How many blog posts do you need to be successful?

How many blog posts do you need to be successful? It may be many more than you suspect but don't be put off by numbers

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Will one blog cut it or do you need hundreds

The answer is that one single blog can generate traffic and even income. However, it takes many more to be successful.

You can have traffic directed to your blog from areas like Social Media, pay for advertising, or rely on simple SEO to do the job.

The first thing to understand is that your blog must appear on page one of a search term Furthermore within the first three free positions on page one to achieve any resemblance of traffic.

Blogging is art

Blogging requires a balance between traffic and competition

The eternal dilemma is finding a balance between traffic and competition. Too much of either decreases your chance of being read.

Fortunately, in these modern days, we have great tools to assist us. A tool I will share with you shortly but first of all, you need to understand the basics of blogging.

This includes;

  • Keyword selection
  • Headline choice
  • Meta description
  • Traffic
  • Competition
  • Content
  • Linking
  • Use of SEO

Quite a list to understand before you start your journey. Furthermore, if you choose to ignore any of the above you will be relegated to the high numbered pages where no one searches.

In this case, one blog or a thousand will matter not, no one will find you on page 10 or more unless you pay a heap of money for advertising.

How many blog posts do you need to be successful and for how long?

Blogging is a journey not a one time wonder

Think of it this way. If you have one blog and get 10 viewers a month you are not a success.

If you have 100 blogs and get ten viewers each that's one thousand views.

Advertising companies that are ready to ply you with money won't consider your work as income-generating until you have twenty thousand views a month.

Therefore the number of blogs you have written matters.

Getting trafic to your blog

How many blog posts do you need to be successful?

Other than relying on SEO you can direct traffic from other sources.
Of course, there is paid traffic however you need to be getting results before you invest money. It is very easy to lose money on advertising that does not work.

Social Media offers a great opportunity to deliver traffic if used correctly.

First of all, you need to lay out your plan and what you want to achieve.

As an affiliate marketer, I rely on people clicking through to the sites I refer to.
So I plan to provide basic education and then take readers to the next step.
I do this with intelligent linking.

As a business owner, My blogs describe in length, the products I supply plus ways to work with them. The blogs want the reader to go to the main site where there is a buy button or press a contact link so I can finish the sale.
Blogs are not overt sales documents. They provide solutions or answer the questions people will ask however we always have a call to action, however discreet on the page.
The reason is that we never know when a buyer is ready, but when that time comes we want to make it as easy as possible for them to buy.

Blogs may take people directly to a sales funnel where they are coerced into a sale by the magic of direct marketing.

A further Idea is to take readers to your online store where they have many buying options.

Finally, we can deliver readers to Youtube for a live presentation and completion we desire.

How many blog posts do you need to be successful?

Your blog is intermediatry

Let me explain what I mean because this is important.

Your web page is your shop front. It has all contact details and even a selling agent or contact collector on board. It will list out your products and tell clients all about you and be the silent salesman.

Then Social Media is entertainment and a great source of referrals for your website. However, we don't generally send people to our social media because they get lost with all the wonderful other options to go to. Social media is there to send visitors.

Youtube is a powerful presence. So strong that it is used as a search engine nearly as often as Google. That's a lot of traffic you are missing if you are not there. Youtube is also full of visual opportunities designed to keep visitors. flitting from one video to the next.

Then your blog stands alone. Its main function is keeping readers entertained and directed to take any further actions you suggest. There are no distractions of Social media or Youtube and great content will keep them faithfully to your posts and usually seeking more.
The blog is confined to a single subject and visited with a Keyphrase used by readers.

How many blog posts do you need to be successful?

How do people find your blog

We have talked about referrals now we move on to SEO and the wonders of thousands of visitors every day.

Yes, it is a real opportunity and all achieved with Keyphrase selection. (and a Meta tag)
Your Blog is to answer a question, solve a problem or explain something in detail.

So your Keyword(phrase) is how they find you.

How do you chop wood with a blunt axe?
Why do Bees sleep at night?
What is a sleep device that monitors your time awake
How do I connect my iPhone Mobile to a computer using a USB device

These are descriptive searches designed to take readers to an answer and are Key phrases.

The whole challenge is to get on page one of a search term because this is the first and most often last place people visit. Therefore the more specific the term the less competition and greater your chances.
The Meta tag or words under a Keyword need to induce readers to pick your blog before the dozen others on the page.

Read effective blog writing techqunics

How many blog posts before your readers come

It is preferable that you consistently blog over a long period of time. For a large part of the journey, you will most likely be disappointed but don't let that worry you.

Most bloggers find a surge in traffic will happen over time depending on your activity.
it may be 50 or 100 or even 400 blogs before the visitors swarm around your words.

You need to establish yourself as the resident expert and prove to Google that people want to read your great content. When this happens the sky is the limit.

No one can predict the day you will take off as there are far too many variables however it will happen with consistency over time.

How many blog posts do you need to be successful?

Is blogging worthwhile or a wasted effort

Your blog may be the single greatest contributor to sales that you could ever dream of.

Furthermore, once it starts to work it will carry on for many years into the future contributing to your success.

Blogs that have traffic will generate business purely based on the numbers game.

