Multi Channel Marketing system and 5 ways to achieve results

Multi Channel Marketing system and 5 ways to achieve results. The days of a single approach are long gone. Here we discover new methods

Why use Multi Channel marketing and waste time and money

The world has changed with internet technology and it is easy to be left behind the market unless you maintain an active view.

This applies to any business that requires customers and viewers to grow their sales.

I grew up when the only real channel was the Yellow pages directory. Expensive but necessary .
That has been replaced by the webpage , a shopfront to your business which brings us to;

Multi Channel Marketing system ways to progress.

1) Maintaining your website with consistent upgrades

Many businesses have their website done and then forget it. Looks great and does the job however that is not sufficient. Google wants action and rates you on traffic. Therefore some housekeeping needs to be done.

One of the more productive elements is maintaining a blog page on the site. This encourages you to write using appropriate Keywords and product descriptions. Yes it takes some time however it will make a difference.

Deleting Brocken links is a necessary chore and must be done consistently. If you are using WordPress then an appropriate app can be installed to pick these up for you.

One way to avoid this is to use a Link Cloaker like Pretty Links. If you have a problem then one simple change will flow to all your pages plus you can monitor traffic in real time.

Using appropriate SEO is necessary to please the carriers. Google , Bing etc hate sloppy SEO and will value your site appropriately.
More on this at Wealthy Affiliate the best training and web hosting site for free

2) Social Media has a place however choose just one to dominate

Social media activity takes consistent activity to gather your viewers. It is fair to say that each media has a following based on sex, age and interest.

Blasting away on TikTok which has a predominant 15-21 age group may not be your target audience. Furthermore Instagram has a greater female audience in the 21-50 group.
Twitter has a following based around high income business followers and Pinterest the elder group of converts.

First off all you may have a presence in all of these, and should, however make just one your hero product.
Choose the channel that has most followers and then post every day. Not every week or month and I repeat every day a new and appropriate post.

My Goddaughter runs a Female based Hair salon. A high priced establishment that concentrates on a certain style. She has built a following by posting thrice every day on Instagram. Some are repeats , some are new and a few different.

The salon is booked out for weeks in advance with this single channel marketing.

Therefore choose your channel and monopolise it to win the traffic.

3) Newsletters work in maintaining customer trust

Branding is essential and this is in part what you are achieving with a regular newsletter.

Again I repeat that consistency is essential. Maybe every two weeks or a month however no longer than each quarter at the most>

Where your buyers take time to make a decision or perhaps your product has a long term repeat business.

My example is a Tyre Service. A high value sale however it may only be every two or three years between visits. That is unless you reap referrals along the way, family and friends join your group.

A friend of mine runs three tyre outlets that are leaders in our area. High turn around and consistent repeat customers. His monthly newsletter is all about cars. New one old one and driving ideas. All us petrol heads read every word of a 3000 word long post.

He uses this as a spearhead of all his touches. His branding remains front of mind over time.

I use Constant Contact as my provider for both email marketing and my newsletters. With years of research I have found they are well ahead of the market in what they achieve

4) SMS is an underused asset

Great results can be achieved with a simple Message delivered to the mobile phone. It is fact that SMS messages are opened nearly every time. This is opposed to email that has a very low open rate.
Therefore you most often get instant returns and are able to immediately judge the effectiveness of your campaign.
This can be used for a variety of ideas. Directly Selling product to your base. Inviting customers to an occasion or even marketing new products..

This is low cost marketing that takes little time to set up and is easy to justify the ROI.

I market SMS to a range of business outlets all of whom report great results.
Importantly Email to SMS allows bulk dispatch as well as great tracking of results.

I generally recommend using a fixed number that you own. This is available from your carrier for a low monthly fee, much like a mobile phone number. The reason again is branding because many people distrust numbers that they don't know. Therefore your success will be far greater with a simple recognition factor built in.

5) Retargeting and Remarketing are this years darling products

When ever you search a product on Google or Facebook, advertisements for that product will follow you around for days and weeks until they wear you down.

Remarketing is when someone has bought from you and you take a second hit at them.

Retargeting is when they look and then wander off to another site.

Retargeting is currently a massive growth product that most major companies are using. You will see for your self the number of adds that follow you around.
They don't actually know who you are or anything about you. It is not a breach of faith or a sharing of your personal details.
It is all done with Pixels that link you to various sources. Furthermore they are not listening to you or mind reading they are simply responding to a search of some kind.
Admittedly they are extremely competent and with that earn a lot of money.

This is a paid source by Marketing companies that many of us will never use. It is expensive and effective so your use will depend on many factors. products being sold and value return.

My conclusion on Multi channel marketing

I usually only recommend free or low cost marketing methods however the inclusion of Retargeting is necessary in this time of writing. It is dominating the market so much so that people are talking about it all the time. Many are actually scared by the activity however you can calm their fears knowing the truth.

Hard marketing is still valid with printed material, and collateral so all these can add to your portfolio of ideas.

The internet is still and will continue to be the easiest and cheapest approach to a market.

You do need to be part of the game, however, it needs to be done properly with consistency and clear branding.

Multi Channel Marketing system and 5 ways to achieve results by Peter Hanley

Groove funnels is the latest fast income builder

Groove funnels is the latest fast income builder. This is an opportunity that simply won't last that long so the quick will win the race

What is Groove funnels and why is it so good?

This is a new product by Mike Filsaime but who the heck is he?

Known as the “Michael Jordan” of Digital marketing.
Mike is an author, speaker, software developer, online marketing educator, and marketing consultant.

Mike is now the CEO and Co-Founder of prestigious GrooveDigital™, Inc. GrooveDigital™ is the fastest growing software platform for digital and e-commerce marketers. With over 450,000 users adopting the platform within the first year alone, CRM and GrooveFunnels™ website and funnel builder is the No. 1 Landing Page and Marketing Funnel Builder on the planet!

This is a market that was dominated by the highly priced Click Funnels by Russel Brunson.

Click funnels worked for millions but it was out of the reach of the average player because of both the high price and ongoing costs.

Groove set out to change this and get the masses involved.

The affiliate builder program and why it is so good

As an affiliate marketer I have understood the benefits of building a customer base by referral marketing. It is not a new thing and in fact MLM companies have employed a similar tier structure over many years.
it may even be sometimes considered Pyramid selling, an illegal way of gaining customers however with many differences.

Getting both Multi Level Marketing and Pyramid selling out of the way is my way of talking about the Elephant in the room. Both of these are associated with a degree of illegal activity.
In particular Pyramid marketing where all the money flows to the top.

Any business needs marketing to grow the base. The big end of town spend millions of dollars in all sorts of advertising seeking customers. Plus they all operate an affiliate operation of some kind.

Therefore referral selling is big business particularly when a recurring revenue base is active.
Industries like Real Estate finance and Insurance have done, and still do business this way.
The sales people earn a recurring percentage of what you pay for the life time of the policy.

With the internet it has been very strong in Web Hosting and Data Storage where the monthly customer payments are very low it is difficult to advertise widely or pay big upfront commissions.

A sales funnel free and trained explained

By sharing the regular commitments both earn a reasonable return over time.

