones because it represents poor judgement by the designer and the business owner.
It would take some time to live down the company image once someone spotted the problem.

There are some really interesting images in the market that are well recognized but not understood .

What is a business image?
Interesting facts

I have looked at this log many time and will always see it different in future.

What is a business image?
Takes a bit more thinking

The logo says it all. what it is what it does, where it's from and even has a bike rider .

What is a business image?

The beauty of the names, logo's and description need no introduction to a world audience. Instant recognition and you like and trust the brand .

What is a business image?
I only like one

Your image builds, like and trust factors.

First of all you recall the product from marketing and recognize and trust the value to be one that you would purchase.

Your brand needs to grow this acceptance by telling the market what you do.

Protect your brand

Apply your brand on everything you do. Letters, stationary. emails, bill boards, car magnets. Where ever someone sees you have your brand.
If you are part of a Franchise you leverage the overall brand however include a local hook to bring them to your store.
Even clothing should carry a prominent image so that customers recognize staff and appreciate they have taken the time to present them selves to you.

Telephone answering is also done in the brand name to reflect your image of polish and professionalism.

Do you change a name on changing owners in a business?

The answer to any good brand is a definite no, do not change that which has been built over many years. That is part of your goodwill payment and needs to be recouped.
In some cases where necessary you may include a small update to reflect a change. This is often done with companies in Liquidation where a date will be added to the name . JoeBloggs and co may become JoebBloggs (2020) and co, Here you are keeping the history but noting a new beginning. Not ideal but better than starting from day one.

What is a business USP and is it important?

Many a brand, or all probably come with a line that tells you what they do or what they represent,
This is called a Unique selling proposition

Just do itThis is associated with the Nike tick
A technology companySometimes seen with Apple products
Local Pie shopVoted by tradies as the best pies in town
Avisno 2 we try harder
LuLu LemonActive wear for all seasons
Do you recognize them?

The USP describes what your business does and clears any doubt that you are the correct place to go.It does not change and when used correctly can really lift your profile.


This is your starting point when planning a new business. Creating a logo and writing your own unique URL to establish a company image.

The logo does not necessarily need to reflect your business, example “Apple” however the closer your selling proposition the better. It needs to develop an image of success in the mind of the buyer.

Finally I would like to stress that this area of business can make all the difference to you if done correctly. Furthermore you need it to lift the spirits not dampen the enthusiasm of your buyer.
An example is Nike who always have action pictures associated with the Tick and just do it logo.
It brings out adventure and a feeling of joining.

I think this is an example that does not quite make it however the name carries the brand because of association with a person.

We can never get perfection but we must strive for the best we can.

What is a business image by Peter Hanley

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Peter Hanley

Marketing in business

Why Marketing is Important

Why Marketing is Important

Your business either online or fixed requires a constant flow of new customers and that is Why Marketing is Important to do every day in at least 7 ways.

The rule of seven and your marketing

The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a prospect needs to “hear” the advertiser's message at least 7 times before they'll take action to buy that product or service. It's a marketing maxim developed by the movie industry in the 1930s.


This is as true today as it was in the 30's only now it is so much easier to achieve and at a fraction of the cost.

It is so easy to bundle a package of contact ideas to achieve greater sales. In fact it is almost a necessity in today's market.

First of all count the ways you are using to bring customers in the door or to the screen.
Some of them may be fixed, others associated with branding and then direct approach marketing.

The first is your location a physical address or your web presence or both. They are the entry to your business and must conform to certain rules.
You must be found on Google and your contact details clearly displayed along with terms of trading.

Google my business is a priority

Therefore Google my business is your first priority, it is there for those that want you so make it easy for them.
When some one searches the internet for a category and your not there they go somewhere else. Pretty simple stuff.
This is a free service although you may seek technical advise in setting it up.
Importantly make sure you have a half dozen 5 star reviews.

LinkedIn is a business tool

This is the phone book of the internet. When anyone wants information about you it is the first place to go. This means you must appear in any search or they may move on.

You will need a great photo and a good write up about you and your business and you can post some articles should you wish to do so.

It is so handy at times although often used by the job hunters seeking talent.

I found a credit card just this week outside a coffee shop. I handed the card in and went home to search on the internet for the name on the card, found him on LinkedIn and rang him to ask if he was missing a card. His answer was no a I used it about 15 minutes ago. Then he checked and yeas it was his. That did not generate business but it shows how powerful LinkedIn can be.

These are must have business tools

Your Web pageSet up for Mobile optimization
Google my Business5 star rating
Good SEOInstalling the basics
Use of Keywordswith location
LinkedInGreat Bio and picture

They are the basics of business, who you are, what you do and where you are. When people want you they need to find you and fast.

Define your target market before you spend money and time.

A target market can be a group of people or a general audience based around certain criterion.

  • Certainly gender is a target
  • Age is important
  • Interests is easy
  • Social class
  • Location
  • Consumption habits
  • Buying power

It is no good targeting Teens with Retirement Home material or seniors with the benefits of TikTok because there is little or no interest from those groups.

Harley Davidson buyers shun Honda's and many Ford buyers have little Interest in Chrysler.
Selling an F 250 in New York would be as hard as selling a Prious in Texas, it will never happen.

How to choose the correct Social Media

Social media has a clearly designated age following that can make a difference to your results.

We start at TikTok that is definitely those under 20 years old. No we wont sell them a Harley Davidson but we might introduce a Taylor Swift album.

Next is Instagram in fact we grabbed a blog recently that showed this clearly.

Why Marketing is Important
Complements of Word Tracker

As you can see by 45 years of age your target is really reduced so you would really concentrate on those in the 25-54 age group.

Facebook although originally a College product now moves the above graph out to an older range.

Pinterest takes this even a step further going older again.

Is local targeting worthwhile

If you are the local Butcher, Baker type business then definitely use your location in your Keywords.

The best butcher in North Dakota is targeting a customer base that may walk in the door. If you market local then target local.
I have a business that is National but not appropriate to any other country or region. My approach is to stay within the confounds of my market and not venture beyond what I can supply.

Marketing is necessary for growth

You need an ever expanding customer base that increases with your desire to capture a greater percentage of sales and income.
If you don't grow you will surely loose your market share.

However that growth must come at an economic cost or all the advantages will be lost in ever increasing payments far outspending a return.
This is a trap that can be your ruin.

Therefor a great marketing plan based on a targeted market is necessary for every business.

What goes into a marketing plan?

First of all is a result. A commitment you want to achieve in a time line of choice.

Starting from the end helps to clarify what you need to achieve your Goal.

Let's say you want to sell 500 books written buy you that no one knows about. You want to do this in twelve months and only spend X dollars to make it worth while.

first of all we flatten the market to around 40 a month to reach our target or we may go more realistic and have a growth curve.


Then apply at least seven ways to bring in income however those seven ways may target one buyer.

Not every method will drag in buyers so apply as many as you can as cheaply as possible using modern marketing methods which really include Social Media.

What is a business image?

Do international companies apply local marketing?

As an example BMW sent me a email last week with a follow up offer. I had renewed a service contract about a month ago and now a month later they added a new discount package to the offer.

  • They emailed the offer.
  • Then directed me to the website to confirm my need
  • On top of this I received a SMS message just in case I missed the email.

Now that is retargeting, emailing SMS messaging , clicking on the website for a free offer.

They have me in their hands because they also know my car is five years old and I usually swap out at about this time.

BMW is one of the best known brands in the world and they target a single buyer with multiple marketing streams. Not main stream advertising but everyday methods that are available to you.
Is this a message that resonates with you.

