Failed online marketing

Failed online marketing

Failed online marketing. How bad is that and what can you do about it? Here Peter Hanley looks at what could be missing and the simple fixes to make it work.

Can you fix your online marketing?

Welcome to the tribe. Many of us fail at marketing because of a bundle of reasons so let’s have a look at a few ideas and ask some questions.

I will presume you have a webpage, blog page or Marketing funnel to gather interest and move buyers to where you want them.

A keyword

Failed online marketing
Get the tool

When you build a page you base it around a Keyword that people will search. This keyword is vitally important and there are two things you must know.

  • If the traffic to this is too high you won’t be found.
  • If the traffic is to low you won’t be found.

Generally, you need a least a 100 searches per month and remember 80% goes to page one.
Below I shall include a Keyword tool for you to check yours.

Your search description

When people search your Keyword and find it on page one there will be 9 other entries on the page. A couple is paid so that leaves 8 altogether.
The first free one will get the most attention but most people will look to see who and what it is about.

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The title, the keyword and the Description

Then it is up to your entry to deliver results.

Is the title compelling?
Have you checked the Keyword for traffic?
Does your Description pull readers in?

Tip. Never change your title because you lose all history on google when you do.

Furthermore your Keyword in your title, description and on the first paragraph. However never stuff the article with keywords. You can have it in one subhead as an idea.

The page is the next consideration.

The aim is to have at least 1500 words for a reasonable blog. If you don’t have this just start writing more. A good idea is to insert a few headings first and then fill in the words. Not all technical just as you would speak.

Heading and subheadings have rules.
You start big and work down #1 or #2 at the start then some #3 and #4 or even #5 but don’t go back up again.

This is an easy fix and should only take a few minutes

Pictures in a blog

Failed online marketing
Should always be on the subject, except a pretty girl works

They are said to have a thousand words and draw attention to the subject.
As readers, we get bored easy unless the subject is really intense. Our mind will go ahead looking at headings and pictures for something of interest,
however, the pictures should be relevant

Looking at your product

Have a good look at what you are marketing and then check out the market. Search Google and Bing and pick up keywords and descriptions to see what you can do better. I am not saying copy them I am saying plagiarise them and find the best bits.

Because Keywords are so important I will give you two choices so you can search for them and track where the best words are.

My first in by Neil Patel. This is really new and still developing but I find it quite useful in research. Look at your Keyword them similar ones for future posts.

The other is Jaaxy which is owned by The Wealthy Affiliate group and the free version is great for everyday use. It is also available on the Wealthy Affiliate site.
Remember you can not change your title but you can work around that or in the worst case start again.

We want to see some activity here.

Free SEO comes at a cost

The cost of free SEO is your labour. The search engines like traffic and that traffic come from constant activity on your site. Build a great site and laying back to enjoy the fruits of life just won’t work.
You need to blog regularly, update often and create readership all the time.
100 blogs is a starting point, how close are you?

The Rule of Seven

As Neil Patel said in a recent chat there is one rule you can not ignore and that is the Rule of Seven.

A client needs to be touched 7 times before they will buy. The rule goes back to olden times and has been consistent and true today as back then.

It applies equally to advertising as it does to marketing and should be the basis of what you do.

The rule of seven simply says that the prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you. There may be many reasons why the number seven is used. … Traditionally, number seven has been given precedence over other numbers by many cultures.

Tutorial point

As an online marketer, you somehow need to up your contact points

Are you using social media?

The purpose of Social media is to drive traffic to your site and not the reverse.
However, like your blog, media needs attention as well so don’t spread too wide to start.

I will always recommend a LinkedIn account for anyone that is in business or establishing an online identity. People will look at you and see a nice Picture, a great Bilo and a resume about what you want to deliver to the world.


It goes without saying a Facebook page, current and topical in your brand name. Yes, Facebook may seem to be declining but many of us use it as a reference point. I have a blog on rescue cats, it has a good following and I started it on a marketing exercise in building a client base. I post every day to this site to keep the growing power.
It takes me about 20 minutes once a week to set up a week in advance so it is not a big-time eruption.


A product of Facebook with a difference. Instagram does not like automation so you need to snap every day or few days with a story.
It does work and the following is pretty big and growing.