I have worked with Wealthy Affiliate, a web hosting and internet training site for several years. The customer base is almost completely based on referral traffic. The recurring payments are shared with those that market the product. This is a great example of single tier marketing.

To take this a step further an extra levels may be included however it may be a slight of hand in some ways. Pay less on level one to accommodate a second tier.
However it has one important advantage

If you recruit a gun sales person ( or more) you share in the joy of their sales. This can really hike the percentage you receive and not affect them at all.

Finally this is the model used by Groove, a two tier system that pays on both levels although at a reduced commission rate on the second level.

Groove funnels is the latest fast income builder that does it properly

Funnels and web pages, are they different?

Well, not exactly as they both live on the internet and display your business.
The main differences is that one is a shopfront of your brand and products where as a Funnel is a direct selling tool that leads readers to a buying conclusion.

Both can be used by you in your marketing career and work independently of each other.

Groove is mostly about Funnel building whereas Wealthy Affiliate is about website development. Links to both of these on this page.

An area of concern in Affiliate marketing that must be known.

First of all Groove have this well covered by hard coding however I will come back to that

Many companies, and I use Amazon as an example, hold your introduction pixel for a very short time. like 48 Hours. The lead then goes In-House. This is one reason they have lost many outlets. The other is very low commission rates.

Naturally many others employ this method therefore always choose your operators carefully so you are not wasting a whole heap of time and money for little or no return

The groove leads are locked in so once introduced they remain your downline. They actually use Hard Coding to do this and not just pixel input. This can make a massive difference to your income by not loosing leads to the company. It also tracks your downline group properly.

What does Groove actually promote

A great question that starts with a free Affiliate program. A leading program that allows you to use and market a range of products.

Sales SystemSell unlimited products and services
Funnel BuilderCreate three for free
AutoresponderUsed in email marketing
Video marketingSuper charged embeds
Webinar platformLive or Hybrid
e. Commerce platformDrop shipping and pay on demand
Affiliate tracking softwareManage an army of affiliates
Many of the products available

Here you have a product that will suit just about anyone in the internet business. Don't try and do them all, pick one and get that working before moving on.

Early adopters make the most money

This is true of any new entrant to the market. Collecting your down line is easier when readers see the opportunity presented to make good commissions. You probably won't retire on this however it could pay a regular return if done properly.

Groove also ties into many other areas of opportunity. You can use your funnel to promote any business line or affiliate opportunity.

Some you can also combine in a multi channel approach to your target audience. A funnel that attracts email addresses can then be put into an autoresponder to further promote the offer. We know that seminars turn heads so this could also be added to the bundle.

Marketing the bundle offers greater scope for finding an area of interest. They may not want a Funnel however running a seminar could be the important trigger.

Groove funnels is the latest fast income builder is it for you?

On-line marketing can be done by anyone

Working from home, part time, as a hobby or as a business are all opportunities available
to any one.

It just takes a bit of learning and a heap of application to set you on the way to wealth.

There is not instant road to fame and fortune. However there is a platform that can deliver results.

Your results will be the result of your input.

Blame no one else.

However enjoy the experience.

My Groove conclusion

Affiliate marketing is the best job in town. It requires no capital and builds a base of customers that could turn into a real business A million dollar business is available using the correct approach and applying the necessary input.

You can be an affiliate for many businesses at one time as long as they relate to the same marketing niche.

Your audience has an interest picture and going outside that may affect your credibility.

Selling a Funnel program for instance and then dropping in a CBD sale does not work.

I use the Wealthy Affiliate hosting and training site as a great entry to the market as well.

Always treat the internet with care. It is full of scams and rouges that take your money and deliver nothing.

Anything I promote I use and recommend based on personal experience

Groove funnels is the latest fast income builder by Peter Hanley

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained

The sales funnel builder

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained, I don't believe this offer will last for ever because it is just too good to last

Let's look at what a sales funnel achieves.

It's a bit like a Web Page however it is designed to take a reader to a result.
Along the way you pave the road with upsells, down sells, and all sorts of reasons to buy your product now.
It is a high pressure environment that demands reader action and done properly only a few will escape the net.

I have long wanted to use Click Funnels but could never justify the cost

The Russel Brunson product is a really great App however it also comes with a hefty price tag.
As a beginner I could not justify the near $200 a month cost to try and learn how to build a funnel.

Even though I wanted to transport people to my training site I could never see a return that would justify the expense.

So, like most others I shelved that project and went in other directions.

Then recently I was introduced to Groove Digital. What got me interested was the offer of a free version to play with until such a time that I had confidence I could drive a return.

The free version allows you three sites with many bells and whistles and a very clear upgrade channel.

The sales funnel builder and a complete deal

Groove Digital then sealed the deal by offering me money

That's right, they have a very easy to manage affiliate program that pays out on several levels.
Even as a free user you join the program although you do get paid more as a full member.

The important thing is that you are an affiliate from day one with all the promotion material you could wish for.

A lot of these programs offering great income are really shady however the good ones work well.
I use Wealthy Affiliate as my core product. They have built the entire business using affiliate sales and have created really high income earners. What's more I have been with them for several years so I understand that they have a 100% trust factor.

Another that has stood the test of time is Joel Thereon although he has had to change his product strategy along the way. He was an early innovator in Multi level income and sharing returns among the levels of sales people.

Is a dual level affiliate program worth while?

First of all let me explain what we mean by two level income. All your paying referrals earn a percentage of the payment.
So If someone takes a lifetime platinum deal you immediately get paid for that. Furthermore if that Lifetime member recruits say 10 others you also get a piece if that pie, so they earn and you earn.

Personally I would sooner have a single level at a higher margin however this way if you recruit one good down line it can really explode your results.

Therefor please be my one great down line and start making money today.

Don't confuse this with Multi level marketing or indeed a Pyramid scheme as both are entirely different and in fact sometimes illegal.

You are not buying a product to sell on to others, in fact with the free version your cost basis is zero. You are recommending a service that is needed by most online marketers and being paid a referral commission for your marketing efforts.

The sales funnel builder and marketing

How would you market a product like Groove Digital

At Groove Digital they understand marketing very well, indeed it is their core business so if they don't know what to do then no one will.

All marketing starts with the fundamentals;

  • Family and friends always the first point of call
  • Your Social media pages should include information
  • Networking works well if you are so focussed
  • e-mail campaigns will generate activity
  • A blog page ( like this) is ideal
  • A signature on all your correspondence with Groove details
  • Web pages
  • Direct Mail campaigns and so on

Groove has instant material available for all off the above hard coded into your link.

The sales funnel builder and hard coding

Hard Coding make a world of difference

This means that your referrals are never lost .
For example Amazon have a very short window where your referral goes in house after a day or so. What that means if you make a good recommendation and they log in to browse but delay buying for a week your commission has gone.

Groove Digital lock your referral in by hard coding and not pixel linking so you can never miss a great opportunity. This is a very important factor because many companies are after cheap leads. You get cut out of the action very quickly and will never be able to follow up.

