What Do I Write About in a Blog to get noticed

What do I write about in a blog to get noticed when there are billions of blogs on the Internet? The answer is easy and it will surprise you

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

How many blog subjects are there?

The range of subjects is infinitesimal because everything can be broken down into little parts.
There are currently over two trillion blogs on the internet and you can still rank on page one if you know what you are doing. That is the exciting part.

We start with a Niche or area of interest and start to break it down to our specific needs.
Broad niches may be Medical, Sports, Legal, Industrial, Domestic, and on and on.

With Sport, you have a range of every possible sport played and this is a number that fills an Olympic stadium.
Then you pick a sport like Football. Many codes come under the broad term football that relates to the many countries where it is played.

Add to that teams, players, countries, competitions, Equipment, Exercise, nutrition, etc

Therefore as you break any subject down it expands to a massive proportion of things to write about.

What do I write about in a blog to get noticed if I love what I am doing

Write for Love and not for money

What Do I Write About in a Blog

Writing is a selfish pastime where your thoughts intermingle with facts to produce a product that others want to share.

When you are writing for money the effort becomes a chore that you simply won't be able to carry on. It will become hard and time-consuming for little reward and the urge to stop will be overwhelming. All the work you have done goes down the drain and you justify that it was a silly idea anyway. Time to move on.

However, when the subject is of great interest and you need to share your massive bank of knowledge it ceases to be work and the production will continue the journey.

Set yourself a plan and stick to it

You could grab an excel spreadsheet and write down all the broad niche headings you can think of.

Then under that start to break those headings into smaller parts
And again and again.

Within a short time, you will have a list of things to write about that will engage you for the next year. Broad term keywords with which you can rank.

What Do I Write About in a Blog

Choose variety in your topic selection

You can't write forever about tying football laces in a Soccer boot. However, when you move over to the best polish for a soccer boot in winter you start a whole new trend.
And what about studs and brands to grow the list. Why do forwards have colored boots and backs stay in black boots?

For those that don't know the answer, it is because forwards are all showmen and backs workmen.

The narrow topic is Soccer boots however we are taking this in a lot of different directions
with just a bit of thought out of the square.
My boots hurt my Achilles tendon and how I fixed the problem.

Don't compete against the professional writers

What Do I Write About in a Blog

In every niche, you have a range of heavy hitters that bring with them a history of high authority. This would include the manufacturers, major retailers, Doctors, and Sporting identities to name a few.

Google likes to recognize their position in the subject and rewards them with better page location. Therefore you are butting your head against the wall trying to get past them.

The answer lies in getting around them with subjects that have a following but are not major competitors.

This is done by picking unique keywords and picking up the traffic associated with them.

It may not be the highest volume of traffic however over time it will all build to a heap of monthly clicks

Grow your business with regular posting

Because you will not be in the high volume keywords you can compensate by combining traffic from a wide range of subjects. Every blog you write will have traffic however one blog will not make the grade. However, 20 or 50 blogs will slowly build a credible following.

At this stage, Google will start to recognize your talent and authority on the subject and favor you with better search positions.

Blogging for seniors

Blogging for page one is a long journey

What Do I Write About in a Blog

Unless you are very lucky with keyword selection our friends at Google don't give you a lot of airplay. They want to see if you are a stayer or fly-by-night writer and take time to give you any credence. This leg may be 6 to 12 months because it is a big competitive world and being gifted with a first-page listing does not come easy.

Think of it in their way. they want to see that you are a suitable choice of authority and information before taking you to the dance.

So sit up and keep writing to bring the results to you over time. It will happen the only question is when.

What do I write about in a blog to get noticed, does it need extra training

Take some extra training to better your position

Believe me when I say this whole industry stays the same however with regular changes.
For example, Google was the first search engine way back in 1998 and is still the dominant player. To this day they do upgrades nearly every month that make subtle changes that may or may not affect you.

Way back then a Keyword was just that a single word but now it is a keyphrase. A group of words to convey a deeper meaning.

Blogs were 500 words and acceptable now they want 1500 words that convey wisdom and intellect.

The way of the world is changing and a small alteration can make a big difference.


The art of blogging does not come naturally. There are rules to follow with keywords and writing but a small part of the overall effect.

Treat blogging as a business.

It takes time and patience to blog however the end is worth the result. You will be a qualified writer at the Internet university of growth

What Do I Write About in a Blog to get noticed by Peter Hanley

Why Use Blog Post Images and Importantly Where to Get Them

Why use blog post images and importantly where to get them so you don't get sued for Copywrite infringement but still get a quality product

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

Images help tell a story

There is nothing like a picture to draw your attention to an article, however, there is nothing worse than a picture that does not relate to the subject.

That said pictures bring your product to life and keep readers on the page for a lot longer a valid SEO input.

Furthermore, if you use the wrong pictures you can get sued for wrongful use of images.

Finally when I say pictures I mean graphs, lists, and images of all kinds.
There are also a lot of rules that come with this so read on to get a clear picture. (Pun intended)

Where do you place pictures in your blog?

Pictures can appear just about anywhere and placement will make a difference to your readers. Even the odd GIF if it is appropriate

Even gifts apply

On any page or blog, they can appear at the opening, on the right side, left, or central, or anywhere you choose.

Furthermore, every picture has to have an Alt description to tell Google what it relates to.
In many cases, this may simply be your Keyword however a nice description also helps.

Pictures may also contain a link to more information on another site, either internal or external. A valuable inclusion when you are linking to a sales or affiliate site.

Pictures that are too big won't open on a mobile device so
keep them to a size that can be read but does not crowd the site.

Finally, if you are using a link you must tell google if it is a no-follow site. These are affiliate offers sales pages etc and anything that does not enhance the reader's experience.

Why Use Blog Post Images and  Importantly  Where to Get Them

In the above example, the open in a new tab block is an interesting click. When the reader is taken to another site and they opt out because they have finished reading they generally close the page however if the Open in a new tab is clicked they will be returned to your article for further reading. You would use this in most cases throughout a page. I generally have a couple of options at the bottom of my page for further reading so returning them is not necessary in that case.

