Own business ideas

own business ideas

Are you looking for your own business ideas and struggling to find an answer? The problem may be you, however, the solution is here ready to start today.

Business opportunities galore

You are sitting around wondering what would be a good business. You have gone online, searched for sale ads, and spoken to a few people but are no closer to a solution.
Consequently, you are now clasping your hands in despair and wailing that nothing will jump up and grab me. Oh me, what can I do?

Business is all about money, or is it?

Firstly if you have no money can you have a business?
The answer is yes you can and we will show you how. By the end of this post, you can be earning money.

When you have a lot of money what business do you buy? Warren Buffett will tell you cash flow is the answer and he became one of the richest men in the world.

Above all is the fact that if you do something you love you will never work another day in your life.

How to find a business that suits you.

Now I want you to close your eyes and sit back and imagine what you want in life. How much money will make you happy? do you want an inside job or outdoor work? Where do you want to be? Working from home or in a big flash office?
If I can give you all that what will you give back?

This is no place for dreamers. Wishing for a million-dollar business while sitting on a beach drinking cocktails and everyone running around you is a Lotto dream. We want a serious dream and one that will completely overwhelm you with desire.

The business secret

There was a book and video out called The Secret. I read the book and watched the video and made my wish but alas it did not come through the door. I am not knocking this book because the basis is desire. If you want something bad enough it can be yours.

Another book by Napoleon Hill was Think and Grow Rich. Written over many years and published for the first time in 1937.
The premise of the book was The Secret. Napoleon interviewed 500 of the richest people looking for a common element of their success.
The answer is hidden in the book and you have to read every page to make your own decision.
It is about desire, commitment and never giving up.

If you believe, then it will come. However, what they forget to tell you is that there is a cost to success and that cost is called your commitment.

No one owes you a living.

If you are not prepared to get off your backside and have some real desire the gods will not favour you. It is a simple truth. We are all made equal however some end up more equal than others.

I hear the wail that I haven't got the time to do something. Well make changes and create time. Busy people have more time than lazy people, It is a fact.
We all have a 24 hour day and it is what you do with it that matters.

Your business's first tiny step

If you want your own business and could have it today, the first question to ask yourself is how much money would you like to earn every month and every year as a minimum.

This is a serious question because it will determine the type of business you need.

If you work on an hourly basis doing a labour based job and work 40 hours a week at $20 an hour you top out at $41,200 a year without missing an hour.

Therefore, if your need is $100,000 it won't work. Unless, of course, you can get $45 hour.

So, in this case, your plan would look like this.

I want $41,200 a yearThis is after expenses and tax
That' just $792 a weekPlus some for expenses and tax
I will provide 40 hours of labourThat's every day 5 days a week
I want this in 6 months timeI will build up every month
My plan of action isWrite it all down and make a commitment
My daily statement Every day I will confirm my goal and track my progress

Now you have a plan

Now that you have a plan, it might just suit you and be exactly what you could wish for.

Of course, there are a lot more details to go through, but unless you have a destination and a timeline with a commitment you have nothing.

Write out a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire, name the time limit for its acquisition, state what you intend to give in return for the money, and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulate it.

Next. Read your written statement aloud, twice daily, once just before retiring at night, and once after arising in the morning. AS YOU READ—SEE AND FEEL AND BELIEVE YOURSELF ALREADY IN POSSESSION OF THE MONEY.
Napoleon Hill

What type of business is best?

Selling your labourThis is a hard start
Teaching and mentoringIdeal for many
Retail industriesYou need capital
Online incomeSelling your products
Affiliate marketing
Selling other people's products
bloggingSelling yourself
Recurring incomeGet paid every month

Which of these is best for you? Personally I do most of them at some time so I combine my income from different sources.

Become a virtual assistant explained

Is labour a dirty word?

This depends on you. If you are a craftsman your hourly income can be very high however washing cars can be very low.
Preparing business videos can be great or providing social media skills to local businesses may be very rewarding. Labour is not a dirty word, it is selling your best assets for a great return.

Tutoring and mentoring

People stand on a stage and talk to an audience for half an hour, and they walk out with $10,000 for the effort.
Kayla Itenes made a workout video for women and used Instagram to market. Starting from home business, she is now a multi-millionaire.

A friend of mine is a high school teacher. Being an at-home mother she does after school tutoring. Because she has limited hours she charges a premium hourly rate. Her part-time income is far greater than a regular salary.
A customer has a tutoring business. He advertises on Facebook to get clients and then lines them up with local tutors and takes a cut of the hourly rate. An interesting aside is writing this: we are in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis. Schools are closed and he has so many clients that he can hardly cope. This is from a lounge room business in a local suburb.

Is the retail industry for you?

Generally, the retail industry requires capital expenditure but that is not always the case. An acquaintance of mine designs and makes homemade pens. These are made out of plastic and wood using common biro refills, he designs a lot around the tourist industry and makes them a great take-home gift.

Selling is at a weekend market in a tourist area. He makes enough on a weekend to last the week and makes a good living.

Selling online is the new wave

Online selling is growing faster than any other industry. Nearly every big business now has an online shop. You just need some internet training and a product and away you go. Earnings are unlimited.
Amazon is a great example of this growth however many compete and work with Amazon.

Affiliate marketing is an easy answer

own business ideas
Best game in town

Affiliate marketing is selling other people's products online. No stock, just a regular return on your sales.

The biggest example is Amazon, where you can quickly become an affiliate and start recommending any of tens of thousands of products.
There are so many affiliate programmes all looking for marketers just like you. Start today and earn tomorrow type arrangements.

However, don't start until you learn a few things about online marketing or you will be lost at sea.

Is blogging for you?

Blogging is generally long from marketing or technically conversational marketing. Bloggers make affiliate money and advertising income and often in huge amounts.

For instance, you are reading a blog now, that's what I do and included will be a few affiliate links. No shame there as I recommend products that will assist you and cost very little.

Furthermore, blogging can become a career and turn into a long term business that will repay you every month.

Certainly, there are a lot of bloggers but we can show you the way to the top in a few easy lessons.

Recurring income products

This is my favourite place in the world. I have been selling recurring income products for 20 years and they keep on paying out.
As a result, I am more than willing to share.

I have a bundle of products and my first is Wealthy Affiliate web hosting and internet training.
You can sign up for free and start recommending the product to others. When someone signs under you you get paid for every month they are a member.
Most importantly, everything I recommend comes free of upsells and extra payments to get the basics. There are a lot of scams in the world so beware.

Another thing related to this is the jaaxy keyword tool. Keywords are the most important tool in the box therefore having one is necessary. I wrote a lot more on Keyword tools recently. Above all, it is a great affiliate income

Your first act is to get some training.

own business ideas
basic training

First of all, if you have no basic knowledge, no website then no one will want to talk to you. Becoming an affiliate, blogging or selling online just won't happen.

Consider that you go to school for about 9 years to get into a university. Furthermore, Uni grabs another 3-5 years to qualify you for a job. Then you go to work in a junior position for a few years before making a reasonable income working the nine to five life.

Therefore spending a month or so to gather the basics of online marketing seems pretty cheap to me.

