Internet affiliate marketing

Here Peter Hanley looks at Internet affiliate marketing and finds a (new way) that takes a lot of research out of the equation and gets you going easily.

Internet affiliate marketing
It's all about the money.

Take the complication out of Internet affiliate marketing (and start your income)

If you have tried affiliate marketing you have probably come to the conclusion it is all too hard. OK, some of you may be winning but most will not.

Of course, Amazon makes it easy, but you had better get your sales going or they get you going.

Then there are JVZoo and Warrior + that have a lot of ordinary products. CJ has thousands, Share a Sale, Market Health and others along the way as well.

There are several problems with all these outlets in wondering about commissions if you get paid, the time you are eligible.

I have posted the below compliments of Affilorama a training site

Compare Affiliate Programs and Networks

How hard is it to become an affiliate?

Internet affiliate marketing
You will need a taste of these

In many cases it's very easy. Amazon is very easy but they are also very strict and have low commissions. JVZoo and Warrier plus are very easy with good commissions but often not as good a product with high returns.

You must show a degree of knowledge and often past sales successes. This is a stumbling block for most new entrants. You are looking for great products with a reasonable return and unfortunately, these are often the hardest to qualify for.

I am an affiliate of several of these (and never happy)

Now, there is a company called Wealthy Affiliate that is a web hosting and training site for would-be marketers.

Like anything you need to do the basic training and it is here for you and fortunately for free.
They grow the base through affiliate referrals with an ongoing commission base for the lifetime of the customer. In my mind, this is the best commission you can get with regular payments and a great percentage.

Knowledge is power

Internet affiliate marketing
It is all in the training

Unless you enter this program armed with some decent background your chance of success is minimal.
You need to pick a program that works for you and that is why I am introducing a program just released.

Wealthy Affiliate own Affiliate program with thousands of opportunities for everyday people just like you. Have a look at the affiliate details here

The great position is that Wealthy Affiliate is free, a lot of the training is free, you can immediately become an Affiliate and then join hundreds of other programs.

Affiliate marketing is a worldwide industry

An industry turning over about 6.8 billion a year, with individuals of all ages and sex contributing to it.
Certainly, the USA has the most.

My friend Neil Patel recently described this as:

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Neil Patel

To become an affiliate choose a product in which you are interested as the starting point and do some research.

Google the Keywords and see what others are saying, taking note of the websites and the description.

Then do a Keyword search using Jazzy or Ubersuggest to determine the level of traffic and degree of difficulty in your area.

Set up a blog site for your affiliate program

You can do this as a paid site or a free program with a URL ( your address) a domain name and hosting.

It can all start for free as you get some experience.

I wrote about starting a small business recently that will take you through all the necessary steps and get you on the way.
Remember 81% of all brands indulge in affiliate marketing and they are household items.

Affiliate marketing has taken over from email marketing as the greatest producer of income for individuals like you

What is the best way to promote products?

General consensus will say that doing product reviews will get greater readership than other media. We all read reviews at some time by clicking on the links on the site.
However, and importantly the conversion rate is very low at about 1% average and even this is hard to achieve in the early days.
Furthermore, the opportunity to make money is unlimited and could be in millions of dollars should you succeed in your vocation.

Email marketing by affiliates

One of the most lucrative programs is in web hosting because the rates are good and recurring income is great as you build a business that will return money month after month.

I recently did a short blog on training for online marketing on this site and it could be helpful to you.

Internet affiliate marketing and my warning.

My warning to you

Internet affiliate marketing
Be warned

The internet world is full of scammers and those wanting to take your money. There are paid courses that cost thousands of dollars and deliver little. They are mainly the real glossy ones that promise untold wealth, fast cars and a grand lifestyle. They are adept at taking your money and delivering little.

I would never say do no training because you must increase your skills along the way. What I will strongly suggest is to learn the fundamentals of Websites and online marketing before you branch out. You will have a slim chance of avoiding the hucksters this way.

The above is basically a free course that can take you most of the way. There will be a small upgrade when you are ready.

You automatically become an affiliate and can start your journey from day one.

Their online group are always willing to help in many ways and you will learn as much from the daily posts as anywhere.
You can search for training on nearly any subject and it will be available in written and video format.

You can even ask questions on how or why do things and you will get a range of responses.

Am I a member? I've been here since 2015 after wandering the internet for solutions. I am generally in the top 150 member ranking of nearly 2 million active
and have done training and regular blogs.
The whole area has a family vibe as you join in the good and bad times. Is it a Scam? Always the question to ask, particularly before paying money into any program. No, Wealthy Affiliate is a very honest, cheap, excellent and highly professional approach.

Internet affiliate marketing by Peter Hanley

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best online business marketing courses
by Peter Hanley

4 thoughts on “Internet affiliate marketing”

  1. I am an Affiliate Marketer Henry and love everything about what I do each day and joining Wealthy Affiliate and going through all the training has set me up for life

    Paying a small fee of $49 I consider a very small overhead for my business costs and I love that there are no upsells either

    Thank you for sharing this information and go well

  2. Through having my own business and failing I can say that affiliate marketing can be a success but only through the right support and tools. You have to have more than a .com in order to have successes and wealthy affiliate is that program. They guide and teach you so that you can do it on your own. That is true success!

    • Thanks, Charity. It certainly is not a get rich quick scheme and need some effort and skills.
      Wealthy Affiliate does have it all, everything except perspiration.

      Peter H


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