How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way?

How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way? If you start off badly you can never recover so make sure you do this

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Creating an affiliate plan that works for the long haul

Without a plan, you can never know where you are going or where you intend to end up.

  1. Determine an income plan. How much do you want to make out of this episode?
    a.What is an expected income that would satisfy you?
    b.Pick an income amount that would really excite you.
    c. Determine how many hours a day you will commit to your goals

Your planning is not all about money but it is a return for your effort and an essential part of your future.

2. Choose a niche to apply your attention to and that you will enjoy doing. The closer you
stay to a chosen subject the greater the chance of success.

3. Do some basic training before you start so that you understand what you need to do.
Some things can not be undone so putting a template together will cover many of these
issues. Where to start your post

What are the best methods of affiliate marketing

How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way?

First of all your job is to sell interested people on an idea. Then transport them to a sales site to complete the transaction.

You can use a single channel or preferably a multi-channel marketing approach. This can be achieved with a Mobile phone, a good internet connection, or even just talking to people and giving them access codes.

Some of the ways are;

  • Websites and Funnels
  • Blogging
  • Social Media. Any or all of the many
  • Email marketing
  • Networking
  • Paid advertising. ( Only when you are properly trained)

Therefore there are plenty of choices and ample opportunity for anyone to participate.

Work with a great affiliate income mix

How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way?

Yes, there is more than one way to get paid for your affiliate sales and one may suit you better than the others.

Outright sale and fixed percentage return.
This is a common approach and basically, you get paid a percentage of each sale.
The percentage may be fixed or on a sliding scale as your sales increase.

Recurring income.
When the consumer pays on a payment plan over a period of time you get paid your percentage on each payment. To start this may seem like a lot less however a long-term contract will give you greater rewards.

This method also allows you to build a regular recurring payment channel. One client may pay $20 a month but 100 clients under your name will be $2000 a month.

Awards and incentives

Under some products, competitions will be carried on for the top performers to earn great bonuses. These may be either cash or prices however they can add up to a very good value.
One company pays for a fully paid week, including airfares, in Las Vegas for just achieving a certain level of sales.

Advertising income

Yes, people will pay you to run advertising on your web material. This can be a substantial return but you need to develop a high level of customer attraction first.

What are the best affiliate companies

There are affiliate opportunities in every possible niche you can dream of. But it is only reasonable to recommend products that you have tried or are fully conversant with. This is not Nevs used car lot, it is ethical marketing based on experience and expertise to help others.

When you draw your product list then ask to be an affiliate for them and explain how you will market the products, plus, the volume of sales you antisipate.

Remember you need to pitch your proposal. They may get many inquiries for partners and only select the best for their product.

Some companies will use an Affiliate management group. These are set up to manage the marketing operation so you need to jump two hurdles to get entry. A benefit is that once proven in one product the flow-on to others will be easier as you carry a track record of success.
How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way? Get an entry card

Start your marketing with a guaranteed entry

It is pretty dismal being dismissed for an affiliate opportunity. This is particularly so when the product is one that you dearly want but your entry pitch lacked substance. Prebably because of a lack of experience and proven results.

Some companies are built on the affiliate model and do little or any front end marketing. These include web hosting, data storage, Page building as examples. You will be accepted straight away and just need a few lucky breaks to be up and going.

I started ( and remain) at Wealthy Affiliate because this total affiliate business is their way of life. They have everything you want including training, domains, hosting, income and entry to several hundred other affiliate opportunities. Your try before you buy entry is free and no credit card information is required. With over a million members this is a great starter place.

Take your marketing to a local level

How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way?
A local business needing marketing support

This is an extension of AM that just may apply to some of you. Local industries are always looking for new business, it may be a Restaurant, Hardware chain, Motor mechanic all with a common need for more customers. Your marketing with a Sale Code will generate new business and the discount code will identify they came from you. You get paid a commission.

Maximise your effort for the best return

There is a need for balance between the quantity of sales and the return achieved.

Amazon started as a book seller however you need to sell a lot of books to earn a reasonable commission. Current Amazon percentage is about 4.5% of the book value. So a $30 product would earn you $1.45 in earnings. Hardly a Kings ransom. However games will return you 20% so a better value. More on Amazon and why not to go there below.

It is often as easy to sell a medium priced procut with a good margin as it is a low priced product that earns the minimum.
Selling one Amazon game might earn you $60 but to get the same selling 40 books is much harder.

Don't forget the life time value multiplier. If you got paid a Hundred dollars up front but could have $20 a month for a life time which is better. However you need to value dropots when doing the sums.

How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way? Without Amazon

Why Amazon is no longer first choice

How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way?

Amazon was the first large main stream affiliate company. They built the company on affiliate revenue but as it grew they took over more of the front end sales. To achieve this they dropped the commission rates to eliminate a large voluntary work force. rates got so low that they recently had to bring some back up to a marginal opportunity. For example TV and electrical appliances now just 4%.

The rules are strict and they will terminate you for lack of sales.

Unfortunately Walmart and the Chinese jugernaught Alibaba dance to the same tune.

The training school is ok and they do still offer a good easy start but it is doubtful long term result.

How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way?

You want to guarantee that you have the best chance of success. Start yourlesssons

You need to understand the business and the rules before you start.

A written plan should show a realistic return on the input required.

Chose your partners with a view to a long term association

Understanding keywords leads to sales

Adopt a multi channel marketing approach to ensure best coverage.

This is a career long term opportunity and not a get rich quick scheme and of course you may make little or know money as results are up to you.

Customer service is important

This is a two pronged statement, one is about you and the other about your customers.

Customer support is necessary.

Your affiliate partners must provide a high level of support and preferably on a 24 hour basis. Things go wrong at the worst of times and a quick fix is necessary.

After sales support
This is one of the many benefits of Affiliate marketing. Sales support is done by them and there is no need for you to get your hands dirty.

Your company supply the product and support the sale leaving you free to continue your marketing efforts.

How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way? Multiply your chances.

Why stop at one affiliate partner

This is one of the greatest benefits of affiliate marketing. You may achieve multiple streams of income from a single source of work.

You can have too few affiliate partners but also too many because servicing too many masters weakens the overall affect. Your partners need not be similar they may well be complementary to each other. In my pages you may find a premium web host and a cheap one as well. Then a Keyword tool and AI writer and an email generator. They all serve a different purpose but have the same market.

Add to that advertising popups where you are paid by the click and the generation of income is multiplied many times.


This is just one of the many opportunities that exist in internet marketing. It does offer a very low cost entry to building a substantial income and that has been achieved by many before you.

There are no Stock costs, billing fees, debtors, customer service or any of the other requirements of a small business yet it is possible to grow to any size. There are no limits or constraints imposed upon you and your growth is determined by input.

However it will not be a quick fix. It will take time and consistent production to grow as you want it to.

Finally; Enjoy the ride.

How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way by peter Hanley

How to start a blog for your affiliate marketing business

How to start a blog for your affiliate marketing business and start to build a database of interested followers that turn into buyers

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Blogging is a great place to start a business

A blog can be done in several ways however some ways are better than others.

