How to learn to make money on the internet

How to learn to make money on the internet for young and old when the whole journey seems to be really impossible. Try my ways forward

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Is making money on the internet just a scam

Making a living from the internet is the greatest opportunity of a lifetime for anyone that wants to put in the work to make it happen.

However there are many pitfalls that promise instant wealth and may beckon you into the web .

Easy money is two words that should be deleted from your mind because it is so rare you may as well buy lottery tickets and live on hope.

Therefore think of this journey as a new job you are about to embark on, a bit of onsite training, some practice and then constant toil to an end result.

The good news is that unlike a job where you are paid an Hourly wage and hope for a small increase every year the return is unlimited.

There really are a lot of people making a heap of money from a working at home idea.

You can be one of those Million dollar earners without restrictions however you must first get some training wheels and learn a few rules.

Let me take you on an earnings journey

First of all most top producers have concentrated on a single product. This is a secret that I wish I had learned earlier in my adventure. You can not be the top dog in everything you do so start by specialising.

Let's have a bit of a look at you. What are your strengths, what do you love doing more than others and how much are you willing to contribute to your success.

These may seem like mundane questions however they are really important.

Your new business that you will build may last you a decade or more so if you don't really like what you are doing your energy will fade out.
This will certainly happen if you just chase the money boredom will set in and you will simply retire.

Remember when you start this whole journey that Giving up is not an option. You are always close to the big time you just don't understand how close.

Choosing your Niche, The first step in online marketing

First of all take a pretty broad category that suits your abilities.

BloggingThis needs a love of writing
Lead generationPromoting for businesses
email MarketingA B to B promotion
Social media marketingMaking social media work
Affiliate marketing selling for others
Coaching or trainingBecome the next high earner
Building websitesEasy to do and still a business
Building funnelsThese are hard sell websites
Writing How to bookseBooks are still a thing
Become a freelance writerWrite for others
Amazon sellermarketing a range of products
Drop shippingHandling the sale
Build an online shopYour own shop
How to learn to make money on the internet

Every online business requires a basic understanding

Everything you do will revolve around a website of some kind. It may be yours or someone else's however it will be part of your package.

You must understand the basics of building a site, real easy stuff, SEO a bit harder and Keywords the one thing you have to master.

The best place to do this is with the training at Wealthy Affiliate and I have arranged a free start for you. Try before you buy and apply this logic throughout your time on the internet.
It may save you not only a bundle of dollars but a heap of time as well

Here you will find all the training you need and a free site to practice your journey.

Furthermore you will get access to a forum of like minded people all doing the same as you. They may have just the answers you want.

Is Blog writing a good business to start?

I Think it is and it's what you are reading now plus you will see lots more on the right hand panel.
However it is a slow boat to high income. It requires continual writing with often no return for many months or even years. However once you hit the rewards it becomes easy street.

You will earn from selling product, affiliate marketing, training and advertising income. Therefore lots of channels to add to the package.

Lots and lots of writing so if this is not your strong suite keep on reading

How to create a blog post in seven easy steps

Lead Generation for small business on autopilot

This will be a great choice for those willing to sell their product.

You set up a sales site for a local business and direct traffic to them. You then get paid a commission for each referral. When you get one working you move on to the next and repeat this as many times as you can.

You will own the website so they can't move away and furthermore control the traffic you send them. For the business it is extra income that is cheap for them.

This is for those that understand websites and are aggressive marketers.

How to learn to make money on the internet with email.

Email Marketing for your business or outsource your talent.

This is one of the easiest businesses to pick up however it does require a talent to build a database.
Email takes several forms and these include;

  • Single marketing email
  • Bulk email marketing
  • Automated emailing
  • Newsletters

The return on this can be very big depending on the size of the database and many businesses don't have time to write the material. This gives you a chance to offer your services.

Best email marketing

Social media marketing and advertising

How to learn to make money on the internet
Instagram for business

A whole industry on its own where you can charge hansom amounts for helping others.
Yes there is a learning curve and you should focus on one media to start. Each social site suits a different clientele so picking the one that best suits your client base objective is the go to one.
Very few businesses understand this so selling your abilities is easier than many of the other opportunities.

Include the Google search platform for listing your clients on the front page of a search.
Many businesses ignore this so an ideal opportunity to gather easy customers

What is the best platform and why

Affiliate marketing for beginners, the best business in town

This is simply selling someone else's product and getting paid for it. This could be one time sales or recurring revenue which ever one suits you best. Traditionally the best place was Amazon however the margins have been reduced to a point of being too low. However the university training sets you up for other services.
With affiliate marketing you can really build a business that provides regular monthly returns and will build a home business that will more than just support you.
The Wealthy Affiliate link above is the ideal starting place for the easiest job in town.

High paying affiliate sites

Coaching or training to big returns

This income can really be the big end of town. If you have a special skill, trade or performance that you can teach others you are off to a flyer.
Yes you need a gift of the gab , unless you do it all on line.
Coaches can make a lot of money running schools for multiple listeners at one time.
For those that have an edge this is a big market opportunity however enter it with your eyes wide open.

How to find a mentor online

Building websites or funnels for business

How to learn to make money on the internet

Once upon a time this was only for the talented however with technology comes change. Anyone can build a website in a very short time.

Furthermore a funnel is just a hard sell website that takes an interested onlooker from a passive interest to a redhot desire to buy the product.
It is just word building by joining the dots in a template.
Often used when a business has a particular product to take to the market.

Groove funnels

The writing career can come out

How to books are searched for every day so if you have a skill to write about now is the hour.
e.Books were a huge business however they have been somewhat overdone and now mostly given away as a promotional product.
Therefore this is an opportunity to write for all businesses and get paid for your skill.
They can buy your book as a customer giveaway.

Blogging is also a form of writing and can be enjoyable and rewarding.

How to learn to make money on the internet with drop shipping

The drop shipping adventure

This is selling a product and getting the manufacturer to deliver it to a customer. This saves you carrying inventory and opens up a much wider product range.
The downside is that you have the credit risk in the transaction because unlike affiliate marketing the sale is yours.
however when it may just be incremental products to your normal range it is an ideal way to broaden your sales base and achieve extra income.
A popular way to market however it requires a bit more knowledge than many of the other ways of making money.

Building an online shop as a retail business

How to learn to make money on the internet

Online shopping has become mainstream particularly during Covid times. You can buy just about anything online and have it delivered to your house. You just need a product range.

Even if you have a retail premises a complimentary online shop is required for this new market.

This has been one of the fastest growing ventures over the past few years and shows no evidence of ever slowing down.

Shops can be built for free using WordPress and a WooCommerce plugin or on a monthly subscription with someone like shopify.

These are relatively easy to set up for yourself or for customers that have a need to expand.

We see many businesses get big increases in sales by having an online option.

This business also expands into other opportunities with point of sale software and training.

If you have products or can see businesses with a need this is a great opportunity to really build a business.

How to learn to make money on the internet summarised

The internet holds a lot of corrupt ideas

Always be aware when seeking fast paced opportunities offering the world for little effort.
The money to be made is for the scammers and not for you so treat your spending with respect.
Try before you buy or claim your money back guarantee if it is not exactly what you want.

We have all been caught at sometime but make sure you do not get hurt, stay with reputable sites.

Summary of making money on the internet

Finally there really is something for everyone packed into this page. One of them will jump off the page and grab your interest and that is the aim of selection.

You can't do them all and do them properly. You must specialise and give your choice every opportunity for success.

Many of these have links to longer articles and ways to further your education as a beginner.
Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can before your adventure begins. Start the career as a expert and people will follow you putting you on a pedestal as the one that helped them.

