How often should you blog for best results

How often should you blog for best results? There are divided opinions on this and here we look to the results you need to know

Blogging is not a short term occupation

You blog to get read but the sad truth is you don't get noticed unless you are on page one of a search term, a position it may take months to achieve.

Therefore blogging today is for tomorrows reading.

This may change when you have a whole bundle of followers waiting on your next story and then you may slow the traffic down to get them all reading from the top post.
Examples are for a business web page where the blogging is incidental to the page.

However this time of a huge following may be 12 months away so the more you write now the better chance you will have at success..

All your keyword selections may not be perfect. Some will have too much competition and others may have no traffic. It is a fine line between being at the top of a page and not being found at all. Hence volume will help overcome some of the limitations

How often should you blog for best results by numbers

How many blog posts a week should you do?

How often should you blog for best results

My friend Partha says if you are going to blog then go at it as hard and fast as you can. Even batting at two blogs a day will get you runs before the occasional blogger.

Therefore if it is your only occupation and you have time for a blog post a day then go for it.
Some of you may have other interests so you need to spread your activity wider, then the answer is as often as you can.

A good post takes some time to write and content is probably the last thing you need to consider.

Is quantity better than quality for blogging

Again there is no fixed rule other than to say new bloggers will probably miss a lot of important strategies and will suffer from lack of traffic.

Off course you will get better with practice and time developing a following to your work.

It won't be done in a day so my answer is go for quantity at the least you have a chance of being read because you have put it out there. If you sit dithering about every small issue then it just won't get done.

Blogging to make money

We all blog for different reasons however the end result is always the financial consideration.
You can make money selling real product with Affiliate links or paid advertising content, it is all income.

If you have just one blog out on the net your chances among the billion similar blogs is really very slim if not impossible. Maybe you have two blogs and double your chances or what about a hundred blogs waiting to be read.

Therefore my answer should be self evident, quantity wins every day.

But there are conditions.

How often should you blog for best results with great SEO

How to Set up your blog for SEO

How often should you blog for best results

First of all do you have a plan, A destination and a niche you are comfortable with.
This is going to take a while so do it for something you are passionate about not just to make a quid. You will need to be in the journey for some time so loving what you are doing makes it a whole lot easier.

It all starts with Key phrases

This is the search term used to find your blog. The more specific the phrase is the greater the chance of being found.
The term Cookies is a key word but means so many things to so many readers.
Perhaps Oatmeal cookies would be better but still very broad.
Oatmeal cookies for weight loss in women is getting there.

It is important that you remember readers are asking questions and wanting answers to problems, so provide the question and deliver the answers.
How to cook oatmeal cookies for weight loss in women;
Best oven temperature for oatmeal cookies for weight loss in women ;

Therefore we have answered a question, been specific and stand a good chance of being read.

The art of Keywords takes quite a bit of understanding however it will make all the difference between sinking and swimming. You should also sprinkle your post with similar phrases so that you may capture your audience with different ideas.

How to choose Keywords for a blog

Fortunately you can get a lot of help with this. It is so important that they even build tools to help you. You can find out how much traffic to a keyword and importantly the level of competition you face. It is no good beetling down a busy highway where you are just one of thousands you need to be on a side road where you can be seen.

It is important to remember that the tools work of internet stats but the head guy of all of this is Mr Google. He can tell you exactly what is happening if you ask. Type your keyword in and see where you would stand, see what people are searching for and do the same thing. If it works for them it will work for you.
A tool I use is called Jaaxy. This will give you a bundle of guidance as to your chance of being discovered on the net. An example follows;

Go ahead and play with this to find the right phase but remember to use Google with it to get the best result.

Then there is SEO

People teach SEO and if you are using WordPress you will have one of two plug ins. All In one SEO or Yoast SEO. I prefer Yoast but that is personal as I have tried both and settled as a paid Yoast member.
The things to remember are your Keyword use, the meta description, site linking, message length and Key phrase Synonyms.

How often should you blog for best results by consistent writing

Looking at Yoast SEO

Followed by writing and set up of your blog

Again there are rules you must follow to meet the guidelines set by the search engines.

  • Using the correct headings. Start big and go down
  • Writing short sentences, less than 25 words
  • And short paragraphs less than 300 words
  • Transition words and a positive voice
  • Blog length should be somewhere north of a 1000 words

It is a lot to remember however over time and a bit of practice it will all fall into line for you.

Getting your blog post read

First of all your blog needs to be on page one of a search term. Maybe page two however any more and you reside with the all so rans of this world.
Getting there takes all the steps above however even then you must capture a reader in a fraction of a second. There will be a half a dozen choices on page one related to the Keyword search. The reader will quickly pick one based on the best answer to their query. This is backed up by the meta description telling them what you are all about.

If the want the cooking time for cookies you have a chance however if they want the oven temperature you probably miss out. ( another great blog idea).
They then click and what happens next.
More training on blogging

Will they read your blog post

They will devour every word if it answers a question or solves a problem for them.
Fill you page with promise, sprinkle it with pictures, colour and great sub headings to retain the interest from top to bottom.
Make your links visible and inviting to take them to a whole new world and they will read and buy.

The best blog post will tell a story

How often should you blog for best results using Social proof

Use social proof that you offer a great solution

Having readers leave a comment on your blog tells Google that you are offering good content and they should place you ahead of the others in the area.
Ask for comments and even solicit friends and associates to contribute a few nice things about you. If they don't want to there is nothing lost however a few good words will make a difference.

Get Social media to send you readers

Using any or all Social media to send you readers will build a following. A Facebook page, Instagram picture, Tweet all deliver necessary traffic to your site.
This will then improve your SEO and continue the circle of dominance.

Setting up a cornerstone article

When we are writing about the benefits of cookies we may do several blogs. Perhaps cooking time, oven temperature, health benefits, weight loss, working for men as well, using the best oats, Flour choice etc.
These all can go back to a principal blog and then link between each other to maintain reader contact.

My conclusion on how often to blog

The answer to this question was answered in just a few words “as often as possible”.

However that is just one minor part of the whole blogging experience so I have tried to give you a bit more direction along the way.

I know many readers will be lost in the first paragraph because it is just to damn hard.
However my point is that if it is worth doing it is worth doing well. Then it does not matter if it takes a month or a year you will know you are on a trajectory to eventual success.

Having a business to run I can only contribute so much but I make sure that it is as much as I can fit in.

It will probably take more than six months for your writing to be seen on page one and gather traffic but then it will grow quickly from there.

Finally do it for the love of writing, as often as you can and build a business worth having.

How often should you blog for best results by Peter Hanley

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic

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