How to take your readers on a journey when writing a great blog

How to take your readers on a journey when writing a great blog. The art of storey keeps readers on your page and ready to click

Writing a blog with purpose

I recently visited my 96 year old uncle to catch up on old times. My uncle lives alone in an ancient cottage surrounded by what were once gardens. He had recently sacked the gardner because he was incompetent and would not take directions.

It is permitted to be a bit cranky at his age so we shall let that one go.

Noel played a lot of Football as a young man and kept himself very fit whilst spending his days in the railway workshops. That is where the story starts.

One night he and four mates were doing it big in town. They were young and single with little care for propriety and overstayed the visit. The passenger trains had stopped , the buses long parked for the night and home was fifteen Klms away.
A further problem was one of the lads had a broken leg from a recent accident and hoped along with the use of crutches.
Walking home was not an option.

Finding a freighter

How to take your readers on a journey when writing a great blog

Off they went to the railway yard and found a freight train heading to home, a great opportunity for a free ride. Billy with his broken leg had to be bodily thrown on to the tarp covery the freight. A nice soft platform for the ride home.

The cold of the outdoor train ride was masked by the internal alcohol levels as they sung their way along the passage home. a good half hour trip high in spirits and accomplishment.

Unfortunately and unbeknown to them they had been seen, heard and reported for riding atop the freight, a feat which is highly frowned upon.

At the final stop

On arriving at the final destination two angry police office's stood in the yards waiting to apprehend them. The Policemen were out late and not at all happy with the loutish behavior being exhibited by the young men. In fact a fairly dangerous practice.

The boys had a problem, they had to get Billy down from the train in as gentle a way as he could be thrown from the bogey. Furthermore running was not an option with a broken leg. Surely they would be captured and locked up for the night to face court and their angry parents the next day.

Noel took the lead, he jumped down from the train and confronted to the two offices with an apology of some small kind. It was never going to work so he did a runner going just ahead of the two policemen. He ducked between carriages and across lines in just enough pace to remain ever so slightly ahead.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Billy was bundled of the train and then the boys walked away as the chase went on for Noel.

Remember Noel was in the peak of fitness and generally sobered up during the ride home. When he had given the others time to make an exit and had taken the coppers far from the trail he put on the afterburners and left the two heavily equipped and now very tired offices well behind.

They never got caught or charged however I am sure they avoided free transport for some time.

Storytelling and you

Now what has this got to do with you and your blogging .

When I mulled on the above story , which by the way is entirely true, it is a classic case of diverting attention to where you want it to go.

Taking your readers on a journey of discovery.

Writing a blog does not have to be boring and in fact quite the opposite is the case.

Readers are searching for answers or solutions to a problem or issue and your job is to satisfy the demand.

I could now sell you train tickets or take you to the Policeman's ball because i have your interest but no.
I want you to write better posts that get read and provide you with an income flow that will keep you working at home.

My early learning experience came from Wealthy Affiliate the Internet training operation that hosts Web sites and provides ongoing income.
However the internet forum at Wealthy Affiliate helps with a bundle of knowledge along the way. The members are all truly focused on supporting each other with ideas and tools to use.
Every affiliate marketer and blog writer should be a member. In fact you can even use it for free before you ever have to make an investment.

I wrote a blog recently with more Uncle Noel stories

How to take your readers on a journey when writing a great blog concludes


I really wanted to tell the above storey and others like it. Many of the old have lived such great lives however they generally hide it from view.

I now spend an interesting hour or so getting him to talk about the past and relive the stories
of his life. Noel is one of the fortunate ones where the mind remains sharp as ever as the body falls down around them.

The past is done for now with the elderly, the current challenge is just waking up in the morning to enjoy a day.

At my current age of seventy seven I don't consider myself as old. Noel has 20 years on me and many people don't get to live that long.
However I do appreciate life every day, you just never know.

How to take your readers on a journey when writing a great blog by Peter Hanley

Further reading on story telling

Choose the right keyword with simple research

Choose the right keyword with simple research and the best free tools. An understanding of these will make your selection profitable

Long-tail keywords, what are they and how to use them

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Many years ago a single word would yield search results however you must now construct a phrase that will be as close to a question or even a voice search on a mobile device.

Every phrase or Long tail word will have an audience however not every search will yield results.
With nearly three million blog posts being loaded every day the job of the writer has changed.

If you don't get your keyphrase right you don't get read. Sorry to be so blunt but it is a competitive world out there and you need to be right on top of your game.

Every Key phrase has some traffic and a bunch of competition that you need to get in front of.
It is far better to have less traffic and little competition but how do you know this.

First of all you have a lot of tools that hold the answer to this question so a simple search will yield an idea of results. These tools use a variety of parameters and will never quite line up so it really is just a good estimate. At the bottom of this page I have included the Jaaxy tool that I use consistently.

The traffic and competition dilemma in Keywords

Let's be really clear here and make sure you understand that only page one of a search term matters, few people ever go past page one in a Google search and those that do might try one more but that's about it.

Getting to page one is not easy it takes time and will depend on several inputs.
As a general rule high traffic will generally mean high competition, however high competition does not always relate to traffic.

Therefore you search for a balance of these to choose a word that will deliver results.

Choose the right keyword with simple research and the right way

How to find the right keyword to use

Most people find this a very hard task and battle the elements only to lose the race.

You can do better than that.

Search WikipediaThis will give a host of ideas
Use Reddit or QuoraFind out what others are asking
Ask Google Google knows the answers
Finally use the Keyword toolAnd maybe start again
A starter guide to great words

You could write about dogs as an example. However this is an extremely broad term and you could never rank for it because of competition that has been around for years.

Wikipedia will give you all sorts of history , breeds, history, origins and some vital information to think about. “Why are dogs colour blind ” is a simple one that I chose to write about.


reddit dogs funny reddit dog owners reddit dog training reddit dog gifs reddit dogs videos reddit dog pictures.
From this simple list you can get ideas for your post. It might start with a breed and answer a question like; “Why are people so scared of American Pitbulls'

You may be promoting dog food, grooming aids or cheap toys however you will get readers to your site this way.

Google makes the rules so using a Google search makes sense however we can do much more.
We can search dogs.

Choose the right keyword with simple research

These are other options that Google offers as search choices.
Now after the search term dogs leave a space and type the letter A

This will give you a whole range of new choices.

Choose the right keyword with simple research

Then continue working through the alphabet until you find something that suits you or what you are writing about.

By now you should have a list of key phrases that have some potential. As a quick example I have extracted just three however you may have a hundred or so

  • Your wikipedia list————————-Why are dogs colour blind
  • Then the Reddit ones———————Funny dogs
  • finally Google recommendations—–Dogs and cats online deceased

Using a keyword tool

Next we move to a Keyword tool like or

Choose the right keyword with simple research

Traffic = the number of searches on page one of your site

QSR = the number of sites with an exact match of the keyword

KQI = Keyword quality indicator, Green is good through to red bad

SEO = A balance between traffic and competition. A number close to 100 is best

A simple shift in spelling from color (USA) colour (UK) makes a difference and would indicate a better choice.
Now I searched Dogs to show the difference.

Choose the right keyword with simple research

This has a huge amount of traffic however 300 sites are ahead of you in the list. That is about page 35 or as far away from being found as you can be.
My point is that using a keyword like dogs will make sure you fail completely in being searched. However ad a long tail or phrase to it and you can get to the top quickly.

