How to improve customer service

How to improve customer service. This is not magic it is basic everyday common sense applied to a business. Things you can do to improve your image.

Where does customer service start?

I started writing this blog following a cup of coffee with a friend this morning. We started talking about customer service because we have worked together for many years and also in similar industries over time.

We understand that Customer service is absolutely paramount to your business success and that when you get it wrong it will impact immediately on your bottom line.

The chat over coffee lead us to think of writing a manual or training course on the things you must do to achieve a superior level of interaction.

So let’s go over a few items that can make a difference.

How is customer service originated?

Any form of contact either verbal, written or visual with a customer sets up an expectation. The customer wants his position to be considered as a priority and in front of all else.

A report by Right Now technologies indicated that a huge 86% of USA citizens were willing to pay more for good to great customer service.

The article went on to say that 68% of people with a bad customer service experience would tell family or friends.

When you consider that the average person has 155 facebook friends things can get out of hand quickly.

So where does it all start?

  • Live one-on-one consultations
  • Fault and complaints
  • Email and virtual communications
  • Post-sales experience

The art of listening

Image of a light bulb moment
The most critical ability to maintain

This is one of the most important functions in communications and one that is so often ignored as we try to impress with our wealth of knowledge.

What is the customer trying to tell you and how can you best respond to the request?

I recently worked with a bunch of young people on a display stand that had a stream of people wanting information.

One of the girls was a champion, full of enthusiasm and ready to talk to anyone that would listen.

She would grab passers-by and virtually nail their feet to the floor as she put them in a place she wanted them to be.

I started gently explaining that an oversell never works before I had to actually find her stop button.

Anne is a lovely girl and really wanting to tell people about the great proposal and was doing a wonderful job except she would not listen.

She wanted to fix every problem with a solution no matter what the objection.

The short version is She talked too much and lost most of the potentials that just wanted to get away.
We just need to get her to answer questions and concentrate on hot points.

A guy walks into a car dealer and says I want to buy a Ford, the salesman says “No you don’t Chevs are a far better car” So starts an argument about which there can be no winner.

Perhaps if the salesman had said, ” what is it about Fords you really like?”

Many of us want to tell, explain, verbalise layout a whole picture with irrelevant crap.

The roll with customer service is to satisfy a need and make the customer happy not for the customer to fill your needs.

When you have made the sale stop selling.

This is a Golden rule of selling and one that you should never forget.

It is an awful moment when you realise you should have stopped and the customer with pen in hand says “you know what, I believe I want to think about this?”

The sale is gone and there is nothing you can do or say to recover it. We have all done it at some time and absolutely hate that moment.

When the deal is done talk about anything else that can distract the buyer.

Is upselling a good thing in business?

This is an exception to the above rule because it is a new sale, a new situation and new rules.
Upselling can increase your sales turnover by a considerable amount.

A great example is in the automotive industry.
If you have ever purchased a car you will understand the role they play.

They do a deal on the car right through to signing the papers, getting finance and ready to roll out the door but wait.

Would you like new floor mats to protect the loverly carpet, maybe some paint protection or extended warranty? The sale was done and now they go for the extras that have a great margin that make them money.
These are simple yes-no commitments.

I went to the Butcher on the weekend, wife wanted a half a Portuguese chicken at just $10.
It does us for a meal so it is good buying.
While the lady is wrapping the chicken she points out a couple of filo pastries that would really go well with the dinner, only $5 a great idea.

Did I buy them? Off course I did and her sale went up by 50%

My point is that the original need is satisfied and committed to before you move on

Should you admit to a fault in customer service

Most time consumed and problems originate from avoiding the issue.

A recent example was the carmaker Volkswagon. VW had bypassed the law on Diesel ommissions and it was discovered accidentally in a USA test on various other models.
VW went into denial and now the whole management team has gone. They were in the wrong but tried to cover up the fault. a process that can not end well. For VW a $30 billion problem.

The role of a service provider is not to cover up, it is to negotiate the best solution for vendor and customer in an economical manner

I contacted Weber barbeques recently about a faulty igniter on my three-year-old Baby Q.

Their answer was to ask my current address and say it would be in the mail today and at no cost.

I had explained that the battery had leaked and it was probably my fault.
Not a worry Sir, if you have problems installing the new one call us and we will help you.

Would I buy another Webber product, before anything else I certainly would?

The igniter probably cost them $10. A half-hour phone call debating with me is worth more than that, they are in front, I am happy and customer service has been satisfied.

Do emails work in Customer service?

image of an email

How many times do you see an email that says along the lines of;

“Your request has been received, we endeavour to respond within three working days”

This is just not good enough when I have a problem now. I want your support and not a three day wait.

We all understand that time is important but if you are running three days late fix your problem so you can fix mine.

I don’t believe this is acceptable in any form particularly when they do eventually return an email and ask a mundane question

If you are using emails, and I am not opposed to that, ensure there is a timely response.

Do chat boxes work in customer service?

This is a relatively new concept that is fast fulfilling a market need. You can ask a question and get the answers in a timely manner and probably handle a couple of calls at the same time.

For me, it takes a bit longer than a phone contact as you type back and forward but certainly has a place in today’s market.

Are there jobs available in the service area?

There are opportunities for growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (USA) projected customer service representative job growth at 5% between 2016 and 2026. That’s close to the average for all occupations.


Online shopping will contribute to this and help this area grow. The use of customer service agents will never go away and you provide a valuable service to the business and the community.

Post-sales customer service specialists

Nerd talking on a phone

The role of post-sales can be one of many activities.

  • Survey format to see if you are happy
  • Feedback on the whole business deal
  • Upsell opportunity
  • Preparing for the next sales cycle opportunity.

I get a lot of mail from Charles Tyrett, they are an English based men’s clothing shop.

