How this Keyword secret can make a massive difference

How this Keyword secret can make a massive difference. This one simple trick will have your posts on page one every time you do this

How important are Keywords anyway?

If you know the answer move on however if you are unsure then you really need to absorb every word like your blog depends on it. The reason is it does.

The meaning of Keywords is what phrase will be used to search for an answer that best matches the need.

Therefore if you want excellent keyword research results read on.

I will refer to keywords however it is now Key phrases or longtail keywords and are basically all the same.

These are words typed into Google (or similar) to find an answer or solution to what you want to know.

For example Reebok. This is a Keyword. Then we blow it out a bit to describe exactly what we are looking for.

  • Reebok shoes
  • Reebok shoes for men
  • Reebok shoes for men playing basketball
  • Reebok shoes for men playing professional basket ball in New York

What you are looking for is words that are close to a desired conversation.

One way to do this is to think what you would voice into a mobile search.

This is most often exactly what you want to find and a written keyword is similar but with choice. When you search on Google you will be offered about 10 choices some of which are paid advertising, which we will shall ignore for now.

they may be by The following examples

  • Product
  • Brand
  • Alternate brand
  • Competitor terms
  • Audience terms
  • How, when, why and who terms
  • Numbers, 5 ways to.

Step by step search for keywords

How this Keyword secret can make a massive difference

Traffic and competition. are the first things you need to know.

If you have no traffic you have no readers therefore you really want at least one hundred visitors a month. However off this 100 you may only get a half dozen visitors a month because you are sharing with others. Plus you need to be on the first page to have any real traffic figures so you can really start to see the importance of all this theory.

This is the number of competing sites for the same keyword. If you have too many and they are established sites they are going to dominate page one and even flow to page two. Anything after that is waste land.

To find these figures we are lucky enough to be able to get the use of an industry tool.

Therefore you can see a lot of what you need but not everything.

Furthermore there is another free site for Keyword research called Uber suggest that does a similar operation. Neil Patel may offer more however it is harder to navigate.

You are always looking for a keyword with some traffic and small competition so that you can get to the coveted first page position.

The Secret revealed on Keyword research part 1

You may rank for for than one keyword in your article, in fact you could be up there with two or even three first page rankings in the one article thus driving a whole bundle of traffic.

By using Jaaxy online keyword research you have a word that you would like to use as your leading Keyword.

It should be remembered that the rules are made by Google so we are following their guidelines to reach are consensus of opinion. No one knows exactly what people want however Google has a good idea.

Type your keyword into Google and have a look at the results on page one. If you are competing with a whole bundle of heavy hitters the chance of removing them from page one is slim. However if they are general in nature your chances improve.

Next against your keyword leave a space and type the letter A
This will reveal other search terms that people are using, if any are close to what you want just jot them down and move to option two.

Now against the keyword type b and do the same as above right through the alphabet.
Now you will have an abundance of options that are terms actually looked for on Google.

Finally you will decide on some of these to be your main keyword or even sub headers through your article.

These are words that are searched every day with real traffic and the opportunity to make real progress to page one.

How this Keyword secret can make a massive difference number 2

So what is secret number 2

The answer is your headline. A phrase that include your keywords and will catch the attention of the roving eye.

For this we use a Keyword research plugin.

When you are on page one of a search term readers still have the option of choosing any of the ten or twelve posts on the page. Many will avoid the paid ones at the top of the list and possible the bottom and quickly look at the first three items and making a choice from there.

However if the first three don't answer the specific search term they may move down the page or heaven forbid move to page Two or three.

Headers are critical to being read and need to be done correctly. The right amount of words balanced with common and power words having a positive attitude and a high degree of optimism.

I use a tool from Optin Monster that guides me on my choices.

How this Keyword secret can make a massive difference

To get a 100% is hard but we target a score of over 70% as a good target. You may change your wording many times to get the correct balance however the result will be worthwhile.

You will have a heading that will catch the eye of your reader and vastly improve your chance of success.

The Keyword for this page obtained a score of 81 which is reasonable.

Wait there is more for keyword research results

Under your phrase is what is called a Meta Description, a brief summary of the contents of the article.

Mine is;

How this Keyword secret can make a massive difference. This one simple trick will have your posts on page one every time.

If you don't compose your own Meta then Google will do it for you by pulling words from your page. This may not have the same effect or promise to deliver.

Remember you are trying to answer a question or solve a problem for the reader so it is important that you promise a result.

Examples of what people look for in Keyword research

It is interesting that I got part way through this blog and had not followed my own advise. So I then searched google for phrases that were being used.
Some examples that are appropriate include;

  • Meaning of Keyword research
  • Examples of Keyword research
  • Density of Keywords
  • Jobs from home looking for Keywords
  • Free tools for Keyword research
  • Keywords within a website
  • Best Keyword Plugins

These were found by using the alphabet exercise and then including some in my article to increase the potential search.
This should not be a one time wonder because it is the single biggest support for having your article on page one and being read.

Many of you will also wonder how often to use this advice and in fact how often to blog.
This was considered in a recent post that may be of interest

My Keyword conclusion and summary

This is just one part of the bloggers journey however it is critical for your success. You can be a master writer however if you don't get read it is all a waste of time.

By following a few simple rules, or secrets as I like to call them give yourself a massive advantage to those that ignore them.

Believe me we all hate wasting our time writing award winning articles that don't get read.
Spend time on this and you will be in the top of the achievers.

Talking about content I also recently wrote about telling a story in your blog to keep the attention flow that can add to this advice.

You must understand the keyword meaning and how to use it before writing a single word.

Many bloggers fail to recognise the significance of Key Phrases and waste months if not years working for nothing. Don't you be on of them. Learn the secret of research and practice it until you are absolutely confident to take the next stem.

Armed with ideas to succeed, now enjoy the journey and move forward.

How this Keyword secret can make a massive difference by Peter Hanley

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