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Best Blog Topics for Affiliate Marketing

Best blog topics for affiliate marketing. Choosing the correct words can turn a blog into a must-read product in easy steps

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Why are blog topics important?

Blog topics are the answer to the average search term and one that takes a Google inquiry to your post.

You need to work hard to compete when there are a couple of million blogs written every day

Therefore defining your topic to a specific niche is a must-do action.

Looking for risk aversion in your topic

When we search we want the simplest and most uncomplicated result we can find. One that answers our question and provides trust in the integrity of our answer.

Affiliate marketers can create a trust issue when the topic is either very pushy or a hard-sell approach that demands to transport you to Utopia.

We hate risk and when we sense that money is involved, and our money at that, we immediately shy away.

There is currently a common approach to selling products at a low entry point. Just $9 and we give you the world. After you have spent money a few times you suddenly find a range of upsells that cost a lot more to do the job.
I am now very averse to any such approach and turn off well before paying my first deposit.

Best Blog Topics for Affiliate Marketing stay close to your niche

Stay closely within your niche

All niches are very broad and the more you narrow down the solution the greater your chance of success.
Gardening is a niche. Furthermore, a shovel is a subset of that group.
There are hundreds of shovels in the market and all have a different purpose.

If you linked me to a Snow Shovel when I live in a hot climate that has never seen a snowdrop you will lose my trust. I want a Prospecting shovel to dig up the forgotten bounty.

Therefore clearly defining your link will get fewer clicks but larger returns.

Keyword research is the answer to blogging issues

There is no greater truth than Keywords matter. The better the Keyword the greater your chance of being read.

However, we want topics that transport the reader to the selected affiliate site. A task that takes more than a little thought.

You will see topics like Make money sitting on the couch, No experience needed, Nothing to pay for thirty days, fanciful promises that have a proven history of success but how many viewers will stay the journey.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we use a range of images that have a proven history of working.

These ads using custom HTML blocks cover the three areas of risk

Marketing comprises rules of engagement that bring your readers closer to a result. These rules are clearly defined as

  • Friction removed
  • Financial security
  • Future proof.

Wealthy Affiliate has cleverly covered all this in one simple advert.

They offer support and the ease of doing business with them. No friction.
Your entry is free; Finacial security
And the future is handled with Learn, Network, Build and Succeed; Securing YOUR future.

Best Blog Topics for Affiliate Marketing need to follow the rules of engagement.

Affiliate marketing is done on Link Building and getting those greedy little fingers clicking away.
Readers want something for clicking a link and that can be helped by taking some of the friction away. It is called behavioral Marketing, taking the risk away

  • Free trial
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Bonuses added
  • Guaranteed to work or we will refund you without question

Throughout my posts, you will see where I consistently advise not to buy anything without an escape clause. I learned this the hard way when I bought a cheap product and was hit with a hefty upsell to be able to fulfill the role promised. I complained and was told what did you expect, something for nothing. No refund no product. It cost me little but gained me a lot of experience.

Build a story behind your blog

Another strategy that works well is using social proof. However when it looks sleazy it is overdome.
A few well-worded testimonials from satisfied clients will build on removing friction.

If it worked for them it will work for me sort of attitude. You will also notice they generally use a range of responses, Male, Female, Ethnic, Black, and these days probably a Gay icon as well. You want to cover all the bases.

As a senior, I often push the elder platform to target a large group of people with time on their hands. If I can do it, and my 84-year-old friend, as well, then anyone can do it.
Am I too old to learn

Future proofing your posts

This is an oft-forgotten part of blogging and particularly so in Affiliate marketing.

Stressing that your content will bring future security and this is clearly defined will add a degree of trust. It may well be Better Health, a much fitter you, or that Garden display that will shock the neighbors.

Readers love a clearly defined future path. It puts excitement into anticipating the results.
Just like planning a holiday or an event future results provide a clear look into tomorrow.

Using gimmicks to build your traffic

Gimmicks attract attention and take away fear because we all love a good joke.

Certainly, a made-up story however designed as an attention-getter and building on my brand.

Building on a free offering

Neil Patel is the best example of this. Neil promotes his Keyword tool at Uber Suggest a free keyword tool and page checker and a handy service.

From there Neil Markets hard to collect clients into both training programs and SEO services.

Uber Suggest is a drawcard to his other business building on trust and integrity in his delivery.

Hiding your link details can be a great idea when you want to be anonymous.

I use Pretty links for several reasons and one is purely aesthetic. You replace the intended destination with a name that you choose. An affiliate link may be very long and cumbersome however it can be shortened to a singe word.

Pretty links ( A WordPress Plugin) tracks all clicks on that link providing real traffic details for you.

Wealthy Affiliate uses Pretty links


You can not ignore this part of blogging because it is such an important element.
Therefore treat it well

  • Making the process easy
  • Not paying a premium
  • and believing it will work

However break this down into tiny bits and find it is not such a hard strategy

Best Blog Topics for Affiliate Marketing by Peter Hanley

How and Where to Start Affiliate Marketing

How and Where to Start Affiliate Marketing. Have you ever wanted to join the high pay ranks of affiliate marketing? Your next steps to take

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

Affiliate marketing the best job in Town

Affiliate marketing can be a business that pays you every month to sit at home and do a bit of work to create traffic.
You need no stock or Debtors and even billing is unnecessary. However, life is not quite that easy. Creating a sustained income can be done by anyone and you can learn for free but it takes effort.

Is Affiliate marketing worth it

This is an old trade with a new name. The traditional traveling salesman simply sold products on commission and that is what affiliate marketing does.

The benefits are that you can choose your products and how you get paid.

As a comparison multi-level marketing requires you to buy products and carry the debt when selling anything other than a cash sale. The margins are maintained at a lower level whilst you struggle to keep your head above water. Knowing that the rich pickings come at a later stage, maybe.

Many believe there must be a better way and soon give up the daily struggle to maintain the rules applied to them. Others stay a little longer buoyed by the hype that surrounds them until disillusion finally arrives.

None of these constraints apply to affiliate marketing. Fixed margins provide the ways forward equal to all. Your risk is gone.

Can beginners do Affiliate marketing

learning affiliate marketing

There are affiliate opportunities available to everyone and these expand as you gain experience and prove your abilities to take a product to the open market.

The internet is the backbone of the market so door-knocking and trading on family and friends are no longer necessary.
Instead, your computer skills will carry you forward and the amount of available training will build your skill levels.

It is important to understand that you have little to lose. You will have no investment in stock or credit holding and you can build a bank of customers that will join you on the journey forward, contributing regularly.

What does Affiliate marketing do

You are the sales front for products that you present to the general market. The products are displayed by you and the customer is transported to the seller to complete the deal.

Amazon was built on Affiliate marketing. Many people advertised a range of products housed by Amazon that completed the sales transaction.

