Why Marketing is Important

Why Marketing is Important

Your business either online or fixed requires a constant flow of new customers and that is Why Marketing is Important to do every day in at least 7 ways.

The rule of seven and your marketing

The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a prospect needs to “hear” the advertiser's message at least 7 times before they'll take action to buy that product or service. It's a marketing maxim developed by the movie industry in the 1930s.


This is as true today as it was in the 30's only now it is so much easier to achieve and at a fraction of the cost.

It is so easy to bundle a package of contact ideas to achieve greater sales. In fact it is almost a necessity in today's market.

First of all count the ways you are using to bring customers in the door or to the screen.
Some of them may be fixed, others associated with branding and then direct approach marketing.

The first is your location a physical address or your web presence or both. They are the entry to your business and must conform to certain rules.
You must be found on Google and your contact details clearly displayed along with terms of trading.

Google my business is a priority

Therefore Google my business is your first priority, it is there for those that want you so make it easy for them.
When some one searches the internet for a category and your not there they go somewhere else. Pretty simple stuff.
This is a free service although you may seek technical advise in setting it up.
Importantly make sure you have a half dozen 5 star reviews.

LinkedIn is a business tool

This is the phone book of the internet. When anyone wants information about you it is the first place to go. This means you must appear in any search or they may move on.

You will need a great photo and a good write up about you and your business and you can post some articles should you wish to do so.

It is so handy at times although often used by the job hunters seeking talent.

I found a credit card just this week outside a coffee shop. I handed the card in and went home to search on the internet for the name on the card, found him on LinkedIn and rang him to ask if he was missing a card. His answer was no a I used it about 15 minutes ago. Then he checked and yeas it was his. That did not generate business but it shows how powerful LinkedIn can be.

These are must have business tools

Your Web pageSet up for Mobile optimization
Google my Business5 star rating
Good SEOInstalling the basics
Use of Keywordswith location
LinkedInGreat Bio and picture

They are the basics of business, who you are, what you do and where you are. When people want you they need to find you and fast.

Define your target market before you spend money and time.

A target market can be a group of people or a general audience based around certain criterion.

  • Certainly gender is a target
  • Age is important
  • Interests is easy
  • Social class
  • Location
  • Consumption habits
  • Buying power

It is no good targeting Teens with Retirement Home material or seniors with the benefits of TikTok because there is little or no interest from those groups.

Harley Davidson buyers shun Honda's and many Ford buyers have little Interest in Chrysler.
Selling an F 250 in New York would be as hard as selling a Prious in Texas, it will never happen.

How to choose the correct Social Media

Social media has a clearly designated age following that can make a difference to your results.

We start at TikTok that is definitely those under 20 years old. No we wont sell them a Harley Davidson but we might introduce a Taylor Swift album.

Next is Instagram in fact we grabbed a blog recently that showed this clearly.

Why Marketing is Important
Complements of Word Tracker

As you can see by 45 years of age your target is really reduced so you would really concentrate on those in the 25-54 age group.

Facebook although originally a College product now moves the above graph out to an older range.

Pinterest takes this even a step further going older again.

Is local targeting worthwhile

If you are the local Butcher, Baker type business then definitely use your location in your Keywords.

The best butcher in North Dakota is targeting a customer base that may walk in the door. If you market local then target local.
I have a business that is National but not appropriate to any other country or region. My approach is to stay within the confounds of my market and not venture beyond what I can supply.

Marketing is necessary for growth

You need an ever expanding customer base that increases with your desire to capture a greater percentage of sales and income.
If you don't grow you will surely loose your market share.

However that growth must come at an economic cost or all the advantages will be lost in ever increasing payments far outspending a return.
This is a trap that can be your ruin.

Therefor a great marketing plan based on a targeted market is necessary for every business.

What goes into a marketing plan?

First of all is a result. A commitment you want to achieve in a time line of choice.

Starting from the end helps to clarify what you need to achieve your Goal.

Let's say you want to sell 500 books written buy you that no one knows about. You want to do this in twelve months and only spend X dollars to make it worth while.

first of all we flatten the market to around 40 a month to reach our target or we may go more realistic and have a growth curve.


Then apply at least seven ways to bring in income however those seven ways may target one buyer.