Marketing is important because it touches customers

There is another rule in marketing that should be applied and that is people buy when the know you, like you and trust you. Marketing builds these cornerstones by infiltrating the subconscious mind of the buyers.

It is always surprising when you want to buy a product and you see advertising everywhere. It is on TV , in the papers and magazines just because you have a sudden interest in what they have.
The advertising is always there it is simply your mind shift that has changed.

This is taken a step further with a new concept called re-targeting. With a bit of internet magic called Pixels your search details are captured when you visit some online situation you are bombarded with advertising. It could be Facebook or Instagram, another website in fact anywhere you wander on the Net. Repetition will win the day.


My aim has been to show you why marketing is important and that if others are applying these methods you need to as well.

Online choice is now so big a market that you must be seen to be heard. If not you will be left behind.
Your customers need consistent visual reminders that you are the centre of choice. To do this you need to apply as much marketing expertise as you can gather.
The multi nationals are doing it therefore you need to as well

If you want to learn a lot more about this the training at Wealthy Affiliate will cover most of your needs.
It is free to try and there is no pressure to part with money. However you will get all the basics you need to apply to your business, now, or in the future.

Why Marketing is Important by Peter Hanley

examples of SMS in marketing
Peter Hanley

Examples of SMS in Marketing

Examples of SMS in Marketing

What are Examples of SMS in Marketing and how can you use them in business. We take a look at money turning examples of great SMS marketing.

The history behind the product.

How do you use SMS for best results

I am a great believer in knowing what results you get for your marketing bucks.
It is always important to analyse your time and monetary expenditure against the returns.

We are not doing this for fun, a bit of branding maybe but we want a return that is far greater than what we spend.

The great thing with SMS is that it is generally instant action, they either reply or delete so you can immediately understand what is happening. This allows a simple test to evaluate results before applying a large send out.

Examples of SMS in Marketing come with a warning.

My SMS warning

I don't want to go all legal on you but you can not send non-requested mail. It is against the law and called SPAM where large penalties apply for breaking the law.
The easy answer is get your contacts from a reliable source . if you have a business your customer base should withstand the test. Build a base by cold calling , subscriptions, shows, members, promotions or anyway you can gather their data.

The Restaurant SMS example

An upmarket restaurant near Sydney has a heavy booking calendar and usually a long wait period to grab a table. The owner records all his booking details and keeps them in a data file.

Like any business they have nights that have empty spaces so instead of doing nothing he slices off a section of contacts and send a message to his list, when the reply's fill the spaces ( usually in a matter of minutes) he simply returns a bad luck message to the others.
He has collected thousands of mobile names and numbers over the years so no one is bombarded with offers. The restaurant does not like empty tables so they take action.

Importantly this whole procedure takes but a few minutes cost just a few dollars and returns a high margin.

Would SMS work in your business

Be you a Vehicle service centre, a Hairdresser, Dentist or other health provider could this work for you.
Cancelled bookings are the bain of every business leaving staff standing around and your costs going out the door.
Many of us can drop the dishes and run into a cancelled appointment at the drop of a hat filling in those blank spots.

Reminder SMS for occasional bookings

Car servicing is a bit like this with services 6-12 months apart and hard to program ahead.
One large organisation has this working very well and obtaining excellent feed back.
First of all at Eleven months they send a reminder for the car service to everyone in a selected past period as a reminder.Your service is important etc.

This get's booking straight away.

A side benefit is that some reply with a complaint that the last service was sub standard. Instead of getting upset it is a chance to call the client and discover what went wrong. Sometimes your fault some times just wanting to complain. However, you get a chance to retain a customer by solving a problem.

They also used this for extra business. At the start of a season a reminder that the Air conditioning might need gas or the wiper blades need replacing anything that had a seasonal influence..

Examples of SMS in Marketing

In-house meetings and training sessions

Email invitations are OK but we have found that they get a low response rate.

With one group we experimented with a SMS invitation and had better results however the attention span of many is limited. We put in place a SMS a week before the promotion and an additional one an hour before the start. This increased the response rate buy a large margin.
This system has worked in their outlets for several years. In fact one outlet decided to do an elaborate Email program instead of SMS. The result was dismal even to the same data base..

Examples of SMS in Marketing with fixed inbound numbers.

Fixed inbound mobile numbers

These a a great idea because your customers are often mobile and don't want to talk to you, however need to correspond.

A club network had prepaid bookings for a month in advance, If you did not cancel a booking the visit was charged to you.
The problem was an overloaded phone system at peak times with the changes customers wanted were called in and a lengthy conversation became involved.

They instituted a SMS service to email message that could be used to cancel bookings. Any computer could pick up the message and cancel the appointment..
This system had it's faults because customers were concerned the message had not been received and would try and try again.
The solution was to reply to each message saying it had been received and a reminder to re-book.
This overcame the problem and has worked well for several years.

Lost customer recovery plan

Over time some customers will wander afar enticed by other offers or even just change their buying habits.
They can be recovered with an offer.
A club group gathered a list of previous clients, not seen for a period of time and sent a special offer by SMS. The result from 150 SMS was around 35 new bookings . They now do this on a monthly basis as a low cost client gathering plan.

Loyalty plans

There is little doubt that loyalty plans work really well. having customers coming back over long periods of time is your ideal business. Regular users can be rewarded with extra incentives along the way. New Stock, end of season run-outs, Limited offer are all offers that can be exclusive to loyal customers, at least for a short time. We all love to be special so spoil your regulars.

I get an SMS every couple of months from the local Pet shop. This message arrives at around the time I bulk buy my cat food. It is usually combined with a short term discount to make me drive past other outlets and buy from them. It works but the downside is I hate paying a retail price and wait for the specials.

Examples of SMS in Marketing and customer support.

Customer support service

The after hours rush when things go bad makes life difficult for many service personal. The plumber is up to his armpits in a drain and the mobile just keeps beeping away. the Electrician is in the ceiling cavity and the phone does not stop or the emergency service guy is powering away with a chainsaw or load blower and wont take the calls.
For one company we introduced an escalation service. The primary service person was sent a message and an SMS. If the SMS was not answered in 10 minutes ( Because he was unavailable) the message went to the next available person and then the next until someone responded. This ensured that every service call was covered and none missed out.
A benefit behind this was that online reporting showed all activity so management could see real results and make changes as required.

The casual staff response locator

This was quite an interesting idea that saved a heap of time and money.

One organisation used a bundle of casual staff for each shift . The roster was all pre-done however “I can't make it today” calls were common meaning gaps in the roster.

Traditionally they would start calling the staff they thought might take the shift resulting in several phone calls with workers saying no for all the reasons they have.

The fix was to send an SMS to a group of staff saying something like a shift available 8-5 today and taking the first return calls, They then replied “shift filled and thank you”. A huge saving in telephone time and kept the business operational.

Examples of SMS in Marketing
Everyday SMS

General SMS Response

We all get appointment reminders form Doctors, hairdressers, Dentists etc that give us our appointment details however sometimes automation has its issues.
When setting up a programmed reminder for a date ahead when making the booking is a great idea it can have a downside.
One practitioner found that due to the number of cancellations and changes over a two month period they would wait to the prior day to send the SMS. This meant just one input and not a different one on any change.

Certainly singe SMS like “your Parts have arrived” and “Shoes available for collection” save a lot of phone time and take but a few seconds to do.

Using staff mobiles or random phones to do this does not keep a track on call activity and that is where email to SMS is the proffered option. Available from all computers either linked or singular all transmission is recorded.

One issue with SMS is the reply message. In most cases you can reply to the message with a simple answer and that is fine. However, you can not later on use that number as a call number.
The SMS carriers use a random number generator to send out calls so it will change on a regular basis.
That is why a fixed mobile to email number is a proffered option.

