7 great ways to plan for massive success in business

Is making money online real or just a scam to suck us all in and get our money? A few facts to change your mind and get you started to win

What is making money online all about

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate

First of all, this is an open question that will include many answers.

Besides that, you may as well ask if making money is possible, Of course it is.

The online world is massive and includes many, many options therefore you just need to pick the one that suits you. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and you just need to narrow the field down to what suits you.

Selling product onlineYour own or someone else's.
Dropshipping ProductSelling from the factory
Having an online shopUsing software to do it
Writing training coursesFor those that know
Doing coachingGetting the inner teacher going
Mastering Social mediaUsing it the best way
Selling on Social MediaSetting up for others
BloggingGet the writer out
Building web pagesFor others
Creating web funnelsThe sales channel
Becoming an affiliate marketerInstant income
My first cut

And there are many more

Writing eBooksA great way to start
Creating a YouTube channelFor you or others
Doing surveysOnline surveys
Creating product reviewsGreat product recommendations
Becoming an InfluencerTelling others
Working as a Virtual assistantHire yourself out
Trading stocks and sharesOnline trading
Collecting debtorsFor small business
Doing Google setupsFor small business
Reselling Fivver gigsEasy to do

Choose what you are passionate about

You may choose one from the list or all of them if you want, however success comes from specialising.
In addition, you may have to link several to accomplish one objective. For example, blogging needs a web page, social media channels, and a YouTube channel as well.

The list is not exhaustive and you will find many more ways to make money but you will generally find that everything starts with a webpage.

This is your shop window to the world, what you do, who you are and where you are going.

To get started (if you are a beginner) hop on to the Wealthy Affiliate website try a few training courses and see if they are for you. They go from beginner to Pro so there is something there for everyone.

What is the fast track to money

I am sorry to tell you that instant millionaire is not in your daily horoscope. It says if you work hard and learn a lot there is a good chance of success.

However, with an above-average basic knowledge, you can achieve a lot.

I have a friend who concentrated on building Keywords. A company approached her to work for them on a Five figure year income, part-time and from home. An offer too good to refuse.

My daughter concentrated on Facebook marketing and is now employed full-time in a national agency.

They did not get there overnight. They found a niche and worked until they understood it completely and then marketed their product, themselves.

You are the answer to wealth

No one else can do it, there is no one to blame the results are about input.

If you wanted to be an Architect you would go to school for about 15 years to just learn the basics, then you get a JOB on a base salary and learn some more before getting a return.

However, you want to be an internet guru in five minutes and build from there.

You wish!

Besides Nothing comes that easy, even the lottery takes effort.

Therefore decide the path you want to take and let's make some plans to make the dream real. It is there waiting for you, just add effort.

Is making money online real when using a plan?

It always starts with a plan

A planning block

This might sound a bit pathetic however it is the foundation to success. You will never get anywhere without knowing where you are going and what you want to see when you get there.

So let's plug a destination into the Navigator and start to designate a route.

For instance, if you want to be a successful blogger, The goal reality starts after about four hundred blogs, the way and writing every day is the plan.
Now cut that down into time blocks, A blog will take about four hours to do properly. Maybe a bit less and probably a lot more.
That's one a day, every day for a tad over thirteen months. Then the journey begins.

Frightening isn't it. However you could have developed a good income around that time, a business that will stand you well for years ahead, and something to be proud of.

It matters not what you choose it will still contain a learning curve, if you are not up to it that's fine, go and find a job where they tell you what to do and spend your life wishing you had taken the leap.
There are no barriers, no age class, sex, colour of your skin, or even education. They are excuses.
One of the higher achievers at Wealthy Affiliate was a young Singaporean kid. At about 18 he opted out of University and went solo on the internet. He moved to Taiwan because of love and had to start fresh with little money or support.
He is now earning an estimated million dollar a year income, certainly it is a few years later and a whole heap of work passed but he made it happen.

The pareto principle

This is an ancient philosophy set up by an economist who found the 80/20 rule.

On the Internet, this means that just 20% will ever make it and 80% will fail. Of those that make it 20% will do very well and 80% will be ok.

The rule has been proven to be accurate over the past hundred-plus years.

Therefore it is not good enough to be in the 80% mob you need to be better than that.

This is true if you look at multi-level marketing. A great place to waste your time. Selling products like Amway, Herbalife, Avon, Vorwork, or any of the others.
Here 80% do all the work because the 20% earn from them. If you are at the top the money can be great however the workers maintain the business and scrap for income.

Always beware of anything closely representing Pyramid marketing. Here all the money goes to the top of the tree.

This is not designed to scare you, quite the opposite is true. I just want you to realise that anything is possible however it takes time and dedication.

The Olympic Ambition

Is making money online real, 21 great ways to win

I write this during the Tokyo Olympics. People are winning medals and standing on the Dias with beaming smiles of success.
They did not make it in a day quite the opposite is true. Australia was awarded the 2032 Games to be held in Brisbane. That's a short eleven years away. Therefore children of eight and nine are now starting their journey to a beaming smile finish.

Interestingly a gold medal winner will be paid $20,000 by the government. Some compensation for 11 years of daily training.

If you put a similar time into any of the above occupations you would be demanding $20k a month and not a single return for eleven years of dedication.

It is all about your dedication to something you enjoy and want to achieve.

Is making money online real and my windup

My training conclusion

I cannot teach you to become a success in one single post. In addition, I cannot choose a subject for you.
What I can do is convince you of the understanding that anything is possible however it will take a lot of effort.
I do advise that you narrow your choice and choose from just one category to start your journey. Learn it so well that you can teach it to others, thus starting the road to a gold medal.
Yes, you can build on this as you grow and in fact, it will be necessary to incorporate other services into your Armoury.

Finally, be careful of where you go online, there are many scams and money-making traps along the way. These will mostly offer instant success with little effort, it simply is not possible and paying out large sums of money will not get you to the end quicker.

Follow a forum like the one at Wealthy Affiliate where others share their journey and provide help and assistance to any part of the road ahead.

You don't need to be alone and believe me we all need help along the way. Things change so quickly that we can never keep up with every little roadblock on our own.

Let's do a quick summary;

  • I have given you a list of 21 ideas on which to grow your knowledge
  • The time and effort that will be necessary
  • Making a plan and executing it
  • Why you need to be in the top 20%
  • A warning about scams and other issues
  • finally where to get all the help you need.

I hand the Olympic torch to you to start your journey to the success you seek.

Is making money online real, 21 great ways to win by Peter Hanley

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