This was hard it is now easy and I have written much more on this blog at
Youtube made easy

This is the fastest-growing search engine available and nearly equals Google in search results. Another great touch.

Signup on your page.

If readers like your stuff they can sign up for an EBook, newsletter or free advice and then you can hit them many times with great ideas


Still works a treat if done properly and you have the contact list. Check you’re inbox and see how many you get every day.

Twitter and others

Certainly, Twitter has a lot of pull and works well if you have something to say and to lead the followers along a path. Singers, artists and politicians do really well with this as do many business people and news outlets.

Now you have seven touches that will hopefully grab some attention, but wait there is more.


Spend a few dollars and generate some leads to your product based around a return on the investment marketing approach. If you can get this right where every dollar spent earns $2 then you can just ramp it up and continue to grow.

Local marketing

If your product set suits a local market then meetings, groups, flyers, local media will help you out.

We are trying to get a viral effect to grow your market and sell some product.

I also recommend some extra training on any of the items you try. However, I never recommend spending a lot of money on slick marketing programmes that are designed to take your money not to deliver value. We all get hooked into these and remember them as get and forget products that sit in the bookcase.

Who do I follow? Well, the Wealthy Affiliate free training is definite and more on that in the link as also my web host. I like Ryan Deiss for email and Neil Patel for ideas.
I use Samurai Content for videos and you can see my review here

Samurai, Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy also offer affiliate programmes if you want to add to the list.

I have played with Amazon and done some training but I am not a huge player.

Analysing your results.

This is a very important area and one that can give you some clues as to many issues. Google Analytics is free and it really is very strong. How many calls, where from, how long do they stay, best carriers, increase over decrease etc? You can spend a lot of time researching and coming up with results. It is the first thing I check every day.

Where do you go next?

If your product has a market, your Webpages are competent, SEO is correct then my friends it is just time and effort that will get you to the top.
Blog often and properly following the rules and success will come your way.

Affiliate problems by Peter Hanley

Failed online marketing, image of author
Peter Hanley

Make residual affiliate marketing income from home

Make residual affiliate marketing income from home
let’s get into this

How to make residual affiliate marketing income from home with easy training and no expenditure until you want to expand.

What is residual Affiliate marketing income?

To Start we know what Affiliate marketing is and the residual income is what is left for you to spend.

You are selling or referring other peoples products and getting paid a commission. Sounds pretty easy but what are the steps you need to take?

First of all Affiliate marketing is, in my opinion, the best job in town.
You get paid whilst you sleep and on holidays whenever a sale is made.

Sometimes every month with residual income. This is where you sell a product like a web hosting that is billed monthly.

This way you build a credible business that can lead to a full-time occupation. Sound too good to be true?

Affiliate income rule #1

The first thing to do is have an understanding of what this Affiliate business is all about. What products, where to find them and how do you do it.
I recently ran an article to explain this at Web hosting.

It is no good fronting up to a business, online or real and saying hey I want to sell your product because I think it is great.
They will ask you how are you going to do this and what experience do you have. Your answer of “none but I am keen’ won’t normally wash it.
So where do you start your learning curve?
Warning number one. Don’t get sucked into high priced learning courses because there are better ones for free.
Amazon, for example, has small courses and a University if this is your choice.
Wealthy Affiliate has a full training program,
ClickBank, Udemy, CPA, Skillshare, Warrior plus etc all have programmes but many with the dreaded upsell where you are sucked into paying money.

Do a few free courses and find out which way you want to go because there are literally millions of opportunities in any subject you can think off.

What do you want to market with affiliate commission? Rule #2

Make residual affiliate marketing income from home

First of all, it takes a lot of effort to sell small items with a low commission. It takes the same effort to sell items with a good margin.

If you were selling $15 books with a 10% return you would need to move a whole heap of product to realise a return.
However, if you sold a $2000 training course that had a 30% margin one sale a week would give you a return.

Furthermore, if you sold a recurring income product at say $50 a month with a 40% return over 3 years it would return you $ 720.

These are your early choices to make that justify a return for the effort contributed.

