How To Create A Email Newsletter

How To Create A Email Newsletter that works every time. It is not what you send or even when it is about your content and the rules to follow

Should you really send out newsletters anyway

The answer to the above question should be an unequivocal yes however there are always some circumstances where it may be wrong to stay in front of an audience

However, the rest of the business world will really get a great return by investing in a Newsletter.
This is probably one of the easiest and chepest forms of customer retention you will find.

Furthermore it will continue to work as long as you do.

What does a newsletter really achieve?

Your newsletter is all about touch. It is keeping your business at “top of mind” with your customers. This will then bring about memory recall when a buying decision is needed.

It is also about entertainment. A good newsletter will provide material that demands to be read and provides reader value.

Your newsletter is not an outright sales pitch, however, it can, or should include a subtle call to action. This is because you never know where your reader is in the buying cycle.

A short newsletter is as effective as a long one as long as it manages to deliver a message.

My local Tyre store sends a big wrap. It is all about cars new and old and driving tips or Tyre ideas however it is always an interesting read for an old Petrol Head.

The Sign Writer sends a picture of the latest Vehicle or building wrap. This promotes the company as well as the business and they come up with some great ideas. I might never get a car wrap however I sure know who to recommend.

A Blind store presents the new seasons changes and how they can be used. Summer for outside patios and winter the block-out curtains type of things. They do lots more but that is the general trend.

In my role as a small business provider I do the latest marketing ideas or webpage additions.
Everything from Social Media to WordPress ideas and even political comments.
For instance I used the Donald Trump model to emphasise how well twitter worked as a media. It was not a like or dislike Donald thing it was how effective Twitter could be in getting a message across.

How To Create A Email Newsletter and the problems

My problem with newsletters

This is a bit of a offhanded sleight at those without a newsletter. What You? Well the thing is that if your customers, the ones that come back month on month or year after year are probable enjoying someone else's product. Yep reading how your major competitor is reaping the benefits of memory recall.
When the buying cycle is right, they, your customers, have a decision to make. Stick with old trusted you or try this new guy that offers some exciting stuff. You don't need that sort of competition marketing is hard enough as it is.

You haven't got the time to be writing stuff all the time

If you haven't got the time right now you will have shortly as your business declines and you wonder why.

OK, bit harsh however lets look at the realities of this massive time consumer.

First of all you can get someone else to do the work for you. Think up a dozen or two headlines or subjects and go to someone like Fivvr and pay a freelance writer a reasonable amount.

Now stop the wailing subject lines are easy to come up with. Just about everything to do with your business can be a subject.
Take my curtain man as an example;

  • Discussion on all sorts of fabrics. Each one a post on its own
  • Sewing techniques for blinds.
  • Block out materials
  • Blinds v shutters
  • The consequence of fading
  • Colour matching
  • Great examples in recent client installs. Could be every post.
  • Types of pully's and etc

I am not a blind man but I could probably come up with a lot more if I thought about it. Or, maybe Googled what people are looking for and talked about the pro's and cons.

So no more excuses, you can do it.

How To Create A Email Newsletter using a template

Using a standard template for your business.

This is important because one of the things you are doing is presenting a consistent brand.
One that your clients will instantly recognise and accept as value.

I am not big on spending good marketing money on branding for a small business. You will develop a brand overtime with a good Logo, USP and colour selection. Consistency will bring your branding to the foreground.

You may ask why I don't like spending money on branding when all the major companies spend millions on even a logo. First of all you are not a major and branding does not give instant returns. If you want business then advertise for results.

However we also follow the Know, Like and Trust rules . People , that is buyers, must know who you are and in fact grow to like you before they will make a buying decision and you then build the trust variable with great service and support.

A newsletter can cover this whole range in a simple and easy format.

Where do you get a standard template

Fortunately this is all made really easy for you. Most good carriers will have easy to build templates that you can use consistently displaying your logo and colours and just writing a few words and downloading some exciting pictures.
In fact you can even try this out for free and see if it works for you. I have used many services over time however have now settled on just one. They have a full range of options, training and support for a reasonable value.

Constant Contact can be used anywhere by anyone and it provides excellent value and returns.

You need a data base or ways to gather one

I guess this goes without saying however many don't bother to collect names of clients.
Your data base is a saleable asset so get working on it and have it in a useable form.

It can be a Excel spreadsheet or an expensive CRM program because they both do much the same thing. It is important that you segment your users so you will know what to send them.
Sending the ladies a Tyre newsletter when they are looking for blinds does not quite cut it.

How To Create A Email Newsletter and get a return

Getting a return from your newsletter

This is the answer you want and maybe forget to ask. Will a Newsletter make me money?

Off course it will. The returns may be hidden from you because you never know where some buyers come from.
Just last week I ran into a long term client. Her final question as we parted was ” what is the newsletter about this week?” and another at the beach early one morning I ran into another customer, we discussed business whilst standing on the foreshore at 6.30 am looking at the waves coming in on a beautiful morning.
Again as we parted he turned and said, love your newsletters.
They wont buy anything extra but remain long term clients. Interestingly both now write regular newsletters themselves.

The call to action is a must do

I have said they are not a sales device however when someone is ready to buy they want your contact details. I always have a Free Trial Button or a Contact button at the bottom of the post. This way I am ready for them when they want action.
I also include a couple of outbound links in the article to another post or page. This allows them to obtain greater information however it also tells me who is looking. Every click will show up in my stats so I know who is really interested. This is a great follow up reference.

I had a client recently that requested a service from me. I did not know the guy but he came on strong and bought the product. When I searched my contact list I had been emailing him for over 12 months without a single click. Now that client will return me a profit of over $1200 in a year and interestingly more than I pay for my email service. One client a lifetime of payments.

Does it work? It sure does.

My conclusion on Newsletter marketing

The best form of marketing available to any business. It is cheap, easy and gives regular returns so why would you not do it.
I have been doing it for years so I am not preaching from the church floor. I am up the front because I know it works.
Sometimes even I hesitate because I put things off when I am busy. However it is consistency that wins the battle so it should be a must do option that takes precedent over other forms of marketing.
Best of Luck and try a service at Constant contact because they have proven to be reliable and easy to use. I have tried them all and settled here for the long term.

How To Create A Email Newsletter by Peter Hanley

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