Retirement income ideas, add excitement to your life

Retirement income ideas

Retirement income ideas and adding a reason to get up in the morning. Let's look at a few ideas that can help fill a day with enthusiasm.

Why would you want to work in retirement anyway?

Work is something you do because you have to.
Certainly we don't want to go digging ditches or laying paving stones on a hot day. We want to do something that is easy and in our own time.

First of all a bit about me. Bordering on 80 years old, small business owner, consistent blogger averaging about 15,000 words a month, a couple of eBooks, Stock trader, Crypto convert, warrior for Global warming, grandfather to twelve, swimmer and fit in a 4lkm walk on most days.

Therefore you would say I am fairly productive. My problem is that I need to live a lot longer to do all the things I want to achieve.

Naturally I have a lot of friends around the same age, some working, many retired. Those that continue on with a demanding schedule are the better thinking of the lot.

Wasting away days and waiting for the end.

There will be time for that much later on. Whilst we still have the marbles let's do something with them, and get an outcome that we can be proud off.

Perhaps you can do a cross word or a colouring in book but what is the satisfaction level.

What you need is a bit of excitement, a buzz that gets you up in the morning, grabbing a sabre and rushing into the world with a purpose.

Having a project gives you purpose

First of all I shall take you to the dark side and talk about The Crypto market.

A bit like the stock market on steroids. It is the future of all that we do however it comes with high risk and higher rewards.

Throwing some play money at this will give you a bit of excitement and should earn a bit of coin along the way.

Think of it as building an asset that in a few years will increase greater than Real Estate and not shrink in value like cash.

If I have stretched you too far and you don't want to extend your brain outside a safe parameter we will move on to more things to consider.

Is it worth buying Crypto in an erratic market

What about a bit of writing

First off all it is hard to make a lot of money blogging until you are well down the road.

However it will release the creative you from under a rock. We all have something to say and this is an ideal way to unleash the budding writer.

It may be the start of a journey or an entry to something bigger that is your path to find.

How do you make money from blogging is a great question.

First off all I have acquaintances making five figures a month that becomes a recurring income so every month not just one time.

This is easy to learn and there is a whole bundle of training starting from a free base at Wealthy Affiliate. You can be up and going in a short time and furthermore know where you are heading and why you want to get there.

Retirement income ideas and getting paid

Affiliate income and advertising to generate funds

Affiliate income is being paid for passing a new customer to a sale by a partner.

A good example is having a link on a page to the great Amazon. Someone clicks on your link and goes to Amazon to look at a book or something bigger like a Running treadmill.

If they buy the product the Amazon pays you a commission being a percentage of the sale.

It might be a $2 on a book or $200 on a Treadmill. In the early years this was very lucrative however Amazon have really tightened the commissions so it is now a lot harder.

Every product you can think off has an affiliate offer.

Therefore if you want to write about Hairdressing ( as an example) you may recommend Scissors, dryers or even high priced chairs.

Off course throw in a bundle of products that people must use and you have quite a few opportunities.

Then the advertising revenue comes

When you get a bit of traffic, (people reading your blog), the advertisers will pay to pop up on your site.

You get paid for just clicks or a commission. The famous people with a million or more followers can earn millions of dollars this way. maybe you are the next one.

What is your input into the whole exercise

You are in charge. You are working when you want and at a pace that suits.

However you need to do a bit of training first. Learn to build a website and a bit about SEO and keywords before you blast off.

Hey this is a long term venture so let's start off the correct way so the road gets easier as you go.

Importantly none of it is hard. However learning the fundamentals is necessary to be successful. Again your starting point is Wealthy Affiliate.

If you play around on this site and look at some of the 400 odd posts I have written you will start to build ideas, like the all important “what to write about.

Retirement income ideas from a talking head

The talking head

This one is not for everyone however some of you will quite like the idea of telling your ideas live to a captive audience.

You Tube is a search Engine that people go to to get answers. They want someone to solve a problem for them.

An ex hairdresser( as a example) may talk about undercuts, Plats, Dreadlocks, types of colours, scalp conditions, equipment, product, kids etc. The list just goes on.

Doing a video is really simple. It may be with your computer, iPhone or a proper camera and mike.

The kids can do it so nothing is stopping you. Again money can be made the same ways as blogging in affiliate income of advertising revenue.

I watch a daily episode on the Crypto market. I pay the man $20 a month to get the most up to date information. James has several thousand followers so a nice little earn for him

I also watch others on You Tube where an add pops up every five or so minutes.

Start out by reading a bit about it at Vidnami a builder of Videos that make it possible for anyone.

Taking the easy route to success

We talked about learning the basics being a necessary start and many off you want hand holding.

There is nothing like a great Mentor to guide you on your way. However, and important, is that there are many ways to waste money searching the web.

It is full of scams and high priced commodities that teach nothing, but take a lot. Believe me I have a whole cupboard full of wasted time and money.

I have narrowed the field down to one guy that promises success. My Mate Roy Carter has been doing this for years and in fact is now retired to an island play ground to live the life.

Roy does not take on anyone however with my recommendation you have a chance of being accepted.

Concluding Retirement income ideas

In conclusion of chasing an income the easy way

This is just the tip of a massive market and a million ideas.

However I believe they are the easiest ways and provide the greatest opportunity to success.

Let not age stop you. I have friends in the mid eighties and over that are extremely productive. In fact one 85 year old lady in Alaska just converted her garage into a writers den. She wanted the perfect place to release her creative self so she built it. (including a big Fireplace )

There are opportunities in Social media and you will include these in your journey along with many others.

I have offered a bit of balance, the Crypto Gamble, the learning curve and a mentor to hold your hand. I use all three but take them one at a time and get them working before you move on.

Retirement income ideas, add excitement to your life by Peter Hanley

Social issues in our world today and your part

Social issues in our world today and your part

Social issues in our world today and your part in helping us back to a better world in which to live and play. What can you do to help

What are the social issues that matter

The list will vary depending on where in the world you are and and what you perceive as important.
Having thought about this I wondered if I should concentrate on just a few or extend this out to capture many more .
As a Hetro, white male of retirement age in the lucky country of Australia I need to find issues that are at arms length from me. However that does not mean I am exempt from compassion or support.
I have Children and grandchildren to leave in the care of this insane world and I want it to be a better place for future generations.

I know that we can all make a difference if you just try to accept that we can create change.

Here is my top dozen to start with

So what is the list

Global warmingA problem for everyone
HealthcareIncluding the Covid Crisis
Racial integrationColour is not an issue
Income growthlifting the gap
Modern day Slaverya massive issue
EqualityFor all
Gun ViolenceA growing problem
The plastic industryPolluting our oceans
Eliminating hungerFood for everyone
Overfishinga future problem
RefugeesA right to life
WarIn any way
A starting point

Have I got them in the correct order or do your circumstances demand change.