Affiliates use web pages, funnels, blog posts, Online shops, emails, newsletters, and face-to-face contact promoting products they don't have. They then link the interested buyer back to the seller to complete the transaction. For this recommendation, the affiliate gets paid a commission. The products may be;

  • All sorts of retail items required by consumers. From Apples to Zebras
  • Virtual items like Insurance, health services, finance.
  • Web Hosting, Data storage.
  • Training programmes, mentorship.
  • You name it and there will be a plan for you.

How do you find affiliate opportunities

This is probably the easiest part of the whole deal. Many companies are built entirely on affiliate sales.

  • Wealthy
  • Funnel companies like Click Funnels and
  • Nearly all web hosting companies

The other way is to choose a product that you want to sell and do a Google search by

Typing in the product name, leave a space, and write affiliate.

For example Insurance space Affiliate

How and where to start affiliate marketing
This is one among many. NB. This is not a recommendation purely an example of word searching.

Finding suppliers is the first step among many so read on.

How to become an affiliate marketer

The first thing to do is undergo some basic training so that you start your new career on a sound footing.

This is a journey to building a business and one that will sustain your lifestyle for years to come.

One of the first choices to make is a decision on how to receive your income. This can be a one-off commission or regular monthly payments.

You may well have both however I would recommend your planning will start around an objective to build a sustainable business.

I concentrate on recurring income products because you build a base of customers that grows over time to be a substantial database that has real value.

My core business does just that and allows me to pursue new objectives while guaranteeing me a regular monthly income.

There are endless opportunities to make money but you need a clearly defined objective so that you concentrate your energies in a specific direction. The focus will bring returns much quicker than trying a random approach.

Affiliate marketing no experience needed

I see promotions every day that promise the world and deliver nothing. No, you do not need any experience to do Affiliate marketing however you do need to understand the basics.

Starting with the Wealthy affiliate free entry will give you all the basics you need to become an affiliate marketer. they even give you a website that you can start on plus you are an affiliate from day one.

There are different requirements to become an affiliate from being a new starter to an experienced blogger. Many companies will want to see that you have all the abilities to promote their products properly before you are accepted.

Some, like Amazon, will give you a start but terminate you in three months if you don't perform to their standards.

Having no experience and trying to break through the barriers of entry will break your heart.
Think of this as a new career where you don't need a university degree or a business certificate but by following a few basic principles you can make it to the top.

How and Where to Start Affiliate Marketing with no money

How to start affiliate marketing with no money

Lacking money in affiliate marketing

When they say no money they probably mean almost no money because if it is free there is generally a good reason.

However, I consistently advise all my followers that until you can see a return on your investment, within the near future, to keep your credit card locked away.
Try before you buy, a 30-day guarantee, a 100% money-back guarantee is all necessary inclusions in any commitment you consider.

You can become an Amazon affiliate with no experience however they miss some very important points. You need a Domain name, a website, email addresses, and the ability to establish an online shop.

These initial steps are as important as becoming an affiliate.

There are many businesses that you can start without money and we will go into those soon however there are also many that want demonstrated experience.

Should you choose a certain Niche you want to entertain they may well ask you for website details and traffic figures to show they are not wasting time by employing you.

By now you will be starting to realize this industry is not all that easy however you should also understand that with a bit of time establishing your business template anything is possible.

We will hold your hand along the way with the many paths you will travel. There will always be someone to help you so be ready to take your first steps forward.

Affiliate   marketing for beginners

This all starts with a plan that you would like to follow. That plan will include several important commitments.

Committing time every day to work on your businessNo time then no pay
Choosing a niche that suits youEven a broad outline will be ok
Recurring income or one of one-off commissionYou may also have a mix
Becoming an affiliateBeing chosen
Your way to marketWebpage, shop, SMS, etc
Gathering trafficNo traffic no buyers
Product presentationYour shop front
Getting the legal bits togetherIncluding tax concessions
ConsistencySomething every day

Write your plan down and even do a bit of a cash flow to go with it.
Yes, it may change along the way however you have a set direction on which to travel.
Knowing where you are going is the first step to success.

How and Where to Start Affiliate Marketing, what are the steps forward

What are the steps  in Affiliate   marketing

Affiliate marketing for beginners steps to take

First of all, you need a plan and a solid idea of how you are going forward.

The most common starting place is a Website with blogging or an online store.

1) You need to select your URL, Carrier, and template for designing your page.

2) Next is choosing your way to market;
Product reviews
Blog page
Writing answers to common questions
Online store
Filled with things you want to sell
Hard marketing
Email Newsletters
consistent client contact

3) Select your affiliate partners and record your links

4) Produce a quality product

5) Review your performance

Maintain a relevant level of additional training

Building your customer base

Affiliate marketing is time-wasting without customers and this is always a challenge to new marketers.
There are laws around customer acquisition that say they must be acquired through the normal course of business. You can't make up a list or steal it from someone else so the going is tough for a while.

There are several ways to attract customers and they include;

SEOUsing your site properly
Keyword selectionAlways gets traffic
Social mediaAll its forms
Email, newslettersIdeal format
Download form with give awayOn your page or post
Friends and familyAlways helps
ReferralsFrom other sites
Seminars and Trade showsGet those contacts
Asking for contact detailsShopfront or personal
Hard form LiteratureBrochures etc

Affiliate marketing relies on traffic to get those clicks to earn that commission.

How and Where to Start Affiliate Marketing partners

Finding affiliate partners to make money with

How and Where to Start Affiliate Marketing

This is the easy part of the process and one that has many ways to succeed.

At Wealthy Affiliate your membership includes an introduction to arrange of affiliates in many different niches. Generally acceptable solutions that provide you with the opportunities you are looking for.

Amazon offers opportunities complete with a working university. However, they have recently changed the model that now comes with very low margins. This means that volume is necessary to get a good return. This is not a good starting point for a new marketer.
Walmart followed this role and is also hard to use.

Finding niche opportunities simple means a Google search of your required niche followed by a space and the word affiliate.

This is easy however many will want proof of your marketing ability and time in the industry.
Without a background, this will be hard to achieve.

Limit your number of partners so that you can be seen to be a good partner that is generating benefits for both parties.

How and where to start Affiliate marketing and make money

Can you make money with Affiliate marketing

Working on Affiliate marketing opens up many income channels. You can be an affiliate for multiple companies and get several clicks on one post. This means income coming from different outlets.

You can criticize Products and people will still buy them because they don't believe you.

The next to come is Advertising Income once your traffic profile is high enough.

Affiliate income is available to everyone, it just takes time to establish your brand.

Do bloggeres make money

Girl with money from affiliate sales

They sure do and the top ones are on multi-million incomes with many in the Hundreds of thousands a year.

The beauty of Affiliate marketing is that it is an open platform and not ruled by anyone.
It is unlike Multi-Level marketing where you have hierarchy levels that control what you earn.

There are no limiting factors other than yourself and the selections you make.
Do bloggers make money explained?

Starter and advanced affiliate training

It is necessary to have a general understanding before you start your journey or you will waste a lot of time and resources finding out the hard way.

