The best way to invest in bitcoin

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The best way to invest in bitcoin and ride the wave of excitement. This is not for the faint-hearted but for you it is profitable fun

Bitcoin or Altcoin what is the difference?

There is only one Bitcoin and that is the premium market product that is supported by institutions and countries to deliver a long-term positive result.

The best way to invest in bitcoin

Bitcoin is both a store of value and a trading currency and dominates the market with a 55% share of all coins combined.

Alternate coins all have roles to play and they are both good and bad so knowing the difference is important.

Altcoins may be used for transactions on the Blockchain with checking and recording as the transactions are made.

Bitcoin is a trading currency subject to market fluctuations

Whales, minnows, and everything in between. These are the people that are buying and selling coins. Therefore market manipulation is always probable.
When times are good the buyers are there but any small hindrance and they take their money and run.

I bought a Bitcoin share at about $28K and was delirious at $62K but left wondering at today's $38K. Therefore It should be a decision to get out or run the ride.

Heavy traders are loading at low prices

Certainly, the time to buy is low in the cycle but picking that time is anyone's guess however history gives us a clue. With Bitcoin, the highs are getting higher and the lows are not so depressing so you can make your own decision.

Elon Musk, Michael Saylor, and many others are buying now as the price is at a low level.

You can never pick the bottom or the top but you do know a high and low market. That is the time to take action

The best way to invest in bitcoin is during a panic

World events have an impact on price

World events affect mentality and bring on optimism or pessimism in trading mentality.
As I write Russia is placing troops along the border of Siria with the potential to invade. A feat that would have worldwide repercussions on all stock markets.
These Black Swan events, as the market calls them, could include interest rate rises, inflation, or a change of Government.

However the reverse is true, so if Putin puts the gun back in the holster it is a quick ride upward.

Investing caries risk

Of course, you will understand that investing can be risky and that it should be left to experts.

That is why eToro lets you copy share with experienced investors with a track record.

You buy and sell as they trade with a thorough understanding of the market. Nothing is guaranteed however traders with many years of experience have more chance than mug punters.

Over half the crypto market will disapear

That is a pessimistic approach as I have heard figures as high as 90%.

Many coins simply have no real value and no market potential however investors have taken a gamble on them.
Dodgecoin is a good example, it is a toy to trade without any real value and one day it will simply ignite.

Therefore investors should always look at the top 100 coins as being somewhat secure.

However that even has its problems. Etherium, Solana, and Cardano all compete for a similar market so one will win the race. They are all valued coins and have a high net worth.
The market is in trillions of dollars so there is space for them all however the gorilla usually wins and that is Etherium.

Stick to what you know with your own money

You have seen that investing carries some risk so borrowing money and investing is a gamble that could destroy you.
The same could be said about futures trading and others involved in high-risk/ return ventures.
Unless you are experienced staying away from is the advice from the pros.

The best way to invest in bitcoin and my wrap.


Copy-trading takes a lot of the risk out of investing in the crypto market. It lets you see the plays and provides time to learn about the investment market.

That is why the product at eToro is a viable option.

Take your time and study the game because it can hurt you if you play badly.
However, don't get me wrong because I love the excitement and the opportunities to make some money and maybe pick the odd runner that will return big returns.

Having bought Solana at $30 I was very happy to take some money off the table at $211 before they fell to just over the hundred.

It is important to keep some cash ready to pounce on a new opportunity when you see clear skies.

The best way to invest in bitcoin by Peter Hanley

A 2021 Crypto wrap up

A 2021 Crypto wrap-up with some highs, some lows, and certainly tails of money being made. What to learn for next year.

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The crypto market had solid growth

The total market in all coins started the year valued at $775 Billion and will end up northward  of
2.5 Trillion.

Bitcoin still dominates the market at 40.3 %  of the total cap and had a good year going from the US $23k up to a current us $49k.

For the long-term investor that represents a doubling of your money.

Where to next year is a debating argument and depending on what side you take the results are divided.

I regularly see us$100k or us$150k coin early in 2022 predicted by recognized authorities.

However, some preach a drop from the nest retreating to US$10k because of market forces.

Coin of the year

My vote went to Solana a DEFI coin that competes with Ethereum and Cardano.

Started the year at $2.14 and peaked in August at $41, However,  they saw the year out by hitting nearly $180 by  December 21

The meme coins went well

ShibuInu went past Dodge coin reaping rewards for gamblers.
A $10 investment could have returned a massive reward.

I mention these because as simple as they are generating little in returns with no real future they get a lot of market sentiment.

Tesla bought Bitcoin and then did a reversal

After spending US$1.4 trillion putting Bitcoin on its balance sheet at US$31k a coin
Elon did a reversal.

He started preaching that Miners in Bitcoin were burning excessive energy and contributing to global warming.
However, change in habits and being reinformed of the standards he reversed his decision and kept his coins.

Certainly, at one stage, he had doubled his money but anyway booked a handsome profit.

It is rumored that SpaceX also owns Bitcoin

China did not ban Bitcoin however they made it better.

China banned Bitcoin mining because it was using up valuable green energy. Well! Who knows why however they did ban mining throughout the country.

This caused an immigration of the China-based miners to other locations around the world.

Mining uses a large amount of electricity so it becomes uneconomical if excess green energy is not available. Solar, Geo-Thermal, Hydro even Volcanic actions are used.

It is now recognised that Bitcoin fixed its problems and saved the bad press thrown at it.

A sovereign country takes on Bitcoin

This may well be the first of many as el Salvador took Bitcoin as a national currency. They issued all residents with a small supply of a locally named coin with an attached wallet.

Furthermore, they bought BitCoin into the national treasury as a hedge against inflation and currently own over one thousand coins.

Access to banking has long been a problem and the world banks have spent billions trying to fix the issue.
Overnight Bitcoin fixed the problem as now most of the population has a saving and spending wallet.

Non Fungible tokens to change the art world

A 2021 Crypto wrap up
trading in crypto

One of the first NFTs was a digital painting by Beeple that sold for$68 a million.

The Beeple sale was the starter’s pistol on one of the fastest and most insane gold rushes in human history – everyone remembers when somebody paid US$1.3 million for a crudely drawn picture of a rock? – and the beginning of crypto’s first proper cultural backlash. It’s little wonder Collins Dictionary declared NFT to be its word of 2021.

In essence, this allows artists to get a return every time their work is sold.
This has to provide proper value return to the originator of the work no matter when or where it is sold.

“Like pieces of art, the NFT can be sold for money or cryptocurrency. However, the token's asset transfer is recorded in the Blockchain just like cryptocurrency. … Each NFT is tied to a digital (or in some cases, physical) asset of the original owner. Technically, anything in digital form can be turned into an NFT.”

A 2021 Crypto wrap-up and the future

Where will the crypto market go in 2022

A 2021 Crypto wrap up

Certainly, I wish I knew and could give you an informed guide to investing in a volatile market.

James from Invest Answers says that 90% of the 15,000 coins will eventually end up worthless. However, the other 10% will transform our lives in ways unimaginable to many of us.

The use of Blockchain is growing every day and investments into Bitcoin are being made by investors that will not let it go away.

Everyone has their favorites. Raul Paul is into Etherium however Michael Saylor is a Bitcoin fanatic.

Most knowledgeable investors are still bullish on a Crypto future. It may meander along the growth path however it is here to stay.

A 2021 Crypto wrap up

Working from home challenges and pitfalls

Working from home challenges and pitfalls facing all us keyboard warriors. There are hurdles you need to overcome to avoid depression setting in

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Can working from home be harmful?

Working from home has as many pitfalls as it does benefits. It is difficult to rate these however bear with me as we look at some of the issues around this.