They are really good at fixed mail marketing and spend a small fortune on attracting business.
After any purchase, you will get a thankyou note with a discount voucher for the next spend.

Sometimes a shoe special to go with the shirts you just bought, a cross-sell.

When I purchased my last car they came back with a low ball three-year service contract.

The customer now knows, likes and trusts you so strike when the fire is hot

The after-sales opportunity opens many doors to a wider market and increasing your customer spend.


Customer service will become increasingly more important as our market changes from the traditional walk-in model.
Online shopping will continue to grow and this brings its own challenges for the retailer, a challenge to grow a customer spend and not settle for a one time hit.

Management of online problems and returns can really impact on profitability so the customer service will become an expanded role.

However, the need to get this correct is an increasing challenge that is not often met.

How to improve customer service by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

Do surveys work?

Do surveys work? There is certainly a plethora of surveys around at the moment and I get bombarded with them daily. Here we look at results and opportunities.

How would I judge a survey

This is always an interesting question and it depends on the Database.

Generally, you would forget the top and bottom 10 % results when calculating a return because these are probably a biased result.

That is not to say that the bottom dwellers should be ignored. Sometimes they are people with a legitimate complaint and this is your chance to fix any problems presented to you.

We did a satisfaction review for a customer where we sent a Vehicle service reminder.

The idea was that they would book the car in for a service and that was the stat that was important.
However, some very disgruntled customers would vent their spleen by replying to the message and telling us where to go. Some were quite emotional and angry in their response and needed attention.
By highlighting these to the company they were able to call the customer and in many cases settle the dispute. Some were beyond redemption and some were just downright rude but in general, it had a positive branding result.

How would I mark a survey review?

Are you honest or system wrecker? I try and be reasonable with my answers because oftentimes someone’s head is on the block and I don’t want to be the axeman.

If it is too bad I will most often pass the survey unless I have something I want off my chest. Do I ever give a straight 10 not often because that is perfect?

Are paid surveys a con?

I think in a whole lot of cases these are a waste of your time, I tried it when because of the riches I could earn but alas, nothing eventuated.
I just Googled a lot of sites and so many have no contact details and a lot are paid to advertise so my friends just be warned.

If anybody is making big money from online paid surveys, it’s probably the middleman-site owners, not those actually taking the surveys. Most surveys “pay” only token rewards in the form of goods, services, coupons, or samples. One legitimate survey opportunity pays those survey-takers drawn from cash sweepstakes.

Online careers

Can you make money doing surveys

Yes, you can make money from paid surveys but it is so minimal you need to make up your own mind if spending hours to make pennies is worth the effort.

One other option is local marketing, go to local businesses and offer to canvas a bundle of customers with some set questions on an hourly rate. Then collate the answers and prepare a short presentation. This could provide regular work with three or four
Don’t be greedy it is good to work in your own time from the lounge chair.

What are the best survey companies to run my surveys?

The field is pretty wild but let’s line up a few;

  • Survey Monkey. Probably the best known with a small free sample
  • Zoho Survey. Prices run from $0 to$39 a month
  • TypeForm. Gets good reviews but paid surveys
  • Sogo Survey
  • Client Heartbeat
  • Survey Planet
  • Google form

The best of the field chosen by those that do this is Google forms. A free survey product but hold the press, the free one is for personal use only.
With a business you need to use Google G forms that has a small cost depending on the size of the base. However, the small cost looks to represent excellent value.

What sort of questions should I use in a survey?

First of all, determine what result you are after. Is the issue staff performance, product use, delivery times, support, branding or anything else.

Start with a few really easy questions to ease the reader in, general branding questions that take a little thought process

Only use yes / no questions or tick boxes that are not ambiguous.

Try your questions on others before you fire away, what you think is possible may be difficult.

Work towards a result that you want to achieve.

Always end with a comments box to give them a chance to have a say.

If your acceptance is low, offer to make a small donation to a charity of their choice for each completed survey. Pay the money.

Do a trial batch first and fix any problems, questions that don’t get answered are usually bad questions and ? are a sure sign of a problem, fix it and move forward.

How can you use your survey after sending it out?

Make note of the answers and then take action steps to remedy any problems.

Don’t wear your emotional cap when looking at the answers. If you performed below standard fix the problem and remember it is business and not personal.

You will spend time and money doing the survey so never just ignore the results because you don’t like the answer.

Are Voice surveys better than internet-based ones?

This will depend on a product, customer and the number of questions.

If you are doing telephone-based questions you need to use trained personal.
Drop out rates can be high and interrupting a busy day can get people offside.

Image of a BMW car
Not my bema, lol

I have a small BMW and recently took it back for a recall, usual Airbag thing and a couple of small issues however it took all day.

My serviceman went out of the way to make sure I was happy to the point of making me promise I would give him good marks in the survey, his job depended on it.

Now, that was no problem for me but I can understand some people taking issue with it.

Lo and behold I got the phone call from the dealer after about two days.

Was the job done to my satisfaction?
Do I have any problems resulting from the repairs?
Was the serviceman that attended me efficient or good.

What could I say? Yes, yes and yes so was it a good survey, I am in some doubt.

Next BMW themselves send a written survey on the dealer.

At this stage, I am getting a bit over the whole deal. I had my car returned for their faults to fix, It was for a whole day plus I was without a car and now I am wasting time doing surveys.

This is when a bad mark could be given just because they have irritated me.

Now I can’t knock BMW, they are a big operation and should know exactly what they are doing but it did leave me wondering.


Surveys can have a real place in your business if done properly and for the correct reason. However, get it wrong and you chance annoying customers.

It does provide a great whiteboard for customers to tell you where you are falling down in your business. Not just one or two but when 50-60 say the same things you have a job to do.

