What is a site search engine

What is a site search engine and what does it mean for you? Understanding search results will improve your performance for massive growth

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Site search engines and what they do

Any internet search will go through an engine of some kind. Many of you will use Google as your selected engine but many others will opt for Bing as your first choice.

There are a few other smaller ones but we will stay with the main game

If you happen to be in China where Google and Bing are banned you have the choice of Baidu handling searches for one and a half billion people. Nice customer base.

The Russians are also in the act with Yandex which works for Russia and parts of Europe.

Finally, let's not forget the ever-popular YouTube used by nearly as many people as Google.

What search engines achieve

What is a site search engine

When the internet was launched Google set up the first search engine way back in 1998.
A couple of students started what is now a massive industry used by almost everyone every day.

You ask a question via the internet and Google or others will take you to the best answer.
We wondered how they would ever make money giving away free information however they knew the value of traffic.

It is important that other information is also shared on a search engine. Google maps have cornered the world in easy traveling and have been included in many devices.

We can also include online payments, ride-sharing, and messaging with a bundle of apps for other uses

A life without search engines is hard to imagine.

What is a site search engine and how to get the best results?

Searching with the best results

How we use search engines has changed over time as they developed a better results ratio.

Many things will be done on YouTube where pictures are required to tell a story. We often include a YouTube link in any blog post we write to capture both markets.

The introduction of Voice search started with Siri way back in 2011 and was followed by Cortana, Echo, and a couple of others.

Voice search extended Keywords into longtail Key phrases as people tried to ask the best question. My mind goes to the drunk at a party trying to settle an argument, Siri is very understanding.

Artificial intelligence changed the rules even more

When you are searching with Google they have passed the problem to a bunch of smart robots. The instructions are to gather what they think you are asking rather than what you are asking. Called content intent.

To make things different Bing and Yahoo have stayed with the traditional model of exact match keywords. Therefore you may get very different answers on the search engine you use.

Questions, problems, and answers.

What is a site search engine

Most search terms revolve around a question.

HowDo you do something
WhenWill it be available
WhyDo jeans lose color
WhoInvented the printing press
WhatIs the best sports shoe

We can even take this to product reviews and comparisons which form a big part of searches.

What is a site search engine and where does it get answers

How long is an answer

Answers start at very short.
What date was Elvis born? A; 8 January 1935

What was Elvis's best song? A; This could be a 2000-word answer.

When Google started it had a pretty big dictionary and very few people using the platform.

You could search Nike shoes and come up with a good response.

Now you need to say Nike Basketball high-rise Jordan boots. Among your results will be local stores that sell the boots. Google knows where you are at all times and makes your answer the best possible one.

Who writes all the answers for the engines

What is a site search engine

Using a basic dictionary answers were easy to start but got more complex along the way.
Blogging was introduced way back in 1994 however it was as late as 2003 when Google entered the market with Blogger a site for writing blogs.

Weblogs become Blogs and WordPress made it even easier to write many answers.

There are currently over a trillion blogs on the market with a couple of million written every day.

Sorting out the answers

This is where Keywords became a common term and solved the search issues. Interestingly, that words can change a search term or phrase.

What is the best Woggle?
Where can I buy a Woggle?
Do woggles cost much?
Are woggles suitable for children?
Is Woggling addictive?

These are all searches on a single product but asked in different ways and soliciting different answers. The list could be hundreds more using countries like Woggles in the US or Engd etc. Then sizes, colors manufacturers, and on and on.

What is a site search engine and how does it give answers

Where the answers end up

When searched your keywords will be put into a Google list. The most popular first and least popular last among over 20 pages of results.

Over 80% of people never go past page one and in the first three-term on page one. Therefore as a writer, you need to get up the list quickly.

Yes, you can buy a page one position by paying Google a sum of money everytime someone clicks on your advert. That amount may be a few dollars or a few hundred dollars depending on the popularity.
The other way is what is termed Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.
Every phrase has both traffic and competition. It also has a bundle of high-profile customers that understand the rules and hog pages one and two.
However they may all concentrate on What is the best Woggle. A good writer will pick a less attractive word like is Waggling addictive and gain an entry to the leading pages..

Google makes it harder

In simple terms Google makes you earn your stripes. They want to see you are the best answer as voted by your readers to move you up the ranks. They also want to know if you have Authority to make the statements and that readers stay on your page and not just flit through.

Therefore the answers you are directed to are the best ones Google can offer and not just any old garbage written by someone that has no idea.

Transition Technology

Every few years someone comes along with an idea that radically changes the way we do things. Google was one of these and it is hard to imagine life before search engines. OK, I lived it but love the new freedom of access to knowledge in all its forms.

Finally, search engines have touched all our lives.


Search engines have contributed a positive contribution to society. Off that there is no doubt as we use one many times a day.

However many countries and cities still have little or no access to mainstream broadband services.

Hopefully, that will be solved by The SpaceX sky Star link or one of the others currently littering the sky with low earth orbiting transmitters. Everyone needs access to technology, not just first-world countries.

What is a site search engine by Peter Hanley

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