7 ways to blogging success in 2021

7 ways to blogging success in 2021

7 ways to blogging success in 2021 taken from the leading contributors to help you achieve great results in all your efforts going forward

The internet changes regularly and you need to maintain pace

We all need to understand changes being made on the internet and adapt our contribution to surpass the basic requirements.

Change is everywhere however several things stand out at this time that need attention.

How valuable is the problem you are solving?

Noah, AppSumo

The internet is there to answer questions, it might be How, When, Where or Why it is still providing answers. If want to be 20% better in 2021 then read on.

1. Site Speed

Your readers are attention deficit and they wont sit around waiting on a slow site to open.

Remember that the Mobile speed matters as much as desktop speed as Google assesses this first in determining where to take a looker

Your Google speed check here

A very good Page speed load can increase conversions by over 7% ( Neil Patel)

2. Content length

This is an extremely contentious issue that will have a raging debate among every adviser

Is it 300 or 3000 words or perhaps some figure in between.
The important point is do you answer the question and if so the number of words does not matter. Personally I average about 1200 words with some longer and quite a few under the 2000 mark.

I received an email today promoting a stock to buy, it is a small dime copper play that shows a lot of promise. My ears picked up and I started to read the document. However the writing went on and on forever trying to convince me that I had to buy these shares. The result I got bored and moved on because it was just padded out.
We understand that if you are interested and you want information and will read a lot more than a basic review of the facts, however this went to far so don't make the same mistake.

Neil Patel said, in a recent blog shorter is better as long as the content answers the question.

By taking readers to Audio or video information can provide the long form answers.

7-ways-to-blogging-success-in-2021 with marginal gains

3. Marginal gains

This theory grew from an English cyclist Dave Bailsford when training for the Tour de France. His theory was to make a bundle of marginal gains that would make up a big difference. The helmet was made 1% more air efficient, the vest changed by testing a variety of options, tyres, weight all were looked at in 1% increase terms to add up to a 10% better performance. David went on to win the Touré and be the first Englishman in many decades to take the winning vest. All because of marginal gains.

Apply this theory to your own work by making small things matter and not blowing everything on one big attempt at winning the market.

When I looked at this as a blogger it was easy to find many simple fixes that could make a 1%.
A bit of colour, an extra Picture, change a heading, shorten a sentence, use more power words. insert an authority link, add more Key phrases. The list is long however the results may just be very big.

4. Page ranking will be of greater importance

It is fact that 35% of people will click on the first free search term on any page and almost no one goes deeper than ten search terms. So where do you sit on this?

This all goes back to your understanding of key phrases and use of a good Traffic/ Competition tool that will give you a chance of ranking on that first page. Furthermore this is not magic it is simply understanding SEO and how to use it for your betterment.
I wrote more on this recently.

7 ways to blogging success in 2021

Results from Wealthy Affiliate hosting speed test.

5. Repurpose and update old material

.We have lived in a set and forget environment for far to long and old posts now need to be bought up to date or discarded if they no longer apply.

In fact Yoast SEO have recently released a plugin to do just this. You can update and not be off line at the same time, I have not yet used the plugin however am a Pro user of their SEO platform and fan of the service,

There are things that must be done including Brocken links and out of date material. I wrote about how Donald Trump used Twitter to massive personnel effect but now he is banned for life.
I did a review on Parler that is now about to disappear as the hosting has been withdrawn by Amazon, who would have thought these things would ever happen.

If you have done any training on the internet the importance of backlinks to improve your SEO was highly encouraged. Patel the owner of Uber Suggest now says that a few quality links are far better than a whole random list. This is a sort of 180 degree change of tactics.

7. Brands will have more pulling power

With the rise of home deliveries and the gradual decline of retail trading branding is now top of the table. This is enhanced by retargeting and remarketing where images are pushed at you until you retire.

They are using the rule of seven where you will buy after seeing something at least seven times. This is ancient history still working in todays marketing.

I bought a pair of Sketchers shoes at Christmas, they were on sale and it was a gift from my wife. I now get offers everyday with Sketchers brand in my mail on my phone, every where I look, but does it work? My second pair are now on the way.

Who did I buy them from? it does not matter They have a Brand and a style so only price dictates the need.

Therefore your brand needs to be built and pashed relentlessly.

Conclusion to blogging into a new year

We need to change whit the times and the times have certainly changed. This is not a static option but an ever evolving creature driven by Google, The market and the buyers.

Keeping up is necessary so follow my blogs for new intelligence from the masters on a daily basis. None of us no it all however some know a bit more and that is what I share.

7 ways to blogging success in 2021 by Peter Hanley

12 things a blogger must know to get read

12 things a blogger must know to get read. Blogging is not just about writing it is structuring the content so that Google will rate you

Blogging is a form of art that has structure

Let's face it your writing comes in last place when you go to the internet. You may write an award winning article but if no one reads it then it is a waste of time.