Global Warming a problem for the world

We call it Global warming or Climate change because it affects everyone everywhere. The problem is that the denialists are stopping much needed urgent action and filling people with doubt.
Many countries are on top of this however the bulk remain in confusion balancing good against profit. Furthermore some outright deny the problem exists. This is against the very best scientific advise.
The fossil Fuel industry are the biggest naysayers as they dig Coal and use oil like an eternal source. It will end one day so change is needed now.

What is happening to change this

first of all the automotive industry is going Electric. The second biggest polluter will be pollution free by 2030. A massive change for good and all started by one man.

Solar roof top units, Battery support, Wind generators and Hydro are starting to dent the biggest industry polluters. Still a long way to go.

The development of green Hydrogen for both heavy haulage transport and manufacturing is like a steam train storming into the world. This could herald massive change over the next ten years.
How can we help change Global Warming

Healthcare and Covid-19

Having been to a first world emergency department in a public hospital I have witnessed first hand simple overcrowding. Beds full, Ambulance ramping and long wait times. There with not a single Covid case in my area. The mind can only imagine what would happen.

My friend in India had me in tears describing her life in constant lockdown and the affects to all those around them. Getting sick is a death sentence.

First of all Immunisation is well under way. In fact the WHO with support from all rich countries just paid for a billion doses of anti Covid for the poor countries. This really is recognition of the problem.
Covid has changed our thinking on health and perhaps it will make a difference in the future.

I can afford to get sick with good care available however I feel for the millions that can't.

Racial integration and the challenges

I put this higher on the list in recognition of the US BLM problems and riots
We all have a degree of racism in our baggage. This is not just a Black problem but an issue that includes many countries and nationalities.
I have worked and seen first hand in Asia how racism is a problem. The Jews would probably agree as the Palestinians would.
People of colour, which is now the popular term, want to be recognised as equal to all others.

I grew up with a racist attitude, I am sorry to say. This is while I played sport with indigenes friends, had mates from many counties of the world as we grew in a full integrated society.

Recent happenings have moved the attitudes to a far better place. Change has started.

Social issues in our world today and your part in changing the income gap

Income gap

If you are in the bottom group of income earners you are in trouble.
Old and retired are becoming an issue and we will be marginalised in the future.
Ethic issues will continue to hold people bask.

China has lifted a family group to three children. This is to ensure there will be sufficient workers to support an aging population. However that is a huge population growth.

End of work income plans like superannuation are increasing in worktime input. This will provide a better living standard later in life. Singapore for instance pledge around 20% of the annual salary to superannuation. The older are retiring wealthier

Retirement ages are getting older. In Australia it has gone from 65 years male retirement to now 72 years old. This keeps the working population that supports the needy a longer time building a nest egg.

The problem is closing the gap from the haves and the have nots.

Modern era slavery

Sweat factories exist in every low income societies. In China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan to name a few.
Child labour is in existence and where they are forced to work for low returns is rampant.
Sex slaves are freely traded and bonded to criminals with no avenue of escape.

Yes it is 2021 and the problem exists as strong as ever.

Fortunately many are starting to recognise the problem. Major retailers are penalised for buying from sweat factories where award incomes are but a dream.
Welfare groups are naming and shaming in an effort to establish a reasonable return for the poorer workers.
Sex slaves are being identified and released where possible. However the replacement trade is still rampant.

Social issues in our world today and your part in bringing about equality


This is a bit more utopian than all the others however many will find it important. As we live in first world countries we are largely exempt from this however half the worlds population need a better standard of living. Countries ravaged by war, drought, flooding, dictators, religion all impacting their lives.
Certainly The Gates foundation is trying to help and other similar ventures but it is hardly enough.
Over a billion Covid injections were recently sponsored by the wealthier countries following a G20 directive.
We can see a change coming with a starting point of recognition.

Gun Violence, an increasing event against the innocent

In Australia we outlawed all high powered automatic rifles after a terrible event in Tasmania.
Most problems are now with Motor Cycle gangs and the general criminal population.

Not so in the Good old US where gun ownership remains a right of passage. Every week, so it seems, a new mass killing in schools and populated precincts.
Is it just copy cat activity or is it easy access to guns.

In the Middle East arms sales by leading countries continues unabated. They buy the guns to shoot people and it works very well.

The UK has unarmed coppers which is a bold and successful move. Therefore others can take note.
You have a gun with intent. the solution is simple however it is a long way off.

The use of non recyclable plastics

Again I fought this issue for some time because it affected my way of life. However the problem is bigger that any of us can imagine. Much of the plastic ends up in the oceans where it only deteriorates to small pellets. The pellets are consumed by Fish where their bellies become full and they starve to death. This is on a massive basis.
Fortunately many are recognising this issue and will not use non recyclable plastic. Are you one of them?
This is one area that we can all contribute to success every day. Take action and support this.

Social issues in our world today and your part in fishing

Over Fishing the worlds supplies

This has become a major problem as massive fleets of high process ships roam the open waters taking what ever ends up in the nets. With only a small percentage (5%) of our oceans deemed protected waters this gives them Carte Blanche at whatever they choose.
Species are being wiped out because of unsustained fishing.
Yes we have been fishing the waters since time began however a growing population demand a greater supply of product.
Control of this must be in the hands of world leaders applying quotas and limits to what can be taken.
Fish Farming is becoming fashionable and an ideal process to control supply and even quality.
We all want to eat more fish however overfishing will bring shortages later on that can't be reversed.

What can you do?

First of all buy local catch. This supports a regulated industry.
In Australia we have a long sea coast however still import nearly 80% of our table seafood. Furthermore we export nearly 80% of our Rock lobster catch to China and Asia.

The refugee problem

Everyone deserves a safe and healthy life. Therefore should we just take immigrants when they want or need to move countries.
This is an exercise that needs considerable constrain as we have all witnessed the problems that have developed in France, UK and parts of Europe.
In Australia we relaxed the borders and the boat people came in droves with many dying at sea trying desperately for a new life.
Unfortunately it is not remotely possible to sustain massive immigration.
Should the answer be to fix the problems that cause the need to up and migrate families.
I don't think starting a war is a solution to any situation in our intelligent civilisation. However support to those down trodden should be available.

My conclusion to social issues and seeking your support

I am not a rampant Leftie in fact quite the opposite however I have become concerned at issues that will affect the future of our children and grandchildren.
Covid-19 was a wakeup call for everyone.
We experienced first hand a global epidemic that killed millions and hurt many more.
We also saw that science could prevail and come up with a cure within months and not years.
That however is not quite true. Gene editing has been explored for many years and formed the basis of a cure. Continued science was the answer to a future problem.

We can all be aware of our part in this. Certainly in Electricity consumption, Automobiles, Plastic, Food purchasing and Healthcare we can make a personal difference.
Making politician aware of the issues and open enough to confront them is another area of support.

Understanding the issues is important and reading and learning can only help promote success.

