7 ways to blogging success in 2021

7 ways to blogging success in 2021

7 ways to blogging success in 2021 taken from the leading contributors to help you achieve great results in all your efforts going forward

The internet changes regularly and you need to maintain pace

We all need to understand changes being made on the internet and adapt our contribution to surpass the basic requirements.

Change is everywhere however several things stand out at this time that need attention.

How valuable is the problem you are solving?

Noah, AppSumo

The internet is there to answer questions, it might be How, When, Where or Why it is still providing answers. If want to be 20% better in 2021 then read on.

1. Site Speed

Your readers are attention deficit and they wont sit around waiting on a slow site to open.

Remember that the Mobile speed matters as much as desktop speed as Google assesses this first in determining where to take a looker

Your Google speed check here

A very good Page speed load can increase conversions by over 7% ( Neil Patel)

2. Content length

This is an extremely contentious issue that will have a raging debate among every adviser

Is it 300 or 3000 words or perhaps some figure in between.
The important point is do you answer the question and if so the number of words does not matter. Personally I average about 1200 words with some longer and quite a few under the 2000 mark.

I received an email today promoting a stock to buy, it is a small dime copper play that shows a lot of promise. My ears picked up and I started to read the document. However the writing went on and on forever trying to convince me that I had to buy these shares. The result I got bored and moved on because it was just padded out.
We understand that if you are interested and you want information and will read a lot more than a basic review of the facts, however this went to far so don't make the same mistake.

Neil Patel said, in a recent blog shorter is better as long as the content answers the question.

By taking readers to Audio or video information can provide the long form answers.

7-ways-to-blogging-success-in-2021 with marginal gains

3. Marginal gains

This theory grew from an English cyclist Dave Bailsford when training for the Tour de France. His theory was to make a bundle of marginal gains that would make up a big difference. The helmet was made 1% more air efficient, the vest changed by testing a variety of options, tyres, weight all were looked at in 1% increase terms to add up to a 10% better performance. David went on to win the Touré and be the first Englishman in many decades to take the winning vest. All because of marginal gains.

Apply this theory to your own work by making small things matter and not blowing everything on one big attempt at winning the market.

When I looked at this as a blogger it was easy to find many simple fixes that could make a 1%.
A bit of colour, an extra Picture, change a heading, shorten a sentence, use more power words. insert an authority link, add more Key phrases. The list is long however the results may just be very big.

4. Page ranking will be of greater importance

It is fact that 35% of people will click on the first free search term on any page and almost no one goes deeper than ten search terms. So where do you sit on this?

This all goes back to your understanding of key phrases and use of a good Traffic/ Competition tool that will give you a chance of ranking on that first page. Furthermore this is not magic it is simply understanding SEO and how to use it for your betterment.
I wrote more on this recently.

7 ways to blogging success in 2021

Results from Wealthy Affiliate hosting speed test.

5. Repurpose and update old material

.We have lived in a set and forget environment for far to long and old posts now need to be bought up to date or discarded if they no longer apply.

In fact Yoast SEO have recently released a plugin to do just this. You can update and not be off line at the same time, I have not yet used the plugin however am a Pro user of their SEO platform and fan of the service,

There are things that must be done including Brocken links and out of date material. I wrote about how Donald Trump used Twitter to massive personnel effect but now he is banned for life.
I did a review on Parler that is now about to disappear as the hosting has been withdrawn by Amazon, who would have thought these things would ever happen.

If you have done any training on the internet the importance of backlinks to improve your SEO was highly encouraged. Patel the owner of Uber Suggest now says that a few quality links are far better than a whole random list. This is a sort of 180 degree change of tactics.

7. Brands will have more pulling power

With the rise of home deliveries and the gradual decline of retail trading branding is now top of the table. This is enhanced by retargeting and remarketing where images are pushed at you until you retire.

They are using the rule of seven where you will buy after seeing something at least seven times. This is ancient history still working in todays marketing.

I bought a pair of Sketchers shoes at Christmas, they were on sale and it was a gift from my wife. I now get offers everyday with Sketchers brand in my mail on my phone, every where I look, but does it work? My second pair are now on the way.

Who did I buy them from? it does not matter They have a Brand and a style so only price dictates the need.

Therefore your brand needs to be built and pashed relentlessly.

Conclusion to blogging into a new year

We need to change whit the times and the times have certainly changed. This is not a static option but an ever evolving creature driven by Google, The market and the buyers.

Keeping up is necessary so follow my blogs for new intelligence from the masters on a daily basis. None of us no it all however some know a bit more and that is what I share.

7 ways to blogging success in 2021 by Peter Hanley

12 things a blogger must know to get read

12 things a blogger must know to get read. Blogging is not just about writing it is structuring the content so that Google will rate you

Blogging is a form of art that has structure

Let's face it your writing comes in last place when you go to the internet. You may write an award winning article but if no one reads it then it is a waste of time.

Did you know that over 80% of viewers never go past page one of a search term.

Plus half the first page is filled with paid adds that don't draw nearly as well as free,

Does your Domain name and hosting make a difference?

Hosting certainly does because three things reign supreme.

  • Site Speed
  • Mobile optimized
  • 24-7 support

We tell you where to get them and how to choose the best option.

What about WordPress 5 and Plug-ins

Do you really need a website to have a blog, it must be somewhere with someone and that is certain however we tell you what to be aware of and how to make the correct decision.

Do you know how many Plugins to use and what affect do they have on your website.

We know the number and what ones to use.

