The Sales funnel builder, free and trained

The sales funnel builder

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained, I don't believe this offer will last for ever because it is just too good to last

Let's look at what a sales funnel achieves.

It's a bit like a Web Page however it is designed to take a reader to a result.
Along the way you pave the road with upsells, down sells, and all sorts of reasons to buy your product now.
It is a high pressure environment that demands reader action and done properly only a few will escape the net.

I have long wanted to use Click Funnels but could never justify the cost

The Russel Brunson product is a really great App however it also comes with a hefty price tag.
As a beginner I could not justify the near $200 a month cost to try and learn how to build a funnel.

Even though I wanted to transport people to my training site I could never see a return that would justify the expense.

So, like most others I shelved that project and went in other directions.

Then recently I was introduced to Groove Digital. What got me interested was the offer of a free version to play with until such a time that I had confidence I could drive a return.

The free version allows you three sites with many bells and whistles and a very clear upgrade channel.

The sales funnel builder and a complete deal

Groove Digital then sealed the deal by offering me money

That's right, they have a very easy to manage affiliate program that pays out on several levels.
Even as a free user you join the program although you do get paid more as a full member.

The important thing is that you are an affiliate from day one with all the promotion material you could wish for.

A lot of these programs offering great income are really shady however the good ones work well.
I use Wealthy Affiliate as my core product. They have built the entire business using affiliate sales and have created really high income earners. What's more I have been with them for several years so I understand that they have a 100% trust factor.

Another that has stood the test of time is Joel Thereon although he has had to change his product strategy along the way. He was an early innovator in Multi level income and sharing returns among the levels of sales people.

Is a dual level affiliate program worth while?

First of all let me explain what we mean by two level income. All your paying referrals earn a percentage of the payment.
So If someone takes a lifetime platinum deal you immediately get paid for that. Furthermore if that Lifetime member recruits say 10 others you also get a piece if that pie, so they earn and you earn.

Personally I would sooner have a single level at a higher margin however this way if you recruit one good down line it can really explode your results.

Therefor please be my one great down line and start making money today.

Don't confuse this with Multi level marketing or indeed a Pyramid scheme as both are entirely different and in fact sometimes illegal.

You are not buying a product to sell on to others, in fact with the free version your cost basis is zero. You are recommending a service that is needed by most online marketers and being paid a referral commission for your marketing efforts.

The sales funnel builder and marketing

How would you market a product like Groove Digital

At Groove Digital they understand marketing very well, indeed it is their core business so if they don't know what to do then no one will.

All marketing starts with the fundamentals;

  • Family and friends always the first point of call
  • Your Social media pages should include information
  • Networking works well if you are so focussed
  • e-mail campaigns will generate activity
  • A blog page ( like this) is ideal
  • A signature on all your correspondence with Groove details
  • Web pages
  • Direct Mail campaigns and so on

Groove has instant material available for all off the above hard coded into your link.

The sales funnel builder and hard coding

Hard Coding make a world of difference

This means that your referrals are never lost .
For example Amazon have a very short window where your referral goes in house after a day or so. What that means if you make a good recommendation and they log in to browse but delay buying for a week your commission has gone.

Groove Digital lock your referral in by hard coding and not pixel linking so you can never miss a great opportunity. This is a very important factor because many companies are after cheap leads. You get cut out of the action very quickly and will never be able to follow up.

Checking on your traffic

We often wonder just how many people we refer along the way and do they all hit the paying site. Not that we think companies will cheat just that everything is in place.

I use an app called Pretty links to track my clicks. This is a free service available on WordPress. It not only tracks your links, recording them along the way but allowing you to change a link on every page. All this in just one place.

Using a spread sheet to track your monthly progress is a great idea, if it is not improving then change something to make a difference.

The sales funnel builder and training

Your training on Building a funnel

There is no way I can attempt to provide all the information you need to build a funnel hence I will link you to where you get it all for free.
It is a basic sales pitch with promises that will work for you.

Like it or not these things sell product like crazy because people want Diamonds. Instant wealth, health or happiness delivered in a thousand words. Some good, some bad but all delivering results.

If you want just one Internet focus building tunnels can deliver above average results even for newbies. You just need something to promote and Groove Digital even give you the product.

Throw in a couple more affiliate products and you are off to the races and in the winning straight.

Have a look at Groove now

My Groove conclusion

This is a relatively new operation taking on an award winning product that has millions of followers. Will they keep a free version long time, maybe because they believe a large percentage will upgrade and those that don't were never going to make it anyway.

When you start to build a few referrals and work out the variance in your income between the paid and free version you will change. Furthermore the change will pay for itself at double the return.

Like all new programs it is only as good as you. Your marketing and your Funnel building prowess.

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained by Peter Hanley

Best long term SEO strategy to win the war

Best SEO strategy

Best long term SEO strategy to win the war against Google. Plus lock in your future on the internet by employing simple rules

Chasing Google is both an Art and a career

This subject can not be taken lightly because it is the difference between success and failure.

SEO strategies meaning. Setting up long term plans to meet Google search parameters in the best possible way

What Google wants is important simply because they make the rules.

Therefore let's run through nine of the top considerations that you must consider in every Post or page.

They are not all hard and some are taken from Yoast SEO a plugin for WordPress we should all use.

UI or in simple terms User Interaction

Having a well-made website, quality content, and a suitable keyword strategy are probably all you need to worry about for long term SEO. Why are these things enough? It’s simple: if your users love your site and your content, chances are high that Google will love it too.
Therefore write for your readers and enjoy long term credibility

Remember that mobile sites are rated first

This means making sure that your work has a good experience when being viewed on the average Mobile Phone screen. You really need to consider content which includes pictures so that being read in the small world is not a problem.
This has been around for a while now however you should consider site speed in your calculations.

Check your site now at a Google test page

Core web vitals is fancy speak for keeping it simple

Again page experience is critical and this can really be thrown out by image selection.
There are many page speed tools and these will find the problems that Google list as:

  • Big pictures
  • Opening images
  • Total page graphics

Any one of these can effect the page speed, The problem is if your page is slow to open a large percentage of readers will move on before it paints.

Maintain research and evaluation cycle

If you have followed any of my work you will understand I am long on Keyword research.
If you have keywords that are either not searched or have too much competition you will not be read. Pretty simple really.
Before you write a single word list out all your keywords and make sure they have value to the readers.
Certainly use a free checker available at Wealthy Affiliate or the Jaaxy solution that provides you with advanced solutions. Try the free trial for more in-depth solutions

Competitor benchmarks to assist your growth

You are not the only kid on the block. There will be others doing similar things with probably some better and a lot worse than you.
Have a look at the good ones and see what keywords are working or areas that you can expand. Take the best and use it for your growth. I don't mean plagiarise however a subject that is briefly covered by others may well be expanded by you.
A simple google search will discover many opportunities to take this to another level.