Therefore if you have the numbers success is assured.

Outsource your writing

If blogging is too time-consuming outsource the writing to others based on the subject input
that you require. List out your Keywords and use Fivver or others to find cheap writers.

You could even locate local students wanting to craft better skills for a low fee.
If your Keywords are great the content need not be perfect it is a volume that counts.

Where can you get training on how to blog

The best place to start is with the free training at Wealthy Affiliate.
They are a totally online training program as well as a website host. Plus an affiliate program for those wanting some return on the time investment.
They do have advanced programs that you can pay for however never any sleazy upsells or secret add ons.

There are a lot of scammers trying to take your money so get the basics in place before you venture into the unknown.

Training is essential for your future


Blogging may be time-consuming to start however the long-term rewards will more than justify the effort.
Writing is not always easy however the structure of blogging is easy to follow and you will have many tools available to help your journey.
Every business should have a blog, it is a marketing tool that delivers long term and is essential to success in the long run.

Working from home is a great time to write for yourself or others and build a great home business that will generate funds over a long period of time.

Affiliate marketers on those wanting to Make Money on Line need this asset as part of your portfolio to succeed.

Enjoy success by starting today.

How many blog posts do you need to be successful by Peter Hanley

7 Effective blog writing techniques that really work

7 Effective blog writing techniques that really work. With several billion blogs trying to get attention where do you stand in the hierarchy

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

It starts and ends with Keywords

The single most important issue to deal with is your competent understanding of Keywords.
Key phrases, long-tail keywords are all the same and they simply represent what your readers search for in Google or similar.

Keywords are dominated by two elements that make a difference;

Too much traffic and you get lost as well too much competition and you are never found.

It is important to note that the only place to be is on page one of a search term and over 80% of readers never go past that.

Therefore choose your key phrases using the available tools that tell you what your options are.
Keywords are important.

Keep your writing targeted to your niche

7 Effective blog writing techniques that really work
Target marketing

Your content must be customer-centric and focus on what they like to read.
It is said that you are just answering questions or explaining how things are done in a blog.
Therefore linking between your posts creates a much wider reader choice.

However, readers that follow you because your niche is in Male health don’t want to wander off to books on engineering or something else obscure.

Linking your posts is a vital part of SEO so keep the tightly channelled within the reader’s interest groups.

Of course, you will separate them using categories however even these need to be related however loosely

The Volume of blogs wins the race

A very successful friend of mine recently wrote about traffic and why he was so good at obtaining great volumes of readers. So much so that advertisers flock to him and want to throw money at his sites.
We asked what his main rule was to match his abilities;

One blog does not control the niche. It takes consistent blogging over a long period to rule the waves.

By creating volume you create authority on the subject which is a critical ranking factor in the mind of Google.

You may also link to more authoritative sites than yours to show  that you have researched the subject and back it with expert advice.

“yep, to be honest, success is BORING.

It's about doing the same thing over and over again, while NOT allowing your mind to lead you in another direction.”

One blog does not control the niche. It takes consistent blogging over a long period to rule the waves.

By creating volume you create authority on the subject which is a critical ranking factor in the mind of Google.

You may also link to more authoritative sites than yours to show  that you have researched the subject and back it with expert advice.

Having many blogs also allows you to link to a certain subject and expand on the page you are writing for an in-depth look at the subject matter.

Building your traffic

7 Effective blog writing techniques that really work

Whilst keywords and good SEO will bring a greater volume of readers you can also help the blog with some external feeds.

Social Media is a great place to start where you can send interested readers to your site.

Your web page can be a double-edged sword. Readers wanting in-depth information on a particular product can be sent to your blog page.

Furthermore when they have the information they want you will link them back to the sales part of your website to complete the transaction.

You should agree that blogging is not about selling, we have funnels for that. However, you need to be always mindful that when a buyer is ready they want instant action.

Therefore always have a buying link available, however non-descript it may seem.

Using appropriate pictures and graphics

The word appropriate is necessary because it really must closely represent the subject matter.

Many people skim read looking for that part of the post that most interests them.

They know what they are looking for so set a nice trail for them to follow without having to read a thousand words to get a simple answer.

Lists are loved by Google. It clarifies the content in easy bullet points and forms an easy to read image.

The Tables are similar however a bit more instructive.

Your blog needs lots of white space as well. Never clutter the page with minute details that would bore the most fastidious reader.

Using short sentences and short paragraphs make your writing easy to read.

One final rule is to always insert an Alt Description to aptly describe what your picture is about. I many cases you can simply use your keyword.

Always consider YouTube as your friend

7 Effective blog writing techniques that really work

Having a YouTube video either liked from your post or embedded in it does three things;

  • You get back-links from YouTube
  • You keep readers on your site longer
  • It supplies a deeper set of information

YouTube is now searched nearly as often as Google so it sure helps in your ratings.

SEO is still the king

Quite often forgotten the rules of search engine optimisation (SEO)
are important to your ranking.

This is quite often forgotten by writers that want to use their style and not follow those of the Rule maker; Google!

Google demands several important points and penalises those that forget.

