How to get the best hosting for WordPress

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress? When you want to own your work and secure the future there is only one choice

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Why is WordPress the preferred choice of page builders?

WordPress was designed for bloggers and recent upgrades have bought it right up to the market as a web builder as well.

The block building system with additional resources and a range of plugins to cover any situation make it very easy to manage as a page builder.

Used by both top 100 corporations down to new users it is flexible enough to cover any situation and robust enough to handle all traffic conditions.

Designed by coders to be free to the market it is ably supported by thousands of free or low-priced devices to expand the inherent abilities into an award-winning product.

WordPress is designed to be used by anyone regardless of experience.

Furthermore, it will remain future-proof with consistent upgrades to further enhance its abilities as a world leader in page building. Very few of the current market offers to provide a guarantee of continued application like this.

The importance of premium hosting in today's market

Let there be no doubt that Google as a search engine now demands high-level abilities for your site to rank under SEO.
Failure to comply with Google's demands will have you relegated to the double-digit pages where no one wants to go.

Built for Mobile-first It must work on a small screen
Fast first-page downloadFaster the better
Highest security featuresAbsolute necessity SSL
Spam blockerRid of junk before it hits your site
Site Health ReviewUp to date
Encourage commentsMore the better
24/7 SupportHosting and WordPress
Active forumKeep up with the latest
Password protectedKeep intruders out
Ownership of your materialAbility to transfer
Data BackupAutomatic site backkup

These are some of the more important attributes necessary to rank under Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Best way to learn about WordPress

It is important to understand that there is a big difference between WordPress and Hosting.

You can have one without the other however together they are a formidable pair. Furthermore, the support and functionality come from different areas.

When you chose your host and get the site set up that should work for you over time without a lot of support required.

However, WordPress is dynamic and will have you on a long learning curve as you expand your abilities from new kid to expert. You need some basic training and then you are off like wildfire.

WordPress works well in a basic format however by adding modules you expand the features to be at the top of market requirements.

When there is too much training a personal memory

WordPress support is essential in your internet career

Everyone will come across problems at some stage of the journey. Therefore having good support is essential for your development. A problem needs to be solved quickly to save you spending days searching Google and it must be available 24/7 because of time differences across the world.

  1. Having a total training program available at the click of a button.

Building web pages, blogging, or writing product reviews all have many parts that require a good overall knowledge of WordPress. Your search may be basic or advanced however you want the answer and you want it now.

2. The use of a chat line is also very helpful for those wanting a better understanding of the problem. We all have those discussions where the interpretation of the problem is not clearly understood and you need to enhance your problem

3. There are times when problems are deeper than a first-level issue and you need to delve further into the problem. This is time for a good working forum. When you have many members all doing much the same thing someone has always experienced the issue before. A forum question will provoke many responses and there will always be one that hits the problem on the head.

4. Google is the always-ready search engine with a response. However, it is by far the most difficult in problem-solving for any but the most mundane queries. You can spend hours of precious time trying to finish a simple task.

How to get your hosting for free

First of all free is far too high a price to pay. No one will provide you with the world without asking for a return so they can cover their costs.

It is important to understand that the time you spend in building a business based on WordPress can not be replaced if it is lost or indeed stolen.

I have written nearly 1000 blogs taking about 3 hours each or 75 weeks of work. Would I risk all that on a free or cheap site? Not ever would I. I want the best I can get.

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress

You can wrangle a free site when you know what to do.

Many web hosts build their business on Affiliate Marketing. Therefore recommending a few paying customers will cover your payments and your free site is covered.
That's not rocket science and is available in most cases to provide you with the world's best hosting at the best price.

Getting a free host idea number two

Very few writers are ever content with just one site. As we grow in confidence we find new ideas and branch out in different ways adding site after site to our base.

The carriers know this and they will offer you a free site to start the journey. It probably won't have all the bells and whistles however as a new entrant it is an ideal starter pad that will include both WordPress and page builders to get you well on the way.

As your confidence grows and probably your income, you will take the upgrade step to a position where you can have many sites all housed together for a single price.

In fact, if you are a new entrant I would highly recommend this action to ensure this business is for you. Remember this is a journey and not a quick fix cash flow miracle.

A cheap host may be all you need.

You may be writing for family and friends, a charity site, or even a short-term educational program so that your needs are minimal and your site short lived.

In this case, pick the best host available and work it to your timeline and expectations.

All are not equal in this arena and there are some dodgy players that will rip you apart as they extract more and more money out of you. In many surveys, Blue Host continually comes out on top for cheap no-frills hosting for low expectation results.

Your future prospects with WordPress and hosting

The one thing you do need to understand is that you have a clear path to the future that is not going to break the bank or continually pester you for more funds.