How to sell a product on the internet. Rule #3

You will need a website, blog page or funnel.
Because these all do basically the same thing we will just call them webpages
Ok, you can round up friends, do emails, advertise on Facebook or Instagram, door knock or a whole host of ideas.

Don’t Panic! A webpage is easy, it can be free and you can do it from home.
Well, a little bit of training but Hey, that’s why we are here.

Throw in SEO and contacts and you are getting closer.
Rule #4

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is your web address and how people find you. This used to cost hundreds of dollars a month but now you can do it yourself.

That is where your contacts come from. People will search for you using Keywords ( There I go again getting technical ) but you will learn this quickly. In Fact, we have a great tool that will do all the heavy lifting for you. It is called Jaaxy and with a bit of time we can discover all the terms to bring you the customer

All this basic stuff is the must-know of Affiliate marketing. Rule #5

Make residual affiliate marketing income from home
You said it.

Like any business, you must start with the infrastructure that will deliver results or you have little or no chance of success.

It is not that hard to learn it just takes a bit of time and effort. Remember you are building a real business on the line here. Not just a casual outing and a cup of Coffee.

An online business can be an hour a day or 10+ hours a day it is up to you.
Once you have the basics it is only driven by the results you want.
You can make a few dollars a month or a five-figure monthly income.

The great part is that Affiliate Marketing has no ceiling. People make multi-million dollar incomes without owning a product or billing a customer.

What do you sell as an Affiliate, Rule #6

If you have a particular preference start from there.
It might be clothing, sports goods, training any number of things.

In this case, the first thing to do is go to Mr Google and type in the product (space) Affiliates and you will get an initial list to think about.
Then you will consider important things like the margin or the money you make, how many returns, customer complaints and other indicators. Have a look at a review and feedback to get as much information as you can as your background build-up

For those that have no idea of what to sell, I will give you three starting ventures so that you get riding your bike early.

When you are set up and generating a few enquiries you can approach those you have selected and provide a valid resume.

Beware the Scams. Rule# 7

Make residual affiliate marketing income from home
Make residual affiliate marketing income from home

This is a really important issue because the Internet is full of them. We had one example called MOBE, for about 5 years operated a training course with a $49 entry. A fabulous opportunity to make a bundle of money and travel the world. A lot of seasoned marketers joined in because of the dazzle and fixed on the results.

After the $49 came $99 then $199 then $999 up to $19999 to join in the recruitment drive. No money, not a problem we have a finance package for you.
Mid last year they were closed by the USA Feds who clawed back a couple of hundred million dollars. The punters have left in the lurch with nothing to show but a credit card debt.
It was slick, it looked good but it was greedy.
No one can save you or teach you if you travel into the dirty mire of Internet scams.

Image of a closed sign

My three best picks to learn Affiliate marketing.#1

Make residual affiliate marketing income from home
Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a web hosting and internet training program that helps you get started. You can enter for free and start from day one as an Affiliate making residual income.
They use WordPress Websites and onboard building platforms and as many instructions as you want.
Your first webpage is free and if you want to upgrade then it is $49 a month with 50 included sites.

The good thing is the members’ forum, Live training, ask a question and excellent 24-7 support. This is all invaluable for the starter as you will always have lots of How to questions.

You build a Website following easy written and Video training starting from basics to the most advanced.
In fact when I joined I knew most of it and skipped a lot of the training. I soon realised that I needed to go back and start all over as I had missed a lot.

There are no upsells, ever. There are alive Keyword tool and a newly released Affiliate site. You can search for recommended programmes and join quickly to establish your growth.

Everything is in one place.

Jaaxy will be my #2

Everyone on the internet will need access to a Keyword tool. We use it every day when we are marketing.

Jaaxy explained.

Jaaxy comes in a free format and a professional upgrade that delivers outstanding opportunities for you to be found.
Remember Keywords are the backbone of everything you do. They are what people search on Google, Bing or even Youtube to find you or your product.
A majority of good tools come at a cost. some may offer a bit more others certainly less.
The good thing is that you can join the Jaaxy affiliate program to help start your journey and make a good residual return.

YouTube the new opportunity for great success #3

Make residual affiliate marketing income from home
You Tune a winner for affiliates

YouTube business has been avoided for a long time probably because of the expense and time needed to do a business Video.
however, times have changed and YouTube has become a search vehicle used nearly as often as Google>
How to do things movies are a huge hit as well as selling video or branding ones. They are all the rage.