They can be part of a website. WordPress

Done on a professional blogging site, Blue host

Use a share site to write your work like Blogger

On a hosted forum site like Medium

There are many more however there are some big differences in what you get.

For fun or social sites that you do not want much control over then, Blogger and Medium are great starter places. Cost is minimal and instructions ok however they are shared sites so a bit slower at times and you never own the material. Furthermore, you can not transfer it out even if you want to.

Professional-based sites are at Wealthy Affiliate, Blue Host, and Weebly.
YOu own the material and the site comes with full security, speed, and transferability thus you have control over your destiny.

When you have a website the addition of a blog is easy

How to start a blog for your affiliate marketing business

Your blog is a post on the websites. Posts are accessible individually having their own URL and list in chronological order in a way you choose, latest first or oldest first whichever way you want it.

Web site pages are however static but may contain links to other parts of your site.

Having a blog can grow your website hits by as much as 60% thus increasing sales and income.

Therefore a Website is an important addition to a blog site.

When you don't have a website.

The answer is pretty easy,

  • pick a name
  • register a URL
  • Park it with a reputable host
  • Build your main page
  • Add an about you page, terms, and conditions,
    Affiliate Disclosure
  • Start writing your blogs

What does a blog site achieve

Your blog is a very important part of the business and is a capture center for affiliate links.

In general terms, a blog is there to answer questions or solve problems along the lines of requests made to Google or other search engines.

For example, my Web site is titled Online business marketing.
Blogging is one part of that and a question sometimes asked is ;

How to start a blog for your affiliate marketing business. The subject of this page

This blog will also contain affiliate links and in fact more than one of them. This is a great benefit of affiliate marketing where multiple income streams can be had at the same time.

So my blog site is;

  • An entry to my webpage where extra sales can happen
  • A place to include my affiliate links
  • Advising readers on subjects they may be interested in
  • Gathering a database
  • Somewhere I can sell advertising to maximize my income
  • a link either to or from Social Media
  • A creative outlet to express myself and to help others
  • Gain value as a disposable asset

I am sure you will agree that is a very strong portfolio of benefits for any business

Blogging is labor intensive

One of the downfalls of blogging is that it is reasonably labor intensive taking a good couple of hours or more to complete a blog.

However, like anything else, there are many ways to help with writing.

  • Outsource the writing to someone to do it for you
  • Use speech-to-text to speed write
  • Employ an AI writer to do some of the work. japer.io
  • Get ghostwriters to add to the list of blogs

It should be noted however that you do need volume and the optimum is 30 posts a month although less would be okay except the traffic generated will be much less.

How do readers find your blogs?

With over a trillion blogs on the market and several million being written every day getting your blog in neon lights takes a bit of knowledge.

First of all, it is around Keywords, or what is asked into a search engine either typed or using a mobile devise and operator like Siri. Get the keyword right and you get the readers.

( note when I say keyword I mean longtail keyword or Keyphrase which all mean the same thing.)

SEO has a role to play as well

SEO or Search engine optimization is the rules set by Google that will help you gain a first-page position in a web search.
These rules are fairly general but include writing short paragraphs and sentences, using lots of linking to other sites, and establishing authority.

You will quickly understand all this with a bit of training and support along the way.

How to start a blog for your affiliate marketing business

How to start a blog for your affiliate marketing business

One important point is developing a plan for your journey. Working out what you want to achieve and by when and commit this to writing. If you don't know where you are going you can never get there nor can you celebrate those small successes along the way.

Plan your keywords as well as what you will promote so you don't wake every day wondering what to do

Naturally enough this is an important part of the process. However, money comes after success so it will take a while for your work to be indexed and shown by Google and Bing.

I like to use Pretty links to handle all my linking activity. This gives me a good idea of traffic volumes because it is reported live and I can see what is working.
At times I will have several links to one place to discover what works best.

For example, I link To Wealthy affiliate because that is the starting place for all blogging activities.
On any page, I may have a page link, a banner, and a footer image and I report these differently because I want to see what works best. It is interesting that the footer image has really operated well and is getting a good deal of traffic. I made this image using the free service at Canva.com

How to start a blog for your affiliate marketing business

You can have as many links as you want providing they relate to the subject you are discussing. However, they can not be close together or they will overlap on a mobile device.

You must also make them no follow links for Google because he does not want to wander the internet going to affiliate links.

The beauty of blogging and affiliate marketing is gathering income from more than one source at a time or from one page.

However, overuse of links will get a reader reaction and they will turn away from your page so run a fine balance.

Remember that your purpose is to help others and getting paid is a side benefit and not the other way around.


Starting a blog is the easy part. Getting affiliate backing is important however consistency and action are the keys to success.

The more you blog the greater your success will be.

It is important to understand that a new post will not get attention from Google in the first three or four months so results are not instant. But stick with the journey and you will be there in the winner's circle.

How to start a blog for your affiliate marketing business by Peter Hanley

How does affiliate marketing make money

How does affiliate marketing make money and what does it mean for both the company and you with regards to earning a high income

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

How best to explain affiliate marketing

The internet is full of new words and phrases that try and describe what is old into something new and exciting.

Commission selling has been part of retail since Roman times and that is what best describes Affiliate marketing. You sell something for someone else and they give you a part of the profit.

Commission marketing is great for the seller

As a company, you need to sell products and you can do that with a sales force, a big advertising budget, or with commission salespeople.

A benefit here is when paying commissions you are only paying on results so there is no wasted expenditure. There is no limit to the number of commission salespeople and the only cost is managing them. In fact, many companies now hand over the management of the affiliates to people who take this role as a business line.

Are there many affiliate opportunities?

How does affiliate marketing make money

There are endless affiliate opportunities in every product you can imagine. Not just one or two but many thousands of companies who want a cheap sales force.

I will share with you some companies further down but start by typing into Google a product (space) affiliate and see the list available to you.

Many are available but not all are acceptable.

What is the biggest affiliate company?

Amazon went to the market and made the affiliate model a mainstream product. Anyone could sell on Amazon, and still can, however, time brings change.

Amazon has now found that the direct sales model works just as well so a lot of attention has moved away from the mass marketers.

The problem is now a much-reduced commission is given meaning it is harder to make money because you need to sell a lot more products.

This model was closely followed by Walmart and others.

The next is Shopify where you are encouraged to set up a virtual shop and sell virtual goods to a virtual market. This continues to grow and gather a good following.

Finally, we move to the Chinese market and Ali Express. A drop shipping company that specializes in low-end pricing and bulk distribution.

The best affiliate aggregators

Wealthy Affiliate is my pick of the bunch and then a few examples that operate in today's market

  • impact.com
  • ClickBank.
  • ShareASale.
  • CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)
  • Awin (Formerly Affiliate Window)
  • Rakuten Marketing (formerly LinkShare)

First of all they all house countless offers that you can choose from and ask to be selected which is not always a given right.

How does affiliate marketing make money for a company?

How does affiliate marketing make money for a company

This is an easy answer because it is just another selling cost. The margin paid to you is added to their marketing rate and would generally be the cheapest way of selling.

Particularly because we now operate in a world market and no amount of salespeople or advertising can ever cover the population. However, any number of affiliates will do the job and get paid for results. A win for all parties.