This is free to start and you will get a few bonuses as well. I just want you to do a few of the basic training courses so that you get a great idea of what is required and then make decisions based on a good understanding.

If you want to invest a small amount of money to have a mentor hold your hand I would suggest My mate Roy Carter. This is right up Roy's alley and he will run through it all from a-z.

The internet is a minefield of scams and really bad choices and I only take you to the most secure and honest sites that deliver on their promises and don't try and take your money at every level.

The head Guy at Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle, recently did a great introduction to all that is Affiliate marketing and how you can get there. It is not a sales channel it is part of an introduction to Wealthy affiliate and explains the processes you need to go through.

This is an hour that can change your life even if you think you know it all.


Affiliate marketing has many benefits;

  • IT is done with little capital out lay
  • There is minimal risk
  • You can build a profitable business
  • Without limitations
  • And no controlling identities

However, for every good point, there are always the down points

  • It takes time to build a business
  • Consistency is required
  • It is not a get rich quick scheme

It is not for everyone but for those that accept the challenges the rewards will be worth it.

The only limiting factor is you.

How and Where to Start Affiliate Marketing by Peter Hanley

Best Ways to Build Authority in Your New Blog

Best Ways to Build Authority in Your New Blog. Missing this critical element may well spoil your chances of ever being read

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Why is blog authority so important

This element is often ignored by those handing out advice on blogging yet forms a critical part of the process.

Best Ways to Build Authority in Your New Blog
SEO experts built the above graph and it holds to what we encourage in blogging.

Here we can see the highest-ranking factor is Authority an element most often ignored.

Even though Bing and Yahoo are still fixed on exact match keywords Google has now moved to artificial intelligence (AI) to find a better answer.

You will find that your search results in Bing v Google vary and it is because they manage data in different ways
Thus you must write your Google content with intent and backed by an authoritative voice. That is unless your name is in the Google love book, a position unlikely for a new blogger.

When searching the term authority in blogging Neil Patel comes up on the first page because he fills all the boxes. Traffic, Authority, Keywords, and a recognized voice in the industry.

So what I am doing is borrowing on his authority. Google wants to know if you are competent to answer a simple search term like “Best Ways to Build Authority” in Your New Blog

Internal and external keywords come first yet without showing authority you limit your chance of ranking

Best ways to create AI in your new blog

I like to use Wikipedia as a reference. All though they recognized the word Authority they disclaimed any knowledge of the phrase Authority in blogging. Thus I need to get help from Others.

I am a user of Monster insights and they are noted in the industry as a trusted source so I went searching there. Monster Insights had a great article that tells you what you need to know. They even reference over to Moz to find out where you stand.

Ever since Google realized that the building blocks around which its ranking algorithm was built – links and content –were being gamed for profit, they have increasingly focused on identifying and incentivizing sites that provide beneficial and contextual information to their audiences. They have made every attempt to reward those who build a brand with SEO by chasing users instead of chasing the algorithm. Moz

How do you plan to layout your blog?

Creating a great Keyword is the starting position.

Next is your meta description. This is the final hook that draws viewers to read your blog. Both Yoast and AIO SEO will do this for you and Google will also make one up for you.
I will leave the writing to you but back up what you say with credible information and build on your authority.

Next is to use page linking within your blog to provide extra information on the points you are making.

Doing these three things takes you 66% of the way to success.
How to write a Meta description

Ways to build experience, authority, and trust to build your SEO

All these components are necessary elements of your blog posts. but they are not earned overnight. Every blog you write must have inbuilt components to meet these objectives. Experience can come from linking juice. Showing that you have written many articles on a similar range of subjects

Authority in blogging

Best Ways to Build Authority in Your New Blog

Backlinks help authority and building them is also a vital part of SEO.

One thing you should remember is that you can’t control your site’s domain authority. All you can do is put the pieces in the right place, so your DA increases steadily.

Another point to note is that it takes time to bring up the domain authority, as it won’t happen overnight. So, set out a long-term strategy and use the points we’ve explained to increase your DA.


This is not an easy subject because our control is limited to input and the vagaries of Google.
However, trying to put all the building blocks together will gradually build up Google trust and client traffic.

  • Keyword Selection
  • Header and Meta
  • Content
  • Appropriate linking
  • Authority

That should keep you busy.

Best Ways to Build Authority in Your New Blog by Peter Hanley

What Is a Keyword Search Tool

What is a keyword search tool and what is it used for? A growing band of followers is ignoring them and getting better results

Estimated reading time: 18 minutes

How is Keyword research done

Keywords have two common elements. They are the volume of traffic that a word has and the amount of competition you face in being read.

Therefore an understanding of these two elements is necessary for your planning.
A keyword tool is used to provide an estimate of these two factors on which you can judge your action.

total searches Monthly competition rating

I have taken a snapshot from a keyword tool used by pros and amateurs alike.

The words are all pretty similar however the results show a range of differences.
the first column is monthly searches and the second is what you could expect with an exact match keyword term, Then we show the estimated competition. Remember there are about ten listings to a page or if the competition is say 200 then you are on page 20 of a search term.

What Is a keyword Search TOOL

What is the purpose of keywords

Keywords started the journey being a search term on Google ( or Bing etc). As the searches grew the term needed to be expanded to a phrase to better find a result.

The keyword was a search term but now we use What Is a keyword Search TOOL to better describe what you want to get an answer to.

Blogging is all about providing answers or solutions and the key phrase is the road map that takes you to a suitable answer. When you talk into your mobile phone to ask a question that is your Keyword and Google goes on a search for a suitable solution.

Therefore the closer your word selection is to the request made the more opportunity you have of being read.

However, remember that you must have traffic or a bank of people interested in your phrase.

Do keywords need to be exact match phrases

In tradition, this was the case and in fact, Bing and Yahoo still follow this system via their algorithm searching. That is why when you search to find your page position Bing and Google differ widely.

Google has moved on to using artificial intelligence (AI) to find the most appropriate answer available which throws a spanner in the works. They take into consideration site authority, age of posting, word selection, location, and a whole host of other considerations to take you to the correct result. Well, as they see it anyway.

You will get different results with Google and Bing.

What is the purpose of Keyword research?

Everything you do on the Internet will revolve around a Keyword. Your webpage uses Keywords, your blogs, emails, etc.
Keywords are like your house address and searching people need a road map to find you.

If I list my house as 130 Nowhere street it could be anywhere in the world. Suppose I add a suburb and include Bordertown as the district it could still be in any country unless I state it quite clearly as 130 nowhere street Border town Kansas USA 25631. I am then the only one.

Therefore we look at all the variables available to make our keyword match the inquiry as close as possible.

Research then tells us, in general terms the chances of being found on the internet.

Definition of a Keyword

A keyword may refer to a word or a sort of phrase that can be associated with a particular subject, document, or moment. It is used to explore or run specific searches in the title, in the subject, in write-ups, in documents, and for internet searches.

In the context of programming language, a keyword is a closely related or associated word that is reserved by a program because the word has a special meaning that defines commands and specific parameters for that code set.

