When giving up seems like the only option.

When giving up seems like the only option.. However you mat take a minute to consider an alternative that may solve the issue.

There was an old saying that said;

First of all it relates back to my days as a long distance runner. Many things attack your mind when the going gets tough. Really it is your mind that is wanting to quit not your body as loud as it is screaming at you.

My saying is ” Never make a decision when running up hill” Certainly hills are hard however there is a top and a down side when the running suddenly becomes easy again and a few more miles is no problem.

This is the same in business and life

When you are trying to achieve any objective there will be hard times. times when you will throw your hands in the air and scream “I can't do this any more”.
Does it sound like you?
Working on the internet there are always new things and new ways that need to be learned.

Just today I had this experience working with a MonsterInsights plugin. As hard as I tried I just could not get one of the add-ons to work and I walked away from the problem. By letting it rest overnight I come back with a different mind set and can generally solve the issue because I suddenly could see the wood in the trees.

When giving up seems like the only option and it is all too hard.

When your business is too hard

I meen both Online and bricks and mortar style businesses. I have been operating small businesses for forty years and understand the journey as well as anyone.

We understand that 80% of businesses fail in the first year. This is world wide and across the board so you may be one of them sometime in the future.

However if you can just persevere in that first year you are in the small group of success stories.
Unfortunately the same thing happens in the second and third years as well so if you make it through you are one of a small group that reaches the line.

If you last to the fifth year you have an 80% chance of going the full hog. This is rewards time
when you are glad that the many hills you ran up, the obstacles you uncounted and all the setbacks did not stop you.

Think about it, by staying the distance you defy the high odds of defeat.

I say again, ” never make a decision while running up hill”

When the going is tough, you have the wind in your face, the hill becomes a mountain always remember there is an end to the hardship if you just keep going.

How Covid-19 sorted the sheep from the flock

Most of us experienced some sort of lock down or business interruption that created changes that were hard to overcome. What we also saw was a myriad of success stories because of innovation.
Some restaurants closed the doors and stayed home, however, many went to take out dining
and fast foods to keep the wolves from the doors.

I had a popular restaurant coffee shop near me that had to close all sit down bookings. They specialised in pizzas so they were really out of the market. Or where they?
They opened a take away window and started baking bread, scones and pastries along with Pizza and coffee. They made more money than they were pre Covid.
However the shop close by simply closed the doors and went home. When they eventually reopened many of the customers had moved on. Only government grants provided any salvage.

Play Station or make an income it is your choice

In a similar vein many workers were sent home and took the opportunity to catch up on great games and have some family time. Live the idle life and take time to smell the roses.

However a small percentage took the time to increase their knowledge with training and online courses.
Some built business plans and came up with ideas to maintain an income flow.

At the time to return to work the idle had lost all enthusiasm whereas the industries came back ready to kick some but.

They found a Hill and kept running with full knowledge that a downward slope was close and things would get easier.

When giving up seems like the only option have a look within yourself.

It is always up to you

The book about Elon Musk ( Ashlee Vance Virgin Books) really typifies a must do motivation.
When the Tesla Motor company was struggling and were days away from insolvency They had to find a way forward. Musk is a champion of a long distance vision and with innovation they scrounged some money. At one stage they put all their staff on the phones to make telephone sales. Engineers, production, marketing and no one was spared.
They sold enough cars in the week with money paid to meet the payroll and get time to regroup.

When firing dud rockets at SpaceX and running out of funds they sold technology to turn it all around and become one of the top businesses in the US.

Not just one time were they pushed but consistently throughout the development phrase.
Many around them failed but his companies prevailed through out and won the four year war.

My conclusion on failing

Having done it all many times I understand that walking away is never an option. There is always a solution of some kind if you search hard enough. Walk on your own terms and never be dictated to by fate.

I wrote this blog because I see so many fail when they are just a few steps away from success.
Don't let that be you. Dig deep and head for the top of the hill.

When giving up seems like the only option by Peter Hanley

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

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