First of all, I have worked at home for many years, My assistant works from home and I use a support group that does the same, therefore I understand.

Many of you will find it great working from home and those that struggle with it because of the commitment you must make.

Can working from home be harmful, probably not, however, it can create stress and anxiety
that create stress and therefore harmful results.

How to keep upto date with Internet marketing

Working from home for others

This is quite different from us nomads because it comes with commitment. You are asked to do an honest day's work for which you are paid, yet it brings distractions to tempt you away from your obligations.

Now I understand this as an employee and accept that you will be taken offline on different occasions. This is no different from the old Water Cooler chats or even the ducking out for a cigarette, it is a distraction.

The important point is that you can better divide your day into work periods.

You no longer have a travel commitment negotiating the traffic to and from the office.
Your hours are often spread wider with an early open or late close to finishing a project.

Those that are on-call for this time need to adapt differently but there are still break periods.

The principal factor here is a personal sense of guilt for those that cheat the system. No one may ever see what you are doing however, you know, and that knowledge can play on your emotions.

Therefore if you have a slack-off period, and we all do, simply make it up with power working.
That's right, give back what you take away and don't carry a burden with you.

We have different demands at home, partners, kids, exercise, and a little nod-off. Even the household jobs that need to be done. The extra-long personal calls because no one knows and that book that needed a catch-up.

Someone does know, and that is you.

Working home challenges when working for yourself

Working from home for yourself

This is in part the ideal lifestyle however it also comes with downsides.

One important issue is simply relating to other like-minded people. When we want to sound an idea or problem off another they are mostly not available.

My wife is not a good sounding board because she has her direction and my Administrative assistant has her priorities going in a different direction.

I use web forums sometimes when I need assistance but generally plan on my own.

Other activities

We all throw the washing in and stop for a morning, or afternoon, or both, cuppa when we can.
I am guilty of ducking to the shops and doing a few household chores to fill the day.

There are many advantages to working from home.

Having a plan

This is an important ingredient in daily chores. You should know what you want to achieve in a day and aim to complete the task.

What is not done today will carry over so that is not a big issue. That is unless it gets away from you and starts to grow and become a problem.

Avoiding procrastination

The evil bogey that dogs our life. Yes, procrastination is real and can become a problem if it controls us.
Make your daily planner and do the important issues first so they are out of the way. Starting with the main one, what will make me money today?
That is a priority.

Working from home and making money

The opportunities are endless and the results are unlimited it just needs a bit to get you started.

Pick one thing you would like to do and go hard until it starts to pay off. You cannot be everyone to anyone and that is why you need to specialise.

  • Writing blogs
  • Affiliate Income
  • Social media specialist
  • Writing newsletters
  • Creating web funnels
  • Admin assistant
  • Debt collector

We could go on for hours however we need you to think about what you want to do. What is your strength, more importantly, your love?
The greater your love for what you are doing the longer you will stay on the journey and the bigger the return will be.

Seek some training on your selection and go hard.

My daughter decided to do Facebook marketing. Three young kids and a busy husband meant she had to be specific. Many days at home learning an art that she took to mothers' groups to get referrals. She's now in a full-time job as a marketing executive in a very well-paid position. It was all about focus.

You can start any business with little or no knowledge

Working home challenges and MLM

Work from home jobs and opportunities

The arrival of Covid-19 sent people home in droves. It suddenly became the norm to take your office to the lounge room sharing with the dinner plates.
Zoom was the new accessory for every meeting and household data rates went through the roof.

This change made home working respectable.

It is now accepted as part of life and no longer looked down on as a hobby or a desperate person trying to make money.

We can even throw Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) into this area as a starter area for finding an outlet for your abilities.

  • Herbalife
  • Amway
  • Tupperware
  • Enjo
  • Plus hundreds more

Whatever you decide to do the first thing is to update your skill levels.

The internet has changed the rules and now forms the basis for all online marketing and importantly at a very low cost.

Making a plan and pursuing a dream

working home challenges

You need to hear this again, whatever you choose make sure it is a narrow niche and then specialise in that alone.
However, get the basics together and then build a realistic plan that will take you into a financial future.

Furthermore, anyone can do this, you can be invisible to the world or promote the heck out of yourself if needed.


Finally, we come to a short wrap.

You are in a unique position to take advantage of this new revolution called working from home

Therefore the only thing stopping you is you.
First of all, make a commitment or even pledge to give what is necessary to change your life.
Pick your area of expertise or Love, do some training and finally reap the rewards.

Making Money online is in a massive growth phase that is open to all contenders.

Make sure you are one of them

Alternative challenges and opportunities

What is disruptive technology and how will it benefit you

The Crypto world is creating change and offering massive opportunities for those that carefully select the coins in which to invest.

Bitcoin is going nowhere but up and with a bit of expertise this could be your online income.

Block Chain is a disruptive technology that is changing the world and it is worth a quick peak to see if it fits your ambition.

I love it however treat it as a term venture and not a daily roller coaster ride.

Working home challenges and pitfalls by Peter Hanley

About the richest man in the world

About the richest man in the world and what they are doing with the money, who are the game changers and who are lifestyle promotors

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

How the rich spend their money

A recent Podcast featured a Chinese Canadian name CZ that happens to own Binance and license the Rights to Binance US. This is a broking house for Cryptocurrencies and is on top of the pack. When I do a Google search CZ is worth a lousy 1.4 billion however I think that is grossly understated. His share in Binance US is probably worth 200 billion or more

When asked about his wealth CZ stated it was not an important part of the conversation. He said that he would give it all away anyway as he was not interested in the money.

Easy to say when you have it however he was being quite sincere in what he said.

Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as “CZ”, is a Chinese-Canadian business executive. Zhao is the founder and CEO of Binance and is just 44 years old born in 1977.
Binance is The World’s Leading Blockchain Ecosystem and Digital Asset Exchange

Google and Linkedin

CZ interview on YouTube

Is Elon Musk really rich

First of all, I must admit to having a Boy crush on Elon. Yes, he is really rich and is usually the richest man in the world depending on what is happening at the time.

What makes Elon stand out is his focus on creating a better world to live in. He does this often against all the odds by sheer persistence to achieve the goals he has set.

An example was at Tesla. He opted to take no salary however he put into place achievement goals that would earn him the right to buy shares at the current price. The board jumped at this because the goals were so far ahead of where they expected to be it was a real wishing game.

Elon has not yet missed a performance achievement. In fact, on December 21 he had shares to purchase at $5.00 when the market price was over a thousand dollars a share. Because of the capital gain, the purchase bought a tax cost of nearly 60% of the thousand dollar price. Still a healthy gain.

They laughed at Electric cars

About the richest man in the world

The pundits laughed at his electric car venture because it would never happen. Now the whole world is following suit to be full EV by 2050. This will make a difference to global warming and provide an ongoing benefit to mankind

The Musk venture into space was premised on the fact that the US had fallen out of the race and he wanted to revitalise the industry.

With his usual flair, he went to Russia to buy a couple of rockets to play with. The deal fell over so on the plane home he said to his brother, “you know what, I can do this better than the Ruskies” and he did.

The cheapest Rocket launches were followed by reusable rockets so saving on waste and indeed lowering the price. It has not been without quite a few failures and near disasters that bring them to the success they wanted.

About the richest man in the world

Using advanced satellites in a low orbit, Starlink enables video calls, online gaming, streaming, and other high data rate activities that historically have not been possible with satellite internet. Users can expect to see download speeds between 100 Mb/s and 200 Mb/s and latency as low as 20ms in most locations.

Starlink site

Again Starlink will bring a broadband network to anywhere in the world. Many have tried but few have achieved it. This will change the lives of many people and indeed countries.
Without a reliable broadband network growth is contained.