You can be the top in your chosen pursuit and climb to any income level you choose if you do it properly. Remember most fail. They give up or lose interest because it gets to hard.

That is not you. You have chosen your role correctly, done the training and now wowing the world with your abilities. You will know things that they don't so you are seen as the Goto person.
Age, sex, location don't matter. The internet is blind to the supply chain or it can blast you as a brand. A hero before others.

The time to start is now, procrastination does no sell product action does.
In conclusion put a toe in the water and get dragged into the excitement of achievement and enjoy the journey to financial freedom.

Self motivation and kick starting your journey

How to learn to make money on the internet by Peter Hanley

High paying affiliate programs, and why you wont make it

High paying affiliate programs, and why you wont make it. The highest paid affiliates do this one simple thing and make a huge difference

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Is affiliate marketing really that easy

This is really the best job in town. Your income is endless, you can do it from anywhere and anyone can be a winner. Does it get better than that?

Unfortunately over 90% of people never make it because they don't understand the rules.


Make no bones about it, you must be on page one of a search term or you simple don't get read, and without readers there are no sales and you will give up trying because all your good work is wasted.

Off course there will be some other rules to follow like a knowledge of SEO , page setup, Linking and the new Google nofollow structure that will slash your content if not used.

You can apply for 101 affiliate sites and never get a hit because you go about it all wrong.
So let's start from the beginning.

For absolute beginners take a basic course in page building, blogging and structure at Wealthy Affiliate. This will save you months of toil right from day one.

I did the course and in fact twice because the first time I skipped through as a no it all.

Discovering high converting Keywords

First of all think of what people are looking for and answer the question. Remember they don't want an iphone, they want an iPhone 13 in gold available in Hong Kong area at a bargain price. A keyword has been narrowed down to a search term.
You never pick up your Mobile and ask for Chinese food, you want “Hokkien chinese food at a dog friendly restaurant in the bay area open on Monday”
Then a restaurant in the Bay Area will give you the answer.

Monster insight has a great tool for WordPress that critiques your headline using many different factors. It looks a structure and word selection that will meet the rules of Google.

High paying affiliate programs

Here is an example of this page. The basic keyword is affiliate programs, one that is searched by thousands every day.
first of all we chose High paying because that is an often searched term added Affiliate and then introduced a negative term to get your interest.
The term is probably a word or so more than recommended and has no positive inclination because I went reverse. I have achieved a high 90 score on several occasions.

Choose the right Keywords

High paying affiliate programs need traffic

Traffic is important but so is competition

Every word will have some traffic however this can be a trap for young players. The greater the traffic then competition follows and we only have a half a dozen positions on page one of a search term. No one reads past page one. Let me repeat that again, no one reads past page one of a search term so you need to be there.
You may have a million affiliate links but if no one reads them you are lost at sea without an oar.

I search traffic in three different ways.

Use a good tool that tells you what you want to know.

The best one is Google. Search your term and have a look at the results, see who is on page one and have a look at the Google suggestions at the bottom of the page. This way you get an idea of what is happening. is a great reference tool that will help you in all your choices.
Traffic , competition even the cost of advertising .

You may think that this is all unnecessary however if you get this right the rest is a breeze but mess it up and be lost in the wilderness never to be found.
My third and favourite tool comes from the Wealthy Affiliate stable that will give you answers by a simple serach

What affiliate program should you pick

There are so many available that the decision comes down to ones that you are interested in or complement what you do.
Plan your journey first and then add great opportunities to that structure.
For instance I write about small business online marketing so all my programs relate to that.
therefore I am not going to sell you a Chinese meal I will only offer things that are closely related.

High paying affiliate programs are easy to get.

Are affiliate programs easy to get?

Yes, ridiculously easy however they do vary greatly in what they offer.
Some require no experience however many want proven results because they demand good marketers.
The best way is to start of with a couple of easy examples and build your experience. This is a big business venture so you need to treat it with respect. You also need to see some results so that you know that you are on the right track.

Wealthy affiliate have there own program and access to many others that come with some sort of product vetting. It is a big world out there so take some hand holding in your early days. If only to make the future better.

A simple trick to find programs is to type into Google a search term , leave a space and type affiliate, Volla a list of opportunities related around your niche

Keyword secrets cont;

Is SEO knowledge Important for affiliate marketers

The answer of course is a big YES. Google make the rules for the internet and if you don't march in tune you will be left out of the parade.

This relates to structure of articles and how they are presented including Keywords, meta description, writing , headings, internal and external linking as just a sample of the things you need to understand.

Don't get blown away with this because there is ample support for you on the journey.
If you use WordPress then Yoast SEO will train you on all the ways to the top.

This is not a nice to do issue. It is a must do or miss the target completely, your choice.


As an affiliate marketer I can not sing its praises hard enough however it is not a get rich quick career. You need a basic understanding of the whole process and then an incubation period where you learn the craft.
It is possible to make some money along the way and that is great however the big bucks are down the road abit.

You can earn income from many streams and both one off and recurring payments as you select the best options to go with.

The premise is to build a viable business that will support your lifestyle over many years.

And finally you will waste a lot of living hours if you don't get the infrastructure correct.
Understand your Keywords and your SEO before you select your affiliate associates.
You want success not disappointment.

High paying affiliate programs, and why you wont make it by Peter Hanley

How to Plan the Finish And Then Work Back To Cover Every Step Properly

How to Plan the finish and then work back to cover every step properly. Knowing where you are going starts the journey to success

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

Why start at the end in planning

Knowing what you want to achieve is the start of the journey. It is having your very own goal or a vision to make the hard work necessary.

The goal is yours and It could be any number of things however it needs to be very clear and concise so that the correct steps are put in place.

How to Plan the finish example

How to plan the perfect holiday

I use this as a popular consideration for all of us at some time. First of all is what you want to achieve with a holiday. Relaxation, Adventure, Culture, Food, Sailing etc.

I want to relax in Sunshine, laying beside the pool, sipping Pino Coladas and watching the beautiful people.

  • How much do I have to spend to make this possible.
  • Which Island paradises are available
  • Buying new clothes
  • Getting any immunisation that is required
  • Going to the travel agent to book
  • What is the best time of the year to travel
  • Are there any security or health warnings out
  • Checking flight days and times
  • Making a budget
  • Can you get time off work
  • Who will you go away with

We may need to shuffle a few of these around to get the order correct however it is a good starting point. Each of these considerations is necessary to get the holiday experience just right.
For instance buying new clothes needs to be aligned with weather conditions, Ski Suits are not good in Hawaii. And if your budget does not stretch to a beach side chalet or flights are not on the days that suit. etc. Nearly every line has an impact on the journey so knowing where you want to go you build the plan to suit.

Making money online is the same thing, it starts at the end.

  • What is your desired income being reasonable and realistic. Say $50,000 a year
  • What are the tax considerations
  • How will you make $4,000 a month or $133 a day ( I have the way)
  • Your time commitment to meet this.
  • Understanding analytics and using them
  • Learning about SEO and keywords
  • How long to complete a blog
  • Writing blog posts. How many and how often
  • Getting accepted as an affiliate
  • What affiliate sites are best
  • Choose recurring revenue or one off sales
  • Using affiliate marketing to generate a regular income
  • Setting up a website and blog page
  • learning WordPress and design
  • Choosing a domain name and hosting
  • Use a cash flow spreadsheet to prove the project
  • Scheduling a timeline that is acceptable
  • Committing required funds to achieve the goal
  • Establish the time you are prepared to commit on a daily basis
  • Doing some basic training to see if it is suitable
  • Coming up with a desired niche or trend that I like
  • Do some reviewing to see if it is possible.