Checking on your traffic

We often wonder just how many people we refer along the way and do they all hit the paying site. Not that we think companies will cheat just that everything is in place.

I use an app called Pretty links to track my clicks. This is a free service available on WordPress. It not only tracks your links, recording them along the way but allowing you to change a link on every page. All this in just one place.

Using a spread sheet to track your monthly progress is a great idea, if it is not improving then change something to make a difference.

The sales funnel builder and training

Your training on Building a funnel

There is no way I can attempt to provide all the information you need to build a funnel hence I will link you to where you get it all for free.
It is a basic sales pitch with promises that will work for you.

Like it or not these things sell product like crazy because people want Diamonds. Instant wealth, health or happiness delivered in a thousand words. Some good, some bad but all delivering results.

If you want just one Internet focus building tunnels can deliver above average results even for newbies. You just need something to promote and Groove Digital even give you the product.

Throw in a couple more affiliate products and you are off to the races and in the winning straight.

Have a look at Groove now

My Groove conclusion

This is a relatively new operation taking on an award winning product that has millions of followers. Will they keep a free version long time, maybe because they believe a large percentage will upgrade and those that don't were never going to make it anyway.

When you start to build a few referrals and work out the variance in your income between the paid and free version you will change. Furthermore the change will pay for itself at double the return.

Like all new programs it is only as good as you. Your marketing and your Funnel building prowess.

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained by Peter Hanley

Why planning is important and execution essential

Why planning is important

Why planning is important and execution essential. We are told to do budgets and look years ahead but if you don't do these 5 things you will fail

Determine what you have to achieve and prioritise it

Many businesses fail to recognise that a budget is not a bucket list. Your budget should focus on those things that will make a difference to your future.
We all get trapped in the daily “Nice to do list” while the important issues are relegated to the bottom of the pile.
The issues that are the hardest are often the easiest to complete clearing the table for the daily tasks.

Why planning is important and execution essential and your five priorities


Placing a date on your projects

This is an often forgotten piece of the puzzle. You Know that something needs to be done so you budget it into the plan.

However if you don't have a BY WHEN clause it may not get done or followed up.
Every important issue must have an execution date, By when and by whom.

This is the only way to ensure accountability and that completion is assured.
Yes, things change however It needs a good reason for an important issue to be shelved, delayed or indeed ignored.


Share your issues and make associates accountable

You can't do everything and your focus is often the daily activities so when you delegate do so with rules. The newsletter must be sent on the 15th of the month,
Facebook posts are daily , Debtors to remain under a fixed figure, Instagram pictures ready to go out. ( Online marketing explained)
Your list will be different however letting things go their own merry way is not an option. Make sure you keep delegates to the same time constraints that you adhere to or change them.


Align every task with your vision of the future

Why planning is important

With any business you have a vision of where you want to be and what you want to achieve.
Yes it is a long term focus however it is also your roadmap to the future. That future you designed and set the pathway into place.
Often we get side tracked into other areas of interest that seem to pop up along the way.

My daughter has a thriving Women's Wear shop that needed a boost. Her thoughts turned to adding a range of Men's wear to increase sales potential. What she did was add an online shop to increase sales of the core product without the expenditure and operating cost of adding a whole new business line.

Shiny object syndrome is a curse of the business owner. I am as guilty as any one however the deviation from the highway is most often time wasting and adds little to the end result.

Why planning is important when it comes to sales


It is all about selling

As business owners we often forget that sales and profit are the name of the game.
There are so many peripheral opportunities that need to be done that our attention is sometimes diverted from the main game.

Your sales objectives should rank first without excuses.

You can get to month end with great looking work gear, a Nice blog post, lots of good meetings and no increase in sales, the life blood of your business.

It is a trap we all fall for. Doing the nice things and not achieving those plans that will make a difference to our income.

Therefore make your sales objectives top of the list.
The future is in your planning so make sure the steps to achieve that projected return are included as a priority.
Why planning is important and review essential

Wealthy affiliate provides essential training on planning


Don't just review results make the changes to achieve them

You will often sit back and look at the monthly figures and wonder why. Then you will make excuses and have reasons that life is like that and forge into another month without action.

Next month the same excuses however the reasons were compelling so why make changes when the world will do them for you.
I market country wide however Covid-19 has really affected many States so that marketing just will not get returns with half the businesses locked down. I stopped my Newsletters and emails because of the situation.

What I should have done is cut out the bad States and concentrate on those surging ahead.
The result was slowed sales due to lack of marketing.
A small change in what I was doing would have avoided this.

A similar issue happened in my outstanding debtors. Because people were working from home or worse many accounts were not paid on time. This created a cash flow issue because I had failed to act on time. By increasing my focus on this I was able to turn it around .

My review prompted action and a result was achieved because I made the changes

My conclusion

We must all have a Vision and a way to achieve it. This means consistent planning and review to make sure we stay on the highway to success.
Taking a lot of shortcuts will rarely pay benefits to the long term goal.

Remembering it is about sales and income and making that a priority when you open the doors every single day. This pays the bills and increases sales to make life a better place to be.

When Flying a plane you need to provide time and point of take of, destination height to be flown , number of passengers, landing time and even fuel load. They make sure you don't crash and have a successful flight.

Business is no different and lack of attention to the basics will have you crash and destroy all those flying with you.

Stay in front by looking ahead on the road you have laid out and being true to your vision.

Why planning is important and execution essential by Peter Hanley

How to construct a Newsletter template to deliver results

How to construct a Email template that delivers results and makes your life a whole lot easier. A must do for all emailers

Why do a template, does it really matter anyway

Having done many emails over a long period of time you learn to make shortcuts. This is particularly so when you are delegating your responsibility to others.

The writers block starts as soon as you think about writing so you need ways to get around this problem.

Having a plan in place provides a road map for the year ahead and helps stop all the procrastination.

Consistency is a vital factor in email delivery

The most important decision in brand recognition is consistent delivery of your profile across a range of customers. It is not about flogging product it is reinforcing the Know, Like and Trust situation that delivers followers and hence long term results.

“If they are not reading your newsletter they are reading someone else's.”

When the buying time is right who will they choose? Someone they see every two weeks or that company they dealt with years ago. The choice is yours.

Competition for your business is every where and you must be the first cab off the rank when decision time is here. You only get that with brand recognition.

How do I know this is true, because I follow the big spenders. All the largest Grocery chains, Retail stores, Alcohol supplies are in your face regularly. Newsletters, email and SMS are are a constant and consistent delivery method, Why? Because it works for them. Believe me they have huge competition so they need to stay In Your Face all the time.

Your business is no different!

Do newsletters really work and sell product?

First of all it is not a selling tool, you are there to entertain to advise and answer questions.
This is when the questions pop up. How do you change brake pads on your car?
When is the best time to check brake pads. Can you check your own Brake pads or do you need to go to a service centre. Why are good brake pads so important.
How long do the brake pads in a formula one car last. Why do brake pads squeal?

You are answering common questions that your readers need to know. Off course you will have a call to action on the page just in case they are ready. However that is a by product.

