WordPress 5 features

The new word press

Wordpress 5 logo
A great product

Here we look at the questions and answers for WordPress 5 and how they affect you.

WordPress 5 features WordPress 5 features WordPress 5 features

Are WordPress 5 and Gutenberg the same

Yes, Gutenberg was the name they used in beta testing in a trial series. They had all the errors fixed before going to market

Is WordPress 5 a block builder

Yes, it has changed the WP process quite a lot and upset many along the way.
This would include a lot of the intuitive site builders that were available on the market that are now not as good as this product.

As you can see below you can pick any block you want at any time using a little+ key.
This is not all the blocks but the most common ones.
For this block, I took a screenshot and loaded as an Image

Now loaded a quote

“Many of life’s failures are people who didn’t realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
– Thomas Edison


Can you still use the Classic editor?

The answer is yes but I ask why? When this so much better.

Are their plugins that help with building your site?

Lots of plugins are available to do all sorts of extra features

I just cut my site into two columns to show what can be done. This can be very useful in many cases.

  • Custom HTML for inserting some code
  • SEO is the same as in the old version
  • Social media embeds.
  • SEO is great
  • SEO is needed on every site

The benefit of a list is that repeated words don’t interfere with your writing style. On a normal page, the words SEO above would cop criticism from google for repetition but not in a list

Headings come in all sizes

It is easy to click the #1 or #2 or #3 as above as your heading size. It is good to remember that you start big and go down through the page. I started with a #2, most subheadings are #3 and I will finish with a #4

A picture calling for help

Images in WordPress 5 are manageable

As you understand the size of images is important because we now write for Mobile phones and not web pages. With each selected image you generally get a selection of three sizes, full medium or thumbnail. The above is thumbnail size.

You are encouraged to complete your alt name of the image and even have it linked to another site.
The size is shown and remember for mobile phones no bigger than 640x 320

Word Count indicator on WP 5

This one through me for a while because in tradition it was on the bottom left of the page but now resides at the top left with a little (i)

It shows Word count, Paragraphs, headings and Blocks.

In a blog, we are trying for 1500 or so words as the premium size and at this stage of the page. I am at just under 600 words to this part of my post.

How to install links in WP5

We know that linking is important and there are three we should use on any page.

  • Internal linking to pages in the site
  • External linking to other sites
  • Authority linking to recognised institutions

Internal linking

At the top of the page is the normal link symbol.

Hover at the start of the dropdown box and internal pages will appear. You then simply pick the one you want and Insert. However, there is a second option and that is Open in a new tab selector. clicking this will return the visitor back to this home page after wandering away.
Read my story on growing a business

External Linking

Simply type in the external URL and decide on the Tab selector.

Authority site linking

SEO evidently likes you to hang out with The university types. schools, government even Wikipedia to give authority to your site

Colours in WP 5

You have a basic choice of colours in 5 but I would recommend using a plug in to enhance this.

In addition, you have a Bold and Italic setting to use at any time. I like to use these in all my links to make them stand out.

Videos in WP 5

A couple of options here you can link to YouTube or where they are saved or embed them into the site.
Having them in the site keeps lookers hanging around for longer. Have a look at Content Samurai here.

Document control in WP5

You must always have a Category selected. I recommend defaulting to one and changing on each post. Then Tags and a featured image block.

Is WordPress 5 easy for new bloggers?

picture person blogging

Hey, I am ancient and I can do it so you young folk will find it easy. At Wealthy Affiliate where we do all our training, I saw a lot of resistance to Gutenberg because people were just reluctant to upskill.
I had given up on WordPress and was using a page builder to get the image I wanted but have gone back to
WP5 for all my work.
However, I am essentially a blogger and not a web builder so it suits me.

Conclusion on WordPress 5

I believe it is miles ahead of the old builder, very easy to use, versatile and able to create an image you want.
Bundles of plugins ( SEO does not like to many so take it easy) and accessories.

If you are new to blogging or page building tie this in with Yoast SEO who will correct your writing and setup and give you a chance of being read.
Copy all your blogs to social media and share with as many friends as you can.

If you want more on WP 5

Just click above to visit the free training and a free hosted web page. Yes, you can upgrade but there are no upsells or money collection surprises.
You get an included keyword tool and a bundle of support in four different ways.

  • 24-7 live web-based support
  • Chat line
  • Support line
  • Community forum to ask anything you want

When you are new support is everything. I have one member who is an absolute gun on WordPress and does her own training courses. I can side message anytime I am stuck.
We can only tell you so much the rest you need to learn by experience and seek help as you go along. No other program online is as good as this one.

WordPress 5 features by peter Hanley

picture of the author
Peter Hanley

Keyword suggestion website

When searching for keywords you need as much input as you can get.
Here we look at two ideas for a great Keyword suggestion website.

Why are Keywords important?

If you already know the answer move right on but for anyone unsure keep reading.
This is the most important feature of your internet and web pages.

A keyword is what someone will type into the internet search engines to find a person, product or answer to any question. It may be Google, Yahoo or Bing they are all the same.

Your search can be really specific or very broad.

If you searched for

  • Nike. It is broad
  • Nike shoes better
  • Nike men’s running shoes closer
  • Nike men’s running shoes New York
  • best prices Nike men’s running shoes in NewYork.
  • Best men’s running shoes under $50

All these searches take you to a different page moving from a broad search to a longtail specific search.
They are all keywords seeking a location on the Internet.

In the above searches, there are several sub searches.

  • We start with Nike a well-known brand
  • Next, we add Shoes a product
  • More specifically men’s shoes
  • to this, we add a location
  • finally, we include a price range.

    in your business, we can have many keywords.
  • Huckleberry hardware store in Denver Colorado
  • Axe handles from Redwood in Denver

SEO is difficult

The reason I say it is difficult is that unless you are on Page one of the results you only have a slim chance of being seen.
In fact, it is true that over 81% of searchers go down no more than the first 5 posts.

Plus, the top ones are probably paid adverts so your chance of being found is slim unless you do your homework first.
I also debated on Internet marketing for business in a recent blog

Can you get on page one with SEO

The answer is “yes you can” but only by doing your homework first.

Applying the correct keyword practices will assist your journey.

There are several things you need to consider before you set off on your journey to the first-page acceptance

Traffic for my keyword

This is an important question and one of the first answers you will get from a Keyword tool.

Yes, we all want a ton of traffic but we do that by building many channels to it.

If the traffic to a Keyword is too large your chance of being found among the professionals and the paid advertisement is near impossible.

When you look at the traffic it needs to be viable but not great. A good rule is about 100 a month.

