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How to get the best hosting for WordPress

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress? When you want to own your work and secure the future there is only one choice

Estimated reading time: 13 minutes

Why is WordPress the preferred choice of page builders?

WordPress was designed for bloggers and recent upgrades have bought it right up to the market as a web builder as well.

The block building system with additional resources and a range of plugins to cover any situation make it very easy to manage as a page builder.

Used by both top 100 corporations down to new users it is flexible enough to cover any situation and robust enough to handle all traffic conditions.

Designed by coders to be free to the market it is ably supported by thousands of free or low-priced devices to expand the inherent abilities into an award-winning product.

WordPress is designed to be used by anyone regardless of experience.

Furthermore, it will remain future-proof with consistent upgrades to further enhance its abilities as a world leader in page building. Very few of the current market offers to provide a guarantee of continued application like this.

The importance of premium hosting in today's market

Let there be no doubt that Google as a search engine now demands high-level abilities for your site to rank under SEO.
Failure to comply with Google's demands will have you relegated to the double-digit pages where no one wants to go.

Built for Mobile-first It must work on a small screen
Fast first-page downloadFaster the better
Highest security featuresabsolute necessity SSL
Spam blockerRid of junk before it hits your site
Site Health ReviewUp to date
Encourage commentsmore the better
24/7 SupportHosting and WordPress
Active forumKeep up with the latest
Password protectedKeep intruders out
Ownership of your materialAbility to transfer
Data BackupAutomatic site backkup

These are some of the more important attributes necessary to rank under Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Best way to learn about WordPress

It is important to understand that there is a big difference between WordPress and Hosting.

You can have one without the other however together they are a formidable pair. Furthermore, the support and functionality come from different areas.

When you chose your host and get the site set up that should work for you over time without a lot of support required.

However, WordPress is dynamic and will have you on a long learning curve as you expand your abilities from New Kid to expert.

You need some basic training and then you are off like wildfire.

WordPress works well in a basic format however by adding modules you expand the features to be at the top of market requirements.

When there is too much training a personal memory

WordPress support is essential in your internet career

Everyone will come across problems at some stage of the journey. Therefore having good support is essential for your development. A problem needs to be solved quickly to save you spending days searching Google and furthermore, it must be available 24/7 because of time differences across the world.

  1. Having a total training program available at the click of a button.

Building web pages, blogging, or writing product reviews all have many parts that require a good overall knowledge of WordPress. Your search may be basic or advanced however you want the answer and you want it now.

2. The use of a chat line is also very helpful for those wanting a better understanding of the problem. We all have those discussions where the interpretation of the problem is not clearly understood and you need to enhance your problem

3. There are times when problems are deeper than a first-level issue and you need to delve further into the problem. This is time for a good working forum. When you have many members all doing much the same thing someone has always experienced the issue before.
A forum question will provoke many responses and there will always be one that hits the problem on the head.

4. Google is the always-ready search engine with a response. However, it is by far the most difficult in problem-solving for any but the most mundane queries. You can spend hours of precious time trying to finish a simple task.

How to get your hosting for free

First of all free is far too high a price to pay. No one will provide you with the world without asking for a return so they can cover their costs.

It is important to understand that the time you spend in building a business based on WordPress can not be replaced if it is lost or indeed stolen.

I have written nearly 1000 blogs taking about 3 hours each or 75 weeks of work. Would I risk all that on a free or cheap site? Not on your Nelly Bligh would I. I want the best I can get

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress

You can wrangle a free site when you know what to do.

Many web hosts build their business on Affiliate Marketing. Therefore recommending a few paying customers will cover your payments and your free site is covered.
That's not rocket science and is available in most cases to provide you with the world's best hosting at the best price.

Getting a free host idea number two

Very few writers are ever content with just one site. As we grow in confidence we find new ideas and branch out in different ways adding site after site to our base.

The carriers know this and they will offer you a free site to start the journey. It probably won't have all the bells and whistles however as a new entrant it is an ideal starter pad that will include both WordPress and page builders to get you well on the way.

As your confidence grows, and probably your income, you will take the upgrade step to a position where you can have many sites all housed together for a single price.

In fact, if you are a new entrant I would highly recommend this action to ensure this business is for you. Remember this is a journey and not a quick fix cash flow miracle.

A cheap host may be all you need.

You may be writing for family and friends, a charity site, or even a short-term educational program so that your needs are minimal and your site live short.

In this case, pick the best host available and work it to your timeline and expectations.

All are not equal in this arena and there are some dodgy players that will rip you apart as they extract more and more money out of you. In many surveys, Blue Host continually comes out on top for cheap no-frills hosting for low expectation results.

Your future prospects with WordPress and hosting

The one thing you do need to understand is that you have a clear path to the future that is not going to break the bank or continually pester you for more funds.

We like to call it “Future Proofing” because your business needs a solid foundation and one that does not throw issues at you on a regular basis.

You need to stay abreast of current developments and industry changes.

Where do you find all the above in a single site, one that has stood the test of time and stays at the front of the industry

The basic entry is free the paid version is Half price for the first month and you can cancel at any time.

  • You get all the tools to start a site
  • The cost is maintained without upsells
  • Your future prospects are guaranteed

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress requires understanding

Your WordPress site requires an understanding of the internet

What many people don't understand is that there are certain rules applying to Web pages that you must understand properly before you kick off on your own.
If you don't gather this basic knowledge you will really be wasting your time and achieving little if anything. Then you will get disheartened and give up as so many new entrants do.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)How to be found on the internet
KeywordsThe importance of phrases and long tails
Headingscan make or break you
Meta descriptionsA few words to entice readers
StructureSetting up your work
AuthorityHow you get it
Using Picturesproperly
Also Lists, graphs and Adding character
Spelling and grammarUsing tools

This is a list of the most important points that you need to navigate on day one.

How your WordPress site is found on Google

Google as well as Bing and Yahoo are search engines whose job is to deliver customers to your page. They are like a Post Office directing mail around the globe therefore it is important that they know where you are.

They do this by using Keywords or phrases that readers either type into the internet or voice into a mobile device.

This gets a bit tricky because many people may use the same Keyword so Google lines them all up on pages of terms. For Instance the word Nike will have maybe 30 pages of people with the same term.

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress

This is a popular word with a whole heap of traffic and a bundle of competition both paid and free so using this as your Keyword would be an impossible solution.

Using a Keyphrase.

A key phrase takes your word and turns in into a solution. “Nike mens boots for basketball”
These are often called longtail Keywords however both mean the same thing.

Before you write a single word you must understand keywords. Learn about traffic and competition and the only place to be is on page one.

There has been a change in this philosophy in recent times where search engines are no longer equal.

Exact match Keywords v Artificial intelligence (AI)

Firstly Bing and Yahoo still use exact match keywords. Therefore if someone asks for your keyword they will be delivered to the site, however in order of history.

Secondly, Google uses AI to find the intent for the keyword. If they request Nike then Google will know you are looking for a Nike store in your area that sells boots. Skiing in Colorado may bring up resorts and supplies as well as best asking times.

Many people will wonder how they can rate on Bing and not on Google or the other way around

The job now is to craft your page to meet both demands to get a top spot position

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress by using authority

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress

This is an oft-ignored subject however it will play heavily on your results. When chosing a post to advance in the search terms anyone with authority will come first. For example, with medical issues, a doctor is a good authority whereas a blogger is just a plodder.
A specialist is better than a Doctor and a University Professor will top the list.