I hope I have moved you in some small way.

Social issues in our world today and your part by Peter Hanley

Define Fud and is it important

understanding FUD

Define Fud and is it important. Cutting to the chase this one anomaly is hurting countless groups across the world so what should you know

What the heck is Fud

Fud is an acronym for Fear, uncertainty and doubt.

This is a ploy used by marketers, businesses and Governments to shift attention away from the real issue.

This process is evident every single day across every channel as you are herded in a direction
that they want you to travel.

Give me an example of Fud

Probably the best to come to mind in recent times is the Tobacco industry and complete denial on the harmful effects of cigarette smoking.

The Nicotine industry was so big that any decrease in revenue was a massive amount.
The tobacco companies denied all science and used every available strategy to cloud the waters of doubt.
They denied that smoking was addictive, that it caused health problems and in fact killed people at a massive rate every day.

Uncertainty was pressed at every opportunity and corrupt scientific evidence was provided
at every possible level.
Despite massive action against the industry they still prevail across the Globe in selling a harmful product that continues to Kill.

A recent example that applies today

Global warming and the effects of Fossil Fuel burning is a massive issue we face at this time. Yet, prestigious organisations still deny the existence of a problem and cloud us with uncertainty and doubt.

Why would they do this you may well ask? Money and greed is the answer. There is so much money tied up in burning fuels that they don't want it to stop.

The burning of brown Coal is an example. This is an obsolete technology of high Carbon emissions. Yet coal mines are still being opened and coal burning continues. There are far cleaner energy sources available however it is a cost over return.

They now bury the impurities and claim the problem is solved however it exists as strong as ever.

At this day a 150 Nobel Laureates are presenting to the World leaders G7 conference and saying;

As our statement says: “Time is running out to prevent irreversible changes. The long-term potential of humanity depends upon our ability today to value our common future. Ultimately, this means valuing the resilience of societies and the resilience of Earth's biosphere.”

Prof, Brian Schmidt

This flies in the face of many countries who outwardly promote that the fossil fuel industry is safe and being well managed. They try to cheapen the science and provide uncertainty in the actions being proposed as expensive and unnecessary.

Global warming is a fact backed by science and ignored by the international News outlets.

Define Fud and is it important. Is it about money?

Is it all about the money?

Profit comes before principal.

The problem is that the biggest industries stand to loose money so fight the hardest.

Oil Gas and coal industries
Motor vehicles

These and a few more want the status quo to remain as it is. Change will affect their income.
Therefore they will spread uncertainty and doubt at any cost.

Define Fud and is it important. Change is coming

Block Chain technology is a change phenomenon

There is no doubt that Block Chain and Bitcoin technology will challenge the ways data transfer has been handled in the past.

It is happening now, across a range of industries that are using it for alternate reasons.
The rise of technology now happens in fast motion because of the ease of communication.

To this day many try and downplay the importance of the crypto industry. Look anywhere and you will see negative press and reports of doomsday. Believe me the technology behind Block Chain is with us forever. What's more it will become part of our every day life.
Crypto Currencies explained

Look back in Anger

Did Hitler rule by FUD, how else could you get people to believe that mass slaughter was the right thing to do. It is not a new invention. it has been around since the start of time.

The Vietnam war was perpetrated on a communist invasion of the Wester World. Was it really so or was it invented to play games with peoples lives.

Even the 7-11 crisis of the World Trade Centre in New York. Look it up and you will see reports that the US organised it to strike at the Taliban with hysteric approval.

Define Fud and is it important, how we make a difference

We can be different

Over time we can hopefully become better informed of the real truth and not that being pedalled by self interest groups. I was a climate change sceptic. It was seasonal and how could an intelligent world do this damage to the society in which we live.
Research found the answer and absolutely alarmed me in how hostile the opposition is.
Intelligent people bending to the rules of those wanting to maintain the financial benefits bestowed on them.

In Australia three Prime ministers have been bought down because of Fud. They failed to see investor sentiment around Global Warming. They believed the false signals therefor bringing a voter backlash.

Seeing the light is often difficult

What is true against false reporting is hard to abstain.

It appears that when the World press is the loudest in condemnation the reverse is true.

No I am not a conspiracist, in fact, quite the opposite however many of my beliefs have been shattered.
Global greed is alarming therefore the damage is becoming extensive.

It is often an argument between social benefit and financial gain. The loudest voice always wins and that is paid for by the recipients.

It is often a case in reverse. This is when self interest groups campaign against progress.
This is the NINBY theory (not in my backyard) where activists scream to save a rare turtle nest that stops a major development.
The reasoning sounds plausible however the results are not justified.

I was involved in an Oil Drilling operation in the dessert. Native title is always an issue nd a long road to solve.
The Oil company flagged a wide area of operation to explore. This was immediately denied as it would upset the ancestors. The Oil company tried to negotiate without any success.
They quietly asked if the attached area would be acceptable which was readily accepted because it had no value.
Well, actually , this was the area they wanted in the first place so drilling went on as planned.
Don't get me wrong here. Native title is important however when it is based on financial returns and not on historic considerations the rules are different.

Define Fud and is it important and your role in the puzzle

What is your role in this riddle

You need to be realistically informed. Make your decisions based on logic and not emotional concepts.
Look for reputable experts that are not linked to major news outlets. Those that are paid to pedal trash are to be ignored.
It is not an easy road because the experts have the expertise to confuse the issue.

How a simple statement can cloud an issue.

An example of this can be seen in the following story.

Greta Thunberg went to the US to front the World Trade on environmental concerns.
As a point of difference Greta was offered a lift in a solar powered yacht. Planes were considered unfriendly to the sky's at that time.
It was a nice touch, if not necessary, but it helped to deliver a message.
However the message was ruined by the world press loudly flagging that two crew members of the yacht were flown back to Sweden.
That one act was the headline to confuse the whole issue.

We don't want to stop development we want improvement

Remember when a telegram was the best and fastest form of communication. Then we had a fax that was so much better and now smart phones dominate the scene with greater abilities than were thought possible.

The land line telephone system was an absolute Godsend across the globe. Now almost a feature of the past.

The internet gave us so much freedom with speeds of 4-5 Mbps we were on fire. Now anything under 100 Mbps is too slow.
We have transitioned from copper connection to fibre and now to satellite coverage of the world. The province of the rich to a product available anywhere.

Electricity is seeing a change that will soon escalate to natural resources without the need for Coal, oil or Gas being used.
Solar, Wind, Water, air (Hydrogen) and storage facilities will take over. They will provide a better service at a cheaper price and the natural resources can stay in the ground.
Interestingly Electricity has been around for over one hundred years so maybe a time for change.

Flying in planes will change and again Hydrogen as a source of power is being trialled. However we have grown from 80 seat planes to ones with over 850 passengers that take a fraction of the time to commute between destinations.