My point here is that Elon is using his wealth to create a better world not just for personal gain.

Geoff Bezos is number 2

The founder of Amazon's net worth of about $201 billion

First of all McKenzie Besos (now Scott) plans on giving half her 35 billion divorce settlement to charity.

Geoff however has also been touched with Rocketman phobia and is exploring space for rideshare operations.

However, he recently donated nearly a half-billion dollars to climate change focus to add to his good deeds.

However, pore Geoff is often criticised for his lack of empathy and charity.

Bill and Melinda GatesWarren Buffett

The Giving Pledge was created by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett in 2014, and the concept is relatively simple. The pledge is “an open invitation for billionaires, or those who would be if not for their giving, to publicly dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.”

Town and Country

These funds are distributed worldwide in non-profit operations fighting disease, poverty, and, inequity situations. In 2021

  • 2136 grants
  • totaling 5.8 billion dollars
  • from 1357 contributors

Making a difference in our world.

Warren Buffet also stands out in his ability to give it all away.

Outside of investing, Buffett has directed much of his wealth toward philanthropic endeavours. Between 2006 and 2020, Buffett gave away $41 billion—the majority of which went to either the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or his children’s charities. Buffett launched the Giving Pledge alongside Bill Gates in 2010.


Richard Branson

 Talking to reporters after he had become the first of the three billionaires to take a space trip himself, Branson celebrated Virgin Galactic as an instrument of egalitarianism. “Imagine a world where people of all ages, all backgrounds, from anywhere, of any gender, of any ethnicity have equal access to space. And they will, in turn, I think, inspire us back here on Earth.”

Another Rocket man achieving something for Humanity or perhaps for self.

About the richest man in the world and others.

Zuckerberg, page, Ellison, Bernard Arnault

These are all names that are heading the list of the rich and famous.
They do have their ideas for donations however many are still trying to build companies to achieve greater wealth.


My journey started with the CZ interview because he is very humble and very smart as well. Personal wealth is not his objective.

Elon Musk still works harder than anyone and dedicates his life to building transformational technologies, at which he has been very successful.

The Gates family trust is not just a short-term fix it will reach into many decades ahead making the world a better place.

Finally, it is hard work giving away money. It must be done correctly and for the better good and not squandered on idle pursuits of fantasy.

About the richest man in the world by Peter Hanley

Crypto currency, a sure way to lose or make money

crypto currency

Cryptocurrency, a sure way to lose or make money? With a bit of help, this would be the fastest way to make a difference in your life

Is Crypto currency trading or gambling?

Hesitancy cost me half a million dollars a hard lesson in anyone's life.
A couple of years back I looked at the whole crypto thing and like nearly everyone else thought that Bitcoin was overvalued at $3200 and Etherium was a massive $100

I read all the reports and listened to the so-called experts instead of using my head.

Crypto coins and Altcoins are a technology that will change our lives. Like Google Facebook and even Amazon, they have arrived and stayed to dominate the world market.
Broadband Internet, Google maps, smartphones and now 5G Mobile networks are changing our world and the crypto market is no different. It is a game-changer.

All of the above have seen considerable growth over just a few short years which means that they are a growing asset and something to be considered.

Crypto basic explained

How do they make money and hold their value?

We all wondered at Google the free search engine that could not make a dime. At Amazon that sold books, eBay that traded trash, Microsoft that wrote software, Apple that bought smartphones forward and the new kid on the block Tesla and EV technology.
It is funny that these are the top value stocks on the American market.
They bought change and a different future.

Netflix creators went to Blockbuster and tried to sell them on the idea of instant internet entertainment. The smart guys at Blockbuster Laughed at them and sent them packing but who is laughing now.

We are all hesitant at accepting change and The Crypto market is changing.

Bitcoin is a value-based product for investment activity. It is like virtual Gold or US hard currency (Fiat) except that it is different. Dollar notes depreciate, gold goes where the dollar goes and black gold (OIL) is a product of the past.

Smart contracts that pass between users cut out the middle bogeymen ( think Banks) with secure and fast transactions that cost very little.

All sorts of products will pass through smart contracts, real estate, stock, insurance, medical records eliminating the need for the middle man.

It is not and if it will happen anymore, it is real and it is our future.

Is there a better Bitcoin

Crypto currencies
Bitcoin is really virtual

First in is always best dressed so it will be very difficult to take the mantle from Bitcoin.
They ( whoever they are ) invented the Blockchain Technology that is driving our future.

People stayed away in their droves as the market went like a roller coaster from a few dollars to $60,000 at its peak.
Things are different bitcoin is now predominantly held by institutions that are in it for the long haul. Slowly they have changed their thoughts on the future and have seen the future.

The great Warren Buffet said no to anything to do with this technology. He was scathing of the whole thing for a long time before a little light bulb went on. He has now invested in companies that invest in the crypto market.

Will it go higher?

There is a limited supply of coins therefore demand will grow with supply thus taking the coin to new heights unfathomable at this time. Will it be $100,000 or a $500,000 coin right through to The magic million-dollar return?

Most experts that ignore FUD and rely on figures will tell you at least five hundred thousand in the next two years.

This is not investment advice, the market could do anything at any time however the pessimist in me sees a bright future.

Cryptocurrency and what to choose

If Bitcoin is so good are there others?

If I am old can I continue to learn

With well over a thousand choices on the market, there is ample opportunity to pick winners.

They may well be random like Dodge Coin however even that coin has a following.

Number two in line is Etherium a smart contracts option that follows in the shadow of Bitcoin Currently valued at about 7% of Bitcoin price. Therefore a half a million dollar Bitcoin would see Etherium at $35,000 a long way from the current $3000

Then you have Solana, Cardano, and a whole host of supporting infrastructures.

Staying in the top 20 coins will offer some investment security however a spread of a few always helps.

The market is volatile. It will be a roller coaster ride so set a reasonable time for your investment to mature. Yes, you can day trade to pick up a quick coin however take a bit of training first.

The options market is for the experts so let's not go there.

Other assets that compare with Bitcoin

The Stock Exchange is the closest comparison to the crypto market. Many listed companies invest in crypto as their trading objective. In general, the stock market rises year on year as good if not better than any other investment.

Gold Silver and commodities have always been a hedge against inflation however they generally keep pretty well in tandem with inflation.

Fiat currency is what we term dollar notes in any country. Particularly when it is not pegged to a gold standard. The buying power of a dollar will depreciate as the world appreciates. That is to say in ten years the almighty dollar may have the buying power of just $ 0.50. Is that a good investment?

Real Estate generally represents long-term value particularly when you live in it. Housing goes up with inflation however it can crash at any given time. It rises and falls on demand generated by governments. My last House decreased in value over ten years and that did not allow for adjustment in the value of the dollar. A poor investment.

Cryptocurrency is more than just a trend

crypto currencies and change
To mars and back

This was the case in years past however times have changed, Companies like Amazon, Google, Youtube have had extremely steep uptakes and the latest is Tesla which reached the market in a few short years.

The crypto market is a product of change. Just about any transaction done will have some link to blockchain technology. It is currently in its infancy that has years of growth ahead.

You could have been a millionaire buying Amazon shares. or Google or many others however we all missed the boat by not recognising technology of change.

Where would we be without Google maps, the Internet PayPal, Uber taxis, Netflix to name a few that have made the world entirely a different place?

Cryptocurrency is the new trend

Chasing the big growth companies for great profits

There will be growth companies that will storm the market with an incredible increase in value-generating instant Millionaires. Therefore recognising them early is necessary. Buying at a few dollars and selling at thousands is a dream time for most of us. I missed the initial growth I am not going that way again, the market has a long-term future.

