7 new ways to increase your blog traffic by 200% for free

7 new ways to increase your blog traffic by 200% for free. This is probably the most important post you will read this year.

  • The question you ask “Your Keyword
  • Relevance of your answer to that word.
  • Site speed.
  • Use of free media
  • Using your Webpage
  • The headline and your Meta description
  • getting to page one

First of all I apologise for using a random 200%. This really is dependant on the things we will discuss. It could be somewhat less however it may be a whole heap more if you are doing the wrong things

Secondly I offer no time scale because this is determined by google based on what you provide.

Finally what I offer is a chance of success better than most other writers in the 2.5 million blogs written every day.

What is a good Key phrase

Key Phrases, Keywords, Long tail Keywords are all the same thing. They are what people will search the web for seeking answers to the question.

I like to think of the modern voice searches, done after a couple of beers, among the mates searching for an answer. “hey Siri What is a good Key phrase”

The answer is simply a search that asks a question that you want an answer too.
This is the secret to hitting the right spot every time.

Movies is a key word, what are the top 10 movies of 2021 is a phrase or long tail.
To be even more specific “what are the top 10 romantic movies of 2021”
even adding with Scarlett Johansen in the lead role.

The closer your keyword is to the search term the more traffic you will get.

How long to get your words ranked

Are all searched questions answered properly

The answer of course is most often a resounding no.

Relevance to the question is critical. Furthermore it must be answered early in the blog not hidden away among the 1500 word article.
When they have the answer then your job is to get them to read more.

In this case we don't want movies with Brad Pitt or Meryl Streep We want Scarlett

However You may make a list of Scarlett's movies and then do an Amazon sell with People who adore Scarlett also liked movies with Natalie Portman.

It works for Amazon therefore it must also work for you thus you can infiltrate the information as an extra bonus. Two for the price of one

Is site speed important to Google ranking

You can bet your bottom dollar on the answer to this.

Google even have a site speed calculator that looks at both a mobile and a fixed search.
If you are under a score of say 60 with lots of red errors then make changes because not only will Google dislike you your searches will drop out before the page loads.

I searched Google in my pre write for this page and could find no one that mentioned this important factor. They may have listed lots of things to do however site speed rates right at the top of any list in importance

I host my sites at Wealthy Affiliate who have both their own calculator and link to Google.
They all so have a turbo boost to make sure your sites load quickly. I aim for 90% or better

This is a critical factor in your success so get it wrong and you will never make the grade.

The biggest culprit is usually oversize pictures and more so when they are above the fold. Elaborate and glamourous sites filled with colour may look the part but they close you down.

The searches want answers not glamour. ( editors note; the odd picture of Scarlett is an exception provided it is not right at the top.)

Why Is Social media good for getting traffic to your blog

The idea of social media may be entertainment and trivial posts however they can be done with a purpose. That is a delivery mechanism for those interested in your writing.

Twitter is a really good example of delivering a reader for more.

Tweet, I thought Natalie Portman would never go nude in a movie.
read more at www. etc

Tweet; What was Scarlett Johansen even thinking?

Instagram can start a story in a picture and Facebook a bit of background on what they may be interested in.

All media has a typical following that changes overtime. Roughly draw out your avatar of the typical reader.

  • Facebook 40+ Male and Female and every business
  • Instagram 25-50 Female with high spend
  • Twitter more professional older age
  • LinkedIn business people all ages
  • TicTok still the teens and
  • Pinterest 50+ female

    This is a generalisation and will vary from time to time however by defining your market and testing you will establish the best channel.
  • What topics are best

7 new ways to increase your blog traffic by 200% for free using your webpage

Your web page can generate traffic to a blog

Your web page should be equipped as a selling tool or the final point or destination so I generally don't recommend sending people away. However in some cases where readers are looking for more information it can be allowed.

This is different to social media, never send anyone to Social media because they will get lost. There are just too many distractions as pop-ups pull them away to a whole different area and never to return. The job of Social media is to send them to your webpage where they can buy something.

A blog may be different and could also be part of the main page. It is generally content on one idea that needs to be expanded and drawn out to convince someone of the necessity to purchase. They can also be returned to the main page when they have finished reading .
This creates an internal link that helps in your SEO score.

Your headline and Meta description

Working in tandem these two tell a reader what to expect and just what you will deliver.

First of all you need to be on the first page of a search term to get read. Maybe a chance on page two but after that you are resting in solitude.

Page one comprises a few paid advertisement and the most relevant posts in order. Most readers ignore the adverts and have a look at the first three posts on the page and make a selection from them.

Therefore your headline and meta must jump of the page screaming “I have the answer to your question”.

First of all both should include your keyphrase to meet what Google believes is important. He makes the rules so all we can do is go along with him.

Should you choose not to write a meta Google will make one up from the first paragraph of your content, be it good or bad.

How to get to page one of a search term

This is a process that Google will take you through.
First of all it won't be quick, there are many ranking factors that google takes account off and moves you along the scale.

As a rule it will be six or seven weeks in the best case and years in the worst case. However don't be discouraged by time as a good result is well worth the effort.

Remember that Google is not the only search engine in town, we also have Bing and Yahoo as well as a few others to help your programme.

In Fact YouTube is currently searched more times that Bing and Yahoo combined so that opens the market right up.

Basically it is a time period worked around traffic, competition, content and authority. Therefore you need low traffic, minimal competition but good content and recognition as an authority.

The more specific your keyword (phrase) is the greater the chance of getting a good billing. Everything has a search volume it is just that some have more than others.
below is a tool to help you find Keywords with good traffic and low volume.

My conclusion

This is a tedious subject however one that you must understand fully to benefit from the Google algorithm. Even the best content is no good if it is not read by anyone and the only way to get read is to be found by your search term.

Combing some free traffic generated by you and spending time going up in the ranks of pages will deliver you results, however fast or slow.
The difference will be Keyword selection, get it right and you will win the race .

Choose your Keyword, your headline and your meta description before you write a word. Check your keyword for traffic and competition and change if it is too busy.

Do a Google search of your keyword and assess the competition as a back up search.

7 new ways to increase your blog traffic by 200% for free by Peter Hanley

Always check your keyword before writing anything else.

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