As a basic plodder, we can borrow authority by quoting highly relevant material to show that we have researched the subject and backed up our ideas with scientific facts.
Quotes, graphs, and other material will enhance your authority and let you jump over the basic writers

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress and be on page one

Why do you need to be on page one of a search term

You need to be on page one because very few people ever venture deeper than that.

In fact, the first three lines on page one will capture the readers. ( those few that don't click the paid ads and wander off to YouTube)

That is why Keywords, intent, and authority are necessary inclusions in your work.

The other is also time for Google to see that your content is enjoyed by others.
IT might take years to get near the front with the Term Nike but using proper Keyword selection you will have a chance.

Lastly is professional competition. When you are fighting with the best in the market to get a position you need to be better to get to the top, so refine your Keywords to stay away from the heavy hitters.

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress and my recommendations

Finding the best hosting site

I have given you some ground rules to consider, things that you must know or the best host in the world would be a waste.

  • You need access to training
  • Fast and secure hosting
  • 24/7 support with a great forum
  • Realistic pricing
  • More than a single site
  • History, reliability, and many users

Host selector one

Here I am bookending the best and the cheapest so you make a choice.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a substantial package where the training value is worth far more than the annual premium. It is packed with everything that a newbie and a professional could ever want.

Because you can try this for free and form your own opinion regarding the value and content you have the chance to see what is good and otherwise for you as a person.

They have some really good BlackFriday offers so taking a monthly plan until then may be worthwhile for you. Particularly If you will front an annual premium.

Host selector two

I don't use cheap hosting however all the reviews online generally place Blue Host at the top.

You start off cheap however as you need more the price goes up which is natural.

Remember there are bad eggs in the internet basket so choose your host wisely. Your content is important and must be secure at all costs.


Building products on the internet using WordPress and great hosting is a wonderful experience. However, you can be blinded by seemingly other opportunities along the way.
Stay focused on your objective with only premium tools and the end is secure.
In review;

  • A good Host is a great investment
  • Price is a long second to performance
  • Knowing that your future is secure is paramount

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress by Peter Hanley

Why my WordPress website is not showing in Google search

Why my WordPress website is not showing in Google search. It comes down to just one thing and if you don't get it right you are lost forever

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Is WordPress any better than other blogging sites

No, it is not the fault of WordPress. In Fact, WordPress is designed for blogging and provides all the tools to get it right.
Over 30% of all blogs are written in WordPress and this includes punters like you and me plus top 100 companies.

Therefore a free WordPress site will conform to search engine rules and rank you well if you do what they say.

How does Google rank your blog?

You will see writers going on about algorithms that sort through all sorts of fancy reasons to rank your site ahead of everyone else.

That is why we have SEO tools screaming at you to do all the little bits that can take you to page one of a search term.

When you realise that page one is the only place to hang out you really need to understand what needs to be done to get you there. If you are not invited to this party everything you have done is just wasted talent.

First of all answer the bloody question.

If someone wants to understand why tyres are black they could not care less about White Walls that are now trending. If they wanted to know about White Walls they would have asked.
The closer you can relate to the actual question the better Google will look at you and consider you for a page one position.

It is all so a bit about history

When the trendy in-crowd have hogged page one for a long time it will be hard, if not impossible, to muscle them out of the way. That is just life and when they are doing everything right Google does look after them as the good friends they are. Sort of mates from High school and they share a lot of history so why should this outsider come barging in?

However Authority carries power

Why my WordPress website is not showing in Google search

When you have been espousing full understanding about black tires and have the audience in your hand you may well be unrimmed.

When the head guru at Firestone, the noted Dr. Curbside, writes about Tyres then Google gets all excited. He is really taken by people with knowledge that know a lot more than you or me. Or pretend to know but flirting with Google and flashing those credentials around has him all weak at the knees and hence you get an invite to the party and another sucker gets booted out.

Some writers that know all this authority stuff will pretend that they have talked to the right people
In their article, they will reference Dr. Curbside and borrow his credential to back up their point of view. They might even mention that Prof Goodyear also agrees so what they are saying really carries a lot of weight.

Use authority to grow your status

Strong competition is hard to climb over

Every school has an in-group. They rank before anyone else because they are in a final year and you are a couple of years behind them.
Therefore getting past all these long-term players will be very difficult and that is why you avoid the crush.

If the competition is just too dammed high then go to another party where the B group hangs out. There you may get to be in the influencers that you seek to be.
Being King of a small group still makes you king however being ignored on the big page is still being on the outside.

That is why heavy competition is so dammed important and when you ignore this simple fact no one will find you.

Seek Keywords with low competition.

Why my WordPress website is not showing in Google search and Keywords

The number one crytical factor is your Keyword

Get this wrong and they tear up your invite and throw it away forever. If your choice of words, the words that people search by, is not spot on the door detective relegates you to the back of the class.
That is why we look for words that have low competition but still have traffic.

The question Maybe “what Tyre pressure do you have in a Porshe for race day”. The correct answer may well be “Porshe tyres need to be underinflated to get grip on race day”

You have included Porche as a word, Tyres are what we are talking about and Inflation as a closer. These are three Keywords put together to answer a question.
Talking about Toyota or tread ratings and water channels can answer the same question but that is not what we asked for.
To find these answers we use a couple of important tools that indicate your opportunity to rank.
The first is a product called Jaaxy which is a keyword tool. It is designed to indicate both traffic and competition so that you can start your research with a good deal of clarity.

Choosing a good Keyphrase

Why my WordPress website is not showing in Google search

Whilst writing this I dreamt up a Keyword that was going to be easy to rank with and would show you what I meant. It does more than that and I will tell you why.

Not many people actually search for this term, <10 however 100 people have written about it . (QSR indicates a number of competing sites)

Therefore if you chose this as a keyword you have very little traffic and a bundle of competition. Go to the back of the class.

But wait.
let's have a look at Google first. Type it into Google using ” ” and you will find no one answers that question exactly. They all have general answers so you could in fact rank however traffic is still pretty small.

This is the way we search for Keywords that rank when there are a couple of Million blogs being written every day and we want to be in the A-class.

A free Jaaxy Keyword tool is available in the training at Wealthy Affiliate

I threw this heading in because it is often searched by those wanting the correct answer.
However, I hope by now you will realise that Google does not take bribes.
Google wants content that meets the rules and cares not whether you use WordPress or Blogger or any other free site.

Why my WordPress website is not showing in Google search is simply that you did not understand what you were doing. Plus there is no fixing it. When you choose a Keyword you are stuck with it and any changes will wipe out any traction you may have gained.
Change your Keyword to better reflect the question and start over.


Let's go for a quick summary

WordPress sites are excellentThey were designed for blogging
You need to answer a questionOr solve a problem
Google likes time to consider your blogIt won't rank on day one
Authority is importantIn fact necessary
Too much competition is badYou will never rank
Keywords are everythingOr Keyphrases or long-tail words
Google does not discriminateEveryone is equal
If you are not getting readStart over

It is a lot to consider but getting to page one depends on how you approach the problem.
WordPress works, Google has rules and Keywords are the most important tool.

Why my WordPress website is not showing in Google search by Peter Hanley

What is the Easy Way to Build a Website

What is the Easy Way to Build a Website? One that does not cost a lot of money and will get results quickly. The answer is in one question

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Tell me why you want a website

All websites are different and they do different things so having a clr4ear understanding of where you are going needs to be clear at the beginning.

  • Business website
  • E.commerce site
  • A funnel
  • Affiliate site
  • Blog site

These are just a few examples of the types of sites and they are all very different.