Not every method will drag in buyers so apply as many as you can as cheaply as possible using modern marketing methods which really include Social Media.

What is a business image?

Do international companies apply local marketing?

As an example BMW sent me a email last week with a follow up offer. I had renewed a service contract about a month ago and now a month later they added a new discount package to the offer.

  • They emailed the offer.
  • Then directed me to the website to confirm my need
  • On top of this I received a SMS message just in case I missed the email.

Now that is retargeting, emailing SMS messaging , clicking on the website for a free offer.

They have me in their hands because they also know my car is five years old and I usually swap out at about this time.

BMW is one of the best known brands in the world and they target a single buyer with multiple marketing streams. Not main stream advertising but everyday methods that are available to you.
Is this a message that resonates with you.

Marketing is important because it touches customers

There is another rule in marketing that should be applied and that is people buy when the know you, like you and trust you. Marketing builds these cornerstones by infiltrating the subconscious mind of the buyers.

It is always surprising when you want to buy a product and you see advertising everywhere. It is on TV , in the papers and magazines just because you have a sudden interest in what they have.
The advertising is always there it is simply your mind shift that has changed.

This is taken a step further with a new concept called re-targeting. With a bit of internet magic called Pixels your search details are captured when you visit some online situation you are bombarded with advertising. It could be Facebook or Instagram, another website in fact anywhere you wander on the Net. Repetition will win the day.


My aim has been to show you why marketing is important and that if others are applying these methods you need to as well.

Online choice is now so big a market that you must be seen to be heard. If not you will be left behind.
Your customers need consistent visual reminders that you are the centre of choice. To do this you need to apply as much marketing expertise as you can gather.
The multi nationals are doing it therefore you need to as well

If you want to learn a lot more about this the training at Wealthy Affiliate will cover most of your needs.
It is free to try and there is no pressure to part with money. However you will get all the basics you need to apply to your business, now, or in the future.

Why Marketing is Important by Peter Hanley

examples of SMS in marketing
Peter Hanley

How to write newsletter

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  1. Hi Peter

    This a traffic article including the details are first rate, when a person in our business applies them, Success will not elude them, it will almost be guaranteed.
    1. the writer explained through demonstrated methods and shown why marketing is
    2. the visitor,customer or buyer has the advantage of who to make their purchase, which means the publisher (me and others) must consistently and constantly engage the customer using different methods and more sofisticated methodology overtime to be competitive.
    3.we are members of WA who has covered in its courses and resources all more than the bases, if learned we will be successful in our business.

    thanks You


  2. Hello Peter, seeing these tools you have listed makes me realise how slow I have been in growing and now I know just how to make it better. Making use of LinkedIn has been on my list for a while know and I believe it’s time to stop the procrastination and face business growth squarely. I really hope to get some really good tools to help with search engines and ranking. 

    • Hi Justin , you may be surprised how many people search LinkedIn every month. not all buyers but interested parties, keep up the work and best wishes

      Peter H

  3. Many people few years ago do not attach so much importance to marketing but these days, marketing is the soul of everything. It just covers everything else and make businesses worthwhile. Having the right knowledge on what to do and focusing the energy on the right areas can relay help to get the very best result from marketing. Good post here

    • Hi Kimberly, thanks for the kind remarks and understanding of Marketing.

      It is now be in it and win or sit back and lose. It is a choice,

      Best wishes

      Peter H

  4. Thanks for the information in this application, the data on the lost card and Linkedin seemed like a good example of the scope of that tool. In the same way, the example of the automobile service is a good way to realize all the marketing that surrounds us in our daily life, and choosing the market specified something very important before starting.

    • Hi Chuyguitar

      Yes the car example actually happened whilst I was writing the post so it really bought out what I was talking about.
      If they can do it I am sure we should as well.

      Peter H

  5. The information is simple, to the point, and clear. the graphic that he uses is very didactic, although I feel that he was able to add more images to make the writing more beautiful and break the paragraphs a bit with an image according to what was written.
    The real-life examples you use in this article seem very good to show readers that in the real world the things you are dealing with in your published work.

    • Thanks Chuyguitar.

      You are correct more images will certainly not distract from the writing.
      I trust I have contributed something to your knowledge.

      Peter H


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