In SEO terminology for digital marketing, a keyword is used to describe a word or group of words that the Internet uses to perform search engine or search bar exploration.
Thanks to Wikipedia

They could use search terms or lots of other phrases however this keeps it consistent across the web.

What is a keyword search tool and what use are they.

What words are keywords?

Keywords are any single word or phrase that people will search for on any of the Search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The title Keyword came about early in the Google entry as very few words were asked for.
As searching grew they became Longtail Keywords and then expanded to keyphrases.

All mean something. They are simply search terms used on the internet.

With the advent of Mobile voice queries using either Siri, Alexa, or Bixby the queries become much longer so the phrases took on new meanings.

  • How
  • When
  • Why
  • What
    are all common queries used to find an answer.

After this, the use of numbers moved into the search terms with words like “7 best Fretsaws on the market' or maybe “5 ways to use a Fretsaw” or even 100 ways a Fretsaw is better than a Jigsaw. These will appear on every page of a search term so they can be considered in your selection of phrases.

I don't have a reason that numbers count, and in fact, odd numbers are better, other than Google likes them. They are the umpire so it is no use arguing

What is keywords use?

It may be a specific call sign like your business URL.
Bob's tool store in Kansas trades as the name suggests so it would be prudent to select a URL like “bobstoolstore” That would make the search term nice and easy for anyone wanting to find Bob.

Now Bob may have a blog post about Saw Sharpening and that would appear as
Those looking for saw sharpening in Kansas may well be directed to Bob's Blog.

Your keyword is a request to be discovered

What are the keywords in websites

Bob may have many keywords scattered throughout his Webpage or posts>
He probably sells many different brands of Saws and these will be scattered throughout the site.
Furthermore, the Saws may have many different applications and these will be Keywords in their own right. Fret saws, bush saws, tree saws, etc that all have different use and importantly followers. If I want a Fret saw for example my search will be specific around that particular saw. I don't want to wade through information on every sort of saw available.

Again we see here uses, brands, styles all matched with traffic and competition.
The word Fret saw has good traffic but high competition however you can be found by using words that have some traffic and low competition.

What is a keyword search tool that finds those great words

What are good keywords?

What Is a Keyword Search Tool

It is important to remember a Page one position as the only place to have your keyphrase listed. Over 80% of readers never go past the first three free listings on a search term. So if you are not there you simply don't get read.

Therefore a good Keyword is one that closely relates to a question or query that is being searched. It can be an exact match or lead to a great explanation that satisfies the reader.

Your job is to find these words and the traffic that comes with them.

What is Keyword searching

For lookers this is simply finding an answer to a question, solution, product description all based around the How, why, and when theory.
For writers, it is the most important part of website building and blogging. Your keyword selection is a pathway to success or failure and it is that simple. Good keywords get read bad ones languish down the high page numbers where only the most bored will go.

Authority and history play a big part in keywords

This is a part of your research to find a balance to get better results than the experts.
For example, Hegner Fret saws are the manufacturers and distributors of their saw thus having good authority. Plus they have likely been on the internet and making posts for a considerable amount of time and moving to the top of the search term
Going head-on with Hegner would not be the best option however partnering with them can support your case.

Google does not honor you with a good page position until you have established your worth as a trusted source of information. The longer you have been blogging and the more traffic you attract the greater your web presence will be.

They certainly look at your credentials as an honorable authority to back up your opinions and that is why I advocate borrowing authority when you can. This action proves that you have done your research and backed up your results with imported integrity.

Therefore blogging takes time to become a recognized contributor and a trusted source of information.

What is a keyword search tool and which is best

Keyword Search and the use of tools

Common types of Tools used

What Is a Keyword Search Tool
Neil Patel Uber suggest

First of all, I often use all three in the search for an appropriate Keyword. They are not perfect and the results sometimes vary because they generally rely on exact matches.

Next, I always go to Google for a final search and put my Keyword in a general search and one that is enclosed in Hyphens.
The hyphens disclose the exact match and you can build from there.

Jaaxy is preferred because it gives you an answer in simple terms and highlights both traffic and competition. Uber suggests tends to go deeper and take more time.

On top of this, I use Monster insights free traffic counter. When you find a good keyword and then discover no one wants to search it you go back to square one.

Next, I look for public forums that are listed asking similar questions, Quora or Reddit type sites because then I know that the search term has traffic.

Furthermore, I will include some of those questions as my subheadings thus spreading keywords throughout the article.

What is a keyword search tool and does Google provide one

Google keyword  planner free

The above three options all have a free version and it is the only way to start your research.
The free versions will provide adequate information to find good Keywords.

Jaaxy is included with a Wealthy Affiliate subscription and is a very good option for both beginners and advanced users. In fact, with an annual premium, you get the full pro version with all the options which is ideal for serious punters.

Below you can experience a bit of keyword action using the free Jaaxy version

In conclusion, your Keyword understanding is vital to your success. I have gone more in-depth in a recent post.

Bing Keyword tool

Bing has a very useful site that details a lot about Keywords and goes quite in-depth in looking for the right words. No amount of learning is enough on this subject. Let me stress just how important Keyword knowledge is.

I went for nearly twelve months of blogging with hardly a First place ranking. NowI is hitting page one in google 60% of the time within the month. Furthermore, My Bing results cove another 30% and the balance is pore keyword selection.

SEO Keyword ranker

An often asked question is how does my keyword rank. A good Keyword tool like Jaaxy gives you the answer. In fact, I won't start a blog without knowing where we are going. Plus on completion where we stand in the ratings.

What Is a Keyword Search Tool

The highlites in Yellow are page one results and the final column shows traffic and competition. This is just over a week after the publication so the results are looking satisfactory.

Jaaxy search result
Understanding Keywords and the results. A Jaaxy search.
Not every word will be like this however this will produce traffic as it builds a following.

Find website keywords that deliver results

Your job as a blogger is to develop a following however it is not quite that simple.

  • Build your connections
  • Enhance your authority
  • Develop web trust
  • Grow your relationships
  • Grab your connectivity

With these principles in mind, your job is to focus on a long-term growth plan built around solid Keyword selection.
Nothing is more important than keyword selection.

What is a keyword search tool and where are the words

There are Keywords everywhere

There is no shortage of Keywords even though a couple of million blogs are written every day and each one uses up keywords.

The idea is to find a phrase that carries your core subject yet finds the audience you need.

As seen above a Fret Saw is a Keyword plus it has lots of traffic yet the competition is
very high. You will start at greater than page ten before making any headway.

Therefore it could be years as you scramble among the pack trying to pick your way through the vagaries of Google and Bing. It is simply not worth the effort in picking bad keywords when you have other options to use.

In general, terms if you pick a keyword with a traffic count of around 100 a month and a competition level of less than 50 you have a chance of hitting a paying page. The higher the traffic and the lower the competition the greater the prospects of success.