YouTube in a few minutes

One company allows you to make videos and offers a free trial to make as many as you want.
furthermore, they have a great Affiliate program with regular monthly payment.

Samurai content is a winner in this and a very small learning curve to a massive market.

Videos are on an explosion path and you could be with this in just a short time.
I did a review on this product and you can see it at Content Samurai Review

7 Rules and 3 opportunities

Make residual affiliate marketing income from home
7Rules and 3 Opportunities

There are probably many more things we can look at but by now you should be biting at the bit with enthusiasm and ready to start a journey.

Make residual affiliate marketing income from home by Peter Hanley

Image of author
Peter Hanley

become a virtual assistant

Here Peter Hanley explains how to Become a virtual assistant working from home with a set group of clients and building a real business.

become a virtual assistant

So what is a virtual assistant and what can they do

This is both an easy and a hard question so I will give you both answers.

An Assistant is someone who helps a higher ranking manager. This could be a Secretary or a PA being short for personal Assistant or even a co-worker but all real individuals who work on a daily basis.

A virtual one is away and is on demand.
In another business I have a lady that does the billing to my clients, works from home we communicate by email and sometimes phone but she is limited in hours and functions. She is my virtual billing assistant.

It can be a person or a computer program it is just used when you need it.

What things can a virtual assistant do?

By the end of this post, I hope you find hundreds of ideas that can help and even establish a nice home business.

I will start with Social media because that is in front of us at all times and has surprising results for those that use it properly.

A problem with this is that if it is not done properly it can have an adverse effect on the results.


Become a virtual assistant

Facebook is a great example. I use Facebook a lot when assessing new clients or those with whom I am dealing with.
When I look at a page that has been unattended for a long period of time it puts me off the business.
It immediately gets me offside and if I am a customer I will probably move on.

It is not hard to keep a site up to date, You can schedule posts weeks ahead at any time however people forget.

They need a virtual assistant


become a virtual assistant
Everyone is using it

Instagram is actually owned by Facebook and furthermore is getting all the investment.

The younger age group started with Instagram and dragged us oldies along to see the kiddy snaps increasing the coverage.

My friends in business have all found that Instagram gets more action than other Social Media sites and now use it more often.
They sell clothes and Hair cuts and just about anything you can think off.
Instagram needs to be done on a Mobile phone and you need a bit of photography, happy snaps or picture downloads.
A close friend is a hairdresser, she posts two or three times a day with the current creations as her sole and only marketing. She is one of the most booked Salons in town.

Can you see a need for a virtual assistant here?


Every business should have a current LinkedIn account and do a regular posting. Not many of us do it but it does add to the whole package.

Can you see a need for a virtual assistant here?

YouTube and you

become a virtul assistant
A leading company

What does a business want with YouTube? It is searched nearly as many times as Google so that is a bundle of traffic.
One great opportunity is how to do things Videos. I use them all the time to save money and time and it offers both branding and earnings potential.
Most people are scared of doing videos as it is too hard and costs too much.
With my help, you could knock up a professional video in about an Hour with good SEO and a chance of being seen.
If you don’t believe me grab this free book and start your learning so you can present to a business an attractive and compelling offer.

Newsletters and Emails

become a virtual assistant
You can do it

A newsletter is really simple with today’s technology. You just need a list and a bit of writing skill and press send.
Good businesses all do newsletters and they do them regularly.
They are not there to sell anything just to convey some information and keep in front of the clients that have dealt with them.
I have clients as signwriters, Tyre stores, Window treatment etc that are leaders in their industry that regularly mail.
Every business needs to do it but very few do.
Why? because it is just too dam hard on a busy day. Can you begin to see an idea here?

The rule of seven and more

There is an old marketing rule that a client needs to be touched 7 times before they will be ready to buy.
The other rule is they must know you, like you and trust you before they will buy. These two rules together offer a Selling package for you to build a business, a work from home business as a Virtual assistant to a range of outlets.
I have given you six things that cost you little and can earn you a lot.

With repeated contact, Your know part is covered and they will begin to like you because you are catering to an inquisitive need. Trust and they will buy. It is a really simple format that can deliver results.

