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Black Friday offers make a difference at Wealthy Affiliate

Black Friday offers make a difference at Wealthy Affiliate by saving you a bundle of money and offering a better product.

What are the black Friday offers at Wealthy Affiliate

If you are here you will all ready understand that Wealthy Affiliate is, by a long country mile, the best WordPress hosting site on the market. Bar None!

Therefore is it worth pursuing a discount when it is already great value. The answer is yes but you must have some cash put aside because it is the annual premiums that save you money.

For a couple of years I was prepared to pay my $49 a month until I really believed that this was the go. Several web hosts had failed me and I did not the experience of rebuilding work over again. I have over 500 posts on my sites and to loose that would be a catastrophe to say the least.

Last Year I took the plunge and paid my BlackFriday price of $395 ( Just $32.90 a month). Importantly that price gets Grandfathered in for life unless I return to monthly.

It was a pleasure not having to find that monthly commitment.

All things change

As a Wealthy Affiliate advocate I have long banged on how there are no upsells with WA a massive feature of the product. You even get scaled down Jaaxy thrown in for free among the many other bits like free security, Site speed etc.
That is not to mention the training and 24-7 support.

Premium Plus

This year 2020 Wealthy Affiliate have offered a new bundled product called Premium plus.

Yes I jumped straight in even though the Black Friday price at $795 ( retail $1188) because it just blows out the offering by a massive amount.

You get Pro Jaaxy included that was $99 a month before and this really enhances your Keywords.

Everyone is an Affiliate

When you join Wealthy Affiliate in a free membership, Premium or Premium plus you immediately become an Affiliate. Therefore you have the ability to pay your fees with just a few referrals.

That is marketing at it's best when you can pay your way forever by building a nice business under the WA banner.

Put it on a Credit card, borrow from Mum or raid the cookie jar because offers like this don't come every day.

Valid from Friday the 27 November right through to Monday 30 November for everyone.

What happens if you miss Black Friday

Well. first of all it goes all weekend to give you plenty of opportunity however miss that and it really is Bad Luck Buddie until same time next Year, Or, you can run a free account to test it all out, change to monthly when you are entirely satisfied and hold your breath until November 2021
I wasted a lot of money because I thought paying a year was to expensive, I could not afford it so it cost more.

There is always Cyber Monday


Being an Australian black Friday is pretty new to us, in fact it is really only the last couple of years that it has taken off.
I know in the US it is the second biggest day of the year behind Cyber Monday.
However here un Aus it is really a retail product that does not extend to commercial offers.
Therefore I am really happy that the online business receives the benefits.

Black Friday offers make a difference at Wealthy Affiliate by Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.