  • You must have great site speed.
  • Write for Mobile phone readers.
  • Short sentences
  • Plus short paragraphs
  • Internal and external linking
  • Great Meta description
  • Excellent headline
  • Correct use of headings
  • Proving authority

This is just to name just a few of them. Use an available tool like Yoast SEO or AINSEO to check your page before you hit submit.

Ignoring these rules is not just contempt for the rules but punishable by Google and relegation to the high numbered pages. Where you don't wish to be.

7 Effective blog writing techniques that really work with your training.

A gratis section

If you are unsure about blogging and are new to the subject i would suggest you take a bit of training in the basics.

It is vital that you get it right early because it is a long journey and every blog counts.

I used the free training at Wealthy Affiliate to strengthen my skills and still use updates and live chat to better my skills.

As a bonus you may even get a free blog site if you need one.


You should consider blogging as an art form:

  • It is there to entertain and inform.
  • The structure is important because it is easy to read.
  • You aim to keep readers on the page
  • and finally, make some money.

Finally, follows the rules and Google will support you bringing success and fame.

7 Effective blog writing techniques that really work by Peter Hanley

How to update an existing website

How to update an existing website and get more traffic. There are some simple fixes that will make a big difference to your figures

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Understand your traffic to start the race

First of all, let's have a look at your site analytics and see what is under the dashboard.

What country is your traffic coming from?

Understand your traffic to start the race

First of all, let's have a look at your site analytics and see what is under the dashboard.

What country is your traffic coming from?

  • Find the best pages?
  • What referral sites are being used?
  • How long do they stay on-page?
  • The number of pages being viewed

This will give you an idea of the overall picture and determine what needs to be changed.

The site is about your customers and what you do for them

If you are telling your readers what wonderful people you are and all the awards you have collected you are wrong.

It is an unfortunate truth that readers don’t care about you.
They want solutions and answers.

Look at your site and ask yourself “would I buy from these people”

If there is a moment of hesitancy then accept that advice and act on it.

Site speed is critical

How to update an existing website

This has become a paramount feature of the new SEO rules.
A slow opening of your site will rob you of visitors because they are typically impatient too the Max.

You can check your speed with a Google tool and get feedback on the performance. Also very important is the speed of a mobile phone opening.

This will give you an idea of the overall picture and determine what needs to be changed.

The site is about your customers and what you do for them

If you are telling your readers what wonderful people you are and all the awards you have collected you are wrong.

It is an unfortunate truth that readers don’t care about you.
They want solutions and answers.

Look at your site and ask yourself “would I buy from these people”

If there is a moment of hesitancy then accept that advice and act on it.

How to update an existing website to work with a mobile devise

Will your page work on a Mobile phone


If your page is a couple of years old this may never have been considered.

However, rules have changed and Google will rate your site primarily based on a mobile response. That’s right, it must look good on a mobile or laptop to be considered for good SEO

Furthermore, its opening speed must also be excellent for these devices as well.
Again Google has a tool for this and it should be used on every page you have.

Do you have a blog page

Using a blog to explain your business, procedures, tools or products is necessary within this modern era.
Your blog can also generate a lot of traffic to your main site or business door as that is partially the objective.

Whilst this may be a time taking exercise it can easily be outsourced and for a few dollars maintain a consistent flow of useful articles.

A good blog page could send thousands of interested customers to your site every year resulting in a lot of new sales.

How to update an existing website and add an exit pop.

Email capture pop

You will have (or should have) a capture pop on your page soliciting as much information as you can.
Do you have a giveaway that attracts signatures If not then change it until it does work?  The contact details build your customer base and create an asset.

There are many ways to do this and they all work just some better than others

Dark colours and elaborate font

You would be better being read than looking pretty.

 At times dark backgrounds look pretty swish but when the words are hard to read it defeats the purpose.
getting visitors is only one matrix, having them read and subscribe is the money shots

The other small issue is having font sizes varying all over the site The golden rule is to start large and then vary downward.

Having prominent contact details

Many visitors go to your site seeking either a physical address or a phone number. They may be lost in traffic looking for you and a quick mobile search should turn up your contact details without scrolling a lot of pages.

Therefore put the details early and prominent for those seeking quick access.

A common misconception

We all have social media directing readers to our sales page and that is its sole job.
However, your sales page (home Page) should not direct readers off to a social site where they can get lost in the ether.

Yes have a link to your media for those that want to explore but don’t make it
an objective.

When they enter the social arena there are so many shining lights to tempt them to other fields.
Keep them immersed in your pages where the links linger waiting to be clicked

Finally does your site answer a question or solve a problem

Firstly content is king. Google ranks on content and how well you answer a question, solve a problem or deliver a solution.

Do you stay on track or try to be an answer to all things.
Certainly, you can link to all things that answer the questions but you can’t do it all on page one.

Next focus on your overall niche and the importance it delivers to others.
Supply the answer to dreams and the solutions to doubts that your readers will possess and get their trust early.

Why would they trust you

Find the answer to trust and you are two-thirds of the way to owning your reader.

It is often stated that the higher your authority the greater the love of Google.

That is why you must declare your position in the field and shout it loudly.

For instance, on a medical-related site, a Doctor or surgeon will carry more authority than a layman, Or do they.

if you show that your material has come from well-documented sources and white papers on the subject and that your writing is based on facts you garnish the authority you desire.