You also have a great opportunity to tell your customers about the survey.
” 20% said our opening times were too short so we fixed it”

What a great opportunity to respond and show you care

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

PS. Do surveys work? I operate an online survey operation as a customer service.

You might also be interested in “does Voice search work” a look at Mobile Voice commands.

Does google voice search work

Nerd talking on a phone

The question does google voice search work for business is the most important point for business in 2020. You need to get this right. here we tell you how.

Hey Google search my business

I am sure you or someone close has done a voice search in recent time. My kids all mid 40 use it at the drop of a hat, In fact, they have competitions between ios and analogue devises to see what comes up the fastest and best result.

When they voice search

It may be Siri, Cortana or any other service but Voice searches are on the increase.

Nearly everyone that matters now has a Smartphone and know how to use it to the best experience. That use includes Voice search.

Furthermore, Mobile phones are used more often now to search for businesses.

In many cases, particularly driving, it is far easier to use Voice search than type in a word

Finally, that would indicate that Longtail keywords will be used more often

My research indicated that;

In fact, 50 percent of all searches could be voice activated by 2020, according to ComScore. This amplifies what we already know to be true: Voice search optimization isn’t the afterthought that it once was.

When Voice search really started in 2017 it went to a high use however this settled back in 2018.

This was predictable for new technology and that the bounce back will now take over.

So what does all this mean for your business?

In that same vein, research from BrightLocal found that about 75 percent of smart-speaker owners search for local businesses at least once a week. More telling is the types of searches conducted:

  • 54 per cent make food and drink reservations.
  • 46 per cent inquire about the price of a certain product from a local business.
  • 40 per cent want to find out if a certain product is available at that business.
  • 35 per cent book a beauty appointment.

So what does voice search mean for your business?

image of a long tail keyword
It is coming to you

It means that you must be prepared to meet this new challenge and change some of the old ways, they won’t work any more.

First is the greater use of longtail keywords This needs to be in all you do because Voice search is far more specific in what is asked.

You will never pick up a phone and say Search for food because the result won’t work.
You may say Chinese food in the Latin quarter of LA to seek a result.

Therefore the use of Longtail keywords in your pages and posts must answer questions
in search terms

Is your branding important in a voice search?

This is my second important point because your branding will become a search term.

Searches like where are McDonald’s in London, find a Subway store near Zen street etc.

Now they are pretty big brands but your brand can be as important even if you are the local Fish and chip site. Hey Google, find opening hours of Zeno’s fish shop in Balcatta?

Therefore many searches will include branding in the future.

Will voice searches help my SEO?

It has been shown that your SEO will improve because of several key issues.

It has been shown that most voice searches, in fact over 70% use an HTTPS link in the search thus increasing the site security.

The loading speed of a Voice search is also a lot faster thus adding to your overall SEO
slow loading is a very big deterrent to your site.

Finally, Google looks for both Domain and Page authority and a Voice search increases your Domain authority.

Will increased searches show up in analytics

It is an interesting area where Google Analytics will not show all the upsells, cross-sells, Down sells etc, therefore, minimising your traffic.

However, Google searches will remain very important to ensure your ongoing exposure to the market.

That brings us to automation in handling Voice searches

Automation in 2020 will also be on the agenda. A faster and more consistent response will be required and the management of Social media and advertising links will come under pressure.

The speed of reaction is now a measure of performance and the players don’t want to wait. This is the now society so pander to it.


I have seen the growth in voice traffic being used and initially ignored it as a time-waster. I now am making changes for next year to ensure that I am at the very least considerate of it. At the most active performing my duties to encourage Voice traffic to my sites.

It makes life better for all of us.

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

Does Google voice search work by Peter Hanley

Seniors working at home, to get an income

Image of Donald Trump

Seniors working at home, to get an income. It is possible or even probable?
Let’s look at a few ways anyone can make a few extra dollars.

Why would old people want to work anyway?

Don’t get me wrong, I am on your side in this story. Yes, I do qualify at 75 years I think that I am overage but still trying to learn a whole bunch of things.

An income is not the only objective after you retire from the active workforce. You still need a plan to achieve some goals a plan better than finishing the daily crossword.
Plans that may help others and continue to actively contribute to our society.

Manual Labour gets harder

All those hard jobs just get harder, Cleaning houses, washing cars, gardening even Babysitting stretches the exhaustion levels.

I am a fairly fit guy, walk a good distance every day, swim most days, keep up an exercise level but those hard jobs tire me out, it is normal, a part of the process.

I often need a bit of a Nap after lunch just to recharge the batteries however I accept that and think of it as meditation.

So what can we do?

I think blogging is good for you

Writing a blog is simply putting down what you know something about and telling others.

I do it on business matters after a lifetime in small business but it could be anything,

  • Gardening, flowers, plants, succulents, native, hardy, annual etc
  • Knitting, scarves, children’s clothes, for charity, quilts etc
  • Crocheting. let the mind run viral
  • Health, your experience with asthma, heart, Knees, arthritis etc
  • Fitness for the over 50s, walking, running, swimming, weights

That is just a tip of the ideas and we can show you how to expand this further.

Why would you blog, is it a waste of time?

Let’s face it most people blog for money, yes some do it for grander ideas but for most of us, it comes back to good old Dollars in the bank.

Affiliate incomeYou are paid to
sell other
peoples products
Best income
Sales IncomeSelling your own
Hold inventory
Referral incomerecommending someone Have a good lead
Advertising IncomePop-ups on your siteGreat return

Here we show you just some of the opportunities and streams that will come to you as you start blogging for money.

Blogging is not a short term fix

I will tell you upfront that it may take you 12 months to start really paying out as a blogger. No big promises of instant income. It takes time to be recognised by Google and to build a following on your channel. However, when it starts it can grow bigger than you could expect.