There are other elements to this and I discuss this further in a recent blog on time to get to the top

Using more Keywords

You will note that I use a variety of keywords in my sub headings throughout the article. Google will often pick these up and rank you for that as well thus getting you closer to the front.

In my keyword research I found that these phrases could be used as subsidiary search terms however I picked the best for my focus keyword.


The keyword subject is the most important one that you will understand to achieve a page one ranking. If you ignore this then only blind luck can be your friend.
It took me a long time to fully understand the magnitude of impact that this can have.
The traffic on a Tool is not exact and often it is well out particularly showing less searches than there actually are.Your Google analytics will show you a lot more on this as you begin to check the results.
Finally it takes time for your page to rank. It could be a little as seven weeks or out to a year depending on a range of factors and words.
Consider the time factor and don't get anxious when you are slow to rate. It will happen over time.
Keywords are important so treat them well.

Choose the right keyword with simple research by Peter Hanley

How to create an incredible blog post in 7 easy steps

How to create an incredible blog post in 7 easy steps and ensure you are being read and believed as an authority writer every time

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

How to start a blog post and make money

The idea behind blogging is to make money. You may love to write (as I do) , to share your extensive knowledge however everyone wants a pay back for the time spent toiling over a hot computer.

You will not get these tips from anyone else because most people forget that as much as you are trying to write for your readers Google still makes the rules.

  • Keyword research is the most important thing you can do.
  • Developing authority status comes next
  • Volume of blogs in high on the list
  • Site linking both internal and external is essential
  • Writing style is important should your audience make it that far
  • Gathering an audience that knows and likes you
  • Site opening speed must be great

Why are keywords so important

All SEO traffic comes from a Google search.
(when I say Google I include Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc)

Over 90% of searches never go past page one, and in fact the first three listings on page one.

Therefore if you are anywhere else you won't get read no matter how good a writer you are.
When people tell you blogging is a waste of time it is simply they don't understand these few simple rules. Get your keyword right and you will find traffic, although it does take time.

The two key factors are traffic and competition. You need sufficient traffic and low competition or you can't win.
There are 7.5 Million blog posts published every day according to the latest 2021 data.
However you can still be on page one if you choose your Keyphrase properly.

Your page position takes time

How long to get your blog to page one will depend on a lot of factors however take seven weeks as a minimum time before you see real results. It could be a year or longer depending on Your Keyword.
The good part of this is that once you get there the results will go up every day for some time.

When researching “how to start a blog post to make money” the results were staggering. Most had no clicks at all however the right choice of words had thousands of clicks but that was one in the list. It was Neil Patel who has thousands of blogs, has high authority, picks his words carefully and obtains traffic from other sources.

Checking your Keyword and making changes

At the end of this page I will have a Keyword checker that is free to use. This is just one of the tools I use, Neil patel is another and a Google search the most important.
Combining all three I have a chance of picking a Keyword that will rank.

How to create an incredible blog post in 7 easy steps by authority

Gaining Authority status

An authority is a recognised person who is contributing to a conversation. If you were writing on a Health subject a Doctor or Hospital would rank before you. You can get around this by referencing others in your writing to show you are using reliable material.

As an example I include a photo and Bio of myself. After writing about 800 blogs on related subjects I am building my own authority.

Kim Kardashian writing on cleavage display has authority only because she is famous.

The local mechanic writing on car repairs will rank ahead of the layman simply because of his trade.

Large online companies like Patel , Yoast SEO or MonsterInsights etc will have power through size however many others do it very badly.

Therefore you need to build some Street Cred to mix it with the big boys.

How many blogs do you need to write to get a following

The answer is somewhere between one and five hundred, however My blogging community seem to agree on 400 as the start of launch off. You receive a trickle of readers then one day it goes viral as you hit page one.

Yes that is a lot of effort but when you achieve that spot it will return you benefits many times over in rewards for a time into the future.

tHis may vary depending on whether you support the traffic with paid marketing.

How long to get your traffic

Site linking is providing reference material

Internal links will go to other pages you have written to supply further reading on the subject at hand. External linking to known reference material (authority) provides the illusion that what you are saying is correct.
A cheap method is to use Wikipedia to further explain a term or situation. They know everything so it must be correct.

Off recent times Google now demands that you advise them of any affiliate links so they don't follow them. On WordPress there is a little drop down box and you must press the appropriate option. You will be penalised for not conforming so do it every time.

How to create an incredible blog post in 7 easy steps

It will look like this with three tick options.

The open in new tab option will bring them back to your post when they have finished with the diversion. If you don't use this they will simply close both options and be lost.

You must advise all nofollow options.

How your writing style must conform to Google and your readers

So at long last someone finds your page but will they read it.

You must start with a large font and cascade downThat is never go back up to a #1 or #2
Short paragraphs are essentialLess than 300 words in a clear easy to read format
Short sentencesUp to 20 words so don't babble on
Use graphs, lists and picturesThrow in some colour as well
Use transition wordstaking you forward
Images all have an Alt descriptionUse your keyword as an option
The basics

These are the main ones however don't blame me if you disagree, google makes the rules and he does not take criticism well.

Gathering an audience for free

The idea is to send as much traffic to your blog as possible by way of free media.

Social media
This is an ideal channel to market your product, in fact you can post links to your favourite media after every post. This will invite people for many clicks and referrals and is really a must do.
your blog site likewise can send readers when they want a lot of extra information on a product or subject.
Email and newsletters are great for this by having an exciting offer.

Social and work related forums can give you an opportunity to expand your touch as do trade shows and in-house functions.

In this way the volume of traffic is up to your input and how hard you wish to promote it.

7 ways to build your blog traffic for free

Build on your known contacts and get site comments

Asking for comments or nice words about your blog get appended to the end. These are there for everyone to read and importantly add to your overall word count, an important ranking factor.

Site opening speed and mobile acceptance now a priority

More than ever site opening speed is a critical determinant on your performance. Big headers and massive pictures have an impact and should be tested at Google page insights before you give it the final blessing. Anything under about a score of 70 must be attended and fixed or you will be penalised.
It should also be noted that Mobile site speed is now a critical factor as both the growth in Mobile use with messages and Googles penchant for testing there first are critical ranking factors.

How to create an incredible blog post in 7 easy steps
How to create an incredible blog post in 7 easy steps
How to create an incredible blog post in 7 easy steps
Any that are in read are problems


By writing down these steps and committing them to memory you have a chance of getting to page one a lot quicker and getting accepted as an authority on your chosen subject.

Every step is important and short cutting simply does not work. Take the time to do it properly, win the war and reap the rewards

Blogging is a career and not a short term money fix so treat it with reverence and keep writing.

How to create an incredible blog post in 7 easy steps by Peter Hanley

7 new ways to increase your blog traffic by 200% for free

7 new ways to increase your blog traffic by 200% for free. This is probably the most important post you will read this year.

  • The question you ask “Your Keyword
  • Relevance of your answer to that word.
  • Site speed.
  • Use of free media
  • Using your Webpage
  • The headline and your Meta description
  • getting to page one

First of all I apologise for using a random 200%. This really is dependant on the things we will discuss. It could be somewhat less however it may be a whole heap more if you are doing the wrong things

Secondly I offer no time scale because this is determined by google based on what you provide.