Bulk SMS

There is no difference to sending one or a million messages.
However, sending bulk must be the same message although the name can change.

The opt out

This is as important as not spamming customers, if they want to opt-out let them go.
Our services generally include an Auto opt-out blocker however it is good practice to do your own.

Examples of SMS in Marketing

This is just a short summary to highlight some of the benefits of SMS.
As a marketing tool it is a very cost effective media and easily tested for a broader market.
Results are generally immediate unlike emails that may sit for weeks unopened.

At Select we have plans of all types. Single send low volume service right through to bulk mail.
You manage the services so all reporting is in-house providing great control and flexibility.

Back up your email campaigns with a SMS mirror to get far greater acceptance.
As I write this I have just received an offer from BMW with a special promo. It arrived by SMS about five minutes before the email, I had two ways to respond. If BMW can do it surely you can as well.

As Select Consulting we design services to suit individual needs and use a variety of carriers to suit a purpose.

Examples of SMS in Marketing by Peter Hanley

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Peter Hanley

Easy online income

Internet marketing business

How you can obtain an Easy online income without spending a whole bundle of money. We take you on a journey to quick success in easy to follow steps.

Is this a dream or an opportunity?

The dream of instant wealth

First of all wake up to the real world, if it was so easy to make money without effort we would all be doing it. Life is not that easy unless you want to cheat and steel your way through.

We see this every day with sites offering you instant wealth while sitting on your couch, eating chips and binge watching Netflix.

Offering with no experience, no credit card, no website just 15 minutes a day to a great fortune.

It is simply not true, well not really though, they get your money and get rich because they have set up a great scheme to empty credit cards.

All the great schemes require a lot of knowledge and work to produce a sucker product that drains your pockets.

It is all done on dreams, flash cars, pretty girls and guys, working from home without a care in the world.

If I have deflated your bubble don't panic, the good parts will surely appear like magic and you will see the light that takes you on a journey to prosperity.

Anyone any age can succeed.

Decide your future

We all have our strong points and as others probably point out some weaknesses in what we do.

We can't all be lawyers or accountants, builders or social workers however we can work on our better attributes.
The internet is like real life offering countless opportunities for using your personal strengths to achieve results.

It is no good being a blogger if you don't want to write. blogging is writing every day for years ahead.
You can sell anything but you need to build Web pages and learn some real skills along the way.

You can market social media but there are many of them and which do you choose.

Emailing is easy however getting clicks and sales is a bit harder in fact it takes some skills.

You can run courses or teach but you need to know what you are talking about.

Writing e.Books, doing Videos and building a list are all opportunities that are yours for the choosing.

Minimize your options to specialize

Internet learning is easier than real life.

If you want to be a lawyer it means about five years at college before you can get a job and start to learn. Let me tell you that there are many on the internet making Lawyer money in a lot less time and training. In fact, you can pick your niche on the net and become an expert in a reasonable time.

Say you choose social media as your best option to suit what you desire to achieve.

First of all there are many forms of social media so you really should pick just one to start with.

It is time to concentrate.

The need is to Focus

If you want to be a lawyer it means about five years at college before you can get a job and start to learn. Let me tell you that there are many on the internet making Lawyer money in a lot less time and training. In fact you can pick your niche on the net and become an expert in a reasonable time.

Say you choose social media as your best option to suit what you desire to achieve.

First of all there are many forms of social media so you really should pick just one to start with.
My daughter chose Facebook and became an expert in a matter of months of pretty well full time training, this resulted in a high income consulting role for a fast developing enterprise. Not bad for a stay at home Mum with three kids.

Take this piece of advise and remember it long term, The internet is a huge playing field so concentrate on one small part until you succeed.

The easy start Amazon

what to sell on Amazon
Amazon for the starter

This is the MLM of the internet you work your butt of for others but pick up some income along the way. They have strict rules and very low commissions however a huge range of products.

It is a good training ground to learn the art of selling other peoples products.

Marketing products starts with a web page

A Web page is your business, it has an address a list of products a selling portal and all the important things about your business. it has an about you page, terms and conditions, contact points and is set up for good SEO.

If you are a beginner you need to learn all this at the very start of your journey. Fortunately I have a free offer for you that will provide all the building blocks of a business that can take you from a simple start to a grand ending.

I played around for a long time doing high priced courses and not achieving a lot before I arrived at Wealthy Affiliate. It changed my life and that of many others and it can for you as well.

The great thing is you can try it for free and in fact build a website that costs you nothing (unless you choose your own domain) and move into the money making business.

Have a product to sell and don't know what to do next

Products come in many ways, sizes and varieties. It may be a physical product of any kind or a virtual variety that lives in the cloud. Training packages, cloud based items, e.Books, videos anything that people will pay money for can be sold on line.
Physical products;

You may have a shop or online store that sells products to a range of customers. The shop may be as big as Walmart or as small as the corner store however they all have the same need. To flog you product while you are searching on Google or other search engine.

Online shopping is a growing.

You can quickly set up a site on Shopify.com for a small monthly fee with some training and support. This is probably the largest on line shopping outlet there is.
On WordPress you have access to a free version called Woocommerce that is an app on your website. All you need is products, yours or anyone else's.

This is certainly a massive future product that will be taken on by everyone.
Interestingly if you learn this you can sell your experience to others and produce and manage their shops.

No better money that Affiliate marketing to make an easy online income

Affiliate marketing does not work

Well it certainly won't if you don't give it a try. Affiliate marketing, in my opinion, is the best job in town. Why? Because you can grow a real business with consistent monthly income that will feed you and your family for years to come.

Affiliate earn incomes of millionaire marketers without leaving your home. Firstly though you need to be set up properly with the correct products. Amazon is an affiliate marketer however you live with low commissions that take a lot of inventive effort to equal the market.
I like recurring income products that pay you a percentage of the amount every month, When you have one client it is a small amount but when you have a thousand clients each paying you $25 a month that's a $300 k income enough for most of us to live on.

Training products, Web hosting, cloud storage, insurance, memberships,clubs support in fact an where a client is billed monthly.
I use;

  • Wealthy Affiliate as my web host and training platform
  • Vidnami as my Video platform.
  • Roy Carter as a one on one trainer
  • Jaaxy as my keyword generator
  • Constant Contact for emails

These are all online and business products from professional groups that pay a reasonable return every month . Any one of my clients could be on all platforms earning me money without costing them a cent

So affiliate marketing only works as well as the people that support it. It is a relatively low cost marketing exercise.

Blogging is a career

As a consistent writer you will include many channels in your armory and one of them may be Blogging.
This is consistently writing for publications articles on a chosen subject. It takes some time to be accepted and a whole bundle of time however combined with other income it will produce outstanding rewards.
You will achieve affiliate income as well as advertising income once you get your following going and supporting you.

If the writer in you has something to say there is no better place to launch to millions of enthusiastic readers that will lap up every word that goes to Air.

Easy online income and the YouTube venture

YouTube is searched as often as any search engine.

Doing a video
Creating a video

Well not quite up to Google yet however it is running close and way ahead of all the others.
Moreover it has many advantages in that people spend way more time on site thus increasing your SEO.
It can be used for branding, selling, teaching, displaying or How to do things category.

Your You tube ads will rank high on the first page of a Google search this you will be seen more often.

In days past Video was for the big and the bold but now professional services are available to anyone to produce a Show case piece for little expenditure .
in fact it can be done on a Mobile phone or tablet in a matter of minutes and downloaded to your You tube site.
You can do these for yourself or sell your services to others . There is a free book I use on this that can really help you along the trail. Noble Samurai, now Vidnami

Think how many times you get lost on YouTube. it is like Alice in Wonderland and the Rabbit hole as you dive in and flit around like a butterfly.

