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How to make money online from home

how to make money online from home. Is it fact or fable that unlimited incomes are available, both are true but one more than the other

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The big online opportunities

Making money online is not only possible but very probable if you take the correct paths.

Some of the best incomes are made right here and achieved by a range of individuals.

Let’s face it the internet is blind, it does not see colour, age or even sexual persuasion when you decide to take the challenge.
Furthermore, you can do it with almost no money so everyone is equal.

Where is the most money to be made online?

This question is very common and my answer from long experience on the internet may set you back for a moment or two, however, stay on your journey and we will have you up and going.

Concentrating on one small part of the puzzle is the correct answer.
Therefore you choose that bit of the wide world that tempts you to be involved. That is something that you love or have a deep-seated interest in so that your interest does not wane.

Furthermore, notice that neither money nor income is part of the choice.

The income is incidental to the journey that you will take and will come when it is ready and you have played your part.

Making money quickly and easily

How to make money online from home

You will see many promises along these lines where you can sit on an Island and watch the money come in without doing any work.

This could be true if you have spent a whole bundle of time laying the groundwork to make it happen.

You need some training and establishing a Know and like well before this happens.

Yes, we can shorten the journey but we can’t change the input required from you.

Finally,  let’s review this first part in a few words;

  • You need to specialise in a particular niche.
  • Take some training to understand more
  • Allocate the time commitment over a future period

The online world is very large

The size of the internet is often misunderstood and we think of it as just a small part of our daily lives.

Furthermore,  it has grown faster in the past couple of years than in any period before. This is directly related to a Pandemic.

People moved home to work more than ever before.

Online shopping burst out of its seams with everything ready to be delivered to your door. Even food including meals developed into a worldwide industry with a bundle of new players.

Internet marketing has become easier and cheaper and importantly so effective that it quickly sorts out winners from losers.

A Google search is happening many times a second with people being delivered to a result. That result may be your business sitting quietly waiting for the action it may present.

You are bombarded with examples of creative marketing

Because the large corporations shower you with the attention you should not just bask in the glory but understand their motives.

They don’t email you, SMS you, hard mail you because they love you. They want your money but they do it by stealth.

They get you to like them however they also build trust where you are happy to buy whatever they throw at you.

Think of your recent purchases and ask yourself why you bought that particular brand. There is always a reason and mostly it is not about price.

How to make money online from home by stepping out

Stepping out of the box

How to make money online from home

Businesses build brands using different media and that is where your action may be.
The Tesla Motor company do no corporate marketing yet Ford and GM spend Billions every year, so why is Tesla winning the EV race so convincingly.

Elon Musk has branded himself and stayed consistently in all forms of free media, particularly YouTube where he has an opinion about everything.
Don’t get me wrong I have a big Boy Crush on this guy who is changing our world and maybe another as well.

My point is that instead of throwing dollars at marketing companies he puts it into products and tells the world, and they believe.

Another favourite of mine is the Canadian company LuLu Lemon.
They produced a range of exercise gear that represents quality but at a price. The gear is not cheap yet I have never seen an Advertisement. Word of mouth has spread so far that we are all now wearing Lemon because it is quality. To hell with the price we want what everyone else is wearing.
We understand that Kmart can sell similar at a quarter of the price but hey it is not the same.

Where does this leave you?

When you understand one little bit of this army of opportunities and work it hard you can get the results you want.

Learn Facebook, Instagram or particularly YouTube and you can market your skills to the highest bidder. Most of us running a business have only a fleeting understanding of social media yet need it to grow our sales.

Businesses are screaming for support but don’t trust the many sordid approaches they get. Your face and experience can deliver the results they are willing to pay for and pay handsomely for trusted results.

Building a social following on a single subject can have huge rewards.
Many companies have found that Influencers are the new media.
I have a family member that gets bombarded with requests from companies to market their product, what’s more to only 5000 followers.

This game has turned into a lucrative business in Female wear and Dog paraphernalia, who would have thought it possible.
The top end of town, think Kim Kardashian, make millions every week doing just this.

How to make money online from home using oldies but goodies

The more mundane tasks

A good company blog can deliver as many enquiries as a full-blown marketing program when it reaches a level of acceptance.

Blogging is time-consuming and long term but when it takes off the rewards are astronomical.

People don’t want to write their very own blogs so they outsource the work to writers that understand, perhaps someone just like you.

Newsletters still pay back well.

Again an understated asset that is easy to do and easier to gather returns yet it is underemployed by most businesses.
Selling your skills can be factored on returns and you will win the game based on the results.

Affiliate marketing is not to be frowned on

Amazon affiliate marketing

Being the selling agent for someone else and getting paid a commission for your effort. This is done by millions of people for millions of companies that want great salespeople.

Although this is an age-old practice, Remember the travelling salesman, Amazon made it popular by building one of the biggest companies in the world using affiliates.
Amazon started as a bookseller, one we never thought would make it, and now sell everything known to man.
The funny thing is they don’t own or build any products; they simply sell what others produce.
You can do this without product, debtors, stock, returns and just incoming commission. Sounds like a good deal.

How to make money online from home by taking free training

Where do you learn all this?

How to make money online from home

Fortunately, I do have an answer for you and one that I looked for a few years back. I had tried all sorts of promised lands that would turn me into an instant millionaire; paid and unpaid that produced very little in return.

My needs were to promote my small business and deliver rewards by sharing my expertise with others.
Having years of marketing behind me I recognised that the new era was with the internet and that I must understand it intimately. Thus my journey started.

The problem is that the Net is filled with false hope and is also a scammer’s paradise, a place where you can get very hurt. Believe me, I have seen some of the worst and have also been peripherally involved before regaining my senses.

That is when I found Wealthy Affiliate a business that represents the highest quality in a range of services at the best prices based on what you receive.

  • Training
  • Support
  • A Live and very active forum
  • Affiliate opportunities
  • Keyword Tool
  • With no constant up-sell
  • Free to try



You can’t be told what to do to make money because we don’t know you. I certainly had no intention of being a blogger but here I am.

You need to find your own space, learn as much as you can and then sell your abilities to the highest bidder.
Your life journey begins there.

How to make money online from home by Peter Hanley

Working home challenges and pitfalls

Working home challenges and pitfalls facing all us keyboard warriors. There are hurdles you need to overcome to avoid depression setting in

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Can working from home be harmful

Working from home has as many pitfalls as it does benefits. It is difficult to rate these however bear with me as we look at some of the issues around this.

First of all I have worked at home for many years, My assistant works from home and I use a support group that does the same, therefore I understand.

There are many of you who will find it great working from home and those that struggle with it because of the commitment you must make.

Can working from home be harmful, probably not however it can create stresses and anxiety
that create stresses and therefore harmful results.

How to keep upto date with Internet marketing

Working from home for others

This is quite different from us nomads because it comes with commitment. You are asked to do an honest days work for which you are paid yet it brings distractions to tempt you away from your obligations.

Now I understand this as an employee and accept that you will be taken offline on different occasions. This is no different to the old Water Cooler chats or even the ducking out for a cigarette, it is a distraction.

The important point is that you can better divide your day into work periods.

You no longer have a travel commitment negotiating the traffic to and from the office.
Your hours are often spread wider with an early open or late close to finish a project.

Those that are on-call for this time need to adapt differently but there are still break periods.

The principal factor here is a personal sense of guilt for those that cheat the system. No one may ever see what you are doing however you know and that knowing can play on your emotions.

Therefor if you have a slack off period, and we all do, simply make it up with power working.
That's right, give back what you take away and don't carry a burden with you.