How do affiliates make money?

In general terms, you need to flog the product to get paid. The more you sell the more you get paid. However, you can be an affiliate for more than one company and get paid several times over for the same amount of effort. That is really maximizing your returns and achieving a good income.

You may get paid a one-off amount or when the product is paid overtime a percentage of every payment. This is called recurring income and is a good way to build a working cash flow.

Can anyone be an affiliate?

How does affiliate marketing make money

Yes, in principle anyone can be an affiliate because there are no restrictions imposed on you in general terms.
However many companies will ask for proof of experience or to see a track record in successful sales activity which will eliminate many from the opportunity.
There is a cost to running an affiliate campaign so the companies only want the better candidates that will deliver results at the least cost of management.

Therefore those of you with no experience may need to take a different path to establish yourself as credible candidate for any position.

Fortunately;y those paths are available with some companies using an open book to welcome new affiliates. However, you need to be aware of what you are entering. into.

Using Amazon as an example you can be accepted with little or no experience to start selling a whole range of goods and services. However at three months if you have not delivered results you are cut off from them and not allowed to continue.
This in itself is understandable but if you have spent three months building a sales channel that has cost you money and time and is now worthless the dismissal is extremely harsh.

What is the best way to learn how to make money as an affiliate

Like anything you do in life, you need to do some initial training to establish the basics.
We go to school for many years to get a job, we take swimming lessons and music lessons to try something different.

You may even sit with Grandma for days learning to knit or spend time in the kitchen starting with the easy dishes well before you get to cook a meal.

Nothing comes without a period of learning and being a top affiliate requires a good understanding of the industry.

You can also become an affiliate on the first day and start your income earning time from day one.
The training is easy and the learning is available to anyone. With over a million current members you will be in very good company.

Wealthy Affiliates do all their sales by affiliate marketing. Therefore they teach you to achieve for them and for others.

Importantly it is free to try and then make a choice based on results.
Affiliate marketing is not for everyone. However, there are many other avenues branching from it.


This is the only industry you can enter with no money. No stock debtors or billing.
Importantly there are no restrictions or limits applied that will stop you.
Work from anywhere and at any time. Can it get better than that?

There is money to be made for both the company and the sales persons, and lots of it.

The world now accepts the affiliate model with online shopping so get in now and waste no more time.

How does affiliate marketing make money by Peter Hanley

What you should know about affiliate marketing

What you should know about affiliate marketing before you waste a lot of time and money struggling to get results

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

How does affiliate marketing work

The term Affiliate marketing simply means you are a commission salesperson for a designated company. When the company gets a sale that you recommended you get paid a share of the income.
Therefore the company has no wasted marketing expense because they only pay on results and you earn for every good lead you provide. A system that should work really well for both parties except some parties are less than ethical.

How to start your marketing career

To sell anything you need a way to do just that. It may be a Website, blog post, Social media even grabbing family and friends but you do need some customers.

I recommend, certainly for the new ones trying this, a quick course at Wealthy Affiliate.
It will cost you nothing and provide a valuable guide if this business is for you.

Affiliate marketing does take some time and input to get the results you want however the return will pay for the input by you.

Many will expect instant rewards but life is not quite like that, you need to take some action to get the cookies so it is up to you.

Is affiliate marketing worthwhile?

This is a business you enter without any stock, debtors, creditors, or capital purchases yet the returns can be higher than many high-priced enterprises.

The post-Covid period has created a never seen before shopping online community that never leaves the house. Buyers have experienced the freedom of online shopping and the old ways of mall trudging will never return. Young, Old, and in between have lost any nervousness about keyboard purchasing and it is now just part of life.

Many occupations and online ventures apply limits and restrictions to high growth and big success trying to even out the playing field however Affiliate marketing is not one of these.

Your income is based on what you produce without limits, restrictions, or even rules to inhibit your performance.

You can be an affiliate for as many companies as you like gathering multiple income streams all at the same time providing you an opportunity for exceptional income returns.

Furthermore, you can work from anywhere at any time choosing the hours and conditions that suit you and not having to bend to the wills of others.

But it still takes effort.

What you should know about affiliate marketing when you are broke

How to become an affiliate when you have no money

What you should know about affiliate marketing

This is a very common question asked of Google so let's consider the ways forward and opportunities available.

First of All Wealthy Affiliate will give you 6 months to prove yourself. Training, a free website and appoint you as an affiliate, however at a reduced rate.

You have to have a way to market your chosen affiliate products so that is your first priority.

Social Media is free, except for paid advertising, so that is a great start.

Pick affiliate companies that are easy pickings, web hosting, Data storage, Amazon, Walmart, Ali Express, etc. These companies take you on however you need to perform or you may get booted out.

Amazon was the biggest and best but they have moved to a different model so it is hard to make money, however, it is a good experience for those that want to try.

What you should know about affiliate marketing

By now you should start to realize that Affiliate marketing is a real thing and it offers substantial rewards if you get it right.

Start by making a plan, what you want to achieve, and when. Include how you hope to do this and with what companies you will associate with.

Think about earnings, It takes as much effort to sell a $20 book as it does a $1000 set of cookware but the returns are vastly different.

You have both Physical and virtual products to sell so training courses may be easier than a home gym.

Pick a target market and plan around how they think and act. Targeting teenagers is different to seniors so your material and approach will be radically different.

Plan for a year of activity with a regular review to determine if you are doing everything you should be.

Many companies will want proof of experience so run with some easy ones first to build a base on which you can launch to greater things.

Upfront commission or recurring income, which is best?

What you should know about affiliate marketing

The answer is generally based on the greater amount that will win the day. However recurring income can build a nice business model as you develop a good portfolio.

Think of lifetime value and not an instant cash fix.
$20 a month for 24 months is $480 but your cancellation rate should be factored in.

Think long-term and work your income to become a regular monthly payment so that you have built a nice business that will produce results while you are asleep.

What are the downsides of content marketing

First of all, it takes a lot of time and effort to be successful. If you are unprepared for this then it is not for you.

Secondly building your affiliate book with good products that deliver results takes time and the rewards may be slow to come. However, sometimes you may get lucky and hit that home run.

Have more than one affiliate source. Companies change the rules and methods and sometimes you will be left high and dry so having a spread saves commercial grief.

Don't fret about a competitive market. The world is a big place so you really do have an unlimited customer base.

There are a lot of Scam marketers seeking to take your money. Stay with mainstream products and never pay before you try them out or have an iron-clad Money Back Guarantee.

The hardest part is finding those customers that make the purchases. There are lots of ways and finding one that suits you is the first priority.


Affiliate marketing can be a Hobby or a business, the restrictions are few and the opportunities massive so what is not to like?

This page will have affiliate links because that is my job. To introduce you to the best opportunities available and ones where you are safe from the world of scams.

Thank you for reading and welcome to the best job in town, Affiliate marketing.

What you should know about affiliate marketing by Peter Hanley

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate and indeed making money online. This should be voted the best club for those seeking success

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

When you join a club of any kind you are surrounded by like-minded people. Groups seeking a common purpose and helping each other to achieve and indeed excel.