Segmenting your list for greater results

It is no good sending Grandma a newsletter on Brake pads, She just wont be interested. Same with most teenagers and mid life mummies. However the blokes are a great target. Particularly between say 18 to 60 years old that drive cars.

The same could be said for Baby carriages, however there is a difference here in that the Grandma's are often the buyers so the demographic can expand.

Think about your buyers and their needs when sending material out. It will make a world of difference to your results.

One company can have many demographics in their data base.

How to construct an Newsletter template and the best times to send

Best times to send a Newsletter

This will vary somewhat depending on your audience and product. HubSpot recently posted a time basis arrived at following a review of thousands of emails.

In general, the highest click-to-open rates are 10 AM at 21%, 1 PM at 22%, and spike near 6 PM. The data reflects when most audiences begin or conclude their day and have the most time to check their emails.

HubSpot marketing

However weekends also come high on the list as does Friday as the best day of the week.
I Like the late morning time slot after their initial bust of energy has been expended and they are looking for a distraction.

Testing your Data base

One idea is to send a sample block of mail to gauge a reaction. If the results are bad it is time to make some changes before selecting the rest of your base to get the message.

However be careful with this because you may just pick a bad selection of clients. When I mass market I split my base into four. Each one reacts differently depending on the contacts included so I can never get a perfect result however consistently send a trial and watch the feedback.

We sometimes forget how powerful this can be. Just yesterday this was reinforced to me.
I had recently purchased a new hearing device that have been working well. The current newsletter included a heading that interested me so I clicked and read the material. About three hours later I received a phone call from the company asking if I needed more information. Ok I was not a buyer but well could have been. I was placed in the bought base and scheduled for a different product in the future. I had bought once so why not a second time.

You receive all the stats on which to make decisions

  • How many newsletter were sent
  • The number of spam reports ( if any)
  • Open newsletter numbers
  • Clicks to links by name and details
  • Those that have chosen to optout
  • All the un open subscribers
  • Links to Social media
  • Importantly those that ask for you to contact them

What you do with this analysis is up to you. However it is a powerful marketing tool at a low price and high results

How to construct an Newsletter template for the future

Compiling a Newsletter template to cover a future period

This is the important task of any marketer. It ensures it gets done when it should without looking for excuses.

Using a simple Excel spread sheet;

First of all write out 24 different subjects on which to write about. Think of the How, when, why approach to your product that will answer a common question or explain the how and why of the product.

Next to this is writing a compelling heading that will draw readers in. You can use numbers in this with 7 ways to achieve something, If you do these three things life will be great. The four mistakes most people make. Faster than three minute noodles.

You must grab their attention quickly because they move on within seconds otherwise.

This is important because it shows interactions on the page.
I always include a contact button that connects to a email. I have this housed in my webpage.

Contact me for results

Being a blogger I connect to a blog page that will contain a lot more information.

Further reading:

This gives them an opportunity to learn a long version of a simple one page Newsletter

You can also use affiliate links that go straight to a product supplier. This is the money generators that can make it all worth while

Learn to build a webpage for free

A simple link to a page on your website where the product is explained in full.
Keeping them entertained is useful and provides a longer time on site.

I also advertise my Newsletter carrier

Because that is of interest to many

Where to get the best Newsletter deal

How to construct an Newsletter template to best advantage

Using your lists to best advantage

This is your next entry on the page. It is important because you must segment your list into interested groups. Like I said it is no good sending Brake Pads to grandma's however you may sell brake pads and Baby seat car brackets. The new Grandma wants to be able to install a seat in her car so an ideal target.

Just as important is the suppressed list, those that you should not send then too.

Lastly but at the start of your page is date and time to be sent. You can do one at a time or even a whole year ahead.

How to construct an Newsletter template

Now you have your template complete for the year ahead. Just add some words, some Images and the world is yours

How many words in a Newsletter

This is an interesting question because it depends. We all Like it short and sweet however if the information is relevant to our current needs more is better.

Therefore let's not stress about quantity and concentrate on the quality of your presentation. If the subject can be done in 300 words that is fine however 3000 is just as appropriate in some cases. I generally run at 500/700 words per post.

How to construct an Newsletter template for your image building

Maintaining the look and feel of your site

I use a standard template saved in Constant Contact. It has my logo at the top and contact details in the footer. Therefore I insert my header and a few headings , a picture or two then fill in the words. Brand recognition is important. It helps with Your opens and clicks and the consistency develops that Trust factor.

How to construct a Newsletter template without complaints

What is spam in newsletter marketing?

This is an important question because not understanding what you are doing can have major consequences. First off all you can only contact people with whom you have a business relationship in some way. If they don't recognise your brand and hit the spam button your carrier is alerted and you may be banned.
You will always get the odd spam click because of all sorts of reasons, Bad mood, error in clicking, change of receiver at a business address etc.
Always seek the applicable rules in your country.

I recently tried a new carrier, I cut a few names from an old list and loaded them on the carrier to try them out. A customer that had been receiving my mails for many years hit the spam button. Probably because of the new branding image with a monkey all over the page.
The new carrier banned me for sending unsolicited mail. That is why I am loyal to Constant Contact where I have emailed for many years

Sorting data and termination addresses

What! Get rid of your customers. If they don't bother to unsubscribe however they never open a mail they are not potential customers. Keep your list clean by cutting out the waste. furthermore you pay by the number of subscribers so you may well pay less.

I know businesses where the front desk clerk just deletes every mail that is not customer related. They simply are not interested even if it offers massive value.

On the other hand are the constant clickers. They click every link for reasons unknown.
I have them that click my social media links, contact button and every other chance they have. If it is just to annoy me they probably achieve the goal. The answer is to not mail them any more.

How to construct an Newsletter template to reach Social Media

Linking to Social media

This opens up new opportunities for readers to join your group and expands your data base.

Constant contact have permanent buttons on the page so it is a set and forget dear.

Your aim is to have as many followers as you can get and this is just one of the extra ways.

My Newsletter conclusion

By far and away the easiest and cheapest marketing tool in your box of tricks. The numbers matter not, every subscriber is a potential customer and that means long term income.
I had one guy that came to me after about 18 months of newsletters. Something clicked with him and he leaped in. This one customer pays my annual subscriber fee. He is a recurring billing client so he should be around for many years to come.

You just never know.

Write with interest with the reader in mind and give them intelligent information that they may well share with others.

include a contact button for those that are ready to communicate and a link to a page so that you can follow the interested viewers.

Clean your base regularly and remember that consistency is KING. You must market on a regular basis with a recognisable brand to achieve results.

My post on this

How to construct a Newsletter template to deliver results by Peter Hanley

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Writing?

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Writing?

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Writing? Not being read is a curse however is it your writing or your structure, 5 tips for great results

Writing is a form of art and one to be acknowledged

You may write for therapy or for money however you still need an attentive audience.

Blogging is my therapy and writing about twenty thousand words a month takes time away from the books in my mind. The average novel probably tops out at one hundred thousand words and sits on a library shelf gathering dust. ( I have a few eBooks as well)

Blogging gives me several thousand readers every month and a bundle of comments To fan my ego. So how do I achieve results in a world where about seven million blogs are posted every day?