What can we do to stop Global Warming

The goal is to be better at lest cost and zero pollution

Not a dream but a reality in the making. The Tesla EV is an example of what can be done.
A better and safer car at a reasonable cost and zero pollution. Is it worthwhile? Every car manufacturer is now following suit as well as recreational vehicles and heavy haulage.
The list is long however my message is simple.

Finally, Listen with your head and not your heart and make decisions on fact and not media.

Define Fud and is it important by Peter Hanley

What can we do to stop Global Warming

The battery decade

What can we do to stop Global Warming as a single individual. You have the power to make great change possible and here's how

What can we do to stop Global Warming

Provide awareness to others

The ignorance on this subject is often alarming driven by media that want us to disown the idea.
The fossil Fuel Industry are using every endeavour to cloud the very waters of belief in marketing that follows the Tobacco Industry war on smoking.

You can be a great Greta Thunberg by simply spreading the word and driving it up to decision makers in your own small way.

I was not a believer but then the light came through

Like many of you I believed in cyclical seasons, some good and some not so good and that was just the way it was.
In fact, I really think that I just did not want to believe because it was just to hard to understand that we need change.
I live in Western Australia with a low population. wide open spaces and no real manufacturing. How could I see change in action.

I had a brief involvement in the sola industry and my eyes were opened to what could be done.
Furthermore I also live among some of the largest mining operations in the world , including Coal and coal fired power stations so I understand the revenue generation of mining.

Then Greta Thunberg popped her head out of the clouds. Most around me saw just a silly little girl that new nothing about Global Warming. However, I was captivated by a symbol of change.

This brave little Girl did a lone vigil against the odds that turned into millions rallying around the world in a relatively short time. School children the world over joined the movement and had a voice that was heard by adults that were prepared to ignore the truth.

Greta did not want to be a symbol however she single handed created a movement that would not be stopped.

Change had begun

Low and middle-income nations received nearly $16bn a year between 2017 and 2019 to fund projects related to gas, a fossil fuel that worsens global heating. This was nearly four times more than international public finance for wind or solar projects.”

The Guardian May 2021

What can we do to stop Global Warming

This movement was not about fame or fortune it was about belief and change.

My next figure of change that did it for good

We may get a bit of disagreement on this one however the results will be the same.

Elon Musk wanted to electrify the automotive world to bring about his own level of social conscience. Remember that it started with house hold Solar Panels and the need for battery support that would lesson the need for Fossil generated power.

Joining the Tesla movement was based on change. This went against the beliefs of 99.9% of people that believed it was an impossible dream. Electric cars would never happen.
The change was to eliminate dangerous exhaust gases pumped from billions of vehicles every minute of the day.
Elon shouted pollution at every opportunity.
Yes I know he got rich out of the car factory however it was at a great cost and risk that few would take.
Now some 12 years after the first Tesla was put on the road they are aiming for over a million cars a year in world wide distribution.

More importantly nearly every car manufacturer in the world has followed suit and people like Volvo, VW and others are aiming for 100% electric supply between 2015 and 2020

What can we do to stop Global Warming and change

Change in a grand scale

This is change on a grand scale started by one individual for what ever the motive you wish to apply. Mine is for global Good a goal that is being accomplished every day.

Locally We have a Entrepreneur called Andrew Forrest, Andrew made and makes money from Iron ore. In fact earns about a billion a year.
His latest gamble is in Green Hydrogen. This is a fuel from Oxygen and electricity that can power many things. His dream is a steel plant without pollution.
Andrew is not the only one working with Green Hydrogen however he is taking it to a new extreme.

In the US Truck maker Nicola is producing heavy haulage based around Hydrogen power.
The name Nicola is a play on Tesla however both are now fighting for the Semi market using zero emission power. This will make a huge difference to the Transport industry.

What can we do to stop Global Warming and government intervention

The list is extensive but many governments are ignoring the facts

In part governments are controlled by the Fossil industry. It is such a massive industry that they can pay to be listened to.

Furthermore my own Government in Australia is blind to the facts. They keep authorising Coal mines, ignoring the Electric car revolution and not making sufficient plans to reduce carbon emission.

The US and UK have a similar issue although Biden may be thinking more wisely than his previous counterpart.

Many countries in Europe subsidise electric vehicles and penalise the polluting petrol engines.

Even China has taken a strong position and has both a Tesla factory and their own car by Nio.

The revolution has started it just needs energy

I am writing this blog because I care. As individual it is hard to make a difference however getting people on board is a small answer to help spread the message.

It is a fact that 19 of the past 20 years have been warmer than any other period.

Back in 1980 people pressure demanded a change to the use of chlorofluorocarbons because of the damage to the ozone layer. The CFC manufactures denied liability and claimed there was no substitute for refrigerant gasses. The lied. However a law was not passed until 1987
when a substitute product miraculously materialised and CFC's were banned.

Fossil Fuel is causing damage to the world Atmosphere, the Ocean, waterways and public health. It is time to demand change

Who are the major contributors to Green house gas


Electricity and heat30%
Manufacturing and construction12%
Agriculture and Livestock11%
Burning other fuels8%
Land Use and Forestry6%
Fugitive emissions6%
Industrial Processes5%
source Dr Karl K

What can we do to stop Global Warming with your participation

But what can we do

Here is a small list of ideas that will make a difference. How many is your government doing

Gather electricity from Solar, wind, Hydro or even Nuclear.
Battery and Hydrogen powered vehicles
Intensive farming.
Planting trees and stopping the removal of forests
Green Hydrogen manufacturing. ( Grey Hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels)
Greater building standard to smart constructions

Crypto currencies have been blamed for excessive use of Electricity with mining the currency. Change has come where miners are now working with renewable energy so that the industry is not tainted with blame. This industry is an example of a massive shift in moving away from past ideas and moving to the future. Blockchain technology is a revolution that is happening as we speak. Finance , Insurance, banking and any where documented proof is needed is achieved instantly and with a much lower cost.

Covid-19 has made a change. With lockdowns and working from home with much less travel has seen results the world over. Much less smog and lethal emissions have been experienced the world over.

We want to maintain a life style

Over time our general well being has improved and that should not change. Transport including planes must continue however perhaps we can do the better.
The old ways can change. Our history of trying to destroy the environment can stop and everyone can do their bit to contribute.

However we need to shake a lot of people out of lethargy and take action as a group.

We are managing the plastic war, the Tobacco industry, recycling and now the Fossil Fuel energy, power is in on our side
I was just listening to Elon Musk talking about Fossil fuels and he was saying it is a finite resource, one day it will run out so why not change before day zero. Accelerate the world to renewables.

Gross ignorance off the science is evident at every level.

A great read is “Dr Karl's little book of climate change science” available from Amazon and others. It's only about $9 and good for kids and adults alike. It lays out the facts.


I wrote this in the hope of moving someone to change. Most will simply shrug the shoulders and say so so what! Some will take the challenge and try for a difference.