We have different demands at home, partners, kids, exercise, a little nod off. Even the household jobs that need to be done now. The extra long personal calls because no one knows and that book that needed a catch up.

Someone does know, and that is you.

Working home challenges when working for your self

Working from home for yourself

This is in part the ideal lifestyle however it also comes with downsides.

One important issue is simply relating to other like minded people. When we want to sound an idea or problem off another they are mostly not available.

My wife is not a good sounding board because she has her own direction and my Administrative assistant has her priorities going in a different direction.

I use web forums sometimes when I need assistance but generally plan on my own.

Other activities

We all throw the washing in and stop for a morning, or afternoon, or both, cuppa when we can.
I am guilty of ducking to the shops and doing a few household chores to fill the day.

There are many advantages working from home.

Having a plan

This is an important ingredient to the daily chores. You should know what you want to achieve in a day and aim to complete the task.

What is not done today will carry over so that is not a big issue. That is unless it gets away from you and starts to grow and become a problem.

Avoiding procrastination

The evil bogey that dogs our life. Yes procrastination is real and can become a problem if it controls us.
Make your daily planner and do the important issues first so they are out of the way. Starting with the main one, what will make me money today?
That is a priority.

Work from home and making money

The opportunities are endless and the results are unlimited it just needs a bit you you to get this started.

Pick one thing you would like to do and go hard until it starts to pay off. You cannot be everyone to anyone and that is why you need to specialise.

  • Writing blogs
  • Affiliate Income
  • Social media specialist
  • Writing newsletters
  • Creating web funnels
  • Admin assistant
  • Debt collector

We could go on for hours however we need you to think about what you want to do. What is your strength and more importantly your love.
The greater your love for what you are doing the longer you will stay the journey and the bigger the return will be.

Seek some training on your selection and go hard.

My daughter decided to do Facebook marketing. Three young kids and a busy husband really meant she had to be specific. Many days at home learning an art that she took to mothers groups to get referrals. Now a full time job as a marketing executive in a very well paid position. It was all about focus.

You can start any business with little or no knowledge

Working home challenges and MLM

Work from home jobs and opportunities

The arrival of Covid-19 sent people home in droves. It suddenly became the norm to take your office to the lounge room sharing with the dinner plates.
Zoom was the new accessory for every meeting and household data rates went through the roof.

This change made home working respectable.

It is now accepted as part of life and no longer looked down on as a hobby or a desperate person trying to make money.

We can even throw Multi Level Marketing (MLM) into this area as a starter area for finding an outlet for your abilities.

  • Herbalife
  • Amway
  • Tupperware
  • Enjo
  • Plus hundreds more

What ever you decide to do the first thing is updating your skill levels.

The internet has changed the rules and now forms the basis for all online marketing and importantly at a very low cost.

Making a plan and pursuing a dream

working home challenges

You need to hear this again, what ever you choose make sure it is a narrow niche and then specialise in That alone.
However get the basics together and then build a realistic plan that will take you into a financial future.

Furthermore it is possible for anyone to do this, you can be invisible to the world or promote the heck out of yourself if needed.


Finally we come to a short wrap.

You are in a unique position to take advantage of this new revolution called working from home

Therefore the only thing stopping you is you.
First of all make a commitment or even pledge to give what is necessary to change your life.
Pick your area of expertise or Love, do some training and finally reap the rewards.

Making Money online is in a massive growth phase that is open to all contenders.

Make sure you are one of them

Alternative challenges and opportunities

What is disruptive technology and how will it benefit you

The Crypto world is creating change and offering massive opportunities for those that carefully select the coins in which to invest.

Bitcoin is going no where but up and with a bit of expertise this could be your online income.

Block Chain is a disruptive technology that is changing the world and it is worth a quick peak to see if it fits your ambition.

Personally, I love it however treat it as a term venture and not a daily roller coaster ride.

Working home challenges and pitfalls by Peter Hanley

While governments talks on clean energy industry excels

While governments talk on clean energy industry excels. Removing fossil energy is a must-do and private companies are leading the race

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Australia is already generating 26% of energy consumption from clean energy

I was listening today to Australian Liberal mouthpiece Peta Credlin about the impossible planning to be energy neutral by 2050. How can you plan she espoused when you don't know the future.

I screamed at the radio that you reverse engineer the project to make sure it happens.
Start building your plans now to meet the deadline. It is frustrating that countries around the world are taking this head-on and The Australian Government is still in denial.

This simple fact will destroy the Liberal and National parties before they even have the opportunity to implode.

The history tells the story, Rudd wanted to implement a payment scheme and got rolled, Gillard said she would have no part of it then changed her mind and got rolled. Abbott lost his seat and Turnbull gave it a chance and got rolled and we still dither about it.

Global warming is a fact and we need to do something about it.

How to plan the finish and work back

I went on a search for solar power

We all know about the big battery in SA, Elon Musk said he would build it in 100 days or they would not have to pay. It got built and stabilised the South Australian network.
This was a state government initiative and has recently been expanded.

Here in Western Australia the city of Albany has had 80% of its power supplied by solar for the past 20 years well before it was a big point of interest. A big 21 Mw of power.

The latest is Dandaragan the Yandina farm that has 50 only 4.2 MW towers and is sufficient to power 200,000 homes. I visited this area recently and they are well placed along the ridge of the hill getting wind from two directions. Farming continues in the area around.

While governments talk on clean energy industry excels

It is not a blight on the landscape and gives majesty to it. However, the heavy-duty power lines that deliver the load back to town are a bit different. They somehow need to take this problem underground.

I guess this pales in size to the biggest in China which is a massive 20,000MW

There are nearly 100 wind farms in Australia generating power.
World wide we have massive adoption of wind energy

Then there are solar panels

I was amazed at the size of this one in the Pilbara. It provides a large percentage of all power to The Roy Hill mine site ( owned by Gina Rinehart ) and now extends to two other sites owned by Andrew Forrest at Cloudbreak and Chichester mines.
Both these people are aiming for a zero carbon footprint and this forms part of the plan.

While governments talk on clean energy industry excels

Fortescue says the Chichester solar farm, and the new connection to the Newman gas and battery hybrid power station will displace around 100 million litres annually of diesel used in the existing Christmas Creek and Cloudbreak power stations.

That's a great step forward

And then they bought the trains

Battery powered train
A Roy Hill full battery-powered train

The aim is to transform the rail industry and remove 300 million tonnes of global carbon emissions.

Roy Hill

Batteries make the difference

There are currently 22 battery projects that are in construction (or due to start construction soon) around Australia. This is based on projects that have reached financial close and are not yet commissioned.

These battery storage projects will deliver over $1 billion in capital costs, 1,416 MW of new energy storage capacity with the ability to discharge 2,818 MWh.

Figures are correct at 2021

Elon Musk's Battery Farm Is an Undeniable Success

In just two years, the Neoen-owned Hornsdale Power Reserve—a facility full of PowerPacks that receives and stores energy from nearby wind and solar farms—has worked as advertised, saving South Australia more than $100 million in network costs. By storing power up to its capacity of 100 MW, this “battery” can absorb brief blips in the grid surrounding it, reducing outages for residents and easing the burden on businesses or facilities that lose money, product, and more during those outages.

While governments talk on clean energy industry excels
Style image

The battery capacity flattens the flow of energy and stabilises the grid.

And the Government steps up

Malcolm Turnbull set phase 2 in operation during his term as Prime minister, however, his foresight into solar probably was his undoing as he was removed from Government.
If he has one legacy it is this massive project that will be able to deliver

While governments talk on clean energy industry excels

Snowy 2.0 is an expansion of the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme, which was commissioned in 1974. It will become Australia’s biggest green energy project and the world’s biggest pumped storage plant, upon completion.
The plant will help deliver reliable and affordable energy by adding 2GW of hydroelectric generation capacity to the Snowy Scheme, which has an installed capacity of 3.8GW.