You spend a lot of time writing blogs and creating a following and it is a pity to not see results for your effort.
If you get your keyword right using a good tool then the rest will follow

Your brand will support keyword selection

When visitors look at Keywords in a search term recognized authorities will get the first vote.
Every category has heavy lifters and they know keyword selection and will generally rate very well. It will take you time and patience to compete with them and that is why correct phrase selection is so important. Generally, you won't beat them and it is hard to join them so you need to work around them with a better choice of words.
That is why we always back up with a Google search to clear the way the big swingers.

Buying keywords that count and ranking them

On every page of a keyword search, there are paid advertisements. These are handled by Google or Adwords etc that pay for placement. Your cost starts when someone clicks on your advertisement.

Costs vary and in fact, Fretsaw is relatively cheap however with a selling price of just $45 it needs to be. Not everyone buys. If the retail price is $45 then the cost will be around $22. Therefore you need to sell a few to meet the cost of clicks.
Often keywords have prices in tens of dollars so you need to be careful.

What is a keyword search tool

Does anyone click on paid advertisements

Surprisingly there is a market for these and a big market indeed. However, the top three free postings get a majority of the attention.

Using paid words can be an expensive exercise depending on the conversion factor.

What is a keyword search tool with YouTube?

Why can't I find my keyword in Google

This is a common cry from frustrated writers lost in the depth of the dark pages well away from page one of a search.

However the answer is dead simple, it was a bad choice of words and consideration to the factors made and the results may never change. You can try to sprinkle a few more good key phrases in your article and that will help in time. Or establishing another form of traffic may supply an answer.

When you start from the back of the race it is a real challenge to be among the winners.

Doing your research before writing and not after is the only answer.

Using Keywords with YouTube

On any search page, you will usually see a Youtube thumbnail promoting your search term.

The above were all listed from the same page therefore quite popular in the video world. I have included a link with these to show how it works.
Remember that reader time on your page is also a ranking factor and handing it off to YouTube can be a handy partner.

What is a keyword search tool when questions are asked

Using commonly asked questions as Keywords

This is a very good way of finding out what people want to know. The questions can be found on Google or on sites like Quora where they will list a group of questions.

these are real questions that are being asked by real people and using them in your keyword selection can work wonders.

You will find a few weird ones and a couple that is not worth answering like “how to make money in one month without working”. These are not worth your time but picking the better ones gives you an advantage over all others.

The questions can be scattered throughout your post to build your content

Are there other ways of gathering traffic to pore Keyword selection

Of course, there is. SEO is just one part of the process however important it may be. Google loves traffic because it shows that people want to read your work. Therefore it must have something going for it.

  • All forms of social media can generate traffic
  • Your webpage or other posts may use linking to help
  • Hard copy material like brochures can contain linking
  • Family and friends may have an early support
  • Backlinks from other sources will help

These all supply traffic to your phrase choice and therefore recognition of your keyword selection.

A healthy combination of all factors is ideal in gaining those first-class results.

How do keywords make money

While this is important, keywords simply give you a position in search terms. However, this allows the many ways of monetizing your post or page a lot easier.

You can sell physical productsYours or someone else's
Market Virtual productsLike training etc
Gather affiliate incomeone-off and ongoing
Add advertising to your siteGather payments
Gather donationsWhen applicable
Provide adviseMentorship

These are just a few examples I have thrown in because it is an often asked question. However, without your keyword being read income will not appear so it remains highly relevant to the general topic.

We all write to make money in one form or another.

Keyword training is essential

If this blog has got you interested but you still have questions the free training at Wealthy Affiliate will offer far greater insight into the whole subject. From starting a website to completing the journey.


The subject is just so important that not having an understanding of keyword selection is like going in the deep water when you can't swim. It is too late to make the changes to save your blog.
Make a list of keywords before you write any content and include them as you go. These are words with some traffic and low competition picked from your tools all available for free.

Content matters little if it is not read so starting properly wins the race every time.
most writers fail because of this one shortfall, Keyword selection. Don't be one that fails do the work and reap the results.

If you have read to here I congratulate you and know you will have a far better understanding than 90% of writers who are doomed to failure.

There is no reason not to start this way other than ignorance. Therefore join the ranks of the informed and stay in the race.

What is a keyword search tool by Peter Hanley

The Internet Marketing Sales Funnel

The Internet Marketing Sales Funnel and the truth behind building on WordPress or paying a high price for a funnel

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

What is a sales funnel and what does it do?

My version is it is a hard sell document that takes you from interest to commitment via a series of steps.
You will see these pop up often and are generally quite long with the price hidden right down the bottom. They generally use the AIDA style of presentation which is Attention, Interest, Desire, and action or close

  • Awareness.
  • Interest.
  • Evaluation.
  • Engagement.
  • Commitment/Purchase.

The most famous purveyor is or was Russel Brunson before he sold his empire.
Click Funnels was a proven sales operation although more for the Pro than the amateur with a price tag well over the Hundred dollars a month.

Are Funnels the easy money gateway

The design is purely focused on conversion by
taking you through simple steps that will hopefully
convince you to buy.
The use of color, large font, and dramatic vision is all aimed at your brain levels.
This will be boosted by social proof of enraptured users that are glad they made the step to purchase.

The good, or perhaps the bad point is that they work and work really well. This is particularly so when the greed button is activated.

How to build a sales funnel

Like any new process there are rules to follow and the guys at Click funnels posted ;

  • 87% of consumers choose to do business with vendors who provide valuable content at all stages of the buying process
  • 63% of consumers need to hear a company’s value proposition(s) 3-5 times before they trust these claims
  • Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured prospects

The simple version follows the AIDA principle however expanding it on with many thousand words

Add to all of these client testimonials and easy pay options that take you to another page to complete the process. They want you to commit to an action and click to start the process to wave your money good by.
They will use lots of colors and large fonts all-around action graphics of lucky people that have taken action.

Do sales funnels work

Sales funnels are a billion-dollar industry and are being presented in many ways.
In fact, I have looked at three different versions of funnels so that you may better understand the process.

The WordPress funnel

Wordpress Funnel builder

The starting place

Using WordPress as a funnel provides benefits to your web page and posts because it generates interest, traffic, and time on site which are all SEO benefits. Furthermore, it adds additional Keywords to your post creating extra visits.

The method is simple in that you create traffic between posts for those wanting to know more. In this example, I fully explain the process of WordPress Funnel building on another page.

The power of funnels

for those wanting to enter the world of funnels and fire of free then there is no better place than Groove Funnels.

The Internet Marketing Sales Funnel

Groove has a great plan you can use for free to see if it suits you.
They also have a pretty good Affiliate program for those wanting a bit of extra cash.

Plus great marketing tools on which to promote the product.

This is your low-cost entry to building a funnel that will take up quite a bit of your time.
Available at Groove Funnels

Click Funnels the big Daddy of marketing

The Internet Marketing Sales Funnel

Started by Russel Brunson, who is the ultimate salesman, this rose to be an outstanding success built on affiliate marketing.