Certainly free training from the best in the business must be an incentive. Furthermore, you can get a free hosted website to use just for you.

Above all, get to understand SEO and Keywords before you attempt anything on the net.

How to get noticed in a crowded market.

Firstly, your web rankings revolve around Keyword selection, furthermore if you don't understand this you will NEVER succeed.

Secondly, Google invented SEO the art of being seen is in what you do.

Finally you can get to page one if you soimply follow a few basic rules.

In addition, it must be considered that readers don't go past page one of a search term. Your understanding of this is paramount to your success.

Special set skills needed to achieve


To clarify the above on your own business ideas you need an understanding when you start.

For example, making a plan and choosing a niche needs to be backed by a solid foundation.

Similarly, you need to support this with regular training as your new world is very dynamic .

Above all it will take some time, there are no get rich quick schemes that are worth any money.

Finally, I believe you will have enough insight to go forward and make a great future. That is to say, a business that will deliver an income.

Own Business Ideas by Peter Hanley

Own business ideas
Peter Hanley

In addition, and when I read back I realise I have not put enough emphasis on social media.
When you apply effort to learn any module it is a great platform to work with others.
Above all is selling your newfound abilities to local businesses. Social media is a great opportunity.
Above all, take your opportunity to start your learning cycle today

To sum up this short document is based on basic training that will lead to success. Likewise it will show you a path to follow that above all will bring the results you want.
For example, any one unit that interests you can be an all-consuming business that will deliver a generour living.

Copywriting blog posts

how to be a lifestyle blogger

Copywriting blog posts makes the world of difference between being read and understood or ignored and unread. It is your choice.

Is writing a blog copywriting?

In the true sense of the word, the answer is no. OK, you are confused but let's dig a bit deeper.

Traditionally, copywriting was a sales-based product. The writers would prepare a script and take it to the typesetters to get ready for the printing press.
Currently, it is for all direct marketing pieces that include many forms, advertising, brochures, handouts etc. Virtually based on advertising.

Where blogging is informational marketing, it takes the copy a step further and informs the reader about the subject.

Therefore my whole heading is wrong and you don't copywrite for blog posts.

However, it has become an accepted form of naming that will forever be confused. I am attempting to turn copywrites into marketers as we construct a great blog.

Get your posts and pages correct at the start

A great copy is necessary for blogging

I am not “Gilding the Lilly” here, you still need to write a great copy in a world that is very competitive.

 “The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.” – Leo Burnett

I have just been reading a script from a top-level organisation that completely confuses the two words.

Copywriting is selling and that is often included as part of the blogging structure. A funnel for instance is a direct selling operation that takes you in and spits you out a few bucks poorer. Your blog will sometimes link to a funnel to finish the operation, IE: get a sale.

Affiliate marketing and copywriting

Here I go again, getting all confused between the media because I am a long term affiliate marketer.
Affiliate marketing is the art of taking a reader on a journey to purchase a product from a third party. This requires gentle persuasion and not, in your face, hard sell. copywriting.

I bring Affiliates into the equation because a large proportion of blogging will include an affiliate link. A way to be reimbursed for your time and effort expended.

The headline is a common bond

Your headline must grab immediate attention so that the reader will move into the document where all the subheaders and pictures take over.

We are searching for reasons so consider answering one of the following:

  • Builds curiosity
  • Hints at a problem being solved
  • Offers something compelling
  • Entices and excites

My heading “is writing a blog copywriting” hints at curiosity and solving a problem and yours should be similar.

I call it the Nanosecond rule because you must grab attention immediately or lose the reader.

Neil Patel has a construction that goes like this:

How to get….in just …. days even if you don't have….

How to get your post read in one day even if you don't have the best writing skills.

Maybe I should have used it instead of my effort

Irresistible Keywords are the deal-breaker

There is no doubt that the correct use of Keywords determines your level of success. To be read or not.
You must have an understanding of the subject and apply the rules, and the current rules not the old ones. Rules change because Google says so. It was only a few years past that using lots of keywords (stuffing) was the order of the day. It is now a no-no.
Then came the longtail keywords that enhanced the search terms followed by using synonyms throughout your writing.
The post length went from 300 words to 3000 words to get the first-page viewing
You will understand that you must be on page one to be read, in fact in the first couple of lines of the free ads.

Superior keyword use for success

is blogging copywriting

If my keyword was blogging I would start on page 23 of a search term and gradually move up from there. Even with a lot of traffic, about 8500 searches a month, I would never get read.

Fortunately, there are now tools that you can use that provide the information you need. This must be your first job when starting to write.

Your elite SEO commitment

One last chore before we take pen to paper.
Writing a great blog has a form that should be considered.
Your SEO experts like Yoast insist on no more than 300 words in a subheading.
Add to this no sentence longer than 75 words and written in a positive style.

Furthermore, all your subheading less size than your main heading and going down in size. Let me explain.

My heading is a #2, my subheadings all #3 and the final re-use of my keyword a #4.

Your post length can vary as long as it answers a question or provides a solution. However, most agree the magic number is 1500 words. This blog is 800 to here.

Now to write the best blog

is blogging copywriting

Having set up your structure it is almost time to pick up your pen however I have found one final job for you. This will save you time and writers bloc.

My advice is to do your heading first. With a dozen or so headings and 200 words per paragraph, you will have no trouble meeting the word count.

Furthermore, your page should follow a format that is fairly standard. The words change sometimes but basically the process is the same.

The introductionWhat it is about
A storyWhy it is important
ContentThe issue it answers
TransitionThe details of what you want
from the reader
PitchConfirm the sale or provide a link

Then use power words to influence the reader.

Hard-hitting attention grabbers


  • Exclusive
  • Breakthrough
  • Bestselling
  • Elite


  • Irresistible
  • Exceptional
  • Unforgettable
  • Picturesque


  • Superior
  • Cutting-edge
  • Hard-hitting
  • Introducing
  • Welcome


  • Versatile
  • Simplifies
  • Ready to Go
  • Done-for-you

Irresistible blog writing

I have stolen another quote that suits the purpose.

 “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.” – Blair Warren

Therefore knowing who your customer is and what they do is important. Your style of writing will change to the chosen demographic.
Consider age, education, interests, sex and write to your ideal reader.
The young want it fast and loud, on the other hand, the old want it soft and slow.

Check out the TV advertising, load and fast and a huge amount of movement is targeted at the young. They blow my mind with intensity and action.

Likewise, retirement home advertising is slow and gentle and the kids will never see them. Your writing must be the same.

Marketing with blog posts and the answers.

Persuasive writing for results

Persuasive writing consists of using power words, logical arguments, and emotional connections to move your readers to action. In affiliate marketing, the words you choose should help your audience decide that the product, service, or software you're promoting is precisely what they need. 

You want readers on the edge, building desire and ready to make a commitment.

For example, training at Wealthy Affiliate builds this process so that you will become an unforgettable writer and readers will wait for the next episode. When you build a following, you develop an income stream that will last the years.

Above all else, writing for the long term will provide the results you desire. For instance, this is one of two hundred posts on similar subjects that provide a link to total online marketing.
In other words, I want you to read more than one short blog.