The scheme generates about 67% of all renewable energy for the National Electricity Market. The generated power is supplied to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW), and Victoria

When finished in 2024 it will be the largest hydro operation in the world.

Many countries with high rainfall and dam capacity will turn Hydro on.

Then the home owners stood up

It is an interesting concept that if every Homeowner installed Solar panels and a battery back up the need for domestic power could be zero.

However many changes would be required for the feedback to the grid.
Admittedly both the Government and enterprise have provided a substantial commitment to this.
The government with Solar rebates and the energy companies with a generous buyback policy. However, it does not last forever and both of these have been wound back.

While governments talk on clean energy industry excels

There is no doubt the Australian weather is a boon to solar adoption and can contribute in two ways, generating their power and sending excess to the grid. This can be further enhanced by the use of Battery backup.
Uptake has been very good particularly in South and Western Australia.

This has a cost however the impact is worth the return.

Plus there are cars, trucks and even trains

I'm an unashamed fan of Elon Musk. He has made the use of battery-powered vehicles a reality. By his persistence and engineering development he has dragged other manufacturers into the future. The Electric car is now a reality and being driven on roads around the world.
The Australian Government still with its head in the sand does not yet acknowledge the substantial gains we will have by replacing fossil fuel.

While governments talk on clean energy industry excels with Tesla

Most European countries and The US subsidise the EV sales and penalize the gas guzzlers aiming for much higher penetration. Companies like VW and BMW as well as Toyota, Subaru, Ford, and the Chinese manufacturers are full bore into the sales of EV. They are putting a deadline on the production of fuel-driven cars so convinced are they on the future.

A range of heavy vehicles is also on the launch pad which will include the popular 4WD preferred by many drivers. Heavy haulage is going to be commonplace in 2022.

We have seen where Mining companies are employing massive trains powered only by batteries. In some cases, these are combined with diesel engine units to double the power and allow the batteries to recharge at easy stages.

The world's transport will be electric and it is coming fast.

The farms get bigger and the power greater

While governments talk on clean energy industry excels
Hornsby SA

The biggest power battery in Australia is currently in Hornsby South Australia . a 300 MW unit designed to smooth power access and save on Fossil fuels.

And they get bigger;

FPL Manatee Energy Storage Center: 409 MW/900 MWh Florida Power company the USA has a massive storage capacity and takes over from two aging gas plants.

When fed by Wind and solar panels these provide a huge stabilizing effect and power storage

While governments talk on clean energy industry excels in many different ways.

Other forms of energy

There are many new methods of power generation including Geo-Thermal, Wave power, high Altitude wind, waste disposal or Biomass, and even volcanic interception.

In El Salvador, Bitcoin miners are using cheap and clean Volcanic energy.

Is Hydrogen the new technology

Hydrogen can be formed in several ways and is color-coded to show the degree of acceptance. Therefore Green Hydrogen is the darling of the moment.

This is being trialed in all sorts of transport as an alternative to batteries but remains a little more expensive and maybe even slightly less safe.
Large scale plants are being built to power high energy use industries like Steel manufacturing.
Heavy transport may benefit because of the greater power and cost offsets.

International energy market analysts, Wood Mackenzie, recently reported that more than 3.2 gigawatts of green hydrogen capacity might be deployed between now and 2025, a 1,272 % increase on the 253 megawatts installed from 2000 to the end of 2019. Significantly Wood Mackenzie found that, “only Australia will be able to produce green hydrogen competitive with natural-gas-based hydrogen.”

Clean energy
Hydrogen powered bus
Coming fast and furious.

My conclusion

We may sometimes despair at the lack of progress. However, it is coming much faster than we think.

When there is money in it, players will enter the market.
Furthermore, some will risk capital on a future promise.
Hydrogen is a great example. It is still considered shakey technology because of running and storage costs.

I started this journey out of general interest and was happy with the results.
We can have clean energy and less Global Warming in the future.

This has been done before when we had a hole in the Ozone layer. Quick thinking and adoption of new practices reversed the trend.

We are again on the same path.

While governments talk on clean energy industry excels by Peter Hanley

If I am old can I continue to learn

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning is young. So, if I am old can I continue to learn?

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

Learning can be interpreted many ways

Our friend Wikipedia says, in part, that it is understanding behavior new knowledge or skills.

Of course, we never stop learning the basics of life however I am perpetuating the fact that mature age people should continue to learn new skills.

First of all, at what age do we get the honor of being old. McDonald's starts treating you with discounts at just 55 which is pretty generous, to say the least. Then many at 60 and the famous 65 retirement age. However, the goalposts keep changing and moving out to 70 so maybe that is the time to reflect on the advantages.

Who do you listen to

Why would you listen to me? At age 77, I still have a small business, write a blog most days, an active investor in the crypto market all tied in with a wife 5 kids and partners, and 12 grandkids all of who draw on me from time to time. Finally, a healthy exercise regime culminates in a 4 or 5 Klms walk nearly every day.

In that, you will note a mention of the Crypto market. It is relatively new so my knowledge can keep up with the others because we all come from the same starting point.

If I am old can I continue to learn

I first looked at BlockChain technology back in 2018 when it was quite new.

Friends of mine were looking at it so I took the effort to learn as much as I could. I then took advice from those that knew little and decided that was at the top of the market.
Gee Bitcoin was nearly $2000 and Eths just a few dollars. This was a half a million-dollar mistake. I finally bought Bitcoin for $35,000.
You can learn more here;

Are you too late for this market? The answer is no it is a relative startup that will continue for the next decade or more

Maintaining touch with new technologies

Are you scared of change and resist anything that stretches you too far?

We saw this with mobile phones and particularly the change to smartphones. So many of my friends said “we don't have any need for all this new stuff” so they sat and waited.
When they finally took that big step they were consumed with wonder and pained over the wasted time.
The internet was another of the bogeymen with computers that were too hard to even think about. Now a few short years later a computer is nearly a must-have.

I visited my 96-year-old uncle the other day who had a computer issue and asked me to have a look. Windows 10, super-fast Dell computer however a simple cable pulled out stopped the music from Apple playing.

How often do you go to the Doctor or similar and they ask for your email address? A must-have accessory in the modern world.

Transformational technologies

Satellite navigation is an everyday thing which is great because my map reading skill was not all that good.

All these transformational technologies have made our life easier however resistance to change delays the benefits.

With several hundred small business customers that pay every month, I need to be on top of the game to save time and costly staff.

I had one customer that insisted on paying by cheque. This meant for me a trip to the post office and then to the bank for a rather small amount of money.
Finally, he came good and changed to a direct debit. The funny ending was that he then sent me a script to ensure that none of my staff were in forced or slave labor situations.
That with a fully automated service that does not employ people. From the dark ages to world savior in a short step.

The need for a future goal

Having something to achieve gives us hope. Something to look forward to that will provide enjoyment and satisfaction.

Just going through the daily routines is not living a life, you need some sparkle to make the remaining years as positive and rewarding as they can be.
It may be holidays, Dancing, Cooking, trekking, bike riding all the fun things.

It may be learning the guitar, piano, or any musical instrument. Art will do it for many in all its forms as you build and develop skills.

Learning something new stretches the mind and drags the body with it to new horizons so that getting old is not the thought of the day.

If I am old can I continue to learn even if I am busy?

How to plan the finish

When you are busy and active your not getting older

If I am old can I continue to learn

I don't have time to dwell on my age except that I understand I must achieve as much as I can now because we can't bank on tomorrow.