Did you know that over 80% of viewers never go past page one of a search term.

Plus half the first page is filled with paid adds that don't draw nearly as well as free,

Does your Domain name and hosting make a difference?

Hosting certainly does because three things reign supreme.

  • Site Speed
  • Mobile optimized
  • 24-7 support

We tell you where to get them and how to choose the best option.

What about WordPress 5 and Plug-ins

Do you really need a website to have a blog, it must be somewhere with someone and that is certain however we tell you what to be aware of and how to make the correct decision.

Do you know how many Plugins to use and what affect do they have on your website.

We know the number and what ones to use.

Do you understand Keywords?

This one word could be the difference between Royalty and lost in the bush. Nothing is more important than your search term. Voice search has changed the world and you must change with it

How do you write a good headline?

incorporating a keyword into an eight word people puller is no easy task.

I failed at this for years following outdated advise and even pitted expert against expert seeking a solution until I finally found the right tool.

Does a Meta Matter?

It makes the difference between being passed over or dated. It is that simple.

A great meta will make a great difference if it ids done properly

Pictures, colours and lists

This is interesting because a good book contains none of these yet a post or page creams for them to be added. The difference is Google loves these extras because those with attention deficit need to be entertained while being educated.

Finally to your writing structure

How long should a blog be is the perennial question. Yoast say a minimum of 300 words however Hubspot say those that work have more than 1200 words and even up to 3000 in your post. So what is the correct answer?
If everything else is correct then it depends if it solves the problem. We look at ways to achieve this and how to set up sentences and paragraphs.

The most important issue for those seeking an income

Making money should be the aim of every blogger however you can do it blatant in your face methods or be a little subtle in your approach. We talk about each way to achieve this and find what is best for you

Where can you get traffic

This is the hard piece of the equation, without traffic you don't have readers and without readers there are no sales.

This is not an easy answer but we give ways to create viewers to your site both with and without paying a dime.

What resources do you need?

The tools of the trade are yours to use and mostly for free. They make your life easy and keep Google onside so that you rise above the pack.

A list of tools is included for every reader.

Conclusion on successful blogging

I have highlighted all the important issues you will face in constructing a blog however I left a few till later as not so important.

Blogging has its difficulties when you are starting out but once you learn to ride the bike you are away and running.

I still get my hand held by my favourite companion Mr Yoast who keeps me within the narrow lanes of success. I want to share all this with you in my eBook written for bloggers.

Success is in the structure.

12 things a blogger must know to get read by Peter Hanley

A video extra

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing for all business and online interests. Social media is growing and so should you with these tips

At the pace that digitalization is moving, social media marketing for businesses is no longer optional. It is important to know that 97% of advertisers use social networks, and 78% of salespeople outsmart their rivals by using social networking sites.

Social media is effective in engaging with your clients, gaining useful insights, and developing your brand. Although it can seem daunting, it is not possible to overstate its significance.

Alister Clare, CEO and Financial Specialist at Credit Capital attests to the efficacy of leveraging social media to promote your business. According to him,  “People use social media to link with brands.  They support brands more than following celebrities. 80 % of users follow at least one organisation on Instagram alone. If you don't take part in social media marketing, you're losing out on an easy, cost-effective, and successful way to access nearly half the world's population.”

However, its benefits are not known to all businesses. If you’re still not convinced about putting more effort into your social media activity, read on:

1. Boosts Brand Recognition

Note that 60% of Instagram users claim they are on the platform to explore unique products.   Even so, most buyers based their buying decision on the product's brand identity. Social media presence allows your business to build an identity, convey your message, and inspire loyalty.

2. Best Conversation Starters Around Your Business

A strong marketing plan for social media would create discussions around your business. You'll generate a great deal of input for your products or services and get people chatting as well. Also,  supporters participating in social networking enjoy holding real discussions.

It would be best to actively indulge with your audience as they interact on your social media posts. Make them feel that there's a human behind the brand, and they don't feel as if they're chatting with a computer. Doing so will create a more profound sense of connection and leave them feeling more like an appreciated client.

Focus on a social exchange that encourages conversation naturally. Some of the approaches to do that are:

  • Send shout-outs to partner entities for which you collaborate.
  • Request reviews on your products or services.
  • Throw open-ended questions, and let the audience respond to keep them interested.

3.  Effective Sales Boosters

First of all, regardless of your industry, social media can help boost your sales.

Social networks have become extremely relevant for product discovery. Because the number of users accessing social media increase, and social advertising platforms expand. Thus, it's high time to include social media in your sales strategy.

4. Excellent Client Satisfaction Tool

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a medium for communication and collaboration. To humanise your business, building a forum for your business across these channels is critical. Furthermore customers will understand that they would get a customised response instead of an automatic message. Recognising and responding to any comment indicates that you care about your clients and strive to provide them with the best experience possible.