Finally what I offer is a chance of success better than most other writers in the 2.5 million blogs written every day.

What is a good Key phrase

Key Phrases, Keywords, Long tail Keywords are all the same thing. They are what people will search the web for seeking answers to the question.

I like to think of the modern voice searches, done after a couple of beers, among the mates searching for an answer. “hey Siri What is a good Key phrase”

The answer is simply a search that asks a question that you want an answer too.
This is the secret to hitting the right spot every time.

Movies is a key word, what are the top 10 movies of 2021 is a phrase or long tail.
To be even more specific “what are the top 10 romantic movies of 2021”
even adding with Scarlett Johansen in the lead role.

The closer your keyword is to the search term the more traffic you will get.

How long to get your words ranked

Are all searched questions answered properly

The answer of course is most often a resounding no.

Relevance to the question is critical. Furthermore it must be answered early in the blog not hidden away among the 1500 word article.
When they have the answer then your job is to get them to read more.

In this case we don't want movies with Brad Pitt or Meryl Streep We want Scarlett

However You may make a list of Scarlett's movies and then do an Amazon sell with People who adore Scarlett also liked movies with Natalie Portman.

It works for Amazon therefore it must also work for you thus you can infiltrate the information as an extra bonus. Two for the price of one

Is site speed important to Google ranking

You can bet your bottom dollar on the answer to this.

Google even have a site speed calculator that looks at both a mobile and a fixed search.
If you are under a score of say 60 with lots of red errors then make changes because not only will Google dislike you your searches will drop out before the page loads.

I searched Google in my pre write for this page and could find no one that mentioned this important factor. They may have listed lots of things to do however site speed rates right at the top of any list in importance

I host my sites at Wealthy Affiliate who have both their own calculator and link to Google.
They all so have a turbo boost to make sure your sites load quickly. I aim for 90% or better

This is a critical factor in your success so get it wrong and you will never make the grade.

The biggest culprit is usually oversize pictures and more so when they are above the fold. Elaborate and glamourous sites filled with colour may look the part but they close you down.

The searches want answers not glamour. ( editors note; the odd picture of Scarlett is an exception provided it is not right at the top.)

Why Is Social media good for getting traffic to your blog

The idea of social media may be entertainment and trivial posts however they can be done with a purpose. That is a delivery mechanism for those interested in your writing.

Twitter is a really good example of delivering a reader for more.

Tweet, I thought Natalie Portman would never go nude in a movie.
read more at www. etc

Tweet; What was Scarlett Johansen even thinking?

Instagram can start a story in a picture and Facebook a bit of background on what they may be interested in.

All media has a typical following that changes overtime. Roughly draw out your avatar of the typical reader.

  • Facebook 40+ Male and Female and every business
  • Instagram 25-50 Female with high spend
  • Twitter more professional older age
  • LinkedIn business people all ages
  • TicTok still the teens and
  • Pinterest 50+ female

    This is a generalisation and will vary from time to time however by defining your market and testing you will establish the best channel.
  • What topics are best

7 new ways to increase your blog traffic by 200% for free using your webpage

Your web page can generate traffic to a blog

Your web page should be equipped as a selling tool or the final point or destination so I generally don't recommend sending people away. However in some cases where readers are looking for more information it can be allowed.

This is different to social media, never send anyone to Social media because they will get lost. There are just too many distractions as pop-ups pull them away to a whole different area and never to return. The job of Social media is to send them to your webpage where they can buy something.

A blog may be different and could also be part of the main page. It is generally content on one idea that needs to be expanded and drawn out to convince someone of the necessity to purchase. They can also be returned to the main page when they have finished reading .
This creates an internal link that helps in your SEO score.

Your headline and Meta description

Working in tandem these two tell a reader what to expect and just what you will deliver.

First of all you need to be on the first page of a search term to get read. Maybe a chance on page two but after that you are resting in solitude.

Page one comprises a few paid advertisement and the most relevant posts in order. Most readers ignore the adverts and have a look at the first three posts on the page and make a selection from them.

Therefore your headline and meta must jump of the page screaming “I have the answer to your question”.

First of all both should include your keyphrase to meet what Google believes is important. He makes the rules so all we can do is go along with him.

Should you choose not to write a meta Google will make one up from the first paragraph of your content, be it good or bad.

How to get to page one of a search term

This is a process that Google will take you through.
First of all it won't be quick, there are many ranking factors that google takes account off and moves you along the scale.

As a rule it will be six or seven weeks in the best case and years in the worst case. However don't be discouraged by time as a good result is well worth the effort.

Remember that Google is not the only search engine in town, we also have Bing and Yahoo as well as a few others to help your programme.

In Fact YouTube is currently searched more times that Bing and Yahoo combined so that opens the market right up.

Basically it is a time period worked around traffic, competition, content and authority. Therefore you need low traffic, minimal competition but good content and recognition as an authority.

The more specific your keyword (phrase) is the greater the chance of getting a good billing. Everything has a search volume it is just that some have more than others.
below is a tool to help you find Keywords with good traffic and low volume.

My conclusion

This is a tedious subject however one that you must understand fully to benefit from the Google algorithm. Even the best content is no good if it is not read by anyone and the only way to get read is to be found by your search term.

Combing some free traffic generated by you and spending time going up in the ranks of pages will deliver you results, however fast or slow.
The difference will be Keyword selection, get it right and you will win the race .

Choose your Keyword, your headline and your meta description before you write a word. Check your keyword for traffic and competition and change if it is too busy.

Do a Google search of your keyword and assess the competition as a back up search.

7 new ways to increase your blog traffic by 200% for free by Peter Hanley

Always check your keyword before writing anything else.

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do . These small changes can lift your results 3x and and make you an email winner

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

How to increase your email open rates

  • Use a recognizable sender name not a company name
  • Use up to 10 words in your subject lines to get the best open rate
  • Send regularly
  • Send your email campaigns during the work day and after lunch
  • Optimize your email campaigns for mobile, check before you send
  • Segment your email lists
  • Clean your list and get rid of the wasters

We will talk about more than these however they are proven to be the most important items on our agenda.

An average email open rate is 21% as conducted by Super Office. However your open rate can vary with lack of attention to the specific.
Add to this an average click through rate of 3.3% you can get an idea of where you stand in this.
You need opens to get clicks to create sales so every step is important

My preferred carrier is Constant Contact

Spend as much time on your subject line as you do on the content

Never a truer word has been said. Most of us receive a lot of emails during the day so unless you grab our interest in the first second or so it just wont happen. We wont open we will delete and move on.

Not opening your email is not a sign of disrespect, it is simply that what you are promoting is not of interest at this time, however keep trying you may get me in a better mood next week.

I get emails from a few of the best in the business, not your average dummies people like Neil Patel, Russel Brunson and Ryan Deiss. These guys know the business and practise the rules. I may get a mail every day or every week however most still go unopened.

Ryan at digital marketer; do you stand out in a crowded inbox

Neil Patel; 3 SEO trends in automation.

Joel Therrien; This is the way to go Peter

Mike Filsaime; The biggest profit opportunity of 21

Chris Cardell; Peter the time has come

Noah Kagan; When to actually quit your job

What do all these have in common

First of all they don't hide behind a company name or non de plume they say who they are right up front. I often talk about Know, like and trust as the pillars of marketing and these guys play on that.

