Does Google voice search work?

Does google voice search work and what are you ding about it. The world is moving to speech recognition and so should you.

What do you need for voice search to work?

Have your site listed on Google search and a good site map linked to it.

This is a pretty interesting subject because the use is growing so quickly that we must all get on the train.

The sale of voice only devises estimated at well over 100 million is driving the market forward and making your buyers order on voice only as well as mobile devices.

Your site needs to be mobile friendly or you are just not in the market. You can test that right here and make your changes quickly to conform.

Most current sites and themes will already be suitable however older sites may not be up to scratch

My website

Next is the use of longer tail search terms, most searches comprise less than 25 words with many starting with the common words

  • How to
  • What
  • Best
  • Is
  • Where

Grocery shopping tops the list , along with food and all general items. Location is important if you are a local business and stating what you do is important.

Order pizzas in Paris is different to
Take away pizzas in Paris
Dine-in pizzas in Paris
Best Low calorie pizzas in Paris
Find pizza near me (when in Paris)

All of these will bring up a different location from your Google my business listing. Therefore check your listing to make sure you have all the words in the advert to meet a search queries.
Add to this the need for a site map that Google can read for location search and trading times.

Google my business
Engage with customers on Google for free
With a Google My Business Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.

Is your business ready for voice traffic?

If it is not you may be missing 50% of all inquiries

Certain businesses must be equipped for Voice traffic as 50% of all inquiries are tipped to be voice only in 2020.
Restaurant, Groceries and Food shopping will be big as will clothing and white goods as examples of opportunity

Does Voice traffic need me to change

Voice traffic requires a real change of your thinking.

You need to understand exactly what your business does and why people would search you.

Next is to work out what they will ask for, your keywords, and set up to achieve results.
Long tail keywords of less than 20 words that answer a question.

Set up web based pages to meet the demand. As an example I searched a local Indian Restaurant that I had used recently. I called them by name and up came all the details including a web page link.

  • First was their contact details, location and hours of trading
  • A link to the web page.
    Menus- Dine in, Take away, Bar and functions
  • A gallery of photos
  • Book a table button

Everything was made easy from a simple voice request for Indian Foods Near me.

Google thinks Mobile first in searching so you need to think the same way. A majority of search traffic will be on a mobile or tablet before the net.

Therefore site speed will also be a determining factor.

Another tool to use is the site, have a look at your product and see what it says.
Do your own voice test by name and Keywords and see where you come into the search terms.

Does Google voice searh work
Online business marketing

Does Google voice search work with mobiles?

Making changes to get voice traffic

It is evident that I need to make some changes to my site to rank at the top of a voice search and to capture the attention of people that land on the page.

I am mobile friendly, and fast loading however I really need to change the front page to grab some attention right at the start.

This list By Semrush is what they believe will help.

  • Optimize for Rich Answers. … (direct answers to a question)
  • Re-Imagine and restructure your content. …
  • Use conversational language for content. …
  • Target long-tail keyword phrases. …
  • Improve loading time of your Website. …
  • Pay attention to mobile. …
  • Leverage Google my business listings.

I am not a local listing however I will aim to supply rich answers where possible making sure direct answers to questions are supplied.
As a multiple of devises are used the questions may start with hey Siri how do I do such and such or hello Cortana what is the best such and such increasing the overall word count.

Voice search is certainly with us and getting bigger

Firstly it may not be today that changes are required however it wont be long before a large percentage are voice based. Therefore you owe it to yourself to be prepared and apply considerations when doing any online material. Think about voice searching and how it applies to you and your business and base keywords with voice in mind.

Look at your website and make the changes needed to capitalize on this new media and make those extra sales.


When I stated writing this I was like many others and used traditional methods in my searching. I now find I am using voice more often and getting better at finding the results I am looking for. I then think about my search and the words used and how it would apply to my business. We had to learn all about Keywords and SEO so this is just an extension to the rules.
The internet grows and changes at an astounding rate and keeping up requires you to follow the training on all new ideas.
The most focused companies are winning the race and using media at its best. You need to be one of them.

Does Google voice search work by Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley

I have been in business for many years and the internet to find ways to grow your business faster

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  1. Maria Hardy

    First, “Does google voice search work and what are you ding about it.” I do not understand what it means.

    I am not familiar with the topic of Google voice, so I try to understand what is it all about by reading the full article. I guess the post could be useful for someone more familiar with Google voice and voice traffic. 

    The post seems simple and the table of content is clear. I wish I knew more about Google voice or traffic to advice on the content but so far I find very interesting points about using it and how to use it.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Hi Maria and thanks for your thoughts. I have had to bring myself more up to date on this subject so maybe I was a bit brief. It all starts with picking up a Mobile phone and using the voice option Siri for Apple  and I think Cortana for analogue. If you mix with the younger set you will have seen this many times.
      Try it yourself and see how you go.

      Personally I am not a big fan but the market is so it is there I go.

      Peter H

  2. DorcasW

    Hi; because there are different strokes for different folks if Google voice search does not work, then there might not be any voice search that works. All along I never take the Voice search seriously. 

    But after finding out how a large number of people are into the voice search I start thinking more seriously about implementing voice search in my business. 


    1. Peter Hanley

      Hi and thanks for the question.

      The truth is we can ignore it and miss out or move with the times and grow. Voice search is a now product and you and I may not use it however a billion others are.
      I regularly note someone in a conversation with a disputed topic pick up a phone and use Voice search to ask a question. The Google home unit also encourages a bundle of actions and these are sold in the billions.

      My blog was to raise knowledge and I am glad I have got you thinking.

      Peter H

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