A great forum is a good starting point because you can see what bothers others and even contemplate giving an answer when you understand the question.
Helping others is a great way to help yourself and even judge the level of your knowledge on a given subject.

The Wealthy Affiliate forum is a great place to hang out and you will actually build some genuine friendships with people all over the world.

I regularly relate to people in Alaska, Texas, and all parts of the US, London, and Jamaica. Australia in most states and down to New Zealand. All speak the same language and want success in online activities.

The experts

One of the beauties is that you discover those people that excel in a particular subject. No one knows everything and we all have stop gaps at times that both confuse and annoy the hell out of us. Sometimes a Google search will find the answer but most times it just takes too many hours to get it right.

I have Marion to ask about WordPress, She is aged in her mid-seventies but is a complete encyclopedia on Word Press. Based in Adelaide South Australia Marion is always ready with an answer.
Many will know Partha based in London and a fanatic on Keywords that drives us all to a greater understanding and looking at things from a different way.
Diane is the queen of Google always bringing in new things that Google wants and Jeffrey the locksmith shows us how to write a story and build a following.

I can't go through the Million odd members at WA other than to say we all build our own network of people from all walks of life that contribute to the club.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate

It would be harder to find two nicer guys than Kyle and Carson. They don't hide behind the curtains and in fact, are available at any time to respond to problems.
Both regularly do a blog on new ideas and contribute to the training regime we all follow.

What I also like is the open view on the future of Wealthy Affiliate, which is often shared with all. This is a changing environment we work in and while it is inevitable it is nice to get a peak into the future.

Fourway support keeps you on air

Support is not necessary until you need it and then time is essential. However, you are working in a multi-dimensional field where no one person can hold all the solutions.

The Hosting and welfare of your Web material are looked after by Wealthy affiliates themselves on a 24/7 basis. This is vital as having a site down is a disaster you don't want.

The Forum is available at all times because of the changing times around the world. I am sixteen Hours different from the West Coast of the US so there are different people at different times.

There is a huge training portfolio on most subjects that can deliver to you not just the answers you want but the reasons why they are applied.

And finally seeking out individual member support. You will build your network of people that consistently provide valuable information that is often not available anywhere else.

Encouragement and success posts that prove the value

Every one of us will have the days that we struggle with the effort and perceived lack of results and think of giving up. This is natural in any field from super athletes to pioneers trekking unknown paths in new lands.
You are both of these people and support will come from others talking through their own trials and how they are overcoming them. Not many, but some, will address the earnings they get because this is like bragging in their mind. You will however be able to work out what some are doing and use these as your yardstick.

A competitive reward

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate

There is a results-based reward that is open to every member. The prize is a fully paid trip to Las Vegas for a week of entertainment, training, and mixing with high achievers.
The target is simply to sign 300 new members in a calendar year and you are on the plane.
Yes, there are twenty or so members that go and some of them are regulars year on Year.
If you had signed 300 new members on a monthly payment then your 12th-month income would be nearly us$6000 and growing every month subsequent to that. Your second year would be looking at Us$100,000 earnings or more. It is possible and proven by those that achieve this goal.

Is there sufficient training for both beginners and advanced users?

When training is a one size fits all style it will never quite match the needs of everyone. This is particularly so with Internet marketing. Therefore Wealthy affiliate offers modules from a starter plan to pro users.

The other issue with most training programs is the upsell to get you to pay more for supposed premium rewards. These upsells can grow to large amounts

However, at Wealthy Affiliate, the prices are locked in and you get what you pay for.

The starter training can be tried for free, Work your way through it and see if this is really for you, You never know you might just learn a lot of stuff to set you up for a long-time career in internet marketing.

Next is the affiliate BootCamp which is a 70-program course that will take you through setting up a business online and establishing yourself in the market.

Here you will need to pay a monthly premium to host your websites and complete the training.

The next level is a very advanced group that introduces new topics every week by people that have achieved results. This is for those that take a premium annual package at a very competitive price.
It also includes Jaaxy Pro your keyword tool and everything else offered by WA. Pricing is from a low $45 a month which includes 25 websites and hosting.

Are the courses worthwhile?

You are offered an introduction to Kyle talking about setting up a business and the actions you need to take. I recommend everyone has a look at this because maybe it is not your thing and it is handy to find out early.
This is the four steps needed to create a business online.

It is about a half-hour long so get a pencil and paper and take lots of notes. I think I said that no payment is necessary.

Why an affiliate program

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate

Getting customers can be done in many ways. Unfortunately, most of the methods are quite expensive so they are priced into the product as a margin that the company hopes to achieve.

Affiliate marketing is a way of getting customers however the company only pays for success. That means there is no waste and certainly no fretting about unmet sales budgets.

Most companies now include an affiliate side of the business actively competing against the huge marketing budgets. Let the best man win type of thing.

A great example is Amazon which started life as the real affiliate model. They have now morphed into a sales machine and left the poor affiliates floundering with margins so low profit is difficult.

The other pitfall is pixel dating. When you introduce a client they are only yours for a certain time and then become company fodder. Again Amazon has Pixel history as low as 24 hours. Therefore if your introduced client does not buy on the first look they are gone from your ledger even if they return and spend a million dollars next time around.

There are many lessons to learn with affiliate marketing and that is what Wealthy affiliate has set out to achieve.
They only market through affiliates, pixel life is a lifetime and you are never sacked for underperforming. Furthermore, income is very generous.

Can you build a business as an affiliate?

This is one of the principal benefits of a recurring income product. You are paid monthly for the life of the contract which may be many years. As you build your sales so you build your monthly return. It can go to any level as there are no limitations or restrictions.
Many find it creates a high-level living income, a place we all want to be.

This supplemented by the return from other affiliate programs gives a multi-income flow of recurring funds. A great place to be.

There are no limits on your programs, income, or size because successful entrepreneurs are welcome and not throttled by overzealous arbitrators in some fields.

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate and cost

It is not only about cost.

You can spend your money in many directions however regular cups of coffee don't return you an income. This is an investment in your life, not frivolous spending that returns nothing.

Try it for a Month at $19 and then see which way it takes you.

There are no upsells and everything mentioned is available to every member.

There are not that many selling the wealthy Affiliate program when you think of the 2.9 billion Facebook subscribers that could be your customers. The Wealthy Affiliate world is just beginning however they are very profitable and indeed stable. They will not disappear overnight as many companies do. If you consider over a million members paying $49 a month it is enough to keep the doors well and truly open for the long term.

Wealthy Affiliate is an entry to greater things

While you can generate a handsome income with Wealthy Affiliate it also opens the doors to many other opportunities. It is in fact just the starting place to launch that part of Internet income that most interests you.

You may play with Website building. Blogging or Social Media, Email and Newsletters, coaching, training, and writing eBooks or whatever is your thing.
You are encouraged, and in fact trained, to branch out into the world and excel at your fancy in the big high-income world of internet activity.

The only restrictions are those made by you.

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate and other offers

Many affiliate programs are managed by arbitrators that look after all the data and payments for hundreds of programs. Some are good but of course, you always have bad operators in any business

Wealthy Affiliate has a list of recommended suppliers that will give you a great hearing because you are already a practicing partner. No one can guarantee you entry however this is a very good start. They have chosen a range of programs that may suit you depending on your individual tastes.