Building a Website starts with a unique name

Your unique name will be your .com selection that readers will search to find you.
Dotcom or net etc are the US or noncountry identified however if you add the UK it says you are in England so is used for those wanting to market locally.

Can two people have the same name

The answer is yes and no. For example;

The name is consistent however the designation codes vary so they are quite different and possibly four Brian Jones.

These are bought on a hosting service and carry an annual charge of about $15 a year.
A bigger training manual on this is attached.

Choose carefully because it may last a lifetime.

Hosting your domain and building a site

Once you have a web address you need to tell the Post Office or in this case a Domain Host that will look after your asset and direct all inquiries directly to it.

The building bit

Lots of options here so we will try and make it easy for you.
A large majority of all Websites are built with free software called WordPress.

This is easy to use for anyone and requires no programming skills or in-depth knowledge.
This blog and all my sites are built with WordPress after trying many alternatives.
Some companies help you build sites and charge a monthly premium for their services. In a few cases, this may be necessary but mostly not.

I would recommend setting up a free site at Wealthy Affiliate and using all the tools and training available to learn the basic skills before adventuring forth on your site.
You can use a free domain that closely resembles what you want to achieve and employ all the tools and additions available to the most expensive programs.

You will also have access to a full basic training package that teaches all the basic skills and a forum on which to ask those challenging questions.

Building a funnel or direct selling site

This is a bit more complicated and in this case, you will need some hand-holding
A funnel is a hard-selling marketing tool that captures people at the top and churns out buyers at the bottom.
I Use a product from Groove that handles all this for you. There is a cost however it can be recovered very quickly when you have a finished product.

When you want a mentor to hold your hand

Building a website

Many of you starting out want to fast-track your learning in a classroom-style activity with a teacher, lessons, and results.
I recommend a mate of mine that has done it all and is semi-retired to a tropical paradise.
Roy Carter is an. English guy that teaches those that want to be successful. He does not take on anyone and generally needs a recommendation before he will consider a new student.
His classes are pretty popular but have a chat with Roy and tell him I sent you. No one guarantees success because that depends on you however Roy churns out some really good results.
At one stage I had a small issue and consulted Roy for a solution. He looked at what I was doing, gave me some advice, and sent me on my way saying you are on the right track.
Asked for nothing in return even though his advice was extremely valuable.

Setting up a retail store ( E.commerce)

Some of you want to go into retail selling of goods or services.
There are several ways to go about this.

  1. your WordPress site has a plug in called Woocomercce. This program or plugin has many of the features necessary to start life as a shopkeeper. The more advanced plugins will come with a price however this is certainly the cheapest entry to retail

2) Many will adventure to a specialized shop called, of all things,
This has a cost to set up and a monthly charge depending on how you expand however it is potentially a bit easier for the beginner.

My daughter bought a small boutique and immediately set about building an online store. The store integrates with her stock holding and point of sale material and has helped increase store traffic substantially.
With a nursing background, she entered this with little experience in website building however has a very credible site.

Everyone has a need to build a website

My journey started because of the extreme cost of building a small site through experts companies. This is after I had to write all the words and they just jigsawed them together.

My journey has gone on to build many sites for lots of different purposes because I learned the basic skills with a bit of training. Hey, I am no expert and had to plod my way however it is a rewarding experience.

Clearly define your goal

building a website

Having a plan of what you want to achieve in the long term is essential to choosing a starting point.
You can not go in boots and all covering every direction because you will get confused and frustrated. Start with a specific plan and follow that through to completion before going to the next level.
you will need to learn about SEO and traffic as well as all sorts of linking to and from other sites. Plus, of course, how is the best way to monetise your work. A valuable input.


I have given you a brief overview of building your first website along with both free and paid options.
I would recommend starting a training site and making all the mistakes before you get to let loose on the world. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.
There is a lot to learn even though the basics are very easy. Experts can build a working site in half an hour however you will plod a bit longer than this.
just building content is timely let alone all the other bits.

It is not hard, anyone can do it and the only problem is getting you started. There is no time like now.

What is the East Way to Build a Website by Peter Hanley

The best way to get a cheap blog site

The best way to get a cheap blog site and be writing your story today. Find your way around the traps that await the unwary

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Is it a blog site a web site or both

Firstly a blog site can be part of a website and set up easily using a WordPress site. plus a blog can be from a provider where you share facilities.

A site like Blogger or Square Space is ok for the occasional blogger that just wants to write however blogging should be a lot more than that.

A cheap blog site may be a recipe for disaster.

                      I will tell you why.

There are only small, but important differences between the two.
A web page is a fixed location that has pages located within it. One of those could be a blog page, a terms and conditions page, location, about you page, product pages, and on and on.

Your blog page has all your blogs in date order, first to last or last to first and some sidebars with the Latest list, Categories, archives, etc.

It is good to reference between the two so you can increase the depth of knowledge and get the action you want.

Importantly your website is a selling page, it is your shop front, storeman, and cashier however the humble blog is an information page that can link you to the webpage to do the heavy lifting.
in summary, your blog is simply a page ( called a post to make it different) of your website.

Blogging is not a short term cash cow

It is quite the opposite and requires a long-term strategy to bring out the best results.
However, there are many reasons to blog and they are not all about money.

First of all, every business website should include a blog ( or what is called a post) option. This is where you write about products and questions that readers want answers to.

An example on say The Nike shoe site;
Your blog may be on “how to thread shoelaces the best for basketball High rises”.
On a hardware site;
How to cure green timber in winter to stop it from warping.

Furthermore, you will notice that they tend to answer questions that the normal person might be looking for.

The benefit is that I learn to tie my Shoelaces and see a link or advertisement that will take me to the sales page. Therefore the job is done.

Importantly a blog is found when someone searches for your Keyword or Longtail key phrase. The more refined the term the more people will find you and thus read you and buy from you.

Around seven million blog posts are published every day and you need to be number one

The best way to get a cheap blog site and be recognised

Google takes its own time to recognise you

My first warning is not to despair when no one reads your manifest straight away.
Google wants to keep you out of the action for a few months to see if you have the ability to attract a following. They want the best answer to a select question by the person with the most authority.

Let me explain; If you write about the best Covid vaccine for children under 19 and you are competing with a Medical professor writing the same thing guess who will get there first.
However, if you follow along we can cut the professor down a peg or two and get you back in the action.

How to use WordPress to blog

It is always about the money, or it should be anyway

Don't get me wrong because we all love to write and often for the good of everyone however it is a long and arduous process.

However we don't usually do in your face marketing, well, mostly anyway however a link to your selling site does the job we also use affiliate sites and advertising to pay the way.

On a business site, your blog will link them to a sales page the ultimate goal.

So don't be shy about planning for a financial return it will keep you writing.

Gaining authority to increase your ranking

This is an essential part of blogging because Google says it is so and Google is the boss.
The value of your content is a high-ranking factor and can not be ignored.
So your not a Doctor a Lawyer or an architect however you can reference their material.

The best way to get a cheap blog site

Having links to good reference sites shows that you have done your research and not published just a bunch of rubbish.

I even use Wikipedia as a reference site because they are a recognised authority.
Schools, Colleges, hospitals, and well-known Government sites are all good sources of material.

Why a cheap site might not be suitable

Having ventured into the cheap world and been burnt several times I now avoid them like a plague. When you lose a year's data for no fault of your own it is almost time to jump from the nearest bridge, believe me, it is a tough penalty. Therefore I have settled on only one site that does everything I want. Plus you can try it for free with a blog page so you get the feel of the whole experience,
These are the critical things to look for.