Above all else learn your craft and apply the skills so you are in front of the pack. For example, I have used several references in building this post with the most important being Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a high spec web host with elite page speed and as a result, supports your readers.

In conclusion,

We have covered a lot on this short journey.
Firstly, the need to be read is paramount and furthermore it won't happen unless you follow the rules.

Above all else are keyword research and SEO placement before you write a single word. This is well covered in Wealthy Affiliate where you can get the tools to help.

Learn to use a keyword tool and furthermore use it at every opportunity.

Copywriting blog post by Peter Hanley

newsletter format
Peter Hanley

Remember that blogging is persuasive marketing and copywriting is selling and they are different.

How to find keywords for blogging

How to find keywords for blogging

How to find keywords for blogging is the most important part of blog writing. Without guidance, you stand no chance of being read. We'll tell you how.

Why a keyword anyway?

The start of any internet journey is around your internet address. Consider for yourself what you think before doing a search.

  • How to do something
  • Best anything
  • Why does it happen?
  • When should I
  • Reviews work well
    In fact, this blog starts with How to find keywords for blogging

Most blogs answer a question of some kind and that is why a keyword is so important.

If I start the blog with Peter Hanley looking at Keywords no one will type in that search term unless I am more famous than I think I am.

Depending on what you want to discover and in this case, the word keywords will form a part of your search.

Search terms are dictated by the amount of traffic and competition for a particular word

The keyword tool

Fortunately, finding keywords that work has become a fairly simple process.
You must understand that over 80% of searchers never go past page one and half the page is paid advertising so your chance of being read depends on your keyword.

This is a critical component of page building and must be understood before writing a single word.

Your tools can be found at a prior post that goes more in-depth than I want to here.

Writing for income

How to find keywords for blogging

Do not waste time writing blogs with no call to action. You will spend many hours in this profession so you will rightly expect a return. The return may come from a sales focussed website or affiliate income.
Establish your partners early and use them to create an opportunity to get paid for what you do. Affiliate Income can come from a training or web hosting site that offers readers an insight into the blogging world.

Others may add Amazon links for products or similar hardware suppliers.

Finally, you may choose advertising on your site as your readership grows in size.

All of these are incidental to your great writing but support the effort involved. They do not cheapen your product as it is standard practice across all good bloggers.
Famous figures don't blog because they like you. they blog for income. An income that can be in the millions of dollars. Blogging is big business so treat it properly to start.

Planning a journey

If you understand where you are going, the process is made a lot easier along the way.

Your keyword selection can follow a path that establishes a pattern that is easy to follow.

Pick out your main or cornerstone Keywords and start building around them so you can link internally and gather readers.

For instance, if the target is Keyword then you can have;

  • Keywords for building industry
  • How to pick a good keyword
  • Best keyword tool for free
  • Why use keywords in marketing
  • free keyword tool for every industry
  • etc etc

The list of keywords is endless if you start the process correctly. Keyword block is a common element in us all and should not be there to hold you back

Your credibility

You will not gain know and like until you are a proven concept and you develop a following.

Therefore, write a few posts using great keyword selection and start to gather readers. You will not get to page one on day one. It just does not happen unless it is a word that no one reads.

But it will come with time and patience, so keep on the journey knowing you are laying the foundations for something much bigger.

Another great concept is to have a nice about page that readers can refer to at any time. Include a photo and a bit of a bio and link to it on every blog.

So you want to be read?

There are ways to write that are time-proven to get you on the front page but are not all the same. Here are some examples to get you thinking.

  • List-based Post: 5 ways to fix a leaky faucet
  • Curated Collection Post: 10 faucet and sink brands you should look into today
  • SlideShare Presentation: 5 types of faucets that should replace your old one (with pictures)
  • News post: New study shows X% of people don't replace their faucet on time

Copy writing blog posts and answers

The best way forward

Now you have a keyword and a plan for what comes next?

Your audience needs to be categorised and targeted with your writing. That is to say, don't write to knitting ladies about kitchen sinks. Or try and discuss taps with a Crochet club
Understand your target audience and write to them.

How to find keywords for blogging includes thinking it through to your audience and having that as a critical consideration.

Not everyone is interested in a new Faucet so you don't want to waste time trying to include them.

In conclusion,

I can't labour on the fact that keyword selection will make the difference between success and failure.

It is the most important element in blogging and comes before anything else.
On page one, you will be read on page three doubtful and any further down the chain it is highly unlikely.

The Wealthy Affiliate site includes a bundle of more training plus a free Keyword tool that you can use at any time. The tool is not the only one and I did a review recently that looked at several to choose from.

Whichever way you go, plan your keywords in advance to have a road to success and make writing easier for you

How to find keywords for blogging by Peter Hanley

Marketing with blog posts
Peter Hanley

Marketing with blog posts

how to become an affiliate marketer

Marketing with blog posts is a highly effective contact vehicle that costs little and obtains results that last a lifetime. However, it must be consistent.

What do blog posts achieve?

First of all, a blog may be part of a website or a stand-alone document.

In fact, I have one on my business site and a separate one for marketing.

I think a blog is really like a long newsletter. It is written for a target market in a narrow product set with consistent contact.

Maybe like an extended Facebook post that delivers readers to your website and allows them to make buying decisions.

The blog is on a single subject, it may be a cornerstone product or an ancillary link but it is narrow in its delivery.

A blog should produce a desire that will convert into action and complete the cycle.

Marketing in a blog

Imagine you are a car dealer selling a common model to a mid-range market.

Your website will be full of material and you will have brochures and handouts expanding all the car features.

So what could you possibly blog about?

  • How you entered a car at a local rally and won.
  • Constructive ways to get things in the boot
  • Why you get a seven-year warranty
  • Snow tyres that saved your life

I could go on for a long time but what we are doing is creating a list of benefits. People buy benefits, we sell features. Nice colour, great design, sunroof style offers.

So when someone reads about the best way to fit a seven-foot basketballer in the back seat, you solve a problem.

Marketing is not selling

Traditional marketing is gathering interest and leading a customer to a buying situation.
The online world has turned that a bit topsy by including the checkout at the end of the script. However, the script must be heavy on marketing to lead to the buying line.

A good blog is marketing in stealth. You write knowledgeably and extensively about a single subject that will create further action.
Your car blog will talk about how the manufacturer will apply three undercoats before they run a topcoat. The benefit is to save future rust problems and devaluing the car. This provides readers with a strong buying signal when comparing your offer to others.

Content marketing is not blogging in disguise.

Marketing with blog posts

In fact, Content marketing takes blogging to another level.

Content Marketing will answer specific questions people have and provide them with something they can’t get elsewhere. It’s the best way to turn your product, no matter how common, into something that is not like

Content Marketing Institute

CM may use articles, videos, webinars and even newsletters to spread the information thus building a trust position with the readers.

Therefore a blog could be part of the content marketing of any business as they build trust in the buyer.

Your blog can be a marketing dream

When you build a following of loyal supporters and interested readers using great Keyword choice you will create a contact with your selling site.

The subtle use of information links in your writing can direct readers to gain more information. Furthermore, they will be one extra step down the sales path.

It is true that a buyer needs to be touched at least seven times before they will buy their first product from you. A blog is a vital cog in that chain.

