7 ways to blogging success in 2022

7 ways to blogging success in 2022 taken from the leading contributors to help you achieve great results in all your efforts going forward

The internet changes regularly and you need to maintain pace

We all need to understand changes being made on the internet and adapt our contribution to surpass the basic requirements.

Change is everywhere however several things stand out at this time that needs attention.

How valuable is the problem you are solving?

Noah, AppSumo

The internet is there to answer questions, it might be How, When, Where, or Why it is still providing answers. If you want to be 20% better in 2021 then read on.

1. Site Speed

Your readers are attention deficit and they won't sit around waiting on a slow site to open.

Remember that the mobile speed matters as much as desktop speed as Google assesses this first in determining where to take a looker

Your Google speed check here

A very good page speed load can increase conversions by over 7% ( Neil Patel)

2. Content length

7 ways to blogging success in 2022

This is an extremely contentious issue that will have a raging debate among every adviser

Is it 300 or 3000 words or perhaps some figure in between?
The important point is do you answer the question and if so the number of words does not matter. Personally, I average about 1200 words with some longer and quite a few under the 2000 mark.

I received an email today promoting a stock to buy, it is a small dime copper play that shows a lot of promise. My ears picked up and I started to read the document. However, the writing went on and on forever trying to convince me that I had to buy these shares. As a result, I got bored and moved on because it was just padded out.
We understand that if you are interested and you want information and will read a lot more than a basic review of the facts, however, this went too far so don't make the same mistake.

Neil Patel said, in a recent blog shorter is better as long as the content answers the question.

By taking readers to audio or video information can provide long-form answers.

7-ways-to-blogging-success-in-2021 with marginal gains

3. Marginal gains

This theory grew from an English cyclist Dave Brailsford when training for the Tour de France. His theory was to make a bundle of marginal gains that would make up a big difference. The helmet was made 1% more air efficient, the vest changed by testing a variety of options, tyre weight all were looked at in 1% decrease terms to add up to a 10% better performance. David went on to win the Touré and be the first Englishman in many decades to take the winning vest. All because of marginal gains.

Apply this theory to your own work by making small things matter and not blowing everything on one big attempt at winning the market.

When I looked at this as a blogger it was easy to find many simple fixes that could make a 1%.
A bit of colour, an extra picture, change a heading, shorten a sentence, use more powerful words and insert an authority link, add more Key phrases. The list is long however the results may just be very big.

4. Page ranking will be of greater importance

It is fact that 35% of people will click on the first free search term on any page and almost no one goes deeper than ten search terms. So where do you sit on this?

This goes back to your understanding of key phrases, the use of a good traffic competition tool that will give you a chance of ranking on that first page. Furthermore, this is not magic it is simply understanding SEO and how to use it for your betterment.
I wrote more on this recently.

7 ways to blogging success in 2021

Results from Wealthy Affiliate hosting speed test.

5. Repurpose and update old material

We have lived in a set and forgotten environment for far too long and old posts now need to be bought up to date or discarded if they no longer apply.

In fact, Yoast SEO has recently released a plugin to do just this. You can update and not be offline at the same time, I have not yet used the plugin however am a Pro user of their SEO platform and fan of the service,

There are things that must be done including broken links and out-of-date material. I wrote about how Donald Trump used Twitter to massive personnel effect but now he is banned for life.
I did a review on Parler that is now about to disappear as the hosting has been withdrawn by Amazon, who would have thought these things would ever happen.

If you have done any training on the internet the importance of backlinks to improve your SEO was highly encouraged. Patel the owner of Uber Suggest now says that a few quality links are far better than a whole random list. This is a sort of 180-degree change of tactics.

7. Brands will have more pulling power

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With the rise of home deliveries and the gradual decline of retail trading, branding is now top of the table. This is enhanced by re-targeting and re-marketing where images are pushed at you until you retire.

They are using the rule of seven where you will buy after seeing something at least seven times. This is ancient history still working in today's marketing.

I bought a pair of Sketchers shoes at Christmas, they were on sale and it was a gift from my wife. I now get offers every day with Sketchers brand in my mail on my phone, everywhere I look, but does it work? My second pair is now on the way.

Who did I buy them from? it does not matter They have a Brand and a style so only price dictates the need.

Therefore your brand needs to be built and pushed relentlessly.

Conclusion to blogging into a new year

We need to change with the times and the times have certainly changed. This is not a static option but an ever-evolving creature driven by Google, The market, and the buyers.

Keeping up is necessary so follow my blogs for new intelligence from the masters on a daily basis. None of us know it all however some know a bit more and that is what I share.

7 ways to blogging success in 2022 by Peter Hanley

7 ways to blogging success in 2021
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  1. Nuttanee

    Thank you for sharing 7 ways how to blog successfully in this new year. As a new blogger I can really use all the tips and tricks to monetize my blog. I agree that I have to repurpose and update the old material. I haven’t focused on that at all but only focusing on creating a new post. I agree that we have to change with time.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks for the comments and understanding the post.

      It is all important for new people to gather as many tips along the way as
      you can and build them into your own profile.

      Best wishes

      Peter H

  2. Ann

    I would like to make it online this new year. But I know there is a lot of effort that must go into this  in order to make it work. I would like to read as much as I can this first month. And then start working on February. I am glad I found your site. I really liked the approach of the marginal gains. I’ll give it a try!

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks Ann and best wishes with your Journey. do the basic training and get started you will understand everything a lot quicker as you begin to build your first site.

      It is all here just go girl.

      Peter h

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