How to start a business with no money

How to start a business with no money and expect to be successful. I did it and I want to show you 8 great ways to the top.

I lie, you do need a computer or smart phone and internet access

It is unrealistic to make money out of thin air with no experience, nothing to sell or no problem to solve. However we will look for some starting opportunities.

You start by trading your time.

It is no good moaning or dreaming it is all too hard because it's not.

What is hard is the first step, making a decision and starting a journey. We all had to do it and now it is your time to grow up, muscle up and make some decisions to go forward.

Anyone can make money on line, it does not matter who you are or where you live, if you are male or Female, young or old the internet makes you invisible.
However it also provides an opportunity to empower yourself and project your image to garner a following among like minded people.

First of all let's look at a real business

There are endless businesses you can build from scratch and they will include;

I think of a good business as one that provides a growing customer base and income the longer you are in business.
More importantly one that provides a recurring income

How do you learn to create a business with no experience?

You are going to trade your time for a period to learn the basics.

If you wanted to play good tennis you can't just pick up a racket and hit like a pro, you will need some lessons and a lot of practice to be just average. Then over time you will become better and maybe reach your goal.
Starting a business is no different except that you need the right coach or you will be taken on a wild ride of despair.

The very best place to start is with the free training at Wealthy Affiliate,. Here you can complete a basic course and find what is suitable for you.

I did this to start my journey a few years back, I skipped through because I new it all only to find that cheating never works.
I then went back and started again and did it properly to gather a full working knowledge.

However there are other places as well depending on what you want to do.

Is blogging a career option?

As a blogger I will be biased however I love writing and talking about business so it suits me.
All you need is a website , some affiliate links and traffic and you are in the money. Furthermore the opportunity to make extreme income is possible, however, the time taken will be a lot longer that many other options to establish your following.
You will get income from selling advertising, from referrals and even flogging products that you have made or recommended.
When you have a following the repeat income starts and slowly builds to a viable business.

Affiliate marketing the best business in town

Where else can you sell a product you don't have, not do any billing or customer support and get paid handsomely along the way. Plus have the opportunity for recurring income that builds a monthly return for years to come.
There are millions of affiliate opportunities however you must find the one that suits you.
You have to love what you are doing or you will simply get bored and give up.
It is no good selling Tennis Rackets if you play basketball, maybe they are both sports but quite different.
First of all you will need a website, marketing and SEO knowledge and a product.

When you know nothing about websites it is time to learn the basics and gather a general understanding of what is required.
If you have the website basics covered then it is gathering products to sell and finding the buyers.
Finally you need to understand the ability to gather customers and induce them to part with their money.

As stated the best place to start is Wealthy Affiliate however the training at Amazon will also give you a good grounding. In Days past Amazon was a great starting block but they have reduced commissions so far in is now a volume business.

How to start a business with no money with an online shop

Your own online shop

This is a product that has really boomed in 2020-21 with Covid lockdowns promoting online shopping. The industry offers really cheap entry establishment.
You need a free or cheap website on WordPress with a WooCommerce plugin and some products, how easy is that.

Sell your own products or those from somewhere else and have them drop shipped.
An example;
My wife just bought a Cheese board as a wedding gift. It was from a good looking webpage that had a good discount and free shipping.
However the product was faulty so she took a photo and sent it back to them. They replied that we should go to the manufacturer who would cover the claim. The manufacturer said no worry new one on the way. My point is that the shop that had made the sale had the manufacturer supply the product direct in what is called Drop Shipping.
Sort of affiliate marketing with a difference.

Marketing by Social media

Social media is responsible for many sales of product from companies across the board.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all represent selling opportunities.

Understanding these ideas can provide you an opportunity to do this for local clients. It is
simply getting a basic understanding and then going to clients and selling the idea.

The big growth area is in Retargeting and remarketing both hard to understand for businesses but easy to get the basics. Online learning is bountiful and it is an easy journey to successful business.
I have a client that focussed on Facebook and was offered a career position within 6 month of starting the journey because she represented value in the offer she had.

How to start a business with no money by writing for a career

Writing as a career

No not best selling novels and maybe not even eBooks however there are countless other opportunities.
One off course is Blog writing for others, simply get a direction and post to a clients website or simply become a freelance writer on Fiverr or similar.

In the next heading we will look at emails and newsletter that also require writing input.
Grammar and spelling are easily covered by using a free version of Grammarly to correct your work.

eBook writing for others can be quite good and a lot of commercial templates are available to construct a nice readable product for your clients.

Email and newsletters

Every business should produce a Newsletter, it is a two week or monthly product talking about what they do as a business or offering advise on how to achieve certain ambitions.
However it is one of those annoying jobs that is put on the back burner for a later time.
That however is not good enough, consistency is required to keep the readers focused on your content .
I recently wrote a piece that headlined:
“If your customers are not reading your Newsletter they are reading someone else's”
marketing is a front of mind opportunity and this is a perfect vehicle.

I know it sounds hard but using a service like Constant Contact that is all built on templates so very easy to do and you charge the service fee to the client plus your time.

You then have regular work and income that can be projected well ahead.

You don't need a website however it is all internet access. Constant Contact have great training manuals so there is no reason to not be successful.

Akin to this is programming email flow to the future using an Auto Responder. This is simply a set of emails that will be dispatched over time.
A client makes a Tennis racket inquiry but does not buy. They are put in a series that will induce a buying decision over time. Today might not be the correct time but next week, next month or even six months time they may well act on impulse.
management of this role can be your work from home occupation.

How to start a business with no money by making videos

Providing company videos

Believe it or not this is by far the easiest task of them all, Why make such a bold statement when it takes Cameras and Sound and script writing to make a simple video.

First of all does anyone need to make business videos and put them on YouTube or on their website.
YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google so it is a formidable business, Ok a lot is kids and music are searched however business videos really work.
Have you ever looked up a “How to Video” Try it now search, How to string a tennis racket, so we stay on a theme and you will see several Videos that rank above the Google searches.

Secondly If it was too hard we would not even suggest it but with technology anyone can make a great video.

Finally look at Vidnami a free writers book and an opportunity to try the product and keep all your videos. I use it and you can to.

What's more you can either do this for others or simply become an affiliate and recommend the product. Off course it has an ongoing fee but not until you have a customer you can bill for the service.

This is probably the fastest growing area of the internet and the easiest to learn and sell.

Other ideas that will give an instant return

The list is endless and only as good as your imagination.

Collecting road side Junk and selling on eBay
Growing and selling plants
Making costume jewellery and selling on Etsy
Hiring out clothes or other items of common use
Set up a training course on something you know well.

On and on the list could go so no one needs to sit and do nothing.

Finally my scam warning

I need to throw this in because many will be enticed by promises of great wealth and instant fortune, often accompanied by a Fast Cars and glamour. Working from the Beach at a holiday resort without a worry in the world. Money coming in for doing nothing.

The only money to be made is in selling this junk to amateurs who are unaware that they will need to keep paying out to achieve anything. Don't be sucked in, stay with main stream offers that have been around for sometimes and don't tempt you with instant fortunes

Finally How to start a business with no money and my conclusion

My conclusion

We could never cover off every thing available for you. My point has been to learn a trade and work it as hard as you can. Choose just one idea and learn everything you can and then monetise it before moving on. Somethings will merge like writing and Newsletters however they are separate skills that first need to be mastered.
Learning to play tennis is a sport like Basketball however the skill sets are very different. Master one before moving on.
If I had to make just one choice what would it be? The one that grabs your heart and fills you with some excitement. It may be a long time career so do something you love and it will never be a just a JOB

How to start a business with no money by Peter Hanley

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