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How do you become an Online Sales Pro and achieve massive inflow of leads and sales. It is all about the seven pillars of application that must be followed.

Are online sales necessary?

While Covid-19 achieved many things it certainly bought online shopping to the front of mind.

People were shopping from home using their fingers to do the walking and it saved many a retail store from disaster. In fact many did so well with the online orders that they were reluctant to reopen the doors.

However if you were not online and you had to close the doors it was indeed doom and gloom.

World wide online shopping is the new normal, from the biggest business to the smallest outlet they are all at it.
This has opened the opportunity market to learn or teach the basics and reap the rewards.

Online sales pro

This is not just a flash in the pan it is the new way of the shopping world and you need to be on it.

Shopping sites needs traffic

I see a lot of disgruntled shop site owners who tell me it just does not work. They tell me I built a site however no one came.

The first thing you need to do with a new shop site is build a hub of traffic sources.This is an absolutely 100% guaranteed method of selling product because of the ten outside sources of traffic

Online sales Pro

Keywords are vital to all marketing

However that is a lot of work for one person because every element takes time and participation.
I have broken the seven source up to achieve a nice round ten ideas.
You will first chose your appropriate keywords that relate to your products. Make out a list of about One hundred keywords that you can use in your marketing.
This is a chore to do one time to last 6 months to a year and I will make it easy for you. I use three different channels to choose my words and list them out.
It is important for local stores to list by location.

The Online Sales Pro will understand keywords and use them every day

Google search and local directories

This a one time thing or a do and forget but saying that they are really important to have in place.

Local directories;

For any single business location there may be thirty of these all free and many on the first page of Google. You can do your copy once and apply to the directories and have them put in.

They will always promote a paid advertisement and this is a great idea once you prove the traffic with genuine figures. Take a few months and analyse the results. If you only got a call a month and had thirty adds that becomes good traffic for no outlay.

How do you find the local directories for your industry? Simply search a keyword and see what Google will deliver to you. Then call them and supply your content.

As a consultant this one deed will make you a hero.

Google local search

This is a location based service you set up with Google . It is free and will guarantee traffic because you will become the first option when someone searches a Keyword and a location.
You should have a half dozen testimonials added so you get the 5 star service. I simply emailed a few customers and said give me a reference and I shall return the favor. Took me very little time to be up and going.

Social media and your business

Do not try and do them all! Pick a couple that are in targeting your market and then do a long range plan.
Many business will use just one media however they will post every day and sometimes several times a day.
Instagram is great for the 18-45 Female market and businesses like Hair, health, clothing, exercise activities all work really well. Several business I am in contact with only use Instagram for social media because it is really a targeted market.

Other love Facebook for a similar market however probably more 25-65 age group. Facebook advertising can also get results if you can get a return on your investment.

Pinterest is generally the older group so a great market for many products if that is your demographic

To be an Online Sales Pro you must know your market

You must understand your market

Understanding your market

This will include the location, age, gender and interest for your best market.

Certainly some will be out side the range but they can be picked up by keyword choice.
My daughter runs a ladies dress shop in a country town.
Gender is mostly female
Interest in ladies cloths and wear
Age 20-50
Location The town, near by towns, demographic area.
Keywords will revolve around brands, styles Seasonal influences, pricing
Media Primary Instagram, secondary is Facebook, Web Site.Members
Needs to do Email and video.
Did a local TV promotion for excellent effect

Result; Sold bridesmaid dresses from an out of state inquiry because of brand strategy>
Local TV paid promotion worked well and returned a sale over cost result.

Map out your clients and find the ways to channel them.
If you are doing this for a client really lay it out properly and show how investing in channels will get results and guarantee success.
if it is your business do the same without emotion being the right consideration.
Many will say that men shop for ladies wear at times of the year, why not target them?
So do kids and grandparents but they are an occasional market and will come anyway because of location or association.

A members site is a marketing must

This is one of the big must do programs for any business. You want to keep them coming back for many years being obligated to you. They also want the bonus points you offer them.

Every major marketing chain has a members rewards program and this should indicate that every business however small can benefit from it.

You must know your customer and this is an ideal method to gather important intelligence so you can market the heck out of them.
It is important to understand that the more you promote the greater the chance of a sale. Don't be shy about posting a few times a day, believe me more is better than less.

Analyse results to improve performance

You should know where every sale or inquiry comes from and how it was gathered by the client.
This gives you an idea on how to focus your efforts to achieve growth. For instance if Instagram works and email does not where is the best place to concentrate your effort?

Online Sales Pro by Peter Hanley


This is an exciting time to be an online professional. There are so many opportunities that anyone can become a champion by concentration on any element in the process>

The above is not all inclusive as there are many other channels that can be used. However one or two of these ideas can really lift your results without spending any many or too much time.
Email marketing and branding are also big elements of the attack on the consumer dollar that will fall under this banner.
However be careful to spend your time on the issues that will make a difference to the sales result.
If you are advising a business or doing it for the boss they want to see a dollar return.
Many fall for the :we are growing the branding' as an excuse for pore results. You need action elements that return results that pay the bills

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