Download capacityYou will eventually need unlimited
Opening speedMust be very fast
Additional sitesWe all start with one and then grow
SecuritySpam blockers
Daily backupDon't lose everything
24/7 SupportYou never know when you need help
Site commentsExtra comments and ideas
Site feedbackAre you up to scratch
A great forumA million members on stand by

When consistent training is essential

Your blogging career has a long learning curve that can not be completed in a short time. Things change and move to make your results a lot better when you are up to date.
Blogging and webpages are a competitive field and there are only winners, the rest are lost on page 20 of a search term never to be found or read.

Furthermore, there are many parts to the puzzle and you will need answers to these along the way.

  • Hosting and website problems
  • WordPress issues
  • Plugin control and training
  • Getting your page comments
  • Off course SEO is important
  • Headlines are critical and to be exact
  • Keywords are the foundation of the exercise.
  • Having a general support group

    Training and support for all of these come from different sources therefore you need access from day one of your journey.No single site can address every issue therefore a good group is necessary.
    When a problem pops up you can spend hours, even days researching an answer instead of simply going to the forum and asking the question. Someone always has a solution.

A quote from Cassie a member of WA

It was in those activities that I found my lifeline and the courage to push through. This is no cliché: I couldn't have made it through without the support I continue to receive from our WA members.”


Don't be conned into a cheap payment, everything has a real cost and if it is sold undervalue there must be shortcuts.
The shortcuts are critical to your results and can have devastating impacts on a life's work.
I say this from real experience.
The old saying is that you get what you pay for is very true and certainly relates to web hosting.

The best way to get a cheap blog site by Peter Hanley

The setup structure template

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do . These small changes can lift your results 3x and and make you an email winner

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

How to increase your email open rates

  • Use a recognizable sender name not a company name
  • Use up to 10 words in your subject lines to get the best open rate
  • Send regularly
  • Send your email campaigns during the work day and after lunch
  • Optimize your email campaigns for mobile, check before you send
  • Segment your email lists
  • Clean your list and get rid of the wasters

We will talk about more than these however they are proven to be the most important items on our agenda.

An average email open rate is 21% as conducted by Super Office. However your open rate can vary with lack of attention to the specific.
Add to this an average click through rate of 3.3% you can get an idea of where you stand in this.
You need opens to get clicks to create sales so every step is important

My preferred carrier is Constant Contact

Spend as much time on your subject line as you do on the content

Never a truer word has been said. Most of us receive a lot of emails during the day so unless you grab our interest in the first second or so it just wont happen. We wont open we will delete and move on.

Not opening your email is not a sign of disrespect, it is simply that what you are promoting is not of interest at this time, however keep trying you may get me in a better mood next week.

I get emails from a few of the best in the business, not your average dummies people like Neil Patel, Russel Brunson and Ryan Deiss. These guys know the business and practise the rules. I may get a mail every day or every week however most still go unopened.

Ryan at digital marketer; do you stand out in a crowded inbox

Neil Patel; 3 SEO trends in automation.

Joel Therrien; This is the way to go Peter

Mike Filsaime; The biggest profit opportunity of 21

Chris Cardell; Peter the time has come

Noah Kagan; When to actually quit your job

What do all these have in common

First of all they don't hide behind a company name or non de plume they say who they are right up front. I often talk about Know, like and trust as the pillars of marketing and these guys play on that.

You won't immediately hit the destroy button because you know and like them, your eyes will go to the topic line to assess your interest level..

Therefore your name and subject line are essential in your email marketing.

Secondly I don't get an email every month, I get one every day, relentlessly, year on year regardless if I open them or not. I don't open every one, maybe the odd one to see what is going on.

Finally I have actually bought something from all of these along the way.

All email names are not real

Every day I get mail from various people wanting to do a report on my web page, improve my SEO and do my Social media marketing.
This mob have become very cunning in that they use names similar or the same as celebrities.

The little recognition flag goes off in your brain and you dwell a little longer. They do this to emulate the above real names and suck you in.

I probably get a dozen of these a day and interestingly sometimes get tempted because they have the formula. It is one that works so make sure it is on your list.

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do and importantly when to do it.

Send your email campaigns during the work day and after lunch

Whilst this statement generally runs true it is not exclusively so.

For example I send mail to various trades people that are out working during the day.
there is no way of getting an open rate during those times. Evenings are also quite rushed with invoicing and family time however a weekend works well.

The general business person has peak times during the week. It was discovered that Tuesday to Thursday were the best days and in the afternoon when they are seeking diversions from there general activities.

Living in Australia I get a lot of overnight mail that confronts me every morning. This is my ruthless time with a delete button so it is really hard to get my attention.

However in the mid afternoon all the sales channels come in with retail action. why because they get better clicks at that time of the day, these guys know what they are doing and have the stats on what works so I believe them.

My conclusion to this is to understand your customer, where they live and what they do and time slot them to the best action periods in their day.

Optimize your email campaigns for mobile, check before you send

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do

This was a hard lesson learned that is still sometimes ignored.
Mobile phones are growing in the use of email collection. Many of us now have an address linked to a mobile.
Before you broadcast a message send a sample to your own email and review the result.
Large images are not good, links too close together, background colours are among the few no-no's.

The mobile phone is generally ignored by mail writers thus the open and click rates will suffer as a result. Don't let this be your mistake.

Segment your email lists

Take the humble baby carriage as an example.

Your average business or tradie has absolutely no interest however The female audience between say 23-40 is an ideal target.

Furthermore The grannie brigade 65+ Women have a huge interest in this as well.

Therefore you really need to segment your market for the best effect.

In fact I have about 20 different categories to target based on the business and interest. These are mostly retail business outlets of all kinds so their needs are very different.

However my newsletter marketing is very general in discussion so it can go to all classes.

It is all about targeting your market as specifically as possible to obtain the best rates.

You may consider sending a second or further mail to those that opened the original mail. I achieved a 60% open rate doing this recently with a 3% click through rate to back it up

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do with time wasters

Clean your list and get rid of the wasters

You are generally charged on the number of subscribers in your list and not on emails sent therefore this can cost you money.

However there will always be those that will never open a mail no matter what. There will be many a secretary that simply wipes the slate clean before handing the value to the boss.

This is common in many businesses so it is indeed difficult to gain the Like button.

Many of the experts will continue on forever or until you unsubscribe. They work more on niche marketing or specific targets that they know will roll over one day. It is just a matter of timing

I have a group of dentists that I market to, in fact I even used follow up calls because my offer was so good. We did a survey and found that very few dentists ever got near our mail. The front desk simple exploded every mail that came in that was not customer attached.
I never found a good answer to this because they are always too busy to talk and were not given access to mail. The few that we did get were more by luck than good work.

The opposite is the bored operators that go into click frenzy. They click the links, the Facebook link, Instagram even terms and conditions if they can. They are not buyers Diss them and move on.
It will make your stats look better however we want real figures not rubbish.

My conclusion and wrap up on email open rates

If any thing you do can be considered a real art this is really one of them.

Email marketing is still the most effective low cost media to gather new business.
What you do with it can make a massive difference to the results.

Therefore incorporate these few simple rules and you will make a massive difference to your outcome. When you are sending thousands of mails a one percent change can be the difference between success and failure.

We can't guarantee your results however we can say that those who take this seriously have seen massive returns on the output.

Off course content and offers are important but being opened is the only way to success.

If you are currently emailing do it better if not then it is time to start on a new journey that will provide good returns on out put.