Just think a fifty thousand Investment today could be worth half a million in two years.
Where else can you achieve this potential?

It is reasonably sure that the top ten coins will see a bright future and the others require knowledge of the market or inside information to pick the Rockets.

One telling parameter is market capitalisation. Bitcoin may have a trillion dollar cap so any coin that you can multiply the price by supply needs to be well under this figure.

This is easy to work out by a simple search on Google.

The stock market is no different, shares are valued by the return they can generate to the shareholders over time.

Has the Crypto horse already bolted?

As I have said it is still early days before the technology of change will increase the market.

There are still a few Bogeymen hanging around making noises to scare off the punters.
The Chinese Government, The US Feds, big banks, running costs, calamity for-casts are just a few of these hiding in the dark.

Certainly, China will eventually have its own coin to compete in the market. This will increase competition not decrease value.

Some government intervention will be welcomed to rid the market of shoddy operators.

The costs of Bitcoin mining came to the fore when Elon Musk demanded they must use better technologies that waste Power and Water. China joined the throng by banning mining in their country thus forcing immigration of the businesses.

The miners found renewable resources to run the massive computer farms required in mining and reduced this concern to history.

Finally, we can never see what something like Covid_19 can do to a world market. There may be other events that can create the same havoc in the future and disrupt a market.

Cryptocurrency investing

How to invest in the market?

First of all, you may need more than one broker account. Each broking house only carries certain coins so you may need to open several. I use eToro as my main account and FTX for Cardano and Coinbase for others. Binance is one among many, that has some of the lesser-known coins.
Select with care and only choose reputable brokers that come with high recommendations.

Be very careful of your currency and keep it under lock and Key invest in a Yubikey to stop all fraudulent activity.

My summary and conclusion

Disruptive technology is changing our world and will continue to do so at a faster and faster rate in our lifetime.
We will see fossil fuels disappear, a global satellite broadband internet service, 5G mobile technology that is one hundred times faster than what we have now.
The race to space is bringing new dimensions in technology that were thought bubbles a couple of years back.
The humble petrol engine will disappear and transport will be run by green fuels that have little or no contamination to our environment,
World economies will change to global currencies away from local Fiat to contain deflation
and allow the ease of currency transmitting.

Being in early has been proven time and time again to be the money maker, It may not be quick however it will be positive.

Be disruptive and join the band.

This is not investment advice nor a recommendation

Crypto currency, a sure way to lose or make money by Peter Hanley

Is it safe to buy online

What can we do to stop Global Warming?

The battery decade

What can we do to stop Global Warming as a single individual. You have the power to make great change possible and here's how

What can we do to stop Global Warming

Provide awareness to others

The ignorance on this subject is often alarming driven by media that want us to disown the idea.
The fossil fuel industry are using every endeavour to cloud the very waters of belief in marketing that follows the tobacco industry war on smoking.

You can be a great Greta Thunberg by simply spreading the word and driving it up to decision makers in your own small way.

I was not a believer but then the light came through

Like many of you I believed in cyclical seasons, some good and some not so good and that was just the way it was.
In fact, I really think that I just did not want to believe because it was just too hard to understand that we need change.
I live in Western Australia with a low population, wide open spaces and no real manufacturing. How could I see change in action.

I had a brief involvement in the sola industry and my eyes were opened to what could be done.
Furthermore I also live among some of the largest mining operations in the world, including coal and coal fired power stations so I understand the revenue generation of mining.

Then Greta Thunberg popped her head out of the clouds. Most around me saw just a silly little girl that new nothing about global warming However, I was captivated by a symbol of change.

This brave little girl did a lone vigil against the odds that turned into millions rallying around the world in a relatively short time. School children the world over joined the movement and had a voice that was heard by adults (like me) that were prepared to ignore the truth.

Greta did not want to be a symbol however she single handed created a movement that would not be stopped.

Change had begun

The Guardian May 2021

Low and middle-income nations received nearly $16bn a year between 2017 and 2019 to fund projects related to gas, a fossil fuel that worsens global heating. This was nearly four times more than international public finance for wind or solar projects.”

What can we do to stop Global Warming

This movement was not about fame or fortune it was about belief and change.

My next figure of change that did it for good

We may get a bit of disagreement on this one however the results will be the same.

Elon Musk wanted to electrify the automotive world to bring about his own level of social conscience. Remember that it started with house hold solar panels and the need for battery support that would lesson the need for fossil generated power.

Joining the Tesla movement was based on change. This went against the beliefs of 99.9% of people that believed it was an impossible dream, electric cars would never happen.
The change was to eliminate dangerous exhaust gases pumped from billions of vehicles every minute of every day.
Elon shouted pollution at every opportunity.
Yes I know he got rich out of the car factory however it was at a great cost and risk that few would take.
Now some 12 years after the first Tesla was put on the road they are aiming for over a million cars a year in world wide distribution.

More importantly nearly every car manufacturer in the world has followed suit and people like Volvo, VW and others are aiming for 100% electric supply between 2015 and 2020

What can we do to stop Global Warming and change

Change in a grand scale

This is change on a grand scale started by one individual for what ever the motive you wish to apply. Mine is for global good a goal that is being accomplished every day.

Locally we have an entrepreneur called Andrew Forrest, Andrew made and makes money from Iron ore. In fact he earns about a billion a year.
His latest gamble is in green hydrogen. This is a fuel from oxygen and electricity that can power many things. His dream is a steel plant without pollution.
Andrew is not the only one working with green hydrogen however he is taking it to a new extreme.

In the US truck maker Nicola is producing heavy haulage based around hydrogen power.
The name Nicola is a play on Tesla however both are now fighting for the semi market using zero emission power. This will make a huge difference to the transport industry.

What can we do to stop Global Warming and government intervention

The list is extensive but many governments are ignoring the facts

In part governments are controlled by the fossil industry. It is such a massive industry that they can pay to be listened to.

Furthermore my own government in Australia is blind to the facts. They keep authorising coal mines, ignoring the electric car revolution and not making sufficient plans to reduce carbon emission.

The US and UK have a similar issue although Biden may be thinking more wisely than his previous counterpart.

Many countries in Europe subsidise electric vehicles and penalise the polluting petrol engines.

Even China has taken a strong position and has both a Tesla factory and their own car by Nio.

The revolution has started it just needs energy

I am writing this blog because I care. As an individual it is hard to make a difference however getting people on board is a small answer to help spread the message.

It is a fact that 19 of the past 20 years have been warmer than any other period.

Back in 1980 people pressure demanded a change to the use of chlorofluorocarbons because of the damage to the ozone layer. The CFC manufactures denied liability and claimed there was no substitute for refrigerant gasses. They lied. However a law was not passed until 1987
when a substitute product miraculously materialised and CFC's were banned.

Fossil fuel is causing damage to the world atmosphere, the Ocean, waterways and public health. It is time to demand change

Who are the major contributors to Green house gas?

Electricity and heat30%
Manufacturing and construction12%
Agriculture and livestock11%
Burning other fuels8%
Land Use and Forestry6%
Fugitive emissions6%
Industrial processes5%
source Dr Karl K

What can we do to stop Global Warming with your participation

But what can we do?

Here is a small list of ideas that will make a difference. How many are your government doing?

Gather electricity from Solar, wind, hydro or even nuclear.
Battery and hydrogen powered vehicles
Intensive farming.
Planting trees and stopping the removal of forests
Green hydrogen manufacturing. ( grey hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels)
Greater building standard to smart constructions

Crypto currencies have been blamed for excessive use of electricity with mining the currency. Change has come where miners are now working with renewable energy so that the industry is not tainted with blame. This industry is an example of a massive shift in moving away from past ideas and moving to the future. Blockchain technology is a revolution that is happening as we speak. Finance, insurance, banking and anywhere documented proof is needed is achieved instantly and with a much lower cost.