We don’t stop with traffic however we need to look at the page one location and how hard it will be to jump into a good position.

Quoted search results in SEO

The number of competing websites ranked in Google for these exact keywords.
We look for something under a 100 rating to have any chance of success.
Remember there are only 10 headings in a page.

Don’t get all uptight this will all be explained as we drill down a bit further.

Keyword quality indicator

This looks at the quality of your Keyword and If it has any chance of being searched by the masses.

Then we look at an SEO indicator based on traffic and competition and how likely you are to make the grade.

Finally, we see if a domain is available and with what following .com style tag is available.

Keyword selection website,image of annalytics

Here I have looked at a Keyword of Destroyed Nike Shoes.
You can see that there is very little traffic but you have a great chance of getting to page one.

The best SEO keyword tool

I use two tools available in three places.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool;

Don’t get confused by the Name, WA is a web hosting and blog building site that incorporates a unique hosted Keyword tool. This site also provides complete training on using the tool and also some great features with it.

  • Alphabet soup for searching ideas
  • Save a list for later
  • comb your history
  • Even find affiliate programmes
  • A training room example on SEO

I use this all the time I am writing because of the ease of use and that it is available for free members of wealthy affiliate. I also host my websites here and am a paid member and affiliate.
For the more experienced among you, there is an upgraded version that provides a whole new level of search activity.

JAAXY SEO search engine

The Jaxxy search engine is actually the same one that is shared with Wealthy affiliate but is a stand-alone product.
This is an excellent tool and if you are serious about Keywords this is the ideal product.

It comes with 30 free searches and a low monthly price and is equal to anything on the market in searchability as a Keyword Tool.

A new SEO tool

Recently well-known SEO blogger Neil Patel launched an entirely new SEO tool and a Webpage checker.

This also comes with plenty of training and backup information and provides a great second guess at Keywords.

Keyword selection website,image of analytics graph

Ubersuggest SEO and Keyword tool is a great comparison site although not as strong as the Jaaxy paid version.

However, I usually run one against the other for better ideas in my search for High intent Keywords that can be used in any media.

The one problem with this site is Neil wants to sell you marketing but you are under no obligation at all. I think the results are a bit new and not always right on target but this will change.

What are Longtail keywords

Longtail keywords are your base keyword with an extension. The search volume won’t be as high but you will be seen more often in searches thus lifting your profile.

Neil Patel states that he gained 4 million followers using this one method of installing many longtail keywords into his websites.

I would like 4 million and I am sure you would so it is just using your Keyword selection in the best possible way.

Online business marketing

Marketing is the art of getting people to your website or to you to hopefully buy something.
It is done with Keyword selection and using the tools available makes it possible to grow your market beyond your expectations.

I wrote recently on Failed internet marketing and that may also be of interest

Great keyword selection website by Peter Hanley

keywords tool

Image of the author
Peter Hanley

Special set skills ( Internet)

How to make money as the internet gets busier and the needs get more with Special set skills ( Internet) to break through the masses. Here we tell you how.

Background on internet skills

Special set skills ( Internet)

The internet is changing faster than a speeding train and to stay ahead you will need to consistently align your skills.

Life was easy a few years past but the amount of search activity has grown so fast it is becoming increasingly difficult for any business to remain in front of the train.

For this reason, I have given you 10 ideas to specialize your approach to the market. Take one of the 10 and use it to help others or if you are in business work each one until it returns your income or customer leads.

Don’t try to be the expert in everything, It is difficult now as you need more in-depth knowledge to make things work for you or the way you want.

Which one is best? This will depend on your likes and dislikes but every item has a great influence on you and your business.

Data science and Google Analytics

Special set skills ( Internet)
A must do

The understanding of data coming from your activities will determine where your best efforts are to be concentrated in the future.

Your first consideration is, do you have a Google Analytics account on your website and do you look at it?
Consideration should also be given to Bing and Youtube as search engine reporting to complete the total.

You should not concentrate solely on numbers of clicks, whilst they are important there are many other fields that give an indication of value.

I have one site that concentrates on the Australian market. I get a regular amount of clicks but half are from the USA market so I need to target better.
So what are the important issues?

1) Devises.
People are viewing a lot more on tablets and phones which have a very different platform than a computer.

Make sure your site is compatible with this and look on your own mobile and pick up mistakes and issues.

You should also consider having an address and phone contact above the fold so that people looking for you have easy access.

2) Duration and bounces.
A lot of spam sites will enter your page and bounce out leaving just a click impression. These are not really visitors and should be ignored.

3) Time on-page.
This follows from above and will give an indication of whether people are reading your content or just browsing sites.

4) Pages read.
Where is your activity centred? When certain pages are popular you can increase your page activity.

You can also boost other pages by referencing or linking popular posts or pages.

5) Setting up campaigns.

Plan what you want to achieve and then monitor the results

6) These are just a few of the easy to read activities that can make a difference to your day. If you wish to make a living out of this learn the ins and outs and hire out your skills.

Content strategy

There is no doubt that content is king.
Google or other search engines do not search for lousy content. In fact, in the recent Google changes ( June 2019) this became an even more dominant issue. Search figures plummeted on many sites for all the Google reasons.
At the same time, they had some technical problems compounding the issue.

In short;
Posts and pages should include over 1500 words with pictures and small sentences. Lots of sub Headings and links to other pages. You should also have an outbound link to an Authoritative site. A government, school, Wikipedia or similar to show affiliation.

Leveraging with Video

We can’t go on more about this than to say it is now necessary to include a video in your marketing.

Video in the past was expensive and took a whole bundle of time to produce and show.

That has all changed now with Ipads and Iphones anyone can be a producer.

It is a fact that Youtube is used as a search engine nearly as much as Google, and more than Bing.

Ok. some are music and entertainment but corporate branding, selling and how to do things ranks highly.

I recently did a review on Content Samurai for a professional corporate video builder that anyone can use to pump out a video in hours and not days.

YouTube is going to be a large part of a new selling platform that will change Social media as it has never done before. I will talk about this more under Instagram below


A shot through the heart.

That’s what it felt like to get called out from the stage by one of my mentors.

Honestly, though that day was a changing point for my online business.

It was the day I decided I was going to do everything in my power to succeed.

I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s been all fun and games since then. I’ve had lots of changes in my life and in my business but one thing has remained constant – my desire to finish.

Getting started with your business can be hard and staying with it for the long haul can be even harder.

I know with solid foundation and support you have what it takes to be a finisher too!

That is the start of a story delivered to me today by a master seller. I am not a great Storyteller being too bland and academic in my approach but would dearly like to write like that to get my readers glued to the page, post or email.
It is in part the entertainment business and keeping readers on their toes is where it is at.

