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Best crypto trading platform; eToro a review for smart investing

Best crypto trading platform; eToro a review for smart investing. You need a service that has the options to provide a chance for success

Understand what you are doing before you put your money up front

The Crypto market is high risk investing so a basic knowledge is really important from day one.
However many believe it is the place to be and the future of transactional progress

Who is eToro and why have I picked them?

I use several brokers for reasons I shall explain however my pick of the bunch is eToro.

Started in 2007 Industry experience
170 million membersgood backing
Available in 100 countriesYours should be one of them
Cypress, Israel, UK,USA and AustraliaMajor offices
Valued last year at $800 millionOver the Billion now
They use copy tradingGreat for beginners
FCA, Cysec, ASIC complianceControlled by regulators
Most trading formats availableA good choice
The good bits

Everyone has its down side

Everyone has a down side

Minimum $200 depositThis applies in most countries
Hours of tradingFull trading list
You can loose moneyVolatile market
Day tradingOnly for the experienced
Limited Crypto optionsMany coins not included

What is so special about eToro

First of all you really need to jump through a few hoops to get approved because of very strict compliance to the identity laws. This is a good thing as it prevents fraud and keeps your data safe.

Once in you get a full dashboard and you are ready to fly. Furthermore a little drop down appears for an offline practice.

Best crypto trading platform

This Virtual experience runs through a training program and lets you buy and sell products in a pretend fashion. This teaches you to use the service and you may find out how easy it is to make or loose money.

Follow an experienced Investor to learn more

This is quite novel as you can see their success rate and the shares they are holding. You then just commit a sum of money and your investment will follow your selected partner.

This should ensure that you do make a return on your funds whilst learning about the market.

Best crypto trading platform

These are a sample of investors with good returns and furthermore with a bundle of support. They all have around 20,000 copiers working with them. This is evidently a very successful way to keep your money safe.

The eToro club

eToro Club membership is determined according to the customer’s realised equity as of midnight GMT each day. Provided that you meet the equity requirement, you will be automatically accepted and see the club tier change the following day.

Silver: $5,000
Gold: $10,000
Platinum: $25,000
Platinum+: $50,000
Diamond: $250,000

The club offers significant extra services for those high rollers however a bit of luck and you will be in the silver club at the least.

What is the value of a Bitcoin

Copy portfolios are even better

This is where you invest in a pre chosen package of products and earn as the price changes.

There are several to choose from and a really good way to reasonable secure investing

Best crypto trading platform

This is just an example of the available bundles showing the investment portfolio and the returns they made over a given 12 month period.

.Best crypto trading platform and the ways to market

Trading is very broad

Crypto tradingOperating 24/7
Stock trading When markets are open
ETF TradingExchange traded funds
IndicesA group approach to shares
CommoditiesGold, Silver, etc
CurrenciesDollar, pound Yen …
Day TradingLive action
Enough to keep any one active

A great mobile App and a wallet

This is a fabulous product that replicates the web site. It is available in both Mobile services so easy to load and use. You can follow the market wherever and wherever you want providing great control at any time.

You can even see the value of your portfolio at the push of a Key. Green is good however the red not so good.

Yes there are many other companies that you may use

With over 5000 Crypto opportunities your host will not carry them all. Therefore you may have to have a subsidiary account if you want to trade less well known opportunities. eToro stays at the top of the market and adds new opportunities all the time however it does not suit everyone.

Best crypto trading platform and making a million

Will you become the next millionaire

Off course you will if you pick the right stocks and play with enough money and miss all the market recessions and Use a whole heap of dumb luck.

It is a high risk venture and any crypto or stock could crash and burn. However it could be said that Bit Coin, Etherium, Cardano have a very big future as safe investments. Therefore there are parts of the market that are more secure than other parts.

Although some of the Alt coins ( other than Bit Coin) offer a glimpse into the future.

The Bit Coin was built on the Block Chain technology a new way to transfer data securely so that it could not be hacked. Data includes Cash and valuables etc.

Block Chain has been redone by Etherium and Internet Computer. These do the same things in different ways and are opportunities on their own.

The market is a must be place and a small wager may go a long way.

There is no doubt that the past has been filled with negative press with many spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt. I was affected by that when I started my Crypto journey but two years back. I studied Block Chain and Bit coin and considered an investment. Bit coin were about $2500 and Etherium under $200 however I considered they could go no higher.
I withheld my $1000 investment and kept it in the bank. This was a $500,000 mistake that I made.
The market is still early stages and opportunities still exist. Bit Coin is flagged to reach $500k a coin or even a Million dollars in the extreme. This will take time and patience however an upside is the prediction by the vast majority of those in the know.