I want to hit the final years as hard as I can and achieve whatever I can so my time on this planet is not wasted.

We have kids that need us and their kids as well, even more so, as people they can look up to Give them an example of hope and high achievement that they can hang a hat on.

It is hard to struggle in this life on your own without a stable commander of the ship.

Give them something to hold in esteem as you go through later life even if the prior years were not all that good.

You can do this by being active and having your mind as sharp as you can for as long as you can.

Like a movie you never really understand where life is taking you until the end. therefore fill it with as much enthusiasm as you can, when you can.

If I am old can I continue to learn and what opportunities are available

Talking about learning opportunities

If I am old can I continue to learn

I chose the internet as my outlet. This is a massive world of opportunity from simple things like Facebook to making a living by selling your services, goods, or ideas.

You can search forever however I found a nice haven at Wealthy Affiliate. They have training on every aspect as well as a huge forum of like-minded people all wanting to expand their world.

learning is expanding your abilities but it is also about creating an awareness of the traps that old people face. We, my friends, are a targeted race because we are trusting and often blissfully bloody ignorant of the changes in our world.

I know many that have been scammed and I sit among them guilty as charged.

Maintaining your interests at a higher level offers some protection from the world around us.
Protection that we need.

Other friends have taken Art classes, which in my case would be a waste of time and music to capture some of the love of sound. ( now available at the press of a button)

Illness will prevent some of us from taking on more skills however never use it as an excuse.
Use your activities to blunt the trauma of pain and sorrow and to light your world in however a small way.

A lesson learned the hard way

I sent two of my technicians to Google University to help with their careers. I paid for the initial courses and left the rest to them, it was their choice.

One of the guys took to a tree in a Motorcycle accident and was left a paraplegic. Life in a wheelchair.
One now runs a large IT section in a well know corporation the other still toiling with the tools.
What a waste of a life, The wheelchair guy was the winner because he would not let adversity get in the way and is now a senior Google Technician operating from the chair.

You are responsible for your life.

You are responsible for your future, no one else

No one else can help you, all the nagging in the world will not shift your bum off the couch and that is fine for those that choose the life.
For all the others that set your world on fire by your own choice, I wish you well.

Remember the current President of America is knocking on the door of 80 and even Trump was over 75. If you can run the world as a senior surely you can adjust your little life.

If I am old can I continue to learn even in the bad times

Others that have it bad and overcome adversity.

I am currently reading a book by Jaivet Ealom a refugee who was imprisoned on Manus Island Papua New Guinea for trying to enter Australia by boat. Nearly six years in the most horrible place on earth in modern-day imprisonment without hope of survival.
Six prime years trying to stay alive and even attempting to end it all because it was unbearable. He made it to freedom by escaping captivity.

It hardens my resolve to not waste one moment of my remaining six, or however many years not putting in as much effort as I can.

If I can move just one of you

It is not my intention to lecture or blow my bags. However, I confess that I get frustrated with people just wasting life and we oldies are not the only ones. Kids smoke dope half the day and the other half playing video games that make someone rich.

We can help others, learn new skills, and generally add to a community by being active and involved.

If my time of writing can move just one person I would be happy.

If I am old can I continue to learn concluded


I started writing this in part because of the book I am reading and also because I was bedridden with the flu. Unable to function normally and being downright glad I have had my Covid Jabs, being caught in that would be just too much to bear.

I write my blogs to help people in some small way and to share some of the knowledge I have gathered over three score years and seventeen.

I have friends in the eighties that are still contributing to society, learning, writing, and producing material to help others. They want to keep going as long as they can because their life is enriched by the experiences gained.

It is up to you now, think and act or sit back and relax waiting for the final curtain.

If I am old can I continue to learn by Peter Hanley

Seniors working from home to get an income

Is making money online real, 21 great ways to win

Is making money online real or just a scam to suck us all in and get our money? A few facts to change your mind and get you started to win

What is making money online all about

First of all, this is a open question that will include many answers.

Besides that you may as well ask if making money possible, Of course, it is.

The online world is massive and includes many, many options therefore you just need to pick the one that suits you. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and you just need to narrow the field down to what suits you.

Selling product onlineYour own or someone else's.
Dropshipping ProductSelling from the factory
Having an online shopUsing software to do it
Writing training coursesFor those that know
Doing coachingGetting the inner teacher going
Mastering Social mediaUsing it the best way
Selling on Social MediaSetting up for others
BloggingGet the writer out
Building web pagesFor others
Creating web funnelsThe sales channel
Becoming an affiliate marketerInstant income
My first cut

And there are many more

Writing eBooksA great way to start
Creating a YouTube channelFor you or others
Doing surveysOnline surveys
Creating product reviewsGreat product recommendations
Becoming an InfluencerTelling others
Working as a Virtual assistantHire yourself out
Trading stocks and sharesOn line trading
Collecting debtorsFor small business
Doing Google setupsFor small business
Reselling Fivver gigsEasy to do

Choose what you are passionate about

You may choose one from the list or all of them if you want however success comes from specialising.
In addition, you may have to link several to accomplish one objective. For example, blogging needs a web page, social media channels, and a YouTube channel as well.

The list is not exhaustive and you will find many more ways to make money but you will generally find that everything starts with a webpage.

This is your shop window to the world, what you do, who you are, and where you are going.

To get started ( if you are a beginner) hop on to the Wealthy Affiliate website try a few training courses and see if they are for you. They go from beginner to Pro so there is something there for everyone.

What is the fast track to money

I am sorry to tell you that instant millionaire is not in your daily horoscope. It says if you work hard and learn a lot there is a good chance of success.

However, with an above-average basic knowledge, you can achieve a lot.

I have a friend who concentrated on building Keywords. A company approached her to work for them on a Five figure year income, part-time and from home. An offer too good to refuse.

My daughter concentrated on Facebook marketing and is now employed full-time in a national agency.

They did not get there overnight. They found a niche and worked until they understood it completely and then marketed their product, themselves.

You, are the answer to wealth

No one else can do it, there is no one to blame the results are about input.

If you wanted to be an Architect you would go to school for about 15 years to just learn the basics, then you get a JOB on a base salary and learn some more before getting a return.

However, you want to be an internet guru in five minutes and build from there.

You wish!

Besides Nothing comes that easy, even the lottery takes effort.

Therefore decide the path you want to take and let's make some plans to make the dream real. It is there waiting for you, just add effort.

Is making money online real when using a plan

It always starts with a plan

This might sound a bit pathetic however it is the foundation to success. You will never get anywhere without knowing where you are going and what you want to see when you get there.

So let's plug a destination into the Navigator and start to designate a route.

For instance, if you want to be a successful blogger, The goal, reality starts after about four hundred blogs, the way and writing every day is the plan.
Now cut that down into time blocks, A blog will take about four hours to do properly. Maybe a bit less and probably a lot more.
That's one a day, every day for a tad over thirteen months. Then the journey begins.

Frightening isn't it. However you could have developed a good income around that time, a business that will stand you well for years ahead, and something to be proud of.

It matters not what you choose it will still contain a learning curve, if you are not up to it that's fine Go and find a job where they tell you what to do and spend your life wishing you had taken the leap.
There are no barriers, no age class, sex, colour of your skin, or even education. They are excuses.
One of the higher achievers at Wealthy Affiliate was a young Singaporean kid. At about 18 he opted out of University and when solo on the internet. He moved to Taiwan because of Love and had to start fresh with little money or support.
He is now earning an estimated million dollar a year income, certainly, it is a few years later and a whole heap of work passed but he made it happen.

