Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate and stayed the distance. This is an honest and straightforward site offering a range of income options

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What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

Wealthy Affiliate is a one size fits all program taking new subscribers through to expert presenters on a journey of consistent discovery.

WA provides for affiliate incomeThis is available from day one even for free uses
Start with a free websiteThis includes your domain
High-performance web hostingProfessional grade hosting
Starter level trainingEverything for the beginner
Medium level trainingFor those already on the journey
Bootcamp trainingBuild your online future
Advanced training This is for those on full payment that want they ultimate
A keyword plannerAccess to Jaaxy Keyword tool
One price for the serviceNo upsells, side sells or extras
Host up to 25 websitesUnlimited access
Black Friday specialsGo annual with a super deal
Some of the benefits

Wealthy Affiliate is a premium access site for building an online future available for all levels of experience.

What other companies compete with Wealthy Affiliate

There are many competing products however most have their failings when compared to WA.
here is my shortlist

The very casual Blogger

WordPress has a site called Blogger.com Here you can blog for free and join the many other users that are there. The problem is that it is a shared site with slow speed and they own your material. You can never move it away. This is OK when just writing a personal blog but if you are considering making it a business it is not for you.

Blue Host Low price Starter

Blue Host is generally voted one of the best hosting companies available.
They start out very cheap and allow you an easy entry however costs add up as you add the extras you will need.

The best hosting for affiliate sites

I will suggest a few more like Wix, Hostgator, and Host monster but the list is too long and will confuse even the savviest readers.

What you need to ask your Affiliate host;

  • Do they have the highest speed available
  • Is SSL security on every page? Https
  • Can you transfer your data if unhappy
  • Is the site a shared page, if so avoid it
  • Spam blockers included
  • 24/7 support
  • Full redundancy
  • Keyword tool
  • Training

You are building a long-term business so you need to know that it will compete with the best in a competitive world.

Why I joined Wealthy Affiliate and for what reasons

Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate

What affiliate site are you buying into and for what reason

You can be burnt easily in a wide open market that offers you really enticing inducements to enter their world. You can get locked into a spiraling cost product that won't let you leave and maintains control of your content. It happens and many of us have experienced the loss of data and time spent with bad service.

What is the best way to start your affiliate business

First of all affiliate marketing is a long-term career so you may be in this business for many years. However, and importantly, it is not for everyone. Many have tried and given up for all the many reasons. It is never fast money but it can be big money if done correctly.

Start with a free trial backed by basic training

Think of a niche and learn a few of the rules and build your first websites or blog posts.
There is no need to pay out money to learn the basics and do your on-the-job training.

Furthermore, you will end up with more than one blog, it happens to us all as we build new and better sites so a host that allows this without further expenditure is the ay to go

Read the user success stories at your affiliate company

User stories are a great indication of the real benefits of your carrier. I don't mean the canned stories borrowed from friends that lurk on the front page. We can all add some of them to help with our on-page presentation.

WA has been the best career decision I have ever made in my life, not just for business but for the amazing people I feel blessed to have been introduced to. Thank you to everyone. Onward and up!

Vitali 15 year member

I mean a real Forum of users happy to answer questions and share their results and why they are paying money to be there. Ask the questions and get honest opinions so that you can understand your decision is based on facts and not fantasy

Make your buying decision based on facts and future

This is not a sleazy sales page. My belief is that Wealthy Affiliate ticks all the boxes and hence my nearly four years of membership and top one hundred contributor ranking.

We have different reasons for entering the lucrative affiliate market and these reasons must be planned to meet success along the way.

  • Writing for a business
  • Contributing to an Idea that needs support. Health, Wealth environment
  • Straight affiliate marketing
  • Charitable operation
  • A life story
  • Product reviews and comparisons

Therefore planning a way forward is essential to the ultimate success. You need to understand exactly where you are going and what you want to achieve in the journey.


I started with a free site based on adopting cats. Then I went to a business blog to promote my day job and eventually moved into affiliate marketing. My story is based on a real journey and I currently have over a half dozen active blogs.

One blog, however, remains the flag bearer the others support artists in my journey.

Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate by Peter Hanley