For example I searched SEO strategy and these are the terms that are being searched.

Best long term SEO strategy

Therefore I know that some of these should be included on this page. In fact I even went back and provided a meaning in the early section of the blog. and will continue with our SEO content strategy to meet or surpass the basic Google requirements.

Cut the Jargon and keep it clear

Some of you will write to impress and use new and exciting phrases that will skip over many a readers head. I was following a broadcast yesterday from a well know scientist on technology changes.
Her presentation may have been accepted in a final year University lecture however for the average person it was way to embellished with unnecessary words and phrases.

I even considered this when introducing Core Web Vitals however it is one you need to consider, maybe I should have said minimise your images.

Write for others not for yourself

It is important that you write for your readers and keep it clear and attractive. This will include short sentences, short paragraphs, a few images and lots of headings

Your readers are generally attention deficit, they want to be entertained and informed or they flit to the next blooming flower.

We often say write to provide the answer to a question or to solve a problem. This should appear early in the piece however they still need a reason to pursue your writing further.

If you are adding affiliate links or page advertising you want them to hang around for a while.

Pictures, graphs and lists grab attention so don't be shy and use as many as you can.

Your H2 and H3 headings should do the same thing. This can capture the skim readers that browse your product looking for points of interest.

Make sure your site is HTTPS compliant

Yes it is probable an old issue that will be in your SEO strategies for 2021.

However many still don't comply and it is detrimental to the future of your site.

Https should be included with any carrier so make sure all your work is current

Best long term SEO strategy

Stop writing to please Google

It might surprise you but Google does not actually read your stuff. It all ready knows enough.
However they do take notice of what your readers do.

They like the number of clicks, time on site, drop outs, internal and external linking, spelling mistakes and the general set up.

People also like personal examples and related experience because we all like a bit of gossip.

He messed up so I guess it is ok for me as well. She had a good experience with a SEO strategy template so maybe I should try it as well. We love personal experiences so don't be shy in using yours.

Writing for the reader experience is the total summary of your inputs.

Using the guidelines implied by Yoast SEO

This is an example of many of the issues that are considered SEO important. Actually

taken from this page just before I pushed the publish button. It is a lot to consider.

My SEO strategy conclusion

It is a constant battle to remember everything you need to do. I use Yoast SEO as my basic reminder on writing techniques and SEO input.

I then go through a list of things that may make a difference to my readers and to achieving a high SEO score.

Yes we all miss some of them and this will tell in the number of readers.

I did not include analytics in this list however it is important to understand what you have achieved over time.

Your post won't soar through the clouds on day one however as you build a following the numbers will start to increase.

We are doing all this for results, not for play so if you are not getting the runs then change something to move the marks.

This includes going back to old content and rejigging it to achieve better readership .

Having your SEO process steps clearing documented will become easier over time.

Best long term SEO strategy to win the war by Peter Hanley

How to make money on the web

How to make money on the web

How to make money on the web when you have no idea where to begin or what to do. A few ideas that will get you started on an awesome journey

It all starts with a webpage

If you have a web page and understand what you are doing then move on to the next section. For all you beginners buckle up and lets go for a ride.

Your webpage is a picture of you, your business or products just like a business showroom.
It tells people what you do, where to contact you and a brief history of your achievements.

A blogger needs a webpage to house all his articles as a salesman needs a webpage to store all his product details.

You can build your own page (see Wealthy Affiliate) or get someone to do it for you. at a cost from about $500. However you still need to do all the ground work. What the site should look like, what does it say and importantly what is the name of the site. Your URL

There are two major considerations with a website. Even if someone else builds your words you must have a concept of SEO and Keywords.

You need to understand these basic concepts before you attempt to to anything on the web. This includes trying to make money.


My simple explanation of Keywords is what people will type into Google to find you or what you have to offer.

I have several sites and one is a personal brand at I use my name and a dot com to follow. I could have used a country code of dot AU however chose not to.

This site is it tells what I do. Again I chose to make it global.
another is This is focussed solely on the Australian market and is about what I do.

Keywords can also be in your posts. For example if you are selling a particular product like a Beanie your keyword is Beanie. However it is not that simple.
You have to conflicts and one is competition and the other traffic.

How to make money on the web by using competition analysis


This is the number of people flogging a beanie. Say 100 of them ahead of you so being found is difficult.
Importantly most searches never go past page one so with a 100 you will be way down the list.
Furthermore people pay to be on the leading pages so they have about 6 spots a page.

However we set about to fool them by specifying a particular Beanie. Maybe Pure Goat Hair Beanie . Only a few people will be this direct so you will get closer to the front.

If no one searches for a Pure Goat Hair Beanie then you are wasting your time. But if just 10 people a month search for your product and you are on page one then you are in the money.

Introducing the tools of traffic

Fortunately you can find out exactly how much traffic and how many competitors by using a Keyword tool.

There are several ways of doing this and the first is simply a Google search of your chosen word,
Firstly let me clear something up, a key word or key phrase are the same thing. Beanie is a Key word however A pure Goat hair Beanie from the Andies is an extension of the word becoming a phrase.
Finally when you search Google for a word at the bottom of the page Google will tell you what is being searched. Not just a word but a phrase.

How to make money on the web

The best of the tools is Jaaxy

This is something I use every day when I search for both keywords and traffic. This will provide you with the information you need.

A simple version of this is also available free when you join the Wealthy Affiliate training, or in a pro program the full box and dice thrown in.

Where ever you sell, market or trade understanding traffic and competition will move you forward faster than any thing else.

How to make money on the web by understanding SEO

Getting back to making money and SEO

Ok, you are starting to get impatient with me and want some answers. However I want to explain one more thing that is vitally important and that is SEO (Search Engine optimisation)

Google controls most things on line, particularly how you will be seen and read. Therefore despite traffic and competition you really need to follow some basic rules so that you meet the role call.

The first is your content. Rubbish just does not make it. It must be well researched and written to be recognised. Further more you should aim to answer a question or solve a problem. Why? because that's what we search for. How to Tie a Bowtie or are Bowties fashionable.

Following that there is word structure and a whole bundle of rules however we have the answer to your question.

A website plugin called Yoast SEO will guide you every inch of the way. It is free in basic format and simple forms part of your page or blog.

Let's get this money making thing going

Oh I forgot, there is one more thing to think about before we jump in. What do you want to be.

A writerCreate your own blogs
Teachercreate courses and training
Sales outletFlog product. Yours or someone else's
Social media managerPost for others Facebook, Instagram etc
Talking HeadYouTube videos make your own
Affiliate marketerrecommend others and earn commission
Product reviewsWrite about products and make recommendations
Just to get you thinking

If you fall in any of these categories we can help you get up and going.
First of all don't try and be a Jack of all trades. Master one of these before you move on. The one that interests you the greatest, not the one that will make the most money.
This is important because it is most likely going to be a long journey and if you get bored or disinterested it will all be a waste of time. Therefore doing something you like is essential to your future.
Overtime you will overlap everyone of the above into your portfolio because they all inter merge into one product.