5.  Best Tool In Watching Your Competitors

Social networking platforms will enable anyone to hold their finger on the pulse of the marketing strategies employed by your closest rivals.

Wait No Further to Utilise Social Media

Online Business Marketing by Peter Hanley help you take advantage of social media marketing opportunities and bring them to fruition. Furthermore there is no excuse for not integrating social networking into the marketing plan. Plus, there is little to lose because it is so cost-effective. In conclusion the earlier you start, the faster you'll see success in your business.

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing by Chloe Harris

How to write headlines that will really increase readers

How to write a headline that will really increase readers. The headline is a critical element in getting read, so do it right from the start.

Why is a headline so important?

Your headline should tell the readers what your article is about and in fact it poses a question that needs an answer.

The use of How questions or Why questions opens a readers mind.

Many people search by Mobile devises so they are seeking an answer to a question.

How do I write a better headline;

Why is your headline so important?

Maybe you could use “Where do I learn to write a headline”

However this is just the start of the journey,

A list explains the journey

How often do you see a list starting a question?

5 ways to writing a better headline.
The best headlines in 7 simple steps
Use these 3 simple tools to writing a successful headline

What are the best words a headline should include

The experts all differ on many parts of this so only Google can provide a definitive answer.

However it will be generally acknowledged that some parts are critical.

Uncommon words.
It is generally acknowledged that the use of uncommon words will attract clicks.

Emotionally triggered headlines.
The fear of writing headlines
I nearly die when asked to create a headline

However Power words can also make a difference
This will really make your headline stand out.

Sentiment is also important.

Is it a positive sentiment, negative or neutral

Headlines that swing either very positive or very negative also have more effect.

I failed badly at Math

How I scored 100% in math

What about the number of words in a headline

This is a contentious issue however longtail Keywords certainly work better.

The maximum characters will be up to 55 in a heading and about eight words. However we should note that most people only read the first 2-3 words and also the last 2-3 so your structure should build around this concept.

How do you check a headline

The above represents a score that should attract readers but how did i get that?

I use a simple plugin by Monster Insights that does many things for you. It does come in a free version to use on any WordPress site as well as a pro version.

This tool provides a score on every part of your headline.

Why not 100% well I made a couple of mistakes.

First of all I needed to cut back on a word and I considered dismissing the word ” will” and making the next to ” increases” however I like will because it is positive.

Secondly my tone is considered neutral , that is not really positive or negative.

Finally getting 100% is pretty damn hard so I shall be happy with my score for this attempt.

How to write a headline that will really increase readers by Peter Hanley

Did you know that if your headline is 6 – 8 words, it can increase your click-through-rate (CTR) by 21%? Amazing, isn’t it?

When giving up seems like the only option.

When giving up seems like the only option.. However you mat take a minute to consider an alternative that may solve the issue.

There was an old saying that said;

First of all it relates back to my days as a long distance runner. Many things attack your mind when the going gets tough. Really it is your mind that is wanting to quit not your body as loud as it is screaming at you.

My saying is ” Never make a decision when running up hill” Certainly hills are hard however there is a top and a down side when the running suddenly becomes easy again and a few more miles is no problem.

This is the same in business and life

When you are trying to achieve any objective there will be hard times. times when you will throw your hands in the air and scream “I can't do this any more”.
Does it sound like you?
Working on the internet there are always new things and new ways that need to be learned.

Just today I had this experience working with a MonsterInsights plugin. As hard as I tried I just could not get one of the add-ons to work and I walked away from the problem. By letting it rest overnight I come back with a different mind set and can generally solve the issue because I suddenly could see the wood in the trees.

When giving up seems like the only option and it is all too hard.

When your business is too hard

I meen both Online and bricks and mortar style businesses. I have been operating small businesses for forty years and understand the journey as well as anyone.

We understand that 80% of businesses fail in the first year. This is world wide and across the board so you may be one of them sometime in the future.

However if you can just persevere in that first year you are in the small group of success stories.
Unfortunately the same thing happens in the second and third years as well so if you make it through you are one of a small group that reaches the line.

If you last to the fifth year you have an 80% chance of going the full hog. This is rewards time
when you are glad that the many hills you ran up, the obstacles you uncounted and all the setbacks did not stop you.

Think about it, by staying the distance you defy the high odds of defeat.

I say again, ” never make a decision while running up hill”

When the going is tough, you have the wind in your face, the hill becomes a mountain always remember there is an end to the hardship if you just keep going.

How Covid-19 sorted the sheep from the flock

Most of us experienced some sort of lock down or business interruption that created changes that were hard to overcome. What we also saw was a myriad of success stories because of innovation.
Some restaurants closed the doors and stayed home, however, many went to take out dining
and fast foods to keep the wolves from the doors.