Russel was never shy about raising prices and kept on going until he met the ceiling level. Then he sold out. You have to admire the guy.

This is a professional-grade service and a bit top-heavy for us amateurs however it is available to everyone.

Click funnels is at the top of the market and leads everything else however it is pricy and not that easy to learn. However, if you start at the top you stay there.


The introduction of WordPress Funnels is a stepping stone to greater use of your web presence. It can only enhance your involvement in blogging and put you a step ahead of most others.
Funnels are a different business line and are direct selling methods to carry you to buying a product. It may be a real product, virtual, training, ebooks, etc however it does have value, and the process is to complete as many sales as possible.

Web funnels, as discussed above, are an ideal way to enhance affiliate sales and grow a following

The Internet Marketing Sales Funnel by Peter Hanley

How to search for website traffic

How to search for website traffic. Traffic is sometimes elusive if you don't look in the right places. Let me give you 6 examples

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Finding elusive traffic

looking at Google Analytics I was dismayed at my traffic, however, I knew I was getting more because my number of links used was quite high.
I went on an adventure to discovery.

Google is not the only kid in town and it is joined by:

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • Youtube
  • DuckDuckgo

These all now have their own search consoles so I went looking for more results.

Google search console was my first place to look.

However, my Google Analytics showed a measly 350. Therefore something was wrong.

I next went to Bing webmaster to have a look there

So I find that my traffic is a lot higher than I thought. Bing includes Yahoo so it is good value

Searching Keywords to see what works

Keywords are the driving factor behind what is searched. They must be on page one of a search term to have any chance of exposure.

I used My Jaaxy subscription ( which is available on Wealthy Affiliate as well) to find where by blogs were going.

How to search for website traffic
A good score

Of course, they were not all like this and in fact when they scored highly on Google they did not rank as well on the other two and visa versa.

I had a fairly even split between Google . Bing and no reward to date.

What is obvious is good Keywords rank quickly and are well worth the time to get information before you post your article.

Furthermore keyword tools are a guide only and subject to the same frailitiess as the rest of the opportunities we take. Saying that they do give a great starting point.

The other confusing issue is the number of links that people click. I use Pretty links for many of my link counting because it is the only visual aid available.
In fact a monthly record tells me what is working well and not at all.

Furthermore Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy have full disclosure of traffic and rewards. This helps when you use banner adds that are not cloaked.

There was a recent experience when a well know site berated me for little or no traffic. I returned my Pretty Links figures to prove them wrong and that there was an error in their system.

Not all clicks earn money and that is often out of your control. You build interest but that interest fails to materialise into income.

Remember it is a numbers game and as your traffic grows your links should follow and convert into sales.

Some sites may have no links and others a few included in a page. Linking in my mind is for times that it will help you discover new fields and learn and earn.

Good SEO is important

the reasons are that Google makes the rules and the rest follow. This means that using a great SEO tool to guide you on the right path is really important. As a WordPress user I have a choice between Yoast SEO and All in One SEO that are both very good.

How to search for website traffic
Based on this blog

Therefore a heap of bits that make the whole

Have a good look at your content

Content is KING! Let the words run true. You must answer a question or solve a problem that keeps the readers on page. Bring in pictures, tables and graphs to show your points and refer to good authority sources to backup your words.

Use a commercial Spell checker like Grammarly to make sure you get that bit right

How many words in a Blog Post


When you add all these parts together you have a chance of getting traffic. However it does take time to qualify for page one where all the searches lurk.
Don't be impatient but make sure you have done everything that you can to qualify under the rules of the game. Then the world is yours.

How to search for website traffic by Peter Hanley

How to start an affiliate website

How to start an affiliate website that will make money and build a viable business long into the future. With affiliate links for you

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

Affiliate marketing, the best job in town

Where else can you start a business with no money, no stock, no debtors, no customer service, and just a bit of time?

The Wealthy Affiliate is a training site and web host that has all the answers for you.

Understanding at the outset that Affiliate marketing is a career and not a short-term money fix is important.

however, you can create a business that delivers consistent results and provides a regular income.

Affiliate marketing explained

Is it hard to find good companies to work with?

There are affiliate opportunities in any business you can imagine and they are very easy to find. The problem is being accepted as a newby without a track record.
Good sales outlets want high functioning dealers that will move the product and they are prepared to reward them properly.

Affiliate managers

Because affiliate management is time-consuming many companies outsource the function to professional services to run the daily operations.

This makes acceptance a lot easier however problem-solving is often more difficult as they operate on a volume basis of returns.

Therefore you face greater competition and fewer returns when the market is saturated.

Using Amazon as an example of affiliate marketing

Amazon is the biggest affiliate business on the market. They built their growth on the sales of countless people around the world marketing their range of products.

Because Amazon has become so successful in its own right its dependence on second-tier sales outlets has changed.

They still employ many people as affiliate marketers however they have dropped their commission rates to an all-time low.

This model has been followed by Walmart and others pushing affiliates aside to capture the bulk of the available margin.

Affiliate strategies that work.

High value, low commission salesThis provides a good return for your effort
Low value but high sales levelsThe quantity game takes extra effort
Recurring income salesGetting paid every month
In-demand productsEasy sales levels when you find them
Chose your game

Examples of in-demand products would currently include Facemasks and Rapid Anigen Test kits all that are in short supply.
These are all high sales low income products that require high turnover to make money

Air Purifiers however have a much higher price and less volume, however, play in the same marketplace.

Affiliate marketing made easy

Recurring income sales

Recurring sales pay you a monthly percentage on the committed regular payments. This allows you to build a future income as your base grows. This is my preferred method of marketing because you build a business over time that guarantees regular returns.

Great examples are web hosting, offsite data backup, Insurance, sales training programs, and any regular commitment plans.

These are great when the client signs a term contract. This way you can be sure of your regular percentage into the future.

At Wealthy Affiliate, as an example, users pay monthly, quarterly or annual premiums.
Your percentage comes at the time of renewal be it monthly or annual.
You do get paid more for the higher levy monthly payments however the annual hit certainly makes it an attractive proposition.

Particularly when it comes in for many years ahead.

Has the affiliate market changed

How to start an affiliate website

With the rapid growth of working from home that has occurred during the Pandemic, all the rules have changed.

Online shopping has seen a massive burst in general acceptance and is now an everyday thing. Even home food deliveries are the norm with many companies competing for the territory

Therefore the community acceptance of internet transactions is now every day thus offering countless opportunities for those involved.

Finding your market to gather affiliate income

Internet selling has changed the dynamics of marketing from the traditional ways. There are now many new methods of finding customers.

Email marketingBoth singular and bulk email.
NewslettersTargeting a known base.
Social mediaIn all its forms.
Advertising on Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, etc.
Blogging On any subject.
Website FunnelsDirect hard-sell marketing.
WebsitesUsing Keyword discovery and SEO.
Webinars and functionspersonalised approach.
YoutubeA massive impact.
Product reviewsand comparisons.

The idea is to choose one platform and work it hard and long. Specialised marketing provides quicker returns than trying to be every man for the job.