The fastest growing opportunity available.

Social media has had its day

Not likely you will say and I shall surely agree, Social media is growing and you need to be part of it. Even the China based TilTok is grabbing the market when some countries are banning it.
Users just don't care about the potential down side of using a foreign owned media that gathers your details and saves them for another day.

The biggest companies in the market use social media and post every day, they hound you with messages and do you care? Not really, some of it looks really good.

I get emails, SMS messages, Facebook posts Instagram hits every day and don't cancel them.

If the big end of town spend billions on Social marketing doesn't that tell you something or are you not listening.

Easy Online income has many channels

Pick a channel and go hard to get results

Local businesses that succeed post at least once everyday, some many more times. They use a channel that targets an age most suitable to their product.
TiKTok is for the young under 16 year old
Pinterest is for the older group
and the others in between.
Instagram more Female oriented and Facebook starts at 25 year old'

These are not exact figures but the largest percentage of users lay in the middle.

Easy online income
Targeting your future

Easy online income is hiding everywhere, so where is yours?

So where is my easy online income?

The answer is more simple than you would think. Pick your niche and then a sub niche and then a sub-sub-niche that suits you and start learning.

  • You can Blog
  • Affiliate market
  • Sell someone else's product
  • Quit your own product
  • E.mail marketing
  • training or coaching
  • Social Media
  • Club or membership
  • YouTube hero
  • Build web pages or funnels
  • Provide SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Build lists
  • Find traffic
  • Marketing advice

I wanted to be a blogger so that was my first choice, I then had to pick a subject on which to blog and pick my domain name. Then I had to build a website, get some affiliate links and learn all about keywords and SEO before writing a word. Now I need to build a market position that will take about 12-18 months of work before I see a lot of results.

You need to do the same, pick one of the above and break it down into small pieces and start the journey. Eventually you will get to use everything above to back up your core product.

I also do email marketing, the cheapest form of direct marketing you can do to achieve a result.

One goal with support.

Easy online income with Email marketing.

Why did I choose Email marketing?

This is still the most dominant form of approach available at a small price.
As I have built a following of customer details I understand what they want and can contact them at any time. My emails often send the readers to my Web Page and I link to my social media posts to build a multiple touch. I use the most appropriate Keywords to build interest and often sell virtual products to them.
Notice how I am using many forms of marketing an a single approach and you will learn this along the way.
It is not so difficult. Say you learn to drive a car. You then need road rules, map reading, traffic rules. how to get petrol, when a service is due, simple repairs, when to buy and sell etc.

The journey always starts with the first step and If you don't take that step you will never experience the real joy of earning money on line.

easy online income


If you are still reading to here you really are interested in an easy online income so I just need to push you a bit harder over the start line.
Everything new takes a period of learning so please understand that instant wealth is a Pipe dream or a promise made by get rich merchants lining up to take your money.

However the results from your application can be more than rewarding both monetarily and personally as you join groups of like minded people and develop the skills to achieve.

I hand you the opportunity to success.

Take the baton and run.

Easy online income by Peter Hanley

Easy online income
Peter Hanley

How to do retargeting

Easy online income

How to do retargeting and is it different to remarketing. We explain both and advise you on both methods and results so you can play with the big boys.

First of all lets clear up some confusion between these look alike concepts


  • Retargeting

    pixel base
    Email based
    Pulling in a new audience from advertising and direct marketing.


Contacting old or slow moving customers to reintroduce them to new opportunities

Bring people back to your website

Retargeting vs Remarketing

While retargeting focuses on pulling in new audiences or customers through ads on social media, email or other platforms, remarketing often focuses on sales or marketing emails sent to re-engage customers.

On the other hand, to re-engage a lost or inactive customer, you might decide to use remarketing.
This tactic aims to improve customer relationships by utilizing marketing tactics that maintains a dialogue on an interest.

Essentially, if you want to give customers an incentive to purchase again from your company, turn to remarketing.

For customers that are already acquainted with your brand and have shown a need for your product, create a personalized message to reignite their interest. For example, if your company offers a membership, re market to those whose memberships are expiring and are up for renewal.

A customer of mine used this method on their old customer group with SMS. Around 150 SMS cost $25 where as the 40 new bookings earned over $6000 for one time booking. A great return that they now do every month.

Re-market old customers re-target new ones.

How to plan your remarketing


Staying in front of mind is necessary in every market however branding does not pay any bills in the short time.

Generally using pixel based marketing this can be considered a warm up for the real deal. You will not be sure where in the product cycle your customers are so building awareness can provide an easier platform for targeting.

Pixels are snippets of code that allow you to gather valuable information about website visitors and what actions they took, so you can send them ads that are most relevant to them. Pixels are vital for measuring campaign performance, tracking conversions, and automatically building audiences based on behavior.


Retargeting pixels track visitors to your website and allow you to send advertising campaigns to them if they leave without taking action. They are the ad popups that appear after you have searched for a product. Generally seen on Facebook, Bing, Adroll and Google adwords.

Why marketing is important.

Conversion goals.

This is the art of getting people through the funnel and either buying a product or be ready to spend money.
Contacts may have downloaded a free gift, filled in a contact form, asked a question on your Pop Up or shown an interest in some way.

Targeting these can be by Pixels, list based marketing or response to an offer.

Every week i produce a newsletter extolling the value of our service but using a lead blog on a product of interest. This has achieved a growth in actual clicks from a low 1.5% to nearly 7% over a couple of months. As I deliver about 6500 emails that will give about 450 customers that like what I offer.

Now I shall remarket them with an incentive to act or enter a buying cycle.

A 2% conversion would mean an annual income of over $6000, not a bad days work.

Ways to remarket


Above I have used an email example mainly because I love cheap methods of acquisition and email is probably the best at this.

Social media provides a great platform to remarket your clients and none is better than Face Book.

Not only can you target your own clients but find look alike clients using Facebook.

How to remarket on Facebook

  • Gather an existing list or use pixels
  • Place the list in Facebook audience manager
  • determine your URL destination
  • Segment your add for specific audiences
  • Set your budget
  • Create an add
  • Track your progress
My try at an ad. that sells

Remarketing on Instagram

As Instagram is owned by Facebook the design and costs are similar.

Facebook and Instagram run on the same Ads platform, Facebook. Once your business entities are connected, your Facebook Pixel will work for Instagram as well.

How to Remarket on Instagram:

  1. Create a custom audience. This will be the audience you want to remarket your ads to. …
  2. Then create your campaign. Go ahead and create a new ad campaign, and choose your objective. …
  3. Design your ad. Next, it's time to add in the creative assets. …
  4. Launch the ad.
  5. Analyse the results

The one that works best is the one to use. Do a sample run and build from there.

Plan your marketing budget

If you want to spend money, and remarketing will do this, make sure you are targeting a positive return on expenditure.

if you are selling a Truck a single sale may well justify expenditure well into the future. However if you are selling lollies you need a whole packet of sales.

What results will you get with Remarketing?

In a report by Hub Spot a well respected authority they did a campaign that attracted some
650,000 unique visitors a month. However what was really interesting was the 8% per month growth rate.

It is understood that over 96% of your website visitors simply leave without so much as a hello.
Furthermore of those that go to your shopping cart around 70% will not complete the transaction.

Finally by using buyer emotions you can increase repeat visits by a huge 50% and increase the time on your site by a factor of three. This will therefore improve your SEO as well as future sales.

