7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas

7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas

7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas before you experience failure. Is there a market place for your idea and people wanting to pay.

Why validate why not just write

A good question and many times this will be the option when you have a hot off the press idea that really has the legs to fly.

Validate, confirm, corroborate, substantiate, verify, and authenticate all mean to attest to the truth or validity of something.


We are talking about the ability of a blog post to be read and accepted as value for many customers over a period of time.

As you build your brand readers will follow however you need to give them what they want. If you are selling meat you don't offer vegetarian menus because the interest is naturally low.

If you are selling Vegan a post on the best cuts of Beef won't make the grade.

Therefor never ask a vegan to comment on a Animal product.

Are you answering a question or solving a problem

Most searches on the internet or YouTube are seeking an answer to a problem.

How, why, when and where are common ways to put a response together.

If your searches know the answer they simply don't search so you need to solve a problem or issue that has an interest to a wider audience.

There is an audience for you among the several billion searches every day so it is putting together a package that is best equipped to draw them in.

This will include Keywords, headlines and meta descriptions to whip up an interest

How do you know if anyone is interested

All keywords have traffic and competition. Both of these are available with any good Keyword tool so that your decision is a lot more informed.

However too much of either traffic or competition will block you from getting to page one of a search term, thus being read.

The one thing that you must master in 2021 is the use of Keywords by using the appropriate support and understanding the results

Who else is offering a similar answer on the subject that would outrank you. Forgetting the paid adds for a moment have a look at the answers supplied and see just how you can fit in.

Look at the first three line items and see what they are doing right an adjust your work to be better than them.

One way is using a list, this always helps so finding a number of ways of doing something will get you in favour with Google, and that is a good thing. I always find a list comes early in every search term so that validates my reasoning.

7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas using associates ( and a list)

Using friends, family and associates

This is not as silly as you may think. I find many in this group can be hyper critical of my efforts and apply answers that can get you thinking. However, I find they are not always right in what they say but it does add to the dialogue and decision making.

Using other media to see what is being asked

Many will recommend Quora as a bible to the questions that are being searched. As a member I often answer questions so gather a good idea of what people want. Off course you have to weed out the rubbish off those with no knowledge and high ambitions.

However many ask great questions and you can see by the upvotes the level of interest in any search query.

Craig's list is similar but I don't use it very often so wont put forward a recommendation whilst others will.

Google search, Threads and other website tools

These all add to your knowledge base and can help your decision. However don't get too deep in the water and waste valuable time .
You will find other tools listed however you are looking for a simple answer not an in-depth solution.

Are you solving an issue and is it important

Social media as a guide

Again a whole field of viewers that may indicate a need to have a problem solved. Be it Face Book, Instagram or Twitter using a post to ask the question will deliver results. Twitter also gets up a great comment flow for you.

Finding forums and posing a question or simply searching what others want

Creating cornerstone sites and linking to it

When everything else fits however traffic is slow consider creating a cornerstone post and linking other posts to it. This way you will build your own traffic and develop a following for that query or word.

Rome was not built in a day, nor a flow of traffic to any website. It takes time to establish a like and trust bonding over many articles. Therefore if the odd one does not rate as well as you hoped it still adds to the portfolio.

Internal linking will also contribute to the traffic over time with searchers seeking more information.

Putting it all together

The keyword on this page started as “validating a blog”. Not a lot of traffic and some big names in the search term yet I wanted to include this term in my work as it is important.

I added a list to the issue with 7 ways and included a power word to enforce my meaning thus making the headline stronger. I use the headline program at Monster Insights and achieved a 90/ 100 rating which will increases my chances of being read.

Then I tightened up my Meta and made sure I added some character to the page.

Conclusion to validation

With the above list of ideas you can obtain a rough idea of the success chances. However don't get too hung-up on the problem and let Keyword generation be your best friend.

We never really know until we try unless we try to be too smart.

If there is too much traffic and competition to have a chance of rating then modify the Keyword slightly. A small change can make a big difference to the results.
How to tie a tie can be come how to tie a tie the Windsor way or looking in a mirror etc.