Every step and a few more is critical to the long term success and to bring the goal to fruition.

For instance if a Blog takes say four hours to do and you only want to input two hours a day the result will be a maximum 3 blogs a week excluding all the other issues. More likely down to about two blogs. Therefore it will probably take a couple of years to achieve your goal.
The cost will be about $ 35 a month so is that in your budget.

Making a comparison to other pursuits

If you want to be a tradesman and guarantee a similar earning it will cost you a three year apprenticeship, traveling for an hour, working eight hours a day and doing all the extra time and study necessary. Plus off course buying a bunch of tools along the way

When you finish your time you will be paid for the hours worked and maybe some holidays thrown in.

If a higher level career is the aim then we have a couple of extra years at high school , then say four at university to be allowed to start work for a lower income.

Any, and in fact all occupations requires education of some kind. The lesser the education the lower the reward.

With all this in mind an online education can top them all. You can make as much money as a top Doctor, work from home to your own hours answering only to yourself, sometimes a harsh critic.

What is affiliate income and how do you plan for it

When you sell or market a product for someone else and they pay you a percentage it is called affiliate marketing.

This was very popular when Amazon entered the market selling a large percentage of their goods through affiliates. You could get paid for selling a book right through to high ticket items like $10,000 Gym equipment as an example. With a 20% commission a book might return you $6.80 but the equipment a couple of thousand dollars.

This is where reverse planning starts.
You have to sell nearly 7500 books (600 a month) to make an income however only a couple of Gym sets a month to do the same thing.

Before you get excited Amazon and others like them have reduced the income you receive to a miserable amount. Maybe 2.5% on a book or 7% on the gym equipment making that income look unlikely.
Furthermore you need to do a lot of heavy lifting to learn the trade before you will actually find your buyers.

How to Plan the finish and increase your returns

Fixed revenue v recurring revenue which is best

We have explained a fixed revenue above however recurring revenue is when you receive part of a payment for as long as the contract survives.

Using books as an example you sign someone to a book club that sends a new book every month and charges the subscriber for this result. Therefore you get a percentage of that subscription every month as long as they remain members.
This builds a base of customers. If you signed say 10 a month in just one year you have 120 subscribers that you get automatically paid for. ( less cancels etc)

$ per book333333
Month income306090120150180
It keeps growing

What if than monthly income was $20 or more then you would be well on the way to an income.

$ per product202020202020
Month income20040060080010001200
In fact by month 15 you have reached your annual income goal.

Off course you have high and low months, cancellations etc however you should see the growth potential of recurring revenue.

How to Plan the finish with recurring payments

Where do you find good affiliate income that is recurring and generous

My favourite is at Wealthy Affiliate where you learn and earn at the same time. You get accepted straight up and start your journey from there. This has an additional benefit of proving competency, something often required by others.

However many of the planning steps above will still apply, you need to do some work to get to first base

Many companies will ask for proof that you can market their product and understand what you are doing. This is another reason to plan the process, the good results come from good contacts.

When you have done the basics, understand the journey and have a track record the results will come to you. It still needs planning for the basics to reach the top.

Jaaxy is a tool that everyone should have

How to Plan the finish
This is a premium Keyword tool and comes with the Wealthy Affiliate option

How to Plan the finish using affiliate income.

You still need to reverse plan your journey

Yes the income can be great however it is not a first step product. You need to have a basic understanding of many important points before you have any chance of success.

You can be led to hundreds of opportunities to make money online however it will never happen unless you have many of the basics firmly in place.

For instance a Blog post will take about 14 weeks to be placed by Google and then rarely on page one, the only place to be. Therefore you have many weeks if not months of application before anything happens. It is all in the planning.

My daughter wanted a role in a marketing company doing social media. That was the goal.

  • The question was what needs to be done to get into a position where she would be accepted.
  • Learn about Facebook by doing courses online.
  • Build a few websites and learn how they work.
  • Market her talents among Women's business groups to get contacts and customers
  • Do a few trial campaigns and log the results.
  • Approach companies with a success resume based on results.

Yes it worked for her however it was not overnight and required an utmost dedication to a single product, faceBook marketing.

Creating advanced income sources

As you grow a database of subscribers you are able to offer them even more opportunities to spend money.
Companies will want to run advertising to your site and pay you for the privilege. This is really money whilst you sleep because you do nothing and get paid plenty. However don't get too excited yet you need a following of about 10,000 subscribers to qualify.

If you become famous then the sponsors will come and hand you more money for doing all the same things, think the Kardashian's.

Having multiple links on one page may generate more than one income stream from a single client.
I often recommend a training mentor that takes you through all the steps of making money.
Roy Carter is a successful Affiliate and trainer often living the ideal life on a tropical Island.

Whilst Roy is not among the high priced trainers he still pays a healthy referral fee.

Online training courses can be great income achievers because of the high ongoing costs to the subscribers. You may ask who would pay for these however it is a massive business.
The aim off course is to earn more than you pay, a pretty simple model.

How to Plan the finish by reversing the questions

Further affiliate choices

There are affiliate opportunities in just about any product or service you can think of.
It is easy to start and as you choose a direction you will find the many results that complement your activity.
Everyone is different therefore choose your end goal and work back from there. Open the world of affiliate marketing.

Reverse planning covers all the necessary steps

We have shown you how and why to plan from the finish. Not knowing where you are going is a recipe for failure because the correct steps will not be put in place.

The object is to be realistic in your expectations. There are few if any get rich schemes available to the average person on the market. If there was we would all be doing them.

Time and effort will dictate returns so find the balance and start from there.
Age is no barrier nor location as it is a world wide market that is available to any one.

Join a community of like minded people. The forum at Wealthy affiliate is an ideal place to start, Here you can get answers for just about any question you may have and hear stories from those that have made it as well as the plodders still learning a trade.
Joining the community can be free.


First of all we all started somewhere. I wanted to build a website that cost me very little.

Therefore I did the training and spent the time to learn everything necessary to achieve my goal. It was not in one day and in fact the learning curve has continued to this very day.
I had to wait for a time when hard coding was not necessary, that was a step to big to take. Nowadays everything can be done without coding experience

The internet and all its assets change on a regular basis. Thus you are in a continual learning curve to get better results and achieve this in far less time.

Finally there is a massive enjoyment factor in achievement and this is available every day both in small steps and huge leaps. Furthermore almost anyone can do it, even you.

How to Plan the Finish And Then Work Back To Cover Every Step Properly by Peter Hanley

How often should you blog for best results

How to keep upto date with Internet marketing

How often should you blog for best results? There are divided opinions on this and here we look to the results you need to know

Blogging is not a short term occupation

You blog to get read but the sad truth is you don't get noticed unless you are on page one of a search term, a position it may take months to achieve.

Therefore blogging today is for tomorrows reading.

This may change when you have a whole bundle of followers waiting on your next story and then you may slow the traffic down to get them all reading from the top post.
Examples are for a business web page where the blogging is incidental to the page.

However this time of a huge following may be 12 months away so the more you write now the better chance you will have at success..

All your keyword selections may not be perfect. Some will have too much competition and others may have no traffic. It is a fine line between being at the top of a page and not being found at all. Hence volume will help overcome some of the limitations

How often should you blog for best results by numbers

How many blog posts a week should you do?

How often should you blog for best results

My friend Partha says if you are going to blog then go at it as hard and fast as you can. Even batting at two blogs a day will get you runs before the occasional blogger.

Therefore if it is your only occupation and you have time for a blog post a day then go for it.
Some of you may have other interests so you need to spread your activity wider, then the answer is as often as you can.

A good post takes some time to write and content is probably the last thing you need to consider.