Your blog will answer the questions that people want to know about and that is the job of your keyword selection.
It will then discuss a benefit by highlighting all the problems, discuss how others feel about the problem and a logical conclusion that bonds them to you.

Marketing with blogs will deliver results.

How long should a blog be?

My typical response to this question is that it is as long as it takes to answer the question. 300 words through to 5000 words is acceptable. However, a common belief is around 1500 words as the accepted norm.

Personally I average 1500 words with many either side of this. If you are reading to here we are at about
700 words so far, six headings and twenty-four paragraphs. About halfway.

Marketing is about pictures

People read pictures 10,000 times more than they read words. That's why comic books work so well – it's not rocket science, it is just fact.

Our attention span is reportedly about 8 seconds so if you don't have them by the vitals, give the attention somewhere pretty to travel to. On your page.

Your blog posts create a picture

Marketing with blog posts
Your target audience

The art of storytelling starts with a question or what is in it for the reader.

This then flows into your journey of discovery and how you found your way through the wilderness.

Those with whom I share the journey

These thoughts are common threads with some of the internet's best writers. I have just finished a period with Anik Singal who thrashes the brilliance of the 5 steps to complete the sale, the same 5 steps we use here.

The other is Neil Patel who has a similar direction to huge results and finally our own Wealthy Affiliate training where a range of members discuss the best ways to blog for money or results.

All will come back to stepped storytelling that follows a common theme.

I first discovered this as the AIDA principle, a procedure I have followed for decades and one that has served me well.

AttentionSolve a problem
InterestHow you did it
DesireWhere others have benefited
Action or closeThe closing run

These words may change and there may be an addition of an extra unit however the theory remains the same.

Marketing with blog posts follows a structure.

Ten times the return

Marketing with blog posts
For every dollar invested a $10 return

As you close out the story, your readers want to see themselves getting a far greater return on their investment than where they are now. They are hard to move for a similar result but give them 10X the result and the final close is a gimme.

This is really marketing with a blog post. A simple strategy for your long time success.

Other blogging ideas

As a daily blogger and affiliate marketer, I write on different ways to achieve a result using the same method as laid out here. Blogging is a long term subject but not nearly as long as marketing that dates back to the beginning of time.
Your reasons for writing a blog will be many and varied but the one common answer will be to get rewarded for your effort.
The reward may be fame or financial but the need is the same.

Where to begin the blogging journey?

starting to blog

Like any business or career, blogging comes with rules. If you don't understand the basics your chances of being read are very small. Keywords and SEO dominate the background of knowledge and without a thorough understanding, you will remain behind the eight ball.

Wealthy Affiliate is the leading provider of web-based hosting and WordPress training for both new and experienced writers.

In conclusion, blogging is a serious art with great rewards however it does take time and patience to reach a pinnacle.

Every business should have a blog and everyone wanting to try out their skills a great escape from reality.

Marketing with blog posts by Peter Hanley

Marketing with blog posts
Peter Hanley

P.S.About 1300 words and 13 paragraphs

Email Marketing by affiliates

How to become an affiliate marketer

Email marketing by affiliates is a money generating opportunity done by many but accomplished by few. However, with a couple of tools, you can be a winner.

Does anyone read emails anymore?

Spam emails are something we all complain about and they arrive daily and clog up our inbox. On the other hand, we then pick out a few that get our attention and give them authority. The answer to this is the road to your success.

Affiliates are business people running online stores

Yes, affiliates have a business model based on cost-sharing and lower margins, however, they are protected from stock holding, sales cost and support services.
A great model that works for millions around the world, generating many great incomes.

Furthermore, they have their own customer base that can be used to generate income from several sources.

We have a customer base built from online activities. They are a range of small businesses that are on my contact list. In addition, I recommend products that I use or like and generally ones with a small trailing commission. Sometimes free products as well to support their activities.

Emailing, web hosting, video maker, messaging, keyword tool, bulk SMS and coaching.
When someone has bought something from you they are more likely to make a second or third purchase because the trust has been established.

Therefore, email marketing is necessary to maintain a constant contact stream.

I use the Constant Contact email marketing platform

Having tried many of the email platforms over the years, I have settled on just one. I want an easy life and CC gives me no hassles and simply does what it should do. Sends emails and reports on results.

The best bit is that you can try it for free under my plan with them.

Email delivered to a mobile phone

Email Marketing by affiliates
Used every day

91% of smartphone emails are checked every day and a percentage of all emails will go to mobile. That percentage will depend on your target but could be a low15% or a high 80%

What this means is that your email must be designed with the mobile phone as the receiver.
Most bulk services will support this but you should check. All of the Constant Contact's new-gen emails are mobile-friendly.

The up-sell email

I must confess to hating up-sells and side sales but they are part of the internet business.
I have seen businesses with a $49 entry fee constantly push for more money up to $20,000. No cash, don't worry, we have a Credit Card for you.
The story of MOBE

However, upsells often work really well.
Many internet programs give you a free version, it will work at about 70% but if you want bells and whistles it is the paid version.
I use a plugin called Yoast for my SEO. the free version has been OK for a couple of years with a whole bundle of emails seeking an upgrade over this time. Eventually, they got me to the premium version and it was only a matter of time. It was worth the money.

They sent a regular newsletter highlighting the benefits of the pro version.

Legitimate marketing practices are a scammer's gold mine. Tread warily when spending money.

Different Types of Email

There is more than one type of email and you will use them all.

  • Work and general emails
  • Reminder emails
  • Autoresponder emails
  • Newsletters
  • Emails with attachments
  • Marked urgent
  • Mailing list

The important part is being read

I call it the nanosecond review. When someone looks at their emails there is a delete-save decision. You can go one step further like I do and mark the whole page to delete, then scan down for the few I keep. It is a problem that can be overcome.

Branding is the answer

Consistent use of your logo, colour and heading will provide a recognition factor. We are working on know, like and trust principal and when this works it will ensure an open rate.

The attention grabber

Using a standard template is easy at Constant Contact, therefore just add words and press send.

Humans process visual content 60,000 times faster than text. In other words, it’s much easier for our brains to understand a picture than a paragraph.

Pretty links

Personality marketing for emails and blogs

Don't be afraid to showcase your photos and details. Readers want to know who they are dealing with and you can become a friend without ever meeting.

Use your personality, pictures and a few life stories to bond with your viewers.

Email marketing by affiliates who stand up and are recognised.

The best time to email people might be now.

Importantly, as I write this, the world is hunkering down from the impending onslaught of CoronaVirus.

More and more people will be working from home and making home deliveries everyday occurrence. Purchasing can start through an affiliate link on a blog or an email thus growing your market quickly and richly.

Further training in marketing and email

There is a lot more training on all of today's subjects at Wealthy Affiliate. You can view these at no cost and even complete a course or just search under a Keyword. It's certainly worth a revies

Your return on investment

As a business person, you expect a return on every dollar invested in marketing.
Constant contact suggested a return of $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing.
Of course, that won't happen every time and will depend on what is being sold and the size of your list.
How often you contact them and how good your template is is certainly essential.