Finally, this is not a complete list however it details the most important features that you should entertain.

You may not need to change anything and your analytics search will hold the answer to the question.

However, if you are languishing in the results it’s time to take a long hard look at your site and make the changes to make a difference.

Take the rose coloured glasses off and assume the roll of the cynic to be more abjective in your review.
Get the red pen out and slash the errors that need to be changed and do it.

Remember most of your business comes from your website so it must be good.

How to update an existing website by Peter Hanley

Easy ways to build a website

Easy ways to build a website that will deliver results without spending a king's ransom and get the results you desire

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Starting the website journey

You need a domain and a website host to start this journey. However, I presume we all understand that.

Next, you need a goal for your site. Is it to be;

  • Company or personal page
  • Your blog site
  • A funnel
  • Shopfront

Fundamentally these are all similar however you will start from a different angle

Your website building templates

Here we shall go into a lot more depth however you may consider these three approaches first up.

Word Press block builder

Easy ways to build a website

This is the most commonly used structure in every country and has over 40% of the market share. This even rises to 64% when you include Content management systems.

A recent upgrade titled Guttenberg bought this product a big leap forward making it even more popular for the market.

Certainly, it lacks in a lot of techy frills for the experts but the use of Plug-ins extends the use considerably.

This is not a toy as it is also used by over 50% of top companies displaying its real strength.
Site speed is really good and security is maintained using assistance products.

Using MS Word to build your webpage

This is not silly because Word is designed around your writing and obtaining superior results.
To make life a little better you can use a product called Grammarly that corrects all your mistakes and ensures that you deliver great content.

Not being an English expert Grammarly will tighten up my writing and help deliver a better quality product.

One obstacle is that

Headlines don’t cut over so you need to redo all of them.

Wealthy Affiliate website builder

When you apply for a free site or pro-version of Wealthy Affiliate you get an included site builder.

It certainly helps in the set-up and spelling/grammar correction and it is very good as a starter pack.

It maintains a backup of your product so it is easy to edit at any time.

The paid website builders

There is a bundle of builders and they vary in price depending on what you want from them.

However, before shelling out those dollars try the free versions and see what you can do.

Having tried several versions I have found that I am more than happy with WordPress as my only builder.
However,  I sometimes construct in MS Word and then copy and paste.

Is a blog site just a web page

The difference between these is really simple. Your website will open on the main page and allow you to then pick other pages you wish to view.
A blog site opens on the latest post or any post that is searched.
However,  a blog site called a post is part of your website.

This is useful for sending readers to other pages. These could include Terms and Conditions, About me page, Pricing, disclaimers, etc.

When on a blog page viewers can see all your prior blogs set out in any order you choose.

For ease of reading your blogs are sorted into categories to make them able to be found.

You are reading a blog that has an address, however, you can find it on my home page at

A funnel is a direct selling media

This is a style of a web page designed to take you from random access to a paid sale.
Funnels are used extensively as a high-pressure journey that gets your interest and slowly builds to a crescendo.

This is a step up from normal websites. I use Groove pages because they have a reasonable product at a low price base.
Some page builders come with a high price because they reason that you will make money so the price does not matter.

It is an area for the committed and not for everyone.

Your online shopfront

Here you can choose between WordPress using a Woocommerce plug-in

That is virtually free or build with a company like Shopify and paying a monthly premium.

Most times I would not recommend paying for your site however, this may be my one exception.
This is based on the ease of building a Shopify site with training rather than learning Woocommerce from scratch.

Yes an amateur can do it and it can be quite rewarding  for the right person

Finding something to sell

The world is yours from virtual online products right through to real hardware.

You can sell direct, Dropship or, gather affiliate income. Perhaps all three.
The only limiting factor is you and maybe money as well.

Make your plan and work it to completion.

Gathering further assistance

When you start a journey like this it is always good to have someone at your back. Internet marketing is such a massive field that we can never understand it all.

Determine what you want to do and focus your efforts around that with the exclusion of everything else.

Gather as much background as you can because the better informed the better the conclusion.

My summary

Building websites is now possible for anyone. There is no coding knowledge necessary and only simple computer skills are required.

However, the Web site is just a small part of the journey. You will be taken to new levels of knowledge that will give you a higher platform with which to make a success of your ambition.

Narrow your focus to a single channel and work it hard until you get the results you demand.

Anything is possible.

Easy ways to build a website by Peter Hanley

SEO keyword ranker and how to fix it

SEO keyword ranker and how to fix it. Is SEO really important when you have the right keywords in place, let's talk about it

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Gain your position on the first page.

If you are not on page one of a search term your chances of being read are not all that good.
In fact, over 80% never go past the first three items on the page.

Therefore knowing where you are is vitally important so that you can take the steps to fix any problems in your structure and keyword selection.

How do you earn the front spot with all that competition

This is a balance between Keyword research and the SEO rules dictated by Google and followed by all the others.
First of all, we have SEO tools that cover a lot of what you need to do. In WordPress both Yoast SEO and All in one SEO rank what you submit and offer ways to improve your page position.

They ask you to fix what you don't do so that you may get a better score.

SEO keyword ranker

However, you also get green ticks

SEO keyword ranker for your page
Therefore I still have a bit of work to do.