How to make money on the web and your reasons to start

Where I started my journey

I just wanted to build a website for my business, however I knew nothing about it so had to start from scratch. I searched around until I found the free training at Wealthy affiliate. This training led me on a journey of discovery.
Try a sample and see what you think.
I moved on to a career in blogging that met my desires as a writer and educator.

Every occupation has a learning curve

Working on the internet to make money is relatively easy however you need to do the basics first, there is no short cut to fame. Think that you went to school for about nine years and then to college for three or more years to qualify to get a job.

We can shortcut that to less time but my point is there are things you must know to give you a chance over everyone else.

There are millions of blogs loaded every day so how are you going to be found in a simple search. It is very possible if you use the tools that are available and apply them to meet the rules of Google.

I can't teach you everything in a ten minute read however I can set you on a pathway to success.

How to make money on the web with video

A whole new way to beat the crowd

Google was the sole occupier of search terms. Yes Yahoo, Bing and a few other played a minor role however most searches were done on Google until!
Along came YouTube marching to the front.

Now searched nearly as often as Google and much more that Bing and Yahoo combined. That is a whole heap of traffic that many will miss out on.

Who would search You Tube for business needs.

How to do thingsA massive volume
Ways to unpackcommon use
BrandingGetting an image in the market
MarketingSelling your product
Affiliate salessales of someone else's product
TrainingOr teaching
A starter list

I wanted to repair the brakes on my bike so I searched you tube, I had trouble with an excel function so I searched You tube. Everyday I follow a report on Crypto currencies with a YouTube feed. Many times everyday I search You Tube and so will you and countless others so I guess there is a message coming out of that. How to conquer You tube and make some money.

First of all you can make a video using your iPhone or Tablet and in fact most computers have a camera and mike to use. For the more ambitious you can buy a nice camera and sound equipment. Finally the easy way forward.

Enter Vidnami

With a tool like Vidnami you can create a professional video without using any of the above.
You can try it all for free and keep every video you make, good or bad.

There is an opportunity to really get this rocking for those who have a leaning to writing scrips and adding clips, pictures or videos.
Yes you will need a bit of guidance however Vidnami have a whole bundle of training .

Finally a tool that anyone can use. Furthermore it is free to try.

How to make money on the web by using a mentor

For the insecure types there are more ways

First of all many of us need someone to show us the way, It its worth paying some money to take a huge shortcut to success by using a Mentor.
This can be an expensive trap if you go searching for the promised land because their are so many out there wanting to take your money.

I recommend a friend of mine Roy Carter. Roy is an English guy made good spends a bulk of his time residing on an Island paradise. Roy will take you through the steps you need to take and lead you to income.

Therefor any paid out should be returned many times over.
Finally this is for those that are willing to do the work and are committed to success. Roy does not accept just anyone however having my recommendation will really help

A conclusion on making easy money on the internet

Finally to Easy money, It simply is not true, if you give nothing you get twice that in return. However if you are prepared to invest some time and effort it is possible. Forget age, gender, race because everyone is equal and have the same opportunities.

Furthermore this really is the land of equal opportunity. You get back what you put in so make an investment in your self and join us in having a good time and making money.

So concluding all this, it is now your job to take action.

How to make money on the web by Peter Hanley

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare. We would all love a constant stream of traffic that makes up the numbers but can it hurt you

What is free traffic

I guess a lot of traffic is free however some of it can actually hurt you.

Every business, website, Funnel or marketing requires traffic, without which you have nothing.
We work tirelessly to generate customers / buyers to our plans however should we be selective.

You can source any amount of traffic from a google search so it looks great on your analytics page however Google knows better.

Traffic is just one measure among the many that Google wants to see.
Equally as important are the number of disconnects. Those that hit your site and move on without a moments thought to your content.
Often generated by online programmes designed for this purpose. They actually hurt your ratings.

Important are those that open a page and even more importantly remain for a small amount of time.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare
Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare

I bought free traffic to meet a demand

Interestingly we all fall for the best ways to create an illusion. I wanted my site to display a large volume of traffic that looked real and met all the Google needs.

I found this at Spark Traffic a sight for just this purpose. The numbers reflect great activity and meet the Google requirements of page selection and time on page. As well the all important bounce statistic

This is a great way to add as much traffic as you want for a small amount of money.

However you should remember that it is computer generated traffic and not keen buyers.

When you want to add advertising to your site they wont look at you until you have a level of traffic and this shortens the process.

Same site with traffic added. Looks good enough to sell.

YouTube is a traffic generator

There is no better source of free traffic than You Tube.

This site is searched nearly as often as Google and much more than Bing and Yahoo combined.
Therefore to ignore this really at your peril.

However you must build a following and make sure your link is prominent either in or below the video.
If you are insure how to create a professional video try a free go using Vidnami. Make as many videos as you want in seven days and save them to YouTube. Each one should only take an hour or so therefore you will have a big display in your channel.

With this knowledge in place moving forward would be simple.

A dream or a nightmare, depends on how quickly you expand your knowledge.

Social media can be great but it takes work

Off course regular posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc will have a range of new and old viewers. Without spending money this is fairly limited however necessary to the overall effect.
Posting on forums and following groups will bring more contacts than pure luck. When you are active and contribute to these areas you will build a natural following. Furthermore when your readers are comfortable they will refer others to you.

The trick is to not spread yourself to thin. Each media takes time to do it properly so pick the one you are most comfortable with and make that your hero. The others are the support crew to tie it all in together.

Using Quora, reddit and similar media

There will be those that love this marketing and those that loathe it. However it really needs a trial in your internet life. Answering questions and provoking conversations can build a following that really share and like and thus building followers. Importantly many will click your links.
Build a personality and keep social to be successful.

Along with Quora is guest posting in all media where your subject can be recognised. You can become the go to expert as you answer all the questions.

A host of ideas that may take your fancy

Starting with your own eBook. A short story on a subject you understand and want to share with the masses. Answer a question, solve a problem and provide a solution. You probably wont be able so sell these wonderful products but they make a great give-a-way item to solicit followers.

Training courses are an extension of your knowledge. People want to learn and there is no better way than a well structured course that can bring many followers.

Yes they take a bit of work however they last for a considerable time and continue to provide new names and emails. If you are lucky or really very good courses can be a source of income

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare begins with great SEO

Let's not forget basic SEO practices

SEO is as important as any of the above ideas. Google rates your Web or Blog on the basics of SEO.

  • A keyword that will be searched
  • Your heading that will be read
  • The meta to draw them in
  • Pictures to maintain interest
  • Proper Sub heading structure
  • Colours and set out
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Minimum of 1200 words

Every single item will count to you being read.