Where to get free images

If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member and using the block builder you have access to millions of royalty-free images, you do not need to stray elsewhere.

Other sites include;

You will need to sort out what you need and make sure it is free. Especially look out for watermarks ingrained in the image indicating you need to pay for these.

In many cases you may use pictures if you recognise the author or contributor.

Using sidebars and other areas for pictures.

Other than the main page you actually have a lot of real estate all around the page to add pictures etc.

Thye most popular is the right side bar which can contain all sorts of information. The let does the same thing and you can use both if you want. However you must be aware of the area available on a mobile devise. Using both side bars would give no area for the page.

Similarly a top bar may slow the opening speed of your site thus affecting SEO

If you provide advertising content to your page they will take every opportunity to splash adds everywhere. This can be controlled in the initial setup but let lose they go very random. i recently wrote about using sidebars that may be of interest.

In my right side bar you will see recent posts, about me and a few affiliate adds for products that everyone needs.

Why use blog post images including graphs and pictures

Graphs and images get noticed more than pictures

Why use blog post images

This graph is about Google searches that generate no clicks. The percentage is quite high and that is why your links need to be outstanding.
using the correct attention getter you can increase this by a big margin.

Comedy is a great eyecatcher

man with no money

If you don't use great images and keep people on your page the above sketch will represent your efforts at marketing. No links and no income when it could be better.

Why use blog post images

Periferal Material

This was created by using a webpage where you can do similar things.

This was generated at a site called Fodey where you can make up your own stories.

I don't use them very often however if it suits the purpose it gives you an edge over other writers.

It provides an interest content

Why use blog post images and tables that work

Google loves lists and tables because they are easy to understand

Lists may be starred or numbered depending on what you want to say. Numbering is best when an order is required.

  • 1) Choose an image
  • 2) Place in in a desired page position
  • 3) Fill in your Alt description
  • 4) Mark as no follow
  • 5) Use open in new tab

Here we have numbered the sequence that you will use with pictures.

A Table has many sides to it.

Use imagesSay three per blogmark as no follow
HumourOnly when appropriateNot all the time
GraphsWork really well Use them often
Sidebar addsDon't use both sidesAvoid the top bar
Anything you want to sayAs often as you cancreates interest

Here we have used a three column and 5 line table however it can be anything you want. This is available in WordPress blocks for every day use.

Using quotes

We all know you should never plagerise other material. Google reads it all and will not like your page if you have stolen material or simply copied it word for word.

However at times a quote acts as great research material and will not get you into trouble.

” if you do nothing you can expect to get the same”

Peter H

This can be used as often as possible and shows that you have worked to get your content as good as it can be.

Next is the humble button

If you are using wordpress this comes in a separate plugin called generate blocks or many other similar plugins that are available.

This allows you to build a stand out link that readers must notice. They can be any colour, and size and contain any link that you want. Clicking on the button will take you to the destination

I have selected colours, added a border inserted a link all in just a few minutes

Of course, you still use no follow and page return where necessary

In this case size does matter

Google looks at mobile platforms to assess your SEO potential before your much larger desktop variety. Therefore making pictures and images that suit a mobile devise is necessary.
If you are unsure go for smaller.

Highlite content in colour

This can be used to gain attention to important statements or phrases that you want readers to notice. Don't overdo it because then it becomes the normal and you lose the effect.

Coloring words is the same and can be used sparingly to gain attention. Headlines also look good in color.

Other classic inserts

Everyone has to, or should use an SEO program. I use Yoast premium because it allows me to introduce a few extras.

Reading timeThis tells how involved the article is
Table of contentAllows you to click throught
Related linksAutomatically pulls out like pages
FAQIdeal in the page
Yoast how toGood in product reviews


Adding character is the fun part of blogging and there are many ways you can do it.
Having covered many of them you can start the journey to better success with your writing.
However never cloud the issue. Your content is important and the use of images is only to complement your writing. Use it to pull eyeballs to areas that need to be read

Why Use Blog Post Images and Importantly Where to Get Them by Peter Hanley

How to use a blog sidebar to promote your business

How to use a blog sidebar to promote your business. This will provide a consistent opportunity to pull new customers for free

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

What is a Blog sidebar and what does it do?

This applies to any site however these instructions are built using WordPress, the world's most used blog builder.

Every page or post has a border around it. Top, Bottom left side, and right side.
This border can be used for all sorts of information and remains consistent throughout your site.

The tech-heads out there can do it with all sorts of software and coding which is way beyond us amateurs. Therefore let's make this real easy.

How to use a blog sidebar to promote your business

When to use a sidebar or any other bar in your site

We use the sidebar to mean any peripheral area around your basic site. It could be at the top, or bottom and either left or right.
Above we have shown just one of these and probably the most used.
This is a very handy piece of real estate that can hold lots of things.

Paid Advertising will populate page bars for you

When you log in to a page and see advertising pop-ups they will use every opportunity on the page to display adverts. This will include page sliders as well as fixed locations.

They know that these positions can attract attention so they make absolutely the best use of them.

Here I recommend caution because they really go all out with loading a bundle of material

However, before they grab the best spots you can also play a role.

What will you put in a sidebar?

The list is endless however let's look at a few popular suggestions.

  • A bit of a story about you the writer.
  • A contact site to collect emails. Buy my book here.
  • A link to another page or post
  • Certainly access to an affiliate offer or two
  • Transfer to a selling site.

The list can be anything you want and anywhere you want. Importantly Google accepts these as normal marketing and there is no penalty applied for using them.

The best way to build your Widgets or Writing

Most Building programs will include an appearance image on the right side of the setup.

How to use a blog sidebar to promote your business

This will then show all your surround bars. What you have in them and an opportunity to insert a lot more.