The pareto principle

This is an ancient philosophy set up by an economist who found the 80/20 rule.

On the Internet, this means that just 20% will ever make it and 80% will fail. Of those that make it 20% will do very well and 80% will be ok.

The rule has been proven to be accurate over the past hundred-plus years.

Therefore it is not good enough to be in the 80% mob you need to be better than that.

This is true if you look at multi-level marketing. A great place to waste your time. Selling products like Amway, Herbalife, Avon Vorwork, or any of the others.
Here 80% do all the work because the 20% earn from them. If you are at the top the money can be great however the workers maintain the business and scrap for income.

Always beware of anything closely representing Pyramid marketing. Here all the money goes to the top of the tree.

This is not designed to scare you, quite the opposite is true. I just want you to realise that anything is possible however it takes time and dedication.

The Olympic Ambition

Is making money online real, 21 great ways to win

I write this during the Tokyo Olympics. People are winning medals and standing on the Dias with beaming smiles of success.
They did not make it in a day quite the opposite is true. Australia was awarded the 2032 Games to be held in Brisbane. That's a short eleven years away. Therefore children of eight and nine are now starting their journey to a beaming smile finish.

Interestingly a Gold medal winner will be paid $20,000 by the government. Some compensation for 11 years of daily training.

If you put a similar time into any of the above occupations you would be demanding $20k a month and not a single return for eleven years of dedication.

It is all about your dedication to something you enjoy and want to achieve.

Is making money online real and my windup

My training conclusion

I can not teach you to become a success in one single post. In addition, I can not choose a subject for you.
What I can do is convince you of the understanding that anything is possible however it will take a lot of effort.
I do advise that you narrow your choice and choose from just one category to start your journey. Learn it so well that you can teach it to others, thus starting the road to a gold medal.
Yes, you can build on this as you grow and in fact, it will be necessary to incorporate other services into your Armoury.

Finally, be careful of where you go online, there are many scams and money-making traps along the way. These will mostly offer instant success with little effort, it simply is not possible, and paying out large sums of money will not get you to the end quicker.

Follow a forum like the one at Wealthy Affiliate where others share their journey and provide help and assistance to any part of the road ahead.

You don't need to be alone and believe me we all need help along the way. Things change so quickly that we can never keep up with every little roadblock on our own.

Let's do a quick summary;

  • I have given you a list of 21 ideas on which to grow your knowledge
  • The time and effort that will be necessary
  • Making a plan and executing it
  • Why you need to be in the top 20%
  • A warning about scams and other issues
  • finally where to get all the help you need.

I hand the Olympic torch to you to start your journey to the success you seek.

Is making money online real, 21 great ways to win by Peter Hanley

Retirement income ideas, add excitement to your life

Retirement income ideas and adding a reason to get up in the morning. Let's look at a few ideas that can help fill a day with enthusiasm.

Why would you want to work in retirement anyway?

Work is something you do because you have to.
Certainly we don't want to go digging ditches or laying paving stones on a hot day. We want to do something that is easy and in our own time.

First of all a bit about me. Bordering on 80 years old, small business owner, consistent blogger averaging about 15,000 words a month, a couple of eBooks, Stock trader, Crypto convert, warrior for Global warming, grandfather to twelve, swimmer and fit in a 4lkm walk on most days.

Therefore you would say I am fairly productive. My problem is that I need to live a lot longer to do all the things I want to achieve.

Naturally I have a lot of friends around the same age, some working, many retired. Those that continue on with a demanding schedule are the better thinking of the lot.

Wasting away days and waiting for the end.

There will be time for that much later on. Whilst we still have the marbles let's do something with them, and get an outcome that we can be proud off.

Perhaps you can do a cross word or a colouring in book but what is the satisfaction level.

What you need is a bit of excitement, a buzz that gets you up in the morning, grabbing a sabre and rushing into the world with a purpose.

Having a project gives you purpose

First of all I shall take you to the dark side and talk about The Crypto market.

A bit like the stock market on steroids. It is the future of all that we do however it comes with high risk and higher rewards.

Throwing some play money at this will give you a bit of excitement and should earn a bit of coin along the way.

Think of it as building an asset that in a few years will increase greater than Real Estate and not shrink in value like cash.

If I have stretched you too far and you don't want to extend your brain outside a safe parameter we will move on to more things to consider.

Is it worth buying Crypto in an erratic market

What about a bit of writing

First off all it is hard to make a lot of money blogging until you are well down the road.

However it will release the creative you from under a rock. We all have something to say and this is an ideal way to unleash the budding writer.

It may be the start of a journey or an entry to something bigger that is your path to find.

How do you make money from blogging is a great question.

First off all I have acquaintances making five figures a month that becomes a recurring income so every month not just one time.

This is easy to learn and there is a whole bundle of training starting from a free base at Wealthy Affiliate. You can be up and going in a short time and furthermore know where you are heading and why you want to get there.

Retirement income ideas and getting paid

Affiliate income and advertising to generate funds

Affiliate income is being paid for passing a new customer to a sale by a partner.

A good example is having a link on a page to the great Amazon. Someone clicks on your link and goes to Amazon to look at a book or something bigger like a Running treadmill.

If they buy the product the Amazon pays you a commission being a percentage of the sale.

It might be a $2 on a book or $200 on a Treadmill. In the early years this was very lucrative however Amazon have really tightened the commissions so it is now a lot harder.

Every product you can think off has an affiliate offer.

Therefore if you want to write about Hairdressing ( as an example) you may recommend Scissors, dryers or even high priced chairs.

Off course throw in a bundle of products that people must use and you have quite a few opportunities.

Then the advertising revenue comes

When you get a bit of traffic, (people reading your blog), the advertisers will pay to pop up on your site.

You get paid for just clicks or a commission. The famous people with a million or more followers can earn millions of dollars this way. maybe you are the next one.

What is your input into the whole exercise

You are in charge. You are working when you want and at a pace that suits.

However you need to do a bit of training first. Learn to build a website and a bit about SEO and keywords before you blast off.

Hey this is a long term venture so let's start off the correct way so the road gets easier as you go.

Importantly none of it is hard. However learning the fundamentals is necessary to be successful. Again your starting point is Wealthy Affiliate.

If you play around on this site and look at some of the 400 odd posts I have written you will start to build ideas, like the all important “what to write about.

Retirement income ideas from a talking head

The talking head

This one is not for everyone however some of you will quite like the idea of telling your ideas live to a captive audience.

You Tube is a search Engine that people go to to get answers. They want someone to solve a problem for them.

An ex hairdresser( as a example) may talk about undercuts, Plats, Dreadlocks, types of colours, scalp conditions, equipment, product, kids etc. The list just goes on.

Doing a video is really simple. It may be with your computer, iPhone or a proper camera and mike.

The kids can do it so nothing is stopping you. Again money can be made the same ways as blogging in affiliate income of advertising revenue.

I watch a daily episode on the Crypto market. I pay the man $20 a month to get the most up to date information. James has several thousand followers so a nice little earn for him

I also watch others on You Tube where an add pops up every five or so minutes.

Start out by reading a bit about it at Vidnami a builder of Videos that make it possible for anyone.

Taking the easy route to success

We talked about learning the basics being a necessary start and many off you want hand holding.

There is nothing like a great Mentor to guide you on your way. However, and important, is that there are many ways to waste money searching the web.

It is full of scams and high priced commodities that teach nothing, but take a lot. Believe me I have a whole cupboard full of wasted time and money.

I have narrowed the field down to one guy that promises success. My Mate Roy Carter has been doing this for years and in fact is now retired to an island play ground to live the life.

Roy does not take on anyone however with my recommendation you have a chance of being accepted.