A similar word selection yet narrowed down for better results.

Many people believe traffic is everything however this is not true. Results are what count and if you got one click on small traffic it is better than none on volume.

7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas by Peter Hanley

Validation may save you time and money

The body beneath the heading and how to entice readers

The boddy beneath the heading

The body beneath the heading and how to entice readers is a set skill that follows a traditional formula for your success

Your content is important so do it properly

We have talked at length about your heading and how important that is to attract readers.
It really is a necessary part of building a blog that will be found in a search term.
Nothing comes near to being number one than your keywords and including them in a manner that will get you seen.

Next we looked at the Meta description and how that contributed to the whole concept.
When your search term pulls them in then the Meta makes them want to read.
You only have a very few chances of achieving this so it must be done properly.
You can read more on a well balanced Meta here.

And now to content

It is an interesting experience writing for attention deficit readers that want answers and not prose.

They want short sentences that are to the point and enclosed in short paragraphs with great headings, photos. lists and tables that display you have a knowledge of this subject.

The first thing to consider is writing to solve a problem. find the problem and you will find the readers. Then the easy part is to solve the problem.

Well the easy part of the problem not about your ability to monetise the effort and make it all worth while .

If you are looking for ………………….
the best method is to ……………..
.look for something that lets you
If it doesn't then…
These people did it
Call to action….

Therefore the answer is to sell the problem.
Many people writing blogs fail to entice readers. It is a problem because unless someone reads your stuff you have just killed several hours of sweat.

The best method to achieve this is to follow a simple set of rules.

My simple set of blogging rules with 12 ways to success

This simple structure may just elevate you above the many others that wander in your Niche.

Write more than 1000 wordsYes it can be 300 or 3000 but 1500 rocks
Use short paragraphs Less than 250 words
Also short sentencesLess than 25 words
Write great sub headings That align with your Keywords
Write positively Set the subject first
Use transition words to connectTherefore, because, however
Use a tool that check your attempt Yoast SEO
Add pictures and colourA picture is a painting
Plus use a featured imagesomething that depicts the subject
Insert your categoriesand off course tags
Finally use your brandkeep it consistent
Use lists 12 ideas that work
A bunch of ideas

Who writes this way?

I have not made this up just to show you that the rules must be followed. The experts took me here, Monster insights that track everything you do on the internet and make sure you understand about analytics .

Add to that is the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO and a whole heap of training available to you to make sure you follow the rules.

The most important part of your website

This is an example of an unfinished page, not enough words and no external links however I had time to make my corrections . The example is from a post checked by Yoast SEO

The body beneath the heading is a validation tool

When you have a problem and an answer lets validate it

Any good page should let you see the writing structure. This is important because you show that others have gone before you and used a system that works.

The Wealthy Affiliate training has shown that the successful people in affiliate marketing all use a similar layout.

We love reading about successful people and when Grant May used this system he attracted thousand of readers.

Optin Monster, Wordstream, Neil Patel and others all give good out lines however they fall short on the structure. They are long on headlines and pictures however they miss the mark.

AttentionDrag your readers in
InterestGive them something to think about
Desire Build up some incentive
Action Tell them what you want
CloseA great summary
The AIDA principle

The body beneath the heading needs structure

Building a blog writing structure

I want you to write great articles right from day one however using a structure that works.

Furthermore many of you will have no knowledge of webpages and domains and where to host your product so you will be seen.

For this I use the training at Wealthy Affiliate and a free hosting to get you up and running with the bulls.

I have written about head lines and that this is the most important part of the process.
If you are not found you are not read and the whole episode is wasted.

I have also gone on about your meta and how this follows a great headline and again drives visitors to your blog.

Among this I have shown how SEO is important and that you need a combination of skills
and not just good writing techniques

Your blogging has purpose

The body beneath the heading

I started this journey to entice people to use the internet with purpose and at a low or Zero cost.
I searched blog on Google pages and found five paid adds that are there to take your money>
In most cases spend should be minimal and the returns great.

Finally making money with a blog

A very important part of the process, when you have written a 100 or so Blogs and typed more words than an adult novel you are going to entertain a return.