Covid-19 has made a change, with lock downs and working from home, much less travel has seen results the world over. Much less smog and lethal emissions have been experienced the world over.

We want to maintain a life style

Over time our general well being has improved and that should not change. Transport including planes must continue however perhaps we can do it better.
The old ways can change, our history of trying to destroy the environment can stop and everyone can do their bit to contribute.

However we need to shake a lot of people out of lethargy and take action as a group.

We are managing the plastic war, the tobacco industry, recycling and now the fossil fuel energy, power is in on our side
I was just listening to Elon Musk talking about fossil fuels and he was saying it is a finite resource, one day it will run out so why not change before day zero. Accelerate the world to renewables.

Gross ignorance of the science is evident at every level.

A great read is “Dr Karl's little book of climate change science” available from Amazon and others. It's only about $9 and good for kids and adults alike, It lays out the facts.


I wrote this in the hope of moving someone to change. Most will simply shrug their shoulders and say so so what! Some will take the challenge and try for a difference.

I have not gone into the science because others are better at it than me, however I am alarmed! The atmosphere, the oceans and the population are at peril. Not today, maybe not tomorrow however our children and grandchildren will be the recipients of change and not for the good.

Lets all be a Greta Thumberg and spread the word

We have a duty to change.
Success is our responsibility

What can we do to stop Global Warming by Peter Hanley

Best crypto trading platform; eToro a review for smart investing

Crypto trading choices

Best crypto trading platform; eToro a review for smart investing. You need a service that has the options to provide a chance for success

Understand what you are doing before you put your money up front

The Crypto market is high risk investing so a basic knowledge is really important from day one.
However many believe it is the place to be and the future of transactional progress

Who is eToro and why have I picked them?

I use several brokers for reasons I shall explain however my pick of the bunch is eToro.

Started in 2007 Industry experience
170 million membersGood backing
Available in 100 countriesYours should be one of them
Cypress, Israel, UK,USA and AustraliaMajor offices
Valued last year at $800 millionOver the Billion now
They use copy tradingGreat for beginners
FCA, Cysec, ASIC complianceControlled by regulators
Most trading formats availableA good choice
The good bits

Everyone has its downside

Everyone has a downside

Minimum $200 depositThis applies in most countries
Hours of tradingFull trading list
You can loose moneyVolatile market
Day tradingOnly for the experienced
Limited Crypto optionsMany coins not included

What is so special about eToro

First of all you really need to jump through a few hoops to get approved because of very strict compliance to the identity laws. This is a good thing as it prevents fraud and keeps your data safe.

Once in you get a full dashboard and you are ready to fly. Furthermore a little drop down appears for an offline practice.

Best crypto trading platform

This Virtual experience runs through a training program and lets you buy and sell products in a pretend fashion. This teaches you to use the service and you may find out how easy it is to make or loose money.

Follow an experienced Investor to learn more

This is quite novel as you can see their success rate and the shares they are holding. You then just commit a sum of money and your investment will follow your selected partner.

This should ensure that you do make a return on your funds whilst learning about the market.

Best crypto trading platform

These are a sample of investors with good returns and furthermore with a bundle of support. They all have around 20,000 copiers working with them. This is evidently a very successful way to keep your money safe.

The eToro club

eToro club membership is determined according to the customer’s realised equity as of midnight GMT each day. Provided that you meet the equity requirement, you will be automatically accepted and see the club tier change the following day.

Silver: $5,000
Gold: $10,000
Platinum: $25,000
Platinum+: $50,000
Diamond: $250,000

The club offers significant extra services for those high rollers however a bit of luck and you will be in the silver club at the least.

What is the value of a Bitcoin

Copy portfolios are even better

This is where you invest in a pre chosen package of products and earn as the price changes.

There are several to choose from and a really good way to reasonable secure investing

Best crypto trading platform

This is just an example of the available bundles showing the investment portfolio and the returns they made over a given 12 month period.

.Best crypto trading platform and the ways to market

Trading is very broad

Crypto tradingOperating 24/7
Stock trading When markets are open
ETF TradingExchange traded funds
IndicesA group approach to shares
CommoditiesGold, Silver, etc
CurrenciesDollar, pound Yen …
Day TradingLive action
Enough to keep any one active

A great mobile App and a wallet

This is a fabulous product that replicates the website. It is available in both Mobile services so easy to load and use. You can follow the market wherever and wherever you want providing great control at any time.

You can even see the value of your portfolio at the push of a Key, green is good however the red not so good.

Yes there are many other companies that you may use

With over 5000 Crypto opportunities your host will not carry them all. Therefore you may have to have a subsidiary account if you want to trade less well known opportunities. eToro stays at the top of the market and adds new opportunities all the time however it does not suit everyone.

Best crypto trading platform and making a million

Will you become the next millionaire?

Of course you will if you pick the right stocks and play with enough money and miss all the market recessions and use a whole heap of dumb luck.

It is a high risk venture and any crypto or stock could crash and burn. However it could be said that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano have a very big future as safe investments. Therefore there are parts of the market that are more secure than other parts.

Although some of the Alt coins (other than Bit Coin) offer a glimpse into the future.

The Bitcoin was built on the Block Chain technology a new way to transfer data securely so that it could not be hacked. Data includes cash and valuables etc.

Block Chain has been redone by Ethereum and Internet Computer. These do the same things in different ways and are opportunities on their own.

The market is a must be place and a small wager may go a long way.

There is no doubt that the past has been filled with negative press with many spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt. I was affected by that when I started my Crypto journey but two years back. I studied Block Chain and Bitcoin and considered an investment. Bitcoin were about $2500 and Ethereum under $200 however I considered they could go no higher.
I withheld my $1000 investment and kept it in the bank. This was a $500,000 mistake that I made.
The market is still early stages and opportunities still exist. Bitcoin is flagged to reach $500k a coin or even a million dollars in the extreme. This will take time and patience however an upside is the prediction by the vast majority of those in the know.

Institutional investors are coming to the market along with international banks and it is only time before the super funds start to play along.
(This is not investment advice it is just a view that I have taken, Crypto comes with risk)

Therefore the crypto market will be as common as any of the great new ventures like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc that were all risky plays from day one.

Your folding money deflates particularly so with minimal interest. A hundred dollars in ten years will buy about half what it will today and in twenty years half that again.

Bitcoin should continue to grow and in ten years buy five or maybe even a hundred times what it will today. Therefore the choice seems obvious.

Balance your investments but don't miss out

There are many ways that you will be advised to invest however the basic way is to cover all bases.

  • Take a third in Real Estate
  • Keep a third in liquid funds
  • Trade with the balance

I bought a property some years back and listed it on the market for $3.2 million as recommended by the Real Estate Values.
This was back in 2016 and within a month the market got smashed. I ended up selling for under two million a massive loss on a highly geared property.
The stock market crashed and money was lost in every way.

We can not predict the future so never have all the eggs in one basket.

Best crypto trading platform and a way forward

My sure fire way to success

Take a sum of savings every month and invest in high value crypto currencies. Perhaps a copy portfolio or a low risk bundle on a regular basis. Doing this may give you the opportunity over time to be the next crypto millionaire. Your risk is a small sum built up over time that will not break you or render you homeless. It might however make you quite well off financially.

eToro is a perfect starting application.

eToro is a solution
crypto trading in Bit coin

This service has nearly everything for both rank amateurs and professionals with a great covering of abilities and experience in the business.

