4 Scientific Tips That Guarantee Better Results in Your Blog

4 Scientific Tips That Guarantee Better Results in Your Blog. The art of Behavioural Science has many wondering but I make it easy for you

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About behavioral science

This is a subject often ignored by most people because of the in-depth nature of psycho analytics, or simply how our reptilian brains work.

We mortal humans evidently all desire the same sort of things so when the boffins let us into this shady underworld we should probably take a few notes.

Behavioral sciences explore the cognitive processes within organisms and the behavioral interactions between organisms in the natural world. Wikipedia

Behavioral marketing

Behavioral marketing is a set of actions aimed at promoting and selling products based on users’ interactions with your brand’s ads, website, emails, social media pages, chatbots, etc. These digital marketing channels offer different tools to use people’s behavior patterns to your company’s advantage.

Send pulse

Like you, I was lost in the translations however I sat through an Hours presentation by my mates at WebProfits and the penny finally fell.

Nudge marketing

4 Scientific Tips That Guarantee Better Results in Your Blog

I thought I had come up with a new idea with the term Nudge marketing however it is used a lot in the sales area. In fact, a search on the term had lots of combatants all with their own views.

Nudge marketing is leading a buyer through the sales channel and knocking down the critical issues before they arrive.

How does this relate to your blogging

This is where the penny drops and we make a big difference to your writing, to get better results at no cost and provide a more secure future.

  • Remove any friction that may exist
  • provide financial security
  • Future proof there results

While working on this I searched for a really good example to explain what I mean.

First of all, I am a graduate at Wealthy Affiliate a site structured around blogging and often use their Affiliate posts.

You are correct this is an advert for Wealthy Affiliate and clicking on it will take you through to some excellent free offers, however, let's take a minute to digest what we are seeing.

First of all, they take away all friction.
They give you Videos and Tutorials to help you build a website with ease.

Next, they offer Financial security by giving the product to you for free, no credit card required.

Finally, they include future-proofing Because you Learn, Network, Build and succeed

Therefore they have moved you through the decision process by eliminating the major stumbling blocks we all encounter.

It's easy to do, costs nothing, and guarantees success, what more could you want?

Remarketing and retargeting is based on prior behavior

4 Scientific Tips That Guarantee Better Results in Your Blog

Remarketing is an after-sales attempt to sell you further related products.
They know you are interested in the product, have your credit card in your hand so they take advantage of your newly acquired warm and fuzzy feelings.

The old adage “would you like fries with that” was an early form of remarketing.

As Internet marketers, you will always look for new opportunities from those that had previously bought from you. You have their trust so they are, or should be an easy convert.

Retargeting is trying to build on the fact that you had shown interest but not bought the product. Something had spooked you and your credit card had not made light of day.
Thus it could be understanding the issue that stopped you however more likely that repetition wins the war.

An ancient rule of advertising states that you must see a product advertised at least five times before you will make the leap of faith.

However, if you understood what the one factor was that stopped the sale your results could be much better.

Remarketing and retargeting are paid advertising.

4 Scientific Tips That Guarantee Better Results in Your Blog by copy marketing

Does car selling involve future proofing

4 Scientific Tips That Guarantee Better Results in Your Blog

Let's face it no one sells cars. They sell what the car will do for you after you buy it. Wandering the great outdoors, speeding down country lanes, and getting admiring looks from passers-by.

This is the art of future-proofing the purchase and taking away all emotional doubt.

If you have any doubt about this you are not looking at car ads or will never look the same way again.

Your blog and the four tips to guaranteed results

First of all, we are all selling something as Affiliate marketers or bloggers and trying to make an honest dollar.

  • Understand behavior
  • Remove all friction
  • satisfy the money issue
  • and offer a future

It's not that hard. The problems are alike to all of us and we want to trust that we will get results.

Selling is based on behavior and the more we understand it the better off our results will be.

To write better is within us all.

Bonus; Do images help a blog post

Why do I Promote Wealthy Affiliate?

Whilst it is the best web host on the market it builds everything to ensure that your contributions are handled in the best possible manner.

As a consummate blogger with about 1000 posts on the market, I don't want to be worrying about back-end problems.

I write and post expecting that is my contribution done they can handle the rest.

They cover the four pillars of success and believe in delivering results so that I know my work will be secure for years to come.

The included training has helped so many achieve financial independence that they honour the high achievers and showcase their abilities to provide encouragement to all the beginners.

Although they have three tiers of membership they do not engage in upsell technologies to drain every last penny from you.
I pay an annual fee that contains everything. I have access to every part of the program and can load it with as much data as I want.

Support is 24/7 and is bought to you in several ways depending on what is required.

Your backend is important.

Finally, they know my future will be secure because they support every part of my forward plan.


The study of marketing and Blogging is an ongoing enterprise and you can never have enough knowledge.
Learning about the science behind Behavioral marketing has had a big impact on my writing style.

I have the rules on my computer to make sure that I at least take them into consideration when I am writing anything.

Remove any friction that may exist
provide financial security
Future proof there results

Employing the rules in your work will bring those extra results and guarantee greater success.
The rules are free, easy to supply, and will give you a better future.

4 Scientific Tips That Guarantee Better Results in Your Blog

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