Essential elements may be;

1) A list of all your current blogs or postsIn any order you want
2) Archives by periodMonth or subject
3) Available pagesT&c, about you, Affiliate statement
Advertising As many as you want
CommentsNot my favorite but ok

The first few of these are essential elements to take readers in a direction they wish to go. It saves them from sorting through your site and looking for interesting articles.

Every site should include 1-3 above and of course a bit of advertising.

Inserting images and HTML into the widgets

You can add any of your pictures and link to where you wish to take the readers

I generally add my image and a bit of story because I am branding myself.

Some affiliates give you Custom HTML which will include the image and a link to their site.
The wealthy affiliate one on this page is an example. ( this is learned at Wealthy Affiliate in the basic training)

You can load a picture, I made one on Canva, and added a link. In this case, I used a Pretty link so I could gather traffic details on the suitability of this Widget.

You can write using standard Headings and Paragraphs to make a vital point.

Remember to update your site when done.

How to use a blog sidebar to promote your business and get exposure

Place your widgets where you will get the best exposure

First of all, I avoid the top bar because site speed on page opening is an essential ingredient of Current SEO practices. I don't want anything slowing this practice.

Next is the consideration of mobile devices which account for a good percentage of searches. If your left and right widget areas are loaded it leaves little space for core material.

Finally, the bottom is a great place for a call to action. They have got to the end of the page so tell them what you want them to do next, help that simple choice with some excitement.

Selecting specific pages to add a widget

This can lift the widget performance however it takes a bit more effort.

Using a new WordPress plugin called Widget content you can do this without a lot of trouble.
As this is a long subject I defer to another page that describes the process very well.
GreenGeeks web hosting where they explain the process quite well.

Adding Social media widgets to your blog

How to use a blog sidebar to promote your business

Don't get too excited with this one. Yes, it can be done and looks really good.

The job of Social Media is to send readers to your writing and associated links. When you send them to sites like YouTube or Facebook they get lost with all the interesting articles thrown at you. The only benefit is time-on-site and that is if you bring them back once they are done exploring.
Many will disagree with this because they love their Instagram storyboard however I stand firm on this view. Use Social media as a hook and not an anchor.


Other page builders will have their ways to apply the widgets however my rules for widgets still apply. They are necessary and offer considerable opportunities however used with the readers in mind.

Use ways to track success with the advertiser's analytics or use Pretty links to both cloak the link and give you live statistics.

If it is not working change it, a simple rule of widgets.

How to use a blog sidebar to promote your business by Peter Hanley

How to get better results with affiliate links

How to get better results with affiliate links to gain maximum value, here we give you a few ideas that can make a world of difference.

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

How to get better results with affiliate links

For those that are new to this marketing, I will give you a brief explanation of Affiliate links.
This is linking to another business for them to close the sale for you. You are the referring site and they are the salespeople and for your effort, you get a cut of the income.

Many companies handle their own affiliate business however others place them with aggregators who act on behalf of many clients.

Examples of aggregators are:

  • Share-a-Sale
  • Unwin
  • CJ or Commission Junction
  • Clickbank
  • These companies may house any number of Affiliate sites

Then there are the retail environments that will give you a go

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • E.bay
  • Etsy
  • Alibaba

Entry is generally quite easy however performance is essential or they close your account

Examples of those that do it directly include:

The difference is really in the management of the process. Sometimes it is easier to become an affiliate when dealing directly with a company whilst managed accounts may want proof of ability.

The process is the same, you refer a new client obtained with your actions and they complete the transaction and cut you a share.

How to get better results with affiliate links and pick the best ones

Which Affiliate companies are the best?

The answer is pretty simple. It is the ones that most suit your activities in the market.
If you are selling Skateboards it is no good referring to a Knitting site.
You need to pick companies that are closely aligned to your niche market and that have products that will interest your readers.

Every product you can think off will have an affiliate opportunity just waiting for you. It is a low-cost way to market that gets you to do all the leg work, weed out the rubbish and present them with interesting opportunities ready to take the plunge.

Can you be an affiliate for more than one company?

There is no limit to your associations and you can include more than one link in a blog or page. This gives you several bites at the same apple.
It is recommended that you have a portfolio of associated companies that cover the different needs of your readers.
However, chose them carefully and use them often.

The reverse is probably true as you can direct them to the best discounts or plans. This will include free trials and other benefits that may be available.
One important point is that many companies have an upsell and a good associate will generally point them out. That way you are aware of what you are in for.

I generally recommend trying a free trial so that you understand exactly what you are getting and if it benefits you. We all have buying frenzy at some point so it is good to have a backdoor.

How to get better results with affiliate links by understanding pixels

A lot of companies have a short period where your link applies. This may be as low as one day in the case of Amazon and forever in the case of Wealthy Affiliate.

Prospects don't always complete the deal on the first look. Some take the opportunity to shop around and then come back to the first base, however, your link may well have expired so you do not get credit for the sale. Unfair but true.

Another trap is trying to buy for yourself or your family and get a commission for the sale.

Unfortunately and in most cases, this won't work. You don't get paid for internal sales.

How to get better results with affiliate links

The only real limit is that of reason however, Google does have an opinion.

For new sites, it is recommended to have no or few links. Any that you do have should be well down the page so readers need to spend time on your page before linking away.

For older sites with good traffic, it is still recommended that you allow at least 25% of your page before inserting a link.

Google is all about Content. Content ranks higher than Keywords in modern-day SEO.
They use artificial intelligence (AI), think Robots, to review your work before giving you a great position on search results.

Therefore getting rid of readers too early is going to get you a bad mark and slip your post down in the ranking pages.

The most common form is inline linking as part of a conversation. My main source of income is with Wealthy Affiliate which runs my websites and training.
The link is highlighted in color and is part of our conversation.

It is important that your links don't overlap because this will process badly on a mobile search. Many people are now using Moblie devises so we need to cater for them as well.
This can also include Pictures and inputs that occupy a large space. They won't show on a small device and the link will be lost.

