Self-motivation, how to set goals and kick obstacles out of the way

Self-motivation, how to set goals and kick obstacles out of the way. Lessons learned the hard way and turned into pathways forward

Self-motivation tips and tricks

Ok the strategies you will use are with you all day and every day. Just getting out of bed is the first obstacle you will tackle and one that is often as hard as they come.

Everyone has different ideas for success and the right one is the one that works for you.

For instance I do twenty minutes of exercise when I get out of bed, if perhaps I am late the exercise can't be done because of other commitments therefore the need to arise is more important to me than laying prone wondering where the day will take me.

It is simply that the exercise is more important than all the other issues, it can't be caught up on it is lost if I am late.
For a large part of the year I swim in the morning and join a healthy bunch of old people at a certain time. Again if I am late the train has left the station so I must get up at a certain time.

My point is that what I want to do is important enough to shift my butt into gear. That is self motivation.

Self-Motivation by setting goals

Goals and setting them for your motivation

A goal that will work is one that you want to achieve. Going to work is not a goal, it is a chore that has to be done.
What is required is a real satisfaction driver that pumps you full of adrenalin.

There is the story of Don Ward the New York based shoe shiner

Don Ward — whose stand is prominently perched at 47th Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan — jokingly chides Midtown workers when their shoes aren’t up to par. Ward says he first decided to go into the shoeshine business when one of his former colleagues made more money in one day polishing than he did all week at a photo job he previously had. Ward has been shining shoes and cracking jokes for 17 years.

I love this story because not only is it a success ending but he loves what he does. Don won't be late to the corner, he does not need a push to get him going he had a goal to be a great shoe shiner, a pretty humble job that turned into a really good income.

Elon Musk had a goal to get an electric car to the market. While the end is history the start was a shambles as they faced bankruptcy and failure on a daily basis. He did not have trouble getting out of bed in fact he often worked around the clock for days on end grabbing but a few hours of rest on the Office floor.

Therefore you can be a shoe shiner or a Rocket man and have the same level of desire.

What strategies for self-motivation can you build

This is your plan and there is no one else around to help you so what can you do?

First of all a lot of people ask me what should they write a blog about to make money.

The answer is not about the money it is about passion. Writing blogs is a long term game so you really need to write about something that you are passionate about or you will lose interest vey quickly and just throw away the effort you have contributed.

It sometimes takes over four hundred blogs to start building a good following. That is one a day for over a year to start on the journey. There will be many days when you will say “this is all to hard ” however the plan is written and you know it has an end date.

You are never guaranteed success but you will keep climbing the mountain in hope that there is a view from the top. That is enforced Motivation

You may simply want to win the employee of the month award however that comes with some real commitment. If it is important enough you will do it by planning a strategy and implementing it without fail.

Purpose and reward are external motivators

We all do things for results. However our personal ambitions are ours to choose and ours alone. They may be small, large or massive it does not make a difference as long as we have a highway to go down.

It breaks my heart when family and friends say they have no idea where they are going, we will just see what happens they say. It's like getting in the car and someone says where are we off to? Dunno, got petrol, not sure, how long will we be, as long as it takes to go nowhere, why do you ask?

Life is so much easier with a purpose.

Self-Motivation and bumpy roads

Self-motivation side tracks, bumpy roads and dead ends.

Life is not easy, however it can be controlled in your way to smooth out the path.

It is understood we all have problems, a fight with our partner or parents, Maybe a lack of money, poor results of some kind all the little things that invade our personal space. They create that disappointment feeling in our stomach where nothing matters anyway.

It is how we handle these issues that make a difference. dwelling on them and brooding about them solves nothing. It just increases your anxiety and blocks out all ambitious intent.

Don't get me wrong here, we all have those moments and then carry the monkey around for a time before finally shrugging it off our back. The difference is the time.
The sooner you say what the heck, nothing I can change in the past but by heck the future will be different.

I have had friends that have gone through nasty divorces and that can be really debilitating for both sides. One of the main issues is emotion. Making decisions based on history or feelings carried forward and plugged into today.

We have sat down and said let's look at this as a business decision. If you were running a business what would you do, make the decision based on facts and move on. When you hate each other with a vengeance for that period of time rational decision making goes out the door. vengeance does not make rational thinking.
You will realise the sooner it is over and you move on life can begin again.

Take emotion out and let reality in and end the war.

How to build your mojo

Does professional advice help with motivation

It certainly can do and I am certainly not an expert or qualified to dispense educated answers only those gained by a lifetime of experience.

One thing I do know is the control of your emptions is up to you.

You can wade in misery or say “to hell with it let's get on with life” Easy to say off course however it takes a bit of training. I think we all love to feel miserable sometimes and can prolong it so we can really feel sorry for our selves. Sort of the Victim mentality.

At one time I had a business situation I could not get on top off. Something came across my desk about a new councillor that had set up practice locally specialising in these sorts of issues so I took the plunge, against all my better judgement.

The guy asked me to lay out the problem as best I could and tell him what I thought about it. Before I left him that day I had delivered my own solution, by talking it through I found the road block and removed it. No need for any more sessions.
I did go back for sometime to try and lift my self to a whole new level.

Self-Motivation and best times of the day

Are there better times to be motivated than others?

Self-motivation, how to set goals

Too right there are and we all know them very well.

  • Not when you are tired and worn down
  • Have a hangover or the aftermath of non medicinal input
  • In a Blue with your partner and the mind is not straight
  • Choose your time of day for better input
  • Take a distraction to change your mindset. Walk exercise, video game, play with the dog
  • Just do something tedious for a while until the energy returns

Some are early risers and some are late starters . We al have a better time of day so use it wisely

Find your best time of day.

My wrap up and conclusion

Again I reiterate that I am not a professional however with a life time of experience and still working into my late 70s have a good history of experience.

Most of what we do is in our own hands it is just motivating the hands to do more. Planning, deadlines and need are great motivators. The need to make money requires a plan and a deadline or it won't happen.

Control your life with positive affirmations telling your inner self that you can and will do it.

Before going to bed or first thing in the morning

Even have a success board with pictures on it of what you want in life and then set about going for it.

Set your weekly goals that align with your long term plan so that you can measure achievement along the way. Plus and importantly reward yourself for small achievements.

You are in control of your life and no one else is to blame for failing to achieve your desired level of success.
Make your life better by starting a new practice today

Self-motivation, how to set goals and kick obstacles out of the way by Peter Hanley

Finding your self-motivation in times of need

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