You will be taken to step one to learn about Domains and Hosting and start your very own for free.

Then you will learn how to build a page that people will read and want more from you.

SEO is important with Keywords and meta description all clearly described for you so you are ready to tackle the challenge of greater things.

Next will be making money while mastering social engagements and guaranteeing success with content creation.

This is just the tip of what you can learn, gee my 80 years plus lady friend from Alaska is killing it so why not you.

Affiliate income is tied to blogging

Affiliate marketing is selling or actually referring someone to a site and If they signup you get paid a commission. The amount may be a little or a lot.

The best example is Amazon, it is easy to become an Amazon affiliate and flog their products and get paid a commission. However, and because they are so popular whist the commissions are often low the product value can be big.

Recurring income affiliate sites continue to pay you every month for a sale made. This can be Insurance web backup, the web hosting anything where there is a term commitment.

Wealthy Affiliate itself is a recurring income business and also includes selected affiliate sites that are suggested by them as ethical.

Beware the high priced rubbish

Hand with money
it is a trap

The internet is a wonderland of opportunities looking to take your money.

Just today I looked at one that promised a $1000 a day that would only cost me $3000 to buy into. an opportunity to good to miss out on except that all you are selling is opportunities, no real product or as they say it’s a Pyramid so run like the wind.

Things to look for;

  • are they selling a real product
  • Is the cost for the product or for the seller
  • Are there legitimate buyers.

    The most vulnerable people in the market are the older age group

One of the easiest ways to the money pile without leaving home.

images of social media
best online business marketing courses

Social media for business is a necessary way of life however it does take up a lot of time.

Writing a Facebook post everyday and posting a snap to Instagram takes time and it is often time businesses don’t have.

My daughter taught herself to be a wiz-kid on Facebook. Took a few courses did a bunch of programmes and then started to market herself. She used local forums as a platform and soon had more work than she could handle. ( with three young kids and a professional husband)

Another is Newsletter writing, every business should do a newsletter at least once a month. I do and many of my clients have followed suit to a regular single-page copy and paste post. I queried a customer recently and he said, sure I send them I have a Girl that writes them for me every month. It may only be an hours work but a few here and there soon add up.

What about overflow telephone answering. A group I know do Window Tinting as a business.
After hours they transfer the calls to one girl that sets up an appointment, she understands the business and can provide all the basics right through to a sale, her commissions are in the $ hundreds.

There is always eBay

This can be quite lucrative for the ones that are prepared to do the work. Selling household items is a start but selling other peoples products can also work well. Buy junk at Op shops, garage sales, vendor sales and advertise at a markup. You will soon find what sells easily.

I have a friend who is an importer from Japan, lots of craft type items and a few special products. I recently bought a sports watch from him and decided I really liked it. We are talking a 100-meter divers watch with a silicone band and stainless back.
My wife put them on the local version of eBay that is mostly in our area and sells a few every month. This is not getting rich stuff with a $50 watch but at the end of the month it all adds up.

Teaching or as they now say coaching for value.

This is great if you have a history in trade, sport or any type of industry and can offer your services to those that need a leg up.
In my street is a prominent sign that clearly states Resumes written here. Writing a resume is not that hard, you get a template and fill in the words and it is done. However, the average school-aged kid really freaks at the idea.
So if you are a half capable writer it may be the way to go.

English as a second language also offers a lot of scope for a bit of one on one training.

Making a Video for business

people making a video
It is now easy

Yes, it can be a little difficult but things have changed in recent years and now anyone can make a half-decent video.

Videos really rate for how to do things market among many other interesting ideas.

Most people have no idea what to do so with a bit of training you can sell your ideas to all sorts of local businesses

Proofreading is the easy job

It might be emails, newsletters, web pages, content blogs written by the business owner. Google hates trashy writing, spelling mistakes, bad grammar and broken links.

I just went back over a hundred posts looking for these errors that were created in haste.

People in your area will have a need as well.

Selling for a commission

This is sort of like affiliate marketing however you do the selling. Find a business you like and has products that match with your outlook. Do a webpage and market to your local area. When the sale is done you pick up a 20-30% commission.

I do this as a side product even though I have my own business, a blog and other bits.

A friend is heavily into Solar products, panels on the roof, batteries and Inverter. I am in Australia and it is a hot climate and a hot product. They do a bundle of shows and demonstrations and are always looking for helpers. I like the product and also working with younger people and sharing a bit of experience. I rock up at the shows and start to sell. simple stuff, talking to people.

The list is pretty long and the opportunities are everywhere.

I don’t want to go on forever because you are probably excited about the potentials offered. or maybe bored and back to the rocking chair for the afternoon soapie.

We all make our choices and I choose to stay as active as possible and as long as I can contributing to others, we are on the other side far too long so make the most of life and most of all enjoy the journey.


I don’t have a magic wand but I can point you in a few directions that may spark something in you that will make a difference.

Whatever you do learn the basics of web page building because most of what you can now do is based around the internet.

I am not trying to sell you on the opportunities available only on your ability to do them.
I write emails, newsletters, do SMS marketing, work at shows. I work with Social media in fact.
nearly all the things I have suggested.

It’s not all easy and we need to learn new skills along the way. However, it is there to be done.

My Internet journey started because I did not like what others were doing and the prices they charged. I thought I could do it better. Leave a comment and let me know.

Seniors working at home, to get an income by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

P.S. One of my beliefs is that if Donald Trump can run the world at my age then I can run a home business. The difference is I don’t tweet a lot.

How to with WordPress?

How to with WordPress? A most common search term for Google and YouTube that has several meanings. Using these will surprise you and enhance your writing.

Keyword structure and its best use.