I had a popular restaurant coffee shop near me that had to close all sit down bookings. They specialised in pizzas so they were really out of the market. Or where they?
They opened a take away window and started baking bread, scones and pastries along with Pizza and coffee. They made more money than they were pre Covid.
However the shop close by simply closed the doors and went home. When they eventually reopened many of the customers had moved on. Only government grants provided any salvage.

Play Station or make an income it is your choice

In a similar vein many workers were sent home and took the opportunity to catch up on great games and have some family time. Live the idle life and take time to smell the roses.

However a small percentage took the time to increase their knowledge with training and online courses.
Some built business plans and came up with ideas to maintain an income flow.

At the time to return to work the idle had lost all enthusiasm whereas the industries came back ready to kick some but.

They found a Hill and kept running with full knowledge that a downward slope was close and things would get easier.

When giving up seems like the only option have a look within yourself.

It is always up to you

The book about Elon Musk ( Ashlee Vance Virgin Books) really typifies a must do motivation.
When the Tesla Motor company was struggling and were days away from insolvency They had to find a way forward. Musk is a champion of a long distance vision and with innovation they scrounged some money. At one stage they put all their staff on the phones to make telephone sales. Engineers, production, marketing and no one was spared.
They sold enough cars in the week with money paid to meet the payroll and get time to regroup.

When firing dud rockets at SpaceX and running out of funds they sold technology to turn it all around and become one of the top businesses in the US.

Not just one time were they pushed but consistently throughout the development phrase.
Many around them failed but his companies prevailed through out and won the four year war.

My conclusion on failing

Having done it all many times I understand that walking away is never an option. There is always a solution of some kind if you search hard enough. Walk on your own terms and never be dictated to by fate.

I wrote this blog because I see so many fail when they are just a few steps away from success.
Don't let that be you. Dig deep and head for the top of the hill.

When giving up seems like the only option by Peter Hanley

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Review of Seedprod funnel builder when you want to save money

Review of Seedprod funnel builder when you want to save money and solicit readers like the experts but not at the cost.

When the galaxies collide, WordPress 5 and Seedprod

I am an unapologetic fan of WordPress 5 (Guttenberg) and understand it is a lightyear leap over the ancient classic version. Users will agree however the hesitant will forever miss out on the many advantages and time saving.

I have tried a few funnel builders however avoided the massive cost of Clickfunnels even though I know it is a good product. To pay the near $200 a month I needed to recruit a bundle of followers and it was not going to happen.

Others bobbed up along the way but they were mostly tied to a hosting network and ongoing upsell extras, this is not my cup of tea, I like more control.

Therefore I have avoided a funnel builder and gone along with my normal blogging and page builders that would do similar things.

Let's face it most funnels are designed as hardsell stories to get you to buy an overpriced article or software.

Monster Insights showed me the way

If you don't know Monster Insights it is a WordPress plugin that enhances Google analytics and provides valuable additional products to deliver superior SEO.

It is sort of a must have product that comes in both a free and paid version and any WordPress site should include it.

Syed Baka the owner is in regular contact to ensure everything is going in the right direction . He introduced me to SeedPod, admittedly during a Black Friday special and at a great price.
I thought I would apply the idea to one of my websites where I can assess the results and see if it is a product I would extend further.

My preference is to take a cautious route in new products because of the many failures that have not lived up to expectations.

We use Wealthy Affiliate as my domain hosting company

There are many reasons for this selection all be it that they are a dedicated WordPress host and I get as many new sites as I want in one price. ( up to 50 anyway) This allows me to set up a trial site to instal new software without damaging an established page.

Yes they grow business on affiliate sales, nothing wrong with that, however they all so supply some of the most advanced training on the market, at no extra charge.
They are not upsell obsessed although they do have three levels of membership starting from a free basis, always a great place to start.

WordPress is a free infrastructure on which you build your future.

Ok, many will understand this but for those that don't let me briefly explain.

WP is what is called an open source software that has a basic structure and to which you can add Plugins. These are simple software items that increase the functions of your site. Many are free and some will cost a small amount of money should you choose them.

I use a plugin to support SEO and writing techniques called Yoast SEO. Again a free version and a pro paid version. I operate both on different sites.

There are literally tens of thousands that are available to do any operation you can think of.
for example Woocommerce for setting up an online shop.

When the world went to block builders

In the dark old days you needed basic programming skills to do many of the features required. Fortunately that is a thing of the past following the release of WordPress 5 in early 2019.

WP5 was indeed different and made life easy, You pick the block you want and fill it in.
This may be as simple as Headline or paragraph right through to hosting a video.

Review of Seedprod funnel builder when you want to save money

The above example is a small section of what is available, I am now in a paragraph but above is a simple image that can come from a library or upload.
I took a day and set about using everyblock that I could in a new blog until I was happy with the result.
You have colours and many other supporting tools as well.