How do you find customers that need assisting near you?

become a virtual assistant

This is the easy part. Within say 5 miles or kilometres there will be a hundred or more businesses.
I would consider doing one for free to start to get out of trainer wheels and get your act in place.
What you do is ask. You present a one-page proposal saying this is what I can do for you
Start with an easy one or two to prove your worth and then build up to a bundle.
However, don’t make the mistake of undercharging for what you are doing. Done right it will get results for the business and they will respect you for that.
You can use few fear tactics along the lines of “Did you know if your competitors are doing these things they may pull your business away” type of thing.
In many cases times are tough and for a few hundred dollars you may change their fortunes.
When businesses use Add words or remarketing they may pay around a hundred dollars a lead, it is all big money.

Your extra Training

You may find it helpful to do a free basic course at Wealthy Affiliate just to get your confidence up and give you the basics of what your targets will know.
You always need some learning as you move to a new area and this is ideal.

Nowhere better to learn

I say that with authority because I have been there for several years and recognise the value of learning. Have a look at a couple of courses, chat with users and don’t upgrade unless you want to.
I am not about spending your money with upsells and side sells. On this page, I have recommended two services both free but if you want the best out of them there is a small monthly cost that can be passed on

I have also written a lot of associated blogs
that you can find above or on my home site

Leave a comment below if you have any questions and I would be happy to respond

Become a virtual assistant by Peter Hanley

how to become a virtual assistant, image of author
Peter Hanley

How to start an at home business

I have the answers

Here Peter Hanley looks at how to start an at home business and importantly have some chance of making a success of it and pulling in some money.

At home businesses start with an Idea.

Anyone can put a shingle out the front saying “MY NEW BUSINESS HERE”
You may need to get a government licence and a few bits, pay some tax along the way
and you are off and going.

The problem is what business are you going to run and I find most people struggle with this and how to get it going.

The three basic areas are:

Labour-based pay by the hour work in your area, making and building things.

Multi-Level marketing with products by others. Tupperware, Bessemer, Nu-Skin, Herbalife etc

Internet-based selling to the world.
Affiliate marketing
Social media
Email and SMS
Online shop
Local directories
Coaching, training and courses
Software products.

How to start an at home business
Where do we start

The above are just a few examples of where you can go with this.
I have friends that do Gardening and Cleaning. others that do Herbalife and Tupperware plus a lot of online stuff in marketing and social media.

Your choice is depending on the skills that you possess and whilst you can work to your strengths you can also go exploring.

I started on the internet to learn ways to promote my daily business. I got sick of paying people that told me stories, took my money and delivered little. I wanted to be able to tell them what I wanted.

Telling you how to do hourly work is a waste of time because you know what to do and you can do your searches in the community to find customers and value your time.

Is MLM a good way to make a living

Multi-Level Marketing

Many will tell you that they have made a fortune doing this although I believe most work their butts off to break even.
Don’t get me wrong I have a cupboard full of Tupperware and Take Herbalife pills so I believe many of the products are really good.
Pyramid selling is illegal and most of these businesses have been pursued at some time about the selling process. Good lawyers and a bundle of money have supported the cause as a good industry.

How to start an at home business
A MLM example

Before you commit your money and time ask around and see what is happening. Attend a meeting and ask real questions, Do you make money? The answer will most likely be yes but dig deeper to find the real return per hour and what you need to put out.
It is good for some personality types but for most of us, I believe the return is not commensurate with the effort.

Your internet journey for new starters

You can see from the list above that there are just so many things you can do and like anything you will need some training.
You send kids to university for 3-5 years to learn how to work and expect to pick up everything on the internet in a day. We all wish it was like that plus no need to spend any money as we search for the fabled Money Tree. Look under Easter Bunney and The Tooth Fairy for your answers.

How to start an at home business
It’s take off time.

However, there is good news if you follow my lead and that is to really narrow down what you want to do. Anyone can achieve a result in a short time

Every business needs customers your job is to find them

You may want just one customer or many thousand however without a customer you have nothing but an Idea.

In my days of selling Insurance at the start of my career, you were taught to target friends and family. That was a great idea as I ran out of friends because they avoided me like the plague. An Early lesson is to not lean on those close to you.

