How to learn to make money on the internet

How to learn to make money on the internet for young and old when the whole journey seems to be really impossible. Try my ways forward

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Is making money on the internet just a scam

Making a living from the internet is the greatest opportunity of a lifetime for anyone that wants to put in the work to make it happen.

However there are many pitfalls that promise instant wealth and may beckon you into the web .

Easy money is two words that should be deleted from your mind because it is so rare you may as well buy lottery tickets and live on hope.

Therefore think of this journey as a new job you are about to embark on, a bit of onsite training, some practice and then constant toil to an end result.

The good news is that unlike a job where you are paid an Hourly wage and hope for a small increase every year the return is unlimited.

There really are a lot of people making a heap of money from a working at home idea.

You can be one of those Million dollar earners without restrictions however you must first get some training wheels and learn a few rules.

Let me take you on an earnings journey

First of all most top producers have concentrated on a single product. This is a secret that I wish I had learned earlier in my adventure. You can not be the top dog in everything you do so start by specialising.

Let's have a bit of a look at you. What are your strengths, what do you love doing more than others and how much are you willing to contribute to your success.

These may seem like mundane questions however they are really important.

Your new business that you will build may last you a decade or more so if you don't really like what you are doing your energy will fade out.
This will certainly happen if you just chase the money boredom will set in and you will simply retire.

Remember when you start this whole journey that Giving up is not an option. You are always close to the big time you just don't understand how close.

Choosing your Niche, The first step in online marketing

First of all take a pretty broad category that suits your abilities.

BloggingThis needs a love of writing
Lead generationPromoting for businesses
email MarketingA B to B promotion
Social media marketingMaking social media work
Affiliate marketing selling for others
Coaching or trainingBecome the next high earner
Building websitesEasy to do and still a business
Building funnelsThese are hard sell websites
Writing How to bookseBooks are still a thing
Become a freelance writerWrite for others
Amazon sellermarketing a range of products
Drop shippingHandling the sale
Build an online shopYour own shop
How to learn to make money on the internet

Every online business requires a basic understanding

Everything you do will revolve around a website of some kind. It may be yours or someone else's however it will be part of your package.

You must understand the basics of building a site, real easy stuff, SEO a bit harder and Keywords the one thing you have to master.

The best place to do this is with the training at Wealthy Affiliate and I have arranged a free start for you. Try before you buy and apply this logic throughout your time on the internet.
It may save you not only a bundle of dollars but a heap of time as well

Here you will find all the training you need and a free site to practice your journey.

Furthermore you will get access to a forum of like minded people all doing the same as you. They may have just the answers you want.

Is Blog writing a good business to start?

I Think it is and it's what you are reading now plus you will see lots more on the right hand panel.
However it is a slow boat to high income. It requires continual writing with often no return for many months or even years. However once you hit the rewards it becomes easy street.

You will earn from selling product, affiliate marketing, training and advertising income. Therefore lots of channels to add to the package.

Lots and lots of writing so if this is not your strong suite keep on reading

How to create a blog post in seven easy steps

Lead Generation for small business on autopilot

This will be a great choice for those willing to sell their product.

You set up a sales site for a local business and direct traffic to them. You then get paid a commission for each referral. When you get one working you move on to the next and repeat this as many times as you can.

You will own the website so they can't move away and furthermore control the traffic you send them. For the business it is extra income that is cheap for them.

This is for those that understand websites and are aggressive marketers.

How to learn to make money on the internet with email.

Email Marketing for your business or outsource your talent.

This is one of the easiest businesses to pick up however it does require a talent to build a database.
Email takes several forms and these include;

  • Single marketing email
  • Bulk email marketing
  • Automated emailing
  • Newsletters

The return on this can be very big depending on the size of the database and many businesses don't have time to write the material. This gives you a chance to offer your services.

Best email marketing

Social media marketing and advertising

How to learn to make money on the internet
Instagram for business

A whole industry on its own where you can charge hansom amounts for helping others.
Yes there is a learning curve and you should focus on one media to start. Each social site suits a different clientele so picking the one that best suits your client base objective is the go to one.
Very few businesses understand this so selling your abilities is easier than many of the other opportunities.