Every subject has an audience but how do you find them?

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Writing?

Your audience will find you if you will just use an appropriate Keyword in your title.
However sometimes branding takes centre stage.
A new book by JK Rowling's would get instant attention. She has a brand because of the success with Harry Potter.
Jack Reacher books get a following because the central character is a legend. The authors name is secondary to the character ( Lee Child)

Blogs vary in that readers search for answers or solutions to a situation that they want solved.

This has been changed in the past couple of years with the advent of Voice searching. The search terms have become longer as you try and get Siri or others to understand you.

The use of why, when, how and where proceed many search terms. However they are not exclusive.
Keywords can be sprinkled through your work to attract a greater audience.
If you were writing about the Best Bushman's Axe as an example you could include;

Sharpening a bushman's axeWith an Oil stone
Why use hickory handles On your bushy axe
How heavy is a Bushy axeCan a mere girl use one
Why are bushy axes so specialwinners
Axe competitions in the USWho features in them
Where to buy a cheap Bushman's axeNot your local hardware
A few examples

A sense of adventure will bring readers in

Why I used a King axe to win the Easter show log chop. You and I may not care however there will be a certain number that want an easy answer .

Build the interest throughout your writing and take them on a journey of discovery. Your audience will love you and even follow every new product you deliver to the market.

Here I fall back on the old Know, like and trust format. If they search on axes and like your writing they will return for more because they like what you deliver. Furthermore if you have product links then your trust halo will have them buying anything you recommend.

Off course writing a novel is the same, same but different. The first sentence is the killer phrase and the mystery deepens as you move into the story.

Simple mistakes in writing avoided with structure.

Writing for the internet requires structure

Structure is required to meet the demands of Google search. ( Yahoo and Bing also)

Short sentencesAbout 20 words each
The same with paragraphs300 words is a max
Heading start large and descendYour #1 going down
Spelling and grammarBoth to be correct
Not to technicalWrite for the reader
Pictures, colour and flairJaz it up
Use an active voiceNot passive
Transition wordsTo connect your sentences
A few ideas to start

I use Yoast SEO to correct all my issues. Yoast is a free or paid WordPress Plugin.

Understanding SEO is important for any writer

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is again getting your structure in place for Google.

You need to have certain parts of the system in place to achieve a high page ranking.
Although SEO may be frustrating it must be part of your template when composing your work.

Internal linksIn page or other posts/pages
External linksUse an authority site
Heading and Meta descriptionEssential inclusion
Key phrase used appropriatelyNot overused
Image attributesUse your Keyword
Good text lengthAim for over 1000 words
Show some authorityHave an about page
Use Yoast SEOgood guidance
Things you must do

Simple mistakes in writing start at the beginning

Deciding what to write about is easy to overcome

Many hopeful word creators struggle with this first simple step. Similarly many experienced Bloggers also have a mental block deciding what to create.

Having written near on a thousand blogs I have gone through all the pain that new writers suffer from.

To start with writing three hundred words was difficult. Then Five hundred, a thousand it got easier as I developed a style.

I have a list of things I want to write about. Mostly in the small business arena however the occasional social rant gets in when the mood takes me that way.

One tool I use is a title generator that provides a variety of topics on which to write. Then If my main business is an Axe I would also go to Google and get ideas.

  • Crazy axes
  • Throwing axes
  • Chopping axes
  • Where to buy
  • How to sharpen

Each of the above examples is then broken down even further.
Crazy axes in movies, at the circus, for display, in museums, that are illegal
Throwing axes for men, women , children, in competition, at the Olympics, and their weights

You will now see how a simple word turns into hundreds of subjects on which to write.

Remember that readers search for a Keyword, so Crazy axes for women may only have a small following however you may well be placed on page one and pick up readers.

You can buy your readers and make a return

This is always a consideration to take the fast track. Using paid advertising will generate readers if everything else is in place.
A click an an Advert that is for axes may cost you say $1.50. However if you had an axe for sale at $300 you would soon justify a profit. One buyer in two hundred visitors could be possible.

However if you were selling Amazon books and making $0.20 book you could never justify the advertising cost.

This needs to be researched properly before you commit your money, if you get pore results it may be expensive.

Simple mistakes in writing and using Social media

Using Social media to gain an audience

Using Social media is a free tool that can generate a lot of traffic if done properly.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter even TicTok have a following. Your regular simple post on one or all of these will gather a following.

It is not that time consuming particularly if you pick a hero media. This will depend on a target audience because they all have a majority following.

  • Facebook all men
  • Instagram female 20-50
  • Twitter educated
  • TicToc under 20.

These are not exact demographics but demonstrate where you audience may lie, testing will tell.

Finally you start to write knowing where you are going

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Writing?

With all this behind you now is the time to start the epic journey. However you really do need to have a bit of a plan when you begin.

One way to achieve this and make life easy is to write your headings first.

Pick about eight headlines taking the readers on a journey. Then just fill in the words and writing becomes easy. A couple of hundred words under each heading with a conclusion and you have a two thousand word Post. Who said it was hard?

You know what you want to write about, You understand the rules so now it is head down and away you go..

Simple mistakes in writing and my summary

My conclusion on writing the simple way

Finally I write because I enjoy doing it. Ok I add some affiliate links to grab a few dollars for my effort however the object is creation.

We don't expect to win awards or have a best seller however the sole object is to be read and appreciated. I decent post may take a day to produce so You don't want to waste your time remaining invisable.

That is why The rules and SEO are vitally important to your success. Once in place they become just part of your day.

Finally write for the readers in a natural style and results will come your way.

In conclusion we want you to enjoy the writing experience. This way you will continue on for a long career and results will follow.

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Writing by Peter Hanley

How to write blog posts that gets read

How to write a blog post that gets read. When you want to be that great writer you need readers. These 5 secrets will make a big difference

Table of contents

Is it what you write or how you write that gets results?

An interesting question however the answer is a simple both. However there are things you must understand or you will be left on pages well down the list where no one goes.

It starts with your Keyword and your header

The most important thing is your keyword ( or phrase) and how you use it.

How to write blog posts that gets read

Lets face it people use a search term to find an answer and if you are not on page one you are lost in the woods.
There are two vital issues with this and they are;

  • Traffic
  • Competition

A balance is needed

If you have two much traffic the competition will be hard so it is a balance, between the two.

You can find a great keyword tool under the Wealthy Affiliate free training, this will provide a great insight to your needs and provide a glimpse of what you should do.

Google itself is a great guide. By typing a keyword in see what your competitors are doing and how best to obtain a higher position. At the bottom of the page Google will also tell you what are the key phrases being used.

Your headline needs to attract readers

Rather an obvious statement however one that is often neglected. On a Search page you need to be the one that jumps off the page screaming read me first. However you have only a part of a second to do this so you need help.

I use the Monster Insights headline analyser in all my posts. This tells me what is good, great or really bad. It is so important that it takes some time to get it right.

Furthermore I use another headline writer called Title generator that takes a lot of the hard work out of the planning. Using these you will certainly be a winner.

