Magnetic car signs

Are your magnetic car signs worth the money and do they get you any business? We discuss the good, the bad and the alternatives for your business.

Magnetic vehicle signs do work.

The answer to your querying mind is yes they do work and they work well.

  • They show your brand to anyone interested
  • When visiting a customer others will know
  • Interested people can call you
  • It triggers a memory response
  • Your touchpoints get another tic
  • You can use them when you want
  • Roadside banner

However, are there any downsides to mobile marketing?

  • You can't travel incognito. You will be seen
  • If you break traffic rules everyone around you knows
  • They can impact on paintwork with fading around them
  • They do sometimes fall off
  • Staff forget to use them

Therefore it depends on what you want to achieve. If you are an independent
Business people, they represent great value.
I have had people come up to me and ask questions about our products. Also, when at a customer premises, the grapevine of whispers will start and create good referrals.

Jeff, a mate of mine parks his car out the front of the showroom. It is really a mobile billboard and works to draw in customers from the drivebys.

A lot of MLM sellers use them to great effect so that all the neighbours and in fact the whole street know that they are the Herbalife distributor or Mary-Kay make up artist.

In fact, I would consider this a must-do operation for this style of industry where there are not a lot of marketing opportunities available.

Magnetic signs or permanent signs

This is really a horses for courses decision. Your decision will be based around a full-time display vehicle or part-time operation.
In the case of a Van or Pickup, you will mostly go for signwriting or plastic wrapping as a permanent billboard. On your personal vehicle or Staff cars, a Magnetic sign will do the job.

Make them big enough to be seen.

One fault many people subscribe to is small images that are hard to read. If you're going to show off, do it big-time in bold print and colours.
I like the phone number on the panel because many people act on the whim of the moment. I have done it myself. Spotted an ad that has reminded me to take any action and make the phone call there and then without having to Google the number.

Boost your marketing by double up

When you are doing House calls or even to a local business a small street sign can double the value.

street signs example
Lots of varieties

Park the car and place the small sign in a prominent position saying “Tupperware in your street today” or whatever product you are promoting naturally.

I have seen this work really well in business calls when interested people will be waiting at your sign when you return.
However a small warning some local authorities frown on this and can have penalties, but a short time should be an excusable problem.

Maintain your brand image

You may be a one-man-band or a corporation however the rules are the same.
Consistency in design, colour and layout is important for recognition.

I have just done a random Google search as I am sure you will and witnessed some very
ordinary display signs. These are the elaborate pieces of artwork that go all out to create an impact. Important items like names and phone numbers are small because the design takes over. As a driving billboard, the impact will be lost and your opportunities decreased.
I am not a sign expert, common sense, however, dictates my reasoning.

If you are promoting an MLM product they will have rules to follow and branding requirements
to follow so don't try and rewrite the rules.

Is a car wrap better than a magnetic sign?

Car with signs on it
A great sign, what they do and a phone number can't be missed

A car wrap is top of the list as a mobile billboard and you can go to great lengths to impress.
However, they can't be removed for private use so they don't suit everyone.

As said previously these are great for Vans, work utes and delivery vehicles because they stand out for everyone to see>
You can make your mind up about the impact of a sign. Overdone is not a great look and I personally believe that a magnetic door sign can be seen better than an overall coverup that blends with the surrounds.

Are your magnetic signs expensive?

Magnetic signs are really cheap and represent great value for money.

The quality of the Vynil does vary and it is important that you don't go too cheap. The reason is they fall off and get lost and you need to buy more.

Buying in quantity lets you amortise the artwork cost of several items so the price comes down. .And finally, always buy a spare set because you just never know


In the right circumstances, these can prove to be a real winner for cheap marketing. Sales are all about brand and image and being seen so this really steps you up a place in the market.

The investment is small and the return can be great

Magnetic car signs by Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley

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