Sometimes you want to show a Link in a more flashy manner and this can include a button

Here we have placed the link in a Button to make it a bit different. Next, we go to a page split

To show them in another way

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy is a market premium Keyword
tool that everyone should own

Jasper AI writer

Want a Robot to do all the
hard work for you. Well here
is a chance to try it out
and see if it works

Using a Google disclaimer

This is an important inclusion that comes with WordPress and many similar page builders.

Google does not want to follow you to affiliate sites. He gets quite angry when he wastes time going to a place from which he will never buy.

Under your link, a little box will pop up. You tick the sponsored link and no follow box to tell Google that these are affiliate sites.

How to get better results with affiliate links

I have also highlighted to Open in a New Tab box. When your readers wander off to the affiliate site and finish there they can either log out or if this box is ticked return to the page they came from. You keep them on your page.

Some people want a cheap website host to practice with a few blogs before venturing out into the world. Here I have done a Link but inserted some background color.

How to get better results with affiliate links using Bluehost

I use Blue Host a premium partner

The next thing to do is insert some code into the sight that will give you a nice image with an affiliate link included. In WordPress, this is done by selecting The custom HTML box and inserting the link obtained from the Affiliate.

This is a very common form of Link building as it carries a professional image and includes material set up by marketing experts

Using YouTube Video effectively

Including a video has several advantages. It boosts your reader time on-page which is a high-ranking SEO component.
You can either link to a Video and here is one We did on the benefits of using the Wealthy Affiliate training package Yes I have it no follow and return to this page so I can gather the SEO benefits whilst you get a great Video. Importantly this is also an Affiliate link

The other method is to imbed a video

This video is very long and does not come with a recommendation it is to show you what a site looks like and how you can access it


The windup here is a simple statement.

“If it does not work change it.”

You can do lots of other tricky bits with a different font, lines around it, or whatever your page builder will allow.

How to get better results with affiliate links

How Do You Start Your Blogging Career

How Do You Start Your Blogging Career and guarantee success will follow you? There are 8 rules to follow that will make a difference

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Create a Niche a plan and a timeline for the perfect blog

Having a narrow niche or interest makes writing easier and concentrates your effort by focusing on questions that should be answered.
However, this takes time because Google likes consistency over an extended period. In fact, it is recognized that you need about eight months of consistent blogging to become a chosen blogger.
Therefore decide how many posts you will do every month and for how long by choosing sufficient keywords to cover that period.
For example, 10 posts a month over eight months requires 80 great keywords and about 80,000 words, a frightening prospect.
Think of the questions people ask and then use a Google search to provide a lot more input.
I looked up what is a niche and then went to the bottom of the page to find related searches.
Note you have more than 10 pages to go through finding ideas.

That is the start of the plan to find 80 great keywords to start your journey.

Your Web Host is really important

Don't underestimate the value of a good host. Google ranks site speed right up at the top of the list and if your opening rate is slow because you are using shared hosting your site will be penalized. Most sites now offer HTTPS:// security so that should be covered however suitability for mobile phones is also a Keyfactor.
Use the best and the rest will be easy. Take a free journey to start and then look for special times to save money

Understanding Keywords, headings, and descriptions

Don't skip this paragraph or suffer the pain of being lost in the high number of pages.

To have a chance of being read you must be on page one of a search term and you get there by answering questions that people ask. When there you have a one in ten chance of being selected by a reader so the better your headline and description the greater your chance of being read.

How Do You Start Your Blogging Career

This all comes down to a balance between Traffic and competition. There are a couple of million blogs being written every day so yours needs to stand out like a sore thumb.

Using Google or an SEO tool you can estimate that you have viable traffic and low competition and eventually rise to a number one position.

If you have no authority then borrow it

Again Mr. Google wants to put the best answer forward and that is one written by an authority figure. If you are writing on medical issues, as an example, a doctor will rank above you every time. In fact, just about anyone in the medical field will jump all over you.

The same applies to every industry so you really need to increase your visibility across an industry.

This can start with your About You Page which explains why you carry certain credentials to give you a greater ability than the average plodder.

Further to that is borrowing authority by linking to other sources showing that you have completed satisfactory research to back your opinion.

How Do You Start Your Blogging Career and stay the distance?

The rule in Blogging is more is better

How Do You Start Your Blogging Career

This is a long-haul occupation that requires consistent writing to prove that you are not a random drop-in.

Posting a Blog every day is better than every month and in fact, it is recommended that you need at least ten a month to be showered with gratitude by Google.

Short-term cash is not available however a long-term sustainable business is possible.

Writing for the reader

Writing should always be for the reader. They are not interested in you so keep to the subject and keep them in mind at all times. Remember they arrived at your page seeking a solution so make sure you provide one as clearly as you can.

In fact, it is important to answer the question and you may do that either early or late depending on the request. Some questions do not require detailed explanations whilst others need a story to explain the ending.

It is indeed storytelling but done in sharp easy-to-read sentences that are easily read.
Readers are not there for literary excellence they are there to satisfy their curiosity so give it to them every time.

Many readers will skim your page and this is where color and character bring their roving eyes to a standstill. Pictures, graphs, lists, and quotes along with bullet points take a big part.

Build a pathway to follow

Use Linking between your posts to gain greater exposure. Use outside links to gather authority and affiliate links to reap income. With enough traffic comes advertising and further income potential.

The time spent on your main page is a critical component of great SEO so make the ways work to your benefit.

What is the main point behind blogging

Blogging is a crusade to gather a following of readers. With a following, you can achieve anything.
What you write is simply a by-product of gaining exposure to a large range of consumers.
With volume comes power so exploit is where and when you can.


Blogging is a long road to success however once there you can freewheel letting all your past work take all the action.
There is no short-term cash fix and there is no long-term big budget.
You are in a marathon and for those that pass the finish line, the rewards will come.

