9 stages to writing a blog post. Analytics

9 stages to writing a blog post. Analytics. Knowing what you should know will make a difference in your future

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What is Google Analytics and is it any good?

Used by every blogger and web builder to find out what people are doing on your site, where they come from, and a host of other details.

It is important to follow trends and know how you can change things to make a difference.
Google drives the internet world so having a good knowledge of the workings is a must for everyone.

When you set up an account Google will give you a snippet of code that is placed in your website coding. Don't worry they tell you where and when to place it

Bringing analytics to your front page

Monsterinsights grab all the Google data and put it on your front page. In your face works far better than waiting for you to search.

There is a free version of MonsterInsights or a paid one if you want that bit more

Monster makes it very easy to place your analytics code onto the site so you get a good visual of all opportunities.

Google search console

When you think analytics has all the answers this is even better. Setting up is reasonably easy and it is quick to get into and play with

Image of Google tools

The interesting point is that this is Google searching however other carriers have their own reports.

9 stages to writing a blog post. Analytics are not all equal

Exact match Keyword v Buyer intent

Google has opted to use artificial intelligence (AI) to determine what is being asked for in a written or verbal request.

Therefore Google takes the inquiry to a close match, as they see it, depending on what is written in your post

On the other hand, Bing and Yahoo both use exact match keywords as the foundation for the search. This may change sometime in the future but for now, it is the rule.

Therefore results in Bing and Google may vary widely and it is sometimes hard to fathom the results. Getting the first page on both sites is a work of art.

Bing Webmaster Tools

9 stages to writing a blog post. Analytics

You will find this very different from Google and probably with more traffic. As a bonus, both Bing and Yahoo are represented in one document. You will see traffic, clicks, and average site location all for a selected period.

We talked about Pretty links previously where you track the number of users that are clicking a particular link. By recording these every month you can see what is working and make the necessary changes. You may wish to put more energy into another area if one of the links is quite flat, or even use it more often when working

Some sites pay better than others and by changing a few words you can increase your traffic by a substantial percentage.


Nothing in analytics is an exact science

Trying to line up all your ducks just won't work however you can achieve the best estimate. Between Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy, I use several keywords so my tracking is a bit short however they provide a very good view of all that enter the site. Wealthy Affiliate has no timeline on referral data whereas Amazon has but a few days until the referral goes in-house.

Web-based software for analytics

There is a whole bundle of web-based software for those doing campains at Getapp and because this is not for most of us I am keeping it short

Training courses for those wanting more

Universities around the world offer courses in analytics because of the importance of the subject.
Google also has its university course at Googe analytics where you can spend weeks learning how to make your work better.

We can not stress the importance of this subject enough without convincing you that it is vital to your future.

Analytics in all the above forms provides vital information to build your brand and keep you ahead of the pack.

Treat it with all the relevance you can because it will make your journey going forward far more rewarding.


Thank you for following the pages in this selection to help in your journey to be a career blogger. I have tried to make the entry as easy as possible and remove most of the cost burden away.
Buying high-priced low return courses is a waste of money but more importantly time. Stick with Wealthy Affiliate and my training and we will make your transition to success as quickly as possible.

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