WA does not charge for this because it is just a bonus service for members.
One example is the Keyword tool Jaaxy that you should be an affiliate with. The owners of WA are associated with this company so it comes with high recommendations and is a product used by everyone in internet marketing.

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate and tracking your work

Tracking reports that are meaningful

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate

You will always have time to wonder if all your leads are being tracked properly. In some companies, this may indeed be doubtful.

WA keeps exact records that follow all your resources so you can see where your leads are coming from and put you in contact with those that seek a free trial or paid membership.

It is very open and provides a good grounding on which to both do your planning and track your progress.

Knowing this is being managed properly takes all the doubt away from your effort. You will understand that what you produce you will get paid for.

There are some rules that must be followed

Because they have a very active community with many posts and forum chatter any self-promotion or advertising is strictly prohibited. This stops you, as a member, from being bombarded with ads and keeps the site clear for positive activities that benefit everyone.

Cancellation by you can be done at any time so you remain in control of the site activity.

Furthermore, all the other normal restrictions of adult activities, hate speech, or anything criminally associated will get you a temporary or permanent block. This is there to protect the masses and not to encourage the few.

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate

I have told you a lot but you will learn very quickly that they will introduce so much that you can not but be anything but a success.

You will get encouragement and the odd reminder to lift your game because it is all about effort. Your effort and what you want to contribute to meet the plans that you set.

Nothing is get rich quick in this world and Wealthy Affiliate neither promise, guarantees nor commits to your success knowing that is up to you to achieve what you desire. No one else can do it for you. They will give you the tools it is how you use them that makes the difference.


I have been a member for 5 years and generally rank in the top two hundred contributors based on a range of factors.
I like to give some things back to the group because they have been so good to me.

All my details are clearly exhibited on my profile and all members can be privately emailed if you need a specific solution.

Nothing is hidden and it is really an open society that encourages contribution and activity to benefit you and others in the group.

Definitely, a very fair and honest company with all the user benefits available for members at all times.

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate by Peter Hanley

Easily make money online through affiliate marketing

Easily make money online through affiliate marketing. No doubt, the best job in town, work from anywhere with no constraints

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

Why choose affiliate marketing

You can build a viable business that will return a great income

There is no stock, debtors, or billing

You can have multiple suppliers at one time

It can be done with very little expenditure

There are no bosses or time clocks

The results are unlimited

Ample training is available

They are the main points to get your eager juices flowing.

However, there are a few downsides as well to balance things out.

It may take a bit of time to start the money flow

It will require some effort on your part

You are going to have to do a bit of school work

Having an understanding of computers is a help

Getting the right paying affiliates is an art that you need to develop

What do affiliates do mostly

As an affiliate, you are a salesperson for a company of your choice. Your job is to actively market their products and when a sale occurs you get paid.
Payment may be a one-time commission or a regular monthly return over the length of a contract.

You sell products by web promotion, email, SMS, and personal approaches, and in fact, you can showcase a product. Seminars, business clubs weekend markets are all ready to have your presentation.

Therefore you are the traveling salesman of the twenties.

Having a book of products

Just like the old sales guys that went door to door you may have several different products in your sales Kit. Each one gives you an affiliate return.

An example may be you convincing a friend to take up blogging. Your friend needs to get themselves a Domain name ( Clink) a Web Host ( clink) some training ( clink) and a nice plug-in to help with the setup (clink).

Therefore with one application, you have several rows of income.

Which income flow is preferable

I am referring to a one-off commission against a recurring income that is often part of your income potential.

First of all, a recurring income will generally be greater however it will be spread over time. But, you also take the risk of an early cancellation that will lessen the return.

The real beauty is building a steady stream of new clients all paying a monthly amount.

It may be just $20 a month ( $240 a year) but when you have a hundred you are gathering $2000 a month or 500 and you are at $10,000 a month every month for the foreseeable future.

When you get to this point it matters not if you take a day or a week away the income continues to flow and as the old saying goes

“Making money even while you sleep”


The best-known Affiliate site is now the worst payer

Easily make money online through affiliate marketing

Of course, you have heard of Amazon. A company that started as a bookseller and grew to be one of the biggest affiliate sites in the world.

The Amazon story was built around affiliate sales however as time passed they took more and more sales internally and lessoned the returns for affiliates. What was a 15% margin dropped to around 3% which meant you struggled to make money. What is as important is that your referral only has a one-day buy time. If they don't act in that time Google claims the customer for themselves.

Furthermore, if your sales levels don't meet their targets you are dismissed as an affiliate. All your effort was wasted.

Amazon was followed by Walmart and a few Chinese operations took a similar model.

You can still make money with Amazon and similar you just have to work a lot harder for the same return.

Easily make money online through affiliate marketing

Are Affiliate sales still viable?

Whilst Amazon is the bad news story Covid is the good news hit. With the world partially shut down trying to avoid covid online shopping has really ramped up offering so many opportunities for the new entrepreneur.

Many shoppers go straight to online sales and completely ignore the shopping malls where they traditionally hung out.
Anything can now be bought online and delivered to your doorstep and much of this is done by affiliates.

A big example is companies offering the best home loan rates, Best Insurance quotes, cheap hospital coverage, and other such commodities.
These companies are aggregators, You call them and they refer you to the company of their choice and Zing another commission. An insurance lead may earn a thousand dollars and a home loan several thousand dollars so they are doing it big time.

Almost any product is now sold by an affiliate somewhere. My wife recently bought me new shoes for a special occasion. My brand choice and style were important and of course price.
We could have gone to the local shops and wandered around but a great deal was found online so the purchase was made. I am in Australia the affiliate was in New York, and the sale was made and delivered to my doorstep.

Is Uber eats the ultimate affiliate

Uber eats don't produce anything. They take a cut of the food profit and deliver it to you and spit the money with the driver.

That simplifies the process however it is really affiliate income working well.

Where do you find affiliate opportunities?

This is the easy bit of the process. Some companies sell everything via affiliates.

Web Hosting, Data storage are just two that come to mind but there are many more.

To find a product simply type a Google search with the product, press the space bar, and then type affiliate. The world is at your fingertips.

Further to this, there are companies that run affiliate campaigns as a business for the companies.

  • Impact.com
  • Rakuten
  • Awin
  • Commission Junction
  • Click bank
  • Wealthy Affiliate

This is just a sample of the better-known ones but there are many more and depending on the product you want to sell who do you end up with?

Easily make money online through affiliate marketing once you are accepted

Getting accepted as an affiliate

This is not always straightforward and they may ask for your experience or a track record of work to justify appointing you. If you are a beginner it is best to start with someone that will train and promote you and then provide access to some of the better programs.

Wealthy Affiliate does this as a business line and you can try them out for free. You immediately become an affiliate and they have comprehensive training to take you forward to the next levels. While affiliate marketing is not hard it does have things you need to do before you start to make money.

No one is going to pay you if you don't perform so getting a bit of initial input is necessary.