The best I could do

How to write blog posts that gets read

Further reading

Your meta description seals the deal

These are the words just below the headline. They are there to seal the deal with a promise. They should include your keyword however they will supply a link to answer a question or solve a problem. A bland description simply won't get read. I don't have a great tool for this however you have about 160 characters to explain what your site will deliver. This needs to be good enough to get a click

My Meta this page;

“How to write a blog post that gets read. When you want to be that great writer you need readers. These 5 secrets will make a big difference”

SEO is sucking up to Google

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is creating your work the way google wants it done. Terrible pages never go forward and great pages still need assistance.

Wait! Before you throw your hands in the air screaming “this is all too hard” you should remember it is just the ground rules. Once you understand them they are just part of the game. Google is just the umpire.

How to write a blog posts that gets read

A bit of magic on construction your page

Headlines start large and go down the page#1 then #2, #3 etc
Short sentences20 or so words
Then short paragraphsunder 300 words
Written for the readerNot to technical
No spelling or grammatical errorsuse a spell checker
Use a positive voiceBe specific
Colour and picturesBrighten it up
At least a 1000 wordsMore is better
Use key phrases in sub headingsSimilar words
Use your Keyword once every three hundred wordsapproximately
Find all of these in Yoast SEO

Write for the reader and as clear as you can

If you are answering a question or offering a solution do it early and then tell them why.

However you really do want them to keep reading or to stay on the Page as long as possible>
This is one of the Google benchmarks so to do this we offer flypaper.

Yes something to attract them and make them stick.

Great headings in colour that promise more.

Appropriate pictures that draw them in and grab attention.

Attention deficit syndrome

Readers are funny creatures, some read every word however most skim through looking for shinny things that grab their attention. Give them Shinny things and reasons to hang around.

Therefor space your sentences to make reading easier, keep them short and finally use an appropriate size font for easy reading.

Finally one way to achieve reader time is to add a link to You Tube or better still imbed a video. You can do one yourself using a free trial at

Make a video on line

Remember to answer a question or solve a problem

Use How, why, when and where as often as you like and promise them an answer. If you search anything on Google ( and I mean Bing and Yahoo as well) you will find that numbers are used a lot.

For example 2 ways to achieve SEO, 5 things you can do to beat Google or 100 ways to write a blog. These seem to work as click bait so don't be shy in using them.

Authority sites draw readers

How to write a perfect blog post in easy steps
Writing your first blog

If I was writing on medical issues I would more likely be read if I am a Doctor. Or on Accounting issues if I have an accounting business, or even on Crypto assets if I have a track record.
For example to achieve this make sure you BIO or about page includes some qualifications that allude to the subject matter.

Furthermore I press my many years in business and being a graduate marketer as well my internet experience as the assets behind my writing. I have been there, done it and survived to live to help people like you.

Therefore don't try and make like an expert if you have no authority, i won't cut the mustard.

Concluding my five secrets to success

Off course there are many more things you need to do however you need a starting point. These are the most important things you need to fully understand.

Success only comes to those that do it properly therefore get your game plan in action to ensure success.

Finally I also suggest if you are floundering with this try a course or two at Wealthy Affiliate for free. This is the best training on all things you will need. Furthermore you even get a free website.

Vidnami is your free video maker

How to write blog posts that gets read by Peter Hanley

Best long term SEO strategy to win the war

Best SEO strategy

Best long term SEO strategy to win the war against Google. Plus lock in your future on the internet by employing simple rules

Chasing Google is both an Art and a career

This subject can not be taken lightly because it is the difference between success and failure.

SEO strategies meaning. Setting up long term plans to meet Google search parameters in the best possible way

What Google wants is important simply because they make the rules.

Therefore let's run through nine of the top considerations that you must consider in every Post or page.

They are not all hard and some are taken from Yoast SEO a plugin for WordPress we should all use.

UI or in simple terms User Interaction

Having a well-made website, quality content, and a suitable keyword strategy are probably all you need to worry about for long term SEO. Why are these things enough? It’s simple: if your users love your site and your content, chances are high that Google will love it too.
Therefore write for your readers and enjoy long term credibility

Remember that mobile sites are rated first

This means making sure that your work has a good experience when being viewed on the average Mobile Phone screen. You really need to consider content which includes pictures so that being read in the small world is not a problem.
This has been around for a while now however you should consider site speed in your calculations.

Check your site now at a Google test page

Core web vitals is fancy speak for keeping it simple

Again page experience is critical and this can really be thrown out by image selection.
There are many page speed tools and these will find the problems that Google list as:

  • Big pictures
  • Opening images
  • Total page graphics

Any one of these can effect the page speed, The problem is if your page is slow to open a large percentage of readers will move on before it paints.

Maintain research and evaluation cycle

If you have followed any of my work you will understand I am long on Keyword research.
If you have keywords that are either not searched or have too much competition you will not be read. Pretty simple really.
Before you write a single word list out all your keywords and make sure they have value to the readers.
Certainly use a free checker available at Wealthy Affiliate or the Jaaxy solution that provides you with advanced solutions. Try the free trial for more in-depth solutions

Competitor benchmarks to assist your growth

You are not the only kid on the block. There will be others doing similar things with probably some better and a lot worse than you.
Have a look at the good ones and see what keywords are working or areas that you can expand. Take the best and use it for your growth. I don't mean plagiarise however a subject that is briefly covered by others may well be expanded by you.
A simple google search will discover many opportunities to take this to another level.

For example I searched SEO strategy and these are the terms that are being searched.

Best long term SEO strategy

Therefore I know that some of these should be included on this page. In fact I even went back and provided a meaning in the early section of the blog. and will continue with our SEO content strategy to meet or surpass the basic Google requirements.

Cut the Jargon and keep it clear

Some of you will write to impress and use new and exciting phrases that will skip over many a readers head. I was following a broadcast yesterday from a well know scientist on technology changes.
Her presentation may have been accepted in a final year University lecture however for the average person it was way to embellished with unnecessary words and phrases.

I even considered this when introducing Core Web Vitals however it is one you need to consider, maybe I should have said minimise your images.

Write for others not for yourself

It is important that you write for your readers and keep it clear and attractive. This will include short sentences, short paragraphs, a few images and lots of headings

Your readers are generally attention deficit, they want to be entertained and informed or they flit to the next blooming flower.

We often say write to provide the answer to a question or to solve a problem. This should appear early in the piece however they still need a reason to pursue your writing further.

If you are adding affiliate links or page advertising you want them to hang around for a while.

Pictures, graphs and lists grab attention so don't be shy and use as many as you can.

Your H2 and H3 headings should do the same thing. This can capture the skim readers that browse your product looking for points of interest.

Make sure your site is HTTPS compliant

Yes it is probable an old issue that will be in your SEO strategies for 2021.

However many still don't comply and it is detrimental to the future of your site.

Https should be included with any carrier so make sure all your work is current

Best long term SEO strategy

Stop writing to please Google

It might surprise you but Google does not actually read your stuff. It all ready knows enough.
However they do take notice of what your readers do.

They like the number of clicks, time on site, drop outs, internal and external linking, spelling mistakes and the general set up.

People also like personal examples and related experience because we all like a bit of gossip.