The Most Interesting Affiliate Marketing Statistics for 2020

  • Affiliate marketing spending is bound to grow by 10% per year in the next few years.
  • Worth $12 billion, the AM sector is growing rapidly.
  • AM accounts for 15% of all digital media revenue.
  • Well-crafted affiliate marketing programs can boost revenue by a staggering 30%.
  • That boost amounts to 15%-30% of all sales being generated by AM.
  • Together with email marketing, AM is one of the largest sources of online income, accounting for over 16% of all e-commerce orders in the USA and Canada.

    Ref: Hosting tribunal


The subject is all-inclusive, you can be part-time, full time or work for others. As an affiliate, you can earn as you learn.

Web hosting is an incredibly competitive field for a number of reasons: there are many high-quality service providers who compete online for an entirely digital product. Some of the best paying affiliate programs can be found there because a few years ago Wealthy Affiliate showcased the AM potential.

Hosting tribunal

Your email will form a large part of the platform for online sales.

You should therefore ignore emailing at your peril.

Email marketing by affiliates from Peter Hanley

email marketing by affiliates
Peter Hanley
email for affiliates

If you desire no-hassle email Constant contact has the answer.

Disclaimer: Firstly, as an Affiliate, I might earn money if you sign up to any of the programs I have recommended. These are programs that I have used for several years and come with the utmost faith and belief. In addition, I normally promote a lot of free ideas however sometimes they come at a small cost.

Email marketing for small business

What is a blogging?

What is a blogging?

What is a blogging? Or a blog and are they really serving a purpose. We look at writing for fun, for business and for money the easy way.

To blog or not.


  1. a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Wikipedia describes blogging in longhand however my short version is it is a story following a theme.

I write on small business marketing ideas. Each one is a new subject and a personal reflection on my ideas and beliefs.
Another might compose about the migration of bees or the best woodman axe.

For your business, you will write about products, problems and fixes.
Remember searchers are looking for answers, how, why and when situations.

Why write a Blog?

There are many reasons to blog and a billion odd blogs out in the market so why would anyone read what you have to say.

I blog because I enjoy writing, my past experience gives me something to say and share with others and I make money. Does that sound like a good idea?

Furthermore, I have a business to promote and blogging brings me new customers. It is a necessary part of my marketing.

It also keeps me in contact with people with similar ideas and backgrounds providing social interaction.

Finally, I learn from researching subjects that I want to blog about. None of us knows it all.

Could you write a blog?

The interesting part of this is that writing has simple rules. Rules you can learn and follow within a short time.
All blogs are on the internet and the internet is run by Google, therefore, Google makes the rules.

Quality content is great to have. You have spell checkers and grammar police to help you with this.
You will be told to write in short sentences and short paragraphs and be natural in what you say.
Next is writing procedures. I use a program that checks my writing for set out and to ensure I comply with the rules of SEO.
You can even get a score rating out of 100 for your effort.

What comes first with blogging?

If you ask a hundred people you will get 100 answers and nearly everything will be wrong.

Your first objective is a keyword that suits your writing.

When people search the web they type in a search term (keyword) that will take them to an answer they want. That search term must be one that will deliver readers to you.
You can have the best blog on the Net, everything is in place but if no one reads it you have wasted your time.

You find a great keyword by using a tool. A product that will look at volume and competition and tell you how to get found.

When people search the web they rarely go past page one, in fact, the first three lines on page one. Not fair but true so you must be there.

What will you write about?

What is a blogging?
A blogging venture

This is not rocket science, something that you are interested in or fascinated with.

If you are a model train enthusiast you will write about that. If you have a clothing shop about clothes,
It might be food, health, nutrition or trekking. Old cars, new cars, boats or boots.

Each subject has a myriad of topics to keep your fingers going for years ahead.
Boats can be old or new. Big, small, fast, slow, pretty, ugly, river, ocean, paddle or power.
Fast boats may be racing or rescue, long-distance, sprint or pleasure. On the river, the ocean, in dams. With people or without. The list is endless.

You will get hung up on this in the beginning so we recommend compiling a list of keywords to start. One hundred or a thousand but enough to allow freedom of thought to take over from procrastination and doubt.

What to write a blog about?

The dreaded writers' block.

This will be partially solved when you have your list of Keywords and know what the subject is. Problem one solved.

Blogging is storytelling. A start, problem, agitation and a solution. The basis of all media.
When you begin the blog, write down a series of subheadings. This will take you on a journey and provide a path to the finish.

It is easier to write 300 words under a heading than to start with a long road ahead to meander down.

What is the structure in a post?

This is important because keeping readers entertained is your job.

Every subheading should answer a question and that answer will be in the first sentence under the heading.

Many will say that each subhead is a story of its own. It will fit anywhere in the article and relate to the subject independently.

Specific rules for writing

Nothing is exact. we are writers and want literary freedom, however some useful guidelines to help.

HeadingAs much as needed
ParagraphsUnder about 25 words
WordsNot technical
Blog length+/- 1500 words
Pictures:Should be included

Fifteen hundred words are the target for your blog and follow with short sentences and paragraphs plus a few pictures thrown in.
Take a natural style of writing that adopts how you would chat with a friend. Don't try and get too smart or use obscure words for effect.

Tools for bloggers

We talked about keywords tools and I provided a link above.
For spelling, I use Grammarly.com a highly rated spell checker that follows you along and highlights words that are potentially wrong.

Yoast SEO. is my recommendation for SEO. This is a WordPress plugin that rates your SEO compliance and writing skills. It can be annoying until you follow the rules and make all the green lights go your way. For any new blogger, this is really necessary.

Is writing the career for you?

Yes, it is. We all have a story to tell and with a few ideas on which you can expand anyone can be a success.

However, one story does not complete the deal. To be recognised and appreciated you need to be consistent in your writing and a regular contribution to your subject.
Writing will become more natural as you go and will take its own form as an extension of yourself.

How do you set up your webpage?

This is done with a name (your domain) a hosting service and a page builder.

I recently wrote on this with starting a blog in WordPress and a couple of other ideas as well that will cover the foundation you need.

At Wealthy Affiliate, there is a whole bundle of training for my chosen WordPress host. Your access is free and you can even get a website thrown in without cracking the credit card. I have been a member for several years and give it a five-star rating and a must-do for anyone entering the game.

Find a host for your writing.

This is done with a blog name (your domain) a hosting service and a page builder.

I recently wrote on this with starting a blog in WordPress and a couple of other ideas as well that will cover the foundation you need.

There is a whole bundle of training at Wealthy Affiliate, my chosen WordPress host. Your access is free and you can even get a website thrown in without cracking the credit card. I have been a member for several years and give it a five-star rating and a must-do for anyone entering the game.

Track your progress

It is not good blogging and wondering if you have any readers. Yes, you can include some links but we all employ a free product called Google Analytics.

This is an important part of web building and provides a bundle of information on which to grow.
Not just the number of clicks but where from, device, sex of the reader, age even the time of the day.
Most devices that are available build from this product so install it when you start and follow regularly, acting on the results.


