Working from home challenges and pitfalls

Working from home challenges and pitfalls facing all us keyboard warriors. There are hurdles you need to overcome to avoid depression setting in

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Can working from home be harmful?

Working from home has as many pitfalls as it does benefits. It is difficult to rate these however bear with me as we look at some of the issues around this.

First of all, I have worked at home for many years, My assistant works from home and I use a support group that does the same, therefore I understand.

Many of you will find it great working from home and those that struggle with it because of the commitment you must make.

Can working from home be harmful, probably not, however, it can create stress and anxiety
that create stress and therefore harmful results.

How to keep upto date with Internet marketing

Working from home for others

This is quite different from us nomads because it comes with commitment. You are asked to do an honest day's work for which you are paid, yet it brings distractions to tempt you away from your obligations.

Now I understand this as an employee and accept that you will be taken offline on different occasions. This is no different from the old Water Cooler chats or even the ducking out for a cigarette, it is a distraction.

The important point is that you can better divide your day into work periods.

You no longer have a travel commitment negotiating the traffic to and from the office.
Your hours are often spread wider with an early open or late close to finishing a project.

Those that are on-call for this time need to adapt differently but there are still break periods.

The principal factor here is a personal sense of guilt for those that cheat the system. No one may ever see what you are doing however, you know, and that knowledge can play on your emotions.

Therefore if you have a slack-off period, and we all do, simply make it up with power working.
That's right, give back what you take away and don't carry a burden with you.

We have different demands at home, partners, kids, exercise, and a little nod-off. Even the household jobs that need to be done. The extra-long personal calls because no one knows and that book that needed a catch-up.

Someone does know, and that is you.

Working home challenges when working for yourself

Working from home for yourself

This is in part the ideal lifestyle however it also comes with downsides.

One important issue is simply relating to other like-minded people. When we want to sound an idea or problem off another they are mostly not available.

My wife is not a good sounding board because she has her direction and my Administrative assistant has her priorities going in a different direction.

I use web forums sometimes when I need assistance but generally plan on my own.

Other activities

We all throw the washing in and stop for a morning, or afternoon, or both, cuppa when we can.
I am guilty of ducking to the shops and doing a few household chores to fill the day.

There are many advantages to working from home.

Having a plan

This is an important ingredient in daily chores. You should know what you want to achieve in a day and aim to complete the task.

What is not done today will carry over so that is not a big issue. That is unless it gets away from you and starts to grow and become a problem.

Avoiding procrastination

The evil bogey that dogs our life. Yes, procrastination is real and can become a problem if it controls us.
Make your daily planner and do the important issues first so they are out of the way. Starting with the main one, what will make me money today?
That is a priority.

Working from home and making money

How does affiliate marketing make money

The opportunities are endless and the results are unlimited it just needs a bit to get you started.

Pick one thing you would like to do and go hard until it starts to pay off. You cannot be everyone to anyone and that is why you need to specialise.

  • Writing blogs
  • Affiliate Income
  • Social media specialist
  • Writing newsletters
  • Creating web funnels
  • Admin assistant
  • Debt collector

We could go on for hours however we need you to think about what you want to do. What is your strength, more importantly, your love?
The greater your love for what you are doing the longer you will stay on the journey and the bigger the return will be.

Seek some training on your selection and go hard.

My daughter decided to do Facebook marketing. Three young kids and a busy husband meant she had to be specific. Many days at home learning an art that she took to mothers' groups to get referrals. She's now in a full-time job as a marketing executive in a very well-paid position. It was all about focus.

You can start any business with little or no knowledge

Working home challenges and MLM

Work from home jobs and opportunities

The arrival of Covid-19 sent people home in droves. It suddenly became the norm to take your office to the lounge room sharing with the dinner plates.
Zoom was the new accessory for every meeting and household data rates went through the roof.

This change made home working respectable.

It is now accepted as part of life and no longer looked down on as a hobby or a desperate person trying to make money.

We can even throw Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) into this area as a starter area for finding an outlet for your abilities.

  • Herbalife
  • Amway
  • Tupperware
  • Enjo
  • Plus hundreds more

Whatever you decide to do the first thing is to update your skill levels.

The internet has changed the rules and now forms the basis for all online marketing and importantly at a very low cost.

Making a plan and pursuing a dream

working home challenges

You need to hear this again, whatever you choose make sure it is a narrow niche and then specialise in that alone.
However, get the basics together and then build a realistic plan that will take you into a financial future.

Furthermore, anyone can do this, you can be invisible to the world or promote the heck out of yourself if needed.


Finally, we come to a short wrap.

You are in a unique position to take advantage of this new revolution called working from home

Therefore the only thing stopping you is you.
First of all, make a commitment or even pledge to give what is necessary to change your life.
Pick your area of expertise or Love, do some training and finally reap the rewards.

Making Money online is in a massive growth phase that is open to all contenders.

Make sure you are one of them

Alternative challenges and opportunities

What is disruptive technology and how will it benefit you

The Crypto world is creating change and offering massive opportunities for those that carefully select the coins in which to invest.

Bitcoin is going nowhere but up and with a bit of expertise this could be your online income.

Block Chain is a disruptive technology that is changing the world and it is worth a quick peak to see if it fits your ambition.

I love it however treat it as a term venture and not a daily roller coaster ride.

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