Getting your Keyword right is number one on the important list of things to do.

With voice structured messaging this is becoming more common and the daily use is growing exponentially.
Google Home, Siri, hey Google, Alexia or others often start with “How to” questions that could well relate to your website. Using how to in a Keyword may also capture a lot of enquiries.

Google and others are getting better with understanding search queries so your answer is also very important.
Your meta tag or snippet tells Google where to look for results

Use this tag to provide a short description of the page. In some situations this description is used as a part of the snippet shown in the search results.

Google Webmaster

So ensure your Meta description is written in a way to attract reading.

Are you using WordPress5?

This is the latest block builder with WordPress previously known as Gutenberg.
I have been an early convert because it really helps with Page structures.

Like all WordPress it is free and you can go back to Classic editor at any time.

However, I tried recently to use the classic editor in an old post and WP 5 is so far ahead
that I wasted my time.

No excuses here, I am an old guy that has tried all sorts of page builders to get the correct effect. So if I can you can.

What can you do with WordPress?

All you really need

You just chose the Blog you want and use it for the purpose stated

“What we’re trying to do is shift it so that you only have to learn about blocks once, and once you learn about the image block, that can be in a post, in a sidebar, in a page, in a custom post type, and it will work the same way. Whatever is integrated with it, let’s say a plugin that brings in your Google Photos or your Dropbox, that will now work everywhere, too.” — Matt Mullenweg

Mullenweg WordPress

Quotes are great because Google notices you are using a higher authority to support your work.

TablesProvide Structure
Look GreatPlease Google

In most posts, I try to use as many of the boxes as I can to give a more professional image.
So far I have used

  • Headings #2 and #3
  • Paragraphs
  • Images
  • Quotes
  • Tables and
  • lists
  • Background colour
  • Text colour
  • Bolding and Italics in subheadings

That’s a pretty big list and I have hardly started.
All I have done is a tick on what I want to do and just do it.
HTML is used for inserting code. When I provide a Wealthy Affiliate link for example
I just pull their code and place it in the box, a great image follows.

The image can be clicked to take you to their page to log in and learn more.

You can embed all sorts of things

Embedding helps your page stand out.

Plugins make it all work better

There are literally tens of thousands of plugins for word press however they all slow your site.
Therefore it is recommended no more than 5 at a time a very hard task to stick to.

You must have either Yoast SEO if you are new or All in one SEO if you are a bit more experienced. These will guide you on a path to a good structure.

Any more will depend on what you are doing with the site.

Use Categories to keep your articles together.

In the right sidebar, you can drive a few important issues and categories are just one of these.

I have 10 different ones and I select them with every page or post, if you don’t it throws to uncategorised. not a good look.

  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Guest Post
  • Working from home
  • Social Media
  • video Creation
  • Small business
  • List growth

Sometimes a subject covers more that one and that is fine you just tick the ones you want.

This area also allows for a Featured Image. This is an opening image on your page and should be more than 200×200 or best effect. It should also represent what your page is about.

Optimise for mobile

This is a particularly important point because Google does a mobile profile first and rates your site on that.

Most themes these days cover this and I use Generate Press as a preferred choice.

You should always check your site using google mobile check If it does not qualify then make some changes. The biggest problem I find is oversized images.

How to do everything all in one place

I used the training at Wealthy affiliate to gather as much information as I could, however, we all run into problems at times and this can be so time destructive.

At WA the forum is very proactive and everyone is using a version of WordPress. When you need an answer it is simply a matter of asking in the forum or the chat line.
Yes, they have a great support service but that is based around your hosting problems.

Furthermore, you can google many problems because of the huge WordPress following.

This often works but sometimes does provide incomplete information. That is why the Wealthy Affiliate forum is so good. Its members are spread across the globe so there are no time zone disadvantages.


I really do like WordPress 5, perhaps it is not perfect but for the average blogger, it is really very easy. I spent a day trying things in a sample post, I tried to include everything I could to have the page as full as possible. Now I no longer have to think, it all comes naturally.

You will find those people that are resistant to change and want to stay in the past. That is not my problem because I know that the WordPress block builder is way better, faster and easier.

How to with WordPress by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

How to make a blog site

blogging image

How to make a blog site that will be read. There are billions of blogs so how can you stand out from the crowd. It is all in three little secrets.

What are the secrets to blogging that can make a difference?

It’s really not all that hard however most never understand the basics.

It matters not what Niche you are in, it only matters who reads your stuff. Blogging takes in every subject you can think of.

It is estimated that over 500 million blogs a year are written so we don’t have time to read them all. So what is it that makes your work gets read?

The super-secret to blogging success #1

I just know you are gagging for answers but let’s first consider what blogs you read and how you found them?

The first thing you did was type in a google search, correct? What you typed into Google is called a Keyword. it could be one word or what we call a long-tail keyword. This phrase takes you to a blog or page on google.
Therefore your blog must start with a keyword, one that someone will type into the web.

However, it is not quite that easy. You must consider two other important elements.

The single word
A longtail phrase
The total traffic
The competition

Let’s say as an example that you are a Blacksmith.
So here is me wanting to find you so I type in Blacksmith and lo and behold there are over 5000 searches a month and of those 825 will see you if you are on page one.

However, there are over 220 blacksmiths registered with the same name or over 22 pages of lists. Therefore your blog has got to rise from number 221 to the first couple of entries on page one.
You have no chance of success.

If you are a local business you may use a keyword like Bill Hammer Blacksmith Idaho USA
or maybe blacksmiths in Boise USA. LOL, I am making this up as I go along and there are half a dozen metal bashers in Boise. My point, however, is this is how people find your blog using a keyword.

This is the first fundamental with blog writing, content writing or page writing.
Get this wrong and you are with all those others that wonder why they never get read.