  • Selling your product
  • Marketing a product for someone else
  • Doing training courses
  • Or gathering coaching clients
  • Using affiliate income
  • selling advertising on the site

You will have something in mind so lock that in and include a link in your writing.

My blog conclusion

Finally we get to the end of a sermon that was built in a way described that may help your ambitions to become real blogger.

Furthermore I have included tools and methods to fast track your success however it won't be overnight. Blogging is a career and most certainly not an overnight fling because you need to build a like and trust relationship.

This is a third article for the process so I trust by combining all three you will develop a real understanding that goes into creation.

The body beneath the heading by peter Hanley

Your headline page

A meta page

How to write headlines that will really increase readers

blogging for beginners

How to write a headline that will really increase readers. The headline is a critical element in getting read, so do it right from the start.

Why is a headline so important?

Your headline should tell the readers what your article is about and in fact it poses a question that needs an answer.

The use of How questions or Why questions opens a readers mind.

Many people search by Mobile devises so they are seeking an answer to a question.

How do I write a better headline;

Why is your headline so important?

Maybe you could use “Where do I learn to write a headline”

However this is just the start of the journey,

A list explains the journey

How often do you see a list starting a question?

5 ways to writing a better headline.
The best headlines in 7 simple steps
Use these 3 simple tools to writing a successful headline

What are the best words a headline should include

The experts all differ on many parts of this so only Google can provide a definitive answer.

However it will be generally acknowledged that some parts are critical.

Uncommon words.
It is generally acknowledged that the use of uncommon words will attract clicks.

Emotionally triggered headlines.
The fear of writing headlines
I nearly die when asked to create a headline

However Power words can also make a difference
This will really make your headline stand out.

Sentiment is also important.

Is it a positive sentiment, negative or neutral

Headlines that swing either very positive or very negative also have more effect.

I failed badly at Math

How I scored 100% in math

What about the number of words in a headline

This is a contentious issue however longtail Keywords certainly work better.

The maximum characters will be up to 55 in a heading and about eight words. However we should note that most people only read the first 2-3 words and also the last 2-3 so your structure should build around this concept.

How do you check a headline

The above represents a score that should attract readers but how did i get that?

I use a simple plugin by Monster Insights that does many things for you. It does come in a free version to use on any WordPress site as well as a pro version.

This tool provides a score on every part of your headline.

Why not 100% well I made a couple of mistakes.

First of all I needed to cut back on a word and I considered dismissing the word ” will” and making the next to ” increases” however I like will because it is positive.

Secondly my tone is considered neutral , that is not really positive or negative.

Finally getting 100% is pretty damn hard so I shall be happy with my score for this attempt.

How to write a headline that will really increase readers by Peter Hanley

Did you know that if your headline is 6 – 8 words, it can increase your click-through-rate (CTR) by 21%? Amazing, isn’t it?

Internet jobs from home that build a business

Internet jobs from home that build a business

Internet jobs from home that build a business. When you want to leave the 9-5 working week and create your own future we have the answers.

Don't get caught up in the make money fast offers

Everyday you will get countless opportunities that promise to deliver an exciting work anywhere internet life. Drive your new car and pay cash for the House you always wanted.
No experience needed, simple to learn, Wood Ducks this way please.

Like anything in life it all comes at a cost, financial, time based and mental anguish to start a new empire from scratch.

The good news is that there are pathways to success that will avoid a whole heap of financial commitment and structure your efforts in a pathway to success.

First of all what have I to offer that others don't have.

Have you ever bought an online product only to find out it is worthless. I certainly have and in fact just this week it happened to me. A product from a known author looked appealing so I bought the multi site version. Not a big investment as an early starter but enough to concern me. The product required I change my whole way of doing things just to get a few free pictures. I wasted half a day trying things before I gave it away. That is five hours lost and now another hour to get my money back under a 30 day warranty.

First of all I know what I am doing having done it many times however a newbie has no chance.
Secondly I usually insist on try before you buy because it provides some chance of understanding what you are getting into.