I well remember my first webpage written by someone than new all the technical abilities and exactly what the product could do.

I got no readership at all.

I then did a course in Webpages and wrote about benefits and results and suddenly my readership went right up.

Remember it is all about them not about you.

Email marketing with automation

Special set skills ( Internet)

There is a massive opportunity with Email marketing and using Autoresponders to save you all the hard work.
Yes, Emails still work and in fact, are working better now than ever, you just need to be smarter.

Throughout my marketing, I discuss the technique of Know, like and trust that you must build with all your current and future customers.

Emails cover the know and like and the trust comes with a sale.

Automation is the art of sending a series of emails over time to customers that have shown an interest or desire for a product.

This applies to both inbound and outbound marketing. I covered this at greater length recently on my blog about autoresponders

Using Funnels

These are used a lot for internet marketing or selling products.

The top of the funnel is broad to capture as many lookers as possible and then they funnel down to a buy now button after being induced through the cycle.

I do like the work Of Neil Patel on Funnel building and you can have a quick read on the click button above.

Selling funnels is very easy once you have the template correct


This is becoming very popular in many markets for customers seeking more information on a product, situation or simply out of interest. I confess I have not personally recorded a podcast but do listen to them along the way.

SMS in marketing

Special set skills ( Internet)

This is an underused platform for instant sales and customer contact.

Using a carrier template you can send any number of messages instantly at any time.
The results tend to be immediate as people respond quickly.

You can sell things, advise of promotions or displays and any number of messages.

Usually limited to 160 characters with an Optout clause you need to get your message across like a twitter account.

Social media

Social media is a very broad subject and we all probably have a Facebook page that we don’t look after. Keeping Facebook current is necessary because of the viewing of an unkept site reflects badly on your business.

The good news is that Facebook has a great built-in scheduler and you can sit for half an hour and do posts for a week or month ahead. Then it is done.

remember the purpose of Facebook is to deliver people to your website or business so you can sell to them.

It still works and is a valuable research tool for those wanting to understand you and your business a bit better.

Everyone should have a current LinkedIn account with a nice picture, great Bio and compelling story on the virtues of your business.

You can sell or market through this media but generally, it is a research tool for those wanting to find out about you.


Special set skills ( Internet)
The Twitter King

Twitter has a place in some markets and can be a very powerful media delivering short comments that lead you somewhere else that has more buying appeal.

I use Donald Trump as a great example of using Twitter properly. Donald is not the greatest Twitter but what he does not do the world press does for him. We all know exactly what he is thinking and that is the power of the simple words.

I find myself following many more Twitter feeds of recent times as people find the approach works for them to convey information.

Yes, there will be a lot of rubbish but that is everywhere.


I treat this separately because it is fast becoming the market darling.

Owned by Facebook it now delivers far more new advertising revenue into their hands that any of their products.

In the USA Instagram are Beta trialling a buy now button on a post so that when you want to buy, you pay and the order is fulfilled?

This will change the nature of Social media as we know it.

So much so that Youtube is also following with a similar trial and I am sure many others will follow.

I recommend you get Instagram going now so that you can quickly capitalise on the changes when they come.

Instagram is harder to manage because it must be live and tell a story with great pictures and an ongoing message to you and your products.

The base of customers started young but was soon followed by parents and Now Grandparents that all want part of the picture action.

This is not to be ignored if you are going to win the Social Media race to the top thus leaving your competitors behind.

A consistent approach

Like all media consistency is the key to success. It is embodied in the seven touches approach where customers will buy after seeing you or your marketing seven times. Believe me, it works.

You will notice trending adds on TV repeated over and over because we just don’t get it the first half dozen time.

Email marketing will do the same as will SMS, YouTube or Instagram.


This is not all that you need to do but looks at some of the more obvious trends that can make a difference to any business.

Be you an owner or a person selling the truths will look you in the face.

Web pages, paid to advertise, remarketing are all tools to be considered as well on your journey to success.

My final tip or guide is not to try and do them all at once. Pick one or two and get them working to suit you and generating new business.

We are not in the entertainment business, we are here to sell product and each of the above can do it for you.

In reflection, my mind just said pick the best two options but when I went back it is too hard. Every one of the above can drive your business to a higher level.
Mostly with little cost or expanded skill levels.

Special set skills ( Internet) by Peter Hanley

Special set skills ( Internet)
Peter Hanley
Home Mail

WordPress SEO plugin

Image of SEO by Yoast
The competition is on

When building your blog what WordPress SEO plugin will achieve your desired result in new visitors.

It is Yoast versus Torbet online SEO

This is going to be a difficult decision for me because I use both on two different websites and enjoy what they have to offer.

However, I think I have grown past one into the one I now choose as my favourite.

Yoast SEO
Owned by Joost De Valk

Image of Yoast


Free WordPress Plugin

10+Million users

What is good about Yoast

Basic is free with upgrade
Upgrade $89/

Has a writing marker
Contains SEO warning
Link counter
Title box
Description, Keywords

What is bad.
Takes time correcting things
to get a lot of green lights

Online SEO by Michael Torbet

Image of SEO


Free WordPress plugin

2+ million users

What is good about all in one

Basic is free with upgrade
Upgrade $68/128

Title box
Keywords with counters
regular updates
Many technical options
Great support

What is bad?
This is far better for The more technically orientated users

Who are the products for?

Basically, anyone with a website requires input to maximize the SEO ability of the site. These two WordPress plugins battle for the lead in users and upgrades to premium.
Generally, both act quite well for the rank and file in the free version and include a site map so there is no need to upgrade unless you reach a level of ability past most users.

Training and support

Users rave about the support with All in One as being second to none however Yoast provides most benefits to those paying out for the upgrade.
Fortunately for the new user support is not really necessary as a plug and play service.
I get training at Wealthy Affiliate for free and provide here a basic unit on SEO to share
Yoast academy costs money to learn as does many of the all in one course.

It is really a necessary part of the web page so good SEO makes a difference to your results.

My Final opinion of SEO Plugins.

I don’t want to be a fence sitter here but am torn between the two for me to give a solid recommendation.
I started with Yoast and still use it on one site and quite enjoy the wrangle with the writing score. Yoast taught me the value of positive words, shorter sentences and more headings. For these reasons, new writers should use this as the best option.
My latest site I am using All In One and I do without the prompts because the result is quicker.
However, I must remember the rules of writing and constantly check myself to make sure of my content
I have used both and ignored the warning that they conflict so I guess it is not a good idea.

Who gives the best SEO results?

The answer is you do.