You have received a brief overview of a very long subject. However, I have included some vital information that will hopefully set you on a winning path.
Your keyword planning, SEO structure and writing format will all support success.
Use the tools and follow the structure that will make your life easy and your words jump off the page
Your journey will have highs and lows, successes and minor failures, it is all part of the process.
The good bits are to be enjoyed and never fret about the others, everything can be changed or ignored.

You must check out the training at Wealthy Affiliate and read the forum comments from people just like you.
You will never be alone in this, remember you are writing for people that want you to entertain them.
One day you will be able to say “I am a blogger”

what is a blogging
Peter Hanley

The how to market a product

The how to market a product is a funny way to introduce an important topic. Here we look at two different examples of market domination by repetition

My marketing background made me take notice

I love examples of companies that go beyond the normal to dominate a niche.

Most often this is invisible and done by stealth but when it hits you hard you must take notice.

Yoast v All In One

These are the two dominant SEO plugins for WordPress however things have changed and so have my thoughts.
Having previously written posts on these two I had All in one was my preferred option. They had more takers online and had been around longer.
I did not need the green light of Yoast or so I thought.

I have two main sites: one on Yoast and my new version on All In One.
My decision followed the training at Wealthy Affiliate where the recommendation was All In One. However, the main Trainer Jay has gone back to Yoast so it got me thinking.

I checked my Google position

My old site based on Yoast was number one on Google. Bing and Yahoo.
My new site with 150 posts was nowhere to be found.
As a result, I decided to do a review on Yoast to back up my own thoughts.

What I found really surprised me.
First of all, Yoast was really efficient in marketing the product. So efficient, in fact, I purchased an upgrade.

Their installed base was twice that of All In one so they had really stolen the March coming from way behind but a short year past.
I was sent training materials, upgrades, newsletters and info sheets to keep me focussed.
From Michael Torbet at All In one next to nothing.

A marketing machine v a good product

Marketing was dominating the race to the top and it was so good it carried success with it.


Five million installations Five stars and 27,000 comments

All In One;

2.4 million installs 4.5 stars and just 492 comments

This is to say that marketing dominated the business.

These are reasonably big players in a hard world. In addition, come with many recommendations and a big following.

The how to market a product and you.

How does this story affect you?

My premise here is to show you how consistent marketing in your business is absolutely necessary.
You don't want to throw in the towel and walk away.

ChatBot fights another great example

I have marketed and written on chatbots. If you follow me you will understand I like to try free things first Therefore I chose two.

Tideo and Pure chat.

I installed them on different sites so that I could really see how well they worked.
Again, I am surprised at the difference in marketing.
Tidio is based in Poland and I am getting regular support and suggestions.
Whereas purechat is US based and very quiet.

Tidio has an affiliate program which is a great benefit but not my real reason for recommending them.

This is a busy market and if you Google for results there will be a host of companies providing something similar.
Some for small businesses and others for larger organisations. My research had me settle on two of them. It was to try chatbots and not really compare.

However, this blog is about marketing and Tidio wins this hands down. Over 100 different ideas on their site and a regular drip of information.

Conversational Marketing is all the rage

Conversational Marketing is growing exponentially and demanding a presence on every page or blog.
The increase in sales is one aspect however it is proven to add customer retention with regular use.

Not unlike the SEO race, chatbots have joined the starting lanes, firing all guns in a war to the top.

The how to market a product
Tidio, an example of marketing

Above all else if marketing counts for anything, Tidio is doing everything right and will have a healthy future.


To sum up this blog it is about your marketing, not so much about products but what you do with them.

The best products will fail if the marketing is not up to date.

This is the digital era and contacting interested people has never been easier.
Emails, newsletters, SMS, blogs, Webpages are all there at your fingertips. All you have to do is a plan and an all-out attack.

The how to market a product by Peter Hanley

The author
Peter Hanley

Starting a blog in WordPress

Starting a bog in WordPress

Starting a blog in WordPress. The cheapest, easiest, and most useful blog writing techniques are laid out in an easy to follow plan.

I want to write a blog, where do I start?

Providing you have chosen your subject or niche, what are the next steps that you must take to have any chance of success.

My first step is always to do a plan, even a rough sketch of what you will achieve in the next year. You can never go no-where, so find your somewhere and let's head in a definite direction.

Make your small targets along the way that you want to meet to give you a sense of minor accomplishment.

For instance, I write about 15 blogs a month and aim to achieve more than 23,000 words in that time.

I am happy because I am up about 90% of my target, having just checked the figures.

However, my eventual goal is an income-generating business from a blogging platform.

I have a timeline, an expense budget, and know the tools I shall need.

It is essential to understand that a simple blog platform can grow into a million-dollar business.

However, it is not an overnight process. It will take time, maybe years before the plan comes to fruition, and you need support to guide you through the journey.

Do I need a domain and website to Blog?

Yes, you do, and this is number one of the challenging questions you need to work out.

Think of your domain name along the lines of where you want to take your Blog.

It could be marketing a product or an idea

Maybe you are local area targeting so including

 a name may well help.

Perhaps you want to brand yourself as the Goto Guru

I have a site Coachhanley.com. I coach, and my name is pretty simple stuff.

This site is onlinebusinessmarketing.info Probably not the best name, but it explains what we do.


Meta is one of my favourite examples of a domain name, which includes a meta title, which is your next decision.

Boiseblacksmith. It has a location because he caters to an area, what he does for a job, and then throws his name in as well Harry Black.

Domain structure

You can buy your domain at Wealthy Affiliate, GoDaddy, or a host of other sites. However, a warning is to check the second and subsequent pricing. Go Daddy is an example of cheap to enter but dear to stay.

Do you have a dotcom or dot info etc. site?

First of all, if you are going to a local market, get a local domain. I am in Australia, so I often get dot com.au sites.

Otherwise, I will start at .com then .net until I find what I want. With the Jaaxy keyword tool, you can see what is available at any time.

Start a blog in WordPress with the correct Meta title

The meta title is essential.

On page one of any search, there are usually ten people to choose from on the list.

Some will be paid for advertising with a little {a } parked next to them. 

The next three will get a casual look with an 85% chance of a click. The lines that readers should choose will have the best Meta description, something compelling to make people read more.

Therefore getting clicked is one issue; however, getting read is just as important.

If you are anywhere past page two or three, the chances of someone finding you are scarce.

Terrifying stuff this Google search, which is why the set up is essential. Think then when you have to be found, do it right the first time.

 How do Keywords work?

An internet search is a glorious thing. People like Google go out of their way to make your life easy, but only if you play the game right. Mess it up, and you will end up in the Boondocks.


 Too much traffic and

No one will see you.


 A lot of competition will 

block you out

Longtail keywords

 This will help your search.


 If you are locally based ideal


 Spending money will buy your



 Using a description narrows the choice.

Let me explain more about the keyword concept. 

Starting a bog in WordPress

Traffic, every keyword has traffic, some a lot some not so. When there is a lot of traffic, you will find a lot of competition. 

If you search for the word “Food” there are about 450 thousand searches a month, however, there are also about 30 pages ahead of you to be read,

I then searched for a longer tail at “foods for a low-calorie diet.” The traffic is down to 70 a month, but only two pages ahead of you when you start on your listing.

Think of what you would type into Google to search for an answer.

Not food, it is too broad.

Even Chinese food is hard.