Is quantity better than quality for blogging

Again there is no fixed rule other than to say new bloggers will probably miss a lot of important strategies and will suffer from lack of traffic.

Off course you will get better with practice and time developing a following to your work.

It won't be done in a day so my answer is go for quantity at the least you have a chance of being read because you have put it out there. If you sit dithering about every small issue then it just won't get done.

Blogging to make money

We all blog for different reasons however the end result is always the financial consideration.
You can make money selling real product with Affiliate links or paid advertising content, it is all income.

If you have just one blog out on the net your chances among the billion similar blogs is really very slim if not impossible. Maybe you have two blogs and double your chances or what about a hundred blogs waiting to be read.

Therefore my answer should be self evident, quantity wins every day.

But there are conditions.

How often should you blog for best results with great SEO

How to Set up your blog for SEO

How often should you blog for best results

First of all do you have a plan, A destination and a niche you are comfortable with.
This is going to take a while so do it for something you are passionate about not just to make a quid. You will need to be in the journey for some time so loving what you are doing makes it a whole lot easier.

It all starts with Key phrases

This is the search term used to find your blog. The more specific the phrase is the greater the chance of being found.
The term Cookies is a key word but means so many things to so many readers.
Perhaps Oatmeal cookies would be better but still very broad.
Oatmeal cookies for weight loss in women is getting there.

It is important that you remember readers are asking questions and wanting answers to problems, so provide the question and deliver the answers.
How to cook oatmeal cookies for weight loss in women;
Best oven temperature for oatmeal cookies for weight loss in women ;

Therefore we have answered a question, been specific and stand a good chance of being read.

The art of Keywords takes quite a bit of understanding however it will make all the difference between sinking and swimming. You should also sprinkle your post with similar phrases so that you may capture your audience with different ideas.

How to choose Keywords for a blog

Fortunately you can get a lot of help with this. It is so important that they even build tools to help you. You can find out how much traffic to a keyword and importantly the level of competition you face. It is no good beetling down a busy highway where you are just one of thousands you need to be on a side road where you can be seen.

It is important to remember that the tools work of internet stats but the head guy of all of this is Mr Google. He can tell you exactly what is happening if you ask. Type your keyword in and see where you would stand, see what people are searching for and do the same thing. If it works for them it will work for you.
A tool I use is called Jaaxy. This will give you a bundle of guidance as to your chance of being discovered on the net. An example follows;

Go ahead and play with this to find the right phase but remember to use Google with it to get the best result.

Then there is SEO

People teach SEO and if you are using WordPress you will have one of two plug ins. All In one SEO or Yoast SEO. I prefer Yoast but that is personal as I have tried both and settled as a paid Yoast member.
The things to remember are your Keyword use, the meta description, site linking, message length and Key phrase Synonyms.

How often should you blog for best results by consistent writing

Looking at Yoast SEO

Followed by writing and set up of your blog

Again there are rules you must follow to meet the guidelines set by the search engines.

  • Using the correct headings. Start big and go down
  • Writing short sentences, less than 25 words
  • And short paragraphs less than 300 words
  • Transition words and a positive voice
  • Blog length should be somewhere north of a 1000 words

It is a lot to remember however over time and a bit of practice it will all fall into line for you.

Getting your blog post read

First of all your blog needs to be on page one of a search term. Maybe page two however any more and you reside with the all so rans of this world.
Getting there takes all the steps above however even then you must capture a reader in a fraction of a second. There will be a half a dozen choices on page one related to the Keyword search. The reader will quickly pick one based on the best answer to their query. This is backed up by the meta description telling them what you are all about.

If the want the cooking time for cookies you have a chance however if they want the oven temperature you probably miss out. ( another great blog idea).
They then click and what happens next.
More training on blogging

Will they read your blog post

They will devour every word if it answers a question or solves a problem for them.
Fill you page with promise, sprinkle it with pictures, colour and great sub headings to retain the interest from top to bottom.
Make your links visible and inviting to take them to a whole new world and they will read and buy.

The best blog post will tell a story

How often should you blog for best results using Social proof

Use social proof that you offer a great solution

Having readers leave a comment on your blog tells Google that you are offering good content and they should place you ahead of the others in the area.
Ask for comments and even solicit friends and associates to contribute a few nice things about you. If they don't want to there is nothing lost however a few good words will make a difference.

Get Social media to send you readers

Using any or all Social media to send you readers will build a following. A Facebook page, Instagram picture, Tweet all deliver necessary traffic to your site.
This will then improve your SEO and continue the circle of dominance.

Setting up a cornerstone article

When we are writing about the benefits of cookies we may do several blogs. Perhaps cooking time, oven temperature, health benefits, weight loss, working for men as well, using the best oats, Flour choice etc.
These all can go back to a principal blog and then link between each other to maintain reader contact.

My conclusion on how often to blog

The answer to this question was answered in just a few words “as often as possible”.

However that is just one minor part of the whole blogging experience so I have tried to give you a bit more direction along the way.

I know many readers will be lost in the first paragraph because it is just to damn hard.
However my point is that if it is worth doing it is worth doing well. Then it does not matter if it takes a month or a year you will know you are on a trajectory to eventual success.

Having a business to run I can only contribute so much but I make sure that it is as much as I can fit in.

It will probably take more than six months for your writing to be seen on page one and gather traffic but then it will grow quickly from there.

Finally do it for the love of writing, as often as you can and build a business worth having.

How often should you blog for best results by Peter Hanley

How long does it take for a new blog to pick up good traffic

Are blog posts just short stories with a big message?

Blogging is an art form

Are blog posts just short stories with a big message? The idea of a blog is to get attention, keep them reading and take an action but how?

Telling your story to capture imagination

Writing a blog is really like painting a picture, it pulls on the senses, blunts the edges and represents what is real or imagined.
However a lot of art is hard to understand therefore let your blog not take that direction.

So I headed to the Louvre

Stay with me because this is important, the most famous painting is that of the Mona Lisa However it turns out to be a very small painting and left the crowd wondering and wanting more.
It was like a short blog, not quite enough but with the right Keywords.
Next was the statues and the Greek Gods all over 10 foot tall and totally nude .

These were the long post and great SEO because you could see everything.

Weird paintings and blogging

Salvatore Dali is right up there with paintings that are hard to understand however they do manage to keep some interest.
Let's not forget Pablo Picasso who was ahead of all of us in his own mind but really hard to read. Picasso painted for the few that understood and that may not have been me.

However Monet was picture perfect so that everyone would sit in and take in every flower in the garden, written for the reader

Blogging for the reader

So what type of artist are you. Do you want to be short and sharp or lean to the weird side where few will understand where you are going.

It is important to remember that these influential artists all tried to send a message as much as entertain you. They wanted you to read into their work and understand the journey they were on.

That is why I started this story relating to Blogging as an art form. With a billion or so blogs floating around which ones are you going to read?

The ones that Google has in his gallery and on display. They are found by using great SEO and search terms just like wandering the Louvre. A definite roadmap to the destination.

The marketing is on Social Media the guide to great works of art.

Are blog posts just short stories and here is why.

How to write a blog post with a story

While we all want answers to the many questions we have we also want to be entertained.
The first page of any search term, the only place to be, contains about six listings. Readers will pick out one to look at however will they stay the journey.

Off course your heading and meta description must be spot on. Readers only spend a second or so to make a decision so that is important however the next is keeping there attention.

We all suffer from a fair degree of attention deficit. There are so many things to entertain us that only the best will keep us on track.

Give them colour, show them pictures provide a solution with a promise of more to come.

How to eat an Ice-cream cone

Lick it naturally: however there may be a better way

The question, the answer and a promise of more. The story will continue with ways to get extra satisfaction out of a simple solution.