The idea is to choose one platform and work it hard and long. Specialised marketing provides quicker returns than trying to be every man for the job.

The idea is to choose one platform and work it hard and long. Specialised marketing provides quicker returns than trying to be every man for the job.

How to start an affiliate website with great outlets.

Finding outlets that require affiliates to market their products

First of all, there are countless opportunities for you.
When you define for yourself what products you would like to sell you go looking.

Simply do a Google search with a product name, leave a space and add the word affiliate.; eg.

“Air purifiers Affiliates.” You will find pages of outlets all looking for you.

The product managers

These include;

  • Wholesale central
  • Commission factory
  • Commission Junction
  • Click bank
  • Rakuten
  • Affiliate window
  • Nanacast
  • and a bundle more.

In addition, Wealthy affiliate houses a large group of reliable opportunities based on your niche choice. Entry is generally assured because the recommendation is reliable.

Your website offers an insight into your abilities

A website is a repository of information.

Your main pageAll about your offers
The blog pagesInformation about products
About you pageAll your great points (and a Photo)
Terms and conditions of tradingAffiliate disclosure
Any other pagesUnlimited number
General ideas

How to start an affiliate website with a website

Building a website is easy

How to start an affiliate website

Today's technology makes website building easy. You get lots of assistance and tools to make it work. A good operator may take half an hour and you all day but it can be done by anyone.

The first step is choosing your unique URL or site address and then having it placed at a web host (Wealthy Affiliate).

Throw in a few plugins, a bit of SEO, and just follow the template provided.

I can not teach you website building in a quick post.
however, I have a solution for you that will teach you everything from a-z.
furthermore, it will cost you nothing.

By clicking above you will be taken to all the training to get started in a new career. Besides that even a free practice site. And, your first affiliate link.
How good is that?

Can you make money with Affiliate marketing?

Within our group, there are many six-figure marketers and even some in the Million dollar a year bracket.
Many have built a business around recurring revenue and that business may last for years.
At WA they have a competition to win a trip to Vegas. The target is 300 new Wealthy Affiliate subscriptions a year. What's more, there is a whole bundle of achievers that live it up big on the free trip.
Furthermore, that is from just one affiliate access when they probably have a dozen more.

I am not in the 300 clubs just yet but with your help in enrolling at Wealthy Affiliate, I might just make it. It will be the best decision you make all year.

Therefore anyone has the ability to enter this business and build a recurring income. Furthermore, one you can be proud of.

Conclusion and recommendation

We have laid out the reasons to start affiliate marketing and the tools to do it. Furthermore, we have provided access to the best training available and a forum for asking questions.

Everything is available for those willing to invest a bundle of time in learning the skills and applying them to the real world.

It will not be overnight. Things may be difficult at times and the end too far away. You can do it with a bit of effort applied to the rules.

When it starts to roll it really is the best job in town.

How to start an affiliate website by Peter Hanley

SEO keyword ranker and how to fix it

SEO keyword ranker and how to fix it. Is SEO really important when you have the right keywords in place, let's talk about it

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Gain your position on the first page.

If you are not on page one of a search term your chances of being read are not all that good.
In fact, over 80% never go past the first three items on the page.

Therefore knowing where you are is vitally important so that you can take the steps to fix any problems in your structure and keyword selection.

How do you earn the front spot with all that competition

This is a balance between Keyword research and the SEO rules dictated by Google and followed by all the others.
First of all, we have SEO tools that cover a lot of what you need to do. In WordPress both Yoast SEO and All in one SEO rank what you submit and offer ways to improve your page position.

They ask you to fix what you don't do so that you may get a better score.

SEO keyword ranker

However, you also get green ticks

SEO keyword ranker for your page
Therefore I still have a bit of work to do.

They also look at your writing and give you a score.

SEO keyword ranker for free

That is good because I have had no bad marks so far.

SEO keyword ranker and its importance to you.

Why is SEO so important

Google, the umpire, really likes you to follow the rules and ranks your site accordingly.
You can use all sorts of tools to see where you rank however they just tell you that the news is not good.

All SEO starts with you.

Using AH Refs or any planner post writing will only highlight your mistakes. You need to make sure you have them correct so that you will rank.

Content is King. This is more so than ever and it must be relevant and written with authority therefore half baked sites simply get left behind.

You can not win page one on day one

I am sorry to tell you that grabbing a page one position takes time. You need some traffic and viewers so that you appear to be liked. Then we start the voyage up the ranking page by page till we get to page one.

However, it is often quicker on Bing and Yahoo where the competition is not as bad however they still have good search volume.

Keywords make the difference

Your Keyword or search term will make a large part of the search success.
There are two parameters that are important and they are;

  • Traffic
  • Competition

Of course, you must have traffic however too much makes life very difficult. We generally work around the rule of 100, that is at least 100 searches a month. Any more and it gets into the competitive arena.

Competition needs to rank at less than one hundred meaning that there are less than 100 exact match search terms.

Competition ranking
Here I have used a keyword tool called Jaaxy ( a link follows) to tell me both traffic at 152 a month and a competition score of nine which is very low.

I could have gone for a bit more traffic using a slightly different Keyword however the competition is far greater.

Generated words
More traffic but more competition

Analysing your keywords provides opportunities

Keywords actually come before SEO because of their importance. If you get this wrong you are never going to rank. A place no one wants to be.

It is a fine balance juggling Keywords and SEO management.

Keyword tools are everywhere

Wealthy Affiliate has a free one, Jaaxy can be used, Ubersuggest is useful and in fact doing a Google search by typing in your keyword will give you a great idea of volume.
I recently did an article on free planners that will assist you.

You can use a Google planner by enrolling in Google and selecting an ad words planner however all the above ways will take you to the correct answer.

My wrap up

Keywords and SEO make a difference to your results, Get these right and your results will come but remember it won't be overnight. It takes a bit of time to gain respect.

Should you need some early traffic use Social Media, emails, Newsletters, or personal contacts to do the clicking.

It all helps.

There is a full free training course on this at Wealthy Affiliate should you need to pursue this further.

SEO keyword ranker and how to fix it by Peter Hanley

Writing product reviews for money

Writing product reviews for money when all else fails. Be warned that Google updates could make your review obsolete unless you change ways

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Why write product review any way

This has traditionally been a great source of income for well-meaning writers.
Pick a product, grab an affiliate link and follow a set formula to success.

Product reviews for money

We all gravitate to a review when considering a product purchase that we know little about.

These have been the flavour of the month for many years and worked really well.

These are rated quite well in a google search and a good page position could be obtained with a bit of research.

Google had a change of heart about reviews

Google often has a change of heart and when it does it tends to hurt many of us. This is one of those times.

Their thought is that content matters more than ever and what is provided in a standard review can be gotten from the company website. Therefore it provides no real value to the reader.
However, doing a comparison to several similar products with appropriate recommendations can cut the mustard.

This is known in marketing as bait and switch. Write up on a product and switch to another superior one for payment.

