Wealthy Affiliate does it work?

Wealthy Affiliate does it work? I am pretty excited to write this review after 3 years and much work and show you the many levels of excellence in this site.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is a web hosting and training site that obtains its growth from member recommendations. The ongoing income is shared with both the company and the members over the life of the client. This is not a Multi-level marketing company or an upsell strategy in disguise.

Who owns Wealthy Affiliate

They have two founding fathers, Kyle and Carson, operating out of Canada. First established in 2005 it remains a private corporation. They brand themselves as Kyle and Carson and are well known to all members. Importantly, they will respond to requests promptly when the matter is important or critical.
They are upfront with all members in a family-style environment.

How Many Members at Wealthy Affiliate

In a recent post, they passed the two million user mark which indicates a substantial turnover of nearly a billion dollars. Not a small outlet by any means.
Furthermore, about one third is paid out every month in commissions so many are doing very well

What Is Involved at Wealthy Affiliate

I believe the name undersells the business by a long margin. They do build the base on a recurring commission basis so there is a lot of Wealthy Affiliates.
What it does not tell you is;

Domain hostPricing is better than the
General Market
Site builderGuides you all the way
Support network24-7 in three different ways
Keyword ToolA free keyword tool
Site Health CheckAre you doing things right
Google rankingHow quick to 100%
Feedback platformAdds to your SEO
Content analysisIs this suitable content
SSL certificateThe latest https://
Spam blockerKnocks it out early
Page speed insightsfixed and mobile
TrainingBasic, advanced and Live
25 domainsAll free
Daily website backupWorth the money
Full redundancyNever worry
Unlimited email accountsYou can use them as you wish
500k visitors per monthHigh Volume
1 on 1 mentorshipSkilled coaching

This is one awesome list and all included in the basic price, ie no up-sells ever.
I don’t believe you will find this much value anywhere else on the web

Is affiliate marketing still viable

With over 4.25 billion internet users, you would imagine that there would be one for you. Online shopping is steaming ahead, how to do things, best buys you name it people want it. They search the internet for it.
Affiliate marketing is on a growth curve, the ways to market are getting easier and your name is reserved for a position

Wikipedia on affiliate marketing

What are the best Affiliate sites

This depends on what you are doing or selling. I use business-based products like AWeber, Content Samurai, Constant Contact and at times Amazon.
Wealthy Affiliate gives you direct access to about 1000 recommended vendors as part of the plan

Does Wealthy Affiliate include free training?

Training in WA is extensive and applicable to new starters and experienced personnel as well. They have self-passed courses as well as regular live updates on a new weekly subject.
Other members add to the courses on just about any subject you could ask for.

Does Wealthy Affiliate have domain hosting?

The start of any web journey is with a domain name and hosting. It is available in WA or you can transfer in from the outside world.
You can have up to 25 paid domains and a further 25 free domains under the .siterbix.com platform.

If keywords are so important, how does Wealthy Affiliate help?

WA includes a basic Keyword tool for general use. The full tool is available for a small charge at Jaaxy, an associate company. The basic version will suit most users up to a professional level.
Keywords make the difference between being read or not so they are important to understand.

Does Wealthy Affiliate teach SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO dictates how Google will accept you or your website. You are taught the basics of this and suggest the use of two plugins that will help.

Both Yoast SEO and All in one SEO will help you maintain the groundwork that needs to be done. They are free plugins used by millions of people around the world.

Is WordPress the best option for blogging or page building

If it is not the best it certainly is the cheapest and one of the easiest to use. A beginner can have a free site up and working within a couple of hours. WA uses WordPress as the base product and has a lot of training around this.
Word Press is used by corporations and amateurs and covers approximately one-third of all sites on the web.
It is based around a free platform and uses outside plugins to do a lot of work. most of these are free or low-cost additions.

Can you make money at Wealthy Affiliate?

The whole idea of Wealthy Affiliate revolves around the members making money. The training supports this and a large and active forum contributes as well. Like anything, it takes some effort from the members to find their place on the web.
Many members are in the higher income bracket, all based around WA training.

What support does Wealthy Affiliate provide?

There are several tiers of support.
If you understand that hosting may have problems, your website, and WordPress all come from different needs.
WA offers a 24-7 site support service that handles problems with all things hosting.
They have chat support for other matters plus the member forum will take onboard any issues that you have.
None of us know it all and you can only Google so many fixes so it is great to have immediate answers to most problems.

Does Wealthy Affiliate help you to build a web site or blog?

WA has an onboard site builder that helps you with every part of the operation. This is ideal for beginners because it takes all the mystery away.
The use of the site builder is voluntary and many of the more experienced users take the WordPress platform directly. This is available for pagers, posts, and funnels as you grow your knowledge.

Is Wealthy affiliate expensive?

The above is produced by Wealthy Affiliate and does not include several bonuses. One example is the Black Friday special where you can save nearly 40% on the annual membership.
A special note should be reinforced that there are no real upsell promotions, cross-sell or down-sell attempts to take more money from you. You get everything under one basic price.

A further benefit is you can join for free and experience most of the features without committing any money.

What do you get with the free version of Wealthy Affiliate?

The free version provides two free websites and all the basic training you can manage. There is no need to, or in fact, demand to become a full member it is virtually left to you. As you learn to understand the value offered, it is an easy transition.
In fact, I started as a free member then paid a monthly plan for nearly two years before grabbing a Black Friday offer.
my journey has been over 4 years and I generally rank in the list of the top 200 members.

Does Wealthy Affiliate have competitors?

Everyone has competition, in this case, however, I don’t believe there is another site equal to Wealthy Affiliate in what it wants to achieve. I have used other hosting services and always come away unhappy.

Is Wealthy Affiliate the best for a starter or experienced?

WA has something for everyone but it does target more inexperienced users. The basis is to train them into experts in their field and get them to a professional level.

Can Wealthy Affiliate be used for blogging?

Wealthy Affiliate is ideal for blogging and a new blogger could be up and going within a few hours. No, they won’t be perfect and it will take time to reach the top level but it is there for the taking.
WA is the perfect platform for bloggers.

Do you need to know how to code to build a website?

Long gone are the days of coding for the casual blogger or website builder. It is all built by blocks and the platform does the rest for you. Using copy and paste techniques you simply place into the site what you want.