Concluding Retirement income ideas

In conclusion of chasing an income the easy way

This is just the tip of a massive market and a million ideas.

However I believe they are the easiest ways and provide the greatest opportunity to success.

Let not age stop you. I have friends in the mid eighties and over that are extremely productive. In fact one 85 year old lady in Alaska just converted her garage into a writers den. She wanted the perfect place to release her creative self so she built it. (including a big Fireplace )

There are opportunities in Social media and you will include these in your journey along with many others.

I have offered a bit of balance, the Crypto Gamble, the learning curve and a mentor to hold your hand. I use all three but take them one at a time and get them working before you move on.

Retirement income ideas, add excitement to your life by Peter Hanley

Best SMS marketing tips for small business growth

SMS Marketing

Best SMS marketing tips for small business growth. There is no better action based marketing than with SMS. We tell you how to make it easy

Why use SMS anyway

First of all over 90% of people will read an SMS immediately and a percentage will act on the message. This depends off course on content

best SMS marketing tips have legal implications

Using the legal bits to better use

What the heck are the legal bits and how do they affect you?
You can not send random messages to anyone. You need prior consent gathered within your business dealings. However you should build your list at every opportunity. Get those names, emails and mobile numbers so that you can market to them at any time.

Every country has different laws so if you are in doubt please check with the local authority.

Secondly you must offer the receiver the option to Opt-out of future messages and maintain a register so you don't continue to bombard them with mail.

Importantly it is a good thing when they do choose to leave you. They are not your customers and never will be so don't waste your time on them.

A nice tidy list is far better than a random base of numbers.

Gathering your contact list

sms marketing

Your contact list has a real value. Not only will it provide a regular flow of business it will also be a valued asset on your balance sheet.

You can sell your list on the sale of your business based on the long term returns you may expect. This could be in the hundreds of thousand dollars so it is important.

Every website, page, post or blog should carry a link that your readers can subscribe to.
I have installed one below that goes directly to my SMS base and confirms with you that you are a valued customer.

Every, invoice, quote, order or collateral should have a way of gathering your contact information. Make your staff aware and insist they develop a habit if gathering the vital data.

Your data base is an Asset just like Real Estate so treat it with respect

Using newsletters to gather data

Using automation

This is the age of automation where your contacts get loaded to a list instantly and welcomed as premium customers that can expect more from you in the future. Be nice early and get liked for your presentation so that they will trust you sometime enough to buy from you.

have a link on your Social Media. your web pages and anywhere else possible. Every new customer has a real value to you therefore treat them extra well

Have your list in a format that you can use at any time with a simple cut and paste.

Personalise your list

It always helps to address your recipients by name however you must also remember that this takes up valuable characters. Hello Mr Jonathon Armstrong blows away about 28 of your available 160 characters therefore consider if the benefit out ways the return.

The advantages of a fixed number

Many of you will either ignore this advantage or simply be blissfully unaware that it has a 5X impact.
Most businesses use a bulk SMS generator that uses a variety of numbers when sending mail.
In a large blast they may use a dozen or more different numbers.

In fact my daughter queried with me how her Doctor and Dentist shared a number. Her appointment confirmation came from the same number. By coincidence both services used the same carrier and the number had been generated from both. She had saved it in her folder for future use however it would never receive return calls.

I always encourage the use of a fixed number even though it comes with a small monthly cost.
It should be considered part of your branding and provide both ways access at any time.

Your phone will recognise the incoming mail and advise who is messaging thus instant recognition.

Todays customers are busy and the use of SMS is proffered to any other form of communications. My older generation may make a phone call but we are a dying breed as technology passes us by.

Let them message you straight to your email so that anyone can handle the query and it is not lost on a Mobile phone with a flat battery.

Best SMS marketing tips for great results

Instant gratification

Because most messages are looked at immediately on receipt the user has a decision to make, either delete or reply.
The reply provides instant feed back and is ideal for instigating a small test market.
Message a small number from your base and then see what the stats say. Then make any changes that you think are necessary

Sending an offer and offering excitement

There is no better way than to build excitement than with an SMS.
Many had waited for a new product line and were told to register an interest. An SMS on the appropriate day had punters lined up at opening time to beat the rush.

Should businesses give product away

Cost per click return beats most marketing measures

Over 90% of SMS messages are opened immediately and most are acted on. Whereas emails have a 30% open rate and may sit for days before a response is initiated.

Cost of a message is immaterial, cost of return is everything.

A busy health provider sent out about 500 messages saying they had not seen the customer in their Gym for some time and would love to have them back. The cost was about $100.
Forty three people reacted and signed a new term contract returning $12,000 in income.
Furthermore it was done in a very short time.

A busy restaurant has the occasional quiet night. This is a restaurant that is hard to obtain a table on most nights. However they are staffed for a full house so they need to fill more tables quickly. Taking a slice from their data base they send a message offering a quick booking with a special offer, the offer is all ways taken up. Cost a few dollars the return a few thousand dollars.

Wholesale supplier has monthly trade meetings where clients are invited for an early morning meeting. After trying several ways they found that a message one week prior and then one hour prior bought a maximum attendance.

Large plumbing supply group tried a quarterly car park sale. Press advertising was over
$10, 000 a time with average results. They found that SMS messaging lifted the response and cut the cost by about two thirds thus bigger profit.

How could a SMS marketing plan work for you.

Outsource your work

Sometimes you are just too busy to do everything required of you. You know you should but don't have the time or the suitable personal to do it.

SMS in marketing

When we host your base all you need do is tell us what you want to say, and when. Then wait for the sales to come in.

Contact us for more information

Depending on volumes and time a small cost my be added for labour content.

My SMS wrap up

Having seen this work so well, so many times for many years I am confident that it will deliver results every time. However it can be overdone so it requires good forward planning. Therefore set out your annual calendar, plan the events and no in advance what you want to achieve. Furthermore you may add other forms to the mix. Email is a great support act and even a cold call as a reminder depending on the time between contacts.
A multiple touch method will capture a slightly larger group and stick in the minds of the recipients that bit longer.

Best SMS marketing tips for small business growth by Peter Hanley

Yes, please add my mobile number to your SMS mailing list

5-Affiliate marketing mistakes (and how I learned a hard lesson)

Why planning is important

5-Affiliate marketing mistakes (and how I learned a hard lesson). Not understanding these basic inputs will provide no chance of success

Affiliate marketers have a battle to be seen

Unless you are read and followed no one will click your links and thus no sales will result.

A pretty simple formula really however the big question resides around being read.

First of all you must be on page one of a search term. Over 80% of searches never go past the first three free listings so if you are not there you will not be found.

  • Keywords. An in-depth understanding
  • Traffic. Is there any?
  • Your meta and heading must be compelling
  • Linking. Use Pretty links so you know what is happening
  • SEO. This needs to be right

Keyword understanding is essential.

Understanding Key words is paramount to success

Key words or more correctly Key phrases are the basics of all search terms. It is a balance between competition and traffic and both need to be on target.

Fortunately we have some tools to help us with this otherwise it would really be a difficult task.

When someone searches for anything they type in a series of words and those words are the Keywords that take them to a result. Google ranks all those words and positions them according to their rules.

I use three different tools to gain the information needed to make a wise decision. Remember I said traffic and competition, well, too much of either and you wont be found, similarly too little has exactly the same results. No one looks at you.

I looked up affiliate marketing for beginners and found among others two results

Affiliate marketing mistakes
Affiliate marketing mistakes

Same page and vastly different results so what went wrong.

Seeing your traffic makes a difference.

Using the tools before and not after

The first is Jaaxy a Wealthy Affiliate product .

