7 ways to find your self motivation in times of need

7 ways to find your self-motivation in times of need. Burn out hits us all the difference is how we handle it and move forward

Getting on top of burn out

I hit it today, nothing works the way it should and I simply can't be bothered overcoming this fade from enthusiasm. It does not happen often and I am normally an extremely positive guy but hey it affects us all.
So what am I doing about it?

Looking at my plans for the futureReimagine where I want to be
Take some time outTook my wife for lunch
Tackle just one goalAn easy one is probably a good idea
Mix with positive peopleGet some feedback
Revisit our whyRemember your reasons
Understand our obligationsIf it must be done, then do it
It is up to you to changeGive yourself a lecture
The 7 ideas to overcome that listless feeling

Check your plans and analyse where you are at

Having a roadmap to your future is essential. If you don't know where you are going no one else will. However, at times we lose sight of this.

Intrinsic = related to what we want to do.

Extrinsic = related to what we have to do.

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This is important in separating those issues that you must prioritise. No one says you have to do anything to achieve your plan. It is your plan and in your control unless of course, it is part of your job. Then keeping your job is dependent on completing the roles.

I have a plan to achieve 400 posts by year-end. I still have a way to go however it is a time-consuming exercise. Every day I lose means more effort later on. Therefore taking downtime now simply means moving the workload.

My point is that this plan is important to me so I must get out of bed and do it. Creation hides the mood swings.

Taking time off and changing focus

This is a must-do at times when you just can't face up to a task. Therefore it is better to change track than underperform for this time.

I have several plans going at one time so switching is easy. One is my investments in Crypto Currencies, here I can get lost in the learning circle taking my energies away from the other areas. The problem is that often some things get neglected and this must be managed.

We all have 24 hours in a day. Each of us has proffered hours of work time however this can be changed. Move from morning to night or vice versa. Change your setting or do something different to remove the mood cycle.

Tackle just one goal and do it properly

Making money is always a critical decision factor. If we don't make an income we starve therefore some things are extrinsic. We must complete them.

Set an hour of your time. Block out every disturbing issue and concentrate exclusively on completing that objective in that time. Once done you can then go to lunch.
You have completed the income objective.

Writing Newsletters is a bi-weekly program for me. It makes money yet it is still a chore that must be done. However, I can spend time researching subject lines, collecting pictures, making up graphs, deleting slow users, and leaving the creation time to suit my artistic moments.

Find your self-motivation with enthusiastic people

Mixing with positive people capturing their enthusiasm.

Find your self motivation

You may work from home or in some degree of isolation so how do you find positive influences in a drab existence.
Using forums of like-minded people will find the gifts you want. There will always be high achievers singing their praises and beseeching you to join in. It is contagious and will help you.
I use a forum at Wealthy Affiliate as my respite. They are involved in everything internet and achieving their goals so a welcome addition to the day.

I also have like-minded friends with whom I coffee meet regularly. They will kick me along when I complain or whine about the day's problems.

Some do social groups for breakfast, lunch, or get together and sound ideas off each other.

Revisit our why

When you understand why you are doing a project, commitment, or even a job you will better relate to what you have to do.
If it is not that important in your mind or your soul you will often battle to get it done.

When something is simply a chore perhaps there are ways to get rid of it. I have a day business that has become just that, something I must do however it takes strength and willpower to keep me on the straight. I decide to sell the problem to someone that cares more than me.

Perhaps you need to change jobs because you are not getting the satisfaction you want. A big call however it can open new fields of opportunity and give you that kick in the rear that you need.

Many do music, art or other creative pursuits to replace the mundane and offer a refuge from the daily drudge. They do that for Love, your work outlet needs to have a similar identity.

Find your self-motivation and obligations

Understanding our obligations

When you look at issues with clear eyes sometimes your want becomes a real need. If I don't achieve this my family may not eat, I will get thrown out of my house, my car will be repossessed.

These are all things we never want to happen. However if your daily grind is the money to achieve these outcomes use fear as your catalyst.
It is important to remember that remorse may be too late so don't let your stagnating become a long-term dilemma. Take charge early in the time to ensure you do the basics to avoid confronting terminal situations.

Find your self-motivation within yourself.

Change is up to you

At times it is really hard to remember that we are responsible for our outcomes.
You can not shift the blame to anyone else or any situation you may dream up.

Being a victim is an excuse to avoid the reasons that got you there. At any time YOU are in control of your destiny so act early to make changes instead of late and making excuses.

Ok, Illness and a few other issues may mess up your life however we are generalising about the greater mob out there.

My granddaughter was involved in a horrific accident about a year ago. She was in the hospital for eight months and told she would never walk again or have a normal life. Her response was to say: “Watch me”
She has tackled life without a complaint setting new goals to achieve. Walking with the aid of a crutch, getting a car modified for her to drive, working part-time, and socialising when she can.
She still faces more operations and has these planned around achieving as normal a life as possible. She has been an inspiration to many and I am told often if Georgia can do all that my little problems are easy to overcome.
How to build your Mojo

My conclusion and motivator

I decided on this topic because I was having a bad day. Just like anyone else for me the world was too heavy on my shoulders and needed a change.

Therefore I had to gather all my mental resources to regroup and achieve the results I needed.
Just Like you, we need to eat and pay the rent because we understand it is in our abilities to achieve this. Yes taking a day off won't change the world but it will shift the responsibility to another day. Too many and the future gets harder to achieve.

I hope you can gain some small insight from this page that will help in some way as an attitude adjustment.
The proverbial Kick in the butt.

Perhaps a Mentor will help

We all need it sometimes.

7 ways to find your self motivation in times of need by Peter Hanley

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  1. MIchel

    Great read, and I agree. When one works on one’s own, it is sometimes difficult to motivate oneself to do mundane tasks. I love writing content, but I procrastinate when writing emails for my list. I think the trick is to do all the stuff you don’t like early in the day to get it out of the way before tackling the more agreeable tasks. But it does take a lot of discipline.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks Michelle,

      I get waves of avoidance pain when I have things that must be done but I am trying to ignore the urgency.

      When the pain gets too much I clear the desk so I can start a new day fresh.

      I know life is easier when the slate is clean I just must like the misery of procrastination.

      I try.

      Peter H

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