It is all up to you.

What is affiliate marketing money potential?

How Do You Start Your Blogging Career by Peter Hanley

What is a Blog and How to Write It

A blog or Web Log is an information page that answers a search query of some kind.
It may also be a reference site to further information.

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

Why do people blog?

There are many reasons to blog one being a simple outlet for the want to be a writer.

However, it does go much deeper than that.

  1. A blog may be a source of links to Affiliate income opportunities.
  2. Advertising is often displayed on a blog also earning income.
  3. On a business site, it may be a feature page on a product or service that needs a greater explanation than a few lines on the main Web Page.
  4. Many use it for product reviews that also contain affiliate links.
  5. In welfare situations, it may be a source of information with or without a collection box.
  6. Family and self-interest reviews or information.
  7. Just about anything else.
  8. To make fast money. ( Blogging does not work as a quick cash splash)

There are a couple of million blogs written every day on a vast range of subjects and needs,
so if you want to be on this ride follow along for some more information.

Do you need a Niche to start blogging?

First of all, a niche is simply a defined subject matter. It may be Health, Exercise, Gardening, Boating, Business or any manner of occupation or interest.
To narrow this down we take a broad niche and have a look at the parts that are of particular interest to our needs.

Health may break down to

  • Exercise
  • Pills and supplements
  • Problems of the Heart, liver lungs, etc.
  • Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals
  • Medicines
  • Oriental strategies

Then again we can take this further;

  • Exercise for the elderly
  • Weight lifting
  • Marathon running
  • Trail bike riding
  • Surfing

Therefore your niche will be residing among the more exact match terms that you have broken down. Each of the above can be broken down again and again to find specific subject matters that light your inner fire.

Finding things to write about

What is a Blog and How to Write It

When you have your niche you need to find a heading (Keywords) that people will search for and want to read. This is a very important part of blogging, one that will define the winners and losers very quickly.

Being found on the internet can be achieved in several ways however the greatest volume of traffic comes from SEO or Search engine optimization.

These are the words your audience will type into Google, Bing, or even ask Siri to find a solution for you.

Questions are generally How to, Why, When, What and Where type queries.

The more specific the question the easier it is for you to answer and provide a clear solution.

The requests are called KEYWORDS because they are the words that provide a meeting between the two of you, those that search and those that answer, a perfect solution.

So if we take exercise for the elderly, as our example, we don't talk about 250 kilo dead weights or marathon running we think of the things that Grandpa should do.

Are 3kg weights good for the heart doing arm bends?

Do you exercise before bed or in the morning?

Can seniors overdo exercise and cause heart failure?

Why are planks dangerous for the elderly. ( Probably because they don't know what they are but you get my point).

These are examples of questions that may be asked and things you can write about.

Write down as many as you can, up to a hundred or so before you start your journey.
Think of a single word or phrase and expand on the idea until you exhaust that subject and then move to the next.

How to write a blog

There are several ways to do this and in fact, even Google has a site specifically for you, ironically it is called Blogger. What is even better is that the site is free so you can learn your craft before really hitting the streets.

Others offer a similar experience like Bluehost being a slightly superior option with a small monthly fee.

Next, you can make the blog a part of your webpage and build a following that will gain a lot more traffic and be entirely owned by you.

Furthermore writing as a part of a company website to expand on the things you do and sell. Your Blog is simply another page on the website.

Finally for those that seek the very best quality and the full package to use blogging to take you to a working business we have Wealthy Affiliate. Full training. and support plus an affiliate program from day one.

Picking a name for your blog

Every site has a unique URL or identity starting with Https://www. This also ends as dot com. dot net. etc.

Your site may take several options to highlight what you do;

a) The first is a personal blog branding you as the expert. I have one called CoachHanley.com
which talks about me and what I do.

b) Relating to the business you do Exerciseforseniors.com

c) Adding local content www.exerciseclassesinTexas.info

d) Make your country stand out with www. name.com.eu

d) Don't be too tricky and avoid anything but letters for best results
Short as possible so it can be remembered easily.

This name is registered at your chosen host and costs you a small payment every year.

Basic writing structure of your blog

First up is the number of words necessary to satisfy all the demands.

There is no real answer except that it needs to be over 400 and less than too much. A great average is about 1500 words. You need to answer a question, explain why, who else has done it and what results the reader can expect. Then the job is done.

Don't lose readers by going on about trivial things that have little relevance to the subject matter. Stay focussed and on point.

Google dictates a reasonable writing style comprising short sentences and short paragraphs.

We are writing for those that are attention deficit so make it easy to read.

Throw in a few commercial pictures, a list, a graph, or other eye-catching ideas to make it all interesting and the job is nearly done

Internal links take readers to other information you have written and keep those readers on your page for a longer time.

External links may be the payday ideas where you go to an affiliate site or sales page.

Authority links go to educational type sources to prove you have done your basic research and gathered opinions from those in the know.

Social Media links can be used however the purpose of social media is to send you traffic and not the other way.

One exception is the use of linking to YouTube as an advantage to your site. The information must be relevant but it increases time on your page.
It is interesting that YouTube is searched nearly as often as google so a few links can go a long way.

Blogging is a marathon

What is a Blog and How to Write It

Blogging is a business that needs to be set up as a long-term project, not a quick-fix product.

You build a following over time that slowly builds to provide a consistent readership and click frenzy.

Google also needs to see that you are a genuine contributor and that they should favor you with a first-page position. This comes with quantity and quality over time.

Setting up analytics

Google Analytics is a free site that tells you a range of information about readers on your site.
The number of visitors, where from, clicks, and dropouts are all information that can help you achieve much better results in your writing.


Blogging has many functions so you need to choose the one that best suits your objectives and make a plan to fulfill your dreams.

Yes, you can outsource the functions if you need to or even use AI writers to do the heavy lifting for you. The quantity of blogs is important how it is done is up to you.
People that blog can make a lot of money.
Businesses that blog can increase website traffic greatly.
Frustrated writers can enjoy the experience

Everything is there to meet the results you desire. It just needs input.

