The best way to get a cheap blog site

The best way to get a cheap blog site and be writing your story today. Find your way around the traps that await the unwary

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Is it a blog site a web site or both

Firstly a blog site can be part of a website and set up easily using a wordpress site. plus a blog can be from a provider where you share facilities .

A site like Blogger or Square Space is ok for the occasional blogger that just wants to write however blogging should be a lot more than that.

A cheap blog site may be a recipe for disaster.

                      I will tell you why.

There are only small, but important differences between the two.
A web page is a fixed location that has pages located within it. One of those could be a blog page, a terms and conditions page, location, about you page, product pages and on and on.

Your blog page has all your blogs in date order, first to last or last to first and some side bars with a Latest list, Categories, archives etc.

It is good to reference between the two so you can increase the depth of knowledge and get the action you want.

Importantly your web site is a selling page, it is your shop front, storeman and cashier however the humble blog is an information page that can link you to the webpage to do the heavy lifting.
in summary your blog is simply a page ( called a post to make it different) of your web site.

Blogging is not a short term cash cow

In fact it is quite the opposite and requires a long term strategy to bring out the best results.
However there are many reasons to blog and they are not all about money.

First of all every business website should include a blog ( or what is called a post) option. This is where you write about products and questions that readers want answers to.

An example on say The Nike shoes site;
Your blog may be on “how to thread shoelaces the best for basketball High rises”.
On a hardware site;
How to cure green timber in winter to stop it from warping.

Furthermore you will notice that they tend to answer questions that the normal person might be looking for.

The benefit is that I learn to tie my Shoelaces and see a link or advertisement that will take me to the sales page. Therefore the job is done.

Importantly a blog is found when someone searches for your Keyword or Long tail key phrase. The more refined the term the more people will find you and thus read you and buy from you.

Around seven million blog posts are published every day and you need to be number one

The best way to get a cheap blog site and be recognised

Google takes its own time to recognise you

My first warning is not to despair when no one reads your manifest straight away.
Google wants to keep you out of the action for a few months to see if you have the ability to attract a following. They want the best answer to a select question by the person with the most authority.

Let me explain; If you write about the best Covid vaccine for children under 19 and you are competing with a Medical professor writing the same thing guess who will get there first.
However if you follow along we can cut the professor down a peg or two and get you back in the action.

How to use WordPress to blog

It is always about the money, or it should be anyway

Don't get me wrong because we all love to write and often for the good of everyone however it is a long and arduous process.

However we don't usually do in your face marketing, well, mostly anyway however a link to your selling site does the job we also use affiliate sites and advertising to pay the way.

On a business site your blog will link them to a sales page the ultimate goal.

So don't be shy about planning for a financial return it will keep you writing.

Gaining authority to increase your ranking

This is really an essential part of blogging because Google says it is so and Google is the boss.
The value of your content is a high ranking factor and can not be ignored.
So your not a Doctor a Lawyer or an architect however you can reference their material.

The best way to get a cheap blog site

Having links to good reference sites shows that you have done your research and not publishing just a bunch of rubbish.

I even use Wikipedia as a reference site because they are a recognised authority.
Schools, Colleges, Hospital and well known Government sites are all good sources of material.

Why a cheap site might not be suitable

Having ventured into the cheap world and been burnt several times I now avoid them like a plague. When you lose a years data for no fault of your own it is almost time to jump from the nearest bridge, believe me it is a really tough penalty. Therefore I have settled on only one site that does everything I want. Plus you can try it for free with a blog page so you really get the feel of the whole experience,
These are the critical things to look for.

Download capacityYou will eventually need unlimited
Opening speedMust be very fast
Additional sitesWe all start with one and then grow
SecuritySpam blockers
Daily backupDon't lose everything
24/7 SupportYou never know when you need help
Site commentsExtra comments and ideas
Site feedbackAre you up to scratch
A great forumA million members on stand by

When consistent training is essential

Your blogging career has a long learning curve that can not be completed in a short time. Things change and move to make your results a lot better when you are up to date.
Blogging and webpages are a competitive field and there are only winners, the rest are lost on page 20 of a search term never to be found or read.

Furthermore there are many parts to the puzzle and you will need answers on these along the way .

  • Hosting and website problems
  • WordPress issues
  • Plugin control and training
  • Getting your page comments
  • Off course SEO is important
  • Headlines are critical and to be exact
  • Keywords are the foundation of the exercise.
  • Having a general support group

    Training and support for all of these come from different sources therefore you need access from day one of your journey.No single site can address every issue therefore a good group is necessary.
    When a problem pops up you can spend hours, even days researching an answer instead of simply going to the forum and asking the question. Someone always has a solution.

A quote from Cassie a member of WA

It was in those activities that I found my lifeline and the courage to push through. This is no cliché: I couldn't have made it through without the support I continue to receive from our WA members.”


Don't be conned into a cheap payment, everything has a real cost and if it is sold undervalue there must be short cuts.
The shortcuts are critical to your results and can have devastating impacts on a life's work.
I say this from real experience.
The old saying in that you get what you pay for is very true and certainly relates to web hosting.

The best way to get a cheap blog site by Peter Hanley

The set up structure template

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