Next is your Meta description

Sometimes I love my work, The meta description is what people read under your Keyword that makes you select them or not the other 10 to a page. I continued to search Boice and I found the following.

Meta description example
Great writing

Don’t get me wrong here, I am about 9,600 miles away from Idaho and as I said making this up as I go along.
I typed in my Keyword Boise blacksmiths and there are a few of them to choose from.
Remember some are advertising listings and local directories and we want to miss them for real people.

This I came across;

“Harry Black, legend has it his skin is made of steel”. Pure poetry in this case but I had to read it.
This is his meta description and one really out of the left-field but it is so good I had to share it.
You may write along the lines of “A good blacksmith that delivers on time” but which one will get the most clicks. Old Harry because you just have to read it.
This is evidently written by a Pro and not by a hammer man but it does work.

There is point number two, Your meta description.

How to, when to, why or who enquiries.

A lot of searches start with How, when, why or who because we have a problem we want solving.

This is true of Google and equally so with Youtube as we want our problems solved.

This site is a How to Blog, “How to make a blog site” so I am answering a question that has been used as a search term. My Meta description hints at three little secrets so you will read it
because I have evoked your curiosity.

So solving peoples problems is what most readers want. They don’t want a lot of fluffy writing or technical jargon they want simple answers.

Content is king however only when it solves a problem.

If you are going to write a Blog the above three items will take you nearly all the way home.

The starting requirements for a blog

Ok, you need a domain name like “ that can be purchased cheaply and registered with a web host.
Then you need a platform of some kind like WordPress as an example to hold your writing.

The above will give you all the training you need to set up a blog, help you find a niche and show you all the steps to take. What’s more, their online forum will help you with any queries you may have.

I could write many articles on this, and I have but if you don’t understand the basics Wealthy Affiliate is a great starter.
It is not that hard for any age or demographic.

Blog writing won’t make you rich on day one. It is generally a slow start-up career that will take many months to find any degree of success.

It is more a calling where you share your understanding with the world by the use of words and pictures set out in a way to gather a following.

The greatest issue is generally what to write about, you get one great idea and then fall in a hole as you look for other great keywords.

Blacksmith is a niche

Using steel, copper, Bronze, mixed metals with hot or cold deployment.
Art, tools, structural, safety etc.
Best steel to use, new, old refurbished etc
With every word build a word stream that will last you for years as you become the resident expert with Skin as hard as cardboard.

this is my post number 100 on this site. It is all about the internet or online marketing. Blogging is a form of marketing. nI fact every web site should have a blog post included.
I looked further at this in how to write a blog and in fact several other sites.


Writing becomes an obsession if you enjoy your subject and blogging is just one form of that. In fact, a form that gets more attention than most outlets if you follow my three secret rules.

How to make a blog site by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

how to marketing on the internet

image of a person at a starting line

How to marketing on the internet and not break the budget. Here we look at low and no cost internet marketing to move your business forward.

You want to get into internet marketing and know where to start?

You have come to the right place. I will take you on a quick journey of discovery that will lead to more sales and an easy lifestyle.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • List building
  • Youtube

One thing about marketing is you can not do too much or you will do it badly.
I understand you have a business to run and it might be real or virtual but it is a long term

Do you really need to do Social media and will it make a difference?

The answer is yes and yes in case you are confused. However, you should understand that this is only business media, not your personal projects. Although you will need a personal Facebook account to get a business one.

Let us consider LinkedIn as a starting block.

It is simply good business to have a current LinkedIn account. This must include a photo of you and a properly constructed Bio.

Suppliers, customers and recruitment agents will look at your page for information about you.
It may not sell goods but it will sell you and your brand which in turn leads to business.
You can market or advertise on LinkedIn and in many professions, this is the place to be.

However for us street traders it is possibly not our market but we MUST be seen. It takes little time to set up and keep it current and working.

Sell your self, your business and your brand in the best way possible.

Facebook for business will drive customers to you.

The purpose of Facebook is to gather a Know and Like following that will move to your sales centre, the trust will follow.

is Facebook still worthwhile as we head into 2020?

As purchasers, we use Facebook to gather information about your business. We make decisions on the content and how current it is to see if we want to work with you.

Therefore your pages and posts need to be entertaining and informative and appropriate to create a move to a selling account. Your webpage or shopfront.

Here is my secret about Facebook, it is one of the few places that encourage message scheduling. You can plan your messages a day, week or months ahead and do them in one time, or get someone else to complete them for you.

I explained this in full in a Post for Business that explains how to do it.

Customers use Facebook, they make opinions based on your posts so you need to be involved.

Instagram for business can work really well

instagram image
Is it for You?

First of all, Instagram is owned by Facebook and is the creators darling product so it has a big future. t will change into a sales-driven entity within a short time.

Currently, however, it has a dominantly female audience in the 18-45 age group. If this is a target audience you are in luck. I do believe in more recent times the older group have followed in the footsteps of the young mothers needing to view the snaps. This has and will continue to expand the audience.

It is an ideal local marketing product as you can present your wares in a viewer demanding way. Instagram does not encourage scheduled posts as they want to be a live storyboard. There are products that will help with this but I believe you are better off with a quick daily hit.

Again you are trying to deliver customers to a selling point so you need to wind them up with some attractive proposals. Is Instagram better than Facebook? In some situations yes it is because of the audience and it is more in your face than a newsfeed.

Search engine optimisation or SEO for the masses

Back in the good old days, SEO would and could cost you a small fortune. I probably still get a lot of emails everyday promising me Nirvana so spend your hard-earned very wisely.

Your website needs to be active, it needs change and posts created on a regular basis and the consistent use of good Keywords.