Finally for more reading;

What is affiliate marketing income potential

What is a Blog and How to Write It by Peter Hanley

How Can I Increase my Blog Traffic in 2 Months?

How can I increase my blog traffic in 2 months so that I get more money? Not sure about the money however there are ways to get viewer.s

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Where does blog traffic come from?

How can I increase my blog traffic in 2 months

Is your traffic from organic SEO, email, Social Media, referrals, family, friends or any other source.
Your first thing is to see where your current traffic is coming from.

The aim is to have several sources so when one is low the others can compensate.

Blogging takes time

In the early days of blogging, you face many hurdles that will restrict your traffic growth.
Google does not appreciate you until you prove that you have staying power

SEO as a source

This is arguable the highest potential for new business however it must be done correctly.


Nothing is more important than using search terms that people want to read. Those that answer questions or solve a problem.
This is covered in the mystery of traffic and competition and finding a balance that gets you results. Use a Search tool like Jaaxy or Ubersuggest to understand if Google has praised you with a good page position.

Unfortunately, the ride with Google is slow and methodical and no big increase in results will be found overnight.
However, it is still your top priority to use Keywords that will be looked at by readers to produce future results.

Social Media to drive traffic

Everyone has a customer base associated with one of the Social Streams. Using just one channel and using it properly is far better that the shotgun approach. Consistency is the key to all media so targeting your audience will produce faster results.

However, everyone should have a current Linkedin Profile and a Facebook page.

Your Linkedin profile will be used by many readers wanting to know more about you and how you rank in the tier of providers. It can be used for promotion as well however I don't believe that is the best use of your resources.

Again Facebook may not have the original mass following as it struggles with problems, however it is still a reference site used by many when they want to have that extra information. It does still have a following so well worth keeping up to date with a regular past.

Linkedin has a big Female audience in the 18-50-year-old group so that can be a great target market.

Twitter is more high brow in its following and has many readers that would never go near other media. A great place to connect with people every day. Not every week or month every day because repetition counts.

TIKTOK is not just for kids anymore and has broadened its audience to include many of the younger set. There are no pensioners or older groups here so you are wasting time if your audience selection is not spot on.
Sometimes it is just trial and error to determine where your business comes from at the fastest rate.

How can I increase my blog traffic in 2 months

How can I increase my blog traffic in 2 months with paid advertising

Paid advertising

Unless you understand these media be careful you are not just throwing money away and getting little return. Should you choose to pay, make sure you can justify a return on your investment in sales, real dollar returns not clicks and promises.

Emails and Newsletters

If you have any sort of contact base this is the most effective return at a low cost. We all get emails every day marketing a range of products proving that they work. The important point is you can analyze your market and understand the returns being made. This provides you ample opportunity to change your ways going forward

SMS Marketing

Nothing works quicker than an SMS. In most cases, recipients reply by return mail or delete and ignore. This allows a strategy with test marketing in small batches to see what returns you can get before blasting a crowd. Yes, there is an SMS cost however if the returns justify the expense it is simply ramping up.

Web Pages and Funnels

These are great sources of leads however you must also get traffic to them to forward to your blog. Therefore much the same rules apply.


Is a Blog Better Than a Funnel

YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google so it is a healthy source of traffic. Furthermore, readers stay on the channel a lot longer as they wander the wonders of YouTube adventures.
This is great for showing how to do things, fix things and generally explore a product much further.

When nothing else works get the family and friends going with referrals

This is limited unless you are very popular but can have a good growth done properly. When you are in the market it is not the time to be shy, expose yourself to being the star of the show and get those helpers working

Doing extra training

Sometimes we just need to go back to basics and catch up on further learning experiences.

This is a rapidly changing world and being in front requires consistent attention. Google makes changes almost weekly, some big and some not quite so big but you need to know.

This training will also introduce you to the member's forum where you can ask anything and get answers on everything.


This is not an easy task as Google designed the system in a way that you need to earn your position over time. You need to show authority and that readers want to read your work and follow you by clicking through to other pages.

The best use of Keywords is far and away the preferred priority to gain traffic and therefore page position. Next is the volume of work, one blog won't cut it you need consistency over time to have an impact.
Pushing readers to your pages by the above methods will help because traffic is a vital input.

How can I increase my blog traffic in 2 months by Peter Hanley?

What is the SEO Secret in Blogging

The SEO secret in blogging in four simple steps. Keyword choice, answering a question, adding intent and consistent application explained

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

What exactly does SEO do and why is it important?

The  SEO secret in blogging in four simple steps. Keyword choice, answering a question, adding intent and consistent application explianed

Search engine optimization or SEO is establishing a search route to your blog or page that resides preferably on page one of the term.

While there are many ways to obtain traffic, SEO is by far the greatest producer of specific interest visitors.

First off all Google established a method to allow anyone to find your work using simple keywords.

However, Google has moved on from Keywords to Artificial Intelligence (AI)controlled by robots and reading your mind to offer a solution. Content intent.
But! Bing and Yahoo are continuing the tradition of exact match keywords just to make the whole thing a bit different.

If keywords are first what is second?

Authority is important to SEO

Why does authority matter and how does Google know the who's who anyway.

First of all, Google knows everything so don't try thinking that you can outdo them.

When we say authority it is really relating to education. If it is a legal question of course a Lawyer has authority however are they outsmarted by Judges and Professors.
Again medical issues rate a Doctor but is a Surgeon better or perhaps a Medical Institution.

Google wants to present the most reliable answer, backed by experience and education to any query.

However, we can work around this situation by sitting our own authority in the way of research.

The team at Yoast says they are “Yoast SEO: the #1 WordPress SEO plugin' so we would presume they know what they are talking about.

Therefore when I use them as a reference I am calling that high power to support my words and show that I know what I am talking about

This is important because unless you hold a high rank of importance you are always coming from an inferior position.