7 Truths Behind Great Email Open Rates and what to do by Peter Hanley

Email reports make a massive difference

What Is Digital Marketing And 7 Ways To Great Traction

“What Is Digital Marketing And 7 Ways To Great Traction” Advertising has changed to a far better and cheaper way to gather new clients

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Digital marketing in a nutshell

The internet is not all that old and most of us can remember the days of the Yellow Pages, the only product to be in, However at a pretty big cost.

The arrival of Google and broadband internet has changed the whole marketing venue that anyone can do.

I remember my first $10,000 website that worked far less than my latest $400 one.
The use of Keywords and linking has enabled any site to deliver results and can be done from any desk to for just a few dollars. Times are changing.

What is digital marketing explained

The showroom to your business your Webpage

This is the centre piece of your marketing. Importantly it will clearly display all contact details so that you are available to your market.

The front page should be clean and not with harsh background colours that hide the writing. It is a notice board for those that wish to wander through your products and make buying decisions along the way. You should make this as clear and easy to negotiate as possible.

It is a selling tool. Customers that arrive are looking for a result so you need to quickly satisfy that need in the best possible way.

A cluttered showroom is no different to an overdeveloped site. When they seek they should find and be able to order pay and exit with minimum fuss.

Pages are no longer exorbitantly expensive so get the best you can for the least cost and make it work for you.

A recent addition to the web page is a marketing funnel. this is designed to capture lookers and transform them into buyers in a journey through the tunnel (page). Often considered an expensive exercise current entrants to the market has bought pricing down a lot.

Build it around your keywords, your branding and location

Location is always important unless you are really targeting online sales. Many consumers want to shop locally so tell them when you can.

However if you are a national supply you may wish to hide your location and use 1300 style numbers so that you are not pinpointed to a state.

Your branding will be established by other media set up to deliver enquiries to your website.
Keep your colours and logos consistent so that it matches right across the board and is easily recognised no matter what you use.

Keywords are the search engines friend and these will deliver consumers to you that are looking for product or brands that you market.
Sprinkle your pages with great keywords to pick up traffic looking for what you sell.

When we say Keyword these days it really means Key phrases or long tail words that you could voice into a mobile enquiry.

Finally, make sure your website is Mobile friendly because Google rates that first before your fixed pages.

Include a blog post on your site

Your blog post is to write about anything attached to your business. The idea is to tell visitors all about a product and then deliver them to your web site for completion.

Although this takes time ( it may be done under contract) It has several great purposes.

Your post may fully explain a product, process or service. Those interested want information so a carefully structured post can do all the work for you.

This will add considerable reading time for your site as well as viewers increasing your SEO score.

Again make sure your branding, contact details and internal links are all operational.

How often should you blog for best results

Video is the latest search tool

YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google so not having a channel avoids half the traffic.
They do not need to be long videos and may include short snaps on how to do things, unbox, return or plain selling.

Having them on your webpage or blog posts will increase time on site and give greater SEO benefits.

The growth of Newsletter marketing

If you are not doing a newsletter get your thinking cap on and take it for a ride.

Customer contact is a rule of marketing and a consistent and a topical newsletter keeps you in front of the customer. It must be consistent and well branded and talk about interesting subjects. It is not a selling tool however a call to action should always be included.

Again this is easily outsourced to save your valuable time and will deliver new sales consistently over an extended period.

If you only do one thing on this page choose this one first because it covers many of your marketing objectives.

Email marketing is an extension of this and can now be fully automated to get trouble free results. A single email or a broadcast can be done at any time.

Best email marketing and automation

The new kid is SMS marketing

What is digital marketing

A generally unused product that can deliver instant results and a great return on investment.

We have found that over 95% of people open the SMS immediately and take an action. If you hit the raw bone the phones will ring immediately with willing buyers and if not it will simply be ignored. Newsletters and emails may sit around or be saved however SMS is generally an action product.
Knowing this allows you to test market and gauge a reaction before going into a full campaign.
It is important to have a fixed mobile number that you own to carry both recognition and branding. A good carrier has these at about $20 a month plus messages.
Everything is done from your email server so that you have full access to both out and in traffic.

SMS marketing, how a single word can dramatically increase results has a lot of functions that can include, reminders, appointments, bookings, delivery and even birthday wishes.
A valuable product for any arsenal.

Google search page

Do this once and it is there for ever. Include all your details and a write up on the business.
Importantly get your five star reviews by asking clients to do it for you.
This puts you at the head of any online search and includes map links , contact details and a first page position.

You can have this professionally done or do it yourself by following there guidelines.

What is digital marketing and Social marketing

Pick your media and monopolise it

There are many Social channels however you will have one that best amplifies your business.

All media has an age following so that by choosing yours you are not wasting time on low traffic results.

However I believe every business should have a Facebook page. This has the largest overall following and is often used as reference material. New clients wanting to know more about you and your business will generally sneak a peak at Facebook. Keep it up to date with great links.
Remember that this product is designed to deliver buyers to your website so they can make a buying decision. Never send them from your website to Facebook to get lost in the twinkling stars that pop up and distract them.

Every business man should have a LinkedIn profile

What is digital marketing

Again it is search material for those wanting to know who they are dealing with. It may also be manufacturers wanting new outlets or head hunters with the staff you are in desperate need of.
I occasionally use it for marketing as my audience is often professional people and that has a good following.

Either way make sure your profile is complete and current.

Importantly include a great photo of your self. It is you that is being marketed so hiding behind a Meme is counter productive. if you want to be in business stand up and be counited.

Choose you marketing media

One media will have the best following for your demographic and product range. Your aim is to own this media and post every day to maintain the top position in your clients mind.
Whilst I cover this more extensively roughly speaking;

TikTok is for under 20
Instagram for Women 20-45
Pinterest for over 50
Twitter for the professional group.
Facebook is general for 25+

It must be remembered that the following can change quickly. For example Face book was a students population when it started . Then it stretched to the young and trendy before moving to an older bracket.
Lately it is so full of advertising it is even wearing me down.

Either way every business should have a Facebook page. It shows you understand the needs of people.

Furthermore it needs to be maintained in a current situation with regular and consistent posting. It is not about selling. It is gathering inquiries and delivering them to a sales page.

You can't be in all of them and neither you should. Own one and post at least once every working day.

What is digital marketing when you pay money?

For those with Money to throw at marketing

What is digital marketing

Retargeting and rebranding are the buzz words at the moment. Generated by pixels these are the annoying ads that pop up every time you search for something. Just looked at Nike shoes then Nike ads will follow you around for a few days seeking a hit.

Rebranding is when someone visits your site however leaves without buying anything. Then you stalk them with further material until you wear them down.

Retargeting is the follow up procedure with more additional opportunities. Ok you bought shoes but now you really need socks.

Depending on your business one or both of these ideas can generate untold new sales at a reasonable return.
You can turn them on/off at the touch of a switch if things get out of hand.

How many times have you noticed this stalking occurrence. It is so sophisticated now that people will claim that Google is listening to their conversations.
Impossible but technologically sophisticated to deliver opportunities at a hint of action.

This has an expense attached to it however it is the current, must do, product so I thought I would throw it in.

What is digital marketing and why is it important to you.

My Marketing wrap

This is an everyday consideration that needs your attention to stay ahead of the market.
Some are one time set ups others are a daily necessity however automation is your friend.

This is where you can use automation to place your posts weeks ahead so that continual exposure is guaranteed.

Marketing is all about touch and the more you do it the greater the return you can expect.

However I also suggest it is about targeting your market for a far higher return.
Interested buyers are easier to convert. Therefore keep on their wheel and peak the interest.