If you are local marketing use your location as often as possible. If I wanted a Mechanic as an example I would search for mechanics in my area, I might add for BMW service at the best price to further target my search.

Use the best of longtail keywords to increase your reach with a better client.

One very important issue is if your website is suitable for Mobile phones. Older websites may not be so forgiving.

Test your site today

Google now search Mobile first so if you are not there you are severely restricted in any search query.

Blog page on your website is a requirement

A blog is simply marketing content in a different word. You may tell people about products, ways to do things, staff, other opportunities. These are all opportunities that with the correct Keyword selection will bring you, customers.

Readers want information and that information usually stars with a problem. So grab a problem, stir it up, create conflict and solve the drama with a great answer. It will work every time.
Naturally, pick subjects related to your fast sellers if you have them or more topical issues.

Blogs can be between 300-2000 words and done by guest writers.

Email Marketing and newsletters are a must for business.

I believe Newsletters at about once a month is the cheapest and most effective media you can own. It is all about Touchpoints for your clients and this is just like a short-form blog.
again it is about entertaining and educating not hardball selling.

Emailing is still a promising sales option in both bulk delivery or one-on-one mail. I did a lot more on this including using Autoresponders a while ago.

There are endless companies that will support your emails and I generally use Constant Contact because they are low maintenance. I can even get you a free voucher to try them.

Emails are now working better than ever if you construct them properly.

List building or asset gain?

A list is an asset you can sell, it can be used every day and has a real dollar value.

Your list will be constructed from every contact you have with a client. Invoices, quotes, handshakes and card swaps to name a few.

It matters not if you keep them in an excel spreadsheet or a paid-for software package. as long as you have a usable list.

Your list can be segregated into a bundle of sub-locations. In fact, I have about 20 different lists that I can mail to either individual or as a whole. Your business will have potential customers in different areas so keep them alive with regular mail.

YouTube is a business must

Nearly as many people search Youtube as Google so that is a lot of traffic. In fact, the how-to section is the first port of call on many products. Bewarned though that people get really lost in Youtube flitting among different subjects. If it is embedded into your website this is great for SEO.

Making videos is now pretty simple and cut across to the boys at Content Samurai to see the many advantages of video. They will give you a free trial and tell you how to do it.


I have given you some ideas to try and some you must do. It is all about touch in this business and the more a prospect sees you the greater the chances of success.

Keep it up, it is not an overnight product it is a planned approach with a definite goal in mind.

However, it can be too late although never too early so get it together and start your journey.

How to market on the internet by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

find long tail keywords free

image of a long tail keyword

How to find longtail keywords free and build your enquiries around them. More and more Google wants to search in a manner that brings up the best results.

So what are longtail keywords?

The latest Google update has the name of Bert, and what Bert does is use extra words to better define a search.

Bert stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

I don’t want to get all technical with this but what Bert does is better understand a search term and will expand it to what it thinks you are looking for.

The new changes this algorithm update brings makes it much more relevant for searchers and it creates a better experience for you and me and everyone else who uses Google.

Neil Patel

People generally search in three different ways and here we have a look at them.


Wikipedia defines informational search queries as “Queries that cover a broad topic (e.g., colorado or trucks) for which there may be thousands of relevant results.” When someone enters an informational search query into Google or another search engine, they’re looking for information – hence the name.


Naturally, those searching for information and what ranks best is great content clearly spelt out for the searcher and Google to find.
“The best shoes” would not really indicate a great defined search, however “the best calf hide high cut boots for teenagers” would tell them where to look.

So long posts with high keyword density is a thing of the past. Using too many keywords will undermine your search terms. You are better served with a couple of really specific search terms and answers.

If you have content that’s not fundamentally great in some way, dressing it up with badges, About pages or whatever very specific thing you somehow decide is the magic factor won’t help. It needs to be fundamentally great, unique, useful, compelling.

Danny o’Sullivan Google


Buying things, looking for items on sale with or without a Credit card and wanting to complete a deal. Sometimes generic like a Mobile phone or more specific Samsung Mobile phone x70 in the description.


How to get to, where to go to type queries.
This is where the user types in a generic name like YouTube instead of using the full domain address
You really need to consider the term and the answer for getting a greater Google response that resembles a search term.

What does this knowledge of longtail keywords mean to you?

Make your search terms suit a profile for a far better response.
Using Navigational term is generally far too broad and will focus on brand names more than
a general search.
If you are ready to sell you will dress your words up with calls to action.

Keyword tools for everyday use

I believe the best tool is with Jaaxy in the free version. however, there are others.

Wealthy Affiliate includes a free one on their site and at Neil Patel.ubersuggest.

However, be forewarned that long-tail words generally have much lower traffic counts.
That in itself is sometimes a good thing because we are searching for quality over quantity.

What will someone type to find you? Will it be a quick way or a slow page by page explorer.
Yours is the choice

If the search term is more explicit your content need not be as long to engage a reader.


Heed the warning of the experts that Longtail is to be the Google friend. Google will better understand the terms and lead clients to an exact match more often. That match is your transactional result.

I have tried to simplify this as much as possible because it will make a difference to your results. Knowing is a path to achieving.

Find Longtail keywords free by Peter Hanley

picture of the author
Peter Hanley

Download video maker

Download video maker for free and start making professional videos today with this free trial offer and keep the videos you make earning traffic immediately.

Is video making really that good?

YouTube is searched as often as Google for general enquiries, so my answer is yes.

Youtube videos keep people on your site for longer increasing SEO so another positive.

Many people want a video and not have to read all the details.

Image of SEO cheet sheet
Free cheat sheet

This is my first offer to show you how this can work as a YouTube product.

It is simple to make your first video

The video can be lots of different varieties.

Action video
Talking head
How to do things

If you are afraid of making a video, don’t panic because we have an easy way for you.