You won't immediately hit the destroy button because you know and like them, your eyes will go to the topic line to assess your interest level..

Therefore your name and subject line are essential in your email marketing.

Secondly I don't get an email every month, I get one every day, relentlessly, year on year regardless if I open them or not. I don't open every one, maybe the odd one to see what is going on.

Finally I have actually bought something from all of these along the way.

All email names are not real

Every day I get mail from various people wanting to do a report on my web page, improve my SEO and do my Social media marketing.
This mob have become very cunning in that they use names similar or the same as celebrities.

The little recognition flag goes off in your brain and you dwell a little longer. They do this to emulate the above real names and suck you in.

I probably get a dozen of these a day and interestingly sometimes get tempted because they have the formula. It is one that works so make sure it is on your list.

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do and importantly when to do it.

Send your email campaigns during the work day and after lunch

Whilst this statement generally runs true it is not exclusively so.

For example I send mail to various trades people that are out working during the day.
there is no way of getting an open rate during those times. Evenings are also quite rushed with invoicing and family time however a weekend works well.

The general business person has peak times during the week. It was discovered that Tuesday to Thursday were the best days and in the afternoon when they are seeking diversions from there general activities.

Living in Australia I get a lot of overnight mail that confronts me every morning. This is my ruthless time with a delete button so it is really hard to get my attention.

However in the mid afternoon all the sales channels come in with retail action. why because they get better clicks at that time of the day, these guys know what they are doing and have the stats on what works so I believe them.

My conclusion to this is to understand your customer, where they live and what they do and time slot them to the best action periods in their day.

Optimize your email campaigns for mobile, check before you send

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do

This was a hard lesson learned that is still sometimes ignored.
Mobile phones are growing in the use of email collection. Many of us now have an address linked to a mobile.
Before you broadcast a message send a sample to your own email and review the result.
Large images are not good, links too close together, background colours are among the few no-no's.

The mobile phone is generally ignored by mail writers thus the open and click rates will suffer as a result. Don't let this be your mistake.

Segment your email lists

Take the humble baby carriage as an example.

Your average business or tradie has absolutely no interest however The female audience between say 23-40 is an ideal target.

Furthermore The grannie brigade 65+ Women have a huge interest in this as well.

Therefore you really need to segment your market for the best effect.

In fact I have about 20 different categories to target based on the business and interest. These are mostly retail business outlets of all kinds so their needs are very different.

However my newsletter marketing is very general in discussion so it can go to all classes.

It is all about targeting your market as specifically as possible to obtain the best rates.

You may consider sending a second or further mail to those that opened the original mail. I achieved a 60% open rate doing this recently with a 3% click through rate to back it up

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do with time wasters

Clean your list and get rid of the wasters

You are generally charged on the number of subscribers in your list and not on emails sent therefore this can cost you money.

However there will always be those that will never open a mail no matter what. There will be many a secretary that simply wipes the slate clean before handing the value to the boss.

This is common in many businesses so it is indeed difficult to gain the Like button.

Many of the experts will continue on forever or until you unsubscribe. They work more on niche marketing or specific targets that they know will roll over one day. It is just a matter of timing

I have a group of dentists that I market to, in fact I even used follow up calls because my offer was so good. We did a survey and found that very few dentists ever got near our mail. The front desk simple exploded every mail that came in that was not customer attached.
I never found a good answer to this because they are always too busy to talk and were not given access to mail. The few that we did get were more by luck than good work.

The opposite is the bored operators that go into click frenzy. They click the links, the Facebook link, Instagram even terms and conditions if they can. They are not buyers Diss them and move on.
It will make your stats look better however we want real figures not rubbish.

My conclusion and wrap up on email open rates

If any thing you do can be considered a real art this is really one of them.

Email marketing is still the most effective low cost media to gather new business.
What you do with it can make a massive difference to the results.

Therefore incorporate these few simple rules and you will make a massive difference to your outcome. When you are sending thousands of mails a one percent change can be the difference between success and failure.

We can't guarantee your results however we can say that those who take this seriously have seen massive returns on the output.

Off course content and offers are important but being opened is the only way to success.

If you are currently emailing do it better if not then it is time to start on a new journey that will provide good returns on out put.

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do by Peter Hanley

Email reports make a massive difference

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic. Before starting your journey there are things you must understand

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Getting traffic to your blog-The traffic timetable

There are many contributing factors to the timing however if you think four months minimum then you won't be disappointed.

It may in fact be twelve months or in rare cases a month depending on traffic, competition and your use of key words

There are about 7.5 million blog posts published every day so you have to be better than all of them to get read. That is why we are here to help you.

You can and should use Social media to direct traffic as well as your website, email, meetings, forums etc to help.

How to Get traffic to a blog without spending money

Off course you can throw money at a problem and hope for a return. However you really need to have the whole package together.
Your content must be good and retain the readers.

Your linking needs to be precise to deliver results.

It is not all about traffic. I can get you as much traffic as you want using Spark Traffic.
Choose your traffic numbers and they will be delivered. This will include a small drop out rate and a high page read amount. A fantastic result however bots don't buy products.
I use this from time to time to add a bit of colour to my stats.

Is content important to traffic.

When you are after results with your blog these come from great content and the closing ability of your work.
Selling big ticket items may come from a trickle of buyers that are interested in your offer.

In fact the higher the traffic the higher the competition and hence the harder to rank.

Off course content is important however getting readers to your blog is the real name of the game.

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic using best keywords

Best way to Use the correct keywords, heading and meta

People search by Key phrases so yours need to directly answer a question or solve a problem.
I generally try and think about what will be asked on a mobile devise.

These are the things people want to know so we want Google to bring them to us.

However you need some traffic and a little less in competition to get the balance just right

You can use a Keyword tool or do a google search and see how many others are on page one of the term.

How long does it take for a blog to get traffic

There are steps to the process that take time and if those steps are ignored then the time is much longer. First is having Google accept your post, page or blog to the network. This may take a few days or a week or more to do.

Then you go to the back of the queue of pages with the same Keyword. Depending on your authority with Google and your content you will slowly start the grind to page one.

About 90% of readers never get past page one and in fact the first three free choices on a page of about 12 entries.

Therefore your climb to the top is directly related to your key phrase, that is what people search on Google, Yahoo or even Bing.

The time to get traffic can be a week a month a year or even never depending on where you exist in the internet world.

Time is influenced by you.

Can you get free traffic to a blog

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic
Traffic indicator

You can build your own free traffic flow using all the conventional methods.

Social mediaYou must choose the right one
Web PagesYour own or others
Using forums An example is Quora
LiteratureProviding links
Using meetingsGroups and clubs
Getting others to helpUsing their links
Email Marketingsingle and bulk mail
NewslettersA great way forward
Auto RespondersDirect marketing

Along the way you will try and build all of these to help your growth .
Using email marketing and automation can also help get results.

Traffic is important so try them all.

Blog relevance and experience will make the difference

“I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the two main ranking factors for an article are relevance and visitor experience.

So, how relevant is the article to the searcher’s query and what type of experience is the searcher having when they visit your website?”

If we break this down it is simply how well you answer the question in the Key phrase and how quickly your site opens. Site speed is important because you simply lose searches if your site is too slow.