Beware the scammers in the market

Like anything, there is an unscrupulous element on the internet waiting to offer the world and return nothing whilst getting paid for the privilege. I don't want to alarm you I just want you to enter the market with your eyes wide open.
Furthermore don't pay out without a trial or guarantee

Easily make money online through affiliate marketing

In general terms, the higher the commission the less the number of sales you will make. You could sell a lot of books on Amazon but make a few cents at a time but a Home Gym might net you a few hundred dollars. Importantly the same effort goes into selling books as Gyms are so often a better choice of product.

Don't go to a market for a bargain, gather chosen companies that are related to what you promote and have a small basket of high-return products that will pay you over the long term.

Marketing your affiliate programs

You can do this in any number of ways with the principal one being the internet. A website, blog page, funnels, and emails are the standouts. Naturally, Social Media has a place as well as YOU Tube.
Throw in all the traditional marketing methods and you have a very busy play area.


As an affiliate marketer, I may show some bias however I have spent several decades promoting recurring revenue products and am sure it is the best game in town.

With a small basket of supply channels, you are protected against total loss if one departs the scene. This happens more regularly than I would like but like any business, there are some downsides. But, a heap more on the upside.

Finally, Enjoy the experience

Peter Hanley About

Easily make money online through affiliate marketing by Peter Hanley

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative? You had better get your bank details ready because affiliate marketing is the new internet darling

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

By Lucrative we mean able to make money

HIs affiliate marketing still lucrative

The English dictionary states that Lucrative is an abjective meaning “to make a great deal of money”. That is certainly an apt description for affiliate marketing. However, not everyone makes the grade.

With many people now shopping and learning online, in part due to Covid isolations, the chance to gather referral income as an affiliate has grown greatly.

Affiliate marketing is in a league of its own

Affiliate marketing is really just recommending sales as the go-between from buyer to seller.

You don't have any stock or creditors and no billing problems as it is all done for you.

Therefore you have a business with almost zero overheads other than your own effort.
You can big time it buying advertising however you will only do this when it provides a better than 5-1 return.

Furthermore, income comes from many directions and not just one source of supply. If one breaks you have plenty more going on.

  • No stock, Debtors, or billing required
  • Have several different affiliate opportunities on the go
  • Pad your material with paid ads to build your income
  • Join competitions and win hansom prises
  • Gather trailing income for years to come

That is a list of opportunities to excite even the most jaded online marketers.

What makes a great affiliate

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative

You can come from any corner of the globe, be any nationality plus age or sex is not an issue.
Anyone that will apply themselves over time can obtain success as an affiliate.

However, like any great occupation or industry, you need to base your future on a sound grounding. The two biggest problems that new entrants have is;

  • Starting out without sufficient grounding
  • Giving up too early because of frustration or boredom

We are not promising instant wealth what we are recommending is a planned long-term approach to building a credible business.

Getting your marketing basics in order

All great affiliates and there are many of them, understand what is required to make the grade. However, even more, players wander the internet paying large sums of money for courses that promise the world and deliver very little.

Your choice of partners is also a critical factor because there are the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Starting out on the wrong foot may take you years to recover

For years Amazon was the place to go. They have a great affiliate plan, a university (which costs money), and a range of products so wide there is something for everyone. But things change and Amazon has certainly done that.

They have become so big and well known they don't need you anymore. Therefore they make life as difficult as possible.

  • If you fail to sell you get sacked.
  • Your Buy pixels last one day in many cases. They then get the sale
  • Make a mistake and you are sacked
  • Commissions as low as 1.0%

People still promote Amazon however I am not a fan.

How do you get accepted as an affiliate?

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative

Getting accepted varies across a range of businesses. Many will take you on without experience knowing that you will get a few easy sales and then disappear.
Some will want proof of your ability and demand that you have a successful story behind you.

Others will take you on and offer training to help you grow with them.

Where do you find affiliate opportunities?

First of all there are affiliate aggregators who handle the affiliate business for a range of customers. There are varying levels of clients among the aggregators starting at the basic and going through to the best.

Some businesses use Affiliate sales as their only sales channel. WebHosting and storage are two that come to mind.

And then companies that handle their own campaigns and there are millions of them.

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative but how lucrative?

What money can you make as an affiliate?

This is a pretty open-ended question however let's look at two styles of payment.

  1. You get paid a percentage of the sale once it is delivered. For example, you sell a $1000 computer printer with Amazon and get paid 4% or $40.
    This figure was lifted to 6% in July 22 as a promotional bonus.
  2. Recurring commission is getting a share of the payment throughout the life of a contract.
    A $50 a month plan my pay you $20 After 24 months you have received $480.
  3. Many trading operations can pay you as high as 25% on a sale. The higher the value of the sale the more you make
  4. Training and big ticket items can return very lucrative numbers because of the high ticket costs. a $3000 ticket may pay you 30% or $1000

There are many ways to turn a penny and there is one that will suit you.

How do you get sales as a marketer?

Again this is wide and varied and there will be the channels that suit you best..

Your WebpageThis will do all the heavy lifting
A funnelA sales-focused web page that delivers results
Personal blogA great way to get sales and stay in front of clients
Social mediaFacebook to TikTok
Email marketingThis still works very well
NewslettersCost per action is really great
ReferralsGram them from anywhere you can
Trade marketsSet up in trade markets or even breakfast groups
SeminarsRun seminars

You will probably think of a few more but that will give you an idea of the scope of marketing available. Plus, you will use more than one of these at a time to grow the impact.

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative and can you have more than one partner?

Can you have more than one affiliate partner at a time

This is the real benefit of affiliate marketing. Combining several affiliates into a single promotion and gaining advertising income as you do.

In fact, on this page, there will be about six different affiliate links. If only one of them interests you my job is done. Any more and I am making hay.
I currently don't run paid advertising. I think it distracts from my writing however many do and do it successfully

Am I shy about disclosing affiliate links? Absolutely not. I am using my years of experience to bring you products that will benefit you and they will include many free opportunities where there is no income.. If I was to give you a bad link then you will never come back and I have lost a friend. Life is better than that.

How much money do affiliates make?

Nothing through to +$1 million a year and everywhere in between. The income is there,it is just tapping into a good stream of opportunities and the money will flow.
It may take some time to become operational because this is a bit of a slow boat but when it gets up speed all hell breaks loose.

There are no false promises about working an hour a day from an island paradise using the Internet from the New Tesla on the hard stand. I wish I could but it just does not happen. It takes effort and dedication over a period of time to reach your goals. However, once you get there the income flows just like you dreamed.

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative or plagued with scammers

A scammers paradise awaits you

warning on internet scams

It is the internet, there is money to be made and there are many a crook wanting to take yours. We all get caught and we all learn our lessons however carry some rules with you to avoid being fleeced.

a) There is no easy money, well, unless you are selling easy money plans and delivering little

b) Try before you buy. The promises might look great the realities may be something different
c) Make sure money-back guarantees are real.
d) Research the people making the offer, and look for negatives in product reviews from real people.
e) Beware the markup. Buy at $19 then another $49 and then $119 through to $ thousands
Many of us fell for one that topped at just over $20,000 for the top level, but don't worry they financed it for you. (ps The US Feds closed it down) I lost $49 and was lucky.
f) Beware the fake reviews. Off course they say good things they are written by the owners
g) Research the product. the operators and the feedback. If in doubt, don't.