Do you understand Keywords?

This one word could be the difference between Royalty and lost in the bush. Nothing is more important than your search term. Voice search has changed the world and you must change with it

How do you write a good headline?

incorporating a keyword into an eight word people puller is no easy task.

I failed at this for years following outdated advise and even pitted expert against expert seeking a solution until I finally found the right tool.

Does a Meta Matter?

It makes the difference between being passed over or dated. It is that simple.

A great meta will make a great difference if it ids done properly

Pictures, colours and lists

This is interesting because a good book contains none of these yet a post or page creams for them to be added. The difference is Google loves these extras because those with attention deficit need to be entertained while being educated.

Finally to your writing structure

How long should a blog be is the perennial question. Yoast say a minimum of 300 words however Hubspot say those that work have more than 1200 words and even up to 3000 in your post. So what is the correct answer?
If everything else is correct then it depends if it solves the problem. We look at ways to achieve this and how to set up sentences and paragraphs.

The most important issue for those seeking an income

Making money should be the aim of every blogger however you can do it blatant in your face methods or be a little subtle in your approach. We talk about each way to achieve this and find what is best for you

Where can you get traffic

This is the hard piece of the equation, without traffic you don't have readers and without readers there are no sales.

This is not an easy answer but we give ways to create viewers to your site both with and without paying a dime.

What resources do you need?

The tools of the trade are yours to use and mostly for free. They make your life easy and keep Google onside so that you rise above the pack.

A list of tools is included for every reader.

Conclusion on successful blogging

I have highlighted all the important issues you will face in constructing a blog however I left a few till later as not so important.

Blogging has its difficulties when you are starting out but once you learn to ride the bike you are away and running.

I still get my hand held by my favourite companion Mr Yoast who keeps me within the narrow lanes of success. I want to share all this with you in my eBook written for bloggers.

Success is in the structure.

12 things a blogger must know to get read by Peter Hanley

A video extra

The body beneath the heading and how to entice readers

The boddy beneath the heading

The body beneath the heading and how to entice readers is a set skill that follows a traditional formula for your success

Your content is important so do it properly

We have talked at length about your heading and how important that is to attract readers.
It really is a necessary part of building a blog that will be found in a search term.
Nothing comes near to being number one than your keywords and including them in a manner that will get you seen.

Next we looked at the Meta description and how that contributed to the whole concept.
When your search term pulls them in then the Meta makes them want to read.
You only have a very few chances of achieving this so it must be done properly.
You can read more on a well balanced Meta here.

And now to content

It is an interesting experience writing for attention deficit readers that want answers and not prose.

They want short sentences that are to the point and enclosed in short paragraphs with great headings, photos. lists and tables that display you have a knowledge of this subject.

The first thing to consider is writing to solve a problem. find the problem and you will find the readers. Then the easy part is to solve the problem.

Well the easy part of the problem not about your ability to monetise the effort and make it all worth while .

If you are looking for ………………….
the best method is to ……………..
.look for something that lets you
If it doesn't then…
These people did it
Call to action….

Therefore the answer is to sell the problem.
Many people writing blogs fail to entice readers. It is a problem because unless someone reads your stuff you have just killed several hours of sweat.

The best method to achieve this is to follow a simple set of rules.

My simple set of blogging rules with 12 ways to success

This simple structure may just elevate you above the many others that wander in your Niche.

Write more than 1000 wordsYes it can be 300 or 3000 but 1500 rocks
Use short paragraphs Less than 250 words
Also short sentencesLess than 25 words
Write great sub headings That align with your Keywords
Write positively Set the subject first
Use transition words to connectTherefore, because, however
Use a tool that check your attempt Yoast SEO
Add pictures and colourA picture is a painting
Plus use a featured imagesomething that depicts the subject
Insert your categoriesand off course tags
Finally use your brandkeep it consistent
Use lists 12 ideas that work
A bunch of ideas

Who writes this way?

I have not made this up just to show you that the rules must be followed. The experts took me here, Monster insights that track everything you do on the internet and make sure you understand about analytics .

Add to that is the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO and a whole heap of training available to you to make sure you follow the rules.

The most important part of your website

This is an example of an unfinished page, not enough words and no external links however I had time to make my corrections . The example is from a post checked by Yoast SEO

The body beneath the heading is a validation tool

When you have a problem and an answer lets validate it

Any good page should let you see the writing structure. This is important because you show that others have gone before you and used a system that works.

The Wealthy Affiliate training has shown that the successful people in affiliate marketing all use a similar layout.

We love reading about successful people and when Grant May used this system he attracted thousand of readers.

Optin Monster, Wordstream, Neil Patel and others all give good out lines however they fall short on the structure. They are long on headlines and pictures however they miss the mark.

AttentionDrag your readers in
InterestGive them something to think about
Desire Build up some incentive
Action Tell them what you want
CloseA great summary
The AIDA principle

The body beneath the heading needs structure

Building a blog writing structure

I want you to write great articles right from day one however using a structure that works.

Furthermore many of you will have no knowledge of webpages and domains and where to host your product so you will be seen.

For this I use the training at Wealthy Affiliate and a free hosting to get you up and running with the bulls.

I have written about head lines and that this is the most important part of the process.
If you are not found you are not read and the whole episode is wasted.

I have also gone on about your meta and how this follows a great headline and again drives visitors to your blog.