Therefore the Keyword is the question, the content your answer and have it as fast as possible. You can use a tool called Google page speed insights that will provide an answer for that part of the issue.

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic using analytics

Best way for free traffic is by analysing your results

With options like Google analytics or Monster insights you can see where your traffic is coming from.

Whilst it is interesting reading taking action on results will make the difference. If something is working better than others then drive it harder. If it is Facebook then post more often and with better graphics until you are comfortable to invest in advertising. That is when you are able to get a positive return on your investment.

What will work best really depends on the product, the audience, content, marketing and your use of keywords.

Try everything and whittle down to those that are working the best.

Every thing has a market that will be searched at some time if your keyword selection is even half rite.

However by delivery viewers by way of your marketing you will really increase your results.

My Keyword secrets exposed

Give me an example of traffic

By way of example; I do a bi-weekly newsletter on a subject not really related to my business, however it will be interesting to my market. In that newsletter will be a link to my latest blog that is generally related to the subject and may contain a Link to my business.

Therefore I get several shots at them and certainly increase my branding along the way.

This blog is about gaining traffic to what is written. Every small business should have a blog so it is a business product but far removed from my Message service.

Furthermore my Avatar customer is into both, among other business pursuits, so there is a bond of products.

Why is Know, like and Trust important

The above statement is fundamental to readership. The buying process follows this principle in most cases. Therefore it takes time to build this circle of business friendship.

Furthermore Google ( the dictator ) gives preference to authority sites. If you a nobody takes on a Medical professional in the area of health the Doctor will win out in the end. They carry authority.
Yes this can be over come in time as you build a following and Google realises you really know what you are talking about. You are recognised as a contributor, your content is liked and trust will follow in the sales process.

However this process takes time unless you rally sharpen your actions.

A friend of mine writes about body building, this is high traffic and very high competition yet he ranks highly in search results, but how?

His keywords are super targeted, He does not start with Great ways to get good glutes
he will choose something like “What is the pain I feel on my fifth plank. ( or something specific like that.)
His traffic should be less however the opposite is true. Readers relate to the question and often look purely out of interest. When they have that answer they may search further to get more answers and Know and like are now bolted on.
They think this guy knows his stuff so I shall buy his dumbbells because I now have trust.

The results are never instant, it may take several months or maybe past a year but they will come and when you have page position the traffic take off starts.

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic summarised

Summarising the traffic journey

You will have noticed that the predictions of quick traffic are really not going to happen. There are just to many variables that must be considered and Keyword selection is high on top of the list.
However it will happen it just takes time to cook.
Yes you can turn up the heat with marketing but the bulk of the traffic will eventually be driven by great SEO practices.
There are no short cuts anymore. Search engines seek specific answers to specific questions and you must comply.

From Four months to forty months it is up to you

Learn the rules, target your questions and write good content and the work is done.

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic by Peter Hanley

How often should you blog for best results

What topics are better to do blogging and why

What topics are better to do blogging and why. This is a question often asked on Quora so here are the best answers to get you going

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Hot topics to blog with.

If you are expecting a smart answer I have one for you. What ever you are passionate about.

Blogging is a journey that may take years so if you are looking for instant wealth it's not here.
The hottest topics also come with the greatest competition thus leaving you out in the cold.

The correct question is what are the best keywords for my chosen topic and then we will give you answers.

Off course Health and Wealth will draw readers in however there are millions of blogs being written every day so where do you stand.
Cars, holidays and camping have a following however Mental health is the new buzz word.

Beauty is big and so are pets as well as product reviews and how to do things.

I could keep listing these out and of course you can do a Google search to find what others believe is trending.

No matter what the blog is about it will have readers and your job is to find them.

Why the best blogs never get read

This comes back to a bloke called Pareto. In ancient times he invented the 80/20 rule that has been religiously discussed over many years.

In blogging you must spend 80% of your time on keywords and SEO. The remaining 20% on content.

Therefore if you spend 80% of your time on Content no one will ever read your stuff.

First of all to have any chance of being read you must be on page one of a search term.
This does not happen easily and in fact takes a lot of effort.

Furthermore there will be about six options on page one and only one will be read but why would it be yours?

If blogging is an art form or a love interest you have a chance of making it.

No I am not mad, blogging is a long journey and unless you go into it with the right frame of mind you will simply give up before success comes your way.

Therefore if you love what you are talking about you may stay the journey and similarly if writing is your craft you will consistently want to get better.

Off course it can be money if you are being paid to write for someone else. A legitimate and healthy occupation however you still need to do it properly.

Finally fame may bring a following and an income but most of us don't have that privilege.

A blog needs to be written in a certain way

Don't go blaming me for this because it is the fault of Google. They make the rules and determine who will be on page one and gather a following.

In general terms they want short sentences and short paragraphs with frequent sub headings. Throw in a few pictures of the correct size with complementing descriptions.
Importantly you should always try to answer a question or solve a problem. Pretty easy really.

How many words do you need to write in a blog?

There is no exact science in this other than a general rule of a minimum 300 and a maximum 3000 to give you the best chance of success.

Most successful writers tend to be around 1500 words to get the message across however that is not a fixed figure.

To write enough words is easy. First of all select about 10 sub headings that start by describing the problem down to a logical solution. Once you have the headings in place just fill in the words to fulfil the result. Ten heading and 150 words each and you are at the magical 1500 words.

Believe me new writers should really follow this formula because it will make your life a lot easier.

Writing should be for readers. The easier to read the longer you will keep them on a page.
Therefore technical writing is not for this space.

My writing summary;

  • Sentences less than 20 words.
  • Paragraphs under 300 words
  • Heading starting at #2 and going down throughout the page, never back up.
  • A picture tells a thousand words but only if it is related to the subject
  • Lists, graphs, tables and quotes are all great inclusions
  • Colour, fonts, buttons and video work for you
  • Internal links and external links to Authority sites work well

Using keywords in your search term

When we say a Keyword we really mean Key phrase or long tail key words.
I generally think along the lines of a voice search on a mobile device.

First of all Google wants everything done so that it works on a mobile phone or pad.
They rate you first on mobile so it is a must do and not something you can ignore.

How often in a group does someone say Let's Google it. There is always someone that will say “Hi Siri – What topics are better to do blogging and why?”

They wont say blogging, or topics or one word requests they will describe what they want in as many words as it takes. A manual search is no different you just don't have Siri or Bixby to help you.

What topics are better to do blogging and why

Bixby(Pocket-lint) – Samsung's Android phones come with their own voice assistant called Bixby, in addition to supporting Google Assistant. Bixby is Samsung's attempt to take on the likes of Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

What topics are better to do blogging and using Keywords properly

Keywords are the difference between success and failure

Here you have two opposing predicaments, traffic and competition.

Without traffic there is no one searching for your keyword hence no one reading your blog.
However too much traffic and you may get lost in the crowd.

Good traffic words come with a lot of competition, therefore gaining your place on page one of a search term is very difficult.

Finding a balance and working towards page one over time is the goal.

Fortunately we can tell what people are looking for in several ways.

First is a Google search and see what others are looking for. This will give you lots of ideas to think about.

Then using a Keyword tool to give you real world figures and what chance you have of getting read. Remember it is a balance between traffic and competition.

Your blog headline is just as important

Even when you are on page one it is still very competitive. Your headline containing your keyword must be enticing enough to grab someone's attention in the second or two they spend scanning down the list.