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative or do you need training

Get some training on affiliate marketing

I am not going to mess around here and I am going straight to Wealthy Affiliate. They have training courses for every level and you start out without any cost. I have been a member for a few years and rank around the top 100 of the academy for support and material.

The business is built around affiliate marketing for affiliates and by those in the business so it is as close to home as you can get. Wealthy Affiliate receives my 5-star endorsement.

My five-star tick of approval rated 99/100

Do a long-term affiliate plan

A planning block

This might seem a bit unnecessary however it provides you with a roadmap for your future. You can review results as you go along and make alterations but you are not wandering blindly.

Regularly check your results against targets and if you are not achieving, make changes, don't give up.

Affiliate companies sometimes make changes and often ones that are detrimental to you. You then have a choice to do something about it or bail to something else.

This is a business so treat it with respect and take business decisions that increase your wealth and not that of others.

Finally understand you are in the money business and keep the focus firmly on your income.


Affiliate marketing beats all other ideas hands down. There are no limits or restraints placed on you, you want to be successful and so does your supplier. For them, it is cheap sales created without effort and they gain a customer. For you a perpetual income flow that can take you away from the 9-5 job and establish you as a leader in your area.

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative by Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley About

What is the Internet Income University and Will it Help You

What is the internet income university? This is a common name for many training schools however there is one that really stands out

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

University is a very broad term

First of all, a University is an advanced school of learning where you achieve a high degree of knowledge.

However, the use of the word, university, has been common on the internet because of the number of people seeking greater knowledge. There are several important issues that separate the universities.
Quality of content
Relevance of the course
Subject coverage
PRICE and ongoing fees.

The Amazon university

When Amazon was in its prime this represented some value however the commissions have been reduced so much that you need large volumes to survive. A basic course starts at $49 a month and private courses going over $1000>
Market place super hero at $999 and others going over $5000 you really need to be careful

A typical upsell bombshell is Internet Uni at a low $49 a month however the upsell is $400 a month with plenty of promises and delivery never guaranteed.
Internet university is a supposedly free site with a $400 a month upgrade. Excuse me!

There are so many traps that learning to find them needs a University degree

What is the Internet Income University and Will it Help You

I write on a lot of subjects and this one is probably filled with as many false promises as I have seen. Amazing Amazon course at a low $ 5000, Wholesale formula $2997, and even a basic Amazon boot camp at $345

A simple search will blow your mind with such a wide range of experts all promoting one product. How to sell on Amazon when in fact it is hardly worthwhile with commissions around 2%

Where do you get the best Internet value?

One of the many traps is that you can get the training and then need a website. That along with a Domain name, monthly hosting, and a few tools to make the journey palatable.
the cost is starting to add up and you are not making anything yet. Everything is in the future.

On top of that is making a worthwhile return, it is no good selling low-priced articles and making a small return. and even harder selling high-priced equipment in small volumes at low returns. That is the dilemma of internet marketing.

The good news is that there are a lot more ways to make money on the internet than selling products to others.

You need to start somewhere

You are heading off on a long journey to a town called success. Therefore you need to plan the journey with care because there are many problems to cover along the way.

The Internet is so full of opportunities however there may be just one that is right for you. You can not do everything so you must pick your area of excellence and excel at that.

Training as a Chef when you want to build websites is a waste of time. Building websites when you have little interest is also a waste.
Doing anything for money will not last, boredom and disillusion will take over and you will give up.

Doing something you love will last the journey.
Remember this is not a quick fix cash grab, you want a University that gives you a big future value.
This is completing something you like doing and getting a fair return.

What is the Internet Income University and Will it Help You at Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate University

On top of this are Black Friday specials and annual accounts where you can save even more, in fact up to 50%.

The important thing is that the only extra to pay is Domain names and you can have 25 of these at the same price for hosting. No upsells, no Shiny objects all you see is all you get.
You may wish to buy a few plugins along the way but that is voluntary.

if you are new you may want to try a free entry first however if you have any experience jump right in and start transferring your domains in.

A good forum is necessary

What is the Internet Income University and Will it Help You

Let's face it not everyone has all the answers. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has 24-7 hosting services but what about all the other bits. You can search for training on hundreds of subjects or ask a question in the forum. Here the senior players hang around wanting to help solve your problems. It sure beats surfing the web for an hour or two.

The levels of training cater to all different levels of experience so you are not thrown in at the deep end.
My experience was to do the basic course as fast as I could, I knew all the basics so did not have a lot to learn. Wrong. I went back and did it a second time because I realized how much I missed.

I am a graduate and am listed in the top 150 of active participants among the million or so members. A member since 2015 I originally joined to learn how to build a website for my daily business. I am now a full-time blogger.


I have no trouble recommending this directly to you. It may seem like I am overselling however you don't need to take my word for it because you can take it for a test drive and make your own decisions.

Take your time and make a decision based on fact

There are hundreds of web Universities but only one Wealthy Affiliate.

Your call.

What is the Internet Income University and Will it Help You by Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley About

Is Affiliate Marketing Still Profitable?

Is affiliate marketing still profitable or is it another scam? Here we look at 9 ways to guarantee a profit with the best contacts

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Affiliate marketing is in full flight

Affiliate marketing is recommending products, doing reviews discussing issues that all coincide with the work from home environment.
It is now the norm to buy something online and there is no fear factor anymore.
This has bought affiliate marketing more in the open and offers a whole range of opportunities.

Can anyone do affiliate marketing?

Newbies can access products on Amazon and many others and start a career on day one. However, this comes with some problems because having an understanding of what you are doing lifts the probability of achieving your goals. Amazon, as an example, cancels your account in three months if you fail to achieve sales. This will deflate you and probably push you to give up when it could have been avoided.

Is Affiliate marketing hard to learn

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can access a free basic training course to set you up with the correct methods to start your journey. Furthermore, you become an affiliate on day one so earning potential is possible.

This is where I and many others started a blogging career because they are set up for people just like you. They have lots of training, support, and a members forum that are there to help you.

You can't do it on your own. Some rules and methods will make a massive difference to your short and long-term results.

You are setting out to build a lucrative career so give yourself half a chance by learning a few rules instead of wasting a lot of time trying to Google your issues

Man with no money

Do you need a lot of money to do Affiliate Marketing

You can start without spending a penny if you have the internet, a computer, and the time it will take to build your product line.
As you get going of course there will be some expenses however the idea is that these can be covered by your income. However, it often takes a bit of time to gather traction so be prepared for some expense.

Don't troll the internet paying for advice

One of the biggest mistakes for new players is to try and streamline the process by paying for expensive courses that promise the world. They nearly always deliver very little in real value and just create disillusion in the whole episode. Many of us at Wealthy Affiliate have been there and done that thus we speak from experience.

What are the best affiliate offers?

The glib answer is the ones that pay the most however that is not always true.
1) Low priced and volume sales
2) High priced and occasional sales
3) Recurring income spread over many years

Many new entrants started selling Books on Amazon. These were easy sales however the $2 or so in commission would never make you rich.