You need to be on page one of a search term to have any chance of success so without well structured SEO you have little hope. You can learn more about this at Wealthy Affiliate a training site for optimal page construction.

Newsletters need a mention

This simple act can be a wonderful source of new business. Many think of a Newsletter as sales tool however that is far from the truth. The good Newsletter is there to entertain, inform and educate your readers. They will decide when to give you money whilst your job is to grow the list of followers.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare and my summary

My Summary

When I was doing some research to find a few more ideas I thought that most of the posts offered too many radical opportunities. Everything you do takes time so the best use of your time is the vehicle that gives the best return.

I have a friend that uses just Instagram for her business. Two posts every day seven days a week keeps her appointment book full for a month in advance. Time is minimal, cost negligible however the results are excellent. She spends her time on making money.

Therefore I suggest you choose your hero media and give it everything you have until you achieve great success or even fail miserably. If you fail that is one to be taken of the list and try something different.

I like a multi media approach however spreading your self to thin will actually delete the results you are wanting to achieve.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare by Peter Hanley

Tesla-When a company has it all and for the right reasons

Tesla-When a company has it all. I am an unashamed follower of Elon Musk and the Tesla group. Now I make money from my obsession and tell why

Tesla is much more than a car company

You may either like or dislike Elon Musk however look behind the façade and there is a massive story to be told.

The Tesla story goes beyond that of Steve jobs for outstanding innovation and his achievements will be the greatest adventurer in history

Tesla vehicles started as an idea to change the world. The business was already operational when he introduced a small amount of seed capital to help the floundering operation.
He soon found out that direction and planning were needed to move forward so he joined as an active participant.

This small amount of involvement turned into an obsession and 20 hour days trying to avoid bankruptcy. Electric Vehicles were indeed untrendy and the perception was down played in every press and article.

Electric cars were just play things that would fade out and be like steam engines over night.

How wrong were they.

Paypal; the beginning

Elon first major business entry was PayPal where he bought into an established operation. It was extremely effective as we all know and he sold early for a hefty $200 odd million profit.

This provided the capital for his venture into Tesla where he made the hasty decision that risking half his money was worth the effort.
Tesla ended up taking it all and more as they worked the development stage of growth.

When you get close to the wall of no return you must take action

When the inevitable is the next pay day that you can't fund you are in deep trouble.
This is a situation that Musk found himself in during the early days however he took action.

First of all he went to a close friend Larry page and lined up a sale of shares in Tesla at a fire sale price. this was not not something he wanted however insolvency concerns pushed the issue.

Next was a very different approach to a problem.

Musk pulled every available employee to the phone and asked them to call anyone that would buy a car. By the end of the day they had sold enough new cars to cover any shortfall and this avoided off loading the shares . It was engineers, designers in fact anyone that could make a call fronted up to save the company.

Whilst Musk is sometimes portrayed as a difficult man to work for he does have a real employee loyalty.

Elon attracts a hate following

The press love to knock him and ridicule his ideas in a Tall Poppy fashion. In fact just today I read a review showing all the Gaffs he had made that were designed to the ridiculous.

In fact he has demonstrated a higher understanding of business and the environment than any peer before or after him.

An Electric Car (EV) was a pipe dream that could not be done. There were so many hurdles to overcome that it was considered it would never eventuate.
Batteries were a problem, recharging not available, facilities to build a viable number of cars too expensive, they were unsafe, impracticable and no one would ever buy them. That was in 2008.

In 2009 they sold just 500 cars to start the journey. Now in 2021 it will be close to a million cars in the year, an outstanding effort.

Elon has a different approach to most people. First of all he wants things done quicker than realistically possible. Secondly he wants it at half the price considered reasonable and finally he does not take no as an answer.
He also works absurdly long hours and wants everyone to be the same as him.
Some can take it many can't.

What makes Tesla special

The electric car is built around helping to control global Warming because of low or no exhaust emissions. The use of vehicles world wide was soaring with new demand coming from growing countries like China with their increased prosperity. Furthermore road traffic is responsible for nearly 18% of global emissions creating green house gases and damaging the world.

Musk set out to change the way transport is conducted.

Importantly Elon welcomed competition. In fact nearly all there systems are on open source software that can be used by anyone.

The Tesla model has been a different approach to orthodox car building.

He started out with a big and expensive car that had only minor market appeal. They set about showcasing a very fast and safe Automobile that was completely different to the general market. Only now after four model changes is he starting to develop a low cost alternative.

Models have been the S, the E, a three and finally a Y. This was supposed to spell sexy however the e was a Toyota brand and they had protected the word and denied Tesla the opportunity to use it.

Among many problems batteries was supreme

The limitations of battery packs included many variables;

  • Charging and recharging time
  • Use time
  • Heat loading
  • Fire risk
  • Weight
  • Packing

The battle was hard and in pact Panasonic were bought into the partnership to turn virtual computer batteries into a power system strong enough to power a large automobile.

Late last year Tesla launched a new product.

These new tabless cells, which Tesla is calling 4860 cells, will give the company's EV batteries five times more energy capacity, make them six times more powerful, and enable a 16 percent range increase for Tesla's vehicles. The tabless cells were among the first announcements from Tesla's Battery Day

The Verge Sept-20

The growth market

As we shall see battery growth is not just confined to Electric Vehicles because the solar industry is all growing at a great rate. Solar cell roofs or panels all need battery support and the market is arguably bigger than the car market.

It should be noted that this is a world wide market and not just domestic supply. Tesla has taken on the Chinese by building a local factory and supplying the biggest market in the world. The Chinese manufactured NIO is a light year behind and the introduction of a Tesla compact will see a big difference.

Finding increased opportunities for power

Elon's brother had been financed into a Solar energy project manufacturing panels and providing support batteries for domestic use. Elon joined into the group and used similar battery configurations to the cars and thus expanding on the demand for the product.

In the coming five years the supply of batteries alone will add significantly to the income of Tesla. Special factories have been set up and demand is going through the roof.

Tesla plan on delivering 20 million cars a year by 2030 up from a low One million this year

The ramp up plan from its pilot lithium-ion battery plant in California, with its 10 GWh annual capacity, includes an order of magnitude leap for Tesla to 100 GWh by 2022 before ballooning to 3 TWh by 2030

The cost of producing a Kwh of power is somewhere around $100 and expected to reach a figure nearer $50 by 2025. So when you multiply 3TW hours by $50 the income of Tesla is going to be very large.

Changing the world from the ground up

Every car company in the world is moving to EV

From a one man start up to a world changing position on vehicles.

European sales of EV's in 2021 will be in excess of 1.5 million cars, US nearly 8 % of all cars will be EV in 2021 (around 1.5 million cars) with similar amounts in China where it is estimated 30% of all cars will be EV in 2025.