My keyword for this post is Blogging. however my headline contains a lot more information based around a question that is posed on a forum.

By narrowing down my search term I cover many of the requirements of Good SEO.

I use a Headline analyser available at Monster Insights, for free and that rates every part of your headline.

As you can see my title is rated quite high.
It depends on character and word count as well as
things like Power words, emotional words and even
common words.

Importantly the first and last three words are what
most visitors will see.

Your meta description must offer a solution

This little 160 character block sits just below your headline. Its job is to reinforce the headline and offer something that makes a person scanning want to click.

Here I show how this blog will appear
in a Google search.
My Headline and below that my description.

If you don't do this Google will make one up for you.
You will notice a repeat of the Key
phrase which is a good SEO inclusion

What topics are better to do blogging and will hold your interest over time.

Your choice of topics must be your product of interest

I would love to pick a Niche for you however that is your job and only yours.

Going at this to make money never works, it takes time to make it to a regular income and if you give up it is all just a big waste. Therefore If it is something of interest to you then you have a chance of staying the distance.

How to make money with a blog topic

Advertising incomeThis needs a big following
Affiliate linksThe easy way to money
Selling physical goodsCertainly on a company page
Virtual productsCourses, eBooks.
Store page referring to Amazon sales

In fact you could include all of these in a single blog

Back up your blog with an authority reference

If you are writing on Health as an example and have no qualifications readers may not believe you. In fact that is often the case.

Therefore to reference an authority site can add power to your assumptions. It May be a medical magazine, to a Doctors report, white page or any recognised authority.
Hospitals. Schools and Universities are good example of adding authority to your assumption.

Again I reiterate that Google loves this type of inclusion so find at least one for every blog.
( using a Wikipedia reference is a cheap way of doing this)

My summary and conclusion

Write down a list of things that will interest you and just drop those that are less enticing to accompany you to the future.
Any niche can be expanded to keep you writing for years ahead.

I am a terrible cook, gardener and all domestic pursuits. All good subjects however I have little or no interest in them. However my wife loves all three so ideally suited to her should she choose to blog.

I chose small business interests because that is my life, it covers blogging as a subject included in my wide range of writing.

I could do exercise for the elderly, Investing in the crypto market, self help which I do include occasionally.

This blog is nearing four hundred individual posts constructed over a bit more than a year and growing a reader base at a consistent growth. That is the journey you are embarking on and why I say do it for love. The distance is less.

I enjoy everything I write, research everything I write and learn many new things along the way.

Grab some basic training

I started out doing the basic training at Wealthy Affiliate and graduating after completing the many courses offered.
Their forum is a great site for information and any questions you have can be easily answered.

The spread of information you will need is broad, Understanding domains, working with WordPress, getting affiliate links, writing skills and available tools to make it easier

There is a lot to learn however do it as you go because it will all make sense in the effort.

On the side panel you will see a little square that will change your life as a writer. You may enter for free and start the training on day one to give you a lot of the basics.

What topics are better to do blogging and a free tool to search your keywords

Your free Keyword tool as a bonus

What topics are better to do blogging and why by Peter Hanley

What Is Digital Marketing And 7 Ways To Great Traction

“What Is Digital Marketing And 7 Ways To Great Traction” Advertising has changed to a far better and cheaper way to gather new clients

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Digital marketing in a nutshell

The internet is not all that old and most of us can remember the days of the Yellow Pages, the only product to be in, However at a pretty big cost.

The arrival of Google and broadband internet has changed the whole marketing venue that anyone can do.

I remember my first $10,000 website that worked far less than my latest $400 one.
The use of Keywords and linking has enabled any site to deliver results and can be done from any desk to for just a few dollars. Times are changing.

What is digital marketing explained

The showroom to your business your Webpage

This is the centre piece of your marketing. Importantly it will clearly display all contact details so that you are available to your market.

The front page should be clean and not with harsh background colours that hide the writing. It is a notice board for those that wish to wander through your products and make buying decisions along the way. You should make this as clear and easy to negotiate as possible.

It is a selling tool. Customers that arrive are looking for a result so you need to quickly satisfy that need in the best possible way.

A cluttered showroom is no different to an overdeveloped site. When they seek they should find and be able to order pay and exit with minimum fuss.

Pages are no longer exorbitantly expensive so get the best you can for the least cost and make it work for you.

A recent addition to the web page is a marketing funnel. this is designed to capture lookers and transform them into buyers in a journey through the tunnel (page). Often considered an expensive exercise current entrants to the market has bought pricing down a lot.

Build it around your keywords, your branding and location

Location is always important unless you are really targeting online sales. Many consumers want to shop locally so tell them when you can.

However if you are a national supply you may wish to hide your location and use 1300 style numbers so that you are not pinpointed to a state.

Your branding will be established by other media set up to deliver enquiries to your website.
Keep your colours and logos consistent so that it matches right across the board and is easily recognised no matter what you use.

Keywords are the search engines friend and these will deliver consumers to you that are looking for product or brands that you market.
Sprinkle your pages with great keywords to pick up traffic looking for what you sell.

When we say Keyword these days it really means Key phrases or long tail words that you could voice into a mobile enquiry.

Finally, make sure your website is Mobile friendly because Google rates that first before your fixed pages.

Include a blog post on your site

Your blog post is to write about anything attached to your business. The idea is to tell visitors all about a product and then deliver them to your web site for completion.

Although this takes time ( it may be done under contract) It has several great purposes.

Your post may fully explain a product, process or service. Those interested want information so a carefully structured post can do all the work for you.

This will add considerable reading time for your site as well as viewers increasing your SEO score.

Again make sure your branding, contact details and internal links are all operational.

How often should you blog for best results

Video is the latest search tool

YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google so not having a channel avoids half the traffic.
They do not need to be long videos and may include short snaps on how to do things, unbox, return or plain selling.

Having them on your webpage or blog posts will increase time on site and give greater SEO benefits.

The growth of Newsletter marketing

If you are not doing a newsletter get your thinking cap on and take it for a ride.

Customer contact is a rule of marketing and a consistent and a topical newsletter keeps you in front of the customer. It must be consistent and well branded and talk about interesting subjects. It is not a selling tool however a call to action should always be included.

Again this is easily outsourced to save your valuable time and will deliver new sales consistently over an extended period.

If you only do one thing on this page choose this one first because it covers many of your marketing objectives.

Email marketing is an extension of this and can now be fully automated to get trouble free results. A single email or a broadcast can be done at any time.

Best email marketing and automation

The new kid is SMS marketing

What is digital marketing

A generally unused product that can deliver instant results and a great return on investment.

We have found that over 95% of people open the SMS immediately and take an action. If you hit the raw bone the phones will ring immediately with willing buyers and if not it will simply be ignored. Newsletters and emails may sit around or be saved however SMS is generally an action product.
Knowing this allows you to test market and gauge a reaction before going into a full campaign.
It is important to have a fixed mobile number that you own to carry both recognition and branding. A good carrier has these at about $20 a month plus messages.
Everything is done from your email server so that you have full access to both out and in traffic.

SMS marketing, how a single word can dramatically increase results has a lot of functions that can include, reminders, appointments, bookings, delivery and even birthday wishes.
A valuable product for any arsenal.