We like to call it “Future Proofing” because your business needs a solid foundation and one that does not throw issues at you on a regular basis. You need to stay abreast of current developments and industry changes.

Where do you find all the above in a single site, one that has stood the test of time and stays at the front of the industry

The basic entry is free, the paid version is half price for the first month and you can cancel at any time.

  • You get all the tools to start a site
  • The cost is maintained without upsells
  • Your future prospects are guaranteed

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress requires understanding

Your WordPress site requires an understanding of the internet

What many people don't understand is that there are certain rules applying to Web pages that you must understand properly before you kick off on your own.
If you don't gather this basic knowledge you will really be wasting your time and achieving little if anything. Then you will get disheartened and give up as so many new entrants do.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)How to be found on the internet
KeywordsThe importance of phrases and long tails
HeadingsCan make or break you
Meta descriptionsA few words to entice readers
StructureSetting up your work
AuthorityHow you get it
Using PicturesProperly
Also Lists and graphs Adding character
Spelling and grammarUsing tools

This is a list of the most important points that you need to navigate on day one.

How your WordPress site is found on Google

Google as well as Bing and Yahoo are search engines whose job is to deliver customers to your page. They are like a Post Office directing mail around the globe therefore it is important that they know where you are.

They do this by using Keywords or phrases that readers either type into the internet or voice into a mobile device.

This gets a bit tricky because many people may use the same Keyword so Google lines them all up on pages of terms. For Instance the word Nike will have maybe 30 pages of people with the same term.

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress

This is a popular word with a whole heap of traffic and a bundle of competition both paid and free so using this as your Keyword would be an impossible solution.

Using a Keyphrase.

A keyphrase takes your word and turns in into a solution. “Nike mens boots for basketball”
These are often called longtail Keywords however both mean the same thing.

Before you write a single word you must understand keywords. Learn about traffic and competition and the only place to be is on page one.

There has been a change in this philosophy in recent times where search engines are no longer equal.

Exact match Keywords v Artificial intelligence (AI)

Firstly Bing and Yahoo still use exact match keywords. Therefore if someone asks for your keyword they will be delivered to the site, however in order of history.

Secondly, Google uses AI to find the intent for the keyword. If they request Nike then Google will know you are looking for a Nike store in your area that sells boots. Skiing in Colorado may bring up resorts and supplies as well as best skiing times.

Many people will wonder how they can rate on Bing and not on Google or the other way around.

The job now is to craft your page to meet both demands to get a top spot position

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress by using authority

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress

This is an oft-ignored subject however it will play heavily on your results. When chosing a post to advance in the search terms anyone with authority will come first. For example, with medical issues, a doctor is a good authority whereas a blogger is just a plodder.
A Specialist is better than a Doctor and a University Professor will top the list.

As a basic plodder, we can borrow authority by quoting highly relevant material to show that we have researched the subject and backed up our ideas with scientific facts.
Quotes, graphs, and other material will enhance your authority and let you jump over the basic writers

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress and be on page one

Why do you need to be on page one of a search term

You need to be on page one because very few people ever venture deeper than that.

In fact, the first three lines on page one will capture the readers. ( those few that don't click the paid ads and wander off to YouTube)

That is why Keywords, intent, and authority are necessary inclusions in your work.

The other is also time for Google to see that your content is enjoyed by others.
It might take years to get near the front with the term Nike but using proper Keyword selection you will have a chance.

Lastly is professional competition. When you are fighting with the best in the market to get a position you need to be better to get to the top, so refine your Keywords to stay away from the heavy hitters.

How to get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress and my recommendations

Finding the best hosting site

I have given you some ground rules to consider, things that you must know or the best host in the world would be a waste.

  • You need access to training
  • Fast and secure hosting
  • 24/7 support with a great forum
  • Realistic pricing
  • More than a single site
  • History, reliability, and many users

Host selector one

Here I am bookending the best and the cheapest so you make a choice.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a substantial package where the training value is worth far more than the annual premium. It is packed with everything that a newbie and a professional could ever want.

Because you can try this for free and form your own opinion regarding the value and content you have the chance to see what is good and otherwise for you as a person.

They have some really good Black Friday offers so taking a monthly plan until then may be worthwhile for you. Particularly If you will front an annual premium.

Host selector two

I don't use cheap hosting however all the reviews online generally place Blue Host at the top.

You start off cheap however as you need more the price goes up which is natural.

Remember there are bad eggs in the internet basket so choose your host wisely. Your content is important and must be secure at all costs.


Building products on the internet using WordPress and great hosting is a wonderful experience. However, you can be blinded by seemingly other opportunities along the way.
Stay focused on your objective with only premium tools and the end is secure.
In review;

  • A good Host is a great investment
  • Price is a long second to performance
  • Knowing that your future is secure is paramount

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