Now enter Seedprod to take it a step further

Just like Monster Insights took analytics to a new level SeedPod does the same for a Funnel.

Importantly a Funnel is a page that collects readers in the top and sells them at the bottom. In the middle is a journey of explanation and comparison.

It is a sales tool proven to work when created along proper lines.
It really is just another set of blocks. They Combine with WordPress to give you many more options.

“The Most Powerful Landing Page Plugin…
Without the High Costs

Join 1,000,000+ Professionals who use SeedProd to Create High Converting Landing Pages”

Currently available at just $39 a year, a price that is well worth while.

Review of Seedprod funnel builder when you want to save money

Where I started the journey

I have a site titled
This was an early blogging page before I found out more about keywords .
However I provided an ideal opportunity to test SeedProd and its abilities.

It worked quite well for me although it still needs a bit of work.I was more than happy with all the facilities it offered and the ease in which they were applied.

Remember I am in my seventies so you young brigade will absolutely blitz it

My conclusion about SeedProd

I am very happy with the product abilities and the price. It represents excellent value and achieves a great job with little experience.

You do need some background training to get it going and possibly look at other funnels to get the ideas behind them.

The templates make it very easy and new ones are being posted regularly.

Everyone should have at least one funnel to promote your world and there is no better way than seed prod

Review of Seedprod funnel builder when you want to save money by Peter Hanley

Everyone needs a cost effective funnel.

5 branding ideas that will increase your business

5 branding ideas that will increase your business and make your life easier. These must do everyday ideas are vitally important.

What the heck is branding anyway

We all know the products like Amazon, Nike, Apple that are household names developed by spending billions on Advertising.

Place names like Whistler, Sydney Opera House, Tower of london have all become a brand in their own right.

People have a brand as well. Oprey, Madonna, Michelle Obama as well Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Geoff Bezos are well known brands that contribute over a range of items.

Ecommerce has its own following with Big Macs, Vegemite, Doughnuts, Quiche to name but a few.

However the corner deli may also carry a well known brand in your locality, or a restaurant or particular service are known locally as the place to go.

Not following this advise may lead to business closure

If you think that is to strong then think again, You need to follow world leaders and current trends to have any chance in the internet race.
Things change and you need to change with it.

Let me tell you why and what to do about it.

We have an Identity that needs to be recognised

Our Logo, color and style are designed for the long term. Their is a recognition factor that time will bring through consistency.
Many will register the brand to maintain it originality and identity.

It is always advised to stay consistent across all media so that you will be instantly recognised.

However this is a rule and not a law as amplified by our leaders, the ones who should know.

Apple has gone from black to Colour and to silver over the years however the image has been consistenly recognisable.
Likewise Google have made minor changes to stay with the times however the font has been consistent and easily recognised.

Then Nike started as a red swoosh to later become the black we now see. They have often changed the wording but never the design. ( it originally cost them $35)

This in some ways destroys my argument on consistency however the visual appeal has remained recognisable at all times.

When you have a logo and colour stick with it.

The brand USP is also as important

The unique selling proposition or USP is a short summary of what you offer. Care should be taken to not squeeze your self into a corner with the wording.

An example was the trend into representing value and product. “Half price pottery” got stuck in a corner when they wanted to add other products to the range.

Nike is “Just do it' which summarises a sporting range of products. Interestingly the line was taken from a condemned murderer in his last moments at the gallows.

  • Your USP needs to be unique
  • Make you desirable
  • Not to long winded
  • reasonably specific
  • and a bit spicy

And remember it is not a selling tool or a plave for words on price. Cheap, lowest price etc

One of the best was and still is “Definately overnight or your money back”

Create a USP that answers a question and delivers value.

Fostering a brand image

Consistency rules the returns

The more often your brand is seen the more returns you will gather.

Use every outlet available in Social media blogging and YouTube to gather as many followers as possible.

Being known will take you to a new place and increase your business 10times for the same effort.

Image is everything in branding

It is important to have a great photo of you showing that you have the authority to command attention. No good sitting in a chair with a cat on your lap when you need an action pic.

Getting a professional photo shoot is well worth the few dollars spent, good suit, nice hair and a close up portrait is ideal.

We all want to deal with professionals not beach bums.

Similarly your logo must have a recognition element and best if it somehow shows your business in a small way.

What is not commonly recognised is that

5 branding ideas that will increase your business

The arrow in the Amazon logo signifies everything from A to Z. The truck the delivery and the packages are the products.
Amazon do change around but the word and the arrow remain consistent.
The largest selling outlet in the world should know,

Your image needs to carry over to YouTube

YouTube can really carry you forward in the recognition stakes. Many far prefer a story in pictures other than the written word and YouTube can deliver that the easy way.

The video should show you as authentic and not a spam artist. It needs to be natural and show who you are in the best possible light. Your background and experience must produce an honest image that people can trust.

