7+Ways to Get your Blog Noticed on Google Quickly

7+Ways to Get y7+ Ways to Get your Blog Noticed on Google Quickly. It's a waste of your time if no one reads your material, We tell you how to get there

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7+Ways to Get your Blog Noticed on Google Quickly

Get this wrong and I don't care how well you write you will be on page twenty or more of a search term. A place where no one goes.

It is quite sad that many writers continually make this mistake and then give up in frustration because they are not getting followers.

The two critical factors are;

  • Traffic
  • competition

You need some traffic but a low competition number to compete fairly with a Google ranking.
Keywords are the search terms that people use to find an answer or solution. Your post must do one of these with an easy search term.
It is no use having traffic as a search term. A huge volume of clicks but so much competition that you need to climb a mountain to get further up the chain.
My Keyword ( or phrase) for this post is, “7 Ways to Get your Blog Noticed on Google Quickly”
I do my Keyword research using Jaaxy a search tool and Google search to find out a balance of results. This has low traffic and competition and it ties in with other blogs I have written.

The age of your blog and association with others

Google wants you to hang around for a while to see if anyone reads your stuff and takes any actions. This is called Google Intent because they want to find the closest solution to the question asked and it won't always be your keyword as chosen, but it will be close.
That is why we use alternate phrases spread throughout our article to gather a bit more recognition.

Google ranking takes time

First of all, you must wait for this to happen. For new bloggers, it will be days or even weeks however it gets quicker as you build your portfolio.

Blogging is not a quick trip, it is a long-term journey as you build your credentials as someone to be trusted.

7+Ways to Get your Blog Noticed on Google Quickly

When you are advising on legal matters, as an example, anyone with a Law degree or higher will rank before you. They must know more than the average layman so their opinion is the one Google will generally accept even when search terms are identical.

One way around this obstacle is to reference a higher authority in your work thus showing you have done your research and working from a recognized authority.

Getting traffic to your blog

A google search is not the only traffic generator and using other media can really help your ranking. Google sees that others are reading your material so it must be valuable content and joins the best friends group.

Social Media can do this by providing links in your blog. It could be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any of the others. One media will probably dominate your returns based on the following so that is just part of your management.

Your Webpage can also be a great source of linking when readers want more information on a particular product. This helps your traffic scores on all counts as they are flipping between your sites.
Remember; your web page is the sales page and your blog is the information center. Don't get them confused.

7+Ways to Get your Blog Noticed on Google Quickly

It is important to understand that YouTube is used almost as much as Google for search terms. In fact, more than Bing and Yahoo combined.
That means if you don't have a YouTube channel you are missing out on a lot of traffic.
Some of this is trial and error depending on your niche and you will generally find a dominant supply chain among all that you use. Therefore concentrate your resources on channels that count.

Does branding influence Google searches

The simple answer is absolutely, however, it is down the list of seniority. I have seen recognized companies with poor structure lag behind others that use all the skills needed.

Neil Patel is a leader in small business and Keyword research and will be in the top searches every time. However, it is not just because he is Neil Patel it is because he does things by the book. HubSpot is another that gets a good billing.
They have a recognized brand, authority, and the system worked out so you and I will never beat them.
They are the elite competition so when they are involved adjust your Keyword to try for a better result.

Your Meta description and headline

These two rank right up with Keyword selection although I have moved them down the list for convenience.

It is fact that one of the first three free entries in a search term is selected by around 80% of people who search.
Therefore the odds are not 30% each they are 100% with the best meta description.
It is few second decision process where a searcher wants an answer to the question.

Whish site ranks first in a Google search

Here are four listings under the same search term with widely varying results. The last one performed way better than the others.
First, of all, they all used capitals in the headings so a good reminder to you all.
Each one has some authority however the Google sit ranks better.
A long-tail Keyphrase in the last outperformed a short keyword in the second

7+Ways to Get your Blog Noticed on Google Quickly by writing good content

Content is not so important in a search or is it?

The best content in the world is wasted if no one reads it. So getting read is really the priority but Google has its own ways. No one knows how many ranking factors Google uses however you can be sure there are many. This is where your content comes into consideration.

The time people stay on a page is a factor so poor writing and bailing readers does not reflect well to the umpire.
Setting up and using linking to both internal and external sites also pleases Google.
Using correct linking is also important and making affiliate-type links non follow is important.

Using Google links correctly

The opening in a new tab is an important feature to use. When they are transferred to a new site and log out they will be returned to the current page and not just close up shop. This means a longer time on site and more opportunities to capture them. ( This is a WordPress feature shown)

Google search consol

Fortunately, Google gives you post-production results and tells you where you have gone wrong, plus all your traffic stats this is available at the Google search console.

Google Analytics can also help with trends and statistics

Bing has a similar arrangement at Bing WebMaster tools which includes Yahoo

Conclusion and summary

Of course, all this is quite difficult to take in however it will be the difference between success and failure.

  • Understanding Keywords
  • Letting your blog age
  • Authority
  • Extra traffic
  • The benefits of brand
  • Meta description and heading
  • How content helps a google search

If you are unsure of any of these and really want to win the war then take some free training at Wealthy Affiliate and make certain that you are on the winner's list.

7+Ways to Get your Blog Noticed on Google Quickly by Peter Hanley

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  1. Diane

    Great article and perfect timing! I’ve been concentrating more on the traffic factors. Keywords, of course. And UX. But just recently I’ve decided to set up a YouTube channel for my site. It’s up and I hope to add the first videos this week.

    Do you have any information on the length of videos that work best for a new YT channel? I’m not sure I’ll be able to do a 30 minute video at first (maybe never?) but thinking that a well-done 5-10 minute might be fine.

    Thanks again for your insight into getting my blog noticed. After all, if no one visits, I won’t be able to make any money!

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks, Diane, Glad I could help in some small way.

      Videos that are too long will lose many viewers because most of us are attention-deficit and won’t hang around to the end. The current option is to keep promising a bonus at the end but it rarely keeps me, I want answers not long drawn out diatribes.

      It is a matter of trial and error.

      Best regards

      peter H

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