The best way is by following the basic set of rules. you require;
A Catchy Title
Then a keyword that is not too busy and I have written more on that here
Your Meta description exciting and one that attracts readership.

I also think that All in one has an edge over Yoast on results but that is gut over actual results.

Other things that affect SEO

We are just touching the tip of the iceberg here and as of this week, the start of June 2019 Google has again changed the algorithms.
However several things will always stay consistent.
Content is King! Now write that down and never forget it.
Length of the content should be over 1500 words.
Short paragraphs and short sentences
Headings starting big and cascading down only.
Keywords that have a chance of being found.
Links to an authoritative site like Wikipedia
lots of Internal links.
Great pictures with an Alt description
finally some branding and links to Social media

Conclusion on Yoast v All In One

Beginners should start with Yoast. It will help you in many ways to improve your skill levels in writing, page set out and SEO.
You should read more about this along the way because a short review like this can not teach you everything you need to know.
The more experienced or those that don’t take orders well go to All in one
as the ultimate tool.

WordPress SEO plugin by Peter Hanley

Wordpress SEO plugin, image of author
Peter Hanley

Best keyword tool (and it’s free)

We all know how important keywords are but finding them is sometimes very Hard. Here Peter Hanley looks at the free best keyword tool on the market.

Be you a professional or beginner everyone needs a Keyword tool for everyday use.

The market has many of these tools from very expensive to basically free and many do the same things.
Finding Keywords is an Art that makes a difference to results sometimes as bad as no searches at all.
The other side is using a term that is so busy you are buried down in the bowels of the earth hoping to be found.

I have used several of these over the years mostly on a daily basis as a blogger and small business owner.

It was just this week that I was introduced to a market newbie that offers a point of difference that makes my life easier.

I will introduce Ubersellect in a short few words but let’s look at where this originated.

Neil Patel runs several large scale businesses in Digital marketing and has been recognised by World leaders as both a young and highly motivated marketer.
He is a NewYork Times bestselling author and along with others, Forbes called him one of the top 10 marketers in the world.

To bring this to market he teamed up with Mike Kato himself marketing genius to bring this product to us called Ubersuggest a clever play on words that are recognised everywhere and remembered easily.
To generate income Neil offers planning strategies to build your offers.

Bestkeyword tool

You can click on the link or keep reading on for more information.

What does Jaaxy do?

The next one I want to talk about is the Jaaxy Keyword tool by the guys from Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, this is a very good site but has marginally a limited ability unless you go pro on a monthly paid version.
however Pro is for the experts among us and a basic site is great for everyday use.
Furthermore, Jaaxy will let you try it for free by logging in. You can keep the free version as your own.

For instance, searching the heading to this post best Keyword tool.
Traffic is 345 searches a month and 59 if you are in position 1
There are 181 people that use a similar term.

Jaaxy says it is easy to rank for.
Ubersuggest is similar in results with a low of 320 and a high of 720 average in the middle.

How to find good Keywords

The easy answer is to Ask the question when you see the results;

” is this my audience”

It must be natural and target what people will ask.

It could be what is the best keyword tool-free or for Seo all with similar results so it fits the answer.

If I asked what are the best running shoes? it hardly ranks a mention whereas Adidas running shoes has a volume of 7153 monthly searches.
Now I searched Nike running shoes in London and got a <10 result>
I changed to Nike running shoe men and there were 3600 searches.

If you were to advertise for this product can you see the different returns generated by a simple search?

Noble Samurai tool

Best Keyword tool
Keyword tool

This is a lot more sophisticated in what it tells you but comes at a cost.

Noble Samurai free keyword tool

You will be moved to a paid version but you can gain an affiliate program after your trial.
I have used this, with some other products for many years so have no trouble recommending it.


Best Keyword tool
You will end up paying

This is a professional-grade tool that tells you a lot of comparison data.

They will provide you with a few free searches and then you run out of credit and they want money. The more advanced of you will go here.

This is a good sample of keyword tools

I have chosen a few examples to work with. Ones I have personally used and worked with. I mostly use the free versions on my daily activities and try and get as much out of them as possible.
Beware however it is a deep hole and you can spend too much time searching for the perfect answer.
What are you marketing?
How would you search for this?
Consider your customer.
Stay away from high volume words you won’t get found.
Ignore minimal volume because no one searches for you.
Long-tail keywords work
Location-based work to your area.
Use Google as a search product and see what the top users are saying
Have fun.

More training on Keywords

I use and recommend Wealthy affiliate for all training on internet issues. It is a free site with a small paid upgrade when you choose and covers every issue you can imagine.

Best Keyword tool by Peter Hanley

Best keyword tool, image of author
Peter Hanley

The internet is a scammers paradise

Here Peter Hanley reviews something everyone should read and that is The internet is A scammers paradise so beware and careful at all times.

The internet is a scammers paradise
Don’t be caught out

We have all been scammed at some time.

Well probably not all but if you have been around on the internet you have been bitten.
I have bought many products that promised much and delivered little if anything leaving me with a bad taste and light wallet.

Image of Pyramid
Ideas for make money

The problem is a bit like a pyramid scheme where many contribute to a few.

One of the best recent examples was a company called MOBE or My online business empire by a guy called Matt Lloyde (McGee)

This was a full internet training program that cost just $49 to join and promised all the training you need.

There is a thing on the internet called upsells and cross-sells.
You are offered a very cheap entry and then you need to spend more to get it to work properly. Just $99 gets you a working list and then $299 and we help you etc.

In part, you are locked in with nowhere to go except to ask for your money back.

I went with this one day and contacted the owner and said I want a refund. I wanted it because I expected to pay $19.99 and I needed to pay $299 to get a working product. I explained that I didn’t think there would be an upsell on this basic product. He belittled me as stupid and said no refund.
I was not happy.

The internet is a scammers paradise
Dead in the water

Getting back to MOBE they went a lot better, $99 then $299 then $599 right through to over $20000 to be in the full program. The trick was you had to recruit people under you to earn any money.
If you did not have the next entry fee they arranged a line of credit for you that off course would be paid from your earnings.
This went on for nearly six years before the US feds closed them down and liquidated the company leaving a lot of people out of money. Some $125,000,000 or more.
I lost my $49 and was lucky.


According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, nearly 100,000 attempts of phishing are reported each month worldwide.
This is when they get your passwords by stealth and use them to defraud you in many ways.


Another big deal is when they get into your computer by stealth and demand a ransom to release it.

This is not to be confused with the current emails saying you have been hacked and the Porn sites you have been on will be sent to everyone if you do not pay a fine in Bitcoins.

Just delete these and forget them.