You need a lot of volume which is not always easy to get.

Higher-priced items come with big commissions but generally a low volume of sales. You sell one home Gym to equal about 500 books however it is not all easy street

Recurring income is a small commission on monthly sales. This allows you to build up volume and add the commissions together to create a great recurring supply of income. It is virtually building a business over time.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable with good markets?

Finding good market offers

Is affiliate marketing still profitable

When you decide your path ahead and what you want to achieve you set out to find great offers for your niche area. This is the easy part.
For example type into Google SandshoesforWomen(space) affiliate. The offers will appear on the page.
There is also a bundle of affiliate aggregators that manage all the offers under one business.

  • Wealthy affiliate has links to these
  • Share-a-sale
  • Clickbank
  • CJ Affiliates
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • and about a 100 or so more

However, in many cases, you will be asked to demonstrate your abilities and experience to gather better companies.

In the past, many gravitated to Amazon as the best opportunity and it still holds true to some values. The commissions are now very low, the rules very strict and you are banished for poor performance.

When you build your plan and understand the direction you wish to follow the opportunities will follow

Buyers are rarely if ever, penalised when buying through an affiliate link. The cost of commission is considered a marketing expense that would need to be paid through the normal course of trading.

In some cases, as marketers, we mask our links to hide the identity of the selected company to stop those wanting to bypass the system. This is easy to do and also measures the volume of people using the link.

Some will hesitate at an affiliate link because of their particular reasons not based on fact. For those people, we have ways of hiding the link details if we believe it to be a problem.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable and can you live on it?

Can you build a “live on” Income as an affiliate?

Is affiliate marketing still profitable

Great incomes are achieved by a whole range of people across a broad spectrum of society. The top earners are the Million dollar people and every range down to the bottom rung.

With affiliate marketing, there are no limitations applied to your ability. The more you sell the greater your value is to the company and the extra benefits will start to build.
You are not criticized for the hours that you work, the country in which you reside, your age, or any other factors that may create a hindrance to performance. It is an open market that accepts everyone and places no restrictions and limitations on performance.

Is affiliate marketing for everyone

Of course, marketing is not for everyone. It will take some time and training to establish yourself in the market and most just won't be bothered.
Many will want a quick fix or cash boost and be disappointed at a slow return. This is a career built over time for those willing to put in the effort.


This is the best job in town. However, it is not for everyone but those that take on the task can succeed exceptionally well.

Go into affiliate marketing with an open mind knowing what you want to achieve over the long term and apply those skills consistently until you reach your goal.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable by Peter Hanley

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Affiliate Income Truths That Make a Big Difference

Affiliate income truths that make a big difference to your results. There are things you must do to maintain a regular flow of income

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Is affiliate marketing just another scam?

Affiliate Income Truths That Make a Big Difference

Many people consider that making money online can't be legitimate and that there must be a scam hidden in the details.

However, the world has moved to accommodate Affiliates as an integral part of the shop-at-home market.

Many times you will be entirely unaware that an affiliate has acted as a go-between as you buy products online

Amazon was built on affiliate sales creating one of the biggest businesses in the market however many buyers would never realise they went through an affiliate.

Affiliate opportunities are boundless

It matters not what you want to sell because there will be an opportunity for you.
There are many agencies that act as a middle man for companies and manage their affiliate programs.

1. Raketun
2. Share a sale
4. Wealthy Affiliate (best training)
6.Bluehost. low cost entry
7.Constant Contact emails
8.ClickFunnels. ( for the more experienced)

These plus a hundred more across a very large market. However your results will depend on your choice and your application.

Finding your target business

This is in fact a lot easier that you could ever believe. The hard bit is finding what you want to market. Pick a product like sports watches ( chosen because I saw mine charging at my desk) and do a Google search . Type in the name, leave a space and type affiliate

“sports watches Affiliate”

This is just one of many and within the above list there will be many more as well.
The problem is selecting the best company to work with

Affiliate Income Truths That Make a Big Difference and how to be selected

Being selected as an affiliate

This is not always straight forward and you may have to put some energy into being accepted for the better programs.
However there is a way to jump the system, achieve a good grounding, make a few bob and then get the ideal Gig.

Certain industries use affiliates exclusively in targeting buyers. Web Hosting, Data Storage and Funnel Builders are three that are popular.

These generally work on a recurring income basis so you build a following as you go and an income to boot.

Once you establish yourself as a competant affiliate you write your own resume to take to the market.
Dear Mr Sports watch co, I have been an active affiliate for some time and achived really good results. It is now time to branch out with your excellent range of products using all my skills to guarantee my future success and a volume of sales to suit your needs.
Who could refuse you?

The best training ground to establish your affiliate credentials

I have no hesitation in suggesting Wealthy Affiliate as a great starting point. I am a graduate and top 100 achiever learning all my skills over a three year period.

  • They have an extensive training program
  • Then you become an affiliate on day one
  • 24-7 support is available
  • A forum of like minded individuals to help with your questions
  • Practice with a free site before setting a career position.

You need to learn to build a website, blog, gather and add affiliate links , attract readers and bank money.

How to make money as an affiliate

Affiliate income truths that make a big difference

The first thing to understand is that Affiliate is not singular, you may be an affiliate for many companies and have several links in a single page. Your reader may take up several options so that you get several payments from the one strategy.

Furthermore there is no ceiling on your income, no one to say “hey your getting paid to much” or cutting back on supply. The companies you represent want sales and they will push hard to get you to better your position.

On the con side of this is the fact you may well be dismissed for non performance. Amazon for example give you just a three month window to prove your performance. if you dont make it your are gone, out the back door.

Affiliate Income Truths That Make a Big Difference with traffic

Gaining traffic to your business.

Traffic is the life blood of any business, these people will be the buyers that earn you money however it does not just happen, you must make it happen.
You may have a Webpage, a Funnel or a blog but if no one reads it you have nothing.

That is why using all the marketing ways to attract new business becomes a full time career.

  • Social media builds your traffic
  • Good SEO procedures are necessary
  • Use of Keywords and reader intent
  • Emails and newsletters work
  • Family and friends help
  • Seminars trade shows and exhibitions

Not everyone will buy and it may be as low as 1/100 or even less so it is a factor of quantity over quality.

Never throw your money at a program

Good affiliate associations don't charge you money and they will not revommend paid advertising unless you can prove you are making a positive return.

The market does have a few sharks lurking in the muddy waters but there is no reason to feed them. Learn your skills, adapt them to your market and get some rewards before accepting any dubious offers, at least then you only have your self to blame.

Many of us went into a well known play $49 to join and you were off and selling. But wait! For $99 more you got the upgrade size. This went right through to nearly $20, 000 to get you a special place in the hierarchy.
This was eventually closed down By the US Government as a ponzi scheme and everyone lost their money. It was a few years back but it will happen again.


Affiliate marketing is an acceptable way to gain a better than average income. However it is not an overnight cash fix, it is a steady growth marathon that can take you to great heights.

Like any business it requires skills, dedication and good choice of companies to work with.

Finally when you have these in place your future is assured.

Affiliate Income Truths That Make a Big Difference by Peter Hanley

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