Best crypto trading platform; eToro a review for smart investing by Peter Hanley

Tesla-When a company has it all and for the right reasons


Tesla-When a company has it all. I am an unashamed follower of Elon Musk and the Tesla group. Now I make money from my obsession and tell why

Tesla is much more than a car company

9 stages to writing a blog. Boredom

You may either like or dislike Elon Musk however look behind the façade and there is a massive story to be told.

The Tesla story goes beyond that of Steve Jobs for outstanding innovation and his achievements will be the greatest adventurer in history

Tesla vehicles started as an idea to change the world. The business was already operational when he introduced a small amount of seed capital to help the floundering operation.
He soon found out that direction and planning were needed to move forward so he joined as an active participant.

This small amount of involvement turned into an obsession and 20 hour days trying to avoid bankruptcy. Electric vehicles were indeed not trendy and the perception was down played in every press and article.

Electric cars were just play things that would fade out and be like steam engines overnight.

How wrong were they.

Paypal; the beginning

Elon's first major business entry was PayPal where he bought into an established operation. It was extremely effective as we all know and he sold early for a hefty $200 odd million profit.

This provided the capital for his venture into Tesla where he made the hasty decision that risking half his money was worth the effort.
Tesla ended up taking it all and more as they worked the development stage of growth.

When you get close to the wall of no return you must take action

When the inevitable is the next pay day that you can't fund you are in deep trouble.
This is a situation that Musk found himself in during the early days however he took action.

First of all he went to a close friend Larry Page and lined up a sale of shares in Tesla at a fire sale price, this was not something he wanted however insolvency concerns pushed the issue.

Next was a very different approach to a problem.

Musk pulled every available employee to the phone and asked them to call anyone that would buy a car, by the end of the day they had sold enough new cars to cover any shortfall and this avoided off loading the shares . It was engineers, designers in fact anyone that could make a call fronted up to save the company.

Whilst Musk is sometimes portrayed as a difficult man to work for he does have a real employee loyalty.

Elon attracts a hate following

The press love to knock him and ridicule his ideas in a Tall Poppy fashion. In fact just today I read a review showing all the gaffs he had made that were designed to the ridiculous.

In fact he has demonstrated a higher understanding of business and the environment than any peer before or after him.

An electric car (EV) was a pipe dream that could not be done. There were so many hurdles to overcome that it was considered it would never eventuate.
Batteries were a problem, recharging not available, facilities to build a viable number of cars too expensive, they were unsafe, impracticable and no one would ever buy them. That was in 2008.

In 2009 they sold just 500 cars to start the journey. Now in 2021 it will be close to a million cars in the year, an outstanding effort.

Elon has a different approach to most people. First of all he wants things done quicker than realistically possible, secondly he wants it at half the price considered reasonable and finally he does not take no as an answer.
He also works absurdly long hours and wants everyone to be the same as him. Some can take it many can't.

What makes Tesla special

The electric car is built around helping to control global warming because of low or no exhaust emissions. The use of vehicles worldwide was soaring with new demand coming from growing countries like China with their increased prosperity. Furthermore road traffic is responsible for nearly 18% of global emissions creating green house gases and damaging the world.

Musk set out to change the way transport is conducted.

Importantly Elon welcomed competition. In fact nearly all there systems are on open source software that can be used by anyone.

The Tesla model has been a different approach to orthodox car building.

He started out with a big and expensive car that had only minor market appeal. They set about showcasing a very fast and safe automobile that was completely different to the general market. Only now after four model changes is he starting to develop a low cost alternative.

Models have been the S, the E, a three and finally a Y. This was supposed to spell sexy however the e was a Toyota brand and they had protected the word and denied Tesla the opportunity to use it.

Among many problems batteries was supreme

The limitations of battery packs included many variables;

  • Charging and recharging time
  • Use time
  • Heat loading
  • Fire risk
  • Weight
  • Packing

The battle was hard and in pact Panasonic were bought into the partnership to turn virtual computer batteries into a power system strong enough to power a large automobile.

Late last year Tesla launched a new product.

These new tabless cells, which Tesla is calling 4860 cells, will give the company's EV batteries five times more energy capacity, make them six times more powerful, and enable a 16 percent range increase for Tesla's vehicles. The tabless cells were among the first announcements from Tesla's Battery Day

The Verge Sept-20

The growth market

As we shall see battery growth is not just confined to electric vehicles because the solar industry is all growing at a great rate. Solar cell roofs or panels all need battery support and the market is arguably bigger than the car market.

It should be noted that this is a world wide market and not just domestic supply. Tesla has taken on the Chines by building a local factory and supplying the biggest market in the world. The Chinese manufactured NIO is a light year behind and the introduction of a Tesla compact will see a big difference.

Finding increased opportunities for power

Elon's brother had been financed into a Solar energy project manufacturing panels and providing support batteries for domestic use. Elon joined into the group and used similar battery configurations to the cars and thus expanding on the demand for the product.

In the coming five years the supply of batteries alone will add significantly to the income of Tesla. Special factories have been set up and demand is going through the roof.

Tesla plan on delivering 20 million cars a year by 2030 up from a low One million this year

The ramp up plan from its pilot lithium-ion battery plant in California, with its 10 GWh annual capacity, includes an order of magnitude leap for Tesla to 100 GWh by 2022 before ballooning to 3 TWh by 2030.

The cost of producing a Kwh of power is somewhere around $100 and expected to reach a figure nearer $50 by 2025. So when you multiply 3TW hours by $50 the income of Tesla is going to be very large.

Changing the world from the ground up

Every car company in the world is moving to EV

From a one man start up to a world changing position on vehicles.

European sales of EV's in 2021 will be in excess of 1.5 million cars, US nearly 8% of all cars will be EV in 2021 (around 1.5 million cars) with similar amounts in China where it is estimated 30% of all cars will be EV in 2025.

Surprisingly The rise of hybrid cars is also growing mainly with the Toyota brand. When Tesla were asked if they would do a hybrid, a hybrid still has an engine gearbox diff etc making the change less effective.

Another telling fact is that the European group levy a surcharge on all normal aspirated motors in the form of a tax. Therefore car manufacturers are pushing EV's where they can get a credit.
The tax can amount to hundreds of dollars on the price of a car.

Tesla are about to introduce, a ute, a truck and driverless taxis to markets this year that will bring a big increase to sales.

The Hydrogen impact on Batteries

Again Tesla stated that hydrogen was not an option being too expensive and unstable to be considered. However many others are walking this plank because of increased power. It may be used in heavy haulage where savings can be made with increased payloads to compensate for cost

Green hydrogen is the buzz of the year and considerable development is happening around this. This is made from water and electricity so it requires a lot more energy in creating the fuel.

The race is not yet over but EV is a lap ahead

Elon Musk and the Tesla group have changed the future. A change that will be far better for the environment and for mankind. The losers are the oil companies that have fought hard to maintain their lucrative market but have reluctantly accepted transformation.

It is an interesting fact that electric cars consume electricity that mainly comes from fossil fuels, something that must be solved. However a concentrated problem is far easier to maintain than millions of emitters without control.

20 million cars a year

Tesla has plans to produce 20 million EVs per year by 2030, 50 times its 2019 production. Much of these projections are based on the inclusion of a $25,000 EV “within the next three years” – as announced at the recent ‘Battery Day’. There are already several EVs at that price range, but none with sufficient utility for owners (a combination of cost, range, access to charging etc.) to be truly head-and-shoulders better than an average priced ICEV. Adding a lower-priced vehicle to its portfolio would position Tesla to capture 45% of our projected 45 million passenger EVs sold in 2030. 

DNV .com

What can you do about this

Tesla shares are going to go ballistic in the coming years, analyst's are picking a share price of ten or twenty thousand from the current $700 level. This is not investment advice nor do I understand the future however I do believe in what has been achieved in this start up period.

