10 tips that will improve your SEO score

10 tips that will improve your SEO score. If keywords are the most important part of your page what are the next nine that make a difference

Your opening line is the start of a journey

When searching for an answer on Google you will be offered several alternatives. The one with the best description wins the war. Answer a question, solve a problem create excitement, or add a bit of mystery to your message to grab those straying eyes.

Think like your reader and ask what are they looking for and then answer the question.
For many good reasons numbers work well however I have no answer as to why.
Numbers are always rated highly in the search so don't hesitate to use them.

Number of words used

10 tips that will improve your SEO score

This section has no correct answer and you may well read many ideas and versions.
Yoast states that a minimum of 300 is required whereas most agree that 1500 is a good balance. However, no more than 3000 words are great.

Certainly, variation is necessary and more words would generally imply you understand your stuff.

When you first start out blogging or writing you will find it hard to get up to a thousand words however it will soon move on to bigger articles.

The best way to find extra content is to write your headings first. Grab a dozen or so heading about your subject going from an introduction to a conclusion. Then fill in the words and the job is done.

Aim for an average of 1500 words and you will have a nod from all the experts.

Linking to Authority sites

Google likes to think that you will back up your writing with some authority. A recognised institution or department that contains some facts that support your work.

For example, writing about medical issues may refer to a medical journal or similar, exercises to a sports Physio.

These can act to back up or support what you are saying thus providing greater credence to your work.
Using Wikipedia is also an option. They have the final say on all things internet.

Using Yoast to improve your site

10 tips that will improve your SEO score includes linking

Internal linking

Internal linking has several benefits to your article. It may just refer to extra reading on the current page or a similar blog post.
It provides traffic movement between articles plus and importantly, it increases time on the page.
Page time is another SEO element that Google likes and rates your SEO on.

This is a feature that must be followed however it is a fairly new addition to writing. Most writers fail to use it thus contributing to their detriment.
Google likes to know when you are going to an affiliate or sales-based site, they don't want to follow you there because it does not form part of your article.

An image is a WordPress option however it will do as an example.

First of all, if you choose option one and divert to a general page or post it will return the reader to your original post when they cancel. Otherwise, they will exit the web.
Using open in a new tab would almost always be ticked when linking internally.

Next is option 2. This is chosen when going to an affiliate or sales-based site.
Google then knows not to follow you to that site and rate your SEO.

10 tips that will improve your SEO score

Three could be used when going to an external site that will not relate to your SEO performance.

In most cases, you should tell Google exactly what your intentions are.

You may also wish to visit your old sites and make modifications to the links.

If this is the one-take from this blog it will be worthwhile for you.

Using pictures videos lists and tables

The idea is to gather attention and keep the eyes on the page. As stated above the time on the page is necessary so all of these will do this for you.

A list or table summarises your points in a clear way that gets attention amongst all the writing.
Google will also use these in search engines.

I also like a splash of colour throughout the site to bring the page to life

YouTube is an important consideration

YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google and more than Yahoo and Bing combined.
That's a lot of traffic being left on the table without a video included in your page.

It need not be your video you can pick up a link on any Video that continues with the conversation you are having. It works for searches and for time on a page so a double benefit.

Furthermore you can link to a video or embed it within your page.

Image size and page speed

This is an oft-ignored practice that will have big results downside if you get it wrong.

Page speed in loading is critical to your SEO so large images will slow the site down and get you a bad mark by Google and your readers.

The general size is 1600 x 840 as suitable or smaller if you wish.
Google Discover is a program that gets you up in the listings, which I shall write about separately, insists on sizing as does the opening page speed.

A further consideration is mobile phones. Always pay consideration to what looks best on a small screen and treat that as a given.
Google uses a Mobile search before a fixed search.

Writing for mobile phones

Google rates its search terms initially on a mobile phone so get it wrong and you miss out.

Many of the modern templates do this automatically however there are a few things that need to be done.
First of all, never have links close together, They will compete for space on the small screen so should have good separation.

Next of course is picture size. Mobiles are slower to load than fixed sites so big pictures wreak havoc on your site speed.

Finally writing that is not well spaced will be very hard to read. Therefore clear headings, short sentences, and good spacing will gather you better results.

Creating a Cornerstone article

A cornerstone article is a principal post on a particular subject. Other similar posts will come back to this main spot forming a group of posts on a similar subject.

Google likes this way of grouping and it is an ideal method to expending the information you are attempting to get out.

Think of your cornerstone product as your main post and the others around it as source material.

10 tips that will improve your SEO score by getting extra readers

Getting extra readers

10 tips that will improve your SEO score

Your site traffic is a major contributor to your results. However, there is good traffic and rubbish so don't buy rubbish from an internet site. It will damage your SEO

Instead, use social media to bring interested people to you that should increase your good volume.

Social media is a gateway to bring you readers it is free to use and covers many age groups and interests. It is always best to own one media and post to it every day to strengthen your branding and long-term results.

It is also important that you should not send people away from your post to social media. They will get lost in the hype and never return. Therefore think of social as a delivery tool and your blog or post as the warehouse.

My conclusion to SEO

This whole SEO thing hangs over you like a blanket, you have to do it but don't quite understand what you are doing and in fact why.

However, it is so important that you need to apply a bit of time and consideration to setting up a template or tick box to make sure you meet as many points as you can.

  • Keyphrases determine whether readers will come.
  • Your Meta Description will get them to look
  • Internal and external linking will keep people on the page
  • Mobile phones will be able to see your lovely pictures and graphs
  • Use of suitable headings will allow the eyes to flow
  • Your keyphrase will appear in your Meta description and header
  • Extra readers will flow from Social media
  • Redirects to your cornerstone article will promote site activity
  • Picture size and good spacing throughout
  • The best blog posts tell a story

All pretty simple inclusions however hard to remember them all.

The answer is in your list.

10 tips that will improve your SEO score by Peter Hanley

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