How many words in your blog story

The original solution was as many as it takes to write the search answer.

However this is not enough. For example I just read the life story of Elon musk. He went from being a student in South Africa to the richest man in the world with Electric cars and rocket ships. Sometimes Bezos is on top and sometimes Musk depending on the day.
The book was about three hundred pages to tell the story not just a short version.

When I saw the Mona Lisa I thought gee that's small what's all the fuss about.
However loads of books have been written to explain the story. The eyes in the drawing look at you where ever you are, the facial expression tells a story we will never really know.
Was she his Mistress, a school girl or someone's wife and what was she thinking.
The prise of vegetables, how cold the day was or of about hidden love.

Unlike some artwork of the sixteenth century, the Mona Lisa is a very realistic portrait of a very real human being. Alicja Zelazko of Encyclopedia Britannica attributes this to Leonardo's skill with a brush, and his use of art techniques that were new and exciting during the Renaissance.

Art world
Are blog posts just short stories

It is a visual representation of the idea of happiness suggested by the word “gioconda” in Italian. Leonardo made this notion of happiness the central motif of the portrait: it is this notion that makes the work such an ideal. The nature of the landscape also plays a role.
Leonardo Da

Explain the story to build your blog

You have learned a little about the Mona Lisa and how it relates to blogging. This has kept you on the page and finding more about a simple message by story telling and getting the message across.
It is visual education in the use of words to deliver a message.
Then hopefully they will find something to click on the page and make you money.

Blogging is about building an income

If you are going to spend months and years creating blogs that get read you will want some reward along the way. It may be a journey of love however turn the love into cash.

Affiliate links are the most common form of income or selling physical products.
Referrals to a website can also increase the chance of a sale.
Off course there is advertising when you get a bit of useful traffic however you need a bout 10,000 visitors a month to qualify.

Don't be shy about wanting to build a business from your blog. You are providing a service to the community that takes time and money to do thus reaping a reward is considered fair.

You may be paid to write a blog for a website and gather links to a buying position.

Getting readers to a story blog

First of all is that you must use the correct use of Keywords accompanied by great SEO procedures. You want page one this is the only way to arrive. However it will take time. In fact it is often a good part of a year before you get to the top of a high traffic key phrase.

Blogging is not a quick return as you grow a Know, Like and trust following. However it is an art form that carries readers on a journey.


As an avid blogger it is my belief that you get returns on effort in many ways.

  • The inner writer gets unleashed
  • You build a following that likes your work
  • A business is established that will pay you well
  • You can be better than 90% of other bloggers by following the rules
  • Not everyone can or will put in the effort however you can be the one.

Get the inner writer going now.

Wow to take your readers on a Journey.

Are blog posts just short stories with a big message by Peter Hanley

How Yoast can be used to really improve your blog

How Yoast can be used

How Yoast can be used to really improve your blog by ignoring the green lights. We are fixed on perfection, maybe there is a better way to go

Yoast SEO the WordPress guide to great traffic

First of all I am a confessed Yoast user, in fact a paid up pro user on some of my sights. I Have tried All In One SEO and settled back to the one I find works for me.

This is a free plugin for your WP site and one of several options necessary to meet the Google guidelines on page structure.

There are others that I have tried however I have returned to exclusive use of this Plugin

It checks both your writing and your SEO

There are many rules when seeking traffic on your site. In fact maybe more than twenty that you must know about and follow. If you don't do this you will fail. Just kidding, however let's look at the good and bad of what is on offer.

First up is writing

How Yoast can be used

This gives you an idea of what Yoast is looking at. Whilst I agree with some of this I don't always go 100%.

In reading ease and passive voice as well as transition words there is a conflict. It is difficult to get the balance correct if not impossible.

I have loaded great post that get bad scores and bad posts that get good scores so I am left with doubt as to the correct answer.

An example is adding a long list or table. If you exceed the number of words in the paragraph you will be marked down however google loves these. Lists and graphs are his favourites yet the control of them is managed.
I have tried breaking them up to get a better score but it affects my writing.

Then there is Passive voice.

Because my word limit was topping out see how I have had to break away to a new #3 header yet the subject is not complete. I did this using a #3 header as part of the main #2 heading

Adding a long list or table is an example.

At the most basic level, the active voice emphasizes the person or agent who performs an action, in short, the “actor.” The passive voice emphasizes the recipient of the action or sometimes the action itself.

The subject comes first In the above paragraph about lists and tables. Like wise the Verb comes first (the action). This may drive you bonkers and I wonder if it is all worth while.

The full details of active voice can be found on a Google search.

Writing to please Yoast can be hard work.

Writing to please your readers is far more important.

Getting your head around good SEO

Lets first look at a post example and how it was marked. Furthermore this increased my passive voice yet again. Dam I hate this.

How Yoast can be used

Ok, off to a new paragraph because I hit my word count

This is a big list of things to do. It will certainly take some time to manage all the necessary inputs.
Breaking them into groups makes life a bit easier. The set up comes first.
Having your Keyword, meta description, opening paragraph are the first task.
Paragraph length and sentence length you can manage along the way.
And all the fiddly bits in a review.

There are four important issues that you must adhere to.

  • Internal links. Connecting to other pages you have written.
  • External links. Affiliate sites, Authority sites or further reading .
  • Adding Alt text to all Images and pictures
  • Using a good balance of keywords and Synonyms

The first two are self explanatory however Alt Text may leave you wondering.
This is simple words that describe what your picture is about. In most cases your Key phrase will do the job. Then use a good descriptive passage like Image of the Author.

The keyword request is a tricky one with some disagreement from authorities. In the olden days we used our keyword at every available opportunity now we can but sparingly insert them. Yoast sits at about one every five hundred or so words.
Furthermore similar phrases should appear in your subheadings.

If all this seams to hard don't give up. It will become second nature as you swear at all the instructions and make your changes.

How Yoast can be used by increasing your words.

The word count dilemma in writing for the internet

There are three objectives to consider.

Words in a sentence.About 20 is tops
Then words in a paragraphNo more than 300
Total word count in your articleThe jury is divided

To meet the objective of all concerned the consensus agreement is around 1500 words

It may be shorter or longer however it seems to be agreed the range is 800 to 3000 words.
When you first start writing three hundred words is a hard target. A lot of my original blogs were quite short. However time and experience lift the word count up to an easy task.

In addition we look at writing and How Yoast can be used to help this.

Why blogging for business is a good idea

The easy way of extending your writing to 1500 words

I am throwing this in as an extra because it may really help you in your efforts.

Once you have your Keywords and description worked out then it is all about paragraphs.
Remember you are really answering a question or explain how something should be done .

First of all answer the question, this helps those that don't want to deep dive.
Next write out your headings and sub headings. I generally use the AIDA principle >

AttentionYou have one opportunity to keep readers
InterestWho else has done it what they achieved
Desire What is can do for the reader
ActionThe things they need to do
CloseYour conclusion and branding

With say six- ten good heading It is then a matter of filling in the words. At a couple of hundred each heading you are off to the races.

Writing a good blog page is an example

How Yoast can be used
An example

Including internal and external linking are part of the objective. This is where you can achieve several great objectives.

There is no limit to the number of links in a post however I believe to many is just that. You must also remember that if they are close together they will not work on a mobile devise.

Furthermore Google will ask you a question when you add a link.

When you are going to a sponsored suite click the bottom button. If you are going to an internal site insert the URL. If you click the Open in a new Tab button they will return to this page when they are finished. I use this in most cases.

In addition add a / to your URL . This will give a faster upload.

How Yoast can be used to get clicks.