They also look at your writing and give you a score.

SEO keyword ranker for free

That is good because I have had no bad marks so far.

SEO keyword ranker and its importance to you.

Why is SEO so important

Google, the umpire, really likes you to follow the rules and ranks your site accordingly.
You can use all sorts of tools to see where you rank however they just tell you that the news is not good.

All SEO starts with you.

Using AH Refs or any planner post writing will only highlight your mistakes. You need to make sure you have them correct so that you will rank.

Content is King. This is more so than ever and it must be relevant and written with authority therefore half baked sites simply get left behind.

You can not win page one on day one

I am sorry to tell you that grabbing a page one position takes time. You need some traffic and viewers so that you appear to be liked. Then we start the voyage up the ranking page by page till we get to page one.

However, it is often quicker on Bing and Yahoo where the competition is not as bad however they still have good search volume.

Keywords make the difference

Your Keyword or search term will make a large part of the search success.
There are two parameters that are important and they are;

  • Traffic
  • Competition

Of course, you must have traffic however too much makes life very difficult. We generally work around the rule of 100, that is at least 100 searches a month. Any more and it gets into the competitive arena.

Competition needs to rank at less than one hundred meaning that there are less than 100 exact match search terms.

Competition ranking
Here I have used a keyword tool called Jaaxy ( a link follows) to tell me both traffic at 152 a month and a competition score of nine which is very low.

I could have gone for a bit more traffic using a slightly different Keyword however the competition is far greater.

Generated words
More traffic but more competition

Analysing your keywords provides opportunities

Keywords actually come before SEO because of their importance. If you get this wrong you are never going to rank. A place no one wants to be.

It is a fine balance juggling Keywords and SEO management.

Keyword tools are everywhere

Wealthy Affiliate has a free one, Jaaxy can be used, Ubersuggest is useful and in fact doing a Google search by typing in your keyword will give you a great idea of volume.
I recently did an article on free planners that will assist you.

You can use a Google planner by enrolling in Google and selecting an ad words planner however all the above ways will take you to the correct answer.

My wrap up

Keywords and SEO make a difference to your results, Get these right and your results will come but remember it won't be overnight. It takes a bit of time to gain respect.

Should you need some early traffic use Social Media, emails, Newsletters, or personal contacts to do the clicking.

It all helps.

There is a full free training course on this at Wealthy Affiliate should you need to pursue this further.

SEO keyword ranker and how to fix it by Peter Hanley

Writing product reviews for money

Writing product reviews for money when all else fails. Be warned that Google updates could make your review obsolete unless you change ways

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Why write product review any way

This has traditionally been a great source of income for well-meaning writers.
Pick a product, grab an affiliate link and follow a set formula to success.

Product reviews for money

We all gravitate to a review when considering a product purchase that we know little about.

These have been the flavour of the month for many years and worked really well.

These are rated quite well in a google search and a good page position could be obtained with a bit of research.

Google had a change of heart about reviews

Google often has a change of heart and when it does it tends to hurt many of us. This is one of those times.

Their thought is that content matters more than ever and what is provided in a standard review can be gotten from the company website. Therefore it provides no real value to the reader.
However, doing a comparison to several similar products with appropriate recommendations can cut the mustard.

This is known in marketing as bait and switch. Write up on a product and switch to another superior one for payment.

Google now recommends;

  • Provide evidence such as visuals, audio, or other links of your own experience with the product, to support your expertise and reinforce the authenticity of your review.
  • Include links to multiple sellers to give the reader the option to purchase from their merchant of choice.”

This is a whole new playground that means a lot of extra effort.

Informational articles are better than reviews

This is where we story tell and compare using as many additions to our page as possible.

A YouTube Video is always necessary or at least helpful and even audio can cut it.

Images help and a bit of colour with the correct heading placement.

You are then writing about a niche product and looking at all if not several alternatives.

You don't get Authority over night

It is now true that Google loves authority sites far above a newcomer to the space.
Therefore a single review will never quite cut it.

Many bloggers fail to understand that volume helps authority because you become recognised as having an understanding of the product.

If you are writing in the health industry and trying to compete with Doctors, surgeons, and other experts you need to establish your own authority.

This can be done over time by staying close to the original piece and mounting your growing evidence to a conclusion.

Free traffic, a dream or a nightmare

Answering questions in a review

writing product reviews for money

Many search terms are actually questions. How, When, Why type statements that seek a simple answer.

These can be turned into an article that both answers the question and takes the reader on a tour.
A simple example

How many headache tablets ( maybe a brand) can I take in a day?

While the answer is two every six hours complications may arise and you need to understand the alternatives. Head massages do the same job and cost no money however it takes a bit of training to get it right. Then off on a storytelling series about headaches.

You will notice that the answer is given early. This way those that are purely skimming can go on their merry way and the real targets read on. You can never get everyone but you only want buyers anyway.

Affiliate income or Advertising to create wealth

You won't get a good advertising package without traffic, so let the cart come before the horse.

We would always suggest at least one affiliate link somewhere in an article. However, you should never overstuff the article or have your links close together.

Those reading on a Mobile will have your links all jumbled up when they are close thus losing one-third of your market.