Would you really recommend Wealthy Affiliate to your family?

I sure would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone wanting to grow in the web arena. It is a perfect product.
My initial journey was to learn enough to get my business website to a good level. More important was to understand what I was being told by scalpers wanting to take my money. I did a bundle of courses before settling here.
If there is any doubt, join for free and go to the forum and see the real reviews posted by members. These are honest opinions without an agenda to take your money.
Every day you will see successful comments and raving reviews, all unmodified.


I don’t normally write reviews because I concentrate on small business issues. I do however participate in the training questions at Quora answering many of the sensible ones on a daily basis. Most of my headings are questions that have been asked in that forum. I have taken the opportunity to expand on them in this one article.

Wealthy Affiliate does it work by Peter Hanley

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Peter Hanley

A beginner’s guide to successful email marketing

A beginner’s guide to successful email marketing. The best and cheapest method of attracting and keeping customers in the long term buying cycle.

Why would you email anyone?

The use of email marketing is continually growing and becoming more attractive all the time. From worldwide corporations to one-man operators, businesses are finding that emails sell.
However, it is a marketing channel and needs to be done the right way or you may get lost in the noise.

What are some good examples of email marketing?

I recently moved house and rang a local courier to do the heavy lifting.
First of all, I received a welcome email detailing what was to come. I was left in no doubt.
The next day was a soft pitch offering boxes and a packing service. (a traditional upsell).
Then a reminder of the transaction date and time so that both of us were comfortable with the job required.
A thank you note for using the service.
Finally, an email that stated I was in a monthly competition to win a great prize.
Completed with a referral request.
This email sequence was all automated at the time of the order and was designed to keep me fully informed.

There are lots of parts above that need some explaining so we will come to that.

The promise of something to come

Every day when I open my computer I will have a whole bundle of emails. Some will be for business, maybe a personal one or two or a whole bundle of marketing mail.
I quickly scan the list and delete those that don’t interest me today.
I did this by the name of the sender so your job is to be in the emails that are read.
We will show you how to do this.

Find email clients

There is no cheap way, it needs some focus over time. Contact forms on your website are always a great start. If you have a physical address and walk-in clients you get the email off everyone that comes to you. Use your invoices, have a VIP discount club running a raffle or similar to collect names.
Seminars, trade fares, soliciting from target customers are all ways to get a few names.
Free list.

Spamming and email

This is a warning that in most countries you are not allowed to send emails to random people.
This can even include bought lists and random captures. You need to have had some form of contact with the recipient. If you are unsure, look up the rules for your country. Wikipedia description of Spam.

Selecting an email platform

There are plenty of platforms for sending out emails, however, they are not all the same.
Remember that this is a business decision and you will get results. Paying $20 a month for 500 emails should return you hundreds of dollars. As your list grows, so will your cost and return.
I have tried half a dozen companies and now exclusively use Constant Contact. It is easy, fuss-free and the autoresponder is included. All the training and lots more tools to use.
Plus you get a starter bonus and no contracts

Your first email

The introduction.
Tell them who you are and what you want from them. This is not a selling email other than the contact for information button.
Excite them with what is coming next. You will want them to open your email among all the others coming in.
Personalize the mail so it can be recognized and don’t hide from who you are

Automating emails

This is the next step in the process. Yes, it can be done manually but far easier with an Autoresponder.

This means that you do a series of emails that get sent when you want them to go. every day. two days a week whenever you choose. Don’t get scared to send mail every day, if they don’t want it they will bailout. the more often the better.

Generally, you will do a series of emails based around giving information over time.
Introduction: About you
Attention: a bold statement
Interests: Benefits
Desire: others that have benefited from your offer
Action or first real close.

Early on you want to build a following so don’t get too hung up on the procedure.

Segmenting emails

Put your emails in a list that can be used to better send information.
For instance, the first email is generic. However, if someone bought from this email you don’t want to keep hounding them with more information. You can put them on a new list that might be another product or upsell.

Remember newsletters are just a type of email.

Tracking emails

Your service will provide countless ways to track your activity and this should be a ritual.
How many were sent, opened or clicked on are the main parameters?
Those that opt-out and don’t receive an email.
Finally, those that report Spam. Don’t get worried unless the number is significant. I had a spam report recently that had been receiving emails for over a year. It must have been a bad day.
I also had a sale recently after 12 months of consistent mail. you never know.

Deleting emails

I sent an email recently to all those that had not recently opened an email. Simply put, was the message “if I am annoying you please use the big Optout button below”
No one opted out, buggar

Calls to action

You are emailing for business and you will never know when they are ready to buy so always have an opportunity for them to contact you. After a few emails, you may try a solid offer to solicit greater action or perhaps a soft close to gathering low hanging fruit.


keep your branding consistent and easily recognized. You only have a second as they skim the emails on whether you are open or deleted.
Yes, your header is important but I believe your name comes first.


Have a long term goal to get a lot of payback on your financial and time investment. The people who make the rules say that you should get a dollar return for everyone on your list every month. So 500 names should generate at least $500. However, sometimes you will see that figure as high as $8 a month.
I sell recurring billing products so I generally use one year as my value stick. The average client lasts about 4.5 years so I am conservative. Therefore, one sale a month is $1000 based on about 9000 names. Sometimes I get a lot more than that.


I have jammed this in because I nearly forgot about it.
When I am doing a bulk email I generally run it against a small number of users first. It is time to pick up any glaring mistakes and bad stats. make your changes and then blast the road


I have not gone too deep into this subject because there is a lot more to tell.
What I want you to do is get started and practice the rules and find your mistakes. When we meet in a more advanced format you will have a greater understanding of the need for refinement.
It is fun because it is quick, send an email work the results, make your changes and repeat

A beginner’s guide to successful email marketing by Peter Hanley

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Peter Hanley

The single most important thing to do in business

how to build a business

The single most important thing to do in business is a mystery to many. If you don’t do this you are heading to disaster.

Every business is many-sided and contains those issues you must consider.


Sales are very important because without sales where would you be?

You can, however, have all the sales you want and still be in a lot of trouble.


People are important, they do the sales and the other designated tasks but are easily
changed out.

These days out-sourcing people has become less important and more of an expense.


Premises and branding are great but one major shift of recent times is working in the cloud.
This means that your premises maybe not all that important.