Achieving these few objectives in writing will lift your levels and get clicks

If you are selling something, run an affiliate page, linking to a product or home page a well structured article will lift your results.

The umpire Is Google. You may hate him but he runs the show. In fact Google is so picky it is probably a she. ( no offence meant)

Therefore getting help from someone like Yoast is necessary to your results. Without it you are doomed to pages 20 or so where no one reads your stuff and you have wasted a bundle of time.

You need to get to page one and without following the rules it just won't happen. Over 90% of readers never go past the first couple of pages in a Google search. Furthermore you have paid ads take up half the page,

My Yoast conclusion and wrap

Many of the basics have been covered however further research may well be advised. Great training is available on any of the topics including a full program at Wealthy Affiliate, a training site for business and general internet information. Ideal for beginners and pros as well.
In addition a free website is provided for beginners

Good writing and SEO is essential to your success.

How Yoast can be used to really improve your blog by Peter Hanley

Free online training programs to FastTrack success

What Is Digital Marketing And 7 Ways To Great Traction

Why Free online training programs will FastTrack your success. Here we look at the seven things you must do to avoid failing

Are online training programs worth any money?

You really have to search Google to get any satisfaction at all. My initial research into this discovered so many low quality options that I decided to make this a lot clearer for you..

Finding a niche to suite your future

The place for you to start is naturally finding what you want to learn. The field is very wide and you can spend hours plodding through the online offers.

My first bit of advise is for you to find something you are passionate about. This is a long term decision that you are making therefore doing something that does not interest you will not last the distance.
However it is often a multi choice option that you will consider so pick the several that really interest you and sound them off with a friend or family to get feed back.

The trick to this lays in feelings not perception. Say your friend says you really would go well at Real Estate selling, fine, it is an option however what does your gut tell you, there by lies the answer.
We often treat this as a coin toss exercise. Perhaps . Heads it is Real Estate and tails it is Accounting. Toss the coin and see what it says. If it picks accounting then think how you feel about the result, want to now try the best of three tosses, then the decision is Real Estate.

If the feeling is grateful that it chose correctly for you then the coin toss is correct.
It matters not what the coin says it is what you feel about it.

Don't laugh, this really works and I have used it for myself and with many other over countless years

Learning the basics of any occupation

The internet now revolves around Websites, Bloggs, Funnels, Social Media and online marketing.
Having a reasonable knowledge will help you in any new experience you take on.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate ( free with my link) covers all you need to work in the online industry.

This is a great place to research what you want to achieve and the best way to do it.

Always be careful in your selections because scam artists are in every industry. Anything I recommend has been well vested and used by me. For example at Wealthy Affiliate I remain in the top 100 of over 2 million users because of my continuing contribution to other members.

Websites, funnels and blogs explained.

Ok you can skip this if you are on top of the subject however if you are unsure listen up.
A Website is your shop front to the world. It tells people about you, where you are, what you sell and a range of other items. Everyone needs a website if they intend any sort of public presence. Fortunately a site can now be built easily using a WordPress free service or any number of proprietary services that cost money.
Hey you can even get free training at Wealthy Affiliate and host a site included, can't get btter than that.

Using a funnel

Ok a funny word but it aptly describes capturing a lot of people at the top and taking them through to a sale at the bottom.
You will come across these as you search the web however be warned that the idea is to get you paying at the end. The better the funnel it is probably dodgier the product, maybe a bit harsh but you have been warned.
However if you want to build a funnel you will find a link on this page,

SEO and Keywords

Don't panic, however you must have an understanding of these two key concepts.

Every thing you could think off can be searched on the internet. The trick is the words you use to find an answer or solution.

In the olden days a Keyword was just that, a singe word, Now days we use a Key phrase to more aptly describe what we are looking for.
“Training” is a Keyword.
Then “Training in Real Estate for beginners” is a Key phrase that more aptly describes what you want to find.
You will use Keywords many times over your journey so understand it well.

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation or designing your work to conform to the rules laid down by Google.

Blogging for beginners

A blog is a post written by individuals about any subject they want. Unlike a Web Page it is a pretty random post that informs, entertains and trains people that want answers to a problem. This page is an example of a Blog.

In doing any form of research you will be directed to one of several billion blog posts waiting for you to read them. Some are good others are maybe not so good.

The answer is do they tell you what you want to know, have they answered the words you typed into a search engine. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc.

Many are well written and greatly solve your thirst for knowledge.

free online training programs to FastTrack success with endless options

A Range of options to pursue

It matters not the subject you want to study there will be a course for you . Some good, some cheap however many that don't quite meet a suitable level of acceptance.
The most famous is Udemi where for a small price a countless range of options is available.

You can achieve Certificate level training that could well lead you into a new career.
Off course you can Google countless other options as well but treat every search with a dose of caution.

Try before you buy or loose your dough

If they don't offer a free trial or Money back option there is probably a good reason for it.
Because you have a wide variety of options choose one that best suits your future objective.

You will find beginner modules to advanced units so the choice should be taken carefully.
It really pays to get the basics in place before you launch into a higher level of education.

You can't become a master Chef without an understanding of food basics.

free online training programs to FastTrack success depends on YOU

Success depends on you and you alone.

Being a pore student myself I understand the need for training. It was not until middle age that I got my shit together. I am now consistently undertaking training in all areas of growth to be able to take it to you, the learner.

No one can do it for you. You need the drive to want to achieve great things in what ever venture you desire and that comes from learning.

Those that know get ahead far faster and to much greater heights than those that don't. It is fact. So where do you want to be?

My conclusion to education and wrap up

Most of us wish we had done more along our journey. I was not dumb however I hated the school system and had no parental support. Thus I achieved in missed education.

However a natural fascination in most areas led to an all round understanding of life and its treatment of those that use it.

You can accept the challenge and drive fast learning or waste the time in idle pursuits. The choice is yours. No one else to blame for your outcome but dear old you.

free online training programs to FastTrack success by Peter Hanley

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained

How to learn to make money on the internet

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained, I don't believe this offer will last for ever because it is just too good to last

Let's look at what a sales funnel achieves.

It's a bit like a Web Page however it is designed to take a reader to a result.
Along the way you pave the road with upsells, down sells, and all sorts of reasons to buy your product now.
It is a high pressure environment that demands reader action and done properly only a few will escape the net.

I have long wanted to use Click Funnels but could never justify the cost

The Russel Brunson product is a really great App however it also comes with a hefty price tag.
As a beginner I could not justify the near $200 a month cost to try and learn how to build a funnel.

Even though I wanted to transport people to my training site I could never see a return that would justify the expense.

So, like most others I shelved that project and went in other directions.

Then recently I was introduced to Groove Digital. What got me interested was the offer of a free version to play with until such a time that I had confidence I could drive a return.

The free version allows you three sites with many bells and whistles and a very clear upgrade channel.

The sales funnel builder and a complete deal

Groove Digital then sealed the deal by offering me money

That's right, they have a very easy to manage affiliate program that pays out on several levels.
Even as a free user you join the program although you do get paid more as a full member.

The important thing is that you are an affiliate from day one with all the promotion material you could wish for.

A lot of these programs offering great income are really shady however the good ones work well.
I use Wealthy Affiliate as my core product. They have built the entire business using affiliate sales and have created really high income earners. What's more I have been with them for several years so I understand that they have a 100% trust factor.

Another that has stood the test of time is Joel Thereon although he has had to change his product strategy along the way. He was an early innovator in Multi level income and sharing returns among the levels of sales people.

Is a dual level affiliate program worth while?

First of all let me explain what we mean by two level income. All your paying referrals earn a percentage of the payment.
So If someone takes a lifetime platinum deal you immediately get paid for that. Furthermore if that Lifetime member recruits say 10 others you also get a piece if that pie, so they earn and you earn.

