5 branding ideas that will increase your business

5 branding ideas that will increase your business and make your life easier. These must do everyday ideas are vitally important.

What the heck is branding anyway?

We all know the products like Amazon, Nike, Apple that are household names developed by spending billions on advertising.

Apple logo
5 branding ideas that will increase your business

Place names like Whistler, Sydney Opera House, Tower of london have all become a brand in their own right.

People have a brand as well. Oprah, Madonna, Michelle Obama as well as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Geoff Bezos are well known brands that contribute over a range of items.

Ecommerce has its own following with Big Macs, Vegemite, Doughnuts, Quiche to name but a few.

However the corner deli may also carry a well known brand in your locality, or a restaurant or particular service are known locally as the place to go.

Not following this advise may lead to business closure

If you think that is too strong then think again, you need to follow world leaders and current trends to have any chance in the internet race. Things change and you need to change with it.

Let me tell you why and what to do about it.

We have an Identity that needs to be recognised

Our Logo, color and style are designed for the long term. Their is a recognition factor that time will bring through consistency.
Many will register the brand to maintain it originality and identity. It is always advised to stay consistent across all media so that you will be instantly recognised.

However this is a rule and not a law as amplified by our leaders, the ones who should know.

Apple has gone from black to Colour and to silver over the years however the image has been consistenly recognisable.
Likewise Google have made minor changes to stay with the times however the font has been consistent and easily recognised.

Then Nike started as a red swoosh to later become the black we now see. They have often changed the wording but never the design. (it originally cost them $35)

This in someways destroys my argument on consistency however the visual appeal has remained recognisable at all times.

When you have a logo and colour stick with it.

The brand USP is also as important

The unique selling proposition or USP is a short summary of what you offer. Care should be taken to not squeeze yourself into a corner with the wording.

An example was the trend into representing value and product. “Half price pottery” got stuck in a corner when they wanted to add other products to the range.

Nike is “Just do it' which summarises a sporting range of products. Interestingly the line was taken from a condemned murderer in his last moments at the gallows.

  • Your USP needs to be unique
  • Make you desirable
  • Not to long winded
  • reasonably specific
  • And a bit spicy

And remember it is not a selling tool or a play for words on price. Cheap, lowest price etc. One of the best was and still is “Definately overnight or your money back”

Create a USP that answers a question and delivers value.

Fostering a brand image

Consistency rules the returns

The more often your brand is seen the more returns you will gather.

Use every outlet available in social media blogging and YouTube to gather as many followers as possible.

Being known will take you to a new place and increase your business 10times for the same effort.

Image is everything in branding

It is important to have a great photo of you showing that you have the authority to command attention. No good sitting in a chair with a cat on your lap when you need an action pic.

Getting a professional photo shoot is well worth the few dollars spent, good suit, nice hair and a close up portrait is ideal.

We all want to deal with professionals not beach bums.

Similarly your logo must have a recognition element and best if it somehow shows your business in a small way.

What is not commonly recognised is that, the arrow in the Amazon logo signifies

5 branding ideas that will increase your business

everything from A to Z. The truck the delivery and the packages are the products. Amazon do change around but the word and the arrow remain consistent. The largest selling outlet in the world should know,

Your image needs to carry over to YouTube

YouTube can really carry you forward in the recognition stakes. Many far prefer a story in pictures other than the written word and YouTube can deliver that the easy way.

The video should show you as authentic and not a spam artist. It needs to be natural and show who you are in the best possible light. Your background and experience must produce an honest image that people can trust.

If you are new to YouTube no better place to go than Vidnami for a free book on building your SEO.

They call it visible credibility and when you have it the followers will come.

5 branding ideas that will increase your business and be the guy.

It is all about being known as the go to guy (Girl)

Blogging is an art form

It matters not if you are in a small business, online blogger, online store or local shop the needs are the same.
The three rules to follow are Know, like and Trust. They are the people we buy from.

  • Know.
    Use every avenue to market you, so your profile pops up over all social channels,
    email, website, videos whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.
    Being known is the first step to success.
  • Like
    We buy from people we like, A friend in the business, your uncle Arthur, where we have shopped before and even where we are part of a rewards program
  • Trust
    This comes with the sales process, complaints handling and over all transaction journey.
    Get a bad name at this point and the news will cry far and wide.

Be the go to person and grow that following

Using all the media channels can assist in the know however referrals and word of mouth are just as important. A great rewards program gives you continual access to all your followers so that you can continue the Know, Like and Trust bonding.

How Influensers have changed the market

If you ever had any doubt about branding the influencer market would surely change your mind. People are making an inordinate amount of money just recommending a product. A lot of theses are stars like the Kardashians however many are ordinary every day individuals that have built a cult following.


I have just watched a video by Gary Vee, if you don't know Gary, well, its a great place to start.
For those that know him you will understand that he speaks his mind very clearly and forthrightly.

He said that:

Not building your brand is non negotiable

Gary Vee

In conclusion Gary was very strong on presenting content over sales and although you may have a bit of a lag content will win every time. Furthermore use every source available being Visual, audio and written in as many outlets as you can.
finally branding is critical to your success.

5 branding ideas that will increase your business by Peter Hanley

5 branding ideas that will increase your business
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