Blog writing for those wanting a new career

Have you ever tried to write a blog post? If so, you'll know that its difficult because you have no idea where to start, what to do or even what to write about.

So what do you do. Many people have found success by using an example written by someone else that tells you step by step the ways to go. However there are a few things you should know before you spend a whole bundle of time chasing around on the internet trying to find solutions.

This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you select a mentor that will take you the easy way to success.

My way to blogging success

If you are looking for shortcuts and a real analysis of where to start the best method is to ensure you end up with someone that lets you really follow the dotted line by searching for these tings.

First of all make sure the way to start your journey is clearly laid out. You need to understand domains, hosting and how to brand your product before you write a word

Next is your choice of page builder either using WordPress or some other paid for product.
WordPress is a free product used by over a third of all websites so it should be central to your decision making.

Secondly make sure you understand the meaning of Keywords and titles as well as using a Meta description to describe what you are delivering to the reader.

The better constructed these early elements are the greater your chance of being on page one
Ensure you have a written plan that clearly lays out a roadmap of success. It is important that you stay focussed on your journey because it is not a one hit wonder. It will take many posts and pages to deliver the message you want and obtain the results for your effort.

Leaping into blog writing

Ensure you are prepared to write the number of words required so that Google recognises your contribution and will give you a premium ranking.

Any good post will average around 2000 words and these will be constructed into short sentences and even paragraphs.

It is important because your readers will be attention challenged as they seek a quick and reliable answer to their needs at this moment. Don't let their minds take off in other directions by being sharp and focussed on the objective.
Furthermore the random use of great headings and subheadings will support your writing.

Blog writing for those wanting a new career and what you must do.

A vitally important component of writing

Everyone should understand that you are principally writing to be read on a Mobile device.
Google ranks your post on how it is displayed on a mobile phone or tablet before a desktop.

Most good Themes that control the structure of your site control some of this for you however there are other important issues.

  • The size of your pictures is important
  • Don't have affiliate links too close together
  • keep it brief in sentence structure

Your blogging assistant

It is especially valid that Google loves a pretty page that keeps the reader entertained. This can be supported by several really great functions.

  • Using a list to make following on easy
  • Knowing the difference a table contributes
  • Adding free to air pictures to provide a better experience
  • contributing colour to your fonts and backgrounds

Furthermore the addition of a opening image should provide a quick flash of what is to follow.

Your writing skills enhanced

It is also important that you keep a positive spin on your writing and use a large percentage of transition words to connect your sentences.

Furthermore this may change your approach and maybe skills learned over a period however good SEO requires this approach to writing. A lot more can be gained by using Yoast SEO plug in on your WordPress site. Yoast will guide you and help with your style so that it meets the demands of Google.

Blog writing for those wanting a new career and its not all about you.

It is not just you that is important

Any good post or page will use reference material. It is important to support your theories by comparing to others some time more authorities than you.

Link to an Authorities siteMaybe Wikipedia, University or Government content
External linkingThis takes you to other sites with similar appeal
Internal LinkingPlaces on this page or other work you have done
Using categories and tagsmake your posts easy to find
using a table to emphasise my point

The use of Video has become particularly important

YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google for all sorts of search terms. In particular the how to problem and sales opportunities. You can contribute to your site success by either imbedding a video or linking to one. The time people spend on your page is a vital facor in recognition.

How to get read the easy way

First of all there is no easy way it is all an art or a science.
Using good SEO practices and balance as stated above will help but is there more.

Certainly your keyword selection goes a long way to being accepted.

Social media can be used to direct readers to your masterpiece. Giving them a small taste and then using directs can really gain some eyes.

Being published on a site like Quora or Medium will also support your work

My last comment for today

This is important because none of us are perfect. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are not accepted. Use a spell checker like Grammarly or get a friend or family to edit your material. Don't get over cautious however take what opportunities you can to make sure it reads well.


Now that you know all the tricks and technical skills you are ready to rock and roll.

Blogging can be the best job in town and indeed substantially lucrative over the long period.
However it is not going to be an overnight success so be patient and let time take its course.

Blog writing for those wanting a new career by Peter Hanley

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