What is the SEO secret in blogging when the robots take over

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken over.

This single subject has changed all the rules of a Google search. The robots at Google now think that they know what the user is really asking and the intent of the question.

  • Informational keywords — searchers looking for an answer to a specific question or general information.
  • Navigational keywords — searchers intending to find a specific site or page.
  • Commercial keywords — searchers looking to investigate brands or services.
  • Transactional keywords — searchers intending to complete an action or purchase.

Informational Keywords generally relate to the who when and why questions that are easily answered.
What is the birth date of Elvis as an example

Navigational Keywords take you to a location.
Where was Elvis born and how do you get there.

Commercial Keywords can include Product reviews and details of particular products

Are the early records of Elvis any good?

And Finally, Transactional Keywords are buying requests.
Cheap Elvis records in New York.

You can have more than one level of intent in your blog and this page contains both Information and Navigation as I take you to new places to increase your knowledge.

See Semrush on Content Intent

Readers want an answer

This is not all that difficult to comply.
However, does the answer reside early on the page or do they need to wade through a lot of murky waters to uncover a solution?

For instance, if I want to know Elvis's Birthday

I want it right up front. I don't want to read through lots of paragraphs to find the date.

However, if the question is about Elvis's early records I may review them and come to a solution based on my research.

The important thing to remember is that an answer is required and a rambling essay with no conclusion will not get a five-star rating.

Gathering a following with a consistent application

Google wants to know that you are the real deal and that you have a following and actually understand what you are talking about.

Therefore you need plenty of posts to build your credentials over time.

Google wants to know that you are the real deal and that you have a following and actually understand what you are talking about.

Therefore you need plenty of posts to build your credentials over time. A blog does not develop traction for nearly the first year so time and content is important.

Vary your range of Keywords and write about 1000 words a post to stay with the trend.


SEO can deliver a huge amount of traffic when done properly so follow these few rules and go for broke.

  1. Keyword selection
  2. Answer a question or solve a problem
  3. Introduce authority
  4. Understand user intent
  5. Consistent application

What is the SEO secret in blogging by Peter Hanley?

Can Blogging Make You Rich?

Can blogging make you rich? The answer is NO, However, some of the highest online earners are bloggers, here is what you should do

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Why blogging may never make you rich

will blogging make you rich

The only thing that can add wealth is you. There are thousands of ways to a high income however it is rarely achieved overnight.

This is just one of the ways.

Blogging is not a short-term cash fix, it is a long-term generator of substantial income if you get it right.

Furthermore blogging success relies on traffic and the greater the number of viewers the bigger your chance of achievement.

Therefore your understanding of the basics is essential to your success.
You may notice that I hardly mentioned the written content. My reason is that what you write is not nearly as important as SEO, keyword selection, and how you go about setting up a template.

Make money blogging

I reiterate that blogging itself does not make you money however it is a framework that offersr high-income achievement.

Your blog is not a sales vehicle. It is informational, educational, or entertaining however it does serve a useful purpose in directing readers to a sales source.

Examples of ways to earn from a blog

Affiliate incomeMarketing products for others
Linking incomeGoing to a sales page
Advertising incomePaid per click
Enhance your WebPageMoving readers to buyers
Moving to a sales funnelA page designed to sell
Paid to write incomeThis is blogging for others

Many of these can be used in a single post to accelerate your income by having several earning venues all operating at the same time.

Blogging can be a source of income from many outside ventures.

You can learn all about affiliate income at Wealthy affiliate in a free training course

The trouble with writing blogs

Firstly you need time and volume to have any chance of success. A single blog simply won't cut it, you need a history of continual posts that draw a following that will take action.

It is based on the ancient rule of marketing;

  • Know
  • Like
  • Trust

None of these are established overnight, especially by unknown writers. If you are a Movie Star or well know Musician you may start from a superior footing however people still need to find what you are promoting.

There are over a Million Blogs written every day so why would you stand out from the crowd?

9 stages to writing a blog. Introduction

Google makes the rules around blogging

will blogging make you rich

Yes, it's called SEO or search engine optimization and it applies equally to all of us, rich or poor.

Therefore understanding your journey from day one is necessary to join the money earners.

Keywords and Keyphrases versus user intent

The world has changed with how readers find you on an internet search.

First of all, keywords, keyphrases, and Longtail Keywords all mean the same thing.
This is what is typed or spoken into a search vehicle to achieve information?

However whilst Bing and Yahoo stay with exact match Keywords Google has employed Robots to work with Artificial Intelligence. Their job is to think about what you really want and deliver you to the best solution.

The search term opens a page that answers the question or solves the issue. It may be a simple one line solution or 5000 words explaining step by step procedures.

Why are keywords so important?

Search terms take a simple request to a page of information. However, that page will house several close match answers and usually a few paid ads as well. Furthermore, hardly anyone reads past page one of a search term and also the first three free items listed for answers.
So if you are not there all your work is for nothing.

The two most important elements of SEO are traffic and competition.

Naturally, you need traffic however when too many of you are competing you have great trouble rising to the first page of Google.

If you have no traffic you get no respect from Google so understanding this subject intimately will increase your chance of success.

Can you overcome the SEO issue to make money?

Let's face it Search engines are not the be-all and end-all but they are right up the top of requirements. Remember Google writes the rules so we really need to placate his desires.

However, the good news is that there are other ways to get readers to your site, create traffic, gather clicks, and really impress Google so that he will march you forward

Social Media as a directoryGather links from all forms of Social Media
Using email activityMail your customer base
Writing newslettersConsistent awareness
Creating hard form advertisingBrochures and flyers with a link
Referring from other sitesSometimes called backlinks
YouTube Link from YouTube

Affiliate marketing income potential explained

So you can see there are many ways to create a flow of traffic that will have readers flocking to your Blog clicking links and making you insanely rich (tongue in cheek)

The dilemma of authority

Many will never rise from the bottom of the pack because they simply lack authority.