Certainly, if it is product orientated you can give reasons to go to more than one affiliate site.

The Best headache tablets are with (Major Pharmacy outlet) However the non branded tablets that do the same thing at half the price are from (cheap place)
I personally use the El Cheapo and save my money.

Having a Banner on the site

All sites allow widgets on any side of the page. Top of the page, Bottom, left and right side
In fact, you will probably see a couple on this post over to the right.

Yes, they are clickable links taking you off to affiliate sites and not being included in your Google post.

How drew went to a million visitors

Drop boxes to show adds

There are many ways you can do this. Pop-ups, slide-in, exit pops are all done with a simple App. These do work because they are attention grabbers because we love movement. It is a distraction and may contain important offers so we simply have to read them.

Without a doubt, they will annoy some people however we all move on accepting they are part of the journey.

Writing product reviews for money with external advertising

External advertising pops

This is the killer income when they pay to advertise on your site, You get paid for these in a variety of ways that best suit you.

One small issue is that you need traffic to the site to justify them using you. This means quite a bit of work before you get to the big income.

Where to get extra information on this

At Wealthy Affiliate they provide a full training package for free that can be accessed by anyone.

Writing good reviews takes a bit of time however the results can be really good.

One review is not a world beater.
You need to establish your authority in this world by repeated articles that answer questions and solve issues.

Conclusion and wrap

Review sites were traditionally great money spinners however Google has moved the goalposts. You now need to write informational reviews that tell more than just a basic product guide.

Expanding on the product, offering alternatives providing further information and suggestions will take the cake.

Remember Change is not always bad, you just need to adjust your thinking to that of a machine called Google.

Content has always been King so deliver what they want.

Writing product reviews for money by Peter Hanley

Some legal bits

Best free blog sites for beginners

Best free blog site for beginners and all the ways to make it work. Nothing good comes for free however I can show you the way forward

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Just where did blogging start

Google allowed Bloggers to enter the market however WordPress made it possible for those with few skills to achieve a goal.

Building a website was very hard indeed virtually impossible for the amateur. Knowledge of coding was required and intricate design applications were needed to survive.

WordPress and the attached helpers called plug-ins made it possible for anyone to play.

We all have something to say and now we have a platform that gives us equal opportunity to compete with the world.

Click on the above for your free site and get ready to start a journey with us.

Having a free site is just the beginning of the journey, understanding it and how it all works is equally important and that is why I am here to help.

Become a blogger and earn money

The whole idea of blogging is to generate revenue. Ok, we all have something important to say but if we are going to do all this work we want a return.

Within your blog you can;

  • Sell your own products
  • Include products from others
  • Gather affiliate income ( like commission)
  • Let advertisers into your site and get paid
  • Refer people to other sites and get paid.
  • Write for payment from others

My journey started because my small business website needed to include blogs. I then realised that my history in business could be shared so I went into blogging full time.

It is not a short journey, in fact after writing nearly one thousand blogs I am only just starting to get traction. My slow start was because I thought I knew it all, and I didn't. I needed to go back to school and learn the principle of blogging.

Getting your blog read

Easy comes to mind however with over 7.5 million blogs being written every day getting your material read is hard. However, perhaps it is also very easy if you understand a few basic principles.

The journey starts with search terms, that is what you ask Google to find for you.
( when I say Google I also include Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines)
( Furthermore, I refer to Google as He for convenience but She works just as well)

This has become more difficult over time because we have developed the art of asking better questions.
Instead of saying Nike as an example we now say Nike men's basketball high tops.
These are called Keywords, a term with which you will become well accustomed.

A few years back ( about 2011) Voice searching become possible with Apple introducing Siri, an application to find an answer on Google.
The average person does not just say, Nike. No, they expand it out to find the answer they specifically request.

” Hey Siri what size shoes were Michael Jordan's first Nike boots”

If those words were the topic of your blog you would have a chance of being read.

Discovering Keywords

Google controls the pages

This makes things both harder and again easier.

First of all, you may have a hundred pages of articles about Nike. However, very few searchers go past page one, and the first three terms on page one.

Google ranks you in lots of different ways and places your article where he thinks best.

The time your blog has been aroundNot quite first in best dressed but it helps
How well it answers the term A long-tail keyword
The authority you have to provide an answerA doctor with a medical term that would rank higher than a general comment
Good SEO complianceWriting to his standards
A competent Meta descriptionThe reasons for reading your material over others
Your followingHow many find your article
Linking from other sitesFacebook, Instagram, etc
My shortlist

Is picking a Niche important and how do you do it

This is an important piece of the puzzle and one that you will agonise over for hours.
A niche is simply your area of interest. A market in which to play.

  • Sports
  • Exercise
  • Well being
  • Medical
  • Entertainment
  • Movies, plays, Ballet
  • Environment,
  • Small business

Each of these can be Brocken down into a sub-niche

  • Ballet training
  • Shoes for Ballet
  • Theatres that hold Ballet
  • Strategic exercises for ballet
  • Popular ballet dancers

Best free blog sites for beginners

Again each of these can be broken further

  • Male Ballet training or Female
  • Strength lessons for Male dancers
  • Most popular dancers
  • Best incomes for Ballet dancers
  • What age are dancers when they retire, start, get fame

This will show you that a simple niche like Ballet is a lot deeper than a title

My first rule is to pick something you love. Blogging is a long-term enterprise so you need to stay the distance, therefore love interest lasts.

