7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas

7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas before you experience failure. Is there a market place for your idea and people wanting to pay.

Why validate why not just write?

A good question and many times this will be the option when you have a hot off the press idea that really has the legs to fly.

Validate, confirm, corroborate, substantiate, verify, and authenticate all mean to attest to the truth or validity of something.


We are talking about the ability of a blog post to be read and accepted as value for many customers over a period of time.

As you build your brand readers will follow however you need to give them what they want. If you are selling meat you don't offer vegetarian menus because the interest is naturally low.

If you are selling vegan food a post on the best cuts of beef won't make the grade.

Therefor never ask a vegan to comment on a animal product.

Are you answering a question or solving a problem?

Most searches on the internet or YouTube are seeking an answer to a problem.

How, why, when and where are common ways to put a response together.

If your searches know the answer they simply don't search so you need to solve a problem or issue that has an interest to a wider audience.

There is an audience for you among the several billion searches everyday so it is putting together a package that is best equipped to draw them in.

This will include keywords, headlines and meta descriptions to whip up an interest

How do you know if anyone is interested?


All keywords have traffic and competition. Both of these are available with any good Keyword tool so that your decision is a lot more informed.

However too much of either traffic or competition will block you from getting to page one of a search term, thus being read.

The one thing that you must master is the use of Keywords by using the appropriate support and understanding the results

Who else is offering a similar answer on the subject that would outrank you. Forgetting the paid adds for a moment have a look at the answers supplied and see just how you can fit in.

Look at the first three line items and see what they are doing right an adjust your work to be better than them.

One way is using a list, this always helps so finding a number of ways of doing something will get you in favour with Google, and that is a good thing. I always find a list comes early in every search term so that validates my reasoning.

7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas using associates ( and a list)

Using friends, family and associates

This is not as silly as you may think. I find many in this group can be hyper critical of my efforts and apply answers that can get you thinking. However, I find they are not always right in what they say but it does add to the dialogue and decision making.

Using other media to see what is being asked

Many will recommend Quora as a bible to the questions that are being searched. As a member I often answer questions to gather a good idea of what people want. Of course you have to weed out the rubbish of those with no knowledge and high ambitions.

However many ask great questions and you can see by the upvotes the level of interest in any search query.

Craig's list is similar but I don't use it very often so wont put forward a recommendation whilst others will.

Google search, Threads and other website tools

These all add to your knowledge base and can help your decision. However don't get too deep in the water and waste valuable time .
You will find other tools listed however you are looking for a simple answer not an in-depth solution.

Are you solving an issue and is it important

Social media as a guide

How to get quality traffic to my website on a budget

Again a whole field of viewers that indicate a need to have a problem solved. Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using a post to ask the question will deliver results. Twitter also gets up a great comment flow for you.

Finding forums and posing a question or simply searching what others want

Creating cornerstone sites and linking to it

When everything else fits however traffic is slow consider creating a cornerstone post and linking other posts to it. This way you will build your own traffic and develop a following for that query or word.

Rome was not built in a day, nor a flow of traffic to any website. It takes time to establish a like and trust bonding over many articles. Therefore if the odd one does not rate as well as you hoped it still adds to the portfolio.

Internal linking will also contribute to the traffic over time with searchers seeking more information.

Putting it all together

The keyword on this page started as “validating a blog”. Not a lot of traffic and some big names in the search term yet I wanted to include this term in my work as it is important.

I added a list to the issue with 7 ways and included a power word to enforce my meaning thus making the headline stronger. I use the headline program at MonsterInsights and achieved a 90/ 100 rating which will increases my chances of being read.

Then I tightened up my Meta and made sure I added some character to the page.

Conclusion to validation

With the above list of ideas you can obtain a rough idea of the success chances. However don't get too hung-up on the problem and let Keyword generation be your best friend.

We never really know until we try unless we try to be too smart.

If there is too much traffic and competition to have a chance of rating then modify the Keyword slightly. A small change can make a big difference to the results.
How to tie a tie can become how to tie a tie the Windsor knot way or looking in a mirror etc.

A similar word selection yet narrowed down for better results.

Many people believe traffic is everything however this is not true. Results are what count and if you got one click on small traffic it is better than none on volume.

7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas by Peter Hanley

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