I will give you a couple of examples. Amazon does not have a store on every corner, does not even have a physical customer presence, just a few big warehouses spread across countries and it the biggest sales outlet in the world.
When merging home supply companies run out of home-based businesses, think of Meals being delivered to your home, or groceries or meat and fruit. No shop front needed.

Millions of businesses are now run from home, not just internet businesses but all sorts of occupations.

Shared offices have become common where you rent a desk and a phone to pedal your wares.

Traditional Advertising

Over 100 years of written, hard copy advertising has been mainstream. Business category Yellow pages, for example, carried a paid advert for every business, thousands of dollars were invested for the top spot. Where are they now? Newspaper advertising carrying pages of local adverts for small trades is now all but gone.

Facebook did not exist and web pages were full of spiders, oh how we have changed.

Dress sense has taken a big hit. Can you imagine the boys and girls arriving somewhere like Facebook in a Suit and tie carrying a leather briefcase and shiny shoes? It is not done. A Tee shirt and sneakers on formal days are great attire.

A notorious traveling salesman who would set out on a week-long journey crossing boundaries and plying his wares. Staying in shabby motels and having affairs with the locals have now changed.

Business plans have changed and are changing as we bend to meet the demands of a new market environment. Nothing is permanent, everything is malleable because we must adapt quickly to what goes on around us. You may have a nice local store, a great capture area and a steady flow of customers and out of the blue, a competitor opens the doors next door. What to do.

Online marketing is an absolute must, Web pages, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc are now all tools of the trade and the only problem is how well you use them.

So what is that single most important thing to do in business?

I don’t care if you are a home business, an online business or a corporation you all have this one responsibility.

Cash flow.

The answer is control of your cash, knowing every day where it will come from and what you will do with it. This one simple task can make or break you and remain as important today as it was 100 years ago.

Spreadsheet it forward and adjust as you go. Factor in seasonal changes, quiet days and public holidays.

Prepare for payroll, tax payments, rent, telephone, and regular billing among the ongoing expenses.

When and how you will buy and pay for the stock. You should remember that it won’t all be sold by the time payment comes.

It’s always a great idea to have a separate tax account where funds are banked as they come in. The Taxman is not generally forgiving.

Even when you buy stock, even if you get 30/60 day term some will be left on the shelf.

Get rid of slow-moving stocks by discounting or promoting to clear that dead money back into cash

Use a professional product or just an excel spreadsheet.

The past is a good presenter for the future so look for those peaks and troughs and be prepared.

Money in the bank is not a sign of wealth, it could be an adjustment in stock levels, unpaid bills or other similar events that are all part of cash flow forecasting

Cash, including credit cards, etc in your daily takings are often seen as your wealth as they flow into your bank account. You only get a little bit at the end, welcome to business.

The old saying was look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

This is as appropriate today as it was one hundred years ago.

Cash management is your hero. So make it work for you.

The single most important thing to do in business by Peter Hanley

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Peter Hanley

Use a keyword planner for SEO

Use a keyword planner for SEO is one of the first things you must do before you write a single word on a blog or page. Here we show you the short cuts.

Why use keywords anyway?

Use keywords so people can find you, it is your internet address that we can come to when we want. More than that, it tells us all about you and what you are doing that may interest us.

The Guesthouse is a broad term
Guesthouses in Indiana are more location-driven.
Or guesthouses Ft Wayne
“The best chicken dinner in Indiana at Colin’s B and B Fort Wayne”
might just be walking people in the door.
Similar keywords may be
Colin’s Fort Wayne, Guesthouse or
Bed and Breakfast, Fort Wayne, Indiana

All the above can be included in one post, page or blog

Traffic and competition in Keyword research

Every keyword has an amount of traffic registered by the carriers. For instance,
Guesthouses have a traffic count of 1235 a month and 21 pages of the search term.
Guesthouses Indiana has 2 pages and
Guesthouses Ft Wayne is just a single page. Also, there are only six visits a month
Wow, you may say I am on a winner here at Fort Wayne but hold the cavalry, there is more.

On any page, there will be paid ads at the top and maybe bottom. It could be 3 at the top and one at the bottom.
Next, nearly 90% of searchers never go past the first two
free entries before clicking so nearly half the page is gone.

Therefore you need to find a balance for traffic and competition. It is no good using a keyword with high traffic and being on page 20 of a search term and likewise being on page one with no traffic. Neither will work for you.

Long-tail keywords work far better than the shorter version.

What are long-tail keywords and do they work?

Long-tail keywords are more specific and less common than other keywords. They focus more on a niche. The term long tail keyword comes from the book The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. In this book, Chris Anderson shows there is a market for virtually every product. In some cases, however, this market is really, really, really small. The vastness of the internet, though, makes your niche product or your niche blog post profitable.
Yoast SEO

Your keyword planning in action

This is where you will find the Keyword tool. This tool will tell you everything you need to know to make a decision on a Keyword.
You want to know several things;

Total trafficat least 100
First-line trafficover say 30
Number of competing
10 to a page
An estimate of the chance
of being seen
Good, maybe and bad
Traffic/Competition scoreThis is a score rated out of 100. Higher the better

Using a keyword planner is easier than it looks.

I am going to recommend two different tools for you. These are the ones I use daily to drive my business forward.
I shall also start on the planning aspect of using keywords.

The idea is to plan well ahead so that you can structure your writing in advance. This will save a heap of time going forward and make your whole experience a lot easier.

There is also a structure called Cornerstone content.

What is the cornerstone content and should you use it?

Cornerstone content is at the core of your website. It consists of the best, most important articles on your site; the pages or posts you want to rank highest in the search engines. Cornerstone articles are usually relatively long, informative articles, combining insights from different blog posts and covering everything that’s important about a certain topic.
Yoast SEO

Your Keyword Mission Statement

The first thing is to find your feature article or Cornerstone content.

“How to find the best guest houses in Indiana”

You are competing for the tourist trade in the area of the state so your cornerstone covers most of this.
Then we can go to eat, chicken, Ft Wayne, B and B, cheaper than hotels, tourism, history, movies, local tours, etc. These can all be made into Keywords that bring bed nights in.
However, your Cornerstone will be a well written and exhaustive description of the best little guesthouse in the west.

