8 important tips for blogging in small business

8 important tips for blogging in small business. Follow these simple rules and have readers falling all over your blog and building income

Is blogging really necessary

Absolutely. it achieves many things for your business that no other marketing could do for the price.
It provides a regular page update improving your SE.O
By highlighting your products you get more buyer attention.
Linking other material to your post provides more insight and greater explanation.
Branding is hugely increased.
You become a business that cares.

There are many more ideas we could expand however the above should give enough reason to have a business blog.

Selecting a host and web site

Your blog needs to be hosted with a reliable site that provides long-term consistency, page speed and be mobile capable.
If you add it to your company site under blogs that would work well however if you want to set up a free site go to Wealthy Affiliate and claim a complimentary hosted domain for your use.
You can also get a bundle more training for those areas you may be unsure of.

Keyword selection for your blog


This is the single greatest factor in obtaining reader growth.
All Google searches are by key phrases ( long-tail keywords) and yours will be no different.
You need good traffic and low competition.
We achieve the art of finding keywords using a variety of tools available on the market.
Jaaxy, Uber Suggest, and Google auto suggest are all available both for free and paid pro versions.
This simple act of finding the right words will take as much time as writing the article. That is how important it is.
Your target is to get to page one of a Google search. That is where the readers are, anything less simply does not cut it.
However, it is not that easy. That is why we search for words that don't have a heap of competition but will have a reasonable monthly traffic

Composing a great header

Again a subject not to be ignored. Even if you are on page one of a search term you are still competing with ten other sites to attract readers. Therefore having both your headline with a Keyword included and a great Meta description is imperative to success.

You need to jump off the page and grab their interest to have them choose you and not the other nine on the page. We do this by both solving a problem and promising a result.
Readers want an answer to their query and the ones that provide that answer with clarity will get the Bickies.

Using Word Press as my base I have an app by MonsterInsights this app provides a great tool that ranks my headline for greater success. They understand the business and what should be included thus making your selection easier.

Word balance is important, around six to eight positive words with great promise.

8 important tips for blogging in small business

I had tried several others with much lower scores
Before settling on this.

I added to this a Meta description to enforce the decision

8 important tips for blogging in small businesses. Follow these simple rules and have readers falling all over your blog and building income

Chasing blog traffic

Google won't do it all for you. You need to add a bit of elbow grease and get links from your other marketing. It may be family, friends, or business associates but they are out there waiting to read your great work. You just need to tell them.
Some ideas that may help;

Written material
Seminars and trade shows

All of these can relate to a blog page topic of interest.

Write a blog for readers

Technical writing, white pages, engineering descriptions are all for other venues.
You are writing to keep the reader interested, answer a question, or solve a problem.
Therefore simple is better. They, your readers, are generally possessed with a limited attention span and that is why you need to entertain them. We do this with a promise to make their life easier because that is exactly what they want.

Your blog should answer a question

8 important tips for blogging in small business

Readers generally seek an answer to a question or how to solve a problem they have. This is particularly so with voice search as an example. When using SIRI or other voice systems you generally take a long tail request to narrow the search down. How, When, Why, and Who questions will dominate the requests.
How do I catch Atlantic Salmon in summertime from Nova Scotia.
When is the best time to fish for Atlantic Salmon.
Why do people try and catch Atlantic Salmon out of season.
Who catches more Atlantic Salmon than other fish.
Your Keyword is Atlantic Salmon and the tail has been extended to find a solution.

Use colour, pictures and clear font

Writing short sentences and paragraphs are just a couple of the things you need to concentrate on. People love images of all kinds. They may be lists, graphs, pictures, or even videos to grab their attention and drag them down the page.
The subtle art of holding their interest is done with bright and sparking additions to the page.

Someone might just require a simple answer to one point on your page and be pulled by your heading or image. Therefore pictures need to be relevant to the page so that your description answers the search.

Lists and graphs also attract readers and what's more, is that Google loves them as well. We don't write for Google, they can't read, however they are an important part of SEO

Review your results

This is the last of the important actions you need to take. Once done it is still not finished as you need to understand if you attracted viewers. Google Analytics is the natural home although MonsterInsights moves this to the front page of your website.

It is never too late to make changes. ( everything except your Keyword), you can add or subtract info at your will and even please Google in the process. Therefore reviewing your page is a necessary procedure to make sure you are both in a Google search and going up in the pages and getting some hits


That is a brief overview of the most important things that need to be done.
One I missed is adding appropriate links to other sources like affiliate links, the places you earn money. You are writing with a mission of some kind and that may be to earn an income. This can be achieved with affiliate links or page advertising once you have a reasonable traffic flow.
Blogging is an Art form, make it yours

8 important tips for blogging in small business by Peter Hanley

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Peter Hanley

I have been in business for many years and the internet to find ways to grow your business faster

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  1. Ashley

    These are some really great tips for bloggers.  Thank you for putting this together.  I recently started using monster insights for my headings and I love it!  I had no idea my headlines needed so much work until I installed it.  Since then, I have changed all of my titles!  Hopefully, this will improve my SEO ranking.  I will be using some of your other tips, especially the one about using Google Analytics for my blog.  Thanks again.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Well done Ashley

      Yes, the headlines are an Art form and I try hard to get those 75 plus pass marks. I have made 93 however that is as good as I can get to at this stage
      This one part of the Monster makes it worthwhile. 
      It does however fly in the face of Yoast SEO at times who tend to like shorter titles.
      We can but do our best

      Kind regards

      Peter H

  2. Abel

    When I first learned about keywords I started using them. I started using them a lot. Now I see, all I was doing was stuffing my post as if I were in Thanksgiving and it was a turkey I had in front of me. Now I have placed my main focus on my readers again. I have been reading this mistake is something very common among newbies.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks Abel and I understand the Keyword problem.

      And you are right it is early mistake based on the old theory about Keyword stuffing.
      Yoast still asks for about  5 keywords per 1500 words so I follow that. 
      One is in the introduction and one at the end so easy to squeeze a few in.

      Keep up the good work and enjoy the journey.

      Kind regards

      Peter H

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