Google search page

Do this once and it is there for ever. Include all your details and a write up on the business.
Importantly get your five star reviews by asking clients to do it for you.
This puts you at the head of any online search and includes map links , contact details and a first page position.

You can have this professionally done or do it yourself by following there guidelines.

What is digital marketing and Social marketing

Pick your media and monopolise it

There are many Social channels however you will have one that best amplifies your business.

All media has an age following so that by choosing yours you are not wasting time on low traffic results.

However I believe every business should have a Facebook page. This has the largest overall following and is often used as reference material. New clients wanting to know more about you and your business will generally sneak a peak at Facebook. Keep it up to date with great links.
Remember that this product is designed to deliver buyers to your website so they can make a buying decision. Never send them from your website to Facebook to get lost in the twinkling stars that pop up and distract them.

Every business man should have a LinkedIn profile

What is digital marketing

Again it is search material for those wanting to know who they are dealing with. It may also be manufacturers wanting new outlets or head hunters with the staff you are in desperate need of.
I occasionally use it for marketing as my audience is often professional people and that has a good following.

Either way make sure your profile is complete and current.

Importantly include a great photo of your self. It is you that is being marketed so hiding behind a Meme is counter productive. if you want to be in business stand up and be counited.

Choose you marketing media

One media will have the best following for your demographic and product range. Your aim is to own this media and post every day to maintain the top position in your clients mind.
Whilst I cover this more extensively roughly speaking;

TikTok is for under 20
Instagram for Women 20-45
Pinterest for over 50
Twitter for the professional group.
Facebook is general for 25+

It must be remembered that the following can change quickly. For example Face book was a students population when it started . Then it stretched to the young and trendy before moving to an older bracket.
Lately it is so full of advertising it is even wearing me down.

Either way every business should have a Facebook page. It shows you understand the needs of people.

Furthermore it needs to be maintained in a current situation with regular and consistent posting. It is not about selling. It is gathering inquiries and delivering them to a sales page.

You can't be in all of them and neither you should. Own one and post at least once every working day.

What is digital marketing when you pay money?

For those with Money to throw at marketing

What is digital marketing

Retargeting and rebranding are the buzz words at the moment. Generated by pixels these are the annoying ads that pop up every time you search for something. Just looked at Nike shoes then Nike ads will follow you around for a few days seeking a hit.

Rebranding is when someone visits your site however leaves without buying anything. Then you stalk them with further material until you wear them down.

Retargeting is the follow up procedure with more additional opportunities. Ok you bought shoes but now you really need socks.

Depending on your business one or both of these ideas can generate untold new sales at a reasonable return.
You can turn them on/off at the touch of a switch if things get out of hand.

How many times have you noticed this stalking occurrence. It is so sophisticated now that people will claim that Google is listening to their conversations.
Impossible but technologically sophisticated to deliver opportunities at a hint of action.

This has an expense attached to it however it is the current, must do, product so I thought I would throw it in.

What is digital marketing and why is it important to you.

My Marketing wrap

This is an everyday consideration that needs your attention to stay ahead of the market.
Some are one time set ups others are a daily necessity however automation is your friend.

This is where you can use automation to place your posts weeks ahead so that continual exposure is guaranteed.

Marketing is all about touch and the more you do it the greater the return you can expect.

However I also suggest it is about targeting your market for a far higher return.
Interested buyers are easier to convert. Therefore keep on their wheel and peak the interest.

Finally I suggest you review everything you do in marketing and see what return you are getting. You will find that about 20% of your effort will be rewarded so concentrate on that top tier and delete the bottom 20%. Do this on a regular basis analyse your stats and fish where the fish are biting.

We are not doing this for fun so do it properly and reap the rewards.

best ways to advance your business

What Is Digital Marketing And 7 Ways To Great Traction by Peter Hanley

Best way to promote your business is with great benefits

Best way to promote your business is with great benefits

Best way to promote your business is with great benefits. Buyers don't purchase items, they want what will improve their life and style

Benefits verses Sizzle

Many struggle with this concept yet live with it every day.

Take for example Motor car adds on TV. You may need to watch a few to see what i meen however they don't sell cars. They sell a lifestyle. What the car will do for you , your image and your way of life.

Sometimes this is taken to the ridiculous however we are all believers that we will look like the people in the ad. However far from the truth.

They will show off road adventure and wonderful places to go, sometimes a bit of speed for the rev heads and pretty girls arriving at the theatre in the fastest small car.

They are selling a feeling, an emotional hook based not on logic or abilities.

Some other examples of promotion

The great clothing adverts will show you at an exclusive activity being admired by all around you. You look hot, and the envy of all in our $100 outfit.
Give me a break. I am way past Hot and just want something that will last.

Show me a coffee ad that does not have a nice Cappuccino with a design on the froth.

The best design wins however reality tells us that not everyone drinks a cappuccino.

However we still have an emotional pull at a nice coffee break.
It is about the feeling not the coffee.

I looked at some tea adds as well for a bit of fun,.

This brand’s focus was now to soften the brand’s  image on the beauty of relationships with the tea as a catalyst. This advertisement by Wagh Bakri Tea told the story of a husband-wife relationship. The ad was produced by Chrome Picture and won ‘Best Ad Film’ at the 5th Dada Saheb Phalke Awards held in 2015.

Therefore saving your marriage with a cuppa is the way to go. (Could have saved myself a lot of money knowing that)

So how can you use better marketing

I am a blogger among the other things I do. Included in that is affiliate marketing where I can make money if you buy what I am selling. A simple process yet one that is understood.

Even we sell a lifestyle of working from home and making a great living doing exactly what you want to do.

In fact the hard core marketers will take it a step further. They will show a fancy and expensive car beside a glamorous mansion as your day to day existence, Who doesn't want a Lambo in the driveway.

It is not about making money, it is what the money will do for you and importantly how you will feel about that.
I can give you a three hour workday making a five figure income working from a tropical island. The hardest decision you have to make is what deck chair is closest to the Pino Colada.

If you hate sun what about a ski lodge nestled in the mountains where you can ski all day and spend the rest of the time drinking hot chocolate.

Unfortunately these lifestyles are for the promoters not us punters as they would have us believe.

Make up your own marketing dream

Forget about marketing a product, lets find some benefits that portray a realistic outcome.
If it is too good to be true the masses will believe it. Greed does funny things to us and shifts our focus from reality. However I am not recommending that you stretch the truth just that you find a benefit and blow it up.

Colonel Sanders says, “shut up and take my money” because the whole family will have a party for just a few dollars. It is not about the fat filled chicken it is about lifestyle and how you will feel providing for the group.

Apple has never sold a phone. They are the most expensive on the market by a long shot and come with less facilities than a Samsung.
Yet they sell more communication tools than anyone else because they flog the benefits.

Tesla set out to make an electric vehicle, one that would help the worlds environment by getting rid of petrol guzzling cars. The early buyers of the roadster bought an inferior vehicle because it offered change.

Now that has become folk law in a way that EV is the way to go what ever the price. Buyer are kicking in tens of thousands of extra dollars to have a battery added to a Hybrid option.
This is not about a far better car in fact the one model offered a 60 Klms battery drive hardly enough to get to town yet they sold out.

Buyers are contributing to the cleaner environment.

In a pandemic selling needs to be smarter

Best way to promote your business is with great benefits that bring feelings not content

Look at feelings not content

Sketchers shoes promote Style and comfort not price and product.