I have not gone into the science because others are better at it than me however I am alarmed. The atmosphere, the oceans and the population are at peril. Not today, maybe not tomorrow however our children and grandchildren will be the recipients of change and not for good.

Lets all be a Greta Thumberg and spread the word

We have a duty to change.
Success is our responsibility

What can we do to stop Global Warming by Peter Hanley

Is it worth buying Crypto currency in a erratic market

Is it worth buying Crypto currency in an erratic market? Some will ponder the question over time whilst action takers will reap the rewards.

The time is now to take the jump

When you do nothing you get nothing so where are you at? The Crypto market is making people millionaires every day from small investments.

Retirement incomes you can only dream about could be days away however tread wisely and trade on strength.

Always seek independent financial advice

Remember that no one can predict the future and that investing has its risks as well as rewards. This is a conversation about the market and not investment advise.
Trade only with money you can afford to loose because you never know.

Let the Bulls run and the bears hibernate for another year

A bull market is when prices are rising and investor confidence is high and the reverse is a bear market things are going down hill and will remain so for some time.

We are currently in a Bull market even though substantial corrections have been made in recent time.

I made a million dollar mistake when two years ago I took a sit and watch attitude. Crypto was relatively new and my money short so I failed to buy Bit Coin or Etherium at the time.

I could understand it was the future like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix or many others however I was not sure. I decided to wait which was nearly a million dollar mistake.

This time I have done my research and have jumped back into the future.

Investing is a time based mechanism for most of us.

Off course you can day trade and buy and sell on small movements making minor sums every day however you need some knowledge to do this.

This is a professional game and not for us amateurs wanting a quid.

Forget about the term mining for cryptos because it is beyond 99.9% of us and trading futures is for mind readers that think they have an answer.

Let's face it Geoff Bezos got rich on one share that he controlled, Amazon

Zuckerberg stayed with Facebook and Steve Jobs with Apple. Even Warren Buffet had a myopic vision of share trading that needed to meet strict criterion.

A divided opinion on Block Chain development

Many of the older generation view the crypto market as a fad. Among these is Warren Buffet and the banking industry among many others.

It is different to what has been the way for hundreds of years and change is not welcome.
Blockbuster wanted no change and ignored all the signs that said people wanted something different.
Kodak desired the camera market to remain expensive and exclusive and got steam rolled in the process.

The Taxi industry enjoyed a high income with low service for so long they were blindsided by Uber. They did not want change, however, want and get are two different things.

The FUD industry is in full swing

Fear, uncertainty and doubt advertising is pedalled by those trying to save their own butts.

The tobacco industry perfected the process so well that the market stayed strong for decades longer than it should have, In fact, still to this day it may be a dying breed but profits are being made despite a massive ground swell against smoking.

The fossil fuel industry is currently doing the same thing. It is debunking the global warming myth so that Coal, probably the worst of the bunch , is still used and mined.

The banking industry is set to loose billions if Blockchain technology becomes a normal transport mechanism.

These industries work to their own benefit and actively campaign against anything that will harm their business. Crypto is the enemy.

The heavies are coming

More and more institutions are buying into the new technology. As we write El Salvador considers using Bitcoin as a currency and this will be the start of the rush .

The greatest naysayer of all Warren Buffet is weakening and buying shares in institutions that have a BitCoin base. When he says go the world will follow.

Countries and institutions are joining the growth as the fear fades and understanding grows

The market is Bi-polar

With no disrespect intended the Crypto market has wild mood swings on a regular basis. However it is a long term venture that goes up 200% a year and will continue to do so for a long time.
Therefore you need to ride the bumps and recognise the long term picture without fainting at the odd free fall, or as they say a swing low. We know that a swing high will follow and the trend is upward.

What to buy

The biggest usually remains the best therefore the value is in Bitcoin. It serves as a preservation of value for the long term and should outperform Fiat currency ( normal currency) in the future.
Etherium runs a close second and about 8% of Bitcoin value. The rises of Etherium should be greater however the falls sharper.

Cardano works on the Etherium network and supplies a value transaction base across a wide variety of industries and is worth a look.

The next 5000+ services provide a wide range of options and your research may find great value for you.

These are not recommendations as I am completely unqualified only suggestions to start your journey. ( I hold all three at time of writing)

My conclusion

The opportunity for great wealth does exist but only for the very lucky or those with inside knowledge that get on an early ride. If I had bought Bitcoin when I first had the opportunity my life would be different however that is in the past.

It is a great game however it is probably considered gambling by many and you can lose money, however if you risk what you can afford to loose and cash out your chips when you win the dream may be yours.

Is it worth buying Crypto currency in a erratic market by Peter Hanley


Verdi SMS services for small and medium businesses

Verdi SMS services for small and medium businesses. A type of marketing that provides a great ROI and instant success for all businesses for any business

Why use SMS in business

We have many ways to introduce a style of marketing that creates returns faster than any other method available to small business.

This is not said lightly but based on some important facts.

Nearly all SMS messages (over 90%) are viewed immediately.

Reaction is most often instant with an action or delete mentality.

SMS don't generally sit around waiting for a future action.

You can tell if your message has been read

There are many methods of sending SMS messages that include

A single messageMostly as a simple communication tool
Reminder messagesAppointments and Bookings
Fixed number serviceAs a branding and recognition tool
Bulk messagesMass message delivery
Word SMS A marketers tool
Invitation messagesInvite one or thousands
Demand a reply serviceConfirmations
Verification codesEnter the numbers
MMS servicesSend those attachments
SurveysFind out what they think
Linking to another serviceYour webpage or blog
Delivery informationOn-time information
Your list of thought provokers

Verdi SMS services

More than a simple SMS plan but a range of services to make your marketing really work the way it should.

a single service fr sms
Verdi SMS services
SMS Marketing

Single SMS Group SMS fixed number Sms

Verdi SMS services
From crisis comes opportunity
Word numbers

Just a few of the many selections available as Verdi SMS

SMS Is much more than a simple message

Your service is a tool to both instant and constant contact. It can be used with other forms of marketing either as the hero or support service.

Combined with email and direct mail it helps form a formidable multi- promotion approach to customer touch.

Some useful examples

Sports group use a fixed inbound number for all booking cancellations. This allows those on the go easy access to direct contact. This coupled with a confirmation messages saves hours of phone time.

Wholesale business units send out invitations by SMS a week prior to the event and an hour before the start time. This keeps attendances high.

Uber eats send a message when they are at the door.

Company I had been dealing with sent a message with a link to a survey on their performance.

My connection with the Government website is opened with a SMS confirmation

Have a look through your message profile and find the ways that may help you.

Verdi SMS services and carriers.

Are all SMS carriers the same

This is an interesting question that should have a standard answer where I reply, no mine is the best.
I have found that different services have there own strengths and oft times it is worth pursuing a particular service to obtain the exact option or pricing you require.