Institutional investors are coming to the market along with international banks and it is only time before the Super funds start to play along.
(This is not investment advice it is just a view that I have taken, Crypto comes with risk)

Therefore The crypto market will be as common as any of the great new ventures like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc that were all risky plays from day one.

Your folding money deflates particularly so with minimal interest. A hundred dollars in ten years will buy about half what it will today and in twenty years half that again.

Bit Coin should continue to grow and in ten years buy five or maybe even a hundred times what it will today. Therefore the choice seems obvious.

Balance your investments but don't miss out

There are many ways that you will be advised to invest however the basic way is to cover all bases.

  • Take a third in Real Estate
  • Keep a third in liquid funds
  • Trade with the balance

I bought a Property some years back and listed it on the market for $3.2 million as recommended by the Real Estate Values.
This was back in 2016 and within a month the market got smashed. I ended up selling for under two million a massive loss on a highly geared property.
The stock market crashed and money was lost in every way.

We can not predict the future so never have all the eggs in one basket.

Best crypto trading platform and a way forward

My sure fire way to success

Take a sum of savings every month and invest in high value Crypto Currencies. Perhaps a copy portfolio or a low risk bundle on a regular basis. Doing this may give you the opportunity over time to be the next crypto millionaire. You risk is a small sum built up over time that will not break you or render you homeless. It might however make you quite well off financially.

eToro is a perfect starting application.

eToro is a solution
crypto trading in Bit coin

This service has nearly everything for both rank amateurs and professionals with a great covering of abilities and experience in the business.

Best crypto trading platform; eToro a review for smart investing by Peter Hanley

6 thoughts on “Best crypto trading platform; eToro a review for smart investing”

  1. I am part of a mom group and there are moms who are into crypto investing. I have already read several articles, but I don’t get it at all.:( I was thinking of trying to invest it, just to try, but I need to understand it first before trying. This article has helped me understand it a bit more. But I need more reading to be able to understand it fully.

    How long have you been into crypto investing? Is it good?

    • Hi Julai, I started two years ago and then left  it and concentrated on blogging and local shares.
      So my return is recent. In fact I bought back in and managed to crash the market. However patience is needed and stick to good options and take a long term view because daily watching drives you mad. 
      I missed a half a million dollar opportunity two years ago and not to make the same mistake again and look back and say, “if only”

      At eTory you can learn without investing and slowly put a toe in the door,


      Peter H

  2. Hi. Thanks for this article. I really enjoyed reading it. 

    I agree with what you said, trading is a must be place these days.

    I love working from home and I hope that one day I will be able to leave my day job and work on the internet. After reading the information you provided I learned a lot. 

    Also, it is important that one knows everything about a field before investing in it, same goes with crypto trading.

    • Hi Dominique,

      A small investment can set the ball running and you learn as you go without committing your life savings.
      It does come with risk however the top rated cryptos should be safe from a crash and burn.

      I waited and lost so not a second time.

      Peter H

  3. Hi Peter & thank you for sharing this article with us. Reading and looking through your article, ow, just blow my mind. To be honest, I didn’t expect to gain so much knowledge by reading your article. I was looking and researching about crypto and how to do things better. I as many people don’t want to spend a lot of money, eg $200 for at the very end to gain …nothing just online course after course.This is getting really interesting, thank you, Peter. eToro & Bitcoin that’s really brilliant knowledge.

    Unfortunately, I have no experience regarding this topic but I am so eager to know much much more, would you be so kind and teach us more in-depth about this pls.

    My question is, like in your article, can I become the next millionaire? can I? do I have to invest a kind of amount of money and after all, I can be sure I will gain, become a millionaire? Also is the eToro a polish company, as I click bcs my curiosity and I want to know what it is and google shows me the translation; also the site had a big green table where is stipulate that”Investing in cryptocurrencies is not regulated in most European Union countries and in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. No consumer protection. Your capital is at risk.”. 

    Thank you and many blessings to you

    • Hi and thanks for the questions.

      First of all all investing is risk associated but hey if you never take a risk ? However it is worrying as you watch the highs and lows of the day, so remember it is a long play not a day trade.

      To become a millionaire is a dream we all have however I can’t think of an easier way than this. It does take some training and time in the market but anything is possible.

      Learn and earn and best of luck

      Peter H


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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.