Personally I would sooner have a single level at a higher margin however this way if you recruit one good down line it can really explode your results.

Therefor please be my one great down line and start making money today.

Don't confuse this with Multi level marketing or indeed a Pyramid scheme as both are entirely different and in fact sometimes illegal.

You are not buying a product to sell on to others, in fact with the free version your cost basis is zero. You are recommending a service that is needed by most online marketers and being paid a referral commission for your marketing efforts.

The sales funnel builder and marketing

How would you market a product like Groove Digital

At Groove Digital they understand marketing very well, indeed it is their core business so if they don't know what to do then no one will.

All marketing starts with the fundamentals;

  • Family and friends always the first point of call
  • Your Social media pages should include information
  • Networking works well if you are so focussed
  • e-mail campaigns will generate activity
  • A blog page ( like this) is ideal
  • A signature on all your correspondence with Groove details
  • Web pages
  • Direct Mail campaigns and so on

Groove has instant material available for all off the above hard coded into your link.

The sales funnel builder and hard coding

Hard Coding make a world of difference

This means that your referrals are never lost .
For example Amazon have a very short window where your referral goes in house after a day or so. What that means if you make a good recommendation and they log in to browse but delay buying for a week your commission has gone.

Groove Digital lock your referral in by hard coding and not pixel linking so you can never miss a great opportunity. This is a very important factor because many companies are after cheap leads. You get cut out of the action very quickly and will never be able to follow up.

Checking on your traffic

We often wonder just how many people we refer along the way and do they all hit the paying site. Not that we think companies will cheat just that everything is in place.

I use an app called Pretty links to track my clicks. This is a free service available on WordPress. It not only tracks your links, recording them along the way but allowing you to change a link on every page. All this in just one place.

Using a spread sheet to track your monthly progress is a great idea, if it is not improving then change something to make a difference.

The sales funnel builder and training

Your training on Building a funnel

There is no way I can attempt to provide all the information you need to build a funnel hence I will link you to where you get it all for free.
It is a basic sales pitch with promises that will work for you.

Like it or not these things sell product like crazy because people want Diamonds. Instant wealth, health or happiness delivered in a thousand words. Some good, some bad but all delivering results.

If you want just one Internet focus building tunnels can deliver above average results even for newbies. You just need something to promote and Groove Digital even give you the product.

Throw in a couple more affiliate products and you are off to the races and in the winning straight.

Have a look at Groove now

My Groove conclusion

This is a relatively new operation taking on an award winning product that has millions of followers. Will they keep a free version long time, maybe because they believe a large percentage will upgrade and those that don't were never going to make it anyway.

When you start to build a few referrals and work out the variance in your income between the paid and free version you will change. Furthermore the change will pay for itself at double the return.

Like all new programs it is only as good as you. Your marketing and your Funnel building prowess.

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained by Peter Hanley

Best long term SEO strategy to win the war

Best SEO strategy

Best long term SEO strategy to win the war against Google. Plus lock in your future on the internet by employing simple rules

Chasing Google is both an Art and a career

This subject can not be taken lightly because it is the difference between success and failure.

SEO strategies meaning. Setting up long term plans to meet Google search parameters in the best possible way

What Google wants is important simply because they make the rules.

Therefore let's run through nine of the top considerations that you must consider in every Post or page.

They are not all hard and some are taken from Yoast SEO a plugin for WordPress we should all use.

UI or in simple terms User Interaction

Having a well-made website, quality content, and a suitable keyword strategy are probably all you need to worry about for long term SEO. Why are these things enough? It’s simple: if your users love your site and your content, chances are high that Google will love it too.
Therefore write for your readers and enjoy long term credibility

Remember that mobile sites are rated first

This means making sure that your work has a good experience when being viewed on the average Mobile Phone screen. You really need to consider content which includes pictures so that being read in the small world is not a problem.
This has been around for a while now however you should consider site speed in your calculations.

Check your site now at a Google test page

Core web vitals is fancy speak for keeping it simple

Again page experience is critical and this can really be thrown out by image selection.
There are many page speed tools and these will find the problems that Google list as:

  • Big pictures
  • Opening images
  • Total page graphics

Any one of these can effect the page speed, The problem is if your page is slow to open a large percentage of readers will move on before it paints.

Maintain research and evaluation cycle

If you have followed any of my work you will understand I am long on Keyword research.
If you have keywords that are either not searched or have too much competition you will not be read. Pretty simple really.
Before you write a single word list out all your keywords and make sure they have value to the readers.
Certainly use a free checker available at Wealthy Affiliate or the Jaaxy solution that provides you with advanced solutions. Try the free trial for more in-depth solutions

Competitor benchmarks to assist your growth

You are not the only kid on the block. There will be others doing similar things with probably some better and a lot worse than you.
Have a look at the good ones and see what keywords are working or areas that you can expand. Take the best and use it for your growth. I don't mean plagiarise however a subject that is briefly covered by others may well be expanded by you.
A simple google search will discover many opportunities to take this to another level.

For example I searched SEO strategy and these are the terms that are being searched.

Best long term SEO strategy

Therefore I know that some of these should be included on this page. In fact I even went back and provided a meaning in the early section of the blog. and will continue with our SEO content strategy to meet or surpass the basic Google requirements.

Cut the Jargon and keep it clear

Some of you will write to impress and use new and exciting phrases that will skip over many a readers head. I was following a broadcast yesterday from a well know scientist on technology changes.
Her presentation may have been accepted in a final year University lecture however for the average person it was way to embellished with unnecessary words and phrases.

I even considered this when introducing Core Web Vitals however it is one you need to consider, maybe I should have said minimise your images.

Write for others not for yourself

It is important that you write for your readers and keep it clear and attractive. This will include short sentences, short paragraphs, a few images and lots of headings

Your readers are generally attention deficit, they want to be entertained and informed or they flit to the next blooming flower.

We often say write to provide the answer to a question or to solve a problem. This should appear early in the piece however they still need a reason to pursue your writing further.

If you are adding affiliate links or page advertising you want them to hang around for a while.

Pictures, graphs and lists grab attention so don't be shy and use as many as you can.

Your H2 and H3 headings should do the same thing. This can capture the skim readers that browse your product looking for points of interest.

Make sure your site is HTTPS compliant

Yes it is probable an old issue that will be in your SEO strategies for 2021.

However many still don't comply and it is detrimental to the future of your site.

Https should be included with any carrier so make sure all your work is current

10 Tips to improve your SEO

Best long term SEO strategy

Stop writing to please Google

It might surprise you but Google does not actually read your stuff. It all ready knows enough.
However they do take notice of what your readers do.

They like the number of clicks, time on site, drop outs, internal and external linking, spelling mistakes and the general set up.

People also like personal examples and related experience because we all like a bit of gossip.

He messed up so I guess it is ok for me as well. She had a good experience with a SEO strategy template so maybe I should try it as well. We love personal experiences so don't be shy in using yours.

Writing for the reader experience is the total summary of your inputs.

Using the guidelines implied by Yoast SEO

This is an example of many of the issues that are considered SEO important. Actually

taken from this page just before I pushed the publish button. It is a lot to consider.

My SEO strategy conclusion

It is a constant battle to remember everything you need to do. I use Yoast SEO as my basic reminder on writing techniques and SEO input.

I then go through a list of things that may make a difference to my readers and to achieving a high SEO score.

Yes we all miss some of them and this will tell in the number of readers.

I did not include analytics in this list however it is important to understand what you have achieved over time.

Your post won't soar through the clouds on day one however as you build a following the numbers will start to increase.

