A side hustle from home that will succeed

A side hustle from home that will succeed if you do the work. There are many opportunities and we cover the best of them for you

The Covid crisis sent people home to work

So many people across the world found that working from home was not only possible but preferable.
There are many advantages to the home worker including no travel time and working your own hours.
there are so many ways to make a few bob that it is simply a matter of picking one and running with it.

I see people everyday achieving results because they have chosen something they enjoy doing.

What are you going to choose to do?

How Easy is Affiliate Marketing and Can Anyone Do It

I have a grand daughter that makes and sells earrings, she is not making a fortune but at 16 who cares. Another that hires out her trendy clothes. She buys the current brands that are worn and rents them out, that is her spending money as she banks her entire pay role every week.
Another does Herbalife a MLM products that becomes a lifestyle. Still another thrives at internet marketing for small businesses and myself a blogger. Oh I forgot those that are eBay fanatics buying and on selling on eBay plus an online shop for selling products from a day business.

This is quite an assortment of activities within a small group and all instigated independently
of each other providing for different needs and wants. The secret is that they chose something they wanted to do

What area of working do you love enough to turn into a business

This is a long term plan that will require a bit of training and a lot of trial and error so if boredom sets in failure results. Therefore pick wisely and love what you do and have a plan to build it to a full internet income.

Start with the basics and build from a stable platform.

When you start any project learn all the basics or as many as you can to achieve the greatest potential and at the least effort.

My godson, an outdoors type, saw an opening to sell firewood during the cold months.
To start it required finding and chopping trailer loads of wood to deliver to customers. A chainsaw was needed and a good trailer as well as axes and gloves etc. he got permission from some land owners to clear the dead trees so product was available.

Finding customers was not all that big a problem. His target market displayed smoke coming from the chimney for those that had wood fires. They were letter bombed with a price advantage and customers arrived.
A good business with product and customers however a limited time of the year for demand.

The problem was that the hours and effort required resulted in a fairly low hourly return. He needed a truck that could be loaded to cut back on delivery times. Business was good however he now needed staff to help cut and deliver so the margin was again reduced.
A good starter business however the work got too hard for the return.

It all starts with a good plan, in writing and fully costed

A planning block

When you write a business plan you are forced to look at the future and rationalise both time and monetary inputs.

I have been in business for several decades and still have a twelve month working cash flow. I want to know where I am going, what it will cost and do I have the income to achieve my objective.

If there are any shortfalls coming up I can decide what am I going to do about it well before it happens. My secret software for planning is an excel spread sheet available free on any computer.

The joy of recurring custom

The hardest part of business is getting good customers, this requires marketing at a cost in time and dollars. If you can get those customers back every month or better you build a base for continual income.

A friend of mine owns a upmarket women' clothing shop. Expensive stuff for professionals.
When she gets a new range she sends a few items to the high earning customers on a buy or return basis. She knows what they want and the sizes so it is an easy pick. Do you know what? Very few items get returned making it easy sales. Her market is not her local area as most retail shops are but a range of interstate customers that are happy to take product and supply referrals for new customers.

This is not quite a side hustle or is it? These are sales that would never be made unless she instigated action and they add hugely to the store turnover because they are repeat customers.

Not telling you what to do however moving your thinking in different ways

There are many Google searches that will give you ideas for a home hustle so I am not going to provide a list of hundreds of work from home businesses. Anything can be made into one.

The important point is that it is generally true that the more time you put into establishing a business the greater the long term return.

A good example is writing blogs, for example a 1200 word blog takes me about three to four hours to complete, sometimes longer depending on research.

I really don't expect that blog to return results until I build a following. That following may take me twelve months to develop, a long time with little return.
However when it starts to work the kick is quick and hard and things start to happen and will continue well into the future. A long term business on a solid foundation.

My daughter spent months learning Facebook marketing. She listened to people like Garry G and established a high level understanding of this one part of a wide area of internet. She needed to learn about websites as well however she stayed true to making one thing work well. Contract work turned into a full time career with more work than she could handle.

Generally you will do better and faster specialising in one area of expertise.

A side hustle from home that will succeed and give some opportunities

A couple of easy ideas that have a real opportunity to succeed

One is writing newsletters for local businesses. Yes every business definitely should have a newsletter otherwise the customers will be reading those from a competitor.

A few pictures and a short story with no real selling included.

These are a nuisance for business owners and one of those jobs put off for a quiet time. However this is not good enough. They must be consistent and entertaining so that they will be read and shared.

With todays technology it is just a prebuilt template with some branding and a dash of material that tells or shows what can be done.

I have always used Constant Contact because they are better than all the others in performance and price.

Following on from that idea

Another great producer is sending emails to customers, of course they work, in fact, better than ever and you can now automate the whole procedure so you do it once and it works away for weeks.

Constant Contact have all this in place so it is easy to learn and your business owners can value the product by the sales it returns.

Having a narrow focus on what you do can build a regular flow of income.

A side hustle from home that will succeed with a website

Learning about websites

I can give you no better advice than to start here, learn what the whole thing is about and start to build what you want to do from there.
We will introduce you to many members that are willing to give you support on anything you want to do. These are people like you that have developed five and six figure incomes working from home. Not your classy dude with a fast car but housewives, retirees, unemployed, those with mobility issues and a many just wanting to make money.

By clicking on the above image you will get a free access to the basic module and training to take you to a full understanding of just about all the learning you need. You will have access to people and products to build a journey.