Finally I suggest you review everything you do in marketing and see what return you are getting. You will find that about 20% of your effort will be rewarded so concentrate on that top tier and delete the bottom 20%. Do this on a regular basis analyse your stats and fish where the fish are biting.

We are not doing this for fun so do it properly and reap the rewards.

best ways to advance your business

What Is Digital Marketing And 7 Ways To Great Traction by Peter Hanley

Companies that give away free products ( should you do it)

Online Business Marketing Ideas

Companies that give away free products ( should you do it), The answer lies in risk and reward however we all have freebies so it must work

Count your free stuff and think about it

As I sit at my desk and look around I can see about six products given to me by suppliers.

There is the Real Estate Calendar, a Pen from a Tyre store, a Water Bottle from a Gym, a note pad from the local shire . In my top draw a host of Thumb drives and of course the ever present stress ball.

The list goes on with Golf balls, and equipment and probably a dozen caps with various logos.

On the fridge there are magnets from all over and Bottle openers on the cabinet, with the beer can holders all displaying a logo.

Therefore it is still happening however does it work?

You can never judge a return on investment

I have never had anyone wander in and say they want to buy something because I once gave them a free gift.

However I have used them as a referral item.

It is not just branding although that is close.
It is more a compulsion to return a favour or imagining you owe something in return.

I get regular note pads and calendars from local Real Estate agents. I am not in the market but they appear in my post box so I use them.

A while back I was selling a property and wanted a couple of quotes, for one I used the contact details on the note pad I was using at that time. Just might have earned him a big commission.

Go big or go small which is best?

This really depends on the occasion. Giving a fifty cent pen to everyone does not really cut it.
We all have a bundle of them so there is no perceived value.

The best items are the unique ones that make a statement.

The next best are those that will be in every day use.

Finally, those of a higher value that really come with an obligation.

Your aim is to get a bit of front of mind when decision time is close. Will they remember you and ( Know you) naturally (Like ) you now trust you as a reputable business. If you get this Know, like and trust going you will be a winner every time, it is the basics of marketing.

If you are selling a $50,000 car branded floor mats are always welcome however to entice a customer it might be a cocktail evening and test drive that gets them in.

The super Market chains make you buy your gifts. The recent miniature food containers at Coles required a certain level of spend and boy did it generate results. In one campaign a 5% increase in turnover for the group.

Companies that give away free products and show bags

The trade show bag is always a winner

I had an email this morning offering me collateral (probably the reason I am writing this) and one items was show bags at us$1.00 each however in a quantity of 5000 at a time. These were printed and delivered ex China.

companies that give away free products

However with a bag you need stuffers to fill them up. A great way to do this is use your supplier channel to come up with the goods.

Not just tradeshows.

We have a lot of success with inhouse trade meetings. You get a guest speaker a sausage sizzle and invite your VIP list for a special presentation.
Off course you make sure they leave with something to remember you by. A Showbag.
This can be a breakfast group , lunch or evening depending on your cliental.

Free stuff with complements

Or free stuff with complaints. Both of these have an image problem of buying a favour.

If you complain and get something for free it is often not near enough to compensate for the inconvenience and may be viewed as a bribe.
This was done at a restaurant recently when two meals in a group of six were considered cold. The waiter said no problem I won't charge for one of them. This was not what we wanted but set up a conversation at the table of should we have gotten both for free?

The reward was probably generous and needed not to have been offered however it was not seen as a good result.

Free stuff with compliments can be great when it accompanies an action by you. Perhaps you just bought a box of nails for your trade people, a good few dollars worth and a good sale. Enclosing a hammer as a freebee would really cement the deal.

Valued tickets to events

Your customers may queue up for these if they are good enough. For many years I sponsored the local Opera company and was given half a dozen tickets to every performance. We would invite different couple to join us on the evening to something many would not venture to.
This worked well in customer bonding.

A customer of mine had a box at the Local football for a once a year event. He shared the cost with a supplier and invited about 20 people to join the day. Believe me we all had our hands up for this one,

What collateral works the best

This really depends on who your customers are and where their interests lay.
People are different and have many interests that need to be satisfied. Footy tickets to a wife with thee kids, who barracks for an opposing team will not be seen as value. Nor the tea evening at the local baby shop for the man of the house. Ok I am not allowed to generalise like this any more but you get the point I am making.

The skill is finding the correct balance between price , perception and reward. A trinket may work as well as a high priced freebee.

After my free trial I would send the customer by courier a green box containing all the documents to sign a packet or two of jelly beans, a pen and a note pad.

Until this day I often see the green boxes in a customers office being used for storage. We had a set pp fee included in the price so the cost of collateral was more than covered.

The product was also a recurring billing situation that could go on for years and be well worth promoting.

Companies that give away free products and free trials

Giving away a free trial

This can have many benefits and is a favourite of mine. The trial is a soft close. It is generally a love / hate occasion that saves you a lot of the legwork.

I drove into a car sales late one afternoon. Grabbed a salesman and said I want to have a look at a new Ford Explorer. He handed me a set of keys and said take it home for the night, show the family, take them for a drive and we will talk tomorrow.
Gosh , I was sold at hello.

In another business we generally provide a two week trial. While it seems generous it gives us both time to work out what we want and saves any future problems.
This has gone on for years and interestingly only a handful of customers don't sign on after the two weeks.

A free trial needs to be seen as value and not just a shoe-in. Many SMS services, as an example, will set up an account with the first 10 messages free however then you pay.
A low cost and low return method.

The lolly give away that worked

The business had some bags of Jelly beans produced in small printed packages. They were personalised and given out to every new customer.
A result was that customers would continue to ask for them every time we had contact.
A fifty cent product that returned the value many times over.

A local Mechanical repair group have small packets of Tissues on the counter, these were branded and worth very little. However they were great to have in a glovebox for emergencies and I rarely failed to grab one when visiting.

The Battery retailer has a little torch, based on a AA cell and bright lamp. Branded and produced in China at a very small cost they are an excellent give-away. In this case however they rarely use the promotion that will stick with the customer and consider it a cost not an asset.

Furthermore In these matters the staff need to be fully involved to ensure a great result.

My giveaway conclusion

First of all the gift lingers in the mind for a long time. It is not about value or cost it really comes back to perception.

You all love something for free however it must come without strings and given with thought.
Certainly it will bond your customers for the long term which is the aim.

Does it work, off course it does however don't just be random really think about what you are doing and do it with Gusto. If you want to give stuff away then do it and to hell with the cost.

Finally other ways to promote your business

Companies that give away free products by Peter Hanley

Best marketing plan for a street food outlet

Best marketing plan

Best marketing plan for a street food outlet. How I approached them to gather new business and win the customer war in one easy way

A fish shop and a Burger Bar compete for business

We all have a local shop for either take-away food or a fast dine in service. However our needs change and we tend to wander to the new or latest trend.

In a close shopping strip there is an assortment of businesses which include two new outlets. A Brooklyn Burger bar and a Fish and chip shop. Both are pretty fair dining however both are quite new and customer flow is slow.

They have together spent a ton of money on a new setup and initial marketing so are very shy to commit to any expenditure unless they get an immediate return.
They also see the other as an enemy taking business away from their business that could be spending money at their premises.

However I see the markets as the same people at different times and that the greatest attraction to a new business is word of mouth marketing.

Burgers are Ho Hum and Fish shops every where so how can they stand out in a busy market
and attract new customers.

Joining forces will benefit both outlets

I needed to explain they are not mutual enemies or even competitors because they are quite different in what they supply. However, they are both casual dining and take away meals.