The main emotions listed by Hub Spot were

  • Awe a huge 25%
  • Laughter 17%
  • Amusement 15%
  • joy 14%
  • Others by the balance

Good content is not enough

For ad creation I use a free copy of Canva. This allows you to get really creative in picture building with your calls to action.
Content is not enough you need visual and lead words to succeed. We selected one that is a good example of Facebook marketing.


This comprises great Visual appeal of a lifestyle more that the car.

It is relevant to those that want a soft hatch.

The clear value proposition is the excitement in life

I would like a stronger take action line however cars you love to drive sends a message.

Remarketing is building the need

They have been and they have seen however they have not acted so your job is to build the desire.

Get them back to your website and through to the shopfront.

Now for retargeting.

It is all in the ad and these pointers from Hubspot show the way to an easy commercial

  • Use keywords to rank on search.
  • Solve a problem for your audience.
  • Ask your audience important questions.
  • Include a customer or user testimonial.
  • Evoke a sense of urgency in your copy.
  • Use data points.

I love this next example because it adds extra dimensions into the image.


It certainly has intrigue backed up by real numbers, you would have to wonder what the 30 things are that would take you back time and time again.

Pixel retargeting uses remarketing software and unnoticeable codes (AKA the actual retargeting pixel) on your website or in the HTML templates of your emails. It places a cookie on a user’s browser, which lets you track their online behavior.

The email addresses in your ESP are your email list subscribers. If someone already has a history with you, you can use your segmented email lists in your ESP platform to identify where people are in the customer journey and what retargeted emails to send them.

Targeting is to a different market

CRM marketing.

Use your contacts to target when you understand there history and needs.

Email Marketing.
You know what they clicked and where their interest lays.

Abandoned cart marketing

Glory be how ready are the nervous Nellies

Active subscribers
Offer them associated products, Amazon are a master at this with stories
of products others also bought.

This brings in the social proof element an important ingredient.

“It ends up being recovered revenue you probably wouldn’t have made at all. There’s no way to know for sure, but it’s almost certainly revenue that you probably wouldn’t have gotten back any other way. And when you consider how much you earn back compared to how much it costs to do email remarketing, it ends up being a no-brainer, low-hanging piece of fruit. Why wouldn’t you do it?” – Adam Saraceno, head of marketing at Peak Design

There is more on this at Active campaign.


First of all this is a heady subject and I should have broken the two down into different posts as they are different even if the outcome is the same.

This is an outline to take you further and evidence that it can not be ignored.
For instance Peak designs state they get a 12% recovery rate from an abandon cart with two emails. One 30 minutes after the cart is abandoned and another 30 hours later.

Neil Patel details a lot more on this Peak design example.

It works for me and will certainly work for any business that can gain success with a touch of skill and training.

Furthermore it may pay to use a professional service to save you time.

Finally test and retest before throwing money away because you never know

How to do retargeting by Peter Hanley

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Peter Hanley

Most popular social media 2020

Most popular social media 2020

Social media in 2020

What is the Most popular social media 2020 and how can you benefit from it? Here we look at the good and the really bad so you can make a decision count.

How to pick your media

It all starts with demographics, who is your avatar, the person that most wants what you have.

GenderMale or female
AgeThis is important
LocationWhere do they live?
InterestWhat do they like?
TimingWhen are they active?
TypesSeniors, Mummy's, Kids

It could be Senior Males of >65 that live in your local area interested in finance and retirement income and active mid mornings.
We know they wont be on Instagram but might be Twitter followers and or Facebook.

Maybe a 15 year old girl, lives anywhere, active after 7 pm till 2 am interested in anything actively social which could well be TikTok or Instagram.

It is a waste of time and money targeting the wrong market.

What Social media is best

If you are in business or running an online service people need to know about you.
I will talk a bit about Know ,Like and Trust the pillars of marketing as it is a foundation of your marketing.
How do people get to know you?

LinkedIn is the first stop for everyone

LinkedIn does many things however the principle use for many is displaying your profile and Biography. A who you are, where did you come from and what have you done that will excite me.

Certainly most professionals are there and you should be as well. Recruitment people use this data base to find contacts and we all look up Doctors and Specialists to see what they have done.

If you had two people to pick from to do surgery on you I know a bit of background is good.

Your business is no different if I want to spend my money with you. I want to think I know you before I start the journey.
Like anything on the net remember it may not all be true. There are no background checks it is only what you submit.

You can do lots of things on LinkedIn including advertising but at the very least display a great Bio of yourself.
It is not something you need to attend to everyday however a regular update is a good habit.

Why is one social media better than another?

Facebook marketing

Every media has a target range of viewers, the target statistics are not exact and there are overlays but there is a general trend. These do change overtime so you need to watch them and manage your traffic.

Facebook started as a college student hangout and stayed the journey for some time. Now the younger set are staying away because there are more exciting adventures.

So Facebook is early twenties to mid sixties both male and female, anywhere.

A problem with Facebook is the number of ads on it that clog the pages of news.
However it remains popular and should be used by you.

Started as a kid thing and now is female 18 -55.

Most popular social media 2020

This works really well for any product in the target range, this could be clothing, hair, health etc.
However your posting must be consistent and clever as well as properly branded.

With over one billion users this is the most popular media in our market and should be considered an option for most of you.

  • It could be the latest hair style
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Bad Tyre wear
  • Extreme mechanical problem
  • Coffee offer
  • Fresh food
    Today commercial ones were Go-Pro, Telstra, Pandora among others.
    These are among all the personal posts from friends and family

You can post just about anything however the rule is consistency and attraction.

Most popular social media 2020 does not include this.


This is the latest contribution from China currently targeting 13-18 year old's but time will change this as the interest grows.

There has been a lit of talk about using a Chinese generated service and I did discuss this at some length in a recent post. My opinion was to stay away however the kids love it so it will be around for awhile.

The great Twitter boom

No one uses Twitter better than Donald Trump although he has had a bit of a fall out recently with the owners of Twitter.

What makes a Donald Tweet so good is that the world press picks it up and rebroadcasts every word and meaning behind it.
Before you take sides on this I am not promoting the person but his use of Twitter tells the world what he is thanking in real time. Nothing else could generate and distribute thought bubbles like this.

First of all It may take a bit of time to develop a following but when you do it is easy to get a message to the masses.
I follow a author called Peter Fitzsimons a writer generally on History and people who also heads up the Australian republican push.

There are things I don't like about him but his use of Twitter is extraordinary. Peter will post a short tweet that is purely interest building to take you to somewhere he wants broadcast-ed,

This is Brilliant!A story on Ronald Reagan
Genius!A knock at Prince Andrew
This looks seriously strong.A documentary on TV
Harsh but true.A criticism of the Catholic Church
Examples only

See how just a few words takes you into a Vortex of political or social area that Peter wants to promote. These examples are just ones pick at random for the past few days.

PS; Fitzsimons is a great writer and I am currently reading his latest book the Adventures of James Cook.

Most popular social media 2020. This is worth a look.

Pinterest has a cult following

I have not used this media simply because I believe the demographic is older and revolves around
hobbies and habits that are out of my interest group.
However friends are using it very well because the readers are not lost in the clutter of advertising associated with Facebook and LinkedIn. ( both owned by Facebook).

In recent times Pinterest has moved into e-commerce so it now offers a lot more.

It is worth looking at.

Don't overload your social networks

Social marketing takes time to do it properly, It should be posted to every day and possibly several times a day to build your branding and following. More is better so post prodigiously and don't be shy.
As a small to medium business you can not do them all because of constraints on your time so pick one or two and do them properly.
Find your target based on analysis and use the most appropriate media to achieve your goals.

I repeat for those hard of hearing pick one or two and do them properly. They will grow your business in a manner you would not consider possible at little or no monetary cost.