This tool will give you most of what you want in terms of volume and competition. Pick volume of around 100 a month and competition under say 50 or 5 pages.

Next we look at Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. a bit more difficult to read but more information.

Finally the important Google search. Google writes the rules so they know.

Ubersuggest also has a Chrome extension that provides the estimated visitors numbers as seen above. They will add to the traffic count.

Using a headline tool helps write great introduction text.

Now we have a headline and Meta description to complete

The above examples both appeared on page one so why did one get more traffic?
The first thing is the headline.
Affiliate marketing for beginners 7 steps to success makes a promise.

I struggled with this for a long time until I found a great free tool by Monster Insights. This tool rates your headline and tells you what you are doing wrong, or right in some cases.

Many experts will tell you to keep your headline short however they are wrong. The headline needs to draw readers in to answer a question, provide hope or come up with a solution to a problem.
7 Steps seems to be better that 2021, ( what's more you wont have to change it)

You need power words and promises to pull them in.

Next is the Meta description the lines below the headline. This must explain what your article is about and whether it is worth reading for them. It needs to contain your key phrase as well.

These three items are a package that need to be the best available on the page. Your time to grab a reader is only about 2 seconds so it must be good.

Key Phrases are the startsearch for traffic and competition
A great headline is necessaryAbout 55 characters is ideal
Meta descriptionGet them in with a promise

Affiliate marketing mistakes and bad links

Use your links sparingly and distance them apart

Being an affiliate marketer gives you the opportunity to link to many and varied income sources. Most of us have a whole bundle of affiliate links depending on what we are writing about.
First of all writing for Mobile content is necessary at all times because this is where Google takes its ranking from.
However having links close together for a mobile phone creates a blurring of the data and they can't be used.
Secondly readers are there for information and too many links creates distrust in what your article is about. Links must be directly associated with your article and provide more information.

Finally you have several link types but three are important

Internal links Linking to other data within your blogs
External LinksTaking them to further information
Authority linksUniversity's, Health services even Wikipedia
Use them at appropriate times

In conclusion, limit your links, write for mobile optimisation and include authority.

Using good SEO is also critical to success

WordPress is my media of choice so I am able to use Yoast SEO. In fact I use the premium version because SEO is so important.
Content structure must be designed with readers in mind. Lots of headlines, short sentences, a few graphics and no spelling mistakes.

Writing must be positive and use ample transition words to connect structure.

You are not writing an engineering white paper. You are there to entertain and keep readers on the page from beginning to end. Provide a solution or answer a question is your destination.

Keeping them on page creates an opportunity for taking them to a destination where you get paid.
You are an affiliate with an ambition to make money. Therefore getting readers transported to the money page is your objective. Your blog or article is the devise to the printing press.

Don't get all hung up on prise winning articles, find the hot spot that gets action and exploit it as well you can.

In most cases the web page you are directing your readers to will be designed to sell the product, that is their job. Your roll is to build interest and move them on to spending money.

Affiliate marketing mistakes and good SEO

Good SEO is importantTry Yoast SEO
Entertain and informinclude references
Move readers to a saleUsing great linking structure

Understand your history and analyse your results

When you don't know where you have been, can't see where you are going and have no idea of traffic you are in the middle of a nightmare.

Firstly Google analytics is available free to everyone. It has such an extensive range of stats
that can tell you many variables. If you are using WordPress then a great plug-in is Monster Insights. ( The same one for your headline analyser) This puts all the vital stat on your front page so you are reminded constantly to check your results

My conclusion to affiliate marketing and the lesson I learned

The principal lesson is that many variants make the whole and they all need to be in line. Like music it is not just one note but a range of inputs to create a tune.

Affiliate marketing is like that. You need to line up all the ducks to capture interest and intent in a part of a second.
Therefore you should concentrate on each variable and get them all correct every time. Any one failure may well cost you a reader and importantly a chance of income.

You are an affiliate to make money and we sometimes get so wrapped up in our content that we forget that important principal.

The best place to start an affiliate journey is with the training at Wealthy Affiliate. From starter to professional there is something for everyone and your entry is free.

They understand the business better than any one so even being in the forum provides healthy tips and advice.

Furthermore you can get answers on a range of issues in several ways designed around a quick finish to your issue.

5-Affiliate marketing mistakes (and how I learned a hard lesson) by Peter Hanley

Email marketing strategy

Companies that give away free products ( should you do it)

Online Business Marketing Ideas

Companies that give away free products ( should you do it), The answer lies in risk and reward however we all have freebies so it must work

Count your free stuff and think about it

As I sit at my desk and look around I can see about six products given to me by suppliers.

There is the Real Estate Calendar, a Pen from a Tyre store, a Water Bottle from a Gym, a note pad from the local shire . In my top draw a host of Thumb drives and of course the ever present stress ball.

The list goes on with Golf balls, and equipment and probably a dozen caps with various logos.

On the fridge there are magnets from all over and Bottle openers on the cabinet, with the beer can holders all displaying a logo.

Therefore it is still happening however does it work?

You can never judge a return on investment

I have never had anyone wander in and say they want to buy something because I once gave them a free gift.

However I have used them as a referral item.

It is not just branding although that is close.
It is more a compulsion to return a favour or imagining you owe something in return.

I get regular note pads and calendars from local Real Estate agents. I am not in the market but they appear in my post box so I use them.

A while back I was selling a property and wanted a couple of quotes, for one I used the contact details on the note pad I was using at that time. Just might have earned him a big commission.

Go big or go small which is best?

This really depends on the occasion. Giving a fifty cent pen to everyone does not really cut it.
We all have a bundle of them so there is no perceived value.

The best items are the unique ones that make a statement.

The next best are those that will be in every day use.

Finally, those of a higher value that really come with an obligation.

Your aim is to get a bit of front of mind when decision time is close. Will they remember you and ( Know you) naturally (Like ) you now trust you as a reputable business. If you get this Know, like and trust going you will be a winner every time, it is the basics of marketing.

If you are selling a $50,000 car branded floor mats are always welcome however to entice a customer it might be a cocktail evening and test drive that gets them in.

The super Market chains make you buy your gifts. The recent miniature food containers at Coles required a certain level of spend and boy did it generate results. In one campaign a 5% increase in turnover for the group.

Companies that give away free products and show bags

The trade show bag is always a winner

I had an email this morning offering me collateral (probably the reason I am writing this) and one items was show bags at us$1.00 each however in a quantity of 5000 at a time. These were printed and delivered ex China.

companies that give away free products

However with a bag you need stuffers to fill them up. A great way to do this is use your supplier channel to come up with the goods.

Not just tradeshows.

We have a lot of success with inhouse trade meetings. You get a guest speaker a sausage sizzle and invite your VIP list for a special presentation.
Off course you make sure they leave with something to remember you by. A Showbag.
This can be a breakfast group , lunch or evening depending on your cliental.

Free stuff with complements

Or free stuff with complaints. Both of these have an image problem of buying a favour.

If you complain and get something for free it is often not near enough to compensate for the inconvenience and may be viewed as a bribe.
This was done at a restaurant recently when two meals in a group of six were considered cold. The waiter said no problem I won't charge for one of them. This was not what we wanted but set up a conversation at the table of should we have gotten both for free?

The reward was probably generous and needed not to have been offered however it was not seen as a good result.

Free stuff with compliments can be great when it accompanies an action by you. Perhaps you just bought a box of nails for your trade people, a good few dollars worth and a good sale. Enclosing a hammer as a freebee would really cement the deal.