Among this I have shown how SEO is important and that you need a combination of skills
and not just good writing techniques

Your blogging has purpose

The body beneath the heading

I started this journey to entice people to use the internet with purpose and at a low or Zero cost.
I searched blog on Google pages and found five paid adds that are there to take your money>
In most cases spend should be minimal and the returns great.

Finally making money with a blog

A very important part of the process, when you have written a 100 or so Blogs and typed more words than an adult novel you are going to entertain a return.

  • Selling your product
  • Marketing a product for someone else
  • Doing training courses
  • Or gathering coaching clients
  • Using affiliate income
  • selling advertising on the site

You will have something in mind so lock that in and include a link in your writing.

My blog conclusion

Finally we get to the end of a sermon that was built in a way described that may help your ambitions to become real blogger.

Furthermore I have included tools and methods to fast track your success however it won't be overnight. Blogging is a career and most certainly not an overnight fling because you need to build a like and trust relationship.

This is a third article for the process so I trust by combining all three you will develop a real understanding that goes into creation.

The body beneath the heading by peter Hanley

Your headline page

A meta page

Writing a Meta description in a way to woo readers

Writing a Meta description in a way to woo readers. This is the second most important element of page/post building for all writers

What is a meta description

It is a short form description of the content to follow. It is about itself in popular terms
Google uses this in the search engine to help people decide which post or page they should read.
With about ten entries per google search you really need to stand out from the crowd.

You meta may be hidden from the page

Whist the Meta may be hidden on your page many believe that is should be included as the first paragraph of your web page or post.

If you don't do this Google will take a snippet from your page to explain the content. Some times not quite what you wanted.

The art off attraction using a great Meta description

What can you say in at least 120 words and no more than 150 that will act like flypaper grabbing readers to read what you offer.

There are some rules to follow so lets get them out of the way before we start to play with words.

Always start with a capital letterAnd then end without a full stop
Use your Keyword in the phraseThis to be an exact match
Provide a list numberMy 8 ways to success
Insert a call to actionRead the article now
Dates can be usedBorn between 1945 and 2010
Clearly explain the purposeWhy should they read on
Be controversialYoast is wrong about writing a meta
Or perhaps ( a little) boldTell them what you think
A short list

When you search for the best uses of this form you will see many examples of Descriptions going from good to great

What is Important to you is your intent

When I say intent I mean how you drag my eyeballs to your content from among the many competitors on a search page.

If I want to write a great headline I wont read about a Meta description it is that simple.

Shopify is about ecommerce not about a meta description so it is only useful if that is what I need.

You read these everyday so you really understand what they are offering. Check any page of results and see what you would read.

You should understand that to get read generally means you must be on the first page of a search term, in fact in the first three lines of that term. This is where 90% of the traffic comes from, therefore your call to attention needs to be better than the others.

There are tools that can help

As a WordPress user I use the Yoast SEO plugin that helps structure your description. Neil Patel goes deep into this as does Monster insights and others.

Practice will bring performance, I was going to say perfection however that, in my mind, won't happen.

The Wealthy Affiliate training really takes this to another level and is well worth viewing.

Combining your Meta with your headline

The two are inseparable and dance together capturing clicks and time on site.

Did you know that if your headline is 6 – 8 words, it can increase your click-through-rate (CTR) by 21%? Amazing, isn’t it?

Add to that a power Meta description and your chance of success is magnified greatly.

The best content in the world is useless unless it is read and this exercise in delivery will allow that to happen.

My Meta on meta

The use of a great description is such an important subject aligned with a great headline that you really should revise some of your old stuff. No not the headline however the meter may better relate to the subject and take a bit of enhancing.

Keywords. Titles and Descriptions take you from amateur status to professional if done correctly. Spending more time on these critical elements will mean more readers and hence greater income.

Writing a Meta description in a way to woo readers by Peter Hanley

Learn more to earn more

Writing a Meta description in a way to woo readers
A learning experience

How to write headlines that will really increase readers

How to write a headline that will really increase readers. The headline is a critical element in getting read, so do it right from the start.

Why is a headline so important?

Your headline should tell the readers what your article is about and in fact it poses a question that needs an answer.

The use of How questions or Why questions opens a readers mind.

Many people search by Mobile devises so they are seeking an answer to a question.

How do I write a better headline;

Why is your headline so important?

Maybe you could use “Where do I learn to write a headline”

However this is just the start of the journey,

A list explains the journey

How often do you see a list starting a question?

5 ways to writing a better headline.
The best headlines in 7 simple steps
Use these 3 simple tools to writing a successful headline

What are the best words a headline should include

The experts all differ on many parts of this so only Google can provide a definitive answer.

However it will be generally acknowledged that some parts are critical.

Uncommon words.
It is generally acknowledged that the use of uncommon words will attract clicks.

Emotionally triggered headlines.
The fear of writing headlines
I nearly die when asked to create a headline

However Power words can also make a difference
This will really make your headline stand out.

Sentiment is also important.

Is it a positive sentiment, negative or neutral

Headlines that swing either very positive or very negative also have more effect.

I failed badly at Math

How I scored 100% in math

What about the number of words in a headline

This is a contentious issue however longtail Keywords certainly work better.

The maximum characters will be up to 55 in a heading and about eight words. However we should note that most people only read the first 2-3 words and also the last 2-3 so your structure should build around this concept.

How do you check a headline

The above represents a score that should attract readers but how did i get that?

I use a simple plugin by Monster Insights that does many things for you. It does come in a free version to use on any WordPress site as well as a pro version.

This tool provides a score on every part of your headline.