It will take dedication to achieve your goals and I see every day those that do it properly achieve results. The others that are half hearted will moan and groan that it does not work and do it less often than they should.
Kayla Itenses became a multi millionaire using Instagram to promote her exercise classes out of a home garage.
You can do it too, however results come from effort not dreaming.

Most popular social media 2020 by Peter Hanley

Most popular social media 2020
Peter Hanley

Finally it is a media of our time, use it wisely and often however with consideration to results.

TikTok and marketing

TikTok and marketing

TikTok and marketing is it for you? I will give you the reasons that this latest social media trend may not be for your business and reasons to stay away.

Social marketing works

It is undisputed that Social marketing can be responsible for a large part of your business.

When it is used properly by targeting your specific audience and posted daily great things can be expected.
Advertising can also generate returns at a good cost of acquisition and certainly re-target marketing is very prominent.

Personal Information

We freely give out our company and personal details when we sign up to all media and think nothing of the consequences.

Facebook, Instagram ( the one company), Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc all provide business to those that use them.
Most business people have a LinkedIn account. Or should have.
So if you want the personal details they are all there for you.

Many businesses hide there emails on web sites etc so the marketers can't hassle them with offers.

Marketers know that these same people freely put their address on Facebook a great source of leads.

Use social media on a daily basis. A new entrant is Parler.com they listen to you.

Does social media listen to you

You will see something of interest and the next day an advert will pop up on Facebook about that very subject. How could they possibly know?

Are they listening and do they care?

The experts will tell you all the correct theories that they ( being the Social outlets) can't listen, it is all in association, pixels and location.

In the Google phones to be released late 2020 they have included two lights. One when your audio is open and the other when the camera is active. This is indeed an interesting inclusion and I don't know if it is just a peace of mind thing or a real indicator of intrusion.

Google can certainly track you anywhere in the world with google maps and location acceptance entered by you. You walk past a shop and get a mail from them selling product.

In the latest I.phones they came loaded with a health monitor that tracks your activity by steps.
Or by location? Are they looking at you?

The Western world bans Huawei from installing Mobile networks because they fear intrusion.

The Chinese company Huawei is a low cost and highly efficient business in establishing wide area mobile networks as well as other similar network operations.

Many of the leading experts in cyber espionage consider this too big a risk to allow them to participate. USA, UK , Australia to name just a few that have not allowed them to compete even when they appear substantially better and certainly at a much lower cost.

There is, at this time, some mistrust in the activities of China in data collection.

That distrust is wide spread

On top of this the US has a huge problem with Russia as well. However no one seems to slam their search engine Yandex that delivers the bulk of inquiries in Russia.
Perhaps because you have a choice in using this.

If you market in Russia it is an option but it is monitoring you the same as Google does.

TikTok and marketing the new entrant

Now we have TikTok

A China based business that is similar to Instagram and targeted at the younger demographic to post quick videos of their activities.
It is easy to apply for just give your;

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth

TikTok requires that users be at least 13 years old to use the full TikTok experience, although there is a way for younger kids to access the app. Anyone under the age of 18 must have approval of a parent or guardian — but there are plenty of young tween users.Apr 20, 2020

They do protect against Child exploitation and they say;

It will take down videos promoting terrorism, crime, violence, hate speech, or self-harm, for example.

So this all looks great if your market is 13 -20 year old kids.

This is a business decision, not a game.

TikTok and marketing is a valid threat

Is TikTok a threat

In December 2019, the United States Navy as well as the U.S. Army banned TikTok from all government-issued devices.


It is also reported that TikTok must share all information with the Chinese communist government.

To be fair all governments have access to location and meta data on all networks so is it really any different when it is China?

A recent report asked for TikTok to be banned in Australia as probably a start in many places because of the perceived communist government threat.

The TiKTok political power

As I write this I notice that TikTok is to be banned in Hong Kong because of the civil unrest in the Chinese colony.
This would assume that the government has the power to manipulate the private based company to achieve results that they want.

Apple has had problems with hijacked information by TikTok. The problem may or may not have been fixed so that is at the top of the class.

Knowing the problem is important, can you therefor assume that TikTok will continue to be a data collection centre.

My conclusion

I think there is too much smoke around this to be an option to consider using it as a business tool.

Face Book has come under a lot of criticism for Data breaches and has its time in the light however the reporting is quite public, something you can not expect from China.

Just maybe let your kids play, but even that is a doubtful decision, however you have a lot more places to go for marketing than a new entrant with a whole bundle of bad press.

This is a playground for kids and not a serious contender to your business.

The use of social media that has stood the test of time should be used.

Keep your media focused on your target market and not the latest gadget especially when it says Made In China.

TikTok and marketing by Peter Hanley

TikTok and marketing
Peter Hanley

Online marketing Pro

Online Sales Pro

Online shopping

How do you become an Online Sales Pro and achieve massive inflow of leads and sales. It is all about the seven pillars of application that must be followed.

Are online sales necessary?

While Covid-19 achieved many things it certainly bought online shopping to the front of mind.

People were shopping from home using their fingers to do the walking and it saved many a retail store from disaster. In fact many did so well with the online orders that they were reluctant to reopen the doors.

However if you were not online and you had to close the doors it was indeed doom and gloom.

World wide online shopping is the new normal, from the biggest business to the smallest outlet they are all at it.
This has opened the opportunity market to learn or teach the basics and reap the rewards.

Online sales pro
big Commerce.com

This is not just a flash in the pan it is the new way of the shopping world and you need to be on it.

Shopping sites needs traffic

I see a lot of disgruntled shop site owners who tell me it just does not work. They tell me I built a site however no one came.

The first thing you need to do with a new shop site is build a hub of traffic sources.This is an absolutely 100% guaranteed method of selling product because of the ten outside sources of traffic

Online sales Pro

Keywords are vital to all marketing

However that is a lot of work for one person because every element takes time and participation.
I have broken the seven source up to achieve a nice round ten ideas.
You will first chose your appropriate keywords that relate to your products. Make out a list of about One hundred keywords that you can use in your marketing.
This is a chore to do one time to last 6 months to a year and I will make it easy for you. I use three different channels to choose my words and list them out.
It is important for local stores to list by location.

The Online Sales Pro will understand keywords and use them every day

Google search and local directories

This a one time thing or a do and forget but saying that they are really important to have in place.

Local directories;

For any single business location there may be thirty of these all free and many on the first page of Google. You can do your copy once and apply to the directories and have them put in.

They will always promote a paid advertisement and this is a great idea once you prove the traffic with genuine figures. Take a few months and analyse the results. If you only got a call a month and had thirty adds that becomes good traffic for no outlay.

How do you find the local directories for your industry? Simply search a keyword and see what Google will deliver to you. Then call them and supply your content.

As a consultant this one deed will make you a hero.

Google local search

This is a location based service you set up with Google . It is free and will guarantee traffic because you will become the first option when someone searches a Keyword and a location.
You should have a half dozen testimonials added so you get the 5 star service. I simply emailed a few customers and said give me a reference and I shall return the favor. Took me very little time to be up and going.

Social media and your business

Do not try and do them all! Pick a couple that are in targeting your market and then do a long range plan.
Many business will use just one media however they will post every day and sometimes several times a day.
Instagram is great for the 18-45 Female market and businesses like Hair, health, clothing, exercise activities all work really well. Several business I am in contact with only use Instagram for social media because it is really a targeted market.

Other love Facebook for a similar market however probably more 25-65 age group. Facebook advertising can also get results if you can get a return on your investment.