Valued tickets to events

Your customers may queue up for these if they are good enough. For many years I sponsored the local Opera company and was given half a dozen tickets to every performance. We would invite different couple to join us on the evening to something many would not venture to.
This worked well in customer bonding.

A customer of mine had a box at the Local football for a once a year event. He shared the cost with a supplier and invited about 20 people to join the day. Believe me we all had our hands up for this one,

What collateral works the best

This really depends on who your customers are and where their interests lay.
People are different and have many interests that need to be satisfied. Footy tickets to a wife with thee kids, who barracks for an opposing team will not be seen as value. Nor the tea evening at the local baby shop for the man of the house. Ok I am not allowed to generalise like this any more but you get the point I am making.

The skill is finding the correct balance between price , perception and reward. A trinket may work as well as a high priced freebee.

After my free trial I would send the customer by courier a green box containing all the documents to sign a packet or two of jelly beans, a pen and a note pad.

Until this day I often see the green boxes in a customers office being used for storage. We had a set pp fee included in the price so the cost of collateral was more than covered.

The product was also a recurring billing situation that could go on for years and be well worth promoting.

Companies that give away free products and free trials

Giving away a free trial

This can have many benefits and is a favourite of mine. The trial is a soft close. It is generally a love / hate occasion that saves you a lot of the legwork.

I drove into a car sales late one afternoon. Grabbed a salesman and said I want to have a look at a new Ford Explorer. He handed me a set of keys and said take it home for the night, show the family, take them for a drive and we will talk tomorrow.
Gosh , I was sold at hello.

In another business we generally provide a two week trial. While it seems generous it gives us both time to work out what we want and saves any future problems.
This has gone on for years and interestingly only a handful of customers don't sign on after the two weeks.

A free trial needs to be seen as value and not just a shoe-in. Many SMS services, as an example, will set up an account with the first 10 messages free however then you pay.
A low cost and low return method.

The lolly give away that worked

The business had some bags of Jelly beans produced in small printed packages. They were personalised and given out to every new customer.
A result was that customers would continue to ask for them every time we had contact.
A fifty cent product that returned the value many times over.

A local Mechanical repair group have small packets of Tissues on the counter, these were branded and worth very little. However they were great to have in a glovebox for emergencies and I rarely failed to grab one when visiting.

The Battery retailer has a little torch, based on a AA cell and bright lamp. Branded and produced in China at a very small cost they are an excellent give-away. In this case however they rarely use the promotion that will stick with the customer and consider it a cost not an asset.

Furthermore In these matters the staff need to be fully involved to ensure a great result.

My giveaway conclusion

First of all the gift lingers in the mind for a long time. It is not about value or cost it really comes back to perception.

You all love something for free however it must come without strings and given with thought.
Certainly it will bond your customers for the long term which is the aim.

Does it work, off course it does however don't just be random really think about what you are doing and do it with Gusto. If you want to give stuff away then do it and to hell with the cost.

Finally other ways to promote your business

Companies that give away free products by Peter Hanley

Did The Corona Virus Really Teach Us Anything About Business

Did The Corona Virus Really Teach Us Anything About Business. It really did and here we look at the ways to improve your results

Business in times of a Pandemic

I work with a range of businesses and therefore see a whole variety of results from very good to really bad.
Where you are and how your government operates will have a huge impact on what you get.

Lockdowns stop traffic flows however they also contain the Virus spread and limit the long term impact.

it may be a pandemic, a Flood, a fire or even an earthquake however they all take a toll on your business.

Action has been the operative word

As quoted by a politician in a recent press conference “you only get one chance to act early” and this has certainly been proven correct over the past year.

The sit and wait approach has not worked and just ask Donald Trump or Boris Johnson if they would do things differently. Both countries try to normalise exitance in a still growing Viral community stretching recourses to the maximum.

Similarly Brazil, Mexico and others ignored world medical advice and applied a wait and see attitude resulting in substantial death rates and business loss.

On the other hand Taiwan, New Zealand, Iceland to name just a few stopped the spread and Death toll by going early and going hard.

I live in Western Australia where a lockdown policy has hardly been applied but tight border controls stopped almost all the spread. Most business has survived however there are always casualties.

Businesses needed to adopt the same model

We watched as businesses closed their doors whilst others adapted to change and continued to move forward.
The Work From Home world quickly became the norm as industry struggled to keep pace with office closures and distancing restrictions.

I watched as schools struggled to continue lessons with lockdowns. I have one Grandchild in a private college where online learning was introduced in three days where the government school system could not supply a lesson in weeks as the kids watched Netflix.

There were those businesses with a high mortality rate and I include the Travel industry in that group as International travel ground to a halt. However the local accommodation model expanded as more people holidayed near home and high booking rates were experienced.

We saw restaurants close however the quick turned into take home meals to profit from the change.

Unemployment ballooned as doors closed and Government welfare was the only way to keep spending afloat, and spend we did.

The renovation business went balistic

With movement restricted we needed to find something to do so we renovated. Lighting, Plumbing, Carpets all went into overdrive and sales were well above pre pandemic times yet some still remained closed.

They were the lucky ones at the right time to make the most of misadventure however others made the changes.

A local Pizza house when locked down for inhouse dining cooked Bread and scones for the take away market and made a killing.

So if you are in the lucky group work it hard because it will surely slow

Hasty innovation is one answer

Not a wo is me moment but a planning session for change. It may be a big change or a simple one as long as it has some success.

The businesses with online shops did well and those that raced to catch up came into the trend whilst those that said it is too hard died.

Online shopping will continue to grow

Do you have an online presence, if you are into sales you must now join the trend because it is not going away.
Therefore your social marketing needs to grow to meet the customers. Retargeting and remarketing along with Social media advertising has become the new media.
Have a look around you and see the messages flooding your mobile and computer. Be in it or be sorry are your choices.

We have quickly adapted to online shopping and it will continue to grow into the coming years.
Is retail dead? have a look at the chain stores that have closed the doors and walked away.
Your local shopping precinct with closed shops will change to fast food and convenience stores because we are now buying online.

All the major brands are pushing online shopping like there is no tomorrow so that will really grow to new levels in which we must compete.

Corona Virus and business your future planning

Have a plan and be prepared

Many of us got caught short with the pandemic and would not have survived except for Government support where available.

Maybe this is a one off occurrence or maybe it will return to bite us again. However we should always plan for a disaster. Next time it may be different however the consequences could be the same.
You get one chance to act early.

The early birds get the action so make sure you are one of them.

Take the lessons and apply them

We have had a chance to look this in the eye, during the storm and in many cases post pandemic and work out what we did wrong, or even right and perhaps even a few “I should have” moments.

I will happen again in some way so take the lessons to heart and move on.

To those who's health has been compromised

This is a business post however many of you, or people you know, will have seen the consequences and suffered the results and to you and those that did not make it my heart felt sympathy. Some countries were far worse than others and I hope you are in the lucky group.

The Cure has now appeared so over the coming months we will hopefully see a big decrease in Illness and Death. it will be a welcome site.


I was in the lucky group however my business suffered and only Government support enabled me to maintain my staff and ongoing business.
We had to get smarter to rise above the problems as many businesses simply closed their doors and went out of action.

Our marketing had to be sharper and more consistent and we had to work harder for a dollar.
We got through because we adapted change and went where the customers wanted us to be.

I provided free services to many of those worst affected. In most cases they returned to us when things returned, a small cost to not loses a customer.

Some of our changes will be implemented in the future because, they quite simply worked.

Finally keep some hand cleaner ready, a few Facemasks in the draw and a plan of attack ready for the next wave, you never know.

Did The Corona Virus Really Teach Us Anything About Business by Peter Hanley

Only one chance to act early.

Corona Virus and business.

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.