Why not 100% well I made a couple of mistakes.

First of all I needed to cut back on a word and I considered dismissing the word ” will” and making the next to ” increases” however I like will because it is positive.

Secondly my tone is considered neutral , that is not really positive or negative.

Finally getting 100% is pretty damn hard so I shall be happy with my score for this attempt.

How to write a headline that will really increase readers by Peter Hanley

Did you know that if your headline is 6 – 8 words, it can increase your click-through-rate (CTR) by 21%? Amazing, isn’t it?

Blog writing for those wanting a new career

Have you ever tried to write a blog post? If so, you'll know that its difficult because you have no idea where to start, what to do or even what to write about.

So what do you do. Many people have found success by using an example written by someone else that tells you step by step the ways to go. However there are a few things you should know before you spend a whole bundle of time chasing around on the internet trying to find solutions.

This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you select a mentor that will take you the easy way to success.

My way to blogging success

If you are looking for shortcuts and a real analysis of where to start the best method is to ensure you end up with someone that lets you really follow the dotted line by searching for these tings.

First of all make sure the way to start your journey is clearly laid out. You need to understand domains, hosting and how to brand your product before you write a word

Next is your choice of page builder either using WordPress or some other paid for product.
WordPress is a free product used by over a third of all websites so it should be central to your decision making.

Secondly make sure you understand the meaning of Keywords and titles as well as using a Meta description to describe what you are delivering to the reader.

The better constructed these early elements are the greater your chance of being on page one
Ensure you have a written plan that clearly lays out a roadmap of success. It is important that you stay focussed on your journey because it is not a one hit wonder. It will take many posts and pages to deliver the message you want and obtain the results for your effort.

Leaping into blog writing

Ensure you are prepared to write the number of words required so that Google recognises your contribution and will give you a premium ranking.

Any good post will average around 2000 words and these will be constructed into short sentences and even paragraphs.

It is important because your readers will be attention challenged as they seek a quick and reliable answer to their needs at this moment. Don't let their minds take off in other directions by being sharp and focussed on the objective.
Furthermore the random use of great headings and subheadings will support your writing.

Blog writing for those wanting a new career and what you must do.

A vitally important component of writing

Everyone should understand that you are principally writing to be read on a Mobile device.
Google ranks your post on how it is displayed on a mobile phone or tablet before a desktop.

Most good Themes that control the structure of your site control some of this for you however there are other important issues.

  • The size of your pictures is important
  • Don't have affiliate links too close together
  • keep it brief in sentence structure

Your blogging assistant

It is especially valid that Google loves a pretty page that keeps the reader entertained. This can be supported by several really great functions.

  • Using a list to make following on easy
  • Knowing the difference a table contributes
  • Adding free to air pictures to provide a better experience
  • contributing colour to your fonts and backgrounds

Furthermore the addition of a opening image should provide a quick flash of what is to follow.

Your writing skills enhanced

It is also important that you keep a positive spin on your writing and use a large percentage of transition words to connect your sentences.

Furthermore this may change your approach and maybe skills learned over a period however good SEO requires this approach to writing. A lot more can be gained by using Yoast SEO plug in on your WordPress site. Yoast will guide you and help with your style so that it meets the demands of Google.

Blog writing for those wanting a new career and its not all about you.

It is not just you that is important

Any good post or page will use reference material. It is important to support your theories by comparing to others some time more authorities than you.

Link to an Authorities siteMaybe Wikipedia, University or Government content
External linkingThis takes you to other sites with similar appeal
Internal LinkingPlaces on this page or other work you have done
Using categories and tagsmake your posts easy to find
using a table to emphasise my point

The use of Video has become particularly important

YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google for all sorts of search terms. In particular the how to problem and sales opportunities. You can contribute to your site success by either imbedding a video or linking to one. The time people spend on your page is a vital facor in recognition.

How to get read the easy way

First of all there is no easy way it is all an art or a science.
Using good SEO practices and balance as stated above will help but is there more.

Certainly your keyword selection goes a long way to being accepted.

Social media can be used to direct readers to your masterpiece. Giving them a small taste and then using directs can really gain some eyes.

Being published on a site like Quora or Medium will also support your work

My last comment for today

This is important because none of us are perfect. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are not accepted. Use a spell checker like Grammarly or get a friend or family to edit your material. Don't get over cautious however take what opportunities you can to make sure it reads well.


Now that you know all the tricks and technical skills you are ready to rock and roll.

Blogging can be the best job in town and indeed substantially lucrative over the long period.
However it is not going to be an overnight success so be patient and let time take its course.

Blog writing for those wanting a new career by Peter Hanley

Internet jobs from home that build a business

Internet jobs from home that build a business

Internet jobs from home that build a business. When you want to leave the 9-5 working week and create your own future we have the answers.

Don't get caught up in the make money fast offers

Everyday you will get countless opportunities that promise to deliver an exciting work anywhere internet life. Drive your new car and pay cash for the House you always wanted.
No experience needed, simple to learn, Wood Ducks this way please.

Like anything in life it all comes at a cost, financial, time based and mental anguish to start a new empire from scratch.

The good news is that there are pathways to success that will avoid a whole heap of financial commitment and structure your efforts in a pathway to success.

First of all what have I to offer that others don't have.

Have you ever bought an online product only to find out it is worthless. I certainly have and in fact just this week it happened to me. A product from a known author looked appealing so I bought the multi site version. Not a big investment as an early starter but enough to concern me. The product required I change my whole way of doing things just to get a few free pictures. I wasted half a day trying things before I gave it away. That is five hours lost and now another hour to get my money back under a 30 day warranty.

