7 Horrible Mistakes You Make When Choosing Keywords

7 Horrible Mistakes You Make When Choosing Keywords and how you can correct this with following a few simple rules for a huge success.

Are Keywords really important anyway?

If you have to ask this question you really do need some help. When you search online you use a Keyword or more rightly described as a Key-Phrase.

The search problem has changed as a large percentage of callers are using voice search. On mobiles and on iPads. You may notice that when asking Siri (or Bixby, Alexa etc) for a search a proper description is often used and this description may contain many words.

So when typing a search term you really need to be just as specific to get the right answer.

The longer the description is the less choice you will have however they will be a result based search. Asking for Sport Shoes or even shoes will have a lot of traffic but none of interest to you.

What Siri wants to hear is “the best shoes for men playing Softball in Nebraska” less traffic but higher outcome.


All traffic is not good traffic and in fact you only need a small handful of searches to hit your product. When over 80% of all traffic never goes past page one of a search term and in fact the first three free entries you will miss a lot. After page three the number of hits will be minimal on your page even with a high traffic score.

It is a difficult competition and you are probably wondering how can you cope with this. However read on and we will get you there by doing just a few simple things.

7 horrible mistakes when selecting keywords

This is a snapshot taken from a Keyword tool to better explain where we are going.

You will note that the word “Keyword ” has a whole lot of traffic however the first page still sees 5140 clicks yet the word “keywordsearch” has very few. However read on for more.


You will compete with many other users in your traffic selection. The more competition the harder it is for you to rank, that is be on page one of the search term. You lock out competition by being more specific in your search term.

In the above graph your competition listed under QSR states that 173 other businesses are involved in the exact match. What that means is that as a new entrant you will be on page eighteen or worse and not a good place to be.

In this example the best selection is” best keyword tool ” because it has traffic and a whole bundle less competition. But that is not what you want to say.
Now Google will hold your hand and help with the location by recommending businesses near you if you have a business listing but it is a lot more than that.

Longtail or Key phrase

image of a long tail keyword

You will notice that by adding a few extra words to a search term your traffic decreases but your opportunity increases. Getting to page one requires more than just posting an article it needs research and a lot of thought into the decision.

Choice of words

I use MonsterInsights for all my data analysis and keyword tracking.

7 Horrible Mistakes You Make When Choosing Keywords

The choice of words can make a difference and using lists also adds some oomph to the words. However the most important words are the first and last three words

7 Horrible Mistakes You Make When Choosing Keywords

I show you this because monsterInsights believe this is important in what people read.

If I had said for example how I found 7 mistakes in keyword searching the web, You would read “How I found-searching the web” which has no real meaning to anyone.

7 Horrible Mistakes You Make When Choosing Keywords

Again your selection of words can make a difference and I failed with a power word however I got all the others in line.
My words are negative which also attract readers

7 Horrible Mistakes You Make When Choosing Keywords without using an appropriate tool.

Using a Tool

The only way you can know if a Keyword is good for you is to understand traffic and competition. I use as a primary tool one by Jaaxy .com that can be found on the Wealthy Affiliate site as well as a stand alone devise.

This free version gives you a basic access however paid versions are also available. This is not the only a tool but a very strong and highly reliable source of information.

You can also use it for free at Wealthy Affiliate Training by simply logging in.

Meta description

Your Meta description is the phrase that appears under the Keyword. If you don't do this then Google will make it up for you.

This is the Honey trap, a few basic words to make them want to read your stuff. They click and move on if you don't entice them into your web. To do this you always include your keywords somewhere in the phrase. You should have more than 140 words and less than 160 words so think carefully about it when writing.

How many times your keyword should appear on your page

The old days of Keyword stuffing are long past however you still need to put it into about every 500 word block in a way that fuses with the conversation.

You will note it appears in my Meta description and a final headline as well as conveniently placed in the blog itself although in a natural way. Furthermore I extend the keyword phrase into a sentence that make sense to the reader.

Over use may damage your Google association so keep it original.

Ways you can make Key-phrases work for you

Your website pages and posts, your blog articles your sales literature in fact anywhere you invite people to search.

This is generally basic info into finding traffic and there are certainly many other ways of finding a supplier. In fact a new one I heard today was where a fringe festival was being held . If you typed in the festival it would appear on your mobile device and then by shaking your phone it would switch to a nearby performance. However the keyword was still the entry to the search.

I occasionally use Uber suggest keyword tool for more ideas and follow some of their training.
This is a free site however a bit complicated for beginners

Improve your searches 7X with the best keyword selection.

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7 Horrible Mistakes You Make When Choosing Keywords by Peter Hanley

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