Include the Google search platform for listing your clients on the front page of a search.
Many businesses ignore this so an ideal opportunity to gather easy customers

What is the best platform and why

Affiliate marketing for beginners, the best business in town

This is simply selling someone else's product and getting paid for it. This could be one time sales or recurring revenue which ever one suits you best. Traditionally the best place was Amazon however the margins have been reduced to a point of being too low. However the university training sets you up for other services.
With affiliate marketing you can really build a business that provides regular monthly returns and will build a home business that will more than just support you.
The Wealthy Affiliate link above is the ideal starting place for the easiest job in town.

High paying affiliate sites

Coaching or training to big returns

This income can really be the big end of town. If you have a special skill, trade or performance that you can teach others you are off to a flyer.
Yes you need a gift of the gab , unless you do it all on line.
Coaches can make a lot of money running schools for multiple listeners at one time.
For those that have an edge this is a big market opportunity however enter it with your eyes wide open.

How to find a mentor online

Building websites or funnels for business

How to learn to make money on the internet

Once upon a time this was only for the talented however with technology comes change. Anyone can build a website in a very short time.

Furthermore a funnel is just a hard sell website that takes an interested onlooker from a passive interest to a redhot desire to buy the product.
It is just word building by joining the dots in a template.
Often used when a business has a particular product to take to the market.

Groove funnels

The writing career can come out

How to books are searched for every day so if you have a skill to write about now is the hour.
e.Books were a huge business however they have been somewhat overdone and now mostly given away as a promotional product.
Therefore this is an opportunity to write for all businesses and get paid for your skill.
They can buy your book as a customer giveaway.

Blogging is also a form of writing and can be enjoyable and rewarding.

How to learn to make money on the internet with drop shipping

The drop shipping adventure

This is selling a product and getting the manufacturer to deliver it to a customer. This saves you carrying inventory and opens up a much wider product range.
The downside is that you have the credit risk in the transaction because unlike affiliate marketing the sale is yours.
however when it may just be incremental products to your normal range it is an ideal way to broaden your sales base and achieve extra income.
A popular way to market however it requires a bit more knowledge than many of the other ways of making money.

Building an online shop as a retail business

How to learn to make money on the internet

Online shopping has become mainstream particularly during Covid times. You can buy just about anything online and have it delivered to your house. You just need a product range.

Even if you have a retail premises a complimentary online shop is required for this new market.

This has been one of the fastest growing ventures over the past few years and shows no evidence of ever slowing down.

Shops can be built for free using WordPress and a WooCommerce plugin or on a monthly subscription with someone like shopify.

These are relatively easy to set up for yourself or for customers that have a need to expand.

We see many businesses get big increases in sales by having an online option.

This business also expands into other opportunities with point of sale software and training.

If you have products or can see businesses with a need this is a great opportunity to really build a business.

How to learn to make money on the internet summarised

The internet holds a lot of corrupt ideas

Always be aware when seeking fast paced opportunities offering the world for little effort.
The money to be made is for the scammers and not for you so treat your spending with respect.
Try before you buy or claim your money back guarantee if it is not exactly what you want.

We have all been caught at sometime but make sure you do not get hurt, stay with reputable sites.

Summary of making money on the internet

Finally there really is something for everyone packed into this page. One of them will jump off the page and grab your interest and that is the aim of selection.

You can't do them all and do them properly. You must specialise and give your choice every opportunity for success.

Many of these have links to longer articles and ways to further your education as a beginner.
Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can before your adventure begins. Start the career as a expert and people will follow you putting you on a pedestal as the one that helped them.

You can be the top in your chosen pursuit and climb to any income level you choose if you do it properly. Remember most fail. They give up or lose interest because it gets to hard.

That is not you. You have chosen your role correctly, done the training and now wowing the world with your abilities. You will know things that they don't so you are seen as the Goto person.
Age, sex, location don't matter. The internet is blind to the supply chain or it can blast you as a brand. A hero before others.

The time to start is now, procrastination does no sell product action does.
In conclusion put a toe in the water and get dragged into the excitement of achievement and enjoy the journey to financial freedom.

Self motivation and kick starting your journey

How to learn to make money on the internet by Peter Hanley

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