How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic. Before starting your journey there are things you must understand

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Getting traffic to your blog-The traffic timetable

There are many contributing factors to the timing however if you think four months minimum then you won't be disappointed.

It may in fact be twelve months or in rare cases a month depending on traffic, competition and your use of key words

There are about 7.5 million blog posts published every day so you have to be better than all of them to get read. That is why we are here to help you.

You can and should use Social media to direct traffic as well as your website, email, meetings, forums etc to help.

How to Get traffic to a blog without spending money

Off course you can throw money at a problem and hope for a return. However you really need to have the whole package together.
Your content must be good and retain the readers.

Your linking needs to be precise to deliver results.

It is not all about traffic. I can get you as much traffic as you want using Spark Traffic.
Choose your traffic numbers and they will be delivered. This will include a small drop out rate and a high page read amount. A fantastic result however bots don't buy products.
I use this from time to time to add a bit of colour to my stats.

Is content important to traffic.

When you are after results with your blog these come from great content and the closing ability of your work.
Selling big ticket items may come from a trickle of buyers that are interested in your offer.

In fact the higher the traffic the higher the competition and hence the harder to rank.

Off course content is important however getting readers to your blog is the real name of the game.

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic using best keywords

Best way to Use the correct keywords, heading and meta

People search by Key phrases so yours need to directly answer a question or solve a problem.
I generally try and think about what will be asked on a mobile devise.

These are the things people want to know so we want Google to bring them to us.

However you need some traffic and a little less in competition to get the balance just right

You can use a Keyword tool or do a google search and see how many others are on page one of the term.

How long does it take for a blog to get traffic

There are steps to the process that take time and if those steps are ignored then the time is much longer. First is having Google accept your post, page or blog to the network. This may take a few days or a week or more to do.

Then you go to the back of the queue of pages with the same Keyword. Depending on your authority with Google and your content you will slowly start the grind to page one.

About 90% of readers never get past page one and in fact the first three free choices on a page of about 12 entries.

Therefore your climb to the top is directly related to your key phrase, that is what people search on Google, Yahoo or even Bing.

The time to get traffic can be a week a month a year or even never depending on where you exist in the internet world.

Time is influenced by you.

Can you get free traffic to a blog

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic
Traffic indicator

You can build your own free traffic flow using all the conventional methods.

Social mediaYou must choose the right one
Web PagesYour own or others
Using forums An example is Quora
LiteratureProviding links
Using meetingsGroups and clubs
Getting others to helpUsing their links
Email Marketingsingle and bulk mail
NewslettersA great way forward
Auto RespondersDirect marketing

Along the way you will try and build all of these to help your growth .
Using email marketing and automation can also help get results.

Traffic is important so try them all.

Blog relevance and experience will make the difference

“I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the two main ranking factors for an article are relevance and visitor experience.

So, how relevant is the article to the searcher’s query and what type of experience is the searcher having when they visit your website?”

If we break this down it is simply how well you answer the question in the Key phrase and how quickly your site opens. Site speed is important because you simply lose searches if your site is too slow.

Therefore the Keyword is the question, the content your answer and have it as fast as possible. You can use a tool called Google page speed insights that will provide an answer for that part of the issue.

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic using analytics

Best way for free traffic is by analysing your results

With options like Google analytics or Monster insights you can see where your traffic is coming from.

Whilst it is interesting reading taking action on results will make the difference. If something is working better than others then drive it harder. If it is Facebook then post more often and with better graphics until you are comfortable to invest in advertising. That is when you are able to get a positive return on your investment.

What will work best really depends on the product, the audience, content, marketing and your use of keywords.

Try everything and whittle down to those that are working the best.

Every thing has a market that will be searched at some time if your keyword selection is even half rite.

However by delivery viewers by way of your marketing you will really increase your results.

My Keyword secrets exposed

Give me an example of traffic

By way of example; I do a bi-weekly newsletter on a subject not really related to my business, however it will be interesting to my market. In that newsletter will be a link to my latest blog that is generally related to the subject and may contain a Link to my business.

Therefore I get several shots at them and certainly increase my branding along the way.

This blog is about gaining traffic to what is written. Every small business should have a blog so it is a business product but far removed from my Message service.

Furthermore my Avatar customer is into both, among other business pursuits, so there is a bond of products.

Why is Know, like and Trust important

The above statement is fundamental to readership. The buying process follows this principle in most cases. Therefore it takes time to build this circle of business friendship.

Furthermore Google ( the dictator ) gives preference to authority sites. If you a nobody takes on a Medical professional in the area of health the Doctor will win out in the end. They carry authority.
Yes this can be over come in time as you build a following and Google realises you really know what you are talking about. You are recognised as a contributor, your content is liked and trust will follow in the sales process.

However this process takes time unless you rally sharpen your actions.

A friend of mine writes about body building, this is high traffic and very high competition yet he ranks highly in search results, but how?

His keywords are super targeted, He does not start with Great ways to get good glutes
he will choose something like “What is the pain I feel on my fifth plank. ( or something specific like that.)
His traffic should be less however the opposite is true. Readers relate to the question and often look purely out of interest. When they have that answer they may search further to get more answers and Know and like are now bolted on.
They think this guy knows his stuff so I shall buy his dumbbells because I now have trust.

The results are never instant, it may take several months or maybe past a year but they will come and when you have page position the traffic take off starts.

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic summarised

Summarising the traffic journey

You will have noticed that the predictions of quick traffic are really not going to happen. There are just to many variables that must be considered and Keyword selection is high on top of the list.
However it will happen it just takes time to cook.
Yes you can turn up the heat with marketing but the bulk of the traffic will eventually be driven by great SEO practices.
There are no short cuts anymore. Search engines seek specific answers to specific questions and you must comply.

From Four months to forty months it is up to you

Learn the rules, target your questions and write good content and the work is done.

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic by Peter Hanley

How often should you blog for best results

2 thoughts on “How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic”

  1. Starting a new blog is cool. But after a couple of weeks, we check our Google Analytics and still nothing. So that leaves us wondering how long it takes for our blog to get traction? Your article has helped with this. Your explanation not only made me understand how to get traffic but also how to build it consistently over time. Thank you very much!

    • Thanks Abel and glad I could help.

      An interesting article this day by WA member Partha ( a good read) is that it takes about 7 weeks for any post to start generating traffic and that is on low competition sites.
      Therefore it is frustrating to wait and see how well your latest master piece is working.
      but that is the lay of the land so what we need to see is a growth in readers every week.

      Also when you find a good one do the same again but with a different keyword because you have created interest.

      Kind regards

      Peter H


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