Finally I look at ways to make life easier and not impose onerous tasks that achieve little.

I have a whole cupboard full of experience in piles of paper that promised the world and delivered little.

My task is to save you the awful experience of spending precious time on products that will never reach a result.

The art of keeping your money in your pocket and still moving forward

There will always be some expense to establish a credible online presence. However your goal is to balance expense against returns or in old fashion speak making a profit.

There are hundreds, even thousands of home based businesses that will make money in lots of ways. However many of you want more than selling a few products on eBay.

There are a few ways to achieve this.

The first is to go back to school and learn the basics in a training course that will take about six months. This will give you the opportunity to really go to the big side as you really build a structure you can be proud off. A Business that will serve you and your family well into the future. How much can you earn doing this. The answer lays somewhere between 0 and well over a million dollars a year. We promise nothing because the results are entirely up to you. What we do give you is the method tried by millions of others.

Just click on the image above and start your training for free. No credit card required until you decide to leapfrog ahead and take on the world because you are strong and independent backed by sound fundamentals

Taking a faster route

This is called taking on a mentor that will help you make the decisions to a much quicker return. Naturally you need to spend a bit of money but with someone you can trust.

i have sent nearly 250 people to my mate Roy Carter who runs a fast track training course.
Roy retired to a Pacific Island to pursue his mentor role running hands on training classes.

Affiliate income is the answer to many a problem

  • You sell someone else's product so you have no stock
  • You can get paid every month for years to come with a recurring income product.
  • No billing, bad debts or lost income.
  • Slowly build a business adding new clients to your base
  • Not just one product to generate revenue but many of them creating a much bigger income.
  • Recommend only products that are 100% honest to guarantee a fast growing base.
  • One client may earn $30 a month however 1000 clients $30,000 a month
  • No ceilings applied so you can go as hard as you like and for as long as you want

You probably wonder how many affiliate programs are available and we understand that this seems like a big problem finding the right ones so here is my little trick you can use.

However before I give that to you I shall also provide a list of high paying user friendly affiliate programs that you can start today.

Internet jobs from home that build a business are easy to find.

Finding an affiliate opportunity to work from home

If you have an interest or a hobby that you would like to make money from simply type in the name of the adventure leave a space and then type affiliate.
Printing tee shirts_ affiliate. For this word alone you will find countless opportunities. The 10 best or 20 best offers are everywhere and every word is the same. Absolutely millions of opportunities however some are better than others.

What are the best affiliate opportunities

Wealthy Affiliate is where it all starts. They host your websites and find your domains.
The training is world class and much of it entirely free. They have several levels of 24 hour support and you can start as an affiliate on day one.

Wealthy Affiliate all so offer access to hundreds of other affiliate programs that you can access and have a chance of success

Next is the email platform that every business or online person should use. Email is as important to day as ever and I have found that value for money Constant Contact leaves the others behind. You can start for free and join their program as well.

My third high value offer is a bit different. You Tube has become a dominant player in the search world with volumes ranking right up there with Google search. However making a great video has always been difficult and expensive. Many don't like their looks or the sound of their voice so stay well away from this idea.

Therefore I bring you the alternative in Vidnami Video a high standard video production channel that does all the work for you. You write the script and the rest can be downloaded to produce a professional video production.

There is a monthly cost to this however it is backed by a really good affiliate program. Furthermore you can try it for free or just gather some of the giveaway tools they provide.

The choices are yours however I really do recommend Vidnami in your portfolio

The need for expertise in obtaining online income

In many cases companies that you will apply to for affiliate ability will ask for a background of your experience in promoting product. This is only natural as they don't want to waste time on random requests.
One way to achieve this is to build your own website using your agreement with Wealthy Affiliate and explaining how you are currently an affiliate and have your own Website and are an active affiliate generating leads.

Internet jobs from home that build a business however come with provisions

Other areas of affiliate income available

There are companies that specialise in managing affiliate programs.

These include;

  • Clickbank
  • ShareaSale
  • CJ Affiliates
  • Commission junction
  • Amazon

And many others that do the same things. At times you are directed to use their products however they do have non performance clauses and have more control of income distribution.