At Content Samurai everything is done except writing your script, plus we can even help with that.

A professional Video done in an Hour

Well maybe a bit less or a bit more but it will be close.

That’s Pictures done
Voice over completed
Music attached
Downloaded to youTube

Plus another bonus The digital Productivity Playbook yours for free
to help you create a better product in less time

Your free Digital Productivity playbook

We are halfway there to an exciting package. I am sure you are going to want to try a
video for your self, in fact, why just one why not as many as you can knock up in 7 days,

Free trial

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before…
Mark my words, it’s going to completely change the way you do digital marketing forever.
As you know video is now critical for just about every aspect of digital marketing today…
However, because creating videos has always been a laborious, expensive and highly technical process, in the past it’s really only been available to big businesses with BIG budgets.
But finally that’s all changed…
Because Content Samurai’s revolutionary new video creation system is SO EASY to use, generating tons of professional videos that produce an avalanche of traffic is now anyone’s game…
And it’s fast, REALLY FAST…
So, if you want the ultimate shortcut to start killing it with video, do yourself a favour and check out Content Samurai out now…
And best of all, it’s totally free to get started!
You can get free access here:

Content Samurai

What is stopping you now?

I use Content Samurai and have done for some time and that is why I am comfortable recommending it to you. I Have suggested a free SEO Tool, a Free book and A free trial so what more can we do. Well drop me a line and I shall do it all for you but have to charge you for my time LOL


I have been short and sweet with this because it is my bonus readers only package that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

You may get one of the offers but not all three in a bundle.

It will be fun and creative and you will really find the Movie Director in you.

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley
About story

Facebook and business

Facebook logo

Facebook and business go together better now than ever before. We will take you through a few steps to make your life easy, and your sales rock.

Have you heard that Facebook is dead?

Well, pardon me but that is most highly exaggerated, In fact, Facebook is booming.
It may have changed, it may be different but it still has more users than any other media.

How then does that relate to your business?.

Facebook is a delivery mechanism

There is often confusion between a Facebook page and a Web Page or blog.
Who controls whom and is it really important?

The answer is a resounding yes, and an answer not often discussed in the media.

Your web page is designed to sell, it will have a call to action and lots of posts and pages.
You will openly display contact details and locations.

It may contain links to authority sites but those links are one way and the reader is Returned
when they have the information they want.

Facebook is there to deliver readers to your main page, by stealth or by a hammer it matters not.
When you are on Facebook you have every chance of getting lost, diverted off to another page or link and never coming back. So sending your page viewers to Facebook is a danger of losing them to some bright object or another page.

So the answer is Facebook readers to your website and website viewers to a sales option.

A marketing tool

I use Facebook in my marketing toolbox. When I want to research a potential client I will always look at the Facebook page for extra information. It will usually have email addresses, contact details and a lot about the business.

This is where a neglected site will impact badly on your potential.

When I want to understand a client better Facebook is a window to the company.

It may have pictures of staff and activities and provide that opportunity to know you better.

It is, however, a two-way street. Your opportunity is as good as someone else so use it well

An important factor in Know, like and trust

It is a rule of marketing that clients need to know you and actually like you before placing enough trust to buy from you.

Facebook is really important in the first two elements because it can deliver the message you want to tell and affirm your bonded association.

The other rule we often highlight is the rule of 7. That is you need seven touches of some kind before a buyer will gain that trust. Facebook can be an important touch.

Perhaps an entertainment vehicle

With about 2.5 billion facebook pages how do you make yours stand out?

The local authority is probably the main generator here. I don’t want to search business in say Russia when I live in the land down under. I will search local and that is where you will be found.
When people get to your page they want to be entertained, or, they quickly disappear

Do active snaps of real people in real situations actively involved in business

Remember it is all about them, give answers, build on fear, provide a time advantage

You want their business and you want it now.

A shopfront window

Readers will judge you on your brand. Your Facebook page is just part of the overall image
and if it disapoints you will lose business.

believe me, you will have Facebook viewers and referrals so think of it as your shopfront

They make life easy with a scheduler

One of the great things about Facebook is that you can schedule posts ahead of time.

This means that you can enter a week or month of posts at one time making life easy.

It also allows others to do it for you if you wish to delegate.

I have several business sites and some I post to daily ( I do it once a week) and some
I post twice a week for a month ahead. This I generally do on a spare half hour on a weekend
so it does not interfere with my week, however it gets done

Then they move the scheduler

As someone commented to me this week Facebook play hide a seek with the buttons.
They make changes all the time and probably to fool the bots and scams.

Choose the Publishing tool on the front page of your business site

Then hit the create button in the top right side

Now load your picture and comments and use the date scheduler

Then share now twice. The job is done.

What do you post about

As I have said you are in the entertainment business so you want to impress. If you are selling to local markets lots of snaps and opportunities.
It is about them and solving a problem they have.

What to wear or best to buy, price opportunity or limited time offer.

Do you also run with Instagram

Instagram is owned by Facebook however it targets a mostly female audience of 18-30-year-olds. If this is your demographic certainly copy up from Facebook.

Instagram is growing rapidly so it would be well worth trialling it over a period of time to see
what transpires

Other Social Media

Using Social media takes time to do it properly so I never advise spreading yourself too broadly. Pinterest has a market so do does Twitter.

You must, however, have a position in LinkedIn. This has a viewing audience that is worldwide
that want to know more about you, Have a great picture and well written Bio and keep it current


Facebook is an important part of your overall brand so please don’t ignore it.

Remember that it is there to deliver people to your home page or business so that you can
actively market to them.

It is very easy to neglect this part of the business so set aside a regular time to keep your posts current and entertaining

Facebook and business by Peter Hanley

picture of the author
Peter Hanley