First of all I know what I am doing having done it many times however a newbie has no chance.
Secondly I usually insist on try before you buy because it provides some chance of understanding what you are getting into.

Finally I look at ways to make life easier and not impose onerous tasks that achieve little.

I have a whole cupboard full of experience in piles of paper that promised the world and delivered little.

My task is to save you the awful experience of spending precious time on products that will never reach a result.

The art of keeping your money in your pocket and still moving forward

There will always be some expense to establish a credible online presence. However your goal is to balance expense against returns or in old fashion speak making a profit.

There are hundreds, even thousands of home based businesses that will make money in lots of ways. However many of you want more than selling a few products on eBay.

There are a few ways to achieve this.

The first is to go back to school and learn the basics in a training course that will take about six months. This will give you the opportunity to really go to the big side as you really build a structure you can be proud off. A Business that will serve you and your family well into the future. How much can you earn doing this. The answer lays somewhere between 0 and well over a million dollars a year. We promise nothing because the results are entirely up to you. What we do give you is the method tried by millions of others.

Just click on the image above and start your training for free. No credit card required until you decide to leapfrog ahead and take on the world because you are strong and independent backed by sound fundamentals

Taking a faster route

This is called taking on a mentor that will help you make the decisions to a much quicker return. Naturally you need to spend a bit of money but with someone you can trust.

i have sent nearly 250 people to my mate Roy Carter who runs a fast track training course.
Roy retired to a Pacific Island to pursue his mentor role running hands on training classes.

Affiliate income is the answer to many a problem

  • You sell someone else's product so you have no stock
  • You can get paid every month for years to come with a recurring income product.
  • No billing, bad debts or lost income.
  • Slowly build a business adding new clients to your base
  • Not just one product to generate revenue but many of them creating a much bigger income.
  • Recommend only products that are 100% honest to guarantee a fast growing base.
  • One client may earn $30 a month however 1000 clients $30,000 a month
  • No ceilings applied so you can go as hard as you like and for as long as you want

You probably wonder how many affiliate programs are available and we understand that this seems like a big problem finding the right ones so here is my little trick you can use.

However before I give that to you I shall also provide a list of high paying user friendly affiliate programs that you can start today.

Internet jobs from home that build a business are easy to find.

Finding an affiliate opportunity to work from home

If you have an interest or a hobby that you would like to make money from simply type in the name of the adventure leave a space and then type affiliate.
Printing tee shirts_ affiliate. For this word alone you will find countless opportunities. The 10 best or 20 best offers are everywhere and every word is the same. Absolutely millions of opportunities however some are better than others.

What are the best affiliate opportunities

Wealthy Affiliate is where it all starts. They host your websites and find your domains.
The training is world class and much of it entirely free. They have several levels of 24 hour support and you can start as an affiliate on day one.

Wealthy Affiliate all so offer access to hundreds of other affiliate programs that you can access and have a chance of success

Next is the email platform that every business or online person should use. Email is as important to day as ever and I have found that value for money Constant Contact leaves the others behind. You can start for free and join their program as well.

My third high value offer is a bit different. You Tube has become a dominant player in the search world with volumes ranking right up there with Google search. However making a great video has always been difficult and expensive. Many don't like their looks or the sound of their voice so stay well away from this idea.

Therefore I bring you the alternative in Vidnami Video a high standard video production channel that does all the work for you. You write the script and the rest can be downloaded to produce a professional video production.

There is a monthly cost to this however it is backed by a really good affiliate program. Furthermore you can try it for free or just gather some of the giveaway tools they provide.

The choices are yours however I really do recommend Vidnami in your portfolio

The need for expertise in obtaining online income

In many cases companies that you will apply to for affiliate ability will ask for a background of your experience in promoting product. This is only natural as they don't want to waste time on random requests.
One way to achieve this is to build your own website using your agreement with Wealthy Affiliate and explaining how you are currently an affiliate and have your own Website and are an active affiliate generating leads.

Internet jobs from home that build a business however come with provisions

Other areas of affiliate income available

There are companies that specialise in managing affiliate programs.

These include;

  • Clickbank
  • ShareaSale
  • CJ Affiliates
  • Commission junction
  • Amazon

And many others that do the same things. At times you are directed to use their products however they do have non performance clauses and have more control of income distribution.

The work from home is a changing world

But a few short years past my first suggestion would have been Amazon. Here you would sell their products and make a tidy return based on a percentage of the sale. There were others like this including Walmart and some Chinese outlets as well.

The commission rates have been eroded overtime where now it is a volume business on a very small margin like 2.5%. Furthermore their cut off time is quite short if you don't perform so it is often a lot of work for no return. Therefore not a great business model.

The blogging model to income

This is my favourite method because it covers every area however it does take some time to build a following. When you write a blog you can include all sorts of affiliate links that don't distract from the writing and accumulate a monthly return.
However it will be a slow boat as It takes time to get your articles read but once you are recognised the returns will come for a long time, My recent article on Blog writing for perfection will explore this a lot further.

My conclusion on building a business

There are so many ways to accommodate this subject that it would be impractical to try and cover them all. Working from home has many benefits and building a business can have substantial returns so being online is a great place to kick off.
It is not for every one, and we all know that, but for those willing to learn there is an unlimited top side which can be achieved.