Surprisingly The rise Of Hybrid cars is also growing mainly with the Toyota brand. When Tesla were asked if they would do a Hybrid the answer was a definite NO. The reason being that a full EV had far less moving parts and a Hybrid still has an engine Gear box Diff etc making the change less effective.

Another telling fact is that the European group levee a surcharge on all normal aspirated motors in the form of a tax. Therefore car manufacturers are pushing EV's where they can get a credit.
The tax can amount to hundreds of dollars on the price of a car.

Tesla are about to introduce, a ute, a truck and driverless taxis to markets this year that will bring a big increase to sales.

The Hydrogen impact on Batteries

Again Tesla stated that Hydrogen was not an option being to expensive and unstable to be considered. However many others are walking this plank because of increased power. It may be used in heavy haulage where savings can be made with increased payloads to compensate for cost

Green Hydrogen is the buzz of the year and considerable development is happening around this. This is made from water and Electricity so it requires a lot more energy in creating the fuel.

The race is not yet over but EV is a lap ahead

Elon Musk and the Tesla group have changed the future. A change that will be far better for the environment and for mankind. The losers are the Oil companies that have fought hard to maintain their lucrative market but have reluctantly accepted transformation.

It is an interesting fact that Electric cars consume electricity that mainly comes from fossil fuels, something that must be solved. However a concentrated problem is far easier to maintain than millions of emitters without control.

20 million cars a year

Tesla has plans to produce 20 million EVs per year by 2030, 50 times its 2019 production. Much of these projections are based on the inclusion of a $25,000 EV “within the next three years” – as announced at the recent ‘Battery Day’. There are already several EVs at that price range, but none with sufficient utility for owners (a combination of cost, range, access to charging etc.) to be truly head-and-shoulders better than an average priced ICEV. Adding a lower-priced vehicle to its portfolio would position Tesla to capture 45% of our projected 45 million passenger EVs sold in 2030. 

DNV .com

What can you do about this

Tesla shares are going to go ballistic in the coming years, analyst's are picking a share price of ten or twenty thousand from the current $700 level. This is not investment advice nor do I understand the future however I do believe in what has been achieved in this start up period.

I have not mentioned SpaceX or the Low earth satellites that will beam fast internet to areas that previously had no chance. Nor the Boring company building tunnels at low cost and quicker than ever before.

The future has changed and you can change with it by buying a small investment into a huge growth cycle.
Simply set up an account with eToro and throw in some loose change to get a small part of the action. Off course there is risk involved and you should not put your inheritance across the table. However start the journey and become more educated on the opportunities coming up.

{The author has Tesla shares}

EToro login

Tesla-When a company has it all and for the right reasons by Peter Hanley

Buy on line and trade today

5-Affiliate marketing mistakes (and how I learned a hard lesson)

Why planning is important

5-Affiliate marketing mistakes (and how I learned a hard lesson). Not understanding these basic inputs will provide no chance of success

Affiliate marketers have a battle to be seen

Unless you are read and followed no one will click your links and thus no sales will result.

A pretty simple formula really however the big question resides around being read.

First of all you must be on page one of a search term. Over 80% of searches never go past the first three free listings so if you are not there you will not be found.

Keyword understanding is essential.

Understanding Key words is paramount to success

Key words or more correctly Key phrases are the basics of all search terms. It is a balance between competition and traffic and both need to be on target.

Fortunately we have some tools to help us with this otherwise it would really be a difficult task.

When someone searches for anything they type in a series of words and those words are the Keywords that take them to a result. Google ranks all those words and positions them according to their rules.

I use three different tools to gain the information needed to make a wise decision. Remember I said traffic and competition, well, too much of either and you wont be found, similarly too little has exactly the same results. No one looks at you.

I looked up affiliate marketing for beginners and found among others two results

Same page and vastly different results so what went wrong.

Seeing your traffic makes a difference.

Using the tools before and not after

The first is Jaaxy a Wealthy Affiliate product .

This tool will give you most of what you want in terms of volume and competition. Pick volume of around 100 a month and competition under say 50 or 5 pages.

Next we look at Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. a bit more difficult to read but more information.

Finally the important Google search. Google writes the rules so they know.

Ubersuggest also has a Chrome extension that provides the estimated visitors numbers as seen above. They will add to the traffic count.

Using a headline tool helps write great introduction text.

Now we have a headline and Meta description to complete

The above examples both appeared on page one so why did one get more traffic?
The first thing is the headline.
Affiliate marketing for beginners 7 steps to success makes a promise.

I struggled with this for a long time until I found a great free tool by Monster Insights. This tool rates your headline and tells you what you are doing wrong, or right in some cases.

Many experts will tell you to keep your headline short however they are wrong. The headline needs to draw readers in to answer a question, provide hope or come up with a solution to a problem.
7 Steps seems to be better that 2021, ( what's more you wont have to change it)

You need power words and promises to pull them in.

Next is the Meta description the lines below the headline. This must explain what your article is about and whether it is worth reading for them. It needs to contain your key phrase as well.

These three items are a package that need to be the best available on the page. Your time to grab a reader is only about 2 seconds so it must be good.

Key Phrases are the startsearch for traffic and competition
A great headline is necessaryAbout 55 characters is ideal
Meta descriptionGet them in with a promise

Affiliate marketing mistakes and bad links

Use your links sparingly and distance them apart

Being an affiliate marketer gives you the opportunity to link to many and varied income sources. Most of us have a whole bundle of affiliate links depending on what we are writing about.
First of all writing for Mobile content is necessary at all times because this is where Google takes its ranking from.
However having links close together for a mobile phone creates a blurring of the data and they can't be used.
Secondly readers are there for information and too many links creates distrust in what your article is about. Links must be directly associated with your article and provide more information.

Finally you have several link types but three are important

Internal links Linking to other data within your blogs
External LinksTaking them to further information
Authority linksUniversity's, Health services even Wikipedia
Use them at appropriate times

In conclusion, limit your links, write for mobile optimisation and include authority.

Using good SEO is also critical to success

WordPress is my media of choice so I am able to use Yoast SEO. In fact I use the premium version because SEO is so important.
Content structure must be designed with readers in mind. Lots of headlines, short sentences, a few graphics and no spelling mistakes.

Writing must be positive and use ample transition words to connect structure.

You are not writing an engineering white paper. You are there to entertain and keep readers on the page from beginning to end. Provide a solution or answer a question is your destination.

Keeping them on page creates an opportunity for taking them to a destination where you get paid.
You are an affiliate with an ambition to make money. Therefore getting readers transported to the money page is your objective. Your blog or article is the devise to the printing press.

Don't get all hung up on prise winning articles, find the hot spot that gets action and exploit it as well you can.

In most cases the web page you are directing your readers to will be designed to sell the product, that is their job. Your roll is to build interest and move them on to spending money.