Food Chinese no msg is limiting

Food Chinese no msg in Oahu may find you.

Consider the use of how, when, why, or where are also useful headers to start a search term.

Start a blog in WordPress and get ready to write

Almost ready to write a blog

Before you start to write, let's look at some more structure. Headings are essential, and there should be no more than 300 words between titles.

Furthermore, you start with a large heading #1 or #2 and go down from there. It's not up and down or sideways strictly going down.

It is always good practice to do your headings first and then load the words. It makes writing much more natural, and you can set the flow and structure far better.

Link in a blog post

To help your Blog stand out and attract better SEO, installing a few links is essential.

Authority links

 Link to a site

at a university or 

well known authorities like


Page links

 Internal linking helps the growth of your other posts.

Affiliate links

 We all want to earn a buck, and this is a sure-fire method.

Therefore, think about your links and where to place them for the best effect in your final product.

Placing links in Pictures

Pictures can be done with HTML inserts and with conventional images to take your reader to another page.

Above is an HTML insert with a link to Wealthy Affiliate. You can use this to try their Keyword tool or any of the training. They supplied the code, and I just inserted it into my page.

Starting a bog in WordPress
writing for a blog

This picture links to my Blog, “writing for a blog post.”

Both are taking you to a whole new world of experience.

Analytics on your site

Analytics are a significant part of the Star process and you will need to do your site first up. You will need to understand how many people are coming to your website, when, and where.

Checking starts with a free Google analytics program that you can easily set up at Google.

I also use MonsterInsights free version for a bit extra.


My Blog is set to start your journey into blog writing.

There is quite a lot to learn in the structure and the set up that will make a difference.

I have written a lot more about writing. However, I can not change your style, and that is up to you to adapt to the readers.

I hope this has helped in some small way, and feel free to comment below if you want more information. I answer all comments, even the ones that may criticize me or my spelling LOL.

Starting a blog in WordPress by Peter Hanley

Wordpress SEO plugin
Peter Hanley

How to write a blog for money

Create a blog with WordPress

Yes, blogging is all about money; however, the best results come from how you ask. How to write a blog for money will answer the questions for you.

The finer points of blogging

There is a whole bundle of information on writing a blog; however, the writer will miss some of the finer points.

I was asked today about soft and hard closing techniques and how they affect your product.

The discussion on closing got me thinking about the old rules of selling and how they now apply to the internet.

The Barbeque meeting

Meeting at a barbque
A place to meet

We often use the old Barbque example.

You wander in and meet an attractive person, you swap names and say hi. During the party, you may talk about your business and what you do but never a mention of promotion.

At the end of the party, you may get enough courage to ask for a date and hope for acceptance. It may be sooner or later, depending on circumstances.

Perhaps a couple of emails before the final meeting but not much more. 

If the date goes well, perhaps a peck on the cheek will be achieved before you move to a big close.

Is marketing any different?

Don't try and close the deal too early.

You can build some value and ask for some feedback as you bond 

with the client.

Only then can you apply some pressure.

Know Like and Trust

People will only buy when the above is complete.

The introduction will be accepted; there is a mutual appeal and 

you are not a serial killer.


What type of closing should you be attempting?

Let me say that every post or blog should have a trial close.

It could be just a contact number or a simple contact button because if they are ready, you want them to come.

 Please don't be shy about this; it is perfectly normal and non-invasive and should be part of anything you write.

Harder closing techniques

as you get into a journey with someone, it becomes time to test the water and apply a bit of pressure.


Using testimonials sometimes works as you tell how Joe saved a thousand dollars using this.

You wouldn't believe how well this worked.

They saved a grand a day.

The product was amazing

Now we are getting harder

20% off weekend special

Not many left at this price

We will include a personal gift with

 your purchase.

Delete the contact

Requesting deletion is a great trick

 if you lack a response.

” I notice my mails are not being

read, and I hate to annoy you, however,

There is a big disconnect button below 

to click.

You won't always get a response, but it does wake some people up.

If you don't ask, you don't get

This old saying is as true today as it was 

hundreds of years ago.







These are the triggers to closing, and one of them will suit your buyer. 

It all depends on the timing and the offer, so choose one to suit your offer.

Writing for profit

Your writing must answer a question or solve a problem. That is what most searches relate to. However, we must also use mystery because if we address the issue in the first sentence, that is the end of the reading. 

How to write a blog for money addresses this concern.


How to write a blog for money

We start the page by grabbing the readers' attention.

7 out of 10 woodchoppers use a hickory handle but is that the answer?

What sort of axe stays sharp the longest?


In a recent test in the forests of Sherwood, they tried different axes to get a clear winner.

The top seven guys used the Smax light axe


To be one of the top woodcutters, you need the best equipment, or you will be left chopping long after the trees fall. That is why we chose the Smax brand axe as a clear winner


For today we have just ten axes that were proven winners. They have a 20% discount and are available now if you act immediately.

Don't get left behind when your friends all arrive at the meeting with a Smax.

Click Checkout now to get your deal.

Now that is a pretty ordinary example, but you will see the passage we have taken.

We have used quite a few tools to encourage buying and those with the money will jump at the chance.

Learning more about internet marketing

I like free training at Wealthy Affiliate. It takes you through all the steps in dozens of courses all aimed at lifting your skills.

Many of us searched for years to find a home with everything in one place.

It has to be where people can prove their results and show massive income from blogging.

That is what spurs you to be at the top of the pile, and we will show you how.

Imagine joining an elite group of high-income earners. 

All this without spending any money if you do it now.


Making money on the internet is not impossible. If you follow a few rules, it is hard not to join the winners.

However, it is not an instant income or a get rich quick scheme they only reside in the head of the promotors.

We are talking about a long-term business that will return high incomes if you are prepared to invest some time in learning and doing.

How to write a blog for money by Peter Hanley

How to write a blog for money
Peter Hanley

How to create a unique blog

How to create a unique blog that reflects your personality and drives readers to you. Here we take you to the exact method to success.

Why would you blog?

Because you are you, you are unique, and you want to share your thoughts with others.

Blogging is storytelling and taking readers into an adventure that has a successful conclusion.

No matter what the subject is, every niche will have a following. Naturally, some will be bigger than others, and some will have more readers, however, with billions of readers out there the skill is to get them to your blog

A Pulitzer is generally not the first time writing

To become a successful blogger will take some time; however, that time starts with your first blog. It is like a marathon, if you don’t take that first step, it can never happen.

My job today is to hold your hand as we go across the starting line.

How to create a unique blog
You are at the beginning of a journey

One book in a library

Think of blogging as similar to writing a book. You do all the work, and the hard copy gets put on the back shelf, way up top at the National Gallery.

Your book is way at the back. You are unknown and all the best books are on display.

You may get a random searcher to stumble on the book but are you that lucky?

Somehow we need to coax the Library into giving you a bit of an even break.

Every blog has a niche

We tell the Library the book is about gardening and can they move it to a section related to that subject. So now you move up the rank with a thousand other excellent books to the botanical department.

Then we can try and define the search a bit more. Perhaps we say while the book is about gardening I really want to talk about roses. They now move the book to the Rose section, and there are only a couple of hundred other books to choose from.

