9 Stages to Writing a Blog. Boredom

9 stages to writing a blog. Boredom. This is a stage that everyone goes through however it can be avoided if you take the right steps forward

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Why does boredom affect blog writers?

Blog writing is not a quick fix solution especially if you plan to be highly successful in this chosen career.

Results are often slow to come in and frustrating to you as you wait for a rush of enthusiastic followers.

If life was like that everyone would be doing it, to use an old proverb.

Therefore creating great work and following all the rules and still not making traction will disturb the best of us. We will start to see that big red Give up button beckoning from the computer.

How to have an understanding of the writer's journey

We will now take you through an S curve of emotion

The blogging start line

You decide that blogging is for you. There are many reasons for this and they may include;

  1. A love of writing
  2. Great knowledge of a central industry
  3. To promote your main business
  4. Naturally, a money-making pursuit
  5. For a charitable concern
  6. An escape from everyday reality
  7. All of the above

When you have a reason to blog and you are focused on a particular niche the journey is beginning to take shape.

Training for the blogging marathon

9 stages to writing a blog. Boredom

When you know what you want to do it's time to find out How to do it.

This is the exciting time of the race.

Blogging is a business and you can either do it properly or close the doors not long after the start-up phase.

To make it easy my recommendation is to take the free training at Wealthy Affiliate where I can promise you the best value training in town hangs out.

When promoting a blogging experience I like to follow the basic rules of marketing;

A . Ensure the journey will be as easy as possible

B. Make the financial commitment as small as possible

C. Provide you a path to a secure future.

It is important to emphasize the point that you are building a business and not just having a casual affair.
Google needs to know you are really in the business or he will never favor you with respect.

Most people underestimate the time involved in blogging for a career.
However, most don't appreciate the returns that are possible.

Don't you make these mistakes?

Making your blogging plans for the first year

The year is chosen because you will experience change however this gives you sufficient time to establish yourself in the business.

You can decide how many blogs you intend to write or how many hours a week will you spend on this vocation as a target for your activities.

In general terms, a Blog may take about four hours to construct, write and publish so even one a day is a chore. This will have depending factors however most will balance out.

You may choose a hundred good keywords and have them written down before you start the distance. This saves you having to think about things to write about every time you start a new project and Is one I recommend.

Building a library of pictures that represent your headings will also help save time along the way. In some Word Building programs, these may be included.

It is necessary to leave periods for extra training as things on the internet change regularly. You will also need to advance your skillset as you grow more confident in your abilities.

9 stages to writing a blog. Boredom. Be careful.

Off to the race and writing your first blog

9 stages to writing a blog. Boredom

This is the exciting stage as you start producing your work and having it ranked by Google and Bing.
You will start to find out what works and travel in a specific direction to achieve your goal.

During this time you will collect more information and even Affiliate opportunities as you start to build a base on which to work.

Writing will be easy and you may even get some pages ranked highly in the search engines resulting in a trickle of traffic coming your way.

These small wins will drive you harder because the big time is just around the next blog or so.

The hiatus starts about now

Success is not coming quick enough, your work is not getting the traction it deserves and you are spending a whole bundle of time and getting ited benefit.

Maybe all this blogging talk was just spam and no one ever makes it. Your family doesn't understand the hours spent and the small results that are being generated.

This life was probably not meant for you so why not try something else. Let's start a new blog and make some changes and maybe that will help or start spending money on social marketing to see if that will build results quicker.

This is a period that we all go through and those that come out the other side win the war.

Accept that this is part of the journey it is not always easy. Don't give up.

When you are depressed about the whole blogging process it is hard to see the blue sky.

9 stages to writing a blog. Boredom and ways to get around it.

Look to the experienced blog writers

Remind yourself that many people just like you are making a small fortune doing exactly what you are doing and heaping huge rewards upon themselves.

For instance, Wealthy Affiliate has a challenge every year for those that achieve 300 signed referrals a fully paid vacation to Los Vegas. Airfares, Hotel food, and entertainment were all included, and even some gambling money was provided.

Every year 20-30 achievers line up for an experience of a lifetime for having achieved a goal that would produce a good income. 300 sales would achieve about $4000 a month in returns and not just for one year for many years to come. ( I have allowed for some dropouts and some annual and have guessed the return so it is only a rough estimate.)

However they don't do this in just one year, they continue every year building on a base that will achieve million-dollar rewards.

You can follow the high achievers and learn their success stories and what encourages them to continue the journey.

Perhaps you can set a target to achieve 500 blogs before you make any decisions and think about escaping to another field.

Blogging does take time and thought to achieve results however the end is somewhere in the future unless you are doing so little work it can never make it.

Many blogs simply won't get indexed, it may be because of poor Keyword selection, a bad Meta description, plagiarism, poor spelling, and grammar, or any number of reasons that Google decides to penalize you with it.

To get more working blogs is your plan.

9 stages to writing a blog. Boredom and building your plan.

Build your excitement plan

Think of all the small rewards along the way, and use them as stepping stones for the bigger ones. Take out targets and aim for small results because they all add up. If you improve just 1% in your keyword, headline, description, and click ratio every month you will quickly grow by 100%.

9 stages to writing a blog. Boredom

Time is not the enemy. I was just watching a video by Elon Musk where he was asked about failure. When the first Tesla 3 was being manufactured they had all sorts of problems and many that seemed insurmountable. Elon spent three years working every waking hour and most nights sleeping on the factory floor until they got it right. Three years that propelled him into being the richest man in the world. He would simply not give in.

Make perseverance your mindset.


The journey starts and ends with excitement however the middle bit may be a steep climb.

Nearly every business has this trajectory and your blogging endeavor will be no different.
It is not a get rich quick occupation it can establish a very good living wage done from anywhere at any time.

However, it will come with highs and lows and your understanding of this passage will help overcome any mental obstacles.

Finally, take charge now because the future is in your hands.

9 stages to writing a blog. Boredom. By Peter Hanley

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  1. Nel Duarte

    I am definitely in the boredom stage. I resonate with: ” start spending money on social marketing to see if that will build results quicker” I started doing that, and so far, there are no results, just a waste of time and money.  

    I like the idea of small wins to be successful; building a plan to keep myself engaged in researching and writing sounds like a good approach. Getting better content with keywords and finding good images related to the topic will save me time and motivate me to continue. 

    Thank you for this post.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks, Nel.

      Because it is not a quick process it really does become hard work and the temptations to wander afield are ever-present. Focus on the goal and take those steps even if the goalpost keeps moving. lol

      Best wishes

      Peter H

  2. pasindu dimanka

    thnak you so kuch for this post. 
    I appreciate the idea of tiny victories as a way to achieve success; devising a strategy to keep yourself motivated in research and writing sounds like a solid strategy. Getting better content with keywords and locating relevant images will save me time and encourage me to keep going.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks Passindu,

      we all need to overcome the middle distance blues,

      Best of luck with your work

      Peter H

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