He messed up so I guess it is ok for me as well. She had a good experience with a SEO strategy template so maybe I should try it as well. We love personal experiences so don't be shy in using yours.

Writing for the reader experience is the total summary of your inputs.

Using the guidelines implied by Yoast SEO

This is an example of many of the issues that are considered SEO important. Actually

taken from this page just before I pushed the publish button. It is a lot to consider.

My SEO strategy conclusion

It is a constant battle to remember everything you need to do. I use Yoast SEO as my basic reminder on writing techniques and SEO input.

I then go through a list of things that may make a difference to my readers and to achieving a high SEO score.

Yes we all miss some of them and this will tell in the number of readers.

I did not include analytics in this list however it is important to understand what you have achieved over time.

Your post won't soar through the clouds on day one however as you build a following the numbers will start to increase.

We are doing all this for results, not for play so if you are not getting the runs then change something to move the marks.

This includes going back to old content and rejigging it to achieve better readership .

Having your SEO process steps clearing documented will become easier over time.

Best long term SEO strategy to win the war by Peter Hanley

How to make money on the web

How to make money on the web

How to make money on the web when you have no idea where to begin or what to do. A few ideas that will get you started on an awesome journey

It all starts with a webpage

If you have a web page and understand what you are doing then move on to the next section. For all you beginners buckle up and lets go for a ride.

Your webpage is a picture of you, your business or products just like a business showroom.
It tells people what you do, where to contact you and a brief history of your achievements.

A blogger needs a webpage to house all his articles as a salesman needs a webpage to store all his product details.

You can build your own page (see Wealthy Affiliate) or get someone to do it for you. at a cost from about $500. However you still need to do all the ground work. What the site should look like, what does it say and importantly what is the name of the site. Your URL

There are two major considerations with a website. Even if someone else builds your words you must have a concept of SEO and Keywords.

You need to understand these basic concepts before you attempt to to anything on the web. This includes trying to make money.


My simple explanation of Keywords is what people will type into Google to find you or what you have to offer.

I have several sites and one is a personal brand at I use my name and a dot com to follow. I could have used a country code of dot AU however chose not to.

This site is it tells what I do. Again I chose to make it global.
another is This is focussed solely on the Australian market and is about what I do.

Keywords can also be in your posts. For example if you are selling a particular product like a Beanie your keyword is Beanie. However it is not that simple.
You have to conflicts and one is competition and the other traffic.

How to make money on the web by using competition analysis


This is the number of people flogging a beanie. Say 100 of them ahead of you so being found is difficult.
Importantly most searches never go past page one so with a 100 you will be way down the list.
Furthermore people pay to be on the leading pages so they have about 6 spots a page.

However we set about to fool them by specifying a particular Beanie. Maybe Pure Goat Hair Beanie . Only a few people will be this direct so you will get closer to the front.

If no one searches for a Pure Goat Hair Beanie then you are wasting your time. But if just 10 people a month search for your product and you are on page one then you are in the money.

Introducing the tools of traffic

Fortunately you can find out exactly how much traffic and how many competitors by using a Keyword tool.

There are several ways of doing this and the first is simply a Google search of your chosen word,
Firstly let me clear something up, a key word or key phrase are the same thing. Beanie is a Key word however A pure Goat hair Beanie from the Andies is an extension of the word becoming a phrase.
Finally when you search Google for a word at the bottom of the page Google will tell you what is being searched. Not just a word but a phrase.

How to make money on the web

The best of the tools is Jaaxy

This is something I use every day when I search for both keywords and traffic. This will provide you with the information you need.

A simple version of this is also available free when you join the Wealthy Affiliate training, or in a pro program the full box and dice thrown in.

Where ever you sell, market or trade understanding traffic and competition will move you forward faster than any thing else.

How to make money on the web by understanding SEO

Getting back to making money and SEO

Ok, you are starting to get impatient with me and want some answers. However I want to explain one more thing that is vitally important and that is SEO (Search Engine optimisation)

Google controls most things on line, particularly how you will be seen and read. Therefore despite traffic and competition you really need to follow some basic rules so that you meet the role call.

The first is your content. Rubbish just does not make it. It must be well researched and written to be recognised. Further more you should aim to answer a question or solve a problem. Why? because that's what we search for. How to Tie a Bowtie or are Bowties fashionable.

Following that there is word structure and a whole bundle of rules however we have the answer to your question.

A website plugin called Yoast SEO will guide you every inch of the way. It is free in basic format and simple forms part of your page or blog.

Let's get this money making thing going

Oh I forgot, there is one more thing to think about before we jump in. What do you want to be.

A writerCreate your own blogs
Teachercreate courses and training
Sales outletFlog product. Yours or someone else's
Social media managerPost for others Facebook, Instagram etc
Talking HeadYouTube videos make your own
Affiliate marketerrecommend others and earn commission
Product reviewsWrite about products and make recommendations
Just to get you thinking

If you fall in any of these categories we can help you get up and going.
First of all don't try and be a Jack of all trades. Master one of these before you move on. The one that interests you the greatest, not the one that will make the most money.
This is important because it is most likely going to be a long journey and if you get bored or disinterested it will all be a waste of time. Therefore doing something you like is essential to your future.
Overtime you will overlap everyone of the above into your portfolio because they all inter merge into one product.

How to make money on the web and your reasons to start

Where I started my journey

I just wanted to build a website for my business, however I knew nothing about it so had to start from scratch. I searched around until I found the free training at Wealthy affiliate. This training led me on a journey of discovery.
Try a sample and see what you think.
I moved on to a career in blogging that met my desires as a writer and educator.

Every occupation has a learning curve

Working on the internet to make money is relatively easy however you need to do the basics first, there is no short cut to fame. Think that you went to school for about nine years and then to college for three or more years to qualify to get a job.

We can shortcut that to less time but my point is there are things you must know to give you a chance over everyone else.

There are millions of blogs loaded every day so how are you going to be found in a simple search. It is very possible if you use the tools that are available and apply them to meet the rules of Google.

I can't teach you everything in a ten minute read however I can set you on a pathway to success.

How to make money on the web with video

A whole new way to beat the crowd

Google was the sole occupier of search terms. Yes Yahoo, Bing and a few other played a minor role however most searches were done on Google until!
Along came YouTube marching to the front.

Now searched nearly as often as Google and much more that Bing and Yahoo combined. That is a whole heap of traffic that many will miss out on.

Who would search You Tube for business needs.

How to do thingsA massive volume
Ways to unpackcommon use
BrandingGetting an image in the market
MarketingSelling your product
Affiliate salessales of someone else's product
TrainingOr teaching
A starter list

I wanted to repair the brakes on my bike so I searched you tube, I had trouble with an excel function so I searched You tube. Everyday I follow a report on Crypto currencies with a YouTube feed. Many times everyday I search You Tube and so will you and countless others so I guess there is a message coming out of that. How to conquer You tube and make some money.

First of all you can make a video using your iPhone or Tablet and in fact most computers have a camera and mike to use. For the more ambitious you can buy a nice camera and sound equipment. Finally the easy way forward.