The work from home is a changing world

But a few short years past my first suggestion would have been Amazon. Here you would sell their products and make a tidy return based on a percentage of the sale. There were others like this including Walmart and some Chinese outlets as well.

The commission rates have been eroded overtime where now it is a volume business on a very small margin like 2.5%. Furthermore their cut off time is quite short if you don't perform so it is often a lot of work for no return. Therefore not a great business model.

The blogging model to income

This is my favourite method because it covers every area however it does take some time to build a following. When you write a blog you can include all sorts of affiliate links that don't distract from the writing and accumulate a monthly return.
However it will be a slow boat as It takes time to get your articles read but once you are recognised the returns will come for a long time, My recent article on Blog writing for perfection will explore this a lot further.

My conclusion on building a business

There are so many ways to accommodate this subject that it would be impractical to try and cover them all. Working from home has many benefits and building a business can have substantial returns so being online is a great place to kick off.
It is not for every one, and we all know that, but for those willing to learn there is an unlimited top side which can be achieved.

Internet jobs from home that build a business by Peter Hanley

5 Passive Income Sources To Easily Start Today

5 Passive Income Sources To Easily Start Today. Making money online may be easier than you believe. Here we tell you how to get onboard.

Starting an online business and hoping for success.

This is not a get rich page, that is just an illusion created by marketing hype that takes your money.

A business is built on a solid foundation that will stand the test of time and deliver returns for many years to come. As they say “even whilst you sleep” or holiday on a remote island.

I am not going to promise you any returns however I shall point you in a direction that can and will earn money.

It may be $20 a month or $20,000 a month with the results depending on you and the time you are prepared to put in.

I don't want to scare you or put you off before you start however I do want to present a reasonable picture of what you are about to embark on.

Doing nothing guarantees failure.

Peter H

Your online business starting point

You can make money from day one and continue every day for a lifetime however you must first learn to build a website.

A website may be just that or it may be a place to hold your blogs , somewhere to place your marketing funnel or even build your online shop.

Please don't be scared off at this point, anyone can now build a website because there is no coding and it is all done tin blocks.

To start with it is free, with training and support so no better place to commence your rise to success.

Why is Affiliate marketing so good?

It is the best job in town and has no upper level. in fact;

Not bad for a months work
Recently, ClickBank, one of the top online sites for information products, held a contest with a big cash prize for the top affiliate of the network.
In other words, the person who made the most commission promoting products for the month would win.
A client named Robby Blanchard ended up winning the entire contest and did up to $981,000 for the month!
And the crazy thing is…Robby isn’t some “guru”. In fact, just a few years ago he was a CrossFit gym owner.

This is all done with

No productnothing to pay for and store
Therefore No billingAnd no bad debts
Customer service by othersHassles by others
A Growth industryYear on Year growth
Up sells availableMake additional income
Paid monthlyCheque, Paypal or deposit
Have more than one supplierAll the eggs not in one basket
A great list of benefits

Back in my day it was called commission selling and the art has been around for hundreds of years only now it has been refined and renamed.

Affiliate marketing on steroids

How could this style of living get any better? Well is does and it is called recurring revenue

You don't get paid one time, you get paid every month for years to come. As you build your base your income grows so you even out the payment of money and avoid those good and bad months or high and lows we all experience.

I started a small business many years ago because I understood the value of recurring income. When I closed the main business I kept the revenue side and now have a work from home business income guaranteed every month. Very little effort but consistent returns, how good would that be.

This allows you to build a real business that has an intrinsic value for a future sale if that is what you desire.

What companies provide the best affiliate commissions

I will keep this to five among the millions available to get you started without spending your life savings. We want you to make money not spend it like a drunken sailor.

  1. Wealthy affiliate is a training program for affiliate marketing, web hosting company, support service and you qualify as an affiliate on day one, even on the free entry level.

You can get support and answers on any question at any time. None of us know it all. We all need help at some time and it is here in many levels.