In your local community, there are probably several hundred businesses all needing some sort of support. These are the ones you can go up to and pitch a proposal. You won’t get them all but 1% is still two customers and you would be away.

Using the internet is similar, it is just a matter of getting in front of people, albeit invisible ones, to do a pitch.

You will learn SEO and Keywords to attract customers in their hundreds.

Now to a choice on the Internet that will build a business.

How to start an at home business
Your total staff

The best businesses are those that provide repeat income every month. This way you are building a long term financial plan and regular payments.

We want a business, not just a job, a business that will give long term security and provide a position in society of respect and ability with what do you do.

I have written quite a bit on this and you will see some of them at the top of the page.

My choices are, sound of drums:
1) Affiliate marketing
2) Email and newsletters
3) Blogging
4) Social media

Affiliate marketing as the best starting opportunity

Before we start I want you to do some basic training in Marketing 101 at WA

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you for free where to start and how to build your future.

Selling other peoples stuff and getting paid is easy money especially when it is paid every month.
I can show you any number of programmes including Amazon but without the basics, you have no chance.

You call up or Email a nice program and say “hi there can I be an affiliate?” and they respond “off course” tells us how you are going to sell and what results do you expect?
Jaw drop from you, Dunno but I am keen.
” Ok when you get a bit of experience call us back” Don’t you hate rejection?

Click on the above and have a look, no payment required. Go to the comments and see what the members say and perhaps do one of the training courses as a tryout.
You can stay a free member, with a free website for life or upgrade to the 50 website package at any time.

Yes, I am pitching this to you but for a very good reason. Without some basics, you will waste a whole bundle of time and money jumping from pillar to post. Hey, I have done it all along the way so I am trying to save you money and time.

Emails, newsletter and local directories

This is one for the local and not so local business. Every business needs to do this to attract and keep business but they are too busy.


Social media for small business

Here you have a big pool of products that can be on sold to any business.

and all the others that require constant updates and management as well as advertising

How to start an at home business
Keep the kids outside

Local directories are a quiet contender

In your area, there are probably 100 local directories available for any business. No, they don’t generate a heap of business but when people Google a business the directories are all on the first page.
Your job is to do it for the business, this could be a free entry until you get their trust and support for that monthly allowance in good paid regular billing products.

Things you will need from the business;

  • 2-3 Business listing titles
  • Submission email address
  • Business contact email address
  • Business phone number
  • Social media links
  • 2-3 unique business descriptions (Typically 200 words max)
  • Square logo image (300px is best viewed on most websites)
  • 5 business related images
  • Business ABN

Now search Google for all the keywords in your area and write a list of directories.
Then it is a matter of posting them.

however, do not pay for any listings until you prove the traffic flow. Stats are available and you can share them with the business. Most will come from the top two or three.

An example for you. Local hardware store
google shovels in your town or area. I just picked up six on the first page.

This is really very easy and you build know like and trust association

Does blogging earn you any money?

The answer is probably no unless you have a particular skill or solution that everyone wants. However, when you build a bit of traffic you can see the money curve.
First of all from affiliate links and then from advertisers that pay to be on your site. Some of the highest paid people are bloggers mostly on Gaming, music etc.
If you are a good writer and have a cause do some basic training and turn it into money

How to start an at home business by Peter Hanley

How to start an at home business
Peter Hanley

How to earn money at home online

Here Peter Hanley looks at How to earn money at home online with several of many ways in this part of a series of real ideas using minimal funds.

Working from home has a real value

Those values are many but most of all providing extra hours in the day. No travel time, no getting dressed up and looking great, no water cooler gossip and best of all choosing your work hours around a life.

The common question is what can you do to make some money without mortgaging the house or bending the bank?

By now you have probably searched the Net for great ideas and it all seems a bit confusing
and beyond your abilities and most of them asking for money.
There are many traps, tricks and scammers waiting for new players to emerge and get them in with wonderful promises of instant wealth and good fortune.

Unfortunately it is not really like that in your life. There is no big pile of money waiting to be picked up without effort. If there was I would have already picked it up and most likely never share it with you.