Affiliate marketing mistakes and good SEO

Good SEO is importantTry Yoast SEO
Entertain and informinclude references
Move readers to a saleUsing great linking structure

Understand your history and analyse your results

When you don't know where you have been, can't see where you are going and have no idea of traffic you are in the middle of a nightmare.

Firstly Google analytics is available free to everyone. It has such an extensive range of stats
that can tell you many variables. If you are using WordPress then a great plug-in is Monster Insights. ( The same one for your headline analyser) This puts all the vital stat on your front page so you are reminded constantly to check your results

My conclusion to affiliate marketing and the lesson I learned

The principal lesson is that many variants make the whole and they all need to be in line. Like music it is not just one note but a range of inputs to create a tune.

Affiliate marketing is like that. You need to line up all the ducks to capture interest and intent in a part of a second.
Therefore you should concentrate on each variable and get them all correct every time. Any one failure may well cost you a reader and importantly a chance of income.

You are an affiliate to make money and we sometimes get so wrapped up in our content that we forget that important principal.

The best place to start an affiliate journey is with the training at Wealthy Affiliate. From starter to professional there is something for everyone and your entry is free.

They understand the business better than any one so even being in the forum provides healthy tips and advice.

Furthermore you can get answers on a range of issues in several ways designed around a quick finish to your issue.

5-Affiliate marketing mistakes (and how I learned a hard lesson) by Peter Hanley

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds)

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds). When 62 % of all searches are not clicked you need to get smarter and start now

Why has Google searching changed

Unfortunately Google is not there for you the marketer. They want to answer a question and move on.

They try to have a direct result for your search that answers the question for you so you read and move on.

The above is a typical example where no click is required. If you are currently in The Northern part of the world we are at the end of Autumn here down under and perfect weather. Just saying.

As you can see weather request have a big volume and impact the results.

YouTube take a bundle of traffic from you

In fact YouTube is directly searched nearly as often as Google. Plus the YouTube videos are mostly in the top search spots so they also take the traffic away from you.

Google searching
Compliments Neil Patel Uber Suggest

So things are getting worse and not better.

Paid adds also burn your traffic away

Now it may be true that we avoid the paid adds in most cases however they still get a lot of traffic, if not people would not pay the premium price for them.

Therefore we really are in a battle for readership.

  • We can pay for advertising remembering a click is not a sale.
  • Do our own YouTube videos and try to get them rated
  • Be ranked on page one
  • Give up on the game or get smarter, it is your call.

My seven ways to better results

1: First of all it is understanding keywords and how they apply in a search.

Furthermore if you are not on page one no one sees you anyway.

If my keyword for this blog was Google there are about 480,000 searches a month for that term therefore impossible to rank on page one.

However “What is Google search engine” has little competition and good traffic

Finally for this section it is using your keyword in your URL. This can increase your chances by a massive 45%

2; Answering a question or solving a problem

Most searches are seeking an answer to a question or a solution to a problem that they have.
This is a fact . Thus using this format can increase your chance of success by 14%
Yes 14% makes a big difference

3: Power words, emotional words and common words help

A mix of all of these really help with your headline. I used Easy as my emotional word and Beating as my power word. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with good headlines so I use a headline tool by Monster Insights. This is a basic WordPress plug-in that analyses your headline and gives you ideas for improvement.

1: Google Search (why It Doesn't Work Anymore)

2:Google Search (why It Doesn't Work Anymore And The Way To Overcome It)

3: Google Search (why It Doesn't Work And 7 Positive Changes For Instant Success)

These are ideas I worked from. The first was a low 48% so I needed to improve.
The middle one was still 48% so back to the drawing board.
The third one bounced right up to 50% but still not suitable.

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds) actually got a pass mark at 75%

That is what I used.

Your Monster Insights free trial Button for full website analysis

4:Try using a year for effect, example ” best Google search in 2021

This is done quite a lot now and Patel states a 9% increase in searches when using a year. However make a note to change in the new year.

5: Curiosity works really well

I particularly like this one for a very good reason. When someone searches a term they like then you have a vey short period of time to get their interest.
Who let the search term of of the bag, why Trump was really banned from Twitter,
If you can grab a reader by curiosity it is a great starting point.

6: Creating your own Meta description, a must do or Google will mess it up

This is not number six in order it probable should be up the top so take good note.

If you don't write your own 160 character Meta ( what your article is about) then Google will take a few words out of the first paragraph and use that. OK, they should know what they are doing because they do run the show however you need more control than that.

The Keyword comes first, and the description should entice a reader to take action.

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds). When 62 % of all searches are not clicked you need to get smarter and start now

Peter H

In this case I identify a problem and give you ways to better internet searching.

Have a look at the paid ads on the first page and look at their meta description, Can you do better by one of the many ways here.

7: Putting it all together for more clicks

You may have noticed that copy has not been mentioned, the setup , links nor anything else.
If they don't click they don't read so it don't matter.

I Use Neil Patel for many things mainly because he really knows his stuff.
In this he is promoting Neil Patel . His name is in the URL, the title and the meta description .
He wants you to know more and screams look at me.

You need to be as good as Neil in writing your material. Practice and learn until you get the results you want.
Remember if you are not searched you are not read.

My search conclusion

Finally my wrap up and advice.
Having your material searched and read is the total ballgame.
Therefore do it properly every time and give yourself a chance of success.
Furthermore take as much training on this one subject as you can
Finally If you mess this up there is nothing to follow.

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds) by Peter Hanley

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links (How to avoid the mistakes I made)

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links and how to avoid the mistakes I made. Every click should be money so understanding the rules is essential.

No, not really, except that you need to get a payback from either one to enjoy the benefits. Free ones may take you longer and a lot more work however the return is all yours. When you pay for a click you certainly need some sales to justify the expenditure.

Money in less money out equals a return. if it is negative it is time to think about it.
The term Affiliate Marketing would cost you $5.30 for every click. (Uber suggest). That is not sales that is clicks. So if one in say eight subscribe you have a cost of over $40 a subscriber.

However if your return over a period is more than this then it is worthwhile.
If you are new to this leave it well alone for awhile however for the more experienced it is simply mathematics

Off course some Affiliates pay better than others. Amazon may now pay you a paltry 2% on most products which makes it pretty hard unless you are selling big ticket items.
I like commissions that are paid monthly on a recurring basis like Wealthy Affiliate where you may get $24 a month for the life of a client.
However many don't stay in any product for long so it is only experience that can guide you.
There are literally millions of affiliate opportunities in just about any product you can think of.
However choose one that has market acceptance, demand and a good return as your number one choice.

One is never enough and that saying really fits in here. You can have as many affiliate links as you want on the proviso that you can do them justice. I limit myself to about eight products that are closely associated with My small business marketing niche. That way I can get a good balance and a reasonable volume of clicks.

Choosing your time to offer a product

Timing is essential and that can apply with your affiliate products when you go to market.