When you have a choice of reading an article by an Eminent Professor or blogger from the burbs The Prof wins every time.

Google's little fleet of robots are trained to think this way and therefore without a professional background to your claims it is hard to move forward.

One way to overcome this obstacle is to reference the higher authority individuals and show that your research is based on facts backed up by an authoritative figure.
This way you will gather a support base and use it generously to bolster your writing and push you up the search path.

One method is using Wkipedia as an authority because Google respects the many opinions built on user input.

A pathway to blogging income

First of all, make sure your chosen niche has a following that can be easily tapped.

Ensure you understand Keywords and Intent intimately to have any chance of success.
This is the biggest hurdle you face so you must get it right.

Consistency rules the market, you may have to write for many months to gain a following and get them to like you. I said this is a long term venture so prepare for the journey.

Supplement your authority with research and implement it often.

Learn the basics of blog structure, headings, images, color, and storytelling.

Utilize as many channels to market as you can to gather a good flow of readers.

Insert links to as many income-generating opportunities as possible because this is where the payday comes from.

Finally enjoy the experience it is a great way of marketing.


Having written over a thousand blogs my journey has been one of learning new things every single day. It is not a static environment and using analytics as a guide we can all gauge how effective our writing is.

Blogging is a journey to the high-income bracket but being rich is a matter of scale.

Can blogging make you rich by Peter Hanley

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog or web page. This may be your hardest task but here are the simple answers

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Forget everything about traffic and do this one thing

I confess to not having 1128 ways to find traffic but to keep it honest I will write that many words to show you a way forward.

The idea of the headline was to use a Keyword to get your attention.

With a couple of million blogs being written every day you really need to stand out from the crowd. Unless you understand Keywords you will never find a place on the first page of a search term. A place nobody goes past.

Your Keyword, your headline, and your Meta description all work together to get lookers at your work. Without traffic you have nothing.

Using Keyword tools

You will notice that this is not singular. Nothing is perfect and we want to find a healthy balance between traffic and competition.

You need a balance of these to find a great middle ground.

The most used tool and probably the best one is a Google search. Remember that Google makes the rules and works in its own way.

Google has really departed from Keyword selection and uses Artificial Intelligence to find what they believe is user intent. Or precisely what they think people are looking for.
However, Bing and Yahoo still use exact match search and Google will pick up words from throughout your document to place you on a page. Let's forget the robots for a moment and look at a tool that I recommend.

Jaaxy keyword tool will give you a view of the volume of traffic, how much competition, and your chance of succeeding with that selection.

Combining this information with a Google search will give you a rough idea of what you can use.

How do you create a Good Keyword?

The answer is easier than you think. You simply answer a question or solve a problem. The more specific you are the greater your chance of selection. However, it has to be something that people ask.

I did a Jaaxy search on the above words and got a zero result. I also did a Google search and there was only one competitor and no traffic. However, I might use this myself one day.

I continued down the search terms. AVG is monthly traffic, traffic is an exact match and QSR is a competition estimate

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog

Therefore the best keyword website has both reasonable traffic and low competition.

The conclusion to this is that if I chose “How do you create a good Keyword” as my title I would get no traffic thus wasting my time.

I would have thought that my term here would be searched more often so I used another tool in Neilpatesubersugest

Uber suggest search

Therefore using this would be a waste of time. It may be found by a wandering traveler but not much more. When I chose that heading I assumed it would come up with better results. That is why this subject is so important.

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog

What is Keyword searching

Keyword searching is understanding where you will rank in a Google search if you use that term. I thought that the importance of this subject would be a higher profile than shown here.

By now you will be able to start to understand how important this whole subject is. If you get it wrong you will never end up on page one of a search term.

Hubspot says that 75% of viewers never go past page one and organic search accounts for 53% of all viewers so you need to be on page one.

Everyone has a different need so start writing out all those Keywords and checking them with a reputable tool. A good balance is a traffic greater than 100 a month and competition less than 50 remember that 50 is equal to page 5 of the term.

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog with authority

Google ranks you on authority

This is another misunderstood activity on finding good SEO. Your page needs to show that you have some expertise in the subject you are talking about and the higher the expertise the faster the rise to the top.

If you are writing about dogs, as an example, a vet or breeder would rank toward the top pages and you with no real background will be left behind.

However, showing considerable research and quoting authority to back up your words will assist your slide to the top.

The Debate on a Meta description

The meta description is a short paragraph that describes what your site is about. You can do this yourself or Google will do it for you taking ideas from your words.

When they search your term and arrive at page one the first three free terms get most of the attention. The question is which one will they pick. The bland idea, the promise, or the answer to your question.

The best Meta will win this race every time.

I have seen even the best operators offer up a bland description so make sure yours is pulling the eyeballs in because you have about a second in time to do it.

Don't send viewers to Social media, ever.

This is a mistake that many make and you are probably shaking your head and asking why.

Social media is designed to send traffic to you, people who are interested in what you have to say want to know more. Social media is a Vortex, a hole that offers so many diversions away from the main subject that keeps people away from you.

You duck into YouTube to have a quick look at a nice post and then find so many more interesting places to explore. The original port of call, your post, is forgotten about.

So treat social media as a source of acquiring readers not entertaining them.

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog

You need to have both internal and external linking within your page if only to appease the Google gods. The new rules are such that you must tag those affiliate links as no follow and it is necessary to do.
However, the other one is the Open in a new tab.
What this does is bring readers back to the current site when they have finished with the visited page. Otherwise, they disappear when the finish button is hit.

This shows the button and the sponsored link ones as well and is part of WordPress.


1. Use appropriate Keywords
2. Do extensive Keyword research with great Tools
3 Make your header and Meta exciting
4. Draw from Social media
5. Use your linking for the best effect

Get these right and you are on the way to page one of a search term.

1128 easy ways to find traffic for your blog by Peter Hanley

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