If you are new to YouTube No better place to go than Vidnami for a free book on building your SEO.

They call it visible credibility and when you have it the followers will come.

5 branding ideas that will increase your business and be the guy.

It is all about being known as the goto guy (Girl)

It matters not if you are in a small business, online blogger, online store or local shop the needs are the same.
The three rules to follow are Know , like and trust. They are the people we buy from.

  • Know.
    Use every avenue to market you can so your profile pops up over all Social Channels,
    email, website, videos when ever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.
    Being known is the first step to success.
  • Like
    We buy from people we like, A friend in the business, your uncle Arthur, where we have shopper before and even where we are part of a rewards program
  • Trust
    This comes with the sales process, complaints handling and over all transaction journey.
    Get a bad name at this point and the news will cry far and wide.

Be the goto person and grow that following

Using all the media channels can assist in the know however referrals and word of mouth are just as important. A great Rewards program gives you continually access to all your followers so that you can continue the Like and trust bonding.

How Influensers have changed the market

If you ever had any doubt about branding the influencer market would surely change your mind. People are making an inordinate amount of money just recommending a product. A lot of theses are stars like the Kardashians however many are ordinary every day individuals that have built a cult following.


I have just watched a video by GaryVee, if you don't know Gary, well, its a great place to start.
For those that know him you will understand that he speaks his mind very clearly and forthrightly.

He said that;

Not building your brand is non negotiable

Gary Vee

In conclusion Gary was very strong on presenting content over sales and although you may have a bit of a lag content will win every time. Furthermore use every source available being Visual, audio and written in as many outlets as you can.
finally branding is critical to your success.

5 branding ideas that will increase your business by Peter Hanley

forget selling and concentrate on branding.

Black Friday offers make a difference at Wealthy Affiliate

Black Friday offers make a difference at Wealthy Affiliate by saving you a bundle of money and offering a better product.

What are the black Friday offers at Wealthy Affiliate

If you are here you will all ready understand that Wealthy Affiliate is, by a long country mile, the best WordPress hosting site on the market. Bar None!

Therefore is it worth pursuing a discount when it is already great value. The answer is yes but you must have some cash put aside because it is the annual premiums that save you money.

For a couple of years I was prepared to pay my $49 a month until I really believed that this was the go. Several web hosts had failed me and I did not the experience of rebuilding work over again. I have over 500 posts on my sites and to loose that would be a catastrophe to say the least.

Last Year I took the plunge and paid my BlackFriday price of $395 ( Just $32.90 a month). Importantly that price gets Grandfathered in for life unless I return to monthly.

It was a pleasure not having to find that monthly commitment.

All things change

As a Wealthy Affiliate advocate I have long banged on how there are no upsells with WA a massive feature of the product. You even get scaled down Jaaxy thrown in for free among the many other bits like free security, Site speed etc.
That is not to mention the training and 24-7 support.

Premium Plus

This year 2020 Wealthy Affiliate have offered a new bundled product called Premium plus.

Yes I jumped straight in even though the Black Friday price at $795 ( retail $1188) because it just blows out the offering by a massive amount.

You get Pro Jaaxy included that was $99 a month before and this really enhances your Keywords.

Everyone is an Affiliate

When you join Wealthy Affiliate in a free membership, Premium or Premium plus you immediately become an Affiliate. Therefore you have the ability to pay your fees with just a few referrals.

That is marketing at it's best when you can pay your way forever by building a nice business under the WA banner.

Put it on a Credit card, borrow from Mum or raid the cookie jar because offers like this don't come every day.

Valid from Friday the 27 November right through to Monday 30 November for everyone.

What happens if you miss Black Friday

Well. first of all it goes all weekend to give you plenty of opportunity however miss that and it really is Bad Luck Buddie until same time next Year, Or, you can run a free account to test it all out, change to monthly when you are entirely satisfied and hold your breath until November 2021
I wasted a lot of money because I thought paying a year was to expensive, I could not afford it so it cost more.

There is always Cyber Monday


Being an Australian black Friday is pretty new to us, in fact it is really only the last couple of years that it has taken off.
I know in the US it is the second biggest day of the year behind Cyber Monday.
However here un Aus it is really a retail product that does not extend to commercial offers.
Therefore I am really happy that the online business receives the benefits.

Black Friday offers make a difference at Wealthy Affiliate by Peter Hanley

Fostering brand loyalty for success in any size business

Fostering brand loyalty for success in any size business. This is a critical factor in customer retention and future sales.

Buiding emotional connection

Bringing customers back provides the most profitable sales even when discounting. They return to you time and again over a lifetime often bringing with them family
and friends.

You are building a loyal following that will be difficult to remove.

Online sales also make this connection even more important because you most often get first go at the customer.
Therefore you should manage to retain them because of the loyalty factor built over the period.