One product I have used to check for Malware and clean my computer is Malware Bytes. You can get it for free or use a paid version but it is genuine and works well.
I recently used it myself with a small problem. Here is a link to Malware bytes

Your internet has been impacted.

You get a call from a guy saying he is from Microsoft or some qualified company to say your computer may have a problem and they will fix it for you Just let them log in.
Actually never let them log in because they are just trying to get information and passcodes and take your money.
You would not be that silly but people are doing it every single day.

Share trading opportunities

They call from a well known international organisation and give you an opportunity to make real money trading shares. Sometimes they will make money on the first couple of trades but then you are doomed. They find the big deal trade that they have inside information on and by now the greed factor has hit hard. You fall for it and hit it hard.
You have guessed the ending right? This one fails but wait, we can get your money back with one more try. Fat chance.

Go fund me calls

the internet is a scmmers paradise
I need money

Someone is going to die if they don’t raise the money in a hurry, Just tip in a hundred and help out. The problem is that some are genuine and some are not so before your better nature kicks in to ask the questions and do the checking.

The Romance scam

Vulnerable people fall for this all the time. They lose Hundreds of thousands of Dollars to someone in Nigeria posing as a potential marriage partner.
If you hear of someone in this situation take them gently by the hand and do the research on the problem. Once hooked it is not easy to change their minds. It needs skilled help before they are bled dry. It happens and Happens often.

There are a lot more scams

My advice is to be alert and do not believe in the impossible. Understand what you are doing and do your research and if it involves a lot of money walk away quickly. Some of these are very well done operations and you can be taken in.
They understand what they are doing and how to control the situation so you need to be eternally alert.

There is a new scam every day and we can but warn you.

The internet is a scammers paradise by Peter Hanley

Image of author
Peter Hanley

Get business from internet

Here we talk about getting business from Internet marketing and the necessary tools to really grow fast. The world has changed and you need to change with it.

The internet can now deliver new business faster than any other way

Your internet journey is one to explore those products that will quickly bring you increased traffic flow and with that new business and higher income.

Is it at all possible? The answer, of course, is a big fat YES.

The world is now based around the internet and the better you use it the quicker your road to the top.

Using an online business or a fixed location there is not a lot of difference in your approach to the Internet.

Business is all about customers

Well, that’s not quite true off course it is about customers that spend money with you and return you a profit. However, it all starts with customers.

Furthermore, it is about customers that use you more than once with repeat buying over a long period of time.

Titled “lifetime customers” they provide a consistent pattern because they have trust in you to do business

So how do you get new customers?

The answer is based around a consistent and regular approach to a market. It takes effort and trial to find better ways but they are there waiting for you.

Let’s have a look at a few ideas that are internet-driven.

  • Your Website, current, accurate with a call to action.
  • Regular blogging with ideas tips and tricks
  • Social media activity
  • Email marketing
  • Building a list that you can drive it hard
  • SMS marketing
  • Video, the big kid in town
  • Local marketing
  • Networking
  • Charity support
  • Advertising on Google or Bing
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Ad words
  • Brand building

Don’t do everything but do anything well

You may look at this list and blow your mind with despair thinking this is beyond me but stay for just a little while as we dig a bit deeper.

In your startup venture don’t spend a lot of money until you have your program in place. A program that can accept clients and turn them to customers without wasting or burning them in the travel.

From the top list, I would always start with a couple of necessary products that need to be in place before anything really gets going.

  • Your website in place
  • Two social media channels
  • Ways to build a list
  • Networking
  • and Email

Let’s explore a short marketing list


Your website is a given, it must be current, tell them what you have and provide contact details and or a shop Box.
You can do this yourself or have someone do it for you. Look to India or the Philipines for cheaper prices and think in the region of $500.
Include a Blog page and write a regular post. You can learn more about this with free training at the
Wealthy Affiliate a site set up for this purpose.
It is important to have an email capture block based around customer needs to market to them.

It is all about the list.


Don’t fire the shotgun pick two to start and build from there.
I would always establish a LinkedIn site first of all. It may not be a big customer puller but it is the start of your brand building. Create it with a great picture and a story about you and your success.
At this stage park it and forget for a while.

What social media?
Ok, a bit of work here and a choice between Facebook Instagram or even Twitter.
They all work if you generate activity.
Remember this well, they are not there to sell they are there to generate traffic to your site with entertainment and interest.

Sites that are neglected or half-built will create customers that feel the same.
I have a friend with a local Hairdressing shop that only uses Instagram. Two or three posts every day of the latest creations, She is booked out for months ahead. One channel does this, ten minutes of work a day zero cost and a following in the thousands.

Another has a Clothing shop. Facebook and Instagram every day and the traffic continue to build plus Online purchases are going through the roof.

A supplier of Outdoor Sheds and Patios invests in Adwords to have his webpage on page one when the future book slows down.
Fills his order book and closes ad words for a time

If you are building a personal profile in a certain demographic then Twitter can be your friend.

It is the darling of the political parties, singers actors and sportspersons but many others as well. I follow a writer and columnist in my group to be fed with current comments.

Social media works if you work Social media


Particularly with local businesses, this is a great way to build a following. You can use social functions, breakfast meetings, displays or stand around handing out brochures. I advise not to work your friends to death keep them informed but never ever pressured.
You can often support local clubs with a small donation or work contribution and build a following>
Yes, there are easier ways but some people thrive on this activity so if you are one then build on it.

get business with the Internet

Email marketing and Newsletters

We show some bias here as I believe this is a pretty easy job once you have some customers in place.

First of all, Newsletters work, full stop. They are the difference between a good business and an average one.

I notice an increase in activity in my area of marketing and there are some good and some not so good.
A newsletter is not there to actively sell products. It is part of the customer touch campaign so when they are ready to buy you come first of mind.
It is an old marketing adage that a customer must be touched seven times before they will buy and this is just one of them.

Marketing with email and autoresponders

Customers want information, they don’t necessarily want to be sold to and email, when done properly, does this well.
Email can be singular or many but does need to be targeted to a client need. It is no good sending Baby Ware to a football person, it does not fit.

Auto Responders

Get business from Internet
Regular feed of information

This is the automatic sending of emails over time, days weeks or months. There is a method to this to get better results and I covered this in a recent post on this site about Mass marketing with Email

The premise is all about Know like and trust and how you do this with mail.
You introduce your self first and use the appropriate name and call to action. then build a product profile and support before asking for the order.

They often liken it to meeting a new partner, you don’t go full-on at the first meeting but accept the introduction, get someone to say how good you are and then build up trust, The end is easy.
Know, Like and Trust now you say it three times so you don’t forget.

