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Why would you add a comment website new? Comments are an important part of blogging, increasing SEO, pleasing Google and offering feedback on your writing.

How do website comments work?

Comments reflect an image that your website is a good one to visit. Others have done it, why not you?

There are three great reasons for soliciting comments on your web site or blog.

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They encourage further reading

We are a curious bunch of people and love to hear what other people think.
Reading recent comments gives proof of evidence that the site understands what we are looking for.
It is also important that the comments are answered when they can be by the site author.

This provides further clarity and a greater understanding of the blog.

I was just reading a post by Neil Patel, a how to expert on all things SEO, and I naturally skimmed the comments. Neil answered every comment about the blog on SEO throwing even greater insight into the situation.
Neil teaches this stuff so if he does it then I certainly can, and pass it on to you.

Why my WordPress website is not showing in Google search

The latest Google search algorithms favor those sites they consider subject authorities. When people leave a comment this may confirm your authority. It is important that you respond to comments in a proper way. No thank you notes, a proper comment.

Do comments add to your word count?

We were told that a blog should be about 1500 words and many come out less than that. However, both the visitor comments and your reply add to the word count total, therefore, increasing the overall count.
On a recent blog, I had nearly 20 comments and answers this increasing the account greatly.

In fact, when done right, blog comments can indirectly lead to better SERP rankings. … The more happy readers you find, the more back links you'll get, and the better your website's SEO will be. So get out there and start attracting happy readers through targeted blog comments!

This quote pretty well explains a great reason for obtaining comments. This will improve your SEO and Google rankings.
However, you should be mindful of Spam comments and delete them early as the search engines do not like questionable backlinks.

Do comments increase your branding?

We believe that this will work in your favor and have readers follow other writing that you have done. you may even place links in your replies should you wish.

Comments work on promoting relationships

This is an area that provides an opportunity to build relationships within your community, niche or area of expertise, seeking the comments of like-minded people builds a continual form of contact that can be built much further. It's not just mutual back-scratching but a genuine show of combined empathy.

How to get comments on your post or blog?

Create a blog with WordPress

This is important because it is nearly as hard as Keyword selection.
First of all, you can ask for comments on your page.
Give them a reason to have an opinion or wind them up in a controversial issue. Readers love to display a knowledge of the subject so promote them to contribute.
You can ask friends, associates or even family to contribute to the chain with good feedback on your article.
A bit black hat but we all have an opinion that may be respected by others.
At Wealthy Affiliate, we have a channel to share comments from and with random members. You can swap or buy comments at any time.
This is really increasing your knowledge by using people in a similar category to critique your article and offer genuine comments.
It also accomplishes most of the above points I have made as well.
Bring in your industry members so they can contribute to your success. Reciprocate the offer to provide a win-win situation.

Comments hosting service

larger organizations love to keep track of the feedback provided so they can better manage future posts.
In fact, Wikipedia even commented on this in a recent article.
In this day of instant news, the world's media moderates what people are reading so they can produce more of the same.
Comments are much the same as they indicate what you are doing right or wrong.


I have had to assume some of my responses. Who knows exactly what Google has in mind at any given time. They make a few thousand changes every year, both minor and major and what is true today may be obsolete tomorrow.

I have followed advice from Wealthy Affiliate Training and Neil Patel Uber Suggest among others to bring you ideas to consider.
I love comments and make it my job to give a reply to everyone that cares to make the effort.
You learn from others and this is one great way to achieve some extra input.
Finally, feel free to comment below as I would welcome the opportunity to establish a dialogue.

add a comment website new
Peter Hanley

Add comment website new by Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley

I have been in business for many years and the internet to find ways to grow your business faster

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  1. Jon

    I did now know that comments mattered so much when it comes to ranking in google and getting your site more authority overall. Do you think that comments have increased your site’s overall authority and if so how has it? I think that comments have given my site a slight boost in ranking but not too noticeable.

    1. Peter Hanley

      It’s hard to tell Jon but all the bits add up to the whole So it is necessary.
      I have had some comments that have made me think so it has a dual purpose.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Peter h

  2. shariful islam

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post with us.I think the comments on a website are only reflected when the web site looks and looks very nice.Some of the most important tips are given in the form of points that are visible to everyone and they are very interesting to read.When a word is used on a blog, people will be interested to know it and try to get the full tip of the article and then leave their comments.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks, Ahariful.
      One of the important points from comments is that you may glean more of what your readers want.

      This can rise to an entirely new blog on an associated subject.


      Peter H

  3. Sonny

    Hello Peter. Thank you for your insights. I didn’t know the quality of the reply to a comment had any significant bearing on SEO. I will keep this in mind from now on as I tend to make short replies to comments. To be honest, I have disapproved comments more than a few times when it is obvious the commenter never took the time to actually read the article and just somehow tries to “wing” it. 

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks, Sonny and you made a very valid point, In fact, one of my comments today had nothing to do with the subject so I turned it around into a help session.
      Nothing gained or lost.

      Peter H

  4. slinggy

    Here is an overview of all the steps for building and starting a successful online business, find a niche,. Evaluate market viability, conduct market research. Conduct competitive analysis.  Learn online business laws. Analysts your target market sources your product. Choose the right ecommerce platform. What are the most successful small businesses and what kind of online business is most profitable?

    1. Peter Hanley

      The most profitable online business is the one you are in.
      It could be a shop, MLM or affiliate marketing the only difference is you?
      I do Affiliate marketing and emailing, one daughter has a shop and the other specializes
      in social media. We all started in the same place.
      Choose your weapon and make it work

      Peter H

  5. Paul

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for sharing the importance of getting comments to our blog post. Being a full-time blogger I got great insights and realized the importance of comments.

    When I read, comments are considered as our content that’s a great news, so it’s free content for us. The benefits we receive from comments are just amazing. When I read a blog post and notice there is no comments on the blog post (even the author at the end of the blog post asked to leave comments) as a layman I think that no one read the post.

    So engagement is very important. As you mentioned, while reading some blog posts comment section I learned a lot new and helpful information that’s not available on the blog post.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Hi Paul and thanks for the time.

      I agree that a few comments provide some degree of authenticity.
      Plus you can see where readers want to be.

      Kind regards

      Peter H

  6. arzu hosan

    Many thanks to you for such a wonderful article and I learned through your article what benefits can be obtained through the comments on our website. I’m an affiliate marketer and I think comment is a very important factor for posting a website and it plays a big role in SEO search rankings.If someone comments on what you mean in your article, then you can easily understand how important your article is and how useful and how many people have understood it. 

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks Arzu,

      You will probably not see results but they will be there.

      Peter H

  7. Fluffy Duck Studios

    Hi Peter, interesting post on the merits of comments for your blog.  I often wondered myself if comments received from visitors contributed to your word count and therefore making your site more attractive in SERP.  Ironically, you have to have the right keywords (SEO) to be found by Internet users before they can add their comments, so your rankings are probably ok if this happening organically already.

    I always like it when site owners reply to my comments – one, it demonstrates their authority in the subject and two, they recognise I could be a potential customer and understand the need to keep me engaged.  

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks for the kind words , as this post was short I need the extra words LOL

      Peter h

  8. Charli Smith

    You have to decide what type of business you are most interested in. Without insight into what you really love and what you are good at, you may start a business that you do do enjoy.

    1. Peter Hanley

      That is so true and one of the first processes is to define your niche.
      However once on the path one should not get sidetracked into seemingly enhanced ventures.
      Stay true to your values.
      Peter H

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