Internet jobs from home that build a business by Peter Hanley

How to write a perfect blog post in easy steps

How to write a perfect blog post in easy steps

How to write a perfect blog post in easy steps. There are things you must know to have any chance of success at all. Let us tell you how.

No such thing as a perfect blog post however we can get close.

16 things you need to know.

Your area of interestWhat we call a niche
The webpageWordPress is great
Answer a question, solve a problemWhy, when, how
Keyword selectionWithout which you die.
HeadlineUsing a tool
Writing a great Meta descriptionTo be read
Number of words300-3000
Headingsizes and style
Sentences and paragraphsWhat is right or wrong
Pictures, lists and coloursUsing alt tags
Opening Image Is it necessary
Internal and external linkingHow to achieve this
Passive Voice and transition wordsToo many or too few
Review and spell checkno errors ever.
Getting readSo important
Call to actionClose
If this list is to long then get a job because every element is critical

Finding a niche that will last a lifetime

Find a niche or subject that you love and not necessarily the one you know.

Blogging is a long journey and certainly not just a random post. Therefore if you love something enough you will have a chance of staying the distance.

How far you will go will depend on many variables however it will be a valuable and rewarding experience. Follow on and we will get you started on a great adventure.

The need for a Web Page

Your Webpage is the home for all your articles, posts, pages, terms and conditions, about you page and even an online shop if you so desire.

We make it easy for you and all done in a matter of minutes.

WEALTHY AFFILIATE website builder, host, training and support forum.

By clicking on the above link it is all laid out for you and it can be entirely free. If you don't no this bit start your leaning cycle now because it needs to be correct.

Why do people read blogs

Mostly is is to satisfy a need we have, it may be a question or wanting to know how to do something. Furthermore it could even by a why or when question.

This has changed in recent times with the fast growth of Voice searching. The younger set love Siri or other such AI interfaces and use a full question to find an answer.

Google interprets the question and takes the reader to a relevant page that will supply an answer.

How to write a perfect blog post in easy steps using best case Keywords.

This brings me to Keywords

How to write a perfect blog post in easy steps

Your keyword should really assist the above questions or inquiries. However the term Keyword is now really Key phrase or a Longtail keyword.
Once upon a time you could type in say “Apple” and get a few results. Then an expansion to Apple products but now “Apple iPhone SE Camera abilities” will find a close match.

Two things are critical in this search;

  • The volume of traffic
  • The number of competing sites.

Nearly every term you can think off will have some traffic, even with a billion searches a day.
However, and unfortunately nearly 90% of all people never go past page one in a search term.
Therefore look for a traffic count of around 100 a month to have any chance.

Next is competition, if you have too many competitors you will never get to page one. Remember page one is only about six free entries and four paid ones. Therefore to many competitor's will sink your boat.

Importantly You are not on your own.

All this keyword stuff is controlled by a Tool that provides most of the information you will need.
We use one called Jaaxy and it comes free with your Wealthy Affiliate page.

This then turns into a headline and we have another little helper for you.

The product is called MonsterInsights. You start for free so I am not pushing income here its just that you also get;
  • Full analytics on every page
  • best posts
  • Type of internet access
  • Headline analyser

This is a very handy bundle that I use all the time.

They look at over a dozen different inputs to find a headline that works. Here I am showing off with a great score.

How to write a great Meta description

This may sound Ho Hum however it is vitally important. It is the descriptive phrase that states what your blog is about. Yoast SEO suggests that it should also appear as the first sentence in your post.

When a searcher looks at your headline they then look at the description that follows.

“There are things you must know to have any chance of success at all.”

This is the meta description for this page. If you don't write one then Google will take something out of your first paragraph and use that. Don't let Google run your life.

How many words in a blog is the eternal question

The simple answer is about 1500, give or take, as an ideal number. Yoast SEO insists that a minimum of 300 is ok and 3000 is not out of the question.
As long as the blog fully covers the subject it will be ok. Remembering that people get bored and a long blog may lose interest and a short one lose readers seeking more.

It is recommended that your blogs vary in length so you can find your own middle ground.

How to write a perfect blog post in easy steps starting with a great heading.

The Headings are your story guide

First of all heading always go down the page from big Hi or H2 and then ranging through H3-H4. This is a Google recommendation not a fanciful wish.
Each block should have no more than 300 words.

Mostly I do my headings first taking the line of the story.

  • Explaining the problem
  • what others have found with it
  • What you did to fix it
  • Then tell them what they should do
  • Your conclusion
  • Finally about you.

Sentence and paragraph structure in a blog

Your aim is easy reading, not too deep and not littered with brave new words that most of us don't understand.
Again Google states that a sentence should be less than 25 words so like a Grandma visit, short and sweet.

Paragraphs much the same and no more than 300 words because us readers get bored pretty quick and don't want to wade through a whole rambling diatribe.

Therefore we need pictures to grab their attention

When I say pictures I also meen graphs and lists , videos or any attention grabber that aid those that wont read a lot. many just browse headlines and appropriate images.

It is fact that numbered lists also work well.

Pictures include your opening image

This image inserted below the headline should graphically tell the reader what the article is about. it should be greater than 200+200 in size and really is an attention getter. It is one of those easy to forget items and I have just remembered mine.

Furthermore Mr Google ranks these because you display confident knowledge that you know what you are talking about. Your other posts get traffic and you link to authority sites like Wikipedia etc
Do not link just to Affiliate links as this can be seen as aggressive marketing.