Why is video content growing so quickly

It is a little known fact that YouTube is searched nearly as often as google for the answers to your questions. Certainly Voice requests on mobile phones etc have added to this however the ” How to market” is also massive.

Furthermore many marketers have found that adding a video to your post or page helps a time on site factor that contributes to SEO and gets you read.

In the olden days making a video was difficult and expensive but things have changed.

I use and recommend Vidnami as my supplier of choice and my second affiliate recommendation.
The market is so big and the opportunities so broad that to ignore this would be criminal.

You can ease into this to satisfy yourself that what I say is correct.
what's more there is an affiliate program you can enter.

Your free book awaits you.

Traffic or the assumption of control

When starting out in business you need traffic to your site, it won't come quickly as you build followers but your SEO is affected by various parameters that matter.

  • Number of callers
  • Time on site
  • drop out rate
  • pages read

You can get this boosted by employing virtual traffic than creates much better SEO and site recognition.
Again I suggest trying Spark traffic and see the difference it makes. After that you can use a small monthly investment if you chose to do so.

Yes they have an affiliate programme as well.

Knowing where you have been is as important as where you are going.

Google analytics is one of the most powerful assets available on the internet.

Every site should incorporate analytics to understand how well you stand in the world of traffic. This is not a nice to know but an absolute must have product that sets you apart from the amateurs.

However it has a real fault in that it lurks in the back row of the party and only opens up when you take the time to interrogate it. Most will simply ignore it and stay with the mainstream products with a bundle more attitude.

There is an answer to this in that analytics comes with a flamboyant partner. The life of the party that takes you to meet the geek in the back row that has all the answers.

MonsterInsights turns the geek into the Belle of the ball parading it around for all to see.

When you open a Page or Post all the analysis are laid out in a clear to read format. This makes you take notice, and act early, when things go wrong. And they do.

Every WordPress site should have MonsterInsights installed.

As a bonus you get a website headline analysis that will critique the most important element of your work. Your headline determines if you will be found and / or read. Important?

It is the most useful tool in my armoury and has made a huge difference to my site structure.

I am a Keyword fanatic and the Monster Insights tool goes another step ahead of the market.

There is a free version of Monster Insights and a pro-version that I have.

Yes another affiliate opportunity.

Where do you find extra opportunities for affiliate marketing?

I stated earlier that there are virtually millions of opportunities to find affiliate incomes.

I use two that make a difference to me. Wealthy Affiliate has a section where you can be introduced to a whole bundle of these as well people like Shareasale.

Many companies hand the management of the affiliate programmes off to specialist providers that are set up to offer you a host of opportunities. In fact many thousands of offers that you can use. They have a solid place in the business and quickly weed out the bad blood.

Some are not so honest and simply connect you with paying propositions .

5 Passive Income Sources To Easily Start Today and what to avoid.

A siren sounding loudly to alert you to danger

I have been in this business for some time now starting out with just a need to build a webpage.
I have witnessed some terrible attempts at extorting money from the inexperienced players.
The get rich quick platform is a minefield of explosive potential aimed directly at your wallet and indeed sometime your life savings.
Get rich quick, no experience needed, just 10 minutes a day, How I bought my Ferrari are just some of the tempting headlines that will jump out at you.
Get rich quick only applies to the slick and unethical operator that ply the market.

My choice is always ethical companies that mostly offer a free trial and have no big upsell methods that take you through a financial mine trap.

My conclusion

I started out advising not to have all your eggs in one basket and that is why I like a multi channel approach.

If you adopted every recommendation on this page I would earn a small monthly payment.
However just adopt one and I am still in business.

Many of you will feel why should I make this old bloke rich when I can visit the sites myself and enter the program and go my own way.

The answer is that either way someone gets paid.
If it is not me for holding your hand and making the introduction it will be someone else.
Furthermore it will cost you exactly the same which ever way you travel.
You can join my group as I blog nearly three times a week with the same valuable information

This way you maintain touch with both important changes and new opportunities that I have tried and delivered. That is a win / win situation

5 Passive Income Sources To Easily Start Today by Peter Hanley

5 Passive Income Sources To Easily Start Today

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