Once set up the time taken is minimal and the results can be optimal.

You should, however, understand not everyone will be your friend and some won’t open some will drop out and others will complain.
The trick is to get your figures working the way you want.
The beauty is that you can run trials, make changes, work the figures and end with a great result.

There is no need to outsource this because it is easy and quick because you will learn quickly and develop skills that will drive business.

I am assuming by now you are building a list

Get business from Internet
A list is an asset

Not everyone needs to be on a list but if you want to build an asset that will deliver results they should be.
Develop your touches and move on from there. If you have no list start from the top and get some names and emails and start working them.

Moving on to new promotions

Video is the new king

Video Marketing with YouTube.

This really is the latest buzz word.
Video is now searched nearly as many times as Google on a daily basis. If you want to be seen on YouTube you need to start doing some screen time.
However, there is no need to panic as I can help you.
First of all, get my free book
the Ultimate YouTube SEO cheat sheet

This is by my friends at Noble Samurai and gives you a guide on what to do.
If you need it you will be taken to a free trial to build some videos for your self using the latest in Technology.
There is no need to go out and buy expensive equipment like in the olden days.
You can use your mobile phone
Your computer or an automated system for very little money

SEO is important every time

SEO and Keywords are the way customer get to you. If you don’t get this right you will be lost in the wilderness, we bring you a free Keyword tool to help in your preparation for internet success.

You can use the attached Keyword tool and if you are unsure about anything go to the training panel and update your skills.

Don’t use keywords that are too hard, or you won’t be seen. Make sure you are found every time.

Get business from the Internet by Peter Hanley

Get business from the internet, image of author
Peter Hanley

WordPress essential training

WordPress essential training is now easier than ever. Here Peter Hanley takes you on a quick walkthrough with the essential items that need to be done

Wordpress essential training
Word press image

What is WordPress and why would you use it?

WordPress was a free open-source software first bought to the market in 2003.
To this day it still covers over 30% of all sites on the web.
In 2018 they introduced a new platform titled Gutenberg which changed the entire way of building sites.
Many users have rejected this change and WP have allowed the old classic version to continue on indefinitely.

Change now to WP 5 with the Gutenberg editor

I changed quickly to the new editor because I was frustrated with the old.
I tried using other builders like Elementor but could not get full exposure to SEO and other similar factors.

If you are an experienced WP user or new to websites and want to improve what you are doing read on.

The old WP was a line builder where you flitted in and out of the program. Now we use building blocks that create an attractive site.

  • Heading blocks for #1 down to #5
  • Paragraphs
  • Images
  • Lists
  • HTML code for links
  • Columns quotes and Youtube
  • Audio galleries and files
  • Codes, tables and Verse
  • embedding videos.

This is simply a list block that keeps it all in order

Image of a girl
Just download a pretty picture and create a story
Image of graph showing benefits
A picture is always a benefit to any story

Using blocks is like building Lego

When you want a bloc you just hit a little + sign and select what you want to do next.
You tell the template what to do and just insert the content, not much can go wrong here.
It is all done on the page in front of you so you have the opportunity to make corrections.

Back to the beginning

When you build site whether it is a blog, webpage, funnel sales page you start the same way.

You must have a domain name and a few keywords to bring the traffic to your site.
If it is a new site try and get your Keyword in the domain name and these can be bought from anywhere. GoDaddy, Wealthy Affiliate wherever you want but always compare pricing.
a domain name is your www. business.com address. Make sure it is alls HTTPS; compliant

Appearance plugins and tools

Image of tools
Tools to use

Before starting your website there are a couple of things to do.

Settings; these are a bunch of tools that are about you. Date, time and importantly do you open on a Page or a Post and if a post latest or oldest. Just click into each setting and change anything that needs changing. Most are prepopulated so don’t worry too much.


These are little software drivers that let you do lots of things on the net. It is however recommended you don’t use too many.
You need one to do your SEO like All in one SEO or even Yoast SEO.
Woocomerce for a shop front and I really like
Advanced Rich Text tools For Gutenberg. This gives you colour pallets and some line settings


This is the header to your website and can generally be changed at any time. You will have a standard Google one ready to go so use that first up. Later you can search for a more appropriate header.
Just change the words to suit you and let’s get started

Pages and posts and secrets

On any WordPress site, you have pages and posts.
Your pages are static and talk about your business and to start you should have three.
Your Main Web Page
An about you page
Terms, conditions and confidentiality.
Google an example or copy from somewhere
you can find that suits what you do

later you can add a contact page and other products or services if you wish.

Your main page is there to market your product.
It can be all sorts of things including a shop front if needed and should lead people to a sale or service. It is your number one salesperson.
No song and dance routine but what they want
what do they need to do and contact details?

The first impression is important so make sure your page quickly displays your products.
I really like contact details above the fold (on the first page) so anyone that wants me can do it without searching the site.

The page can be any size, shape or format as long as it suits your style and completes the job.

Posts are different

They are basically stories you tell that attract people to your site so you get action.
What you are reading is a Post. It will have a link to my site
and for more information and links to all the posts, I have written over time.

Posts are based around Keywords that attract readers and can be quite different to your page.
This Post in headed WordPress essential training and is on my Webpage Online business marketing.

You will see lots of different posts and they are there to inform and get you to my main page.

Things to remember when writing a page or post

Here are 6 things that make up a quality page or post:

(1) Small Paragraphs
(2) Separate your ideas with HEADING tabs (h3 or h4, read post)
(3) Black or dark grey text on white background
(4) Use conversational speak
(5) Use a captivating headline
(6) Use a relevant image within the first fold of the page


Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject. Wikipedia

A quote block

Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of SEO, they’re the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called “search queries.”

Moz. com

This is probably the most important subject on this page.
It is the one thing that gets you seen on the internet and without good research you have little chance of success.

Here I have added a link to a free Jaaxy Keyword tool. This used an HTML block and code from Jaaxy that you can get when you join.

I also wrote about this on my other site New business online where we discuss the subject a bit deeper.

Images in a page or post

wordpress online training

Images should be relevant to the subject and they are there to get attention. I like a few on a page to break up all the words.

Above I have used a double-column block with an image and writing to give the subject a bit more oomph. Naturally, you should never use images that are protected.

I also like to start the subject with an Image at the top of the page and completer the post with my image at the bottom for a branding effect.

YouTube and Audio

As important as these are I would hold back at your first tries until you are confident of the material you are using.

An embedded video for keyword research

Now we are moving into another important area that of linking both Internal and External links.

