Online marketing for business (5 ways to success)

Online marketing for business (5 ways to success). Why only five? Any more and they will never get done until you start to achieve results

What are the five ways to success?

We have pondered this long and hard because the magic number is really seven. That is the rule of seven that says you must have at least seven ways to market.
However we are all doing some of them anyway so I tried to find the five that would provide the most growth in the shortest time.

When running a small or medium business you are always short on time and most often your priority list does not include the marketing needs. That is unless you outsource them to someone else to complete for you.
That brings me to the first rule of marketing.

Consistency beats everything else

You won't see this pushed in most online platforms however I rate it as number one. Let me give you a good example right from the top. Your local grocery chain is usually top of the list, I get brochures in my letterbox twice a week, an email and an SMS probably several times a week all for products that I shop for every week.
They do this because they don't want me to go anywhere else.
I get told the specials around what I generally buy as well as incentives to use my rewards card. Why would they do this when I am going to shop anyway?
My annual spend with them is around $3900 a reasonable chunk of money.

Online marketing for business

That is just a small example from todays mail trying to marshal me into the store.

Why do they spend all this money on me

The answer is simply they want my business and by consistently being in front of mind they win me over.

Finally they do this because it works.

It matters not where you market it only matters how often

If you use Facebook do it everyday, Instagram every day, Twitter every day whatever your media of choice use it everyday.
My Friend uses Instagram for her hairdressing business that is her only media however two or three pictures every day keeps her booking schedule a month in advance.
I get emails everyday from the worlds top marketers, not once a week or once a month but every waking day. Why? Because one day I will open one and act.
My daughter uses Facebook and Instagram everyday to sell her range of clothes because it gets attention.

Therefor whatever you do in marketing make sure you do it often to get results.

Branding sells nothing and everything

Don't be confused with this just because many will tell you to market your brand but it does not sell a product. We are not big companies like Rolex or BMW or even Nike that sell on name and reputation. Yes they have spent millions on the brand however we little people don't have that luxury.
However what we can do is use a consistent image in everything we do. Same logo, same colours, same type so we slowly gather a recognition factor.
Franchises promote a brand because they cover a range of stores across a wide area of operation based around a single idea.

They have the budget to spend so they try and build a following however a local business is really pushing it up hill to do the same thing.

However a consistent image helps you to flog product and be recognised for your brand.

You need a Social media channel that you own

How to get quality traffic to my website on a budget

Pick one and plunder it. Sure you can branch into others as well and analyse results however stay true to a channel and post at the least every day. I said consistency gets results and this is where it really applies.
Donald Trump used Twitter with great results. He was one of the first in government to own a media and have it repeated by every news channel in the world.
Forget the fact he is now banned look at the success he achieved along the way. All I am saying is use one media and use it well and if you get banned it is about content not use.

Every channel has a general age group following so pick the demographic that your product targets. But be careful in how you apply your advertising. For instance selling a Rolex on TikTok might well be a waste of money the same as selling a Game boy to an older audience on say Facebook.
Instagram has a much higher percentage of female followers and Twitter probably male so chose carefully and post away.

I will tell you how to get instant success but social media is not one of them. It is a time based format where your following will grow as well as your sales.

SMS is instant and easy to control

If you want instant sales then SMS is a great opportunity to open doors. Over 95% of messages are read immediately where as an email may get a 20% open.

Working with SMS marketing

A percentage of users will act on impulse and take up your offer within seconds of sending. Therefore you will quickly understand what works and what does not. The benefit is in trial marketing, send a trial SMS to a select group and see the results. Then you can alter the message or blast your total base expecting a set return.

There is a cost to this however it is easy to do a return analysis using revenue less cost. If it is positive then go hard.

Online marketing for business using a Newsletter format

Newsletters provide that sustained value in perception.

Again I repeat that consistency and branding added to a good format will achieve long term results.
Newsletters are not about selling they are about retention of lifetime customers.
If your selling cycle is long term, for example car tyres, then you only see your customer every year or so. However your customer drags along family and friends because they know, like and trust you by repeated good dealings over time.
A bi-monthly newsletter or even monthly at the most maintains good customer contact. So when they are ready to buy they will come back to you or as important recommend you to others.
This style of marketing may suit certain products over others however anyone can and should do a newsletter. It is a cheap and effective style of marketing that retains lifetime business.
I use Constant Contact as my carrier of choice because I believe they are above all others.
You can try them out for free.

My Online conclusion to better marketing

I wanted to say specialise however you will require several channels to market to cover a broader range of potential and retained buyers.
Do your customer profile and work out which media will have the greatest impact on the buying cycle. Look at your best times to push harder and maximise that opportunity to the fullest.
From a simple local event, major celebration or Black Friday use the opportunity to up your tactics for greater results.

As they say Fish when the Fish are biting.

Online marketing for business by Peter Hanley

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