Furthermore I don't see Uber Eats or Menu log take-away meals as an answer because their rates are so high thus trimming all ready tight margins. Yes they are a must have and allow for higher turnover and supporting staff levels needed for walk in clients.

Therefore we need to attract people to somewhere they don't know and entice them to try and make decisions based on value.

My first suggestion is a letter drop

Yes there is a cost however it should be returned in meals.
The brochure should contain an offer that will entice new customers.
It may be around slow nights so that you balance the week. Weekends are generally Ok it is just Tuesday to Thursday trade that is slow.

The problem was what to offer that represented value.

The Fish shop was encouraged to package a meal for four. This would include Fish and Chips, squid rings, a few Prawns and scallops. I have seen this work very well before.

The Burger bar had a great call to action by offering half price beer, yep the punters love a cheap beer and the Burger boys still make a margin so it is not a loss leader.

Best marketing plans start with a web site

Back this up with a good website and competition

Off course a good website is necessary to back up the action and a booking menu would be a good idea but we may leave that for a bit later.

First of all we want some names and email addresses plus where possible a phone number.

We could do this by having a Free meal offer for a party of five.

The details will be on the brochure and the entry on the website plus to everyone that walks into the shop and It will run for 45 days.

This data base will be invaluable going forward because we will use it time and time again.

All staff will be trained to get client details wherever they can and we will set up targets to be achieved.

Food sharing will be optional with meals delivered to the other shop.
So the kid wants a burger and you want Fish and you want to eat-in, not a problem. Just give us your mobile number and we will call when it is ready.

This will really enhance the whole eating experience by providing choice.

Adding Social media to the mix

Facebook is still a valuable tool as well as Instagram and even Twitter.

You will need to set up a Facebook page at the very least and maintain it with regular posts.
Many will browse the Facebook looking for dining ideas or even comments on the premises.
Again this is easily outsourced for a small price

Best marketing plans and Social Media

The Google listing

This is a really important part of the promotion particularly for those we have not yet touched
with our marketing.

We will encourage a few great reviews that will say nice things about us and maintain a five star rating.
It is expected that a bad comment will come through at some time and this can not be avoided. It is a problem in the industry.

The important point is to address every bad comment and fix the issue as fast as we can.
There are those that seek free meals for writing good comments thinking they are the Gourmet experts. By getting our own comments we water these people down.

The newsletter experience

As we build a following they will receive a regular newsletter about general food trends.
What fish are in Season and why Wagyu beef is so expensive type things.

However never miss an opportunity to add a call to action.

Try our new Vegan Burger served on a plate of hope for those that don't eat meat.
Rate it from 1-10 and win a dining experience.

You can use the stats for future promotion particularly if you encourage high scores. Eight out of ten diners rated our Vegan burger a 10/10. Take away or dine-in

Best marketing plans will always include SMS

SMS will be a winner

I have often told the story about the Sydney restaurant where you need to book months ahead just to secure a table.

However every one has a down day with cancellations or weather problems when tables are free.
They just SMS a section of the base and say tables available tonight, first in best dressed. They never have an empty table and with a huge data base the clients would only get a message irregularly so it is like a treat.

We will promote the slow days with a special offer and entice them to drop everything and come on down.

It may surprise you that many families will take the opportunity to not cook the family dinner when there is an easier way.

The growth stage will be quick and then in maintenance mode

Restaurant bookings in our area are quite busy so once we get known better we will soon achieve a desirable level of patronage.

Being hard to get really encourages word of mouth activity. So we can change our offers to suit the occasion.

It is important to promote customer experience and establish regular clients.

We will have a Cheap drinks night once a month and maybe some entertainment to vary the package.

Furthermore it is important that we remember we are a neighbourhood restaurant and not a tourist destination. Repeat customers are our target so we really need to satisfy them.

Using names and personalising the service will overcome average food every time. We all want to be known and enjoy a bit of celebrity status.

Best marketing plan include a contact link

My dining conclusion

Other than the initial cost of a letter drop and setting up a web page costs are minimal and can even be outsourced.

With all internet media consistency is rewarded however neglect is noticed and acts as a negative.

You don't have a big pull of customers with most coming from a five Klms radius however you will also get others from further afield.

Having a good data base is the key to the whole solution.

Best marketing plan for a street food outlet by Peter Hanley

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid

email marketing

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid. Google demands new and current content so yes updating is necessary.

Change is inevitable so stay up to date with a current version

Google wants current content and will rank you on the authenticity of the content so going back in time will re flame some of your old content.

Examples could be for the past four years we have had President Trump and now past president Trump and President Joe Biden.

It is a minor change yet important if your writing is about that period of time.

I did a post on the best Social Media of 2020 back in 2019. However I managed to totally ignore TikTok as irrelevant. To me at the time it did not really feature in a volume contributor so how wrong is my content.

The young set are now all over this media like a twitter of the past.

Website training packages at Wealthy Affiliate available now for free.

Your understanding changes over time

If I look at my blogs from past years I can quickly pick up faults in my setup and how they are presented. Times change and I trust I am a better writer now than I was two years ago, In fact we really should get better with time and practice.

If you want to understand a lot more check out the free training at Wealthy Affiliate where everything can be explained in as much detail as you desire.

I use Yoast SEO as a guide

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid

When I started I swapped between Allinone SEO and Yoast SEO . Everyone has a different opinion so I tried both. Yoast has taken over the market and got me on side for several reasons.

  1. The writing guide makes sure your content is set in such a way that Google will rate it well
Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid

To achieve all green stars needs a bit of thought to the way Yoast wants things and the way I do. However he is way smarter than me so I take his advise and won't publish unless I get 9/10 score.
It is interesting to apply this to old posts where I used All In One.

Content is not everything however it is important

We say this because there are so many things to do for your content to be read. SEO will determine who gets a page one position so unless you have that correct you are going nowhere

Your content needs to be original and not just a ripoff and believe me Google knows.

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid using SEO to help

An average SEO report

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid

As you can see I have quite a few red blobs , in fact nearly half of them need a change. Don't panic because my way is to go through these at the end of my post and make the appropriate changes
My point is that there are a lot of things to consider and change in even the best post.

These are things you can do at any time to bring the post up to date. However each red mark says to Google that you are not the expert opinion that they seek.

A first page listing is not just important it is necessary

The amount of search traffic that is seen past page two is under 10%. Furthermore it goes down quickly as you go deeper into the mire.

Therefore if you are not on page one of your Keyword search term you need to change.
However you can not change your header unless you want to loose all history on that post.
Technically you could use 401 diverts but it is not recommended.

Google loves change but that does not apply to headlines. However you can go to town on subheads and similar topics.

Using Google search consul

One useful method of viewing results is to go into The Google Search Consul and compare this year with last year and see which way the tilt is playing>
Searches increasing maybe leave it alone, decreasing then do a bit of a tune up.

Learn from others

This advice comes from Neil Patel of Uber suggest fame where he stated if you are not ranking in the first three free positions find out who is.

Have a look at the sites and see what they are doing properly and what you can do to match up with them. This is not to plagiarize what they have written but something has got them to first page. Make the changes to emulate their success, they are on page one because they are good, it might be age, experience, content it matters not you have everything going for you

Aiming for a 1300 word post

Whooa up big fella, why 1300 words when I struggle to make half that. If that is your response you need to extend your self and write longer posts. Google ranks 1300 as a lower level guide for the site content. Yes you can vary up to 3000 words or down to 800 or so however it needs to answer a question and deliver a result with proof and explanation.