Enter Vidnami

With a tool like Vidnami you can create a professional video without using any of the above.
You can try it all for free and keep every video you make, good or bad.

There is an opportunity to really get this rocking for those who have a leaning to writing scrips and adding clips, pictures or videos.
Yes you will need a bit of guidance however Vidnami have a whole bundle of training .

Finally a tool that anyone can use. Furthermore it is free to try.

How to make money on the web by using a mentor

For the insecure types there are more ways

First of all many of us need someone to show us the way, It its worth paying some money to take a huge shortcut to success by using a Mentor.
This can be an expensive trap if you go searching for the promised land because their are so many out there wanting to take your money.

I recommend a friend of mine Roy Carter. Roy is an English guy made good spends a bulk of his time residing on an Island paradise. Roy will take you through the steps you need to take and lead you to income.

Therefor any paid out should be returned many times over.
Finally this is for those that are willing to do the work and are committed to success. Roy does not accept just anyone however having my recommendation will really help

A conclusion on making easy money on the internet

Finally to Easy money, It simply is not true, if you give nothing you get twice that in return. However if you are prepared to invest some time and effort it is possible. Forget age, gender, race because everyone is equal and have the same opportunities.

Furthermore this really is the land of equal opportunity. You get back what you put in so make an investment in your self and join us in having a good time and making money.

So concluding all this, it is now your job to take action.

How to make money on the web by Peter Hanley

Retirement income ideas, add excitement to your life

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Writing?

Retirement income ideas and adding a reason to get up in the morning. Let's look at a few ideas that can help fill a day with enthusiasm.

Why would you want to work in retirement anyway?

Work is something you do because you have to.
Certainly we don't want to go digging ditches or laying paving stones on a hot day. We want to do something that is easy and in our own time.

First of all a bit about me. Bordering on 80 years old, small business owner, consistent blogger averaging about 15,000 words a month, a couple of eBooks, Stock trader, Crypto convert, warrior for Global warming, grandfather to twelve, swimmer and fit in a 4lkm walk on most days.

Therefore you would say I am fairly productive. My problem is that I need to live a lot longer to do all the things I want to achieve.

Naturally I have a lot of friends around the same age, some working, many retired. Those that continue on with a demanding schedule are the better thinking of the lot.

Wasting away days and waiting for the end.

There will be time for that much later on. Whilst we still have the marbles let's do something with them, and get an outcome that we can be proud off.

Perhaps you can do a cross word or a colouring in book but what is the satisfaction level.

What you need is a bit of excitement, a buzz that gets you up in the morning, grabbing a sabre and rushing into the world with a purpose.

Having a project gives you purpose

First of all I shall take you to the dark side and talk about The Crypto market.

A bit like the stock market on steroids. It is the future of all that we do however it comes with high risk and higher rewards.

Throwing some play money at this will give you a bit of excitement and should earn a bit of coin along the way.

Think of it as building an asset that in a few years will increase greater than Real Estate and not shrink in value like cash.

If I have stretched you too far and you don't want to extend your brain outside a safe parameter we will move on to more things to consider.

Is it worth buying Crypto in an erratic market

What about a bit of writing

First off all it is hard to make a lot of money blogging until you are well down the road.

However it will release the creative you from under a rock. We all have something to say and this is an ideal way to unleash the budding writer.

It may be the start of a journey or an entry to something bigger that is your path to find.

How do you make money from blogging is a great question.

First off all I have acquaintances making five figures a month that becomes a recurring income so every month not just one time.

This is easy to learn and there is a whole bundle of training starting from a free base at Wealthy Affiliate. You can be up and going in a short time and furthermore know where you are heading and why you want to get there.

Retirement income ideas and getting paid

Affiliate income and advertising to generate funds

Affiliate income is being paid for passing a new customer to a sale by a partner.

A good example is having a link on a page to the great Amazon. Someone clicks on your link and goes to Amazon to look at a book or something bigger like a Running treadmill.

If they buy the product the Amazon pays you a commission being a percentage of the sale.

It might be a $2 on a book or $200 on a Treadmill. In the early years this was very lucrative however Amazon have really tightened the commissions so it is now a lot harder.

Every product you can think off has an affiliate offer.

Therefore if you want to write about Hairdressing ( as an example) you may recommend Scissors, dryers or even high priced chairs.

Off course throw in a bundle of products that people must use and you have quite a few opportunities.

Then the advertising revenue comes

When you get a bit of traffic, (people reading your blog), the advertisers will pay to pop up on your site.

You get paid for just clicks or a commission. The famous people with a million or more followers can earn millions of dollars this way. maybe you are the next one.

What is your input into the whole exercise

You are in charge. You are working when you want and at a pace that suits.

However you need to do a bit of training first. Learn to build a website and a bit about SEO and keywords before you blast off.

Hey this is a long term venture so let's start off the correct way so the road gets easier as you go.

Importantly none of it is hard. However learning the fundamentals is necessary to be successful. Again your starting point is Wealthy Affiliate.

If you play around on this site and look at some of the 400 odd posts I have written you will start to build ideas, like the all important “what to write about.

Retirement income ideas from a talking head

The talking head

This one is not for everyone however some of you will quite like the idea of telling your ideas live to a captive audience.

You Tube is a search Engine that people go to to get answers. They want someone to solve a problem for them.

An ex hairdresser( as a example) may talk about undercuts, Plats, Dreadlocks, types of colours, scalp conditions, equipment, product, kids etc. The list just goes on.

Doing a video is really simple. It may be with your computer, iPhone or a proper camera and mike.

The kids can do it so nothing is stopping you. Again money can be made the same ways as blogging in affiliate income of advertising revenue.

I watch a daily episode on the Crypto market. I pay the man $20 a month to get the most up to date information. James has several thousand followers so a nice little earn for him

I also watch others on You Tube where an add pops up every five or so minutes.

Start out by reading a bit about it at Vidnami a builder of Videos that make it possible for anyone.

Taking the easy route to success

We talked about learning the basics being a necessary start and many off you want hand holding.

There is nothing like a great Mentor to guide you on your way. However, and important, is that there are many ways to waste money searching the web.

It is full of scams and high priced commodities that teach nothing, but take a lot. Believe me I have a whole cupboard full of wasted time and money.

I have narrowed the field down to one guy that promises success. My Mate Roy Carter has been doing this for years and in fact is now retired to an island play ground to live the life.

Roy does not take on anyone however with my recommendation you have a chance of being accepted.

Concluding Retirement income ideas

In conclusion of chasing an income the easy way

This is just the tip of a massive market and a million ideas.

However I believe they are the easiest ways and provide the greatest opportunity to success.

Let not age stop you. I have friends in the mid eighties and over that are extremely productive. In fact one 85 year old lady in Alaska just converted her garage into a writers den. She wanted the perfect place to release her creative self so she built it. (including a big Fireplace )

There are opportunities in Social media and you will include these in your journey along with many others.

I have offered a bit of balance, the Crypto Gamble, the learning curve and a mentor to hold your hand. I use all three but take them one at a time and get them working before you move on.

Retirement income ideas, add excitement to your life by Peter Hanley

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