Linking your site with others

Linking is what they call SEO juice. It helps Google understand what you are talking about and how it references your material.
I like to use one outside source which is often Wikipedia because it carries authority and links to what I am writing.

I always link my post to my home page and any posts I have written on a similar subject. This allows the reader the opportunity to wander a little but is drawn back if I want.

One area of linking is to pages where you make money called Affiliate sites. There are a couple on board here and I say so without apology
Many others train better than I do so it is good to see a variety of options

Writing and spelling is important in your post.

I always use and recommend a product called
This is free software with an upgrade should you require it but you most likely won’t.

This software corrects your spelling and punctuation and really helps in the delivery of better quality.

Also, remember only about 300 words between paragraphs and great spacing for easy reading.

The number of words generally accepted is 1000 but you can go as low as 300 or as high as the mountain.

In conclusion on WordPress 5 training

I have tried to insert most of the blocks you will use somewhere in this site and added a bit of colour for effect.

You will see lots of headers, fairly short paragraphs, a couple of quotes and a list.
Then pictures, Youtube, a button and some links. All done

One last word is to remember Categories and tags. These are searched by clients and are very useful in SEO

WordPress essential training by Peter Hanley

Wordpress training, image of author
Peter Hanley

What is the best web hosting for WordPress

What is the best web hosting for WordPress and how do you find it. Here Peter Hanley takes you on a journey of discovery for fast, reliable and secure hosting.

What do you get with web hosting that matters

As I long term internet marketer I have tried all sorts of Hosting plans, some good, many OK and some really bad.

It is an interesting subject but it does not start with Hosting.
It starts with a subject, what is it you will want to host?
Next is what Keyword will you use?
Do you want to use WordPress?
Finally is a domain available?

A good hosting site should be able to help you with all of this information.

Why WordPress hosting anyway

First of all, over a third of all websites in the world are built on WordPress.
WordPress was developed as a free template to help anyone that wanted to blog in any way.
Initially, a lot of coding was required but with growth and change, no coding is ever required as you build a site to match the best.

images of wordpress
Just a few of those using WP

That is a fairly heady list so if they can use WordPress what is stopping you?

WordPress and Guttenberg

WordPress failed to meet with the web builder sites because of the structure in building a page lacked some elements.
Mid 2018 they introduced a new program called Guttenberg. This name refers to an old Printing machine of the same name. They were great machines and my brother a printer just adored his big Press and how good it was.

Well, WordPress started what we call block building and each section has its own block which included;
Headings of all sizes
A paragraph as long or short as you wish
Lists, quotes, pictures Predone code. colums etc.

As usual most people were reluctant to change but I took and early step to achieve this.

If you are a new user this is so easy to manage and you can be producing great content in hours and not weeks or months.

Site support is my WordPress wish

What is the best web hosting for WordPress
The most impotant element

We all live in varying parts of a big world with a lot of time differences. When I am working I don’t want to be met with a “please ring during working hours” message or just as bad send an email and we promise to respond within 48 hours. It is not good enough.
We all have the occasional issue with a web page. A plugin won’t work, site down a myriad of things that are there to really mess up your day.
There are several types of support and one will be better for you.

Live chat lines

Chat line is OK if you are online with someone with a degree of knowledge and not issuing stock statements.
Gee, I have had some bad ones that test you with stupidity.

Live email

This is when you can fully explain a problem and wait for a response. This my favourite because the reader has time to consider an answer and respond appropriately.

Forum response

This is another form of support that sometimes works the best particularly when it is not really a hosting problem. You will generally find someone that has experienced a similar issue and is ready to help out.

Website speed is important

We are an impatient lot and a couple of seconds can make a big difference. No matter how well you structure your page if the host is slow so are you. Just a fact of life.
However, it is not acceptable in this stage of technology when speed is paramount and customer response is dependent.
Furthermore, you can do a speed test either with your carrier or an on market site.

Under this subject are also other carrier inputs
That affects your site.
Daily Backup
Site health report
Free SSL security. ( a must-have)
Bandwidth and capacity
To name the important ones

Comments on WordPress are important

You should not underestimate the value of comments and feedback to your SEO. Google loves the interaction and this is a really good area to gain a better place in the market.

Suggest a Good website host

No better hosting for WordPress than Wealthy Affiliate

I have listed above what you can achieve either for free or a small monthly payment to run as many sites as you wish. When you check-in you can see a report on every aspect of hosting and how it will affect you.
The support is there in all three levels and it runs 24-7. Wealthy Affiliate is based in Canada and I am in Australia so we don’t have many similar working hours. I have never had a problem getting support from all three tiers.

Training for WordPress web sites

Let’s face it your site will be different to everyone else so you need to understand what you are doing. With the best of intentions, your Domain host is not responsible to help you with your site so you are on your own. Yes, you can go to the web and search for answers or pay for training in different subjects or use a Module at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is an example of Training provided at Wealthy Affiliate
Here you can learn from the very start to the most advanced training available without paying any money or committing yourself to any commitment.
Just Hosting a Website is only one tiny part of a whole package that helps you be successful as you enter an exciting part of your life.

SEO Is important in Website hosting and site-building

What is the best web hosting for WordPress
A really important factor

When you understand what you want a site for and gather your Keywords you are ready to take off, well almost anyway.

SEO or Search Engine optimisation is preparing your web page for the best possible chance of being visited on the web.
The WWW is a massive host of billions of sites all wanting to be seen, so what do you think makes yours stand out?

It is also an address book that guides people to see what you have and without instructions your visitors are not going anywhere.

I liken it to a Satnav in your car or hand. A wonderfull piece of work but unless you turn it on it may just as well be a brick.
Even when turned on it still needs instructions to do what you want to achieve.
Your website is no different.
It must be turned on or registered with Google search to be found.
Then it needs instructions to gather up all those lookers and bring them to you.
The good bit is that it is not all that hard.

The modern days of SEO

In the olden days, SEO was handled by experts that charged an arm and a leg to get you a position on the web.
I can personally remember paying $800 a month for the privilege and not always achieving what I wanted.

Now you can do it all with a few easy to follow rules that can get you to page one and keep you there for the long term.

I can’t cover everything here because it takes a bit of time and it is all included in the training at Wealthy Affiliate but here are some things you need to do;

What is the best web hosting for WordPress
  • Your Keywords are the beginning.
  • Your Meta profile is important
  • as is your site name.
  • The length of your page or words included
  • and paragraph headings in the correct sizes
  • Time spent on the site
  • Lots of appropriate pictures with Alt tags
  • Intenal and external links
  • Customer comments
  • Attention to your site to be relevant

Now that may seem a long and strange list but with a simple instruction template it is very easily achieved.