Find out your topics on which to rate and build on those.
If you’re big on your chicken dinners, tell people about them. Experiences, products, recipes, stories, where the food is grown, Vegan chicken. Dietary requirements and cooking times.
This will give you scope for a heap of keywords that will link back to your Cornerstone content in just one part of the business.
Above I listed nine items to play with and we broke down one of these into eight different headings. I reckon that it is close to seventy-two different ideas to start your journey.
We are now searching for the terms using our tool.

The two tools I use for keyword searching

First of all, why do I use two different tools? My reason is they do some different things in different ways to come up with the same answer or close to it.
Are they perfect? I don’t think so but they do provide a great insight into what you want.

Jaaxy is owned by the same person as Wealthy Affiliate who also includes a free version on their site.

This is an example of a search I just ran.
Total monthly searches of 136 and if you are in spot one you can expect 24 clicks to your website.
There are 26 pages that have this exact search term so using the correct SEO you have a chance of moving up very quickly, it is an easy term to rank for and easy to grow

You can try out this super tool for free just by logging in.
Use some search terms and see what they say, try some variations and log your results

Next is Ubersuggest a site by Neil Patel. This is a new site that is growing very quickly. it comes with a bundle of training and ways to grow your business.
I generally try both to get the best answer and then note my longtail keyword.

What do you do with your keyword list?

I will make an excel list and include traffic figures.
I can then choose a cornerstone article that has a great call to action. This way you can have your posts together
and have an easy link facility.

The other side of this is to spend minutes searching for similar posts you can link to.
Remember you must do at least one internal link in every post.


Understanding keywords is probably the most important part of any internet activity.

Using longtail words will have less traffic but better readers that have searched for what you offer thus bringing them through the door.

Having your keywords pre-done and in order will make your life so much easier.

It is New Year’s Eve as I write this and I can see the mistakes I made in 2019. I am just about to make a full new list and follow the above rules.
I spend far too much time searching for new keywords when I blog, which is nearly every day. A very time-wasting exercise when you can do it once and do it properly.
Feel free to comment below I would love to hear from you.

Use a keyword planner for SEO by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

What is the future of affiliate marketing?

What is the future of affiliate marketing

What is the future of affiliate marketing? Here we explore what needs to be done to stay on top of the market in 2020

Affiliate marketing is going nowhere but up.

Doomsday’s reports on affiliate marketing could not be further from the truth. The cost of getting products to the market, the decline of the retail space and brand importance will see an increase in AM

With Amazon tightening margins and increasing trading rules, there will be a market shift to outside retail.

Add to this the return of Brand purchasing a market shift will become evident in 2020 rising to about $3 billion in 2024

Add to all of this that 77% of users will be under 44 years of age when they purchase on-line. Fashion and electronics will be the big winners

By age is important to understand


Buyers will be more brand aware

With any purchase, we want to make sure that we are backed up by services and support. When reading product reviews, the most damaging seem to be those that knock the service and return policies.
Therefore majors are determined to ensure quality content at any cost.

Loyalty will need to be bought

Along with branding and consumer awareness, there will be an increase in loyalty programs. Providers will want to bring back repeat buyers and they will be prepared to pay the price.
In all your marketing, a factor for loyalty should have a place in the sun to ensure you have top of mind.

What does branding have to do with affiliates?

Affiliates are there to drive new business to the retail center. This will become competitive with Keyword driven links winning the day.
Two other factors will drive your opportunity.

Analyst Opinion

In 2018, the percentage of consumers who made at least one purchase online in the previous 12 months grew to 93% of internet users in the U.S., 97% in the UK, and 2% in China. The market of developed countries is in its maturity phase, and the competition among eCommerce players is extremely high and cost-intensive. Marketplaces like Amazon and AliExpress are flourishing, while many stand-alone retailers struggle to find their USP as brand and store loyalty are decreasing and cart abandonment rate in the industry is at 75%. Increasing brand engagement can be achieved through community building (e.g., ASOS Marketplace), loyalty programs, and a seamless mobile and desktop user experience.
Statistica.com (eCommerce)

The important part of growth

Mobile dataWriting for mobiles will be more
Video marketingShort mass-produced videos

We have seen above that a large percentage of online buyers are under the age of 44 a statistic that indicates action must be quick.

We all understand that the young have attention deficit disorder and need to be entertained in a way that is different from the older group.

That is why video and mobile marketing will grow in stature in the coming year. Your material must concentrate this way.

Being an individual in marketing

what is the future of affiliate marketing
Someone different

With a billion or so blogs going on at any one time you need to be a bit different.
There are structures you must follow and rules of writing but around that, you can apply flair.
Being an individual is like personal branding and you will develop followers because they like your style.
It may be in your natural writing skills, the happy pictures you post or the photo of you dressed as a Unicorn.
Something to recognize, and to be placed at the top of their mind.

Blogging is not a one-time hit, it is a lifetime on the front line.

Every post you make will be linked somewhere to another thus building a continual storyline. That is one reason for standing out from the crowd and demanding attention.

I have my photo attached to my blogs and pages to show that I am an old guy with years of experience behind me. I linked to my About page so that you can read more and just maybe gather some respect.

Regular posting will bring traffic to any site so keep it going at a regular rate.

Social media will change so you will need to go with it.

Every social media challenge has a reasonably clear age demographic so you will need to select your target based on the products you promote.
However, I believe that Facebook marketing will grow throughout the year. I am seeing some great results with good adverts on Facebook. Repetition is the answer and a constant flow of advertising is the answer.

Retargeting or remarketing is also a growth product. Over the year-end break, I have been looking at some home appliances in local resellers and advertising is haunting me from the store and from my web searching and price comparison.

Writing for mobile data

Many searches are now done on a Mobile phone so your writing and linking must take this into consideration. Consider what you will be most searched for and then make it clear. Do not put Links close together because it will confuse Apple and not work.
In a recent article by Neil Patel, he said that clicks on mobile were far less than those on fixed units so your concentration should still be on your main computer.
To counter this, of course, is the fact that Google searches mobile-first so we can never ignore it

The increase in video marketing will continue

people making a video
The olden days way

This is not just about marketing or branding your products but using how to and display quick video clips that demonstrate things we need to know.
The important message is that the length of the videos is decreasing because it is staying in line with our attention span.
I bought a new product at the weekend and had a problem with one of the features. The book did not explain it and I did not want to revisit the store.
I ended up Googling the answer that was clear in a short video.
For the videos, I have used the services of Content Samurai where you can do a professional video in a short period of time. They have a free book about videos that are worth a read

The price factor will make a difference

My recent retail journey proved a few things to me.
Price is a factor and I did a price search before each purchase as the stores offer a price match policy.
The on-line stores were mostly the price winners so I could have saved myself a lot of effort and time by shopping from the couch.