The like and trust factor play heavily in this because you have always managed to satisfy their needs. Price becomes a secondry issue over availablility and delivery.

The COVID lockdown has altered our shopping habits so the ability to satisfy our customer base has become even more important.

Maintaining their buying habits in difficult times requires further attention to emotional connection

Your Loyalty plan becomes a necessity

If you don't have a loyalty plan look at the cards in your wallet on on your phone. Consider who maintains these operations in a consisten flow of information and offers and are the biggest sellers in your area.

Customers love payback and when the loyalty plan is suitably structured to the customers needs they will continue to return.

However they do require several things to make them work

Value offersLoyal buyers need recognition
Consistencyregular reminders over all media
Till recognitionHave you got a card?
ValueExtra value added
Unique presentationYour branding to head the offer

Your loyalty plan slots in with all the other values you need to maintain that emotional need.

Loyalty programmes work.

Working with social issues

In recent times this has become a major draw card for those that participate.

Remember the plastic bag recall and the change in habits it bought to shopping

All sorts of business were forced into deleting plastic bags for the packaging of purchases. This was prompted by one store adopting the policy and forcing all the others to follow simply because the customers were told that plastic would damage the environment.

Drinking straws are the new plastic bags

Your customers will move if you don't adopt the environmental strategies forced upon you.
It matters not whether you believe or disbelieve it matters that the mainstream want to save the world and this is there little opportunity.

Now it is recycled containers providing opportunities for the entrepreneur among you.

I was recently involved where a local drink Outlet and Bar offered all its empty containers to raise money for a local issue. The ten cent return on thousands of containers provided a reasonable donation to the cause but importantly drew people to the business.

A great marketing and welfare offer where everyone was a winner.

Social issues are extremely strong.

Delight them don't just satisfy the issue

The days of bad service and terrible after sales support are gone. Well if not they are certainly past there due by date.

Arguing over an exchange is a thing of the past. Accept the problem and solve the issue in the best possible way.

I was recently involved in a customer service tragedy. One of our largest Telephone carries changed customer service from a Voice function to using SMS messaging. The messaging was a dismal failure with time delays and misunderstandings. It was so bad using that carrier in the future was not a consideration. The absolute loss of credibility must have caused so much damage that it will be hard to recover. The opposition off course played to the tune with a better grade of service offering.

The customer is always right.

Trust and service over price wins everytime

It is interesting that trust and service win over price and many will shake their heads in disbelief at this statement.

The early adaptors in this strategy, in our modern times, have consistently proven that performance wins.

Steve Jobs created value and delivery at a premium price.

The Apple products still remain the dearest in the market however have never lost sales because of it. Other have tried to imitate the funnel or even blatantly price against it without success.

Nike are the most expensive sports shoes available and hold number one position despite being attacked by so many others. They don't change the quality, price or performance however the branding delivers trust
This has been imitated by Nespresso and several others that have grabbed the first market position and retain it with a perception of superiority.

Another example is the new car market. Hyundai entered as a cheap car and failed to gain market acceptance due to an image of low cost production and support.
They took the image by the horns and increased the warrant period from three years to five with fixed price servicing. The car was the same however a new trust factor was built in and sales increased dramatically.

Others had to follow and the band now stretches to 10 year warranty on the Mitsubishi. I believe this has taken it too far and a sense of disbelief will hinder the offer. Other companies apply terms and conditions that make all this difficult destroying the trust. In the meantime Hyundai has gained a far better market share with trust and value that has gathered a following. They are now a quality offering not a cheap Korean imitation.

Quality will always beat price.

Consistent contact bonds the relationship

If you have a value offering it must be communicated with consistency using multi channel marketing to stay top of mind with the consumers.

It is no good “Winking in the dark” if you have a product tell them and tell them often.

We are experiencing a time of' in your face marketing. Don't be shy about this use every channel available to portray your message often.

The squeaky wheel always gets the oil.


Finally we wrap this up by summarising what has been said.

The new silent salesman is Brand loyalty. Ignore it at your peril. Stay with the trends and maintain awesome customer service at all times.

Fostering brand loyalty for success in any size business by Peter Hanley

Peak spending came with Covid so maintain contact at all times.

7 traps to avoid when buying a business

5 traps to avoid when buying a business

7 traps to avoid when buying a business. I see it time over time where a good business is ruined by simple mistakes. How to avoid them.

Is buying a business a good idea?

Many times you will be unable to see value in a business and wonder how anyone could come up with prices that don't reflect reality.
However when you compare the cost of starting a business you will begin to understand values a little better.

The real time involved in doing the many things can be extraordinary. Assets are written down in value when you buy and cash flow starts from day on

Buyers are a terrible bunch of nervous investors not wanting to release cold hard cash for future potential.

On the other hand sellers will always have an inflated concept of value based on what a business can or may achieve.