However it is often a difficult choice because many work on a Volume/Pricing matrix.
Therefore spreading your messaging to wide can lead to a higher cost in messaging fees.

Another issue is user experience. Each service has an entirely different interface so confusion can occur when jumping services.

Furthermore tracking results is far easier when a single experience is the adopted platform.

Pricing can be illusionary when various fees are applied. I have a service that charge a $5 fee for non direct debit billing. This adds the equivalent of a cent per message hidden in fees.

Finally there is the prepaid and post paid model so you need to select what is best for you. Should you Prepay for your messages it should, by all reasoning, be slightly cheaper and without any attached fees.

My conclusion on SMS

Having used this format for many years I am a devout follower of the many benefits that SMS deliver. It works , it is price effective and the results are easily quantified.

Another great advantage is the ability to test market. Decide what you want to send and trial it to a section of your data base. If it works just carry on however if the results are sub optimal make some changes and ty again. It is not Rocket science just a bit of trial and error.

My conflict

The author has operated as an SMS provider over many years sourcing recourses from several tier one carriers and packaging the service into a customer focused supply.

Now with his own service he brings many benefits to the small user.

Verdi SMS services for small and medium businesses by peter Hanley

SMS services

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare. We would all love a constant stream of traffic that makes up the numbers but can it hurt you

What is free traffic

I guess a lot of traffic is free however some of it can actually hurt you.

Every business, website, Funnel or marketing requires traffic, without which you have nothing.
We work tirelessly to generate customers / buyers to our plans however should we be selective.

You can source any amount of traffic from a google search so it looks great on your analytics page however Google knows better.

Traffic is just one measure among the many that Google wants to see.
Equally as important are the number of disconnects. Those that hit your site and move on without a moments thought to your content.
Often generated by online programmes designed for this purpose. They actually hurt your ratings.

Important are those that open a page and even more importantly remain for a small amount of time.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare
Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare

I bought free traffic to meet a demand

Interestingly we all fall for the best ways to create an illusion. I wanted my site to display a large volume of traffic that looked real and met all the Google needs.

I found this at Spark Traffic a sight for just this purpose. The numbers reflect great activity and meet the Google requirements of page selection and time on page. As well the all important bounce statistic

This is a great way to add as much traffic as you want for a small amount of money.

However you should remember that it is computer generated traffic and not keen buyers.

When you want to add advertising to your site they wont look at you until you have a level of traffic and this shortens the process.

Same site with traffic added. Looks good enough to sell.

YouTube is a traffic generator

There is no better source of free traffic than You Tube.

This site is searched nearly as often as Google and much more than Bing and Yahoo combined.
Therefore to ignore this really at your peril.

However you must build a following and make sure your link is prominent either in or below the video.
If you are insure how to create a professional video try a free go using Vidnami. Make as many videos as you want in seven days and save them to YouTube. Each one should only take an hour or so therefore you will have a big display in your channel.

With this knowledge in place moving forward would be simple.

A dream or a nightmare, depends on how quickly you expand your knowledge.

Social media can be great but it takes work

Off course regular posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc will have a range of new and old viewers. Without spending money this is fairly limited however necessary to the overall effect.
Posting on forums and following groups will bring more contacts than pure luck. When you are active and contribute to these areas you will build a natural following. Furthermore when your readers are comfortable they will refer others to you.

The trick is to not spread yourself to thin. Each media takes time to do it properly so pick the one you are most comfortable with and make that your hero. The others are the support crew to tie it all in together.

Using Quora, reddit and similar media

There will be those that love this marketing and those that loathe it. However it really needs a trial in your internet life. Answering questions and provoking conversations can build a following that really share and like and thus building followers. Importantly many will click your links.
Build a personality and keep social to be successful.

Along with Quora is guest posting in all media where your subject can be recognised. You can become the go to expert as you answer all the questions.

A host of ideas that may take your fancy

Starting with your own eBook. A short story on a subject you understand and want to share with the masses. Answer a question, solve a problem and provide a solution. You probably wont be able so sell these wonderful products but they make a great give-a-way item to solicit followers.

Training courses are an extension of your knowledge. People want to learn and there is no better way than a well structured course that can bring many followers.

Yes they take a bit of work however they last for a considerable time and continue to provide new names and emails. If you are lucky or really very good courses can be a source of income

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare begins with great SEO

Let's not forget basic SEO practices

SEO is as important as any of the above ideas. Google rates your Web or Blog on the basics of SEO.

  • A keyword that will be searched
  • Your heading that will be read
  • The meta to draw them in
  • Pictures to maintain interest
  • Proper Sub heading structure
  • Colours and set out
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Minimum of 1200 words

Every single item will count to you being read.

You need to be on page one of a search term to have any chance of success so without well structured SEO you have little hope. You can learn more about this at Wealthy Affiliate a training site for optimal page construction.

Newsletters need a mention

This simple act can be a wonderful source of new business. Many think of a Newsletter as sales tool however that is far from the truth. The good Newsletter is there to entertain, inform and educate your readers. They will decide when to give you money whilst your job is to grow the list of followers.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare and my summary

My Summary

When I was doing some research to find a few more ideas I thought that most of the posts offered too many radical opportunities. Everything you do takes time so the best use of your time is the vehicle that gives the best return.

I have a friend that uses just Instagram for her business. Two posts every day seven days a week keeps her appointment book full for a month in advance. Time is minimal, cost negligible however the results are excellent. She spends her time on making money.

Therefore I suggest you choose your hero media and give it everything you have until you achieve great success or even fail miserably. If you fail that is one to be taken of the list and try something different.

I like a multi media approach however spreading your self to thin will actually delete the results you are wanting to achieve.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare by Peter Hanley

Grow your business at the least cost and best return

Grow your business at the least cost and best return

Grow your business at the least cost and best return guaranteed. My years of cheap marketing experience will provide a solution for you

Is there a simple solution to business marketing

The simple and essential element is your data base. Building and maintaining a great data base is fundamental to your success.

You can use expensive tools bought on the market or simply employ an excel spread sheet.

The main thing is to have names, emails and mobile numbers. You then have a foundation for low cost marketing.

When considering cost make sure you dial in labour. I may be that preparing a TicToc video takes a couple of hours when a simple newsletter can be done in a quarter of the time.

Gathering those names and numbers

You will never exit a major super market chain without being asked if you are a member. They understand that their data base is valuable and they ply it to the max.

They do this because loyalty works and keeps the tills working for a low cost pay on the benefits involved with the card. To you it may be just one or two percent but to them it is millions of dollars.

My daughter runs a busy ladies clothing shop, she recently queried one of the sales girls about the last customer details as she was unknown to the shop. The sales girl said she did not bother with the details because it was a cash sale.
That one customer could have been a lifetime client however the opportunity was gone.
Off course the system was immediately changed and would never happen again.