Retail is in a competitive world but in busy times, we still go through the doors to hold a product.
This is not a conundrum. My wife is an online shopper throughout the year and will rarely visit a store. Purchases are made worldwide as she searches for sites just like yours to buy the things she wants to be delivered to the door.

Staffing levels at the big stores have been reduced to sooth costs, however, this will further drive customers online and I had a recent experience with this.

Pre Christmas I went to the biggest chain store in my area to buy some bath towels. The assistant had no clues and could offer no support. The pricing was unclear and the special docket I had was a day over the final day and was rejected.
My shopping experience was ordinary, to say the least, online would have been better


I researched this topic on affiliate marketing as much for my own benefit as I could to write about it.
I took advice from Jay Oneill, Neil Patel, Statistica, Hubspot, etc and added my own version of what I believe is the future.
There are many benefits with Affiliate marketing the returns are very attractive and it is a substantial growth market.
It takes time to build a business and have an understanding of the principles to get you started. I recommend the training and hosting package at Wealthy Affiliate for anyone entering this business>

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

What is the future of affiliate marketing by Peter Hanley

Online income for seniors

online income for seniors

Online income for seniors is the desire of most yet so many fail because it all seems too hard. Here an old gentleman takes you by the hand and leads the way.

Making an income late in life

Let me get straight to the facts: I am a 75-year-old male who still operates a full-time business and writes blogs for fun and money.
The internet is a fun place, it is now pretty simple to do just about anything because the ways have been made so that it is easy to learn.
Anyone can do it, you just need to start at the right place, take a bit of learning and you are on the way.

I know that things get a bit harder with age so I don’t go around recommending anything associated with labor, we are over it, leaving that work to the young people.

Can you remember everything that you have to learn?
Yes, with notes and repetition it all falls into place.

The internet does not have hours

You can do things on the net that are seen worldwide. Eight am in New York is eight pm in Australia so there is always someone active.
I am an early riser so I am at the keyboard most days at about 5 AM but an afternoon nap and an early close are my rituals. Time for work, family, and fun.

The net is full of time-wasting activities.

I am not fond of video games, crosswords or any activities taken just to fill in time. life is too important for wasting days when you can do something constructive with the time left.

Keeping the mind active is as important as keeping the body going but it is proven that doing crosswords, as an example, is just learning a new skill and not increasing memory.

Income is not the only joy in life, although, a pretty good one.

I have friends that do activities for noncommercial reasons. It may be charitable, provide family support, sponsorship or a host of activities, however, all involve some skills that need to be learned.

Online groups supply a family experience

Some of us are by nature loaners that don’t mix a lot but still have a need in our life for contact with others. To be accepted as ourselves without social pressure being applied.
There are many groups that are support bases for all sorts of activities that will help you through the problems of the day. You will discover more about Wealthy Affiliate by the end of this story but their family blog is remarkable. You will mix with eighty-year-old bloggers and young as well, some rich, some poor but all with the same ambitions. The need to achieve.

The web is also a scammer’s paradise

By learning some basics you will be able to see the blatant scams from a mile away with or without your BiFocals.
When starting on the internet many try and buy a quick entry to instant wealth. This is not the most practical way, it is fraught with wasting your money for little return.
I know I have had lessons the hard way and have taken a lot of time to learn common sense and to not throw money at the laughing clowns.
I have written about 300 blog posts on this subject and rarely recommend spending money before you try it out and want to proceed.
Not everything suits everyone, it is like life, so we take the options that will best suit you to move forward.

What are your options to make money?

Selling products onlineI am thinking of Amazon as the easy way
Affiliate marketingReferring traffic to a site
BloggingA writer’s lifestyle
Social mediaWorking for others
Have a website
Market yourself
Make VideosEasier than you think
eBay marketingSelling excess stuff from the shed
Email MarketingFor others on an hourly rate
Newsletters For others on an hourly rate

Now the bad list that I would stay away from.

  • Surveys
  • Stock trading
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Gambling of all kinds
  • Shonky health products

    These can make money but mostly they take money so you really need to know what you are doing. A job for high-risk takers and a place to avoid.

I do all of this baring eBay where my wife is the expert.

So what are my favorite things?
First of all, you are reading a blog that I have written, one of the hundreds along the way.
The blog will contain affiliate links that will pay me money if you buy a product, now or later on.

I have several websites to do different things and I sell products on Amazon.
A Facebook page on Rescue Cats is a fun option that I post everyday.
I send emails to a list and produce Newsletters on a regular basis. Many of these will point back to my blog posts.
Video production has become easy and is an ideal way to show others how to do it.
Most of the don’t-do lists have been on my list as well providing the opportunity to stay away and not be burnt.

Where to start an online journey?

Online training for seniors
Let’s get the show on the road

I could spend all day explaining how to make money online. Over time I will take you to all these places but first of all, you need a bit of help.
Everything starts with two very important decisions.

  • The first is to decide what you want to do. Go to the above list and think about what motivates you the most. Don’t think about money. They will all get you there. Think motivation because this may be a long journey and one in which you need to have a keen interest.
  • Next is learning about websites. Everything revolves around some kind of web presence.
    Don’t panic!
    Not yet anyway, the olden times of coding and compiling heaps of unnecessary work are long gone. In fact, you can have a website up and going in half an hour. Well, a bit more if you are new but it is easy now.
  • Start the journey and see if it fits your personality.
    I don’t really like online shops or doing product reviews but they are easy and make money.
    Find your thing and start to build a journey.

It all starts with a plan

A plan that will take you into the long term that should see results along the way, small celebrations for meeting the targets you want to achieve and knowing that the process is working.
This is not a short term game, it may take a year or two to see real results depending on what you choose. However, once you reach a level the results will astound you and you may have a business that will carry you forward for years.
A business you can pass down to family or sell on the market at a great return.

Have a vision of the end result before you start.