Google now recommends;

  • Provide evidence such as visuals, audio, or other links of your own experience with the product, to support your expertise and reinforce the authenticity of your review.
  • Include links to multiple sellers to give the reader the option to purchase from their merchant of choice.”

This is a whole new playground that means a lot of extra effort.

Informational articles are better than reviews

This is where we story tell and compare using as many additions to our page as possible.

A YouTube Video is always necessary or at least helpful and even audio can cut it.

Images help and a bit of colour with the correct heading placement.

You are then writing about a niche product and looking at all if not several alternatives.

You don't get Authority over night

It is now true that Google loves authority sites far above a newcomer to the space.
Therefore a single review will never quite cut it.

Many bloggers fail to understand that volume helps authority because you become recognised as having an understanding of the product.

If you are writing in the health industry and trying to compete with Doctors, surgeons, and other experts you need to establish your own authority.

This can be done over time by staying close to the original piece and mounting your growing evidence to a conclusion.

Free traffic, a dream or a nightmare

Answering questions in a review

writing product reviews for money

Many search terms are actually questions. How, When, Why type statements that seek a simple answer.

These can be turned into an article that both answers the question and takes the reader on a tour.
A simple example

How many headache tablets ( maybe a brand) can I take in a day?

While the answer is two every six hours complications may arise and you need to understand the alternatives. Head massages do the same job and cost no money however it takes a bit of training to get it right. Then off on a storytelling series about headaches.

You will notice that the answer is given early. This way those that are purely skimming can go on their merry way and the real targets read on. You can never get everyone but you only want buyers anyway.

Affiliate income or Advertising to create wealth

You won't get a good advertising package without traffic, so let the cart come before the horse.

We would always suggest at least one affiliate link somewhere in an article. However, you should never overstuff the article or have your links close together.

Those reading on a Mobile will have your links all jumbled up when they are close thus losing one-third of your market.

Certainly, if it is product orientated you can give reasons to go to more than one affiliate site.

The Best headache tablets are with (Major Pharmacy outlet) However the non branded tablets that do the same thing at half the price are from (cheap place)
I personally use the El Cheapo and save my money.

Having a Banner on the site

All sites allow widgets on any side of the page. Top of the page, Bottom, left and right side
In fact, you will probably see a couple on this post over to the right.

Yes, they are clickable links taking you off to affiliate sites and not being included in your Google post.

How drew went to a million visitors

Drop boxes to show adds

There are many ways you can do this. Pop-ups, slide-in, exit pops are all done with a simple App. These do work because they are attention grabbers because we love movement. It is a distraction and may contain important offers so we simply have to read them.

Without a doubt, they will annoy some people however we all move on accepting they are part of the journey.

Writing product reviews for money with external advertising

External advertising pops

This is the killer income when they pay to advertise on your site, You get paid for these in a variety of ways that best suit you.

One small issue is that you need traffic to the site to justify them using you. This means quite a bit of work before you get to the big income.

Where to get extra information on this

At Wealthy Affiliate they provide a full training package for free that can be accessed by anyone.

Writing good reviews takes a bit of time however the results can be really good.

One review is not a world beater.
You need to establish your authority in this world by repeated articles that answer questions and solve issues.

Conclusion and wrap

Review sites were traditionally great money spinners however Google has moved the goalposts. You now need to write informational reviews that tell more than just a basic product guide.

Expanding on the product, offering alternatives providing further information and suggestions will take the cake.

Remember Change is not always bad, you just need to adjust your thinking to that of a machine called Google.

Content has always been King so deliver what they want.

Writing product reviews for money by Peter Hanley

Some legal bits

How can I stop wasting time on the internet

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

How can I stop wasting time on the internet. There are just so many ways yet so few solutions to move on to making money

The best ways to waste time on the net

Playing games and shooting people is right up at the top. However, it does give you some finger dexterity and a burst of endorphins in a sugar hit.
However, does your partner's wife, etc enjoy being relegated to second place and left wondering how to fill in an hour or so?

When you look back at your day are you satisfied you made the next level and that you can spend another half a dozen hours tomorrow completing the mission.

I might be wrong here however every one for their own in an industry that is so big it is scary.

How can I stop wasting time on the internet?

The You Tube Rabbit hole and being lost

How can I stop wasting time on the internet

Don't get me wrong I love YouTube and recommend it in so many ways.

However, they are very cunning and capture our attention by luring us to tasty bits of new excitement.
Then you find more and more new things to watch that are critically important and hold your attention for quite some time.

Furthermore, they throw tantalising advertising at us to rip apart our purses buying beaut new things.
Use Youtube, don't let it use you.

Making a fortune with no experience.

The making a fortune with no experience dilemma

We see these all the time with promises of new cars, beautiful partners, and sipping cocktails on an exclusive beach. All this for just $19.99. Plus no experience is required.

Ok, $20 is not a big investment so you have a go knowing that something so slick must be worthwhile.
However to have any chance of success they just need another $49.99 because you really deserve this break in life.

But wait, we have some super bonuses worth a king's fortune if you just pay another $99.

Does it ever stop or do you simply give in because it is all too hard.

In some cases, you may be able to get some money returned under a 30-day guarantee however it may also be a bit hard to do.

The time you have wasted can never be given back to you, it is gone forever and you have gained nothing but a bad experience.

I have seen programs that go as high as twenty thousand. Therefore think before you sign.

Even news can take you away.

Getting lost in a news cycle

This gets me every time. I follow several prominent people on Twitter and have to dig deep into the comments to follow the thread. The subject is irrelevant I just have this need to know everything.

The Corona Virus is a big one. We dive deep into this because we need those relevant titbits to share in our conversations. We need to know more than everyone else.

Don't get me wrong it is important however it needs to be relegated to a small part of your journey and not the dominant part of your activities.

Wasting time on the internet, Social Media can really be a trap

Used properly Social media is a very effective way of sharing information that you may never find elsewhere.
Again it offers a large potential to be lost as you deep dive into all the information that really is not all that important.
How often do you now see people in a queue of some kind fully immersed in scanning everything that moves in Instagram or Facebook?

Have we forgotten the art of communications?

The benefits of the internet, turning time into money

So if you have a few hours to waste let's put them to good use learning how to make money on the internet.
The Wealthy Affiliate training program is free to enter and will teach you everything you need to know to make money while sitting at home.

You can build websites or funnels, actually explaining the difference, and ways to bring consumers in.
The mystery of affiliate marketing is explained as well as a million opportunities for selling products.

The make money online industry is massive so they show you how to achieve it without getting hurt along the way.

You will feel so much better about yourself when your time is spent productively and not squandered away.

The time to start is now free a complimentary online entry to the best advice available.


We all waste time, it is part of life however it is the part that takes control that is the worry.

Overdoing anything becomes a problem that feeds on itself. Plus it is one that is easy to control if you just take charge of your own life.

I can give you the tools you just need to add You to succeed.

How can I stop wasting time on the internet by Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.