Top Keyword Search for massive results in your business

Top Keyword Search for massive results in your business by using the proper structure and verifying with the best free tools.

A keyword is not a keyword

In the olden days you could use a single word to find what you wanted, after awhile you needed to add an extra word and now a whole string of words to get your voice heard.

We now talk about Key Phrases because we want to really narrow down our destination.

The use of Voice traffic has added to the complexity because we all ramble on when talking to a machine, even swearing when we don't get our own way.

So let's start by calling it what it is, a string of words to find a location to spend our money.

Your Keyword comes with varying opinions

I use four sources of information to determine a Keyword that has a chance of being searched.

That may seem like a whole bundle of work but let me explain further.

As I write in WordPress I use the Pro version of Yoast SEO. This ensures my structure is correct and I include enough keywords in the article.

You will know that Keyword stuffing is old time magic that does not work anymore however you still need to use a certain amount in an article.

Yoast does not like a very long tail keyword and tells me with regular lectures to shorten them down. He likes a bundle of synonyms scattered through the sub headings. If your keyword was say (dogs) then Hounds, dog houses, Labradors are all synonyms.

Monster Insights differs in their opinion

I also use a Monster Insights keyword tool because it gives me a score out of 100. Now the Monster wants six words in a phrase and up to 55 characters where Yoast wants just four.

Keyword search in business earned me a 42/100 score where Top Keyword Search for massive results in your business went up to 66/100.

The disclaimer with the monster is that people only read the first and last three word so these must make sense.

Monster Insights

Using the Jaaxy tool shows some light

“Keyword search” as a phrase showed a high traffic count at about 7000 a month however the competition is extremely difficult and you end up on page 20 or more. Hardly a viable option.

The best I could find was ” In a top keyword search” that had traffic and low competition

This tool can be used here and is also available on the Wealthy Affiliate website. In fact in the pro version you get a full service included in the one cost. That is $1200 value for free and a good deal.

Top Keyword Search for massive results in your business comes from using every available avenue.

In a top keyword search use every avenue available

I certainly do because the subject is the most important one you will face in being found on the internet, I have given you Jaaxy, Yoast, Uber suggest and now for the tie breaker. Google the words and see what happens. Look for paid keyword promotions as well as who resides in the search term and then go from there.

I recently write about the 7 mistakes we all make when choosing a Keyword to add more fuel to the fire.

The principal thing with keyword research is to be real and think what you would say. however you must balance that against competition and traffic. You need Keyword traffic however low competition gives you a chance at the first page where the results are.

Your goal is a page one ranking

The reason is that most searches never go past the first two of three listings on page one. Therefore if you are on page twenty you are lost in the woods and need a search party to find you.

You can rank for any word as long as you target an exact match word.

You will never get to page one for the search term “Keyword” so expanding the phrase to something that will be searched offers you a chance at success.

Additional training about keywords

For the more advanced I have thrown in some of the best available options so that you can choose your own path. For the beginners I recommend a fast and free Wealthy Affiliate starter course on setting up your structure for success.

Keywords may be the most important element however it is not the only one as many other factors will help you to rank in the mystical internet universe.

I am a graduate at Wealthy Affiliate and have no hesitation in recommending either a free course or a paid program. They represent excellent value and cover every aspect of internet training.

My conclusion on key phrases

It is a difficult subject to completely cover in a small summary however important it may be. I have given you options and reasons and the simple objective of having words people will use.

Use this well, increase your searches and be found on the net.

Top Keyword Search for massive results in your business by Peter Hanley

Keywords are the mind bender of users.

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