Perhaps we meant to say, well the book is about roses, but specifically the thornless rose “Zephirine Drouhin. ” something special and what we can do about it.

Now when they walk into a library and ask about thornless roses, they will be directed to a ledge with half a dozen books on this subject.

This is how we build keywords so that you will be found on the web.

This one step is the single most crucial issue that you face. Being read.

You may have the best blog, but if no one reads it all your work is wasted.

I will give you a tool to work with this later on this page.

How you create a unique blog is an ongoing process.

Ways to blog

Naturally, all blogging is done on the internet. In the clouds hosted somewhere in the world by Google and others.

Blogging is done on a website with your name as a post or page or even a funnel but in simple terms, it’s a page of writing, sometimes called a post.

It’s a mini-book that takes readers on a short journey and not a long trek.

The rules around blogging

The number one rule is to do everything possible to be read.

You will use Keywords to your best effort and promote your article as often as possible.

You can’t do book signings, but you can use social media to significant effect.

SEO (search engine optimization) is essential, and the structure of your blog and finally, great content.
For further reading on what is a blog post

What do you want to write about?

Choose a broad term and then condense it down into small bits. Those are the little bits that will keep you writing.

Motor Vehicles is a broad term.

Then what are the best brands of Cars break it down, Ford readers won’t want a lot on Chrysler, etc

Big cars, little cars, sports cars, V8 and 2 cylinder cars.

Go right down to something like how to adjust the rear wiper blade on a 52 Mustang.

By taking this idea to any subject, you will find hundreds or thousands of every day topics that can capture readers. What is a lifestyle blog?

Keywords are structured in three basic methods.

Basicusually just one word
Mid tailA couple of words
Long TailGoing out to five or six words
You are the word creator

Do you need to show yourself when blogging?

It is your decision on how to brand your blog. It may be personal or under any name, however, design it to last forever.

Creating a brand

You may notice that I brand all my work with a Photo and an about link. I am a brand, so I show myself at every opportunity. You're not listening to some no it all young punk, you are dealing with an old bloke who has stories to tell and has experienced some life.

One brand I like was an Australian guy that wrote on financial affairs under the brand Pierpont.

Since 1972, the Pierpont column, written by Trevor Sykes, has entertained and informed readers about high and low finance. The column, one of the longest-running in Australia’s history, now appears in the Australian Financial Review on the first Friday of each month.

Sykes retired in 1952, but his product lives on.

Choose a name to blog with

Do you want to use your own name or a pen name? Both are good and have different advantages. When using Ghostwriters, a pen name may be better. I love the story of John LeCarr, the M16 spy writer.

Of all the writers, John le Carré probably has the coolest reason for using a pseudonym—spies can’t use their own names when they publish books. I mean, obviously! He wrote his first novel, Call for the Dead, while an MI5 agent, but it didn’t print until he had moved to MI6. As le Carré explained:

I was what was politely called “a foreign servant.” I went to my employers and said that I’d written my first novel. They read it and said they had no objections, but even if it were about butterflies, they said, I would have to choose a pseudonym. So then I went to my publisher, Victor Gollancz, who was Polish by origin, and he said, My advice to you, old fellow, is to choose a good Anglo-Saxon couple of syllables.

Le Carre

Chunk Smith tells us how

Monosyllables. He suggested something like Chunk-Smith. So as is my courteous way, I promised to be Chunk-Smith. After that, memory eludes me, and the lie takes over. I was asked so many times why I chose this ridiculous name, then the writer’s imagination came to my help. I saw myself riding over Battersea Bridge, on top of a bus, looking down at a tailor’s shop. Funnily enough, it was a tailor’s shop, because I had a terrible obsession with buying clothes in order to become a diplomat in Bonn. And it was called something of this sort—le Carré. That satisfied everybody for years. But lies don’t last with age. I find a frightful compulsion towards truth these days. And the truth is, I don’t know.

Trust a spy to keep the real story close to his chest. Well, at least he didn’t go with “Chunk-Smith.”


Setting up a header

A consistent image allows your following with easy recognition. This is really simple to do.

Sign in to Canva.com for free and do your best artwork. Create something friendly and bright without a whole bunch of words. Save it and use it regularly or include it as the heading for your blog.

Starting to write a blog

“It was a dark and stormy night” was a great heading used in the past. It was attention-seeking and added a degree of mystery so that people would read on. You are in the entertainment business and pulling readers right through your page.

When someone searches for a keyword, they will have several alternatives to choose from so having a grand opening drives them to you

Mostly they want answers, and that is why they are searching so you can provide the solution.

I used ” How to create a unique blog. This is a search term of interest that will draw readers that have an interest in blogging.

Then I have supplied an answer to the heading to suit the reader.

Adding Analytics to a blog

your traffic can be seen in Google analytics, a free site for everyone.

The program is powerful and is a definite inclusion to support any blog or post.

You can set it up with a Google account and add a small piece of code to your site.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. Wikipedia

You will find analytics to be a great reference for tracking your results

Utilizing keywords

As I said at the start, everything revolves around a keyword, it is your address on the web.

A keyword tracker looks at several issues.

  1. Total traffic score
  2. Page one traffic
  3. Degree of Competition
  4. Your chance to be read
  5. My Keyword was “How to create a unique blog.”

As you can see, we have sufficient traffic, only 48 people ahead of me and a high SEO score indicating a natural ranking.

My actual site is Onlinebusinessmarketing.info; however, this is a blog post on that site.

You can learn more about Keywords here

Your keyword selection is the start of a journey.

Traffic or position? Which is the best?

You will need both of these in your blog. If there is zero traffic, there are zero readers; however, if there is vast traffic getting to page one will be difficult. Remember, most readers, over 80%, never go past lines one or two in a search.

Here you can see my keyword choice based on the traffic count and degree of difficulty

Quantity over quality, where do you choose?

The answer is quantity every time. Your first effort will never be a prize winner, you need time to craft your skills and practice in public. We all make mistakes, and you only learn from doing the work.

I am not saying churn out rubbish, I am saying press the send button before the third review.

However, please use a sound spell check system like Grammarly free version.

Take a few lessons

I have just invested some time looking at writing courses that I could recommend. I reviewed some affiliate sites and Udemi and did a bit of research on what I could float for you.

Most of my skills have come through Wealthy Affiliate, a training and web host site that you can enter for free. I thought it would be different, I would throw in a few paid alternatives to provide you with a choice.

It is always good to use reference sites and take the best on offer.

My conclusion was that I would write an excellent course and charge for it and be a lot better than everything else I had seen online.

The result of my research was that Wealthy Affiliate stands out from the crowd and is really worth a look, not just because it is free; it offers everything in one package. No upsells or long-term contracts.


If you want to be a good writer, then just be you. Be genuine and solve a problem or tell how to do something, throw in a bit of flair, a few pictures and write in short sentences and paragraphs.

You will grow as you go and one day you will look back at your early attempts and probably groan a little. That is fine, you are earning the right of passage.

Because you have not written that first word. there is nothing to look back on.

Peter Hanley and how to create a unique blog

Peter Hanley


How to create a unique blog

How to create a unique blog by Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

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