I have not mentioned SpaceX or the Low earth satellites that will beam fast internet to areas that previously had no chance. Nor the boring company building tunnels at low cost and quicker than ever before.

The future has changed and you can change with it by buying a small investment into a huge growth cycle.
Simply set up an account with eToro and throw in some loose change to get a small part of the action. Of course there is risk involved and you should not put your inheritance across the table. However start the journey and become more educated on the opportunities coming up.

{The author has Tesla shares}

EToro login

Tesla-When a company has it all and for the right reasons by Peter Hanley

Buy on line and trade today

Buy Crypto Currency online ( and trade the market today)

Bitcoin and world events
Buy Crypto Currency online ( and trade the market today). The new game in town is a place for everyone, you just need to be careful but how?

Has the Crypto market over heated and gone past us

The whole market is relatively new and most people just don't understand blockchain or coins creating fear and doubt.

If you are wanting to buy into the market you are evidently past this point and moved on to curiosity and excitement.

With massive investments by people like PayPal, Google,Tesla, Citibank, JP Morgan it is evident that the market has gained credibility.

Having a value in excess of US$2 trillion it is no small player although dominated by Bitcoin at about half that amount.

Most of the value is post 2017 so a relatively short time in any financial cycle.

The market is young and the future looms very large.

Is it safe to trade in online currencies

Many are finding this market is an ideal hedge against inflation however, Yes it is a roller coaster ride with an upward trend over time.
This excludes the bottom tier entries that are there for padding.

Saying all that the market has been in a bull run for some time although forward projections see this strong trend going through to 2022.

I know very little and this is not financial advise it is purely a discussion on a subject of interest.

You really need to have some skills in this to not get burnt.

One way to achieve this is by mirroring a player that has a history in the market.
Some brokers encourage this because you get to track your portfolio and see exactly what is happening along the way.
This is a form of protection and learning at the same time however results are never guaranteed.

Local area trading is available

What advise is available for new market players

First of all my advise is to learn as much as you can before investing any money.
Your broker or (my recommendation) will have a training program that you can play off market to see how you go.

You will quickly learn a few tricks and that life is not all roses.
Next is to follow a good investor for a time to see what could be if you have the talent and understanding.

Finally to employ a stop loss in all your positions to save failure in the case of a major shift in the market. It does happen and can bite very hard when it does.

Furthermore it may be wise to invest only in Bitcoin and Ethereum who are the market leaders and will continue to be at the top for the long term. Time should take the wrinkles out of the market and provide a good return over a longish journey.

Buy Crypto currency on line( and trade the market today)

eToro was my broker of choice

Crypto trading choices

I looked for someone that had a long trading history and an easy to follow page. They had to have the tools that I needed and the ability to control my world.

You will need to upload security documents like a passport or drivers licence and complete a facial image recognition by taking an image or a snap of your self.

Then it will be banking details, drop some money and you are away and running.

You get to view the activity of all the selected stocks and drill down into all sorts of data analysis and graphs to gather really good information.

The activity is live and changing as you view the page and the above shot was a day after the April correction, the whole thing crashed for a short time. The low yesterday was $54431 a big dive from $66,000 just a few days ago.
You can see that the trend is upward at the moment however there may be another correction to come. I promised excitement .

Buy crypto currency online just like the big boys.

What do the big investors think?

One recent venture was by Elon Musk of Tesla fame. Elon had some spare capital earning little or no interest so he bought bitcoin at about $36,000 that sent the market up and then into a loss position.
Even at todays figure of $57,000 that is a great return on a US$1.5 billion investment.

Interestingly he is happy to take Bitcoin for the sale of a new Tesla, so come on the market I need one.

The next is Greyscale Investment a New York base investment fund and an early entrant to Bitcoin.

Grayscale has by far the largest Bitcoin portfolio of any institutional investment platform, with over $30 billion in BTC currently under management in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which trades under “GBTC”.


I could do many more but suffice to say there is some big investors that are going for the long ride. See more at Crypto markets

Can you monitor what is going on with the Crypto market

You sure can. There is so much data available that a rank amateur can keep up to date and have a chance of success using the data available.
This is a simple chart of Etherium over the past few months of a Bull market with a ending correction.

buying on the crypto market

Of course there will be good days and bad days and a few classic corrections along the way .

This is not a market for the faint hearted because it is an Investor driven result.

Furthermore it has a young following that are volatile in their activity seeking quick profits.

Are all Crypto currencies safe?

There is the amazing story of Dodgecoin. This was set up as a joke by a couple of smart programmers and left to languish and find its own way.

Buy Crypto currency on line

Today Dodgecoin is worth $0.34 following a year that went from as low as $0.03 to a high of $0.56 on reasonable trading. It is a Joke coin with nothing behind it however that is the market.
Many hold it as a fun token reminding themselves the real value of the currencies.

Conclusion on trading

First of all and as required to say, nothing in this represents trading or investing advise.

However it is a fun place to be where you can hang out with a few dollars and try your skills.
Never risk the family Jewels on any trading at anytime because the downsides can be pretty big.
Finally it is also a very emotional journey just like being at the casino so remember to take your profits and limit your losses along the way

Make a start at eToro however practice before you play

Buy crypto currency online ( and trade the market today) by Peter Hanley

What is the value of a Bitcoin

Crypto currency trading (Can the average person make money)?

If I am old can I continue to learn

Crypto currency trading If you are not a part of this you are losing out. However be warned that it is very addictive and exciting

Is Crypto currency just a big scam

The answer to this is, no it is not, and it is very much a part of our future.

Furthermore if you think you are too late then think again, the game is just the beginning of a long road ahead.

When I started my Crypto journey a couple of years back (2019) I considered Bitcoin overvalued at $4000 and Ethereum a bit expensive at $190 so I took a sit and watch position.

My oh my was I wrong. I should be retired now however the day is but young.

When doing my research for this article I still read supposedly intelligent people doubting the future. There is so much misinformation on the whole Crypto world that I am staggered that anyone can get good information to act on.

Therefore let me try and clear up a few things for you in simple English that anyone can understand

What has Blockchain got to do with it

The Blockchain improves blogging security

This is where it all started. Way back in the dark ages of 1991 when a fictional character developed a new way of transacting documents and cash.

Blockchain has the potential to grow to be a bedrock of the worldwide record-keeping systems, but was launched just 10 years ago. It was created by the unknown persons behind the online cash currency bitcoin, under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto.


Blockchain can be used for the transaction of any documents or money in a very secure way. Examples could be real estate settlements, legal documents, shipping ledgers etc.
Security is primary however instant transactions also became very popular.

Bitcoin jumped on this idea of using the Blockchain to establish a secure platform for cash
transactions and now over 5000 other companies have done the same thing.

Therefore Bitcoin and most of the others simply use Blockchain as a transaction vehicle..

Blockchain provides a level of trust in transactions not before seen.

Then they rattle on about Mining currency

If you want to go mining then read no further, it is for those wanting to play a game and hope to earn currency along the way.
You need special software, lots of computer power and a nerd based outlook on computer programming.

The alternative is to buy currencies on the market, a whole lot easier for us simple folk.

So what do I buy when I pay for a currency

First of all you buy coins or tokens depending on the offer. Coins can be more generally spent than tokens that are like casino chips and only spent in certain businesses.
These are generally backed by some cash however the value of a coin is really based on perception of value.
Therefore trading in Crypto currencies can be volatile. Some big gains and some losses will pave the way.