First of all we have four seasons that have very different needs. You will never sell Snow Shovels at the beginning of summer nor thin jogging shirts at the peak of winter.

What's more we have festive seasons where great opportunities are available.

then there is Black Friday an internet dream when products move faster than any other time.

So Pick your product and match your timing to achieve greater success.

Good SEO is the starting point

Nothing in the internet world works without good Search engine Optimisation. Being an affiliate is no different because you need to be seen to sell. Keywords, Headlines, offers, and structure all count in being found. The most important is keyword use and that is why I wrote a lot more on this issue.
SEO is about many things however it starts with a Keyword and your headline. Without having these correct you simply won't be read.

Consistency is the first objective

If you do a promotion once and it does not work then try again. Building a brand takes time and your brand is carried in everything you do. Overtime you will gain a following and traffic will not be a problem. A brand may just be your name (as I do) or a pseudonym that you choose, it matters not. What matters is consistency

Using forums to advance your opportunities

Some will excel at this and some will hate it however it does get results. Posting on Quora is easy and you will get lots of requests however too many links and you will get banned, don't say I didn't warn you.
i included this because it is heavily promoted but it is not my favourite way. I have and still occasionally post on Quora so I cant knock it.
Parlar is another among many you can use

Having a data base of followers

If you read nothing else on this page read these couple of paragraphs.
First of all a data base of contacts is like gold. You can use it often and it still retains a real value a value that you can bank.
These are picked up from everything you do and kept in a manner that can be used to contact them.
However not every contact is real or of use particularly when gained in ways that should not be used. Black lists may hold little or any real value however those real names cultivated over time by the many ways to market are invaluable.

Off course Social Media is always a winner

You can advertise, gather followers, post articles do lots of stuff on all the advertising mediums named as Social Media. The first was Facebook that is still growing after all these years right through to TiK Tok the latest trend in instant media. It is interesting that each of these has generally a age based following. look at Facebook that started out as University students, went to the younger set and ended with an older demographic of followers.
This is a long subject however an important one for you to be placed in front of your demographic.

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links by writing blogs.

Blogging is an easy way to results

What is a blog? Well buddy you are reading one right now and somewhere on this page will be a contact form to give me your email address and name so I can add you to my data base. However the purpose is to educate you like a book would only in a lot less words,
There are literally millions of bloggers and for those that like to write a great place to be. However it takes time to grow a following but once there a powerful form of affiliate marketing.

If it was too easy everyone would be doing it

Affiliate marketing may be the best job in town however it takes some time to gather an audience.
Many will jump in and out believing it is not worth while whilst those that stay the distance will reap the results.
There are many roads that lead to success. You can choose several at the same time to ply your wares on the market.
Success comes to those that apply the rules and training is the answer.
Trust in your self and your future will be filled with financial rewards.

My final words

Using multi media will assist your promotion in different ways and then ramp up those links that provide the best results.
In fact if the analytics are favourable this could be the time to look at paid advertising to complete the package.
A positive return on investment is the basis for extended marketing and much higher income.

Cleaning up old content and coming forward

Your content

Cleaning up old content and coming forward to let Search Engines know you care about your blog . The best ways to go shown here

A chore or a new start, it's your call

The first action is to tour your old pages and posts finding those that are obsolete.

You may have posted on Donald Trump being president however that is is the past, or maybe the future, but not in the next four years.

That is the sort of post that you need to make a decision on.

  • Delete the post and forget it
  • use a 301 redirect to The Joe Biden page
  • Then a 401 to tell Google page deleted
  • Or 410 to say page gone forever

Deleting obsolete posts is good house keeping.

We all have these and they affect your results. I use a Brocken link plugin that tells me how many I have at any one time and where they are.

One way around this is using a product like Pretty Links. Here you store all your links on the dashboard so when you want to change a link it changes every page or post.

Not only that it also records all traffic so you can understand how well the link is working.

Yoast SEO also has a great link checker on their service.

The meta description is also important

The meta tells people what your article is and is the first introduction to your page .

You can write your own Meta or have Google make one up for you taking a part of the first paragraph.

The better this short description is the more readers you will get and hence more sales.

Again if your Meta went praising Donald Trump it is old material and needs to be up dated.
You have about ,

meta description (sometimes called a meta description attribute or tag) is an HTML element that describes and summarizes the contents of your page for the benefit of users and search engines. … Your meta descriptions are important to you and to your SEO rankings.


You have about 160 characters, spaces and words to make your point.

Cleaning up old content

This is an example of a good Meta description. You can see it has attracted a lot of visitors because it explains exactly what the reader wants.

Therefore it is important to keep these up to date.

Cleaning up old content and adding Video

Adding pictures, graphs and lists

One easy way to bring old material up to date is to make it look pretty,
By adding relevant pictures, graphs or lists really helps a page jump out.

Then off course you have colour to brighten up the day.
These are easy additions however they have a big impact.

Readers scan your writing looking for things of interest so a picture brings them to a stop
or pause to read more.

Your content is important

You can not ignore outdated content or even badly scripted work. Yes we all have days when we are not quite up to the grade particularly in our early work.

Sentences too long, paragraphs extended beyond three hundred words all make a difference.

Furthermore the use of headings and subheadings should be checked.

That is not to mention spelling and grammatical mistakes. You can use a product like Grammarly to make sure you are on track

Video is now king, consider adding one

A Video does several things.
First of all you can link to a video or embed one on your site to get a better click ratio.

Secondly time on site is a relevant SEO objective, when we go to a video this will increase the visitor time.

Thirdly YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google so you can make a radical difference to your traffic having readers from more than one source.

If you are not sure how to do this try Vidnami free for a week and see how it all works. Within an hour you can have a professional video completed and loaded to your site.


Industry leaders put this first on your daily task list. Your post has age and maturity, relevance and position therefore you can only add to this and improve the results.

What is the most important thing to do? It will depend on what you originally did and what mistakes you made to easily update the site.

Finally Neil Patel, for one example, has a team working exclusively on old blog posts believing it will make a big enough difference to justify the expense,

Cleaning up old content and coming forward by Peter Hanley

How to start a business with no money

Making money by blogging

How to start a business with no money and expect to be successful. I did it and I want to show you 8 great ways to the top.

I lie, you do need a computer or smart phone and internet access

It is unrealistic to make money out of thin air with no experience, nothing to sell or no problem to solve. However we will look for some starting opportunities.

You start by trading your time.

It is no good moaning or dreaming it is all too hard because it's not.

What is hard is the first step, making a decision and starting a journey. We all had to do it and now it is your time to grow up, muscle up and make some decisions to go forward.

Anyone can make money on line, it does not matter who you are or where you live, if you are male or Female, young or old the internet makes you invisible.
However it also provides an opportunity to empower yourself and project your image to garner a following among like minded people.