Learn one thing well before moving on

This is a really important statement that you should write down and post it where you can read it every day.
My reasons for this are several however the first is the ability to be charmed by scam sites early in your career. These are really attractive offers of a high return for little work that will entice you like a bug to a light.
Nearly everyone has been caught up in these and the greatest cost is not money, although it may be considerable, however the lost time and little education is a total waste.

Therefore when I say find a comfortable niche that you can learn and turn into an income stay with it to the end as the very best way forward.

Affiliate income is a fast track to success

Affiliate income is basically selling someone else's product and getting paid for it. It could be called commission selling or other names however it it is basically being a paid agent for someone else.
You don't have your own a product, nor do you do the billing or have bad debts. They are all the problem of someone else.
The product may be a real thing or something virtual as long as it has a price and customer appeal.

A side hustle from home that will succeed and the decline of Amazon

Amazon allowed all sorts of marketers to sell their products provided you followed the strict guidelines. Commissions were reasonable and products ranged from books to almost anything you could think of.
Other large organisations followed suit like Walmart in the US.

However Amazon now like to sell their own products and cut the little man out by reducing commissions to a pittance. It is hardly worthwhile anymore as all the majors followed the lead.

Where do you find affiliate opportunities?

First of all I look for recurring income opportunities where you get paid a part of a membership fee every month for as long as it continues. This really allows you to build a business that will pay you every month. The best starting place for this is Wealthy Affiliate where you become an affiliate on day one and get all the training and support in one place.
The proof of this product is in the winners club that receive an overseas training and promotion seminar each year. The target is 300 referrals in the year and some thirty odd people get there to eat, drink and be entertained. These are not special people, they include housewife's and all sorts of nationalities that achieve the results based on the training provided.

Are affiliate opportunities limited

Affiliate opportunities are only limited by your abilities.
First of all and in most cases you will need to show that you have the ability to be a great success with their product. Website experience is usually needed as well as the ability co communicate the product. Therefore some training is a good idea so you project experience.

The easy bit is finding opportunities. Think of any niche and type it into a Google search leave a space and then type affiliate. All the businesses in that niche wanting you to represent them are then displayed. You then need to sell your abilities and be accepted before you take off selling.

A side hustle from home that will succeed, an online shop

Setting up an online shop

You can sell just about anything with a shop, real products or virtual products make no difference. Import goods from China and sell online or get training packages that can be downloaded.
There are several ways to do this however the two most used are:

  • Shopify
  • WordPress and Woocommerce

Shopify have a monthly fee however that is coupled with a lot of training to get you started.
It is extensively used and represents reasonable value for money.

Woocommerce is a free plug in for WordPress. However you can buy extra plugins to make it work to extra ways you want to go.

I have used both over time and probably for a new entrant the Shopify idea may be the easier to grasp.

My warning with shops is to do your research before you go too hard. I have bought products that should sell like hotcakes but didn't. On the other hand my daughter has a dress shop and the online shopping represents a good percentage of all sales.

Online shopping is all the go. Covid made it so and it is only going to get bigger. Wealthy Affiliate has a whole are on this if you wish to learn more.

More ideas to go with

online business marketing

One of the new growth areas is the rise in Video using YouTube or embedded images.
It is fact that YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google for people doing general searching. Therefore we can not ignore video in our marketing.

Making a video was the tool of the very experienced who spent a whole lot of money on equipment. Cameras, microphones, editing, clip boards scripting to produce a product suitable for the market.
The advent of smart phones and tablets has made a world of difference in the ability to film a video and save it.

Constant Contact email service

We talked before about newsletters and email marketing as a business that can produce income for you. Of course Constant Contact have a good Affiliate program that is available to competent operators.

I repeat that I love recurring income products for several reasons.
You can have your eggs in more than one basket.
Concentrate on those products giving the best returns so that you can maximise your returns.

A side hustle from home that will succeed with personal training

Personal training services

Many times people need a mentor that will hold your hand and walk you from the wilderness.
A few of these are good however the net is full of scams that just wont work.
My personal choice is a friend of mine Roy Carter who takes the training that big step forward. Has a cost of course however it will make your career step quicker and far more constructive. Again you can pay your way by recommending the product to others.

My conclusion

You have made a decision to understand about making money. The affiliate market is the best opportunity to build a business.
However, and I repeat, you need some training and background to maximise your opportunity.

I also point out that no one can promise a return you may get many false promises but the results are entirely dependant on you. Don't fall for the flash cars and holiday promises, look at any opportunity through clear eyes and not a thumping heart with anticipation. As soon as emotion is bought to the fore It will cost you money.

The time is right, online shopping is booming and shows no sign of coming back anytime soon.
Your opportunity starts now.
Procrastination is costing you money. Every day you wait is a month lost.
However do not expect a get rich return. It is a fable generated by those that take your money and return nothing.

Do your training and understand the basics to build a business that will pay for years to come.

A side hustle from home that will succeed by Peter Hanley

A side hustle from home that will succeed
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  1. Rina

    A well-informed article which I appreciate! I can’t say enough about having good training to show you the proper way and support from experts to critique and give feedback on your progress. I for one am still very grateful to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, Kyle and Carson, and the other trainers who without them I would not have the success I am having! I also want to throw a word of caution to those just starting out to do thorough research to ensure you are not wasting your time with platforms that are short on delivering what you need! You can waste a lot of time and money if you are not careful. I hope this encourages your readers to take the plunge into online business as you and I know just how life-changing it can be.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks Rina, and yes I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a pit stop but a long term location to provide a whole range of products that we can use and to market.

      They are an extremely fair and honest approach to the internet world filled with scammers wanting to take your money.

      Peter H

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