What is Black Friday shopping?

We are looking at What is Black Friday shopping? An American thing but now spreading worldwide with bargains galore and you can be part of the excitement.

How does Black Friday work?

First of all, let me say that Black Friday can be Saturday, Sunday and Monday as the sales spread over the weekend. Shops have really got into this as a counter to other big shopping times. Christmas, Easter etc when retailers hit their straps.

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My Black Friday rule

Companies all over the world are participating so the first chore is to work out where you are spending money and where you can save money.

A whole bundle of online products will be included so if you are using them now is the time to upgrade.

Spending for the sake of spending is not saving, but hey, it is once a year so a little personal gift might be a great idea.

The biggest stores have big discounts

I am talking about Amazon. They love this time of the year and have some great deals.
so good that last year, on cyber Monday after Black Friday they posted an all-time record sales day.

Amazon devices Black Friday sale prices revealed

  • From November 22: Fire HD 8 | $30 off – just $49.99. …
  • From November 24: Fire TV Stick with 4K with Alexa Voice Remote | $25 off – just $24.99. …
  • From November 27. Blink XT2 3 Camera Kit | $65 off – just $184.99. …
  • From November 28. Echo Dot With Clock | $25 off – just $34.99

Taken from an Amazon Advert so they are firing big guns already.

Apple and Samsung

A bit of a mixed bag here because Apple is a bit elitist with pricing and not prone to discounting. They may throw a few gift cards around but we cant expect some huge discounts on the latest iPhone.

However, the dealers do go a bit crazy and start spreading the love. If you must buy Samsung the margins are way bigger than iPhone so the deals will be much better but it is only a Samsung. (said he with tongue in cheek)

Make sure you get extras with Black Friday specials

With a lot of specials and particularly online ones, they will throw in a whole bunch of inducements to make you sign on the line. We are no different and the Wealthy Affiliate specials are truly amazing. If you ever wanted to start an online business this is the way to go
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Black Friday deals
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How many Black Friday specials are out there

image of a gift
Shop like there is no tomorrow

Far too many for me to count and our needs are all quite different so just look around and buy what you need, not what you want.


This whole shopping thing is a way to get the economy to spend money and clear some stock before the next big rush. It is, however, a fabulous opportunity to take advantage of the offers provided. If you happen to be selling go hard because it may just boost your turnover by a big margin.

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