Pinterest is generally the older group so a great market for many products if that is your demographic

To be an Online Sales Pro you must know your market

You must understand your market

Understanding your market

This will include the location, age, gender and interest for your best market.

Certainly some will be out side the range but they can be picked up by keyword choice.
My daughter runs a ladies dress shop in a country town.
Gender is mostly female
Interest in ladies cloths and wear
Age 20-50
Location The town, near by towns, demographic area.
Keywords will revolve around brands, styles Seasonal influences, pricing
Media Primary Instagram, secondary is Facebook, Web Site.Members
Needs to do Email and video.
Did a local TV promotion for excellent effect

Result; Sold bridesmaid dresses from an out of state inquiry because of brand strategy>
Local TV paid promotion worked well and returned a sale over cost result.

Map out your clients and find the ways to channel them.
If you are doing this for a client really lay it out properly and show how investing in channels will get results and guarantee success.
if it is your business do the same without emotion being the right consideration.
Many will say that men shop for ladies wear at times of the year, why not target them?
So do kids and grandparents but they are an occasional market and will come anyway because of location or association.

A members site is a marketing must

This is one of the big must do programs for any business. You want to keep them coming back for many years being obligated to you. They also want the bonus points you offer them.

Every major marketing chain has a members rewards program and this should indicate that every business however small can benefit from it.

You must know your customer and this is an ideal method to gather important intelligence so you can market the heck out of them.
It is important to understand that the more you promote the greater the chance of a sale. Don't be shy about posting a few times a day, believe me more is better than less.

Analyse results to improve performance

You should know where every sale or inquiry comes from and how it was gathered by the client.
This gives you an idea on how to focus your efforts to achieve growth. For instance if Instagram works and email does not where is the best place to concentrate your effort?

Online Sales Pro by Peter Hanley


This is an exciting time to be an online professional. There are so many opportunities that anyone can become a champion by concentration on any element in the process>

The above is not all inclusive as there are many other channels that can be used. However one or two of these ideas can really lift your results without spending any many or too much time.
Email marketing and branding are also big elements of the attack on the consumer dollar that will fall under this banner.
However be careful to spend your time on the issues that will make a difference to the sales result.
If you are advising a business or doing it for the boss they want to see a dollar return.
Many fall for the :we are growing the branding' as an excuse for pore results. You need action elements that return results that pay the bills

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Peter Hanley

TikTok in marketing the reasons not to

Create a blog with WordPress

Create a blog with WordPress

Create a blog with WordPress the worlds biggest online website builder. Blogging is this years revenue builder for anyone wanting an adventure in writing.

Is blogging for you

First of all blogging is a career move, it will take time and effort over a long period of time to get any sort of traction.You will need a niche or centre of excellence in which to pursue your goal of being an expert in the field, read and followed.

Furthermore you will need an understanding of SEO, Keywords and structure to ensure your content is as good as it can be.

Finally you will learn about advertising, marketing and achieving returns that make all your effort worthwhile and putting copious amounts of money into your bank.

There are no limitations to this medium, it is as open ended as you can make it and you can become a wealthy authority sitting at home solving the worlds problems.

Finally you can build a real business that can be on sold at a huge margin. For instance Huffington Post started as a blog site and now turns over about us$ 2.3 million a month. John Wu a 22 year old Chinese Blogger offloaded his site for a reported us$15 million

Now if you are still with me and not frightened off by all the effort required we will start to make it easy for you.

Create a blog with WordPress with your own site.

First of all you need a web site

While this is standard stuff many of you will be unsure of where to start. I will do a brief summary for the new members and others can skip this bit and move on to more interesting stuff.
First of all you need a name, it can be your name or a subject, even something kinky.
Billblog, Fencepost sitting, What to do with a fence post are examples.
The name is then attached to an dot com or dot net and even a county code like .com.uk
You search for these at a domain host like Godaddy.com until you find what you want.
an example is www.billblog.com.uk

That domain name is yours for as long as you pay the annual fees, importantly you can move that to any Web Hosting company that you want. A web host is a bit like a post office looking after your mail. I use Wealthy Affiliate for many reasons however at this link you will get free hosting for one site and a whole lot more training for free.

Now you have a domain name
A host company
The fun starts from here.

What is WordPress?

Basically WordPress is a template on which you can build a website. It was started out as a free product that anyone can access and use, change or upgrade . Importantly you don't need to understand coding to use it. It is a very simple system that anyone can achieve a good result.
WordPress is used for a majority of websites both small and top 100 users.
There are two WordPress operations and they are explained here.

WordPress.org is the popular content management system (CMS) that you always hear about. This is the real WordPress, and it is 100% free. It is often referred as self-hosted WordPress. When you hear things like you can create any type of website in WordPress with plugins and custom themes, this is the WordPress people are talking about.

WordPress.com is a web hosting service that offers a stripped down version of WordPress to make it easy for you to blog. You don’t get all the WordPress goodies like plugins, custom themes, etc


These are simply attachments to WordPress to make your life easy. Every site has different needs so you just pick what you want. Most are free however you can pay a small amount for special ones. In some cases you may start free and later upgrade to a pro version to get more. I do this with my SEO. More later on this


Again these are often free however you can pay for those designed for a purpose that suits you.
Your theme is a template that sets out your page, it usually comes with a picture at the top and a structure to follow. This site has a free theme called General Press that achieves what I want.


This is a huge benefit with WordPress, with so many users world wide there are answers to every problem. There are groups, pages and companies all waiting to help with your problems.

Create a blog with WordPress or pay money.

Other ways beside WordPress to build a blog

The list is long and usually expensive however it is based on needs.Everyday you will be looking at websites and wondering how they achieve all these wonderful effects. Many will be made with WordPress however a lot will be professionally created with a result in mind.

For blogging and small business WordPress is the way to go. When you want to make changes you log in and do it without a need to call someone else. This saves time and creates a better overall result.

Websites cover many interesting areas. You are reading a basic blog site that finds a problem explains the issues and comes to a conclusion.

It could be a virtual shop site packed with product and a way to order on line and pay for the goods.

Maybe a Funnel, this is a sales method that captures a wide range of issues and gradually takes you to a buy now position, usually with an incentive and a limited offer campaign. The most famous is Click Funnels at about $200 a month, like anything it is worth it if it works.

How to make money by blogging

The idea behind blogging may very well be to help others, and it is something you like doing but let's face it money does help.

The amount of money you can make is unlimited however making money takes time to build a following and a real business.

You can sell your product.
If you have products to sell there is no better way of promotion that telling people about them.

You can sell someone else's product.
Affiliate marketing is the product of the twenties and by simply refering customers you make an income.

You can allow advertising on your site.
That's right others run adds on your site and you get paid for several different ways
Pay per click, pay per sale, per advert, popups and all sorts of income.

Selling a membership allows a permanent income.
A membership list is a great way to build a regular income.

Charging others to blog for them.
Blogging takes time and many business owners will readily outsource the process.

Create a blog with WordPress and build a real career.

Where to start a blogging career?

This is an easy answer because I have been there and done it. There are many rules to blogging and if you don't understand them you will be lost at sea.

Things like how many words in a blog, the use of keywords, SEO, structure, content , headings, what not to do and what you must do form part of the building blocks.

You can have a look at Wealthy Affiliate for free and pick up your website while you are there. A lot of training is included so you make the decisions should you want to be a paid up member at a time to suit.

There are no pressure selling ideas and no hidden upgrades to consider.
Go to the members site and see what others have to say, read the reviews and what is working and adapt it to your model. We are all different with various aims in life so choose your path and run with it, but run on a paved track not wandering in the jungle.