Another friend spent a couple of days working at a trade show for a company selling a well known product. When quizzed on the results he proudly declared he had made a few sales. When pressed further he confessed to having a truck load of business cards he did not know what to do with. put them in a data base and contact them I screamed in frustration.

Your data base is a Gold mine of opportunity ready to be mined.

So what do you do with a data base

First of all segment your base into interest groups. you don't want to market Dolls prams to truck buyers you want to specifically target into groups.

The next thing to do is choose between current buyers and long term interest customers.

If I have a new enquiry they generally go into an auto responder for a slow feed of information. Then we make a decision on the future.

If they take up your offer then you have an opportunity to retarget them with a similar product. So they bought the expensive Baby carriage then they will really want the funky change table that you have to offer.

If none of this works put them in a newsletter that talks about the baby industry. maintain contact until they decide to leave.

There are many ways to solicit their business.

Gather where ever you can even rewarding your staff if necessary. Every name is worth money.

  • All walk in traffic
  • Friends neighbours , family
  • A link on your web page
  • Seminars and trade shows
  • All social outings
  • Phone calls and soliciting names.

I actually employed a telemarketer to ring and gather details from interested clients. This produced a lot of target audiences.

Grow your business at the least cost and best return from your base

Getting around to making money from your base

Once you have a nice healthy list of names then let the games begin.

First of all you can not over solicit business, quite the reverse is true.
You need a constant flow of information to keep the attention high. They may not buy today or even this month however eventually, when they are ready, you will be front of mind.

It starts with Social media

I start here because it has a zero cost basis in dollar terms. Buyers will search your media to find out more about you and make decisions based around perception.
Neglected media is as bad as no media so make sure you are current and lively in your posting.
You can off course move into paid advertising however it is expensive and the results variable.

We move to email

Now don't shake your head at this because it is still the most used media of all. It has not gone away and never will as It grows every year. Yes you need an email account however it is a small price to pay for what you achieve.

Combine this with a newsletter

This is the single most important action in your arsenal. A regular newsletter retains your place in the buyers mind over an extended time.

While I have segmented my lists I also have a whole of market list that I email to normally, every two weeks at the least monthly.
This keeps you in front of mind when the buying time comes.

Please don't underestimate the value of a newsletter. They take little time to construct are cheap to transmit and remain lifelong effective.

Grow your business at the least cost and best return with an Auto-responder

The Auto-responder approach

When you have a bulk email generator like Constant Contact your monthly fee covers all emails and will include an Auto-responder.

This is a trickle feed of information leading to a hard sell. When you set up a series you can use it many times for those interested in a particular subject. When they are finished in the series and failed to purchase they get moved to the Newsletter series.
For those that make a purchase just move them to a new series on a related product. When someone makes a purchase you know you have a trust factor and they are more likely to buy a second product. Auto-responders are a very powerful tool and should form a front line position in your plan.

The SMS approach to instant action

Ok, a bit of a cost in this one however you can easily work out your ROI (return on investment).

Nearly all SMS messages are read immediately and a majority of reply's will be by return email.
This means that it is very easy to test market a small batch of users to see the returns.

I have seen where a $100 investment has turned into a $13,000 return. It was a sports type clinic that simply messaged old clients asking them to re-join and get a discount. The 150 messages returned over thirty annual subscriptions within the day.

Winding up, my summary on low cost marketing

I have introduced some low cost and effective ways that you can market without expending valuable dollars and more importantly time.

Every marketing plan requires a time element that must be balanced against returns.

Furthermore many require the use of professional services that take an arm and leg in fees.

Paying out is great only if the returns are more than favourable to the plus size.

It is also important that you employ more than one action at any time. Multi targeting works far greater than a single shot. Most of the above can be used simultaneously to really get that customer action.

Finally accept rejection as a compliment. Some readers will move on in their world and your offers no longer is important or relevant to their needs.

that is called list clearing and a good practice for any business.

Grow your business at the least cost and best return by Peter Hanley

More training at Wealthy Affiliate

SMS marketing, how a single word can dramatically increase results

SMS marketing for growth, how a single word can increase results and build a data base of ardent followers willing to buy your product

Does SMS marketing really work

It certainly does and if you get your recipients to be part of the service by taking their own actions it is even better.

It is called Keyword marketing

This unique method can be part of your normal service and included at no additional charge

You will find countless opportunities to use this in exciting ways and entrance your users with your abilities in marketing

First of all you ask your recipients to SMS you a simple word to show their interest in your product.

A simple solution however lets first look at what is needed.

Principally you will do this with a Bulk SMS generator (Verdi SMS) and have your own fixed virtual number. like 0481074129 that can be bought with your service.

Furthermore you can have the number included in any marketing material you have and work
in the same way

A fixed number is part of your business branding

Using a single number to send and receive SMS messages provides you with an easily recognised brand that recipients will happily open.

Importantly you can use a SMS generator or your own email to SMS service provided with our service.
The number may even be part of all media material.

Furthermore your customers can save the number in their address book to either contact you at a future time or recognise messages coming from you.

A small monthly charge applies for this just like owning a mobile phone number and using it for outbound traffic. Premium numbers are also available however at a greater cost basis. Most likely used by large groups and marketing companies.

Now choosing a keyword

Most words are available for use however a few are reserved by the carriers.

Words that you can not use include ;

  • Unsub or Unsubscribe
  • Stop, end or quit
  • Cancel

Therefore the word you can choose will reflect what you want to achieve.

As an example I have chosen the simple word WINNER for my marketing.

This can be included in any of the following

  • Surveys
  • Feedback
  • Data collection
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Invitations
  • group search
  • Comparable product offer (think Amazon or McDonalds fries)

Every reply is included in your data base

Building a data base has never been easier. These are interested parties that can be actioned or put into an auto responder for continued contact.

Not everyone is ready to buy today however they are close to being closed so they need constant nurturing. Keep up the SMS or switch to email to maintain a focus. Even use both email and SMS to really press the point.

You can collect potential buyers from anywhere. Any printed media, marketing material, emails, web pages, blogs, sign boards, promotional items and even t-shirts.

It is important to keep the data base fresh. When they purchase move them onto another list.
We have a global opt-out list so that should look after the absconders.

Yes, I will give you 100 free SMS messages to try out a service that will drive customers in the door. ( sorry new customers only)

Analytics are always important

Like any marketing you need feed back and SMS is mostly instant. If it is not working you will understand very soon and be able to take the necessary step to correct any problems.
You may even change directions however you will be doing it on full knowledge of past results and future predictions.

Using a Multi-media approach

In this campaign I shall use my newsletter, retired customers by SMS ( a great source of renewal), my blog and other contacts gathered over time.
Off course I shall include Facebook and Instagram to complement the exposure.
furthermore a link will appear on this page.

