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Does your content make a massive difference

Does your content make a massive difference and what are the writing rules that keep readers hinged on every word. We have the answers.

Life is all about the content

A pretty big statement I know however i take lessons from those that know the rules and turn them into little nuggets of gold.

We all have a book inside us or a desire to be a world famous blogger however if no one reads our product it is just wasting time. Sort of kicking tyres and wondering what might be.

Marketing is based around what you write and what you read however when you read something that is not in your interest profile they have managed your attention with clever words.

I use Yoast SEO Pro to check my writing, they are hard teachers and don't allow you to stray far from the straight and narrow.

However I want to be a better writer to keep you more than the thirty second most people stay on a site.I went to App-sumo for some more advise because they seem to have a lot of answers.
Some ideas are extraordinary so worth looking at.

Does your content make a massive difference

Positive writing makes a lasting impression

I struggle with this concept and am often counselled for being to passive in my approach.

First of all what is the difference between positive and negative and do you need a balance?

Active Voice: A sentence where the subject performs an action stated by the verb (e.g. The online entrepreneur bought an accounting software).

Passive Voice: A sentence where the subject receives the action expressed by the verb (e.g. The accounting software was bought by the online entrepreneur).

Ahrefs is used by marketers from some of the worlds leading companies. This taken from the site of a leading company may be better written:
“Marketers from some of the world’s leading companies use Ahrefs”

Does your content make a massive difference and connecting your structure

Connecting your structure

Readers are lazy and they want to know exactly what you are talking about.
The article contained many references to the situation. As a reader I may want to know what article you are talking about. “the article on Powerful eating contained many references to the situation.
An example made by others was refereeing to the company Zoom and the sentence read;

‘“… But since the spread of COVID-19, the software’s become more of an annoyance.”
Now this assumes the software was bad however what she actually meant to say was:

But since the spread of Covid-19 the influx of users has made the software more of a hindrance than a solution.
Hence the users are the problem not the software, a big difference in the conclusion.

Tell them what they want to hear.

If I told you “I am an excellent writer of blogs” you may well answer , in fact loudly, well isn't everyone?
However If I said I am an excellent blog writer because of my amazing six step process that anyone can follow” may just get a bit of interest. What are the six mystery steps?

How many people will read your page

The average time people spend reading your page is no more than 15 seconds
and many will not get that deep into your writing.
So how do you overcome this and keep them entertained.

  • 1) great keywords in your sub titles to draw their attention.
  • 2) Pictures that directly relate to the subject.
  • 3) Inserting a video

This is a very important element and can be tracked using Google analytics.

Does your content make a massive difference

Thorough research leave no room for doubt.

Content is king and new and exciting facts keep your readers focused and on the page.

We don't want to read old and reshaped content we want to be educated and informed on the subject at Hand.

Generally you can search any topic and find the same sort of points listed time over time as writers plagiarize the content.

Rewriting the words is done by ghost writers and for hire writers all the time trawling articles and into turning into a slightly different format.

A better level of content needs to be set up to be read.Furthermore a bit different and introduce and SEO

Does you SEO make a difference

It sure does and is as important as your writing. Keep in mind all the following items to
provide a better reader experience

  • Your writing should be positive
  • Use transition words to connect your sentences
  • Paragraphs should be less than 300 words
  • Sentences short and to the point
  • Your writing can not be too technical
  • Include pictures
  • Testimonials work really well.

I have printed off my Yoast SEO report for this page that shows all the items that must be achieved for a great result. Too remember all these takes some time that is why a memory jogger like this works a treat.

Does your content make a massive difference

My conclusion on content writing

It comes with practice and support from industry leaders. Furthermore I have said that I use Pro version to track my blog. However I also use App Sumo training, Wealthy Affiliate and several other sources as well.

Does your content make a massive difference

And finally it comes down to practice and consistent learning. Furthermore getting an editor to review your work always helps.
However don't take comments as criticism take it on board as a discussion.
Your great writing will follow you.

Does your content make a massive difference by Peter Hanley

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