There is a big difference between turn over and profit although both are important. A business generally sells on a multipl of net profit. As a rule 24 months is a good average so you work for two years to get a return on your money.

Therefore is there a happy medium when buyer and seller are happy.

Owners drawings and cash sales

These are the first two danger signals for any business.

First of all cash sales to avoid the tax department can never be considered in a sale.
They are illegal but they can never be substanciated so don't consider them at all.
If you are selling a business stop the cashies for 6 months before going on the market then you can show value.

Owners drawings or even PAYG are what they love to call claw backs to be included in the profit. This is quite reasonable because it is what you can consider part of the earnings.
However be carefull and work on real money and time. Sometimes a wife will work for free to support the profit or drawings will come from overdrafts and not from income.

Branding and change of name

We spend a lot of time in building a business brand and a name so it generally has some value maybe even great value depending on how it has all been presented.
To change the name is really wasting years of marketing and starting over again is hard work.
Think serioulsy abouut this if you ever contemplate a new start it will generally do far more harm than good.

Changing how things are done

This is the single biggest mistake you can make. You buy a business because it is going well and then change everything around because you know better.
I have seen this destroy businesses many times because many just don't like change. It is that simple.
Certainly you can slowly implement some of your own ideas over time watching the results for a downturn in performance.
I saw a guy buy one of the best Cafes in my area, it had a huge following and a business establiched over many years. It had started from scratch in a out of the way location but had drawn a following.
The new owner immidiately replaced all the staff with his own people, changed the menu, moved the decor, altered the coffee and genuinely thought he had done a great job.

A little cafe down a nearby shopping mall now has all the customers and the original place but a shell of its former self. He paid a premium for something working and has lost most of the value.

Another bought a good online tutoring business, it had been going successfully for many years and delivered a good return. Instead of going slowly the new owner revised everything to his way of thinking and the customers left in droves.

Yes institute your own personality but not at the risk of losing what you bought.

7 traps to avoid when buying a business the lure of the franchise.

Buying a franchise

Don't get me wrong a franchise can be a great investment, I had one that delivered huge results but I was screwed over by the franchise. They wanted the store for themselves.

No I am not bitter but now work closely with many faranchise owners. In general a large percentage are unhappy.

For someone wanting to get into your first business this is a good opportunity. The marketing is done for you, products suppliesd and methods installed so that you really should succeed.

As always the top 10% will be very good 80% make a living and 10% there own worst enemy and need to take a 9 to 5 job.

My advise to you is that before signing an agreement go and work in a few different stores for free. Talk to the business owners and get good feedback about the good and bad. Then make your mind up with reliable information and not The Franchise markeing crap, all gl;ossy and gold plated.

In most cases you are simply buying a job, plugging away with your invested money, working long hours to make a basic wage. Consider if you can do something better with your time and money.

The shopping center business

Shopping center owners are ruthless, they have a profit motivation that exludes feeling.

7 traps to avoid when buying a business. I see it time over time where a good business is ruined by simple mistakes. How to avoid them.

You pay a premium rent because of high traffic volume, which is a fair deal. You are guaranteed customers walking in and the rest is up to you.
However beware the fine print in the lease. It could be a percentage of your profits or a rent hike on turnover. That is not profit it is the number of sales made turnover is the value and profit is not considered.
You may work all weekend with high wages to gather in more sales only to see the value gained ripped from under you.
The bigger store groups have a tight reighn on this so the little guys suffer because they are vulnerable to bullying.

Really understand what you are getting into and your lease conditions without the halo of false promises.

The reality of online businesses

They are much the same as any business in that you need customers, sales and a return.
However investments may be much less and you have the ability to scale far greater growth than a walk in store. It will also be a lot easier.

Yes you can buy a business or start from scratch and add the time element to find success.

Combining onlie elements with your expertise can work really well. It may be tutoring, Social Media marketing, affiliate sales or any similar activity, even a virtual store selling all sorts of products.

No rents, no nine to five hours and an open playing field. It has its advantages.

Online is the new world.

Conclusion on buying a business

firstly I have had my own businesses for nearly four decades and still operate a fixed business and online activity. I have owned two Franchise store and advised on the members panel. Then I took an idea to a listed company in a short period. The listed company went from $0.20 a share to over $1.00 in a short journey. A share market crash then destroyed the business and it was left languishing for quite some time. Not everyone is a winner.

I love the idea of working for myself and being responsible to no one. You work harder and longer but enjoy it more than you than destroy it.

Secondly I beseech you to go into any business with a sound written plan and cashflow for the whole journey. Be hard on the results you think you will achieve because we all tend to be over optomistic in the early period. Seek the advise of proffessionals and others doing similar things so you understand the downsides to all the glory.

Finally love what you do and give it everything you have got because success is the greatest payback of all. Failure is not an option.

7 traps to avoid when buying a business by Peter Hanley

An investment in yourself

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