Let me tell you I have had many false starts and wasted an extreme number of hours trying to find my way. This is all because I failed to plan properly and changed my mind mid-career.
Then I tried to do too much in too many directions which resulted in too little too often.
I now focus my attention on just one product until I achieve my anticipated result.

However, I still use some of the ways in my traditional business. Emails, SMS, Newsletters, and Videos.

My daughter returned to work after the kids reached school age but she still wanted to limit her hours.
She focussed on learning everything about Facebook and marketing for business. She then joined a couple of women’s clubs to gather some business. This resulted in a few contacts and some occasional work. One contact kept asking for more and she is now head of marketing for a growing corporation. A great achievement.

Another has a dress shop for women’s apparel. She bought the business and wanted to expand it. The ultimate way was an online shop. It took many months of learning and integration but it now works really well.
I have a friend who is over 80 and lives in Northern Canada on a small island.
She started blogging because her writing skills are still great and it suits her lifestyle.

There are opportunities everywhere but you must start somewhere. Until you take that first step you remain in the dream world

Where do you start your journey on the internet?

Online training for seniors
let’s have some fun

It has taken me many years to find the answer to this question. There are so many false starts you can make that just waste time and money.

I would like you to try the first training module at Wealthy Affiliate, this is both written and video and takes you through an introductory period of training. Nothing to buy.
Everything starts around an understanding of the internet and this training series is based around building your confidence in this area.

I have done the training twice because the first time I ignored many of the lessons I skipped through far too
quickly and only later realized all that I had missed.

I am not the only one to relate this story as it is a common comment. Plus I was fooling around the net for a few years before finding the Wealthy affiliate site and going back to training 101.

The internet is a place of constant change

I’m not saying this to scare you into thinking you won’t cope however it is an evolving and ever-changing playground. Being part of a network of like-minded people really gives you an edge and an advantage that can not be compared.
There are over a million members at Wealthy Affiliate and I am rated around150th for my contribution to the group


I started to write this with the objective of finding a Niche that would suit the majority. It is not possible because we are all so different in what we want out of the Internet.

I love writing so I am a constant blogger sharing what I know to those who will listen. Warning of scams and for you spending money on bad products. It is not necessary.

I hope you get something out of the post and I wish you all the best in your evolving growth as a senior warrior.

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

Online income for seniors by Peter Hanley

How many words should a blog be

How many words should a blog be so that readers will stay and SEO will recognize its value and rate it highly?

The controversial word count argument for blogging

The answer lies somewhere between 300 and 3000 depending on the source.
my research says that All in One SEO, Yoast, Neil Patel, and Wealthy affiliate all-state 1500 words are premium targets.
However, the number 300 is often mentioned so I am going for that number today.

Words when you blog?

Most of us, when we first start a blog, struggle to write 300 words without rambling on. We then move to more and level out just under a thousand words.
It then takes a while to break that barrier and move into the bigger numbers.

Remember quality over quantity

Google likes answers to a problem and some of that can be skilled at WordPress learning because we should always defer to Authority in a blog.

However, better quality websites will win over badly structured sites every time. Therefore, always aim for quality first.

What other things are important to blogging?

There are many things to consider in a good blog if you want great SEO.

HeadingsStart large and work down
ParagraphsNo more than 300 words
Internal linkingLink to your pages
CategoriesSelect the appropriate
PicturesFree to use and the Alt description filled in
ConclusionAnswer the question

Google also likes lists and tables so you can group your subjects together.

However, the use of your keyword too often is not a good policy but it must be in your meta description and first paragraph.


Writing a blog must follow a structure that takes a reader from a question to an answer. Make sure you include all the above in every blog for superior SEO.

picture of the author
Peter Hanley
About me
My 300-word blog

Writing a blog post tips

pretty girl picture

Writing a blog post tips is for greater reader contact and getting your SEO set up with enough words to solve a problem or offer a solution.

Ten tips for better content

Pick your NicheWhat are you writing about?
Find the Keyword
This is the most important start
Prepare a Meta tagInclude your keywords
Write your headings Less than 300 words a heading
Select a categoryWhere will you be seen?
Gather some picturesFree to post ones
Link to AuthorityWikipedia and Wikidata
Have internal linksWithin your site
write like crazySet a structured time
ReviewUse Google Analytics

This should get you started and we will explore them a little more before finding you some other necessary things to do

Where to find your niche

Many beginners who think about blogging struggle to identify a personal niche that will keep them involved for many years to come. This is not unusual so never despair. As usual, I looked at the wiki for an answer that covers this subject.
My area is small business marketing but that includes Social media, blogging personal development, training, etc broadening the things I can write about. However, I would like to stay faithful to my direction and not go out of the boundaries I have set.

I suggest thinking of a broad term and breaking it down to a small area that you can concentrate on.
Health is really a broad term that covers a wide area. One of the new popular targets is the use of medical marijuana for curing the illnesses of all mankind. I am not recommending this, in fact probably quite the opposite but showing how you can find an area to concentrate.
Another could be footwear; everyone has a dozen pairs of shoes but what about those made especially for football, Gridiron, Soccer, Australian or Irish Football? These are the micro niches that you can use.
World Poverty is a broad term, reduced down to those living rough in New York as a niche.

Remember this is a long term game so choose something that can keep you interested over the journey.

The importance of a Keyword in blogging

This simple step is critical to your results on the internet.
It is ignored by many and they will complain about a lack of traffic.
You can write the best article ever, capable of winning a literary award but if no one reads it it is wasted time and effort.
We search the internet for answers and we search by words. They may be a single word or have a long string afterward.

If I searched, say, Footwear, there will be thousands of answers, however, “Gym boots worn by LeBron James in the last final” is far more targeted.

Keywords are designed to get random searches to your page through SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
Google and other engines are looking at several areas to determine whether traffic should come your way. Your Keyword is the starting point and the most important in setting up a blog that will be read.

Are meta tags important with SEO

There are two areas to complement your keywords and they are your Meta description and the opening paragraph. Both must contain your keywords because Google says so.
You can also include the alt tag in the pictures although it may not be as important.
The beginner manual can be thought of as Yoast training and he does it quite well on the subject of Meta building and description

Write your heading first

This is a great piece of advice for those who struggle to find enough words to meet a 1500 word average blog.