Secondly don't just do it for the money, that will come however concentrating on making money will confuse your objective of being a great writer.

Finally, keep learning your trade and improve your skills to garnish your performance.

Best free blog sites for beginners comes with support

A free Blog site comes with free learning

You can never see the big picture from day one. Plus in this short post even I can not teach you all the rules. That is why the Wealthy Affiliate site comes with free training for beginners.

Yep the A to Z of blogging is all thrown in with a free site. Of course, they have an upgrade path and one in which you will discover many more benefits and tools of the trade. But hey, only when you are confident that this is what you want to do. Then we can talk about making money.

Don't underestimate a support team

This is one of the most underrated benefits of the training site at WA. We all need to ask questions at some time and knowing where to go is important.
Your site questions are answered by the hosting site however WordPress questions by a great forum.
Other questions were thrown at an open house for someone to answer.
At Wealthy Affiliate, the forums are all included and open to every member at no charge.

Wasting days searching Google for an answer can often be accomplished in minutes at WA.
Someone has generally experienced the same issue and will be ever too willing to help.

Support is critical to your success.

I promised you Free and I now deliver

You will see that you get a Free website, blog site, and lots of extras, and upgrading is done at a time of your choosing


Best free blog sites for beginners by Peter Hanley

Does blog content matter

Does blog content matter. With over a billion blogs in the market making yours different might be the passport to your success

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Follow the rules of writing a blog to see a difference

In simple terms, we start out with a shortlist.

  • Answer the question searched for completely
  • Short sentences and short paragraphs
  • Clear aesthetics
  • Create a great user experience
  • Include links to broader explanations
  • Include a summary
  • complete your goal.

Your job is to cover the subject as fully as you can without waffling on.

Long wordy posts just don't work

Your readers are attention deficit and in fact, even the most dedicated only read about 14% of your content.

Therefore capturing their attention to the salient points is vital.

Using colour, headlines and a few images builds a story.
Thus taking the reader on a journey.

It may take 1000 words or stretch to several thousand it only matters if you cover the subject.

Pictures, colours, lists and more

A graph can tell a lot of words.

Plus readers love a list or even better a Table to expand your point

Warning; do not make pictures too big and slow your page down.

Furthermore does Blog content matter on Mobile devises

Mobile phones and speed reading

Remember that about 30% of people are reading on a mobile phone.

Plus Google starts its search on a mobile basis so large format anything
will get in the way.

Firstly the number one search problem is opening speed. Therefore if yours is slow people will
not wait.

Use the Google page tester to find your results

There is nothing wrong with white space

In fact, white space helps the reader to focus.

They mostly speed read so bring them to a pertinent point quickly.

Long-winded sentences are to be avoided so get your point across quickly.

For example short statements that tell the reader what you want.

Filling with fluff kills the reader

Your followers want answers and they want to find them easily

Furthermore, they need a bit of background as to why you answer the question the way you have. Fill them with reasons to agree.

Never go on a long diatribe because it is a waste of space. It won't be read.

Does blog content matter

A touch of authority goes along way

When you are not the resident expert back your work up with someone that is.

Google considers your status when considering work. For instance, a Doctor will have more status than you on medical terms.
However, by using the good doctors' names you can gather a bit of their luster.

Costs and features will work for you

Where applicable pricing is important. You may have a pricing page you can link to however you can have a look here price as well.

Now back your price up with features that justify the asking amount.

Furthermore, list out the features in clear bullet points to explain the value.

For example, give your readers a reason to jump on board.

Provide comparisons to others when they work.

Making sure you are on page one of a search term

Your Keyword selection is paramount as is your meta description.
Unless you make these prestigious positions you are really lost at sea. However, it is not easy and takes as much effort to get written as filling in your words.

It is always advisable to use a Keyword tool that will examine both available traffic and the formidable competition.

Furthermore writing will never get you to the front spot it will only have you recognised as a capable author.

Therefore an understanding of SEO is important for the budding blogger to assist in your journey.

I recommend the training at Wealthy Affiliate a site established for just this purpose.

Firstly it is free to start and also covers everything about your future career

Finally, it is the most important part of blogging so treat it with respect.

Choosing the right Keyword


In conclusion, remember that you are writing for the readers.

Short sentences no more than 25 wordsShort paragraphs less than 300 words
Use lots of headingsStart big #2 and cascade down #4
Allowed images and graphsAdd the Alt description
Consider mobile phonesGoogle does and you should
Add Internal linksExternal for authority
Monetise the siteThe end game
Wrap it all up Conclusion

Does blog content matter by Peter Hanley

Content writing tips for beginners

Small niche or large market, which is better

Small niche or large market, which is better? The age-old question with an answer you would least expect to be true

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Tackling the market requires a plan

Knowing what you want to achieve always comes before the action steps.

In all my training at Wealthy Affiliate, the emphasis is on finding a Niche and concentrating on that to get results.
That includes getting Keywords that have some traffic and low competition so that you may reach page one more quickly.
Then it is rinse and repeat therefore the sum of all your words will bring traffic in a reasonable volume.
However, I wonder if this is a long way home?