First of all let's look at a real business

There are endless businesses you can build from scratch and they will include;

I think of a good business as one that provides a growing customer base and income the longer you are in business.
More importantly one that provides a recurring income

How do you learn to create a business with no experience?

You are going to trade your time for a period to learn the basics.

If you wanted to play good tennis you can't just pick up a racket and hit like a pro, you will need some lessons and a lot of practice to be just average. Then over time you will become better and maybe reach your goal.
Starting a business is no different except that you need the right coach or you will be taken on a wild ride of despair.

The very best place to start is with the free training at Wealthy Affiliate,. Here you can complete a basic course and find what is suitable for you.

I did this to start my journey a few years back, I skipped through because I new it all only to find that cheating never works.
I then went back and started again and did it properly to gather a full working knowledge.

However there are other places as well depending on what you want to do.

Is blogging a career option?

As a blogger I will be biased however I love writing and talking about business so it suits me.
All you need is a website , some affiliate links and traffic and you are in the money. Furthermore the opportunity to make extreme income is possible, however, the time taken will be a lot longer that many other options to establish your following.
You will get income from selling advertising, from referrals and even flogging products that you have made or recommended.
When you have a following the repeat income starts and slowly builds to a viable business.

Affiliate marketing the best business in town

Where else can you sell a product you don't have, not do any billing or customer support and get paid handsomely along the way. Plus have the opportunity for recurring income that builds a monthly return for years to come.
There are millions of affiliate opportunities however you must find the one that suits you.
You have to love what you are doing or you will simply get bored and give up.
It is no good selling Tennis Rackets if you play basketball, maybe they are both sports but quite different.
First of all you will need a website, marketing and SEO knowledge and a product.

When you know nothing about websites it is time to learn the basics and gather a general understanding of what is required.
If you have the website basics covered then it is gathering products to sell and finding the buyers.
Finally you need to understand the ability to gather customers and induce them to part with their money.

As stated the best place to start is Wealthy Affiliate however the training at Amazon will also give you a good grounding. In Days past Amazon was a great starting block but they have reduced commissions so far in is now a volume business.

How to start a business with no money with an online shop

Your own online shop

This is a product that has really boomed in 2020-21 with Covid lockdowns promoting online shopping. The industry offers really cheap entry establishment.
You need a free or cheap website on WordPress with a WooCommerce plugin and some products, how easy is that.

Sell your own products or those from somewhere else and have them drop shipped.
An example;
My wife just bought a Cheese board as a wedding gift. It was from a good looking webpage that had a good discount and free shipping.
However the product was faulty so she took a photo and sent it back to them. They replied that we should go to the manufacturer who would cover the claim. The manufacturer said no worry new one on the way. My point is that the shop that had made the sale had the manufacturer supply the product direct in what is called Drop Shipping.
Sort of affiliate marketing with a difference.

Marketing by Social media

Social media is responsible for many sales of product from companies across the board.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all represent selling opportunities.

Understanding these ideas can provide you an opportunity to do this for local clients. It is
simply getting a basic understanding and then going to clients and selling the idea.

The big growth area is in Retargeting and remarketing both hard to understand for businesses but easy to get the basics. Online learning is bountiful and it is an easy journey to successful business.
I have a client that focussed on Facebook and was offered a career position within 6 month of starting the journey because she represented value in the offer she had.

How to start a business with no money by writing for a career

Writing as a career

No not best selling novels and maybe not even eBooks however there are countless other opportunities.
One off course is Blog writing for others, simply get a direction and post to a clients website or simply become a freelance writer on Fiverr or similar.

In the next heading we will look at emails and newsletter that also require writing input.
Grammar and spelling are easily covered by using a free version of Grammarly to correct your work.

eBook writing for others can be quite good and a lot of commercial templates are available to construct a nice readable product for your clients.

Email and newsletters

Every business should produce a Newsletter, it is a two week or monthly product talking about what they do as a business or offering advise on how to achieve certain ambitions.
However it is one of those annoying jobs that is put on the back burner for a later time.
That however is not good enough, consistency is required to keep the readers focused on your content .
I recently wrote a piece that headlined:
“If your customers are not reading your Newsletter they are reading someone else's”
marketing is a front of mind opportunity and this is a perfect vehicle.

I know it sounds hard but using a service like Constant Contact that is all built on templates so very easy to do and you charge the service fee to the client plus your time.

You then have regular work and income that can be projected well ahead.

You don't need a website however it is all internet access. Constant Contact have great training manuals so there is no reason to not be successful.

Akin to this is programming email flow to the future using an Auto Responder. This is simply a set of emails that will be dispatched over time.
A client makes a Tennis racket inquiry but does not buy. They are put in a series that will induce a buying decision over time. Today might not be the correct time but next week, next month or even six months time they may well act on impulse.
management of this role can be your work from home occupation.

How to start a business with no money by making videos

Providing company videos

Believe it or not this is by far the easiest task of them all, Why make such a bold statement when it takes Cameras and Sound and script writing to make a simple video.

First of all does anyone need to make business videos and put them on YouTube or on their website.
YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google so it is a formidable business, Ok a lot is kids and music are searched however business videos really work.
Have you ever looked up a “How to Video” Try it now search, How to string a tennis racket, so we stay on a theme and you will see several Videos that rank above the Google searches.

Secondly If it was too hard we would not even suggest it but with technology anyone can make a great video.

Finally look at Vidnami a free writers book and an opportunity to try the product and keep all your videos. I use it and you can to.

What's more you can either do this for others or simply become an affiliate and recommend the product. Off course it has an ongoing fee but not until you have a customer you can bill for the service.

This is probably the fastest growing area of the internet and the easiest to learn and sell.

Other ideas that will give an instant return

The list is endless and only as good as your imagination.

Collecting road side Junk and selling on eBay
Growing and selling plants
Making costume jewellery and selling on Etsy
Hiring out clothes or other items of common use
Set up a training course on something you know well.

On and on the list could go so no one needs to sit and do nothing.

Finally my scam warning

I need to throw this in because many will be enticed by promises of great wealth and instant fortune, often accompanied by a Fast Cars and glamour. Working from the Beach at a holiday resort without a worry in the world. Money coming in for doing nothing.

The only money to be made is in selling this junk to amateurs who are unaware that they will need to keep paying out to achieve anything. Don't be sucked in, stay with main stream offers that have been around for sometimes and don't tempt you with instant fortunes

Finally How to start a business with no money and my conclusion

My conclusion

We could never cover off every thing available for you. My point has been to learn a trade and work it as hard as you can. Choose just one idea and learn everything you can and then monetise it before moving on. Somethings will merge like writing and Newsletters however they are separate skills that first need to be mastered.
Learning to play tennis is a sport like Basketball however the skill sets are very different. Master one before moving on.
If I had to make just one choice what would it be? The one that grabs your heart and fills you with some excitement. It may be a long time career so do something you love and it will never be a just a JOB

How to start a business with no money by Peter Hanley

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