My local fish shop has line caught fish, not any old fish but no different.

The local pie shop has Winner of the best Pie award nit what's in it

We can go on but by now you will be getting the idea.

What are the benefits

How will it make them feel

What will help them live the dream.

Write down as many as you can and then play on the words to come up with a plan.

I started with a very old cigarette ad. A pretty girl, a desert scene and the worlds most popular cigarette, what more could you want. Maybe Cancer but that's another story

Best way to promote your business is with great benefits and my wrap.


You will understand that marketing is an art form that needs some deep thinking to emulate the experts. They know what they are doing ( well the good ones anyway) so copy when you can by changing the words but not the idea.

Sometimes it is trial and error to find the solution because you don't have a million dollars to spend on a test campaign.

However good marketing will increase your results many times over.

Best way to promote your business is with great benefits by Peter Hanley

Marketing the dream with Multi channel marketing

What is 5G mobile network and is it really good for you

what is 5G mobile network

What is 5G mobile network and is it really good for you? This is a disruptive technology about to change your world so get the facts now

An explanation of 5G mobile technology

When we talk about disruptive technology we mean something that radically changes how we do things and manage our daily lives.

The internet was one of the disrupters as was Google search and Google maps. The smart phone altered communication and in some ways Amazon made online shopping a reality.

We heard of Blue Tooth but never really understood what it did for us except that it is now on mobile devises world wide.

Todays techs include Bitcoin and transaction applications that are changing how we transmit data and money around the world.

First of all lets go back to the old mobile networks. 1G was an analogue service with limited application however a massive shift in technology. (1979)
The actual network required changing to much higher bandwidths to boost performance and broaden the coverage area.

This network has undergone many upgrades and include 2G (1991) 3G (1998) and 4G named networks (2008) to bring our phone services to a good coverage, latency and bandwidth that is acceptable to most of us.
(4.5G is also now with us)

Switching to 5G

5G is completely different in that it requires a whole new Network of transmitters and mobile phones to work.

This is a process that will take some time to get anywhere near the old network coverage and facilities.

Fortunately 3 and 4 G networks will continue for many years into our future so it will be a stepped upgrade for those wishing to take the plunge.

Importantly new phones will work on old networks. Old phones will be come redundant.
This will allow the 5G converts to enjoy a full network coverage using the best of both services.

Existing phones using the current networks will not work on 5G and will need to be changed out.

5G is a new level of both Data and voice delivery.

Is 5G safer than the old networks were thought to be.

It is a two way bet however 5 G requires a greater concentration of lower powered networks than the old system so could in fact offer a healthier outcome.

However with the two systems operating in tandem we could theoretically be adding to a problem. That is of course if a health problem from the radiation actually exists.

Security is expected to add a new layer of protection

As the world of communication has developed so has cyber crime marching right along with the increase in usability, Therefore it is anticipated that a whole new level of security will be required with this growth in scale and naturally at a cost increase.

Security issues will be overcome

Why make the change to 5G

This is really something different, faster, without lag and much broader capacity to capture a far greater volume of users .

If we had just one network this would be easy however there are many companies installing similar networks as we speak using the latest technology.

In Australia Telstra claim that the mobile reception with 5g is up to 10 times faster than what we currently use.
What's more the latency, the time to upload and download is vastly superior. The current networks are timed at about 30 milliseconds where as 5G will be as low as 1-6 milliseconds .

The broader faster network allows for large volumes of Data transfer as well as Voice is a stable and continuous environment.

The use of mobile application including data and voice will be available.

Fixed broadband will always have superior abilities.

The 1G network has gone, 2G is going however the others will be around for quite a few years so there is no need to act now or in the near future. That is unless you are in a capture area or can use the new faster facilities then it is a decision you can make.

However we will all change it is just when.

Who will benefit most from this technology

An interesting question because many of the applications are tomorrows technology.
For example Smart Cars require fast and accurate communication not acceptable on the old networks. However even driverless cars can be programmed using the 5G network.

Home workers will be able to seamlessly join the office network without the normal problems . This will off course include video meetings.

Many machinery applications and system installations will operate on the new network giving a massive cost saving to industry.

Many will run their whole internet connection using a mobile application and be able to achieve greater benefits and savings along the way.

Homes will be run on wireless technology as will Health services and many other facets of our daily life. Gamers are ready to go .

Every part of our life will be touched by mobile broadband.
Electric cars will navigate by 5G technology. Driverless vehicles are coming soon.
In fact currently being used in many cities.

What is 5G mobile network and is it for you?

Is 5G ready for use by everyone

No it is definitely not ready for wide use due to network coverage and it will take some time to get near the 4G coverage of which we still find only just suitable.

Each carrier will lay out a grid map of where it will work to give you full application. At this stage a fairly limited coverage

The American GSMA [Global System for Mobile Communications Association] estimates that in 2025 fifty per cent of users will use 5G. Will you be there.”

“4G continues to improve and delivers pretty much everything anyone wants. So there is no real need for a new generation. The timing is driven more by the industry than any consumer need. I suspect the 5G that is deployed will indeed be essentially an enhanced 4G, at least for the next few years.”

Professor William Webb the 5g Myth

Fortunately 5G phones will work on both 3G and 4G networks so

Future growth in 5G

Some will join the band as we move along. In fact in a recent report The Elon Musk Starlink broadband network was said to be talking of overlaying it with 5g ability. A big call but these things will happen
Star link currently has about 2800 satellites in low orbit and intends completing the network with 42,000 of them buzzing the world for anywhere internet.

SpaceX is leveraging its experience in building rockets and spacecraft to deploy the world’s most advanced broadband internet system. As the world’s leading provider of launch services – and the only provider with an orbital class reusable rocket – SpaceX has deep experience with both spacecraft and on-orbit operations

Spacex web site

Not to be out done other US companies like Google have joined the race as well as China to do the same earth orbiting network. Things are a changing.

As an interesting aside coverage in Australia is being provisioned by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone however coverage is mainly capital city based. Vodafone supposedly have about 500 stations and the other two a few more. A long way from great coverage.

Every country will have a multiple of suppliers. All chasing the same goal.

Let the best man win

We are only a few short years into 5g technology so expect considerable growth to happen quickly as the uptake happens.

Consider this if you need to upgrade your phones in the future.

The technology will change our lives.

My Conclusion on 5G and life as we know it

A few will find a massive advantage of moving to the much enhanced abilities that are provided by the new Network. However most of us will be content to sit back for a few years and let it happen before jumping on the wagon.

Those of us that are unhappy with our current broadband network will be jumping at the bit to find something better. I for one will be an early adopter as soon as I can.

It is not light years away it is todays disruptive technology offering to make changes to our life.
There are those among us that revelled in the 2G network with our Ericsson phones, Motorola flip and Nokia favourites. Many of us still have one stored away for prosperity. We loved the freedom they allowed and have relished the advances through to 4.5g technology.

Bring on 5G I say lets look forward to a far greater user experience and forget the perils of the past.

5G is disruptive technology bringing the future.

What is 5G mobile network and is it really good for you by Peter Hanley

N.B. My entry into the mobile phone world was the establishment of one of the first Mobile phone shops in my area. I went on to own retail shops and maintenance installations.

Still to come, 5G deals and what it means to you.

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