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Here Peter Hanley introduces you to
free website building software that you can use anywhere at any time. Learn how quickly and easily to drive your growth.

What is a Website anyway?

  • Company site or card site
  • Blog page
  • Funnel
  • squeeze page
  • Online store
  • News or search site
  • Information
  • Accounting and practice-based sites

Company site

Free website building software
Just a general idea

You visit these every day. Who they are, what they sell, where they are, testimonials, products, links, selling points, phone numbers, etc.
They have a domain name as an address. and within the pages are probably many Keywords that all so drag people in.

Funnels and Squeeze pages

These are sites made to sell a product and take you on a journey from interest to satisfaction.
There are many of these are mostly used by internet marketers who specifically want to sell you something. You start high and end with the pay now section.

Often associated with a popup

When you try and exit the page a new page opens up that says”
“Wait! Before you leave we have one final offer.”

This is just a subsidiary page with one last attempt to get your Credit card.

Blog pages

These are usually associated with an interest group. It could be food, wine, embroidery or any subject at all.
In fact, this page is, in reality, a Blog. We report on things of internet interest.
You can have pages or posts and open them with either. We open with a page but you can select a current blog as the opener.

If you want to create a blog for free hop onto Wealthy Affiliate and you can get a blog and the hosting for just the cost of a domain, about $10 a year.

Now we look at shop sites or online stores.

There is nothing different about these except in the template. Or how you set them up.
You can use WordPress or go somewhere like although you will pay a monthly fee

News sites

There are any amount of these with every newspaper in the world having one.
It might be news or any type of typical distribution or information.

Again, if you are in business you probably use an online accounting package. We all do and there are many of them. The same is true with legal and probably many others as well. Normally this is big boy stuff so knowing it is probably good enough.

This is an outline of Webpages to start with.

In the olden days about 10 years ago you needed significant coding ability to construct and run a domain or Website.
In most cases, this no longer applies as they use a new technique called box building.
Each box is a section of the page.

  • A heading of different sizes
  • Paragraphs and writing
  • Html code – Don't get excited, this is copy and paste stuff
  • Pictures:
  • Lists
  • Testimonials
  • Quotes
  • Files
  • And last of all Videos.

There are others but you don't really need to understand them yet.

Most websites are built using WordPress. This is a free infrastructure that uses plugins to drive it or add extra facilities.

WordPress is used by 60.4% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 33.5% of all websites.

Technologies Overview

The big end of town uses names like Drupal, Shopify, and Squarespace to build sites. If you want to be a Pro perhaps you can chase this and learn but allow some time.

As all companies have a website a whole heap of money has been spent on development.

My story on WordPress

About 12 years ago I operated a medium-sized company and I had someone build me a site. Now the site looks ok but it would not deliver me any business and I had no idea about SEO or any of the contributing matters.

My thought process told me I needed to learn about Websites and all the included matters that made a difference to the production of leads.

It was a difficult time because you still required some coding knowledge and word processing features to build a site.
Learn I did so when I got my next website I told them what I wanted and how I wanted it done. I wrote the words and picked the media and had them make it look pretty.

Now, all this time later the site is still number one in the main Keyword and produces inquiries every month. Not a bad effort.
I had to take it further.

These days I can build a working Webpage in a matter of a few hours complete with SEO and important features.
My only problem is my typing is slow and that is not going to change at my age.

Businesses need the internet

I also understood that the business world was moving to the internet and Websites were the beginning.

Let's make this clear. Your website is there to sell a product or push people to you so you can. It is not to entertain, it has a real purpose in life just like a walk in the store.

When you get on social media, that is to entertain, amuse and deliver people to your website to buy.

Often I see educated trainers sending people from a website to social media. When they get there they flit all over the place as they follow interesting subjects. Never to return to your site.

How do you learn to build a Website

Throughout this site, I have had links to Wealthy Affiliate. The reason is that they have a full training consol that teaches you all this and lots more. I just checked a blog to look at something and it was full of Amazon books on how to build a site US$ 15-20 each. Save your money and do it for free. When you have all the fundamentals at hand then you may wish to expand your knowledge and read further. However, you will know what you are looking for and what you want to do.

It all starts with a Domain name.

This is your www. com address and can be searched on a site at Wealthy Affiliate for free.
You can have .com or .net or .info or any number of new varieties.
The .com was the first to cover the world market. I do some of mine in Australia so I have address as well. You don't get this option in the USA but most countries do.

This is what draws people to your website so choose carefully.

The domain for this site is

In this Blog example, my main Keyword is Online business marketing so I made it into a blog. However, this post is different. The keyword is Free website building software that sits on my main suite as a post.

The major difference between WordPress posts and pages is that theWordPress post is a dynamic entity and WordPress page is a static entity. WordPress Posts is a dynamic entity that has a published/updated date and is displayed on the blog page.

just to clear an issue

You can have one or both on a Website mostly both.

We have talked about SEO

We have talked about SEO in another post on this page.
Its purpose is to bring customers to your site, read the information and buy the product.

You can pay for it or use organic methods to achieve the same result. The paid ads are the ones at the top of any page with a little ad logo. Costs range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per click. Be careful, it is a money industry.

I have supplied lots of links to learn about building a web page fro go to whoa.

Click on in without paying money and get some basic and advanced knowledge before setting out on your journey.

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Peter Hanley

You can thank me later.

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