Your blog should flow from a problem to a solution so that readers are taken on a story and need to spend time with the content to get full information from it.
You may find several methods to do this but generally, it goes like this:

  • Find a problem and explain it
  • Show your desire to overcome the problem
  • Explain the opportunities available
  • Delve into the conflicts associated with it
  • Present the solution

No paragraph should be more than three hundred words and sentences less than 25 words so short and sweet.
Your headings should start large and go down in size and not random distribution throughout the article.

Pictures bring readers to attention

Writing a blog post tips

Many of us are skim readers unless we are entirely fixed on every word, a rare thing indeed.
We generally want an answer to a solution so we want to read the last page first.
The pictures pull us up, we look and then read as a natural curiosity takes over the mind.
Of course, they must be relevant to the subject but they do act as a mental stimulant and a stop sign for the browser.
Remember you sometimes need authority to use pictures.

Link to authority sights

This is one area that many of us miss the opportunity to include, however it is very important.
Google praises those with authority and by holding hands with them you show that you mix with the best.
Examples of authority can include Wikipedia, Wikimedia or even CIA World Facebook.
I generally throw one of these into an article if only to bow to the gods of SEO.
I used a Wiki link early on in this page which has become a habit with my writing.

Outbound links most definitely matter for SEO. Not per se for your SEO, but for SEO in the most generic way there is. Your outbound link helps your neighbor, your supplier, your customer and of course, your visitor.



Internal linking has many benefits

Internal linking is taking readers to other parts of your blog or even other articles written by you.
This shows that you are more than a one-trick pony and have a broader expanse of knowledge.
It also increases reading time on your site with another valued feature: time on site.
With WordPress, you can use the return feature so that after the small diversion they come back to the current article.
when you choose the link tab, also use the small V tab and click the open in new tab option.

Writing a blog post tips
Click on your option to open in the new tab.

Write like crazy perfection comes slowly

I like to set a time period away from distractions. As I write this I have given myself an hour of total concentration to write as many words as I can with my two fingers beavering away.
I have Grammarly correcting my mistakes along the way so I hope that covers a lot of my lack of education in writing skills. I write at about 700 words an hour when I am totally focussed and have my headings in place.
this includes side journeys to complete the product.

Critical analysis

Yes, you should review your site and preferably get someone else to go over it for a different opinion.
Don’t get bogged down in perfection, it is not being submitted for an award but for general readers.
If you want a deeply critical analysis, the use of Yoast SEO can provide that. They criticize a lot of what you will produce. I particularly fail in positive writing, a skill I am still mastering

The use of a Chatbot for your blog

This is the biggest thing to happen in 2019. Conversational marketing became the word of the year in 2019 and the use of chatbots to connect with readers has become almost mandatory.
You get to build an email list and correspond with readers to help you build a future subject.

I have tried a few and on this site is one by Purechat although I am thinking of changing.
I like to promote advantages that are free to a point where you need professional help and then it is not a problem to take a paid upgrade. Tidio continues to supply a heap of marketing support and they have impressed me in their follow up.

The importance of comments

Google loves that people comment on your content. It shows that your site is respected and liked by the masses and this adds to your SEO.
Furthermore, it adds to your wordcount thus building up your average numbers.
An easy way to get comments is on the Wealthy Affiliate site where you can either trade for comments or pay a very minor sum for them.


There is great joy in finishing and publishing a blog. It is really a work of art in words that have been a journey from inspiration to completion.
It will have an impact if you follow the basic rules and provide every opportunity to be found in the search terms.

I have written a lot more on blogging including how to do it for free.
The greatest hurdle is the first words, getting started is not hard you must, however, do it.

You can practice on a free site and change as you grow or just start blogging and update your early efforts later.
Best wishes on a successful career as a writer.

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

What is the keyword?

What is the keyword? Many writers have little understanding of the need to use Keywords for SEO and success. Here we tell you how to get your site read.

Why does the Keyword have such SEO difficulty

The simple reason is that all people search by keywords when using Google, Bing or Yahoo.
Today you probably typed “what is the keyword” to get to this page. I have used that to entice you in.

Keywords come in different sizes so don’t get confused with the number of words because a simple word like FOOD can have a long tail attached to it
“food for vegans in London’s West end markets”
is a long tail form of the same word. Both are search terms however one is more specific in what they want to achieve.
Here we are looking at Keywords in relation to SEO however they have many other meanings as described by Wikipedia

Do you really need to use keywords?

Yes, you need to use your keyword at least three times and that is just in the structure of your page or post.

Experts like All-in-One SEO and even Yoast will certainly demand that you have your Keyword in your Meta description plus your first paragraph in the article.

This allows Google to rank you and people to find you and get placed where searchers will end up, which is short for saying you will be read.

In the olden days, a few short years past it was recommended that you plaster an article with keywords so that you would appear many more times. Commonly called keyword stuffing, it was the most used tactic of the day.
Although it is now taboo, Mr. Google has taken an extreme dislike to this tactic and punishes those that continue in outdated practices. As a writer, this is great because we no longer have to bend and construct sentences to make sense with a Keyword planted in them just for the sake of SEO.

How do you pick Keywords for success?

There are two dominant forces that help you with the selection of words.

Volume of searchesCompetition in ranking

You will understand that certain words attract a lot of search volume.
These are prime words like Health, Food, clothes, sport, etc that cover a range of activities.
The volume of searches will be extremely high so your little article will be lost in a million search pile.
Since the volume is so high there will be a lot of content to contribute to the searches thus increasing the issue.

Most people only look at the first page of a search term

When you search for a term, Google will take you to a range of pages of information. There will be about 10 entries per page with the first page including paid advertising in the top 2-3 spots and maybe the bottom one as well.
They have a little (a) next to them.
We have all done a search and understand that but what you may not know is that only a few people venture past page one so the first two or three free entries on page one are the only ones that will get noticed.
This means that if those entries are not yours you will not get read.

The word food, for example, is searched about 447,000 times a month so there is a heap of traffic. If you are in position number one you can expect 76,000 hits on your site which would be fabulous except for one small issue?
There are about 276 free entries ahead of you so the searcher will need to troll through 30 pages to find you.
It just won’t happen.

How do we overcome search volume in SEO?

With your head exploding with the complications in Keywords let me take you down the easy street.