Do you need to worry about scams

Great scams are every where with outstanding pictures, compelling content and unbelievable offers.
As you start your journey the biggest problem is staying on a fixed path. Opportunities will jump out at you and you will wander aimlessly trying to follow them. For just a few dollars they will guarantee you success and I will guaranty you will need to pay more money, then some more into a cycle of deceit. We have all been there because they are very clever and they use the emotional hooks to drag you into the fold.

Don't pay out money until you have proof that you are getting good value for your Dollar. This business is costly in both time and money and you must manage both to ensure you get a great return. Remember this every time you are tempted to stray.

WordPress is easy to use

When WordPress did a recent upgrade to a new block building product called Gutenberg or WP 5 many people got scared of the changes.
The upgrade was pretty radical however it was really only coming up to the competitors product sets.
My method was to start a free blog on Wealthy Affiliate and then use every block that I could.

Create a blog with WordPress

When you click on any box, and this is just one of many pages your WordPress blog is ready for you to add data. For example the above is an image and you are now reading a paragraph that started with a heading.
All or any coding is done for you so that you just add words or pictures.

It took me a while to get used to this and the post I produced was not all that pretty however I soon discovered just how easy it was to do.

Create a blog with WordPress and using a plugin.

A question often asked is the length of a blog or the number of words you need to write. Here I give you some answers.

The use of Yoast SEO in WordPress

Yoast SEO is w a WordPress plug in that does a lot of your heavy lifting. It comes free with a paid upgrade which I use.

Create a blog with WordPress

This is a copy of the Yoast writing report for this page, it really helps with your content to meet the google requirements of content building. These are the things you must do to have a chance of being read. This is a plugin on WordPress and attaches to everything you do so you can easily make changes along the way.

The Yoast SEO report

Yoast also runs an SEO report showing items that should be done, you can adjust any red dots as you go along with clear instructions on what to do. In this example I was plodding a long quite well with a green scorecard which is not always the case.

Create a blog with WordPress

These two items will really help your results and are only available with WordPress. They take a lot of guess work away from you and help you blog with the champions.
Understanding these items is also easy as Yoast contains a lot of training and support so that you can not go wrong.


This is not a conclusive summary on a long subject. however I have tried to provide a good overview so that you can further advance your impact on the internet.
After a while many of these considerations become part of the daily writing and you will be happy to see a perfect score card.

They are however just tools to assist in your effort and the content is your responsibility.
Keywords are another critical aspect and should be understood before you write a word

Blogging becomes an obsession and a way of life.
It can be to build a business, just a hobby or a need to help other people . I choose all three as my objective and complete a blog every three days or so.

Where to start? Have a passion, learn to build a website, understand basic SEO and pen your first words on a journey to fame.

Create a blog with WordPress by Peter Hanley

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Peter Hanley

Google keywords search trends

Parler social media

What is Parler

What is Parler social media site all about. Some say a trump platform others free speech to drive real news and let you have your say.

An interesting experiment or a real opportunity

First of all Parler is a French verb meaning to speak , so somewhat appropriate.to the situation.

But to be with the in group it is pronounced Par Ley

It was started by John Matze in August 2019 and it is now billed by some as a competitor to Twitter.

It has been assumed by many that Twitter and Facebook are over censoring content and there is an opportunity for a free speech site.

This has been emphasized by Donald Trump a huge user of Twitter and the voters dislike of his politics.

Where do you get Parler

You can log in on the Internet or download an app from the iTunes store all completely free of payment or obligation. It is quick and easy to look around and become part of change.

You will get some interesting views on the world stage.

Parler is promoted as an American free speech site

Is there really free speech or is it rapped in legalities. There is no place for hate, race or gender bashing however there should be a place for honest opinion.

The honest opinion has been lost for any opposition to the current hot topic that is deemed to be the correct or a proper way forward.
The vocal minority that are championing a cause can brook no words of opposition cloaking all such replies as an attack on the subject. As an example was the rise of Gay Marriage.

Whilst many Christians and Muslims,as examples, opposed this change, being against their moral standards their voice was lost in the demand for change, The minority overpowered the subject.

I am not leaning either way in the subject other than to point out where free speech can be controlled.
This is a very sensitive subject but we should have the right of opinion whether we agree or not.

A tweet today 26 June 2020

Charlesjohnson@Charlesjohnsonwork·11 hours ago·208k
Five years ago I was suspended from Twitter

You laughed at me.

Well you’re not laughing now are you?

This has become the normal when we have an opposite point of view.

Again this is not necessarily my opinion I use it only as an example of censorship.

Twitter in business.

The US republicans have logged in to Parler.

There is a belief that Twitter is censoring The President and this has created a shift in support to Parler as the media of choice.

Certainly several republican candidates use it very well to put their opinion to the masses.

People like Candice Owens has become very popular with echos of her posts. (Echo is similar to a twitter retweet) going viral

Endless reports from American newspapers and lots of people to follow however it may lean a tad pro Trump

It is easy to join and use however there are reports it is a bit flakey, I have found no problems so far.

Is Parler worth while?

As an Australian it provides me with more information into American politics and their social issues however it has not yet influenced me to become a political commentator.

John Matze in a recent interview suggested it was a community forum free from interference. No banning people as both Facebook and Twitter have recently done.

There is a trend for high profile personalities to move away from Twitter as reported today .

Fed up by what they perceive as political bias and increasing censorship from Big Tech, a growing number of right-wing media personalities, pundits and politicians have begun to switch over to Parler, a Twitter alternative that markets itself as a champion of free speech. 

Although launched in 2018, the migration to Parler, dubbed “Twexit” by some, has been given extra impetus in the last few weeks.
This is driven largely by Twitter's ongoing and very high profile spat with President Donald Trump over incendiary tweets. A company's decision to hand permanent bans to popular pro-Trump accounts. like British white nationalist Katie Hopkins.  
Hollywood news

Parler social media still a small player.

The minnow and the whale

With just over a million subscribers Parler is dwarfed by the 330 million subscribers on Twitter. I am sure the likes of Trump won't take an exclusive move because of the real audience numbers.

Face book and Twitter have come into a lot of discussion re data security and overt censorship in recent times and these facts are scaring a lot of subscribers.

Parler is getting the coverage in the world media so there is indeed some chance, however small, of growing into a real competitor.

I have said that Twitter when rebroadcast has the greatest effect for the sender.

I use as an example Donald Trump my favorite sender because every tweet is rebroadcast in the press. This increase the exposure many time over and obtains a massive comment chain on a simple tweet.

Furthermore Trump has spent an estimated us$20 million this year on Facebook adds and the campaign is just starting. That's a chunk of advertising to lose.

In fact an echo release today listed many that are moving to Parler because of a dislike for twitter.

However it is still a very long way to catch up.


For those seriously into hard nosed discussions this is looming as a place to be. It is very US centric at this time although it was reported that;

[2] Parler said its user base had more than doubled in June 2019 when around 200,000 accounts from Saudi Arabia signed up to the network. This was following allegedly them suffering mass censorship and suspensions of accounts on Twitter.[3] Parler described these accounts as part of the “the nationalist movement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. Twitter had deactivated hundreds of accounts that pushed talking points favorable to the Saudi government, describing them as inauthentic accounts in an “electronic army” pushing the Saudi government agenda.

for those that follow Twitter perhaps this is a viable alternative to push your point of view with a real understanding you wont get banned..

In a recent interview with Matze he was asked about hate speech and similar strategies. He replied simply that is illegal, you must follow the laws, therefore you can't go that way.

It is about real opinion that matters.

I have not endorsed the product nor rejected it. Supplied for your information only.

However I love having an opinion.

Parler social media by Peter Hanley

parler social media
Peter Hanley

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