That is the sad news but then again it is not all bad news, People do make money and the difference is they plan and work toward it so when it comes it looks instant but the background is long forgotten with a show of wealth.

Blogging to your wealth

How to earn money at home online
Ok use a computer instead

This is not going to be one of my recommendations but many have made a success of it and gather a big income from sponsorship and advertising revenue.
Gaming gathers a huge following from the young and not so young so if you are into Gaming look here.
Then, Food, medical, reviews and being rich and famous helps to get a base.

The problem with this is that the top is very small so you really need to do something different to break through the barrier.

The real pursuit is finding followers

You may be the best blogger ever but if no one reads or follows you then your lost in the ocean drifting along without any support.
The answer of course is to gather followers and we will come to that.

YouTube is a product waiting for the masses.

YouTube can be called bogging by video and is fast becoming a search engine to equall google.

How to earn money at home online
YouTube is growing fast

The total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube.

Video stats by Merchdope

Can you see a position for you inside all those Video watchers wanting to follow what you have to say or present?
In the USA however, only a small percentage of business actually contribute to a channel.

What do people look for?
Well, Music, comedy, famous or even keyword of the day.
When the movie A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was released there was one song that captured the moment. That song Shallow has now had 510,216,233 views
(April 2019) which is a bundle of traffic. Before the movie it had been done before but not like this.
When you open this on Facebook you will be hit with different advertisements that help people make money. That is what it is all about.
I just googled a random thought on “How to make a bed” One of the many that you could choose from had had 406,804 views. A bundle of traffic and opportunities.

Is it hard to make a video for YouTube

In days past you did need a lot of equipment and expertise plus a bundle of money but now you can use your I Phone or computer and be on air in a short time, however it will be without a following becuse you have not done the work that comes before.

To help you out I have a free ebook that takes you through all the SEO steps that provide a chance to be seen. The book at Noble Content will explain a lot more than I can here.

It is all about keywords

How to earn money at home online
Keywords the difference between success and failure

Keywords are what people will use to find your product. Lets look deeper
A star is Born
Lady Gaga
Bradley Cooper

Any search by these words will all take you to a Song by this pair that is popular Shallow.
Before the Movie, Gaga would be a search but the others no so much.

So how will YouTube help you?

Sell your services to business near you doing how to Videos for them.

First of all, You need to learn about how to set all this up and to have an understanding of what you should do and what you are likely to achieve.
I always recommend you start at the free training with Wealthy affiliate to fill in the gaps in your knowledge. There you can find a bit about affiliate marketing as well and this is my next subject.

The next is making a few videos. also for free,
that will give you an inside running to a lot more adventure and a new money earner at Wealthy Connect
Here you will get 7 days to fully understand the procedure to make a video, sell it and earn from it working in your Jarmas.

The biggest thing on the internet is affiliate selling

This is selling other peoples products and getting paid a commission for doing it. If you think Amazon you will understand what I mean. A large percentage of their sales is via affiliates. This is probably the easiest to do but a lower commission rate and tight rules.

Millions of businesses have affiliates working with them. If you google any subject and add the word affiliate you will see all the opportunities available.
The problem is that, in most cases, to be accepted you need to present a case that will suit what they want to achieve.
Generally a selling website and a following which is hard when you are at day one.

Where to start your training and learning experience?

One site set up to do this for you is the one I mentioned before Wealthy Affiliate.
To try this costs you nothing and to do a lot of the training is included.
Even as a free member you automatically become an affiliate with ongoing income from them.

Yes, I push them often because they are a genuine concern without upsells and other money grabs. You can chat with members and learn all the skills to start a business and then do whatever takes your fancy from home.

So many offers such a hard decision.

Not really. The one thing you should do is choose something and learn all about it so you become an expert. People will then pay you for your experience and knowledge.
On this page, you will see where we explore Social media, and other money-making ideas if this blog does not suit you.

However, I implore you to do your basic training when you start to have a chance of success.
If you want to run 100 meters in 10 seconds it will take you a couple of years of effort to get near that result.

The internet is no different, the opportunities everywhere but concentrate and consolidate into an area that suits your needs and get that working before moving on

How to earn money at home online by Peter Hanley

how to make money from home on the internet
Peter Hanley