You are very lucky because in the past this was a real hit and miss operation based as much on good luck as in skill.
Now we are lucky with a couple of great tools that will tell you exactly where you will be in the hierarchy.
You can use these to see the estimated amount of monthly traffic and the degree of competition.

What you need is a word or long-tail phrase that has some traffic but low competition. This is where you start your writing from.

Jaaxy is a great tool for this purpose and you can try it below for free

Now you can get an idea of how this all works and start looking for your words and go chasing dreams.

What is the keyword research tool for?

What you are trying to find are some credible traffic and low competition. I like to do a 100/100 plan where my traffic is over 100 per month and my competition is under 100.
That is stretching things a bit because the ideal is less competition the better.
As bloggers and writers, we spend a lot of time on keyword research because it is just so important.
Jaaxy is a really good on-site authority tool, the most important ingredient in your post. You can see exactly where you are or want to be at all times

I also use another site in Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest.

This is different in how it does things but the results should be similar. Uber suggest.
Importantly, Neil points out that searches on mobile devices have a much lower click rate than on desktop applications so this can have a big effect on the results.
However, writing for mobile phones is also critical because Google starts its search process with mobiles before fixed computers.

What you need to ascertain is can you get your post or blog to position one on page one as the ultimate achievement with some traffic.
The tool will tell you how many clicks you should get in position one, the rest is up to your blog.

Paying for keyword position

Internet marketing business
It can be a lot of money

When you pay per click to Google you are guaranteed a first-page position however the cost can be very high. For instance, for this Keyword, you would pay us$1.75 every time someone clicked on the ad.
That is great if you sell something that returns a profit for you. you may sell something every 20 clicks but if you make more than $34 on the sale you are in front.
The term Health Insurance costs us$23.88 a click so it is expensive unless the return is commensurate with the outlay.

More people will click on the first or second entry obtained by SEO so if you can rank on page one you are a winner by a long way


Spending time on Keyword research is imperative for every marketer on the Internet. It will mean the difference between an acceptance or being completely lost in the search engines.
I often see complaints from bloggers about low or no traffic and they plead for an answer. The answer is simple, keyword selection. Without considering this element of SEO it will always be an uphill battle.

What is the Keyword by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

Further great training at Wealthy Affiliate

Free Email Marketing List

Tidio chat bot logo

A Free Email Marketing List is a desire for every business. Here we take out all the complications and show you a way forward to income generation.

Are emails important anymore?

For any business, the answer is a very loud yes!
In fact, it is even more important than the past as they become a more common form of communication.

The use of voice contact is diminishing, as an old bloke I have some problems with this but it is a fact.
How often in a day are the words “message me” used?

Email and SMS have become the primary forms of contact so you need to gather as many new addresses as you can.
This is your legal database, a product that will grow in value with the names you add to it. A name may be worth at least a dollar but maybe five dollars or more.

Someone invented the term Spam and made it illegal to harvest email addresses for your own use. This has made marketing a bit more of an art form to comply with the law and build an asset.

There are, however, legal ways to collect a bundle of names and use them in your sales activities.

Collecting contact details is important

It is generally prudent to remind you of antispam law.
You cannot randomly send emails or SMS messages without their consent. That means they have approached you in some way about business or given you the contact details for you to approach them.

This may seem like a big hurdle but it is one that we must all jump over so let’s look at some ways.

Traditionally we manually grabbed every contact we could. A meeting, a customer, referral. trade shows, family, friends.

If you have a business this can be considerable if done properly.
My Daughter runs a busy Ladies dress shop. She inquired with one of the staff recently if she had gotten contact details from a customer that had just made a purchase? The staff member said it was not necessary as it was a Cash sale.
She only did it once because she now knows the value of future contact. Every customer’s inquiry and walk-in is a potential future buyer.

Do leads really work?

Leads are essential

Just yesterday morning, it was 7 am, I ran into an old client as we went to different meetings, I had just come from an early morning swim and he was in collar and tie.
We exchanged pleasantries and he commented on how much he liked my Newsletters. We shook hands and went our own way. This morning he rang and said I need your service can I come back? Of course, the answer was yes, however my point is that consistent contact over a couple of years netted a client worth about $1000 a year. Thanks for the business, Chris.
We can all get a bit slack with this and it really needs driving at all times.

The internet way to find leads

Let’s move forward into 2020 years with new excitement.

The latest and best is a chatbot or a popup on your website. Both need to be done properly, but with a bit of trial and error, these can really capture the audience and the emails of every visitor to your site.

At the top of this page will be a small presentation. “Can I help you?” or “hey, what’s up?” maybe even “Chat with me now.”
I am trying a few out to test what works best, give it a go and see what the experience is for you.
I use chat Bots and you can learn more here.

Getting leads with social media

This sounds easy but in truth, Facebook is now very protective of detailed security and it is getting harder to extract it in bulk.

Your challenge is to get them across to your webpage or sales funnel and collect names from there. The idea of all social media is just that it is a window to your business. Just a small sneak peek into the inner workings.
Entertain them and give them enough enthusiasm to go to a selling site where you can gather contact details.

Another way is a raffle or prize associated idea on Facebook where they must enter to be eligible.

Use social media that is relevant to your business and keep it current and fun. Don’t try and be everything to everyone it is too time-consuming. I wrote more on this at a recent blog that may be worth a quick read.

Finally, the Authority figure

Quote on authority figure
More important in 2020

This is the Google 2020 blockbuster coming to a business near you.
Google wants to divert traffic to authority figures. Let me give an example.
If I am a Senior Doctor or Medical expert I will receive questions on health, However, if I am Joe Blow flogging treatment I shall be hugely ignored by Google linking.

The answer to you my friend is to make yourself an expert in all things in your business.
The widget on your page, the about you page, the video featuring you as a brand everywhere you can become the AUTHORITY FIGURE.
When someone does a search, authority is the likely endpoint.

This will send a stream of new contacts to your webpage that will play with your Chatbot and deliver to your new business.

Plus you don’t have to outlay a single dollar to increase your traffic.


Getting your list together has never been an easy task. Combining some old fashion ideas along with internet activity will build you an asset that you can be proud of.

What’s more, you can write the asset into your balance sheet and make the banks happier when you want to borrow money. (not legal or accounting advice).

You have to be smarter in this market because the market has got smarter so unless you ride the wave you will be left behind.

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

Free Email Marketing List by Peter Hanley

My Youtube best three ideas