Our system is capable of picking up multiple entries to save the problem of the really keen.
Depending on results ( again I will really understand the matrix) I may use Google adds to provide greater volume based on a great ROI

SMS marketing for growth examples

The Real Estate model

We all know that Real Estate reps pick up a bundle of names in a week. Home opens, office enquiries, left messages .
The volume of names is currently exaggerated by fast growth in the industry. In fact rental properties may attract 50-60 enquiries in a day.

The job of calling these people back is a tedious one and also gets a lot of rude results from busy people not wanting to be bothered with a sales pitch.

Get them to make the decision

Sorry the house at Duncraig is now under offer however a new market entry in a similar price range is coming on line in Nearby Floreat waters.
Click details please and our rep will get back to you.

How impressive and professional is that?

And it gets even better

Instead of all the replies going to the busy mobile phone where they can get lost or ignored they go to a selected email address as well. This means that office personal can set up the replies while you handle the leg work. A real chain of action

Furthermore their SMS will be acknowledged so they don't think they have been ignored.
The rest is up to you.

An invitation to an event

Understanding customer intent is hard work as most of them are unsure themselves.
Imagine sending out 500 messages that ask for a reply.

Click the words I AM In to have your seat confirmed. Again we are all about time saving.

An accountant at year end

It is always a hard job getting the herd into action. They struggle to get their returns to you over a twelve month time span making your calendar entries a nightmare.

Emails getting ignored and phone calls not returned are annoying to say the least. So what if there was a better way?
SMS messages are read every time and are really hard to ignore, particularly if you request an action that they can respond to. You can batch process your mail so filling those time spots is productive for you and maintains a steady work flow.

Restaurants, venues and entertainment

Every one has quiet nights, even the busiest restaurant can have free tables because of cancellations or all manner if situations.
It is proven that a quick SMS to part of your data base can fill those spots in just minutes for practically nothing in cost.
An empty table of ten has a big cost factor when you have programmed staff to meet the occasion.

Your business will have its own needs

Think of the days you could do with a small boost in foot traffic and consider what would provide the fastest take up that can be guaranteed, it is not email nor voice traffic, Facebook won't cut it and Instagram will be ignored however a SMS word program will liven up the crowd.
The doctor that has a bundle of spots for Covid injections could gather a crowd in minutes.
The Physio could fill his appointment book and the car service outlet, say no more.

Summing up for you

First of all If you want action it is important that you take action and use an approach that is cost effective and importantly results orientated.
It is not guess work, you get an immediate return so you can make adjustments on the fly. You don't need an advertising department because it is so easy anyone can do it.

Finally, remember if the returns are big segment your mail so that you can handle the reply's. Always do a test batch to try the water.

SMS marketing for growth, how a single word can dramatically increase results by Peter Hanley

Best SMS marketing tips

Escalation and call out support done for you

escalation services

Escalation and call out support done for you. When the contact is critical a fail safe method is required, we have done it all for you.

How we achieved a service that met the most demanding requirements

The cost of implementing a system that meets the high requirements of an escalation service can be prohibitive.

There are several considerations that are essential to a professional service and we look at a few of them.

Fail safe close enough is not good enough
Personal interactionGood communications through out the process
Head office statisticsManagement have visual on all processes
No call on-hold problemsOften associated with live services
Reasonable cost basisCost is not as important as delivery
Duplicate processesBundling services
Tier one providersNot back yard services
The needs list

This was not a one solution situation

Having operated a 24/7 messaging service with added escalation for some years we understood the demands of support clients.
However our SMS carrier deleted the service we had used due to a system change leaving us with just half a product.
We had to find a solution that would provide what our customers needed and get it to market in a timely manner.

Using a message service

This is often the start of the solution. A good message service can be accessed directly to a local telephone number or using simple call diversion from your in-house systems.

The service then provides a support message and takes the caller details and message to email out. The email may be sent to one or many depending on need.

With this service we can SMS a single user however we can also message our escalation portal.

The Escalation portal

Here we use special software to really customise the solution.

The first on the roster gets an opportunity to accept or pass on the call.

If they accept end of problem. Should they want to pass the SMS goes to the next in line

and repeated until it is actioned

Sent at: 9:02pm Wed 1 May 2021
To: 614348xxxx
From: 61481xxxxx

Hi Bryan , an emergency is underway. Please action.
Verdi SMS for business from 0392xxxx1 at 23:01 May 19, 2021 to review call 038xxxxx The caller did not leave a message
Service alert reply ACK to stop
Reply NO to push to next person
If you do not reply in 5 minutes, will be pushed to next person automatically.

Users can dial in and get messages if they have missed them or control the sms flow as they wish.

When you are up to your armpits in work and need support

It's a well known problem that service requests come in batches. This is when the escalation process can really help. The plumber knee deep in a burst pipe problem does not want to be taking more calls, they want to finish the job. The Computer guy trying to sort out an issue that is urgent wants support.
The Doctor On a house call with an unwell patient does not want consistent calls coming in.
Your situations will all vary and be central to the service you provide however you will recognise the issue.
We have the solution with our Escalation and call out support service

The service needs to be robust

With our carrier support we searched far and wide for software that would allow for the needs of anyone using the system. We understand that it may be just a few calls a month or many in a day however the requirements for success are the same.

You must also have the opportunity for change because circumstances demand access. People are sick or too busy and roster changes are always a revolving door and we understand.

We managed to develop in house a unique system that achieve the objectives we wanted.
It was not an easy journey and we spent considerable time developing a product that would not break. The result is now being used by a large organisation following their successful trial period.

Escalation and call out support uses automation

The benefits of automation

There are a couple of ways to do this escalation thing, automation or good old voice traffic.
I know we are in the twenties but some of you just love a phone call.
Sometimes there may be no choice however what we want is certainty in a timely manner.
If we say escalate in 3 minutes when not answered we escalate in three minutes. We don't spend time chatting, we action the process, plus telephone tag does not happen nor does call waiting or unanswered calls occur

Cost v benefits of an escalation service

This is an interesting point that only you can ascertain. We have people that get one or two calls a month and say it is well worthwhile.
A sale may mean tens of thousands of dollars in income to them and that's a lot to miss out on.

Others may have people running all hours so it is a volume thing however one mess up can cost your brand a lot of time and expense that should be avoided.

With hourly charge rates that can be $100 or more then a service worth that a month must be easy to justify.

In conclusion

Establishing a service like our Escalation and call out support service certainly had the computers and programmers working long hours. We had provided a dead line forced upon us by others so really had to think outside the square.

Most carriers shied away from committing to a program that could provide a solution so we really were on our own.

Therefore I am proud to offer a solution built around three completely separate entities that came together to provide a product that the market can use and trust.

Pricing and solutions can be gathered by calling Peter on 1800116116 or we can contact you by registering at our contact Link.

Verdi business messaging , Verdi SMS services and Online business marketing are all components of Select Consulting Pty Ltd an Australian company based in Perth WA and operating Nationally. Overseas enquiries are also welcomed.

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