My next post will be how to write longer posts so have a look at the top right list of posts and it should be there for you.

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid with 9 ways to win

9 ways to increase blog traffic by updating old posts

Taking my own advice I did a search on a similar title and Neil Patel was first with another expert in second place. The third had the above headline. Google does like numbers and lists so I had a look at what was on offer.

ImagesAdding relevant images is positive
KeywordsUse synonyms
Related postsoutbound links
Renew old titlesNot your main one
Write more wordstarget +1000
Delete any spam commentsSeek better comments
Proof readGet rid of spelling mistakes
Improve contentBe the expert
Update and reuse the postGenerally tidy things up
This is the general list however it is far from complete.
Alt title on all picturesAN important part of SEO
Seek good commentsComments add to the word count
Use colourIn Words and background
Improve your meta titleThe attention getter
Have a call to actionTell them what you want
Add categories and tagsDraw them in
Using a heading imageAttention getter

The start of a long list of things you can do.

Branding is necessary in your blogging

This is one item that many ignore however it is right up there with your Keyword selection.

When people know you and begin to like you a trust position is developed and when it is a selection you will come out on top every time. In your early days of blogging that position will not be well developed and in fact usually ignored. As you grow and build your brand it becomes more important than ever. By going back you have a chance to reinforce the branding.

My conclusion on updating

When I started this post I was reflection on my own past and I had let it ride for too long. My thought was to look at a few things to change and set myself a target of two old sites a day.
However what was I going to change so I jotted down a few ideas and made it into a post I could share with you.
Neil Patel is fanatical about change and has a team of people updating 20 sites a day and another writing new material, he ranks very well so he must have something going on.

Finally I do recommend Yoast SEO for both new writers and old hands to ensure many of the Green lights glow for you and you have a chance at great SEO.
It won't happen in a day, it is a journey that must be undertaken to rise to the top.

Do you need to update old posts or are they always valid by Peter Hanley

A chore maybe however a worthwhile result will follow.

How to use WordPress to blog the easy way

How to use WordPress to blog the easy way. Enter the world of writing and be read by millions in just a few days without getting help.

Why would you use WordPress when you have other great options?

  • First up benefit is that WordPress is free.
  • It is used by over a third of the world
  • The V.5 Block builder is a class leader
  • A range of plug-ins available and mostly free
  • Training is readily available

Therefore whey would you pay for an expensive platform when you can do it easily with WordPress.

A white lie is still a lie

A started this by saying you can be read by Millions in a a few days. Now this is theoretically true however it is also extremely unlikely for us average punters.

Achieving a huge following on the internet requires a working knowledge of all the required inputs that give you a rough chance of rising to the top.

In most cases it will require consistent application to build a following that want to read your prise winning articles.

Life and web sites were not meant to be easy or everyone would be on page one of every search term.

Unless you appear on page one ( maybe 2) of any search term you stand little chance of getting any attention. Unfair maybe but none the less very true.

How to use WordPress to blog the easy way and a path to success

My job now, is to lead you to the result you want

I love WordPress. Therefore I am biased but only because I have tried the other ways and always come back. I am no techno wizard, just an old guy trying to keep up with young guns straight out of creative school. WordPress offers me a chance at being equal to the task.

Some tools that make your job easy

First of all having the best content in the world is useless unless you get the starting blocks right.

  • A keyword tool that works
  • Then a headline tool that ensures you get read
  • SEO is the backbone of the search industry
  • Writing techniques that matter monitored on every page
  • Spell checking for the dummies
  • Creating a meta description with a difference
  • Support, training and free hosting

Without any one of these working for you, even before you start writing , diminishes your chances of success so follow on as I lay them out.

How to use WordPress to blog the easy way with a proper tool

A keyword Tool free or paid

The term that people use to search for you is a Keyword ( or now Key Phrase). This has changed a lot with the advent of voice searching and the tail of the word becoming very close to an exact match.

There are reportedly 3.5 billion Google searches per day. (internet live stats) and over a third are four or more words. Add to this YouTube gets nearly as many searches as Google.

Therefore you need help to be seen in a crown this big.

Jaaxy is also available under the Wealthy Affiliate package seen further down the page.

You are looking for a volume and competition balance that is not too difficult to be found

I also use Uber-suggest a product by Neil Patel. a bit deeper than Jaaxy that bounces around a bit but does the job.

Keyword research

My Dream headline tool

This is quite new to the market and really necessary for beginners and pro's alike. I comes in a free and paid package by MonsterInsights.

The monster rates every headline on a dozen different levels

How to use WordPress to blog the easy way

This one for example started out with a 69 score which is not all bad however I was able to extend it further by adding extra words.

The Insights program is also a analytics tool that that ensures you follow everything you do with real statistics.

It is no good wandering in the dark you really need to understand how Google sees you.

Monster Insights has a free and a paid program, I use both depending on my site.

SEO tool for your Google glory

One of several plugins I recommend is Yoast SEO a free plug-in that takes a view of your setup and tells you what is wrong, or indeed correct.

This plugin does multi tasking so you cover off Several items at one time.

First of all is a score card on Your SEO where you are rated on the variables that make a difference. There are fifteen of them that you need to get right.

How to use WordPress to blog the easy way

The above is taken from this page and everyone item needs to be green or you need to fix the errors.
This will make sure that Google recognises your work as worthy of viewing.

Then you have writing techniques

Then they want your writing in a particular style which will include;

Short sentence structure at less than 25 words

Paragraphs also under 300 words.

Your subheadings go from H1 down to H4 but never upward.

No less than 25% for transition words

Then the use of positive words throughout the article.

A handy list to conform to.

A spell checker is a must

A product called Grammarly is my recommendation. It comes with a capable free version and only more advanced writers need to upgrade.

The Google word programme has a spell checker and there are many others that could be used.
Proof read where you can because Google dislike spelling errors.

How many words should be in a post?

The jury will vary on this however there are minimums.
First up is a low level of 300 words. This is easy to achieve with a few headings and descriptions thrown in.
However, beginners may find that this stretches you a bit but worry not.
The best level is around 1200 words with adequate headings and structure.

Depending on your typing speed you can estimate a time to complete this.

How long is 1200 words? this document to here is just on one thousand so a few to go.

Remember people get bored so an upper limits is around 3000 words.

What about pictures, graphs and lists

These are an absolute necessity for maintaining reader attention.
Readers are a fickle lot and they need to be prodded along. Having good pictures and lists keeps the readers on track and included on your article.

Can a Video assist your work?

A video is almost a must have inclusion. Many people are mostly visual so it offers an easy
way to gather information.
Furthermore it keeps people on your site longer which is a great SEO technique.
You can imbed a video or provide a link to it both work OK.

Where can you get support and training on WordPress?

Finally there are many individual items that go together to make a great page or post.

Whilst WordPress is relatively easy to use it baffles the best of us at times.
However their are different areas of support that may be necessary.

Hosting issuesThis resides with your web host
WordPress problemsA support group
Extra trainingOn various areas
Sett out problemsUsing a plug in
New alternativessaving money

The only one place that offers all this in one spot is'

You can get in for free simply by clicking the image.

How to use WordPress to blog the easy way wrapped up.

My conclusion to WordPress

The structure of WordPress block building makes life so easy.

First pick a headline.
Then a paragraph
Add a few images, graphs or lists
Write a bundle of words and you are done.
Finally it is easy to practice and change anything at any time

Therefore even you can do it.

It all starts here at Wealthy Affiliate the home of WordPress for over a Million users.

How to use WordPress to blog the easy way by Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.