We are doing all this for results, not for play so if you are not getting the runs then change something to move the marks.

This includes going back to old content and rejigging it to achieve better readership .

Having your SEO process steps clearing documented will become easier over time.

Best long term SEO strategy to win the war by Peter Hanley

How to make money on the web

How to make money on the web

How to make money on the web when you have no idea where to begin or what to do. A few ideas that will get you started on an awesome journey

It all starts with a webpage

If you have a web page and understand what you are doing then move on to the next section. For all you beginners buckle up and lets go for a ride.

Your webpage is a picture of you, your business or products just like a business showroom.
It tells people what you do, where to contact you and a brief history of your achievements.

A blogger needs a webpage to house all his articles as a salesman needs a webpage to store all his product details.

You can build your own page (see Wealthy Affiliate) or get someone to do it for you. at a cost from about $500. However you still need to do all the ground work. What the site should look like, what does it say and importantly what is the name of the site. Your URL

There are two major considerations with a website. Even if someone else builds your words you must have a concept of SEO and Keywords.

You need to understand these basic concepts before you attempt to to anything on the web. This includes trying to make money.


My simple explanation of Keywords is what people will type into Google to find you or what you have to offer.

I have several sites and one is a personal brand at I use my name and a dot com to follow. I could have used a country code of dot AU however chose not to.

This site is it tells what I do. Again I chose to make it global.
another is This is focussed solely on the Australian market and is about what I do.

Keywords can also be in your posts. For example if you are selling a particular product like a Beanie your keyword is Beanie. However it is not that simple.
You have to conflicts and one is competition and the other traffic.

How to make money on the web by using competition analysis


This is the number of people flogging a beanie. Say 100 of them ahead of you so being found is difficult.
Importantly most searches never go past page one so with a 100 you will be way down the list.
Furthermore people pay to be on the leading pages so they have about 6 spots a page.

However we set about to fool them by specifying a particular Beanie. Maybe Pure Goat Hair Beanie . Only a few people will be this direct so you will get closer to the front.

If no one searches for a Pure Goat Hair Beanie then you are wasting your time. But if just 10 people a month search for your product and you are on page one then you are in the money.

Introducing the tools of traffic

Fortunately you can find out exactly how much traffic and how many competitors by using a Keyword tool.

There are several ways of doing this and the first is simply a Google search of your chosen word,
Firstly let me clear something up, a key word or key phrase are the same thing. Beanie is a Key word however A pure Goat hair Beanie from the Andies is an extension of the word becoming a phrase.
Finally when you search Google for a word at the bottom of the page Google will tell you what is being searched. Not just a word but a phrase.

How to make money on the web

The best of the tools is Jaaxy

This is something I use every day when I search for both keywords and traffic. This will provide you with the information you need.

A simple version of this is also available free when you join the Wealthy Affiliate training, or in a pro program the full box and dice thrown in.

Where ever you sell, market or trade understanding traffic and competition will move you forward faster than any thing else.

How to make money on the web by understanding SEO

Getting back to making money and SEO

Ok, you are starting to get impatient with me and want some answers. However I want to explain one more thing that is vitally important and that is SEO (Search Engine optimisation)

Google controls most things on line, particularly how you will be seen and read. Therefore despite traffic and competition you really need to follow some basic rules so that you meet the role call.

The first is your content. Rubbish just does not make it. It must be well researched and written to be recognised. Further more you should aim to answer a question or solve a problem. Why? because that's what we search for. How to Tie a Bowtie or are Bowties fashionable.

Following that there is word structure and a whole bundle of rules however we have the answer to your question.

A website plugin called Yoast SEO will guide you every inch of the way. It is free in basic format and simple forms part of your page or blog.

Let's get this money making thing going

Oh I forgot, there is one more thing to think about before we jump in. What do you want to be.

A writerCreate your own blogs
Teachercreate courses and training
Sales outletFlog product. Yours or someone else's
Social media managerPost for others Facebook, Instagram etc
Talking HeadYouTube videos make your own
Affiliate marketerrecommend others and earn commission
Product reviewsWrite about products and make recommendations
Just to get you thinking

If you fall in any of these categories we can help you get up and going.
First of all don't try and be a Jack of all trades. Master one of these before you move on. The one that interests you the greatest, not the one that will make the most money.
This is important because it is most likely going to be a long journey and if you get bored or disinterested it will all be a waste of time. Therefore doing something you like is essential to your future.
Overtime you will overlap everyone of the above into your portfolio because they all inter merge into one product.

How to make money on the web and your reasons to start

Where I started my journey

I just wanted to build a website for my business, however I knew nothing about it so had to start from scratch. I searched around until I found the free training at Wealthy affiliate. This training led me on a journey of discovery.
Try a sample and see what you think.
I moved on to a career in blogging that met my desires as a writer and educator.

Every occupation has a learning curve

Working on the internet to make money is relatively easy however you need to do the basics first, there is no short cut to fame. Think that you went to school for about nine years and then to college for three or more years to qualify to get a job.

We can shortcut that to less time but my point is there are things you must know to give you a chance over everyone else.

There are millions of blogs loaded every day so how are you going to be found in a simple search. It is very possible if you use the tools that are available and apply them to meet the rules of Google.

I can't teach you everything in a ten minute read however I can set you on a pathway to success.

How to make money on the web with video

A whole new way to beat the crowd

Google was the sole occupier of search terms. Yes Yahoo, Bing and a few other played a minor role however most searches were done on Google until!
Along came YouTube marching to the front.

Now searched nearly as often as Google and much more that Bing and Yahoo combined. That is a whole heap of traffic that many will miss out on.

Who would search You Tube for business needs.

How to do thingsA massive volume
Ways to unpackcommon use
BrandingGetting an image in the market
MarketingSelling your product
Affiliate salessales of someone else's product
TrainingOr teaching
A starter list

I wanted to repair the brakes on my bike so I searched you tube, I had trouble with an excel function so I searched You tube. Everyday I follow a report on Crypto currencies with a YouTube feed. Many times everyday I search You Tube and so will you and countless others so I guess there is a message coming out of that. How to conquer You tube and make some money.

First of all you can make a video using your iPhone or Tablet and in fact most computers have a camera and mike to use. For the more ambitious you can buy a nice camera and sound equipment. Finally the easy way forward.

Enter Vidnami

With a tool like Vidnami you can create a professional video without using any of the above.
You can try it all for free and keep every video you make, good or bad.

There is an opportunity to really get this rocking for those who have a leaning to writing scrips and adding clips, pictures or videos.
Yes you will need a bit of guidance however Vidnami have a whole bundle of training .

Finally a tool that anyone can use. Furthermore it is free to try.

How to make money on the web by using a mentor

For the insecure types there are more ways

First of all many of us need someone to show us the way, It its worth paying some money to take a huge shortcut to success by using a Mentor.
This can be an expensive trap if you go searching for the promised land because their are so many out there wanting to take your money.

I recommend a friend of mine Roy Carter. Roy is an English guy made good spends a bulk of his time residing on an Island paradise. Roy will take you through the steps you need to take and lead you to income.

Therefor any paid out should be returned many times over.
Finally this is for those that are willing to do the work and are committed to success. Roy does not accept just anyone however having my recommendation will really help

A conclusion on making easy money on the internet

Finally to Easy money, It simply is not true, if you give nothing you get twice that in return. However if you are prepared to invest some time and effort it is possible. Forget age, gender, race because everyone is equal and have the same opportunities.

Furthermore this really is the land of equal opportunity. You get back what you put in so make an investment in your self and join us in having a good time and making money.

So concluding all this, it is now your job to take action.

How to make money on the web by Peter Hanley

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