Other SEO requirements

Now we have said that being seen in Google is important, and it is, but there are now other search engines that need to be primed.
Bing and Yahoo
Yandex for Russian territories
Baidu for China
And remember AOL the first and still going

While these have some relevance in today’s market the second biggest is now one you will have missed.
I just did a quick Google research stroll and most missed this completely.

YouTube now the second biggest seach vehicle

That’s correct YouTube is used for so many searches that it is becoming a dominant force in the market.
What’s more American and world businesses are ignoring it.
Preparing YouTube videos for business has traditionally been expensive but like anything else, technology jumps ahead of the market and make life easy. So easy in fact a common I.phone or Samsung can be your producer, camera, sound recording and transport to YouTube.
You do need to be a bit careful and again follow some rules of engagement to get the best result

and here iI attach a free list for your personal use with a downloadable cheat sheet from my friends at the Noble Samurai

This is something everyone should have in their pocket.

Furthermore the best web hosting is just the start of the journey

I hope we have provided you information that will lead you to greater discovery and learning and provide you a chance of success on the World Wide Web.

Google com Youtube, image of author
Peter Hanley

Home page

Free website building software

image of mouse

Here Peter Hanley introduces you to
free website building software that you can use anywhere any time. Learn how quickly and easily to drive your growth.

What is a Website anyway

  • Company site or card site
  • Blog page
  • Funnel
  • squeeze page
  • Online store
  • News or search site
  • Information
  • Accounting or practices based sites

Company site

Free website building software
Just a general idea

You visit these every day. Who they are, what they sell, where are they, testimonials, products, links, selling points, phone numbers etc.
They have a domain name as an address.
www.onlinebusinessmessaging.info and within the pages probably many Keywords that all so drag people in.

Funnels and Squeeze pages

These are sites made to sell a product and take you on a journey from interest to satisfaction.
There are many of these mostly used by internet marketers that specifically want to sell you something. You start high and end with pay now section.

Often associated with a popup

When you try and exit the page a new page opens up that says”
“Wait! Before you leave we have one final offer.”

This is just a subsidiary page with one last attempt to get your Credit card.

Blog pages

These are usually associated with an interest group. It could be food, wine, embroidery or any subject at all.
In fact, this page is, in reality, a Blog. We report on things of internet interest.
You can have pages or posts and open with either. We open with a page but you can select a current blog as the opener.

If you want to create a blog for free hop onto Wealthy Affiliate and you can get a blog and the hosting for just the cost of a domain, about $10 a year.

Now we look at shop sites or online stores.

There is nothing different about these except in the template. Or how you set them up.
You can use WordPress or go to somewhere like Shop.com although you will pay a monthly fee

News sites

There are any amount of these with every Newspaper in the world having one.
It might be news or any type of typical distribution or information.

Accounting or legal sites

Again if you are in business you probably use an online accounting package. We all do and there are many of them. The same is with legal and probably many others as well. Normally this is big boy stuff so knowing it is there is probably good enough.

That is an outline of Webpages to start with.

In the olden days about 10 years ago you needed significant coding ability to construct and run a domain or Website.
In most cases, this no longer applies as they use a new technique called box building.
Each box is a section of the page.

  • A heading of different sizes
  • Paragraphs and writing
  • Html code, Don’t get excited this is copy and paste stuff
  • Pictures
  • Lists
  • Testimonials
  • Quotes
  • Files
  • And last of all Videos.

There are others but you don’t really need to understand them yet.

Most websites are built using WordPress. This is a free infrastructure that uses plugins to drive it or add extra facilities.

WordPress is used by 60.4% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 33.5% of all websites.

Tecnologies Overview

The big end of town uses a name like Droopla, Shopify or Squarespace to build sites. If you want to be a Pro perhaps you can chase this and learn but allow some time.

As all companies have a Website a whole heap of money has been spent on development.

My story on WordPress

About 12 years ago I operated a medium-sized company and I had someone build me a site. Now the site looked ok but it would not deliver me any business and I had no idea about SEO or any of the contributing matters.

My thought process told me I needed to learn about Websites and all the included matters that made a difference to the production of leads.

It was a difficult time because you still required some coding knowledge and word processing features to build a site.
Learn I did so when I got my next website I told them what I wanted and how I wanted it done. I wrote the words and picked the media and had them make it look pretty.

Now, all this time later the site is still number one in the main Keyword and produces enquiries every month. Not a bad effort.
I had to take it further.

These days I could build a working Webpage in a matter of a few hours complete with SEO and important features.
My only problem is my typing is slow and that is not going to change at my age.

Business needs the internet

I also understood that the business world was moving to the internet and Websites were the beginning.

Let’s make this clear. Your website is there to sell a product or push people to you so you can. It is not to entertain it has a real purpose in life just like a walk in the store.

When we get to Social media that is to entertain and amuse and deliver people to your Website to buy.

Often I see educated trainers sending people from a website to Social media. When they get there they flit all over the place as they follow interesting subjects. Never to return to your site.

How do you learn to build a Website

Throughout this site, I have had links to Wealthy Affiliate. The reason is that they have a full training consol that teaches you all this and lots more. I just checked a blog to look at something and it was full of Amazon books on how to build a site US$ 15-20 each. Save your money and do it for free. When you have all the fundamentals at hand then you may wish to expand your knowledge and read further. However, you will know what you are looking for and what you want to do.

It all starts with a Domain name.

This is your www. com address and can be searched on a site at Wealthy Affiliate for free.
You can have .com or .net or .info or any number of new varieties.
The .com was the first to cover the world market. I do some of mine in Australia so I have .com.au addresses as well. You don’t get this option in the USA but most countries do.

This is what draws people to your website so choose carefully.

The domain for this site is https://onlinebusinessmarketing.info

In this Blog example, my main Keyword is Online business marketing so I made it into a blog. However, this post is different the keyword is Free website building software that sits on my main suite as a post.

The major difference between WordPress posts and pages is that theWordPress post is a dynamic entity and WordPress page is a static entity. WordPress Posts is a dynamic entity that has a published/updated date and is displayed on the blog page.

just to clear an issue

You can have one or both on a Website mostly both.

We have talked about SEO

We have talked about SEO in another post on this page.
Its purpose is to bring customers to your site, read the information and buy the product.

You can Pay for it or use organic methods to achieve the same result. The paid ads are the ones at the top of any page with a little ad logo. Cost from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per click. Be careful it is a money industry.

I have supplied lots of links to learn about building a web page fro go to whoa.

Click on in without paying money and get some basic and advanced knowledge before setting out on your journey.

You can thank me later.

Free website building software by Peter Hanley

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