This is a whole lot of information to take in at one time

As I write this I am a little over whelmed with the task for you of remembering all this. Trust me it will come in time and with the use of prompters along the way to help. However every single step adds value to your SEO score and moves you closer to position number one.

Passive voice, transitional words and spell checking

How to write a perfect blog post in easy steps

Now we get into the deeper end of the river and more technical terms. Personally I have struggled with all of these and had to adapt to achieve a better grade of ranking.

These are a subject that you need to understand and there is some excellent training at Yoast. When you master one section move to the next using the search bar.

Transitional words connect sentences together and a positive sentence has the subject at the beginning. That is my simple explanation.

Off course correct spelling is necessary and you can use any variety of programes including Grammarly free spell checker. It is always advised to get someone read your material and review it before pushing the publish button.

All that done but who will read your masterpiece?

Starting a bog in WordPress

That my friends is the great unknown. If you are not on page one or maybe page 2 of a Google search your chances are very bad.
that is why each step of the SEO journey is designed to rocket you forward.
it's not just Keywords but traffic and competition.
Branding is also important as those that know you will follow you.
Therefore using Social media and paid advertising will sometimes light the after burners.
Great content is the final step in the race, the step that gets them to act and maybe comeback.

The call to action Your final piece of the jigsaw

You are wring for an outcome, even if it is for the good of mankind so your readers need to do something so don't be afraid to ask. It may be selling your products or someone else's. Real items or virtual products just display them boldly. However stop at aggressive, this is a soft sell, maybe even a sneaky way to get the message across but it is still selling.

Conclusion on Blog writing for beginners

Your blog becomes an art form and over time you will create enough words to fill a full sized adult book. You will get read but it will take time and effort so be in it for the long haul and not a one hit wonder.

How to write a perfect blog post in easy steps by Peter Hanley

Blogging is a serious art form

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid

Updating old posts

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid. Google demands new and current content so yes updating is necessary.

Change is inevitable so stay up to date with a current version

Google wants current content and will rank you on the authenticity of the content so going back in time will re flame some of your old content.

Examples could be for the past four years we have had President Trump and now past president Trump and President Joe Biden.

It is a minor change yet important if your writing is about that period of time.

I did a post on the best Social Media of 2020 back in 2019. However I managed to totally ignore TikTok as irrelevant. To me at the time it did not really feature in a volume contributor so how wrong is my content.

The young set are now all over this media like a twitter of the past.

Website training packages at Wealthy Affiliate available now for free.

Your understanding changes over time

If I look at my blogs from past years I can quickly pick up faults in my setup and how they are presented. Times change and I trust I am a better writer now than I was two years ago, In fact we really should get better with time and practice.

If you want to understand a lot more check out the free training at Wealthy Affiliate where everything can be explained in as much detail as you desire.

I use Yoast SEO as a guide

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid

When I started I swapped between Allinone SEO and Yoast SEO . Everyone has a different opinion so I tried both. Yoast has taken over the market and got me on side for several reasons.

  1. The writing guide makes sure your content is set in such a way that Google will rate it well
Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid

To achieve all green stars needs a bit of thought to the way Yoast wants things and the way I do. However he is way smarter than me so I take his advise and won't publish unless I get 9/10 score.
It is interesting to apply this to old posts where I used All In One.

Content is not everything however it is important

We say this because there are so many things to do for your content to be read. SEO will determine who gets a page one position so unless you have that correct you are going nowhere

Your content needs to be original and not just a ripoff and believe me Google knows.

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid using SEO to help

An average SEO report

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid

As you can see I have quite a few red blobs , in fact nearly half of them need a change. Don't panic because my way is to go through these at the end of my post and make the appropriate changes
My point is that there are a lot of things to consider and change in even the best post.

These are things you can do at any time to bring the post up to date. However each red mark says to Google that you are not the expert opinion that they seek.

A first page listing is not just important it is necessary

The amount of search traffic that is seen past page two is under 10%. Furthermore it goes down quickly as you go deeper into the mire.

Therefore if you are not on page one of your Keyword search term you need to change.
However you can not change your header unless you want to loose all history on that post.
Technically you could use 401 diverts but it is not recommended.

Google loves change but that does not apply to headlines. However you can go to town on subheads and similar topics.

Using Google search consul

One useful method of viewing results is to go into The Google Search Consul and compare this year with last year and see which way the tilt is playing>
Searches increasing maybe leave it alone, decreasing then do a bit of a tune up.

Learn from others

This advice comes from Neil Patel of Uber suggest fame where he stated if you are not ranking in the first three free positions find out who is.

Have a look at the sites and see what they are doing properly and what you can do to match up with them. This is not to plagiarize what they have written but something has got them to first page. Make the changes to emulate their success, they are on page one because they are good, it might be age, experience, content it matters not you have everything going for you

Aiming for a 1300 word post

Whooa up big fella, why 1300 words when I struggle to make half that. If that is your response you need to extend your self and write longer posts. Google ranks 1300 as a lower level guide for the site content. Yes you can vary up to 3000 words or down to 800 or so however it needs to answer a question and deliver a result with proof and explanation.

My next post will be how to write longer posts so have a look at the top right list of posts and it should be there for you.

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid with 9 ways to win

9 ways to increase blog traffic by updating old posts

Taking my own advice I did a search on a similar title and Neil Patel was first with another expert in second place. The third had the above headline. Google does like numbers and lists so I had a look at what was on offer.