Show me the value in Cryptos and what does the future hold

If I am old can I continue to learn

Today ( April -21) saw the launch of a brand new currency, it was floated on the stock exchange without a value posted.
Coinbase had an estimated value of about us$250 but hit the market at US$381 before falling slightly to US$328. The first target that they hope to achieve, some say, is the us$1000 figure.
This is important because it really reflects the value placed on the market.

Yes it blew many away and the doubters stayed home and the buyers went big.
They claim 56 million users in 100 countries and assets over 223 billion.
Revenues are over a billion a year and income soaring so it has a long way to go.

Next is billionaire Elon Musk who through a lazy 1.5 billion dollars into bitcoin. He sees the future from the inside

Elon Musk's car firm Tesla has said it bought about $1.5bn (£1.1bn) of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin in January and expects to start accepting it as payment in future.

The news caused the price of Bitcoin to jump 17% to $44,220, a record high.

Tesla said it was trying to maximise returns on cash that is not being used in day-to-day running of the company.
BBC News

PS todays price is $66,000 a handy profit

There are many others that see future potential not just a day to day ride.

How do you get Cryptos when you don't have a spare $66,000 to buy a single bitcoin

This is easy because you just buy a small part of a currency and use that as a value for purchasing. Consider a one hundred dollar note in one cent pieces.
Using a broker is easy. You must follow really strict identification rules however when you are up and going it is really just day trading, buy and sell as you wish.

eToro a trusted place to buy

Is the Crypto market safe to invest in

Hell no, not for serious investors saving for retirement. The normal stock market is built on fundamentals that are easy to follow. You can readily gather a heap of knowledge about any stock and make an informed decision. Many of the top stocks are backed by large funds that are transparent in what they do.

The crypto market is more about understanding herd mentality. The millions of small investors can manipulate a market and change the pricing fundamentals overnight.
Therefore it is more akin to gambling than investing and that is why it is so much fun.

The Crypto market is anticipating what people will do next.

However it does have a lot of other values as well. It can be used to buy products, transact negotiations, gather new business, back green energy or over 5000 other ways to market.

Imagine buying 1000 bitcoins back in 2010 at $0.08 cents each or $80, Now worth around $66 million, that my friends is Crypto trading.

A bit of history from Wikipedia


  • Since it was first introduced to the world more than a decade ago, Bitcoin has had a choppy and volatile trading history.
  • Bitcoin's price has undergone multiple bubbles in a short history.
  • The factors influencing its price have changed with Bitcoin's evolution as an asset class.
  • The narrative surrounding Bitcoin has shifted from being a currency to a store of value as a hedge against inflation and uncertainty around the U.S. dollar's future purchasing power.

Crypto currency trading and the future

What Will Bitcoin Be Worth in 2030?

Predictions for the future value of bitcoin vary based on who makes the estimate. According to Jeremy Liew, a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, Bitcoin could reach $500,000 per coin in 2030. According to the June 2020 Crypto Research Report, the cryptocurrency could go over $397,000 by 2030

When people forecast a result they are simply guessing the future

Times are changing as Crypto goes mainstream

Traditionally the market for products was around a product and a following with little regulation.


  • Entrepreneurs looking to launch a new cryptocurrency can do it through an initial coin offering (ICO), a variation on an initial public offering (IPO).
  • There is little to no government regulation of ICOs currently, and anyone can launch one, provided they get the technology put in place.
  • How? Create a white paper or other document outlining the system, make a website or app describing how it works, and seek funding.
  • Advertising is key since there are so many competing coins on the market, so figuring out how to appeal to the target demo is crucial.
  • Not looking to launch a new coin, but rather, to invest in a new coin? Make sure to do thorough research, as there are a number of scams.

This all changed on the 14 April 2021 when the latest product Coinbase Global Inc (Coin) was launched as a public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

This was a bit different from a traditional launch in that the shares were issued on trading and developed a price of their own. Originally forecast to be about $250 a share they rose to near $400 on day one before settling back to $320. If you work on traditional share market valuations this does not stack up however the rules have changed. It will be interesting reading six months from now. I am very bullish but that is my personal point based on nothing and is not a recommendation.

Crypto currency trading and protection

Use Stop Loss tools to manage your trading

Because the crypto market is extremely volatile investors can protect their investments against wild fluctuations.

Stop loss is a trading tool designed to limit the maximum loss of a trade by automatically liquidating assets once the market price reaches a specified value. There are multiple types of stop loss that can be used in different scenarios depending on the crypto market situation.

trade Santa

Basically you can set pricing values on your stock holding. If the market goes down and reaches your pre-set value your holding is automatically sold. The market is 24-7 so you can not be there to watch all the time.
The same can go for an increase, if the stock rises to a set point it will also automatically sell.
This control limits your investment from the king hits that volatility may bring.

Having a balance of currencies may also provide a further safeguard against loss. However the market does tend to emulate Bitcoin and Ethereum in activity.

Crypto currency is used as a buying exchange

Many currencies like Bitcoin can be used to buy products from retail shops and markets.

Bitcoin can buy food, travel, jewelery, games, coffee and just about any product on the market.

However the growth in purchasing has not been as popular as previously thought. The value is more about investing.

Crypto currency trading in Australia:

In fact in Australia one organisation Qoin has gone all out to establish this relationship. Having a base of resellers that used a barter transaction system over several past decades the move to a coin was a natural growth. It was however difficult to move Barter tokens to cash where as Quin provides a limited ability to achieve this.
I am a recent Investor in Qoin because it targets customers in my market demographic

Crypto currency trading and the big boys

Are the major organisations involved in Bitcoin

One of the story's that change perception is that Of JP Morgan.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is an American investment bank and financial services holding company headquartered in New York City. JPMorgan Chase is incorporated in Delaware. As a “Bulge Bracket” bank, it is a major provider of various investment banking and financial services. Wikipedia


In the early days of Online currency JP Morgan slammed the theory and debunked the whole idea of Block Chain. They were one of the harshest critics.

Now days they have there own currency and transact billion dollar deals through a Block Chain type deal. This was a classic 180 turn around.

So if JB did a turn around who else joined the game:

  • Amazon
  • Citibank
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Mastercard
  • Samsung
  • Siemens
  • Visa
  • Walmart

The stable is pretty healthy however they may just be hedging their bets. so let's look at those that put the assets on the line.

Greyscale Bitcoin trustJust a lousy $30 billion in Feb 21
Coinshare growth $3.2 billion
Ruffer Investment co (UK)$2 billion
Elon Musk at Tesla$1.5 billion

They are sizable investments in a market that can change 30% in a day however they do reflect trust in the product for long term gain.

It's now time to play now Trust has been established

Where can you buy currency and get help

There are many brokers world wide with varying degrees of expertise.
I did my homework and looked for someone that was:

Established in the marketGood recent history
Provided trading adviseThey are experienced
Had tools to supportStop loss
AdvisersFollow good investors
A few basics

After pioneering Bitcoin trading in 2013 via CFDs, eToro expanded its cryptocurrency offering, enabling clients to trade and invest in Ethereum, XRP (by Ripple Labs), Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies.

EToro was established in 2007
eToro logo White

eToro is the world’s leading social trading platform, offering a wide array of tools to invest in the capital markets. Create a portfolio with cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, ETFs and more.

My Crypto closing

Crypto currency trading and my reflection

trading Crypto currency

It is interesting that as I write this piece the market has had reasonable correction downward. In fact Bitcoin is trading at about US$55,000 quite a big fall from the recent $66,000.
However I am not panicking. This is not a sprint to the finish and provided you have value investments tomorrow will be another day.

Finally you certainly need your big girl- boy shoes because it is really dynamic on a continual basis.
However investments can be in the hundreds as you learn the game and improve your skills.

No better time than now.

Crypto currency trading ( Can the average person make money) by Peter Hanley

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