ImagesAdding relevant images is positive
KeywordsUse synonyms
Related postsoutbound links
Renew old titlesNot your main one
Write more wordstarget +1000
Delete any spam commentsSeek better comments
Proof readGet rid of spelling mistakes
Improve contentBe the expert
Update and reuse the postGenerally tidy things up
This is the general list however it is far from complete.
Alt title on all picturesAN important part of SEO
Seek good commentsComments add to the word count
Use colourIn Words and background
Improve your meta titleThe attention getter
Have a call to actionTell them what you want
Add categories and tagsDraw them in
Using a heading imageAttention getter

The start of a long list of things you can do.

Branding is necessary in your blogging

This is one item that many ignore however it is right up there with your Keyword selection.

When people know you and begin to like you a trust position is developed and when it is a selection you will come out on top every time. In your early days of blogging that position will not be well developed and in fact usually ignored. As you grow and build your brand it becomes more important than ever. By going back you have a chance to reinforce the branding.

My conclusion on updating

When I started this post I was reflection on my own past and I had let it ride for too long. My thought was to look at a few things to change and set myself a target of two old sites a day.
However what was I going to change so I jotted down a few ideas and made it into a post I could share with you.
Neil Patel is fanatical about change and has a team of people updating 20 sites a day and another writing new material, he ranks very well so he must have something going on.

Finally I do recommend Yoast SEO for both new writers and old hands to ensure many of the Green lights glow for you and you have a chance at great SEO.
It won't happen in a day, it is a journey that must be undertaken to rise to the top.

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid by Peter Hanley

A chore maybe however a worthwhile result will follow.

When giving up seems like the only option.

When giving up seems like the only option.. However you mat take a minute to consider an alternative that may solve the issue.

There was an old saying that said;

First of all it relates back to my days as a long distance runner. Many things attack your mind when the going gets tough. Really it is your mind that is wanting to quit not your body as loud as it is screaming at you.

My saying is ” Never make a decision when running up hill” Certainly hills are hard however there is a top and a down side when the running suddenly becomes easy again and a few more miles is no problem.

This is the same in business and life

When you are trying to achieve any objective there will be hard times. times when you will throw your hands in the air and scream “I can't do this any more”.
Does it sound like you?
Working on the internet there are always new things and new ways that need to be learned.

Just today I had this experience working with a MonsterInsights plugin. As hard as I tried I just could not get one of the add-ons to work and I walked away from the problem. By letting it rest overnight I come back with a different mind set and can generally solve the issue because I suddenly could see the wood in the trees.

When giving up seems like the only option and it is all too hard.

When your business is too hard

I meen both Online and bricks and mortar style businesses. I have been operating small businesses for forty years and understand the journey as well as anyone.

We understand that 80% of businesses fail in the first year. This is world wide and across the board so you may be one of them sometime in the future.

However if you can just persevere in that first year you are in the small group of success stories.
Unfortunately the same thing happens in the second and third years as well so if you make it through you are one of a small group that reaches the line.

If you last to the fifth year you have an 80% chance of going the full hog. This is rewards time
when you are glad that the many hills you ran up, the obstacles you uncounted and all the setbacks did not stop you.

Think about it, by staying the distance you defy the high odds of defeat.

I say again, ” never make a decision while running up hill”

When the going is tough, you have the wind in your face, the hill becomes a mountain always remember there is an end to the hardship if you just keep going.

How Covid-19 sorted the sheep from the flock

Most of us experienced some sort of lock down or business interruption that created changes that were hard to overcome. What we also saw was a myriad of success stories because of innovation.
Some restaurants closed the doors and stayed home, however, many went to take out dining
and fast foods to keep the wolves from the doors.

I had a popular restaurant coffee shop near me that had to close all sit down bookings. They specialised in pizzas so they were really out of the market. Or where they?
They opened a take away window and started baking bread, scones and pastries along with Pizza and coffee. They made more money than they were pre Covid.
However the shop close by simply closed the doors and went home. When they eventually reopened many of the customers had moved on. Only government grants provided any salvage.

Play Station or make an income it is your choice

In a similar vein many workers were sent home and took the opportunity to catch up on great games and have some family time. Live the idle life and take time to smell the roses.

However a small percentage took the time to increase their knowledge with training and online courses.
Some built business plans and came up with ideas to maintain an income flow.

At the time to return to work the idle had lost all enthusiasm whereas the industries came back ready to kick some but.

They found a Hill and kept running with full knowledge that a downward slope was close and things would get easier.

When giving up seems like the only option have a look within yourself.

It is always up to you

The book about Elon Musk ( Ashlee Vance Virgin Books) really typifies a must do motivation.
When the Tesla Motor company was struggling and were days away from insolvency They had to find a way forward. Musk is a champion of a long distance vision and with innovation they scrounged some money. At one stage they put all their staff on the phones to make telephone sales. Engineers, production, marketing and no one was spared.
They sold enough cars in the week with money paid to meet the payroll and get time to regroup.

When firing dud rockets at SpaceX and running out of funds they sold technology to turn it all around and become one of the top businesses in the US.

Not just one time were they pushed but consistently throughout the development phrase.
Many around them failed but his companies prevailed through out and won the four year war.

My conclusion on failing

Having done it all many times I understand that walking away is never an option. There is always a solution of some kind if you search hard enough. Walk on your own terms and never be dictated to by fate.

I wrote this blog because I see so many fail when they are just a few steps away from success.
Don't let that be you. Dig deep and head for the top of the hill.

When giving up seems like the only option by Peter Hanley

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

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