A niche provides;

  • An easier access to the market
  • Quicker to make money
  • Able to get traction earlier

This is all true however it slots you into a small demographic.

What do you want to do with your business

Small niche or large market, which is better by Peter Hanley
Taking off to the big time

In a recent interview, the head of Expedia Rich Barton was asked what business is the best to get into.

He didn’t mention niches. He said entrepreneurs should go after big markets because it is roughly the same amount of work to create a business in a small niche as it is in a big market. So why limit your upside?

Rich Barton Expedia

Do we all live in hope of that big dream when we sell our business for a King's ransom?
Your niche site may just not be able to come up to the grade.

In a recent article by Neil Patel, a guy that knows his stuff, he said he had learned the hard way that Niches are low-income ventures.

  1. Niche efficiency is lacking.
    Low revenues equal low margins hence low returns.
  2. Growth is harder in a small market.
  3. Niche marketing is no easier.
    You have a lot less traffic thus a lot less potential

This may not be for everyone however it should be considered when you first start your business objectives. If you are aiming big then go big early so that you are not limiting your future potential.

Gather some experience in Niche marketing first

I don't expect a beginner to run off chasing the big fish before you learn to cast a line.

The internet experience takes some time to learn the ropes so I would recommend starting in a Niche, your training ground so to speak. However, if you are past this point it is a relevant objective for your next step.

The biggest cost you have is time, that is your time, invested in a product rollout. If you do it badly and don't follow the simples rules it is a heartbreaking effort.

Remember that you need the traffic to be successful. Without traffic, there are no hits, no conversions, and no advert revenue.

Content writing tips for beginners


This was a stark reminder of the need to set up your ground rules early. It may be blogging, a Funnel, or any other activity that is set up to make money.

It is difficult to take a small niche to be a big player however you can make a big business give smaller returns in several ways

However, don't be disillusioned if you want a micro-niche because there are plenty of players making a great annual return.

Small niche or large market, which is better by Peter Hanley

How to write the perfect blog article to be read

How to write the perfect blog article to be read and liked. This is not a game but it has rules that you must follow to win the reader war

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

It is not the blog that needs to be perfect

The first thing you need to achieve is being read. Sounds simple however among the billion odd blogs in the market why would they choose you?

Yes, we will get to your writing but first of all, you need to look at your template.

It starts with your Keyword

This is the search term that readers will type into Google (or any Search Engin) to ask a question or seek an answer of some kind.

Each and every term you can think of will have traffic and unfortunately competition.
For example, let's look at the term “how to make money”. This is something we all; want to know and therefore seek the answer.

I searched for this using a Keyword Tool called Jaaxy and got the following result;

How to write the perfect blog article to be read
How to make money has lots of traffic in fact 25673 searches every month and if you were number one on page one you could expect 4365 great hits, or is it?

Well, it would be except that there are 155 pages of this phrase that will rank before you and you need to be on page one. In-fact, the first three line entries on page one get over 80% of the clicks so the rest miss out.

Now by changing a word or two you can improve your chances;
“How to make money internet” still gets lots of traffic yet the competition is far less.
Yes, people type in some funny things so you can do better than this by really locking down what you are saying.

You can try this out for yourself with this free tool that I use every time I write.

Did I take this valuable advise on Keyword research

Of course, I did and do it every time I write a blog. This one is number 400 in this series so I am looking for a page position.
However, I don't rely wholly on the tool because sometimes it can be a bit misleading.

How to write the perfect blog article to be read

Do a Google search as well

Type your keyword into Google and see what happens. In this case, I am competing with WordStream and Hubspot both experts in the field. However, there are opportunities as well

Google can give you lots of ideas and information. They also love numbers ( don't ask me why ) they just do and this can help. However, even the experts can get it wrong.

All of the above have worked with a great amount of traffic so will rank very well but what about the next one down the page?

How to write the perfect blog article to be read

Same page, same content but what went wrong

Well having the best Keyword may get you to page one however it does not necessarily get you to read. That takes two more important issues.

The best way to get read

  • Have a Keyword to take you to page one
  • Have an awesome headline
  • Write your meta description better than anyone else

The 11 ideas post above has a very weak Meta description. It does not tell you the answer you want. It talks about the writer and quite frankly we don't care about them at all, we want answers to our questions.

Getting read is a split second decision

When you hit page one of a search term you will quickly pick one that has the closest answer to your question. Power words help with Awesome, step by step Good blog posts draw your attention and get the click.
Remember only the first three on a search page get any attention at all and then you must be the best of three.

Having Authority always helps your searches

When you are competing against the big boys you need to be sharp because name recognition carries respect. Blog Tyrant does not carry the same respect as Hubspot and WordStream and pore old Just Publishing advice is a pore cousin.
But the pore cousin did get to page one however his meta is so weak he misses out.

You must get these three elements right before you move on

Not making page one means you simply don't get read and you have wasted your time. Maybe by driving traffic to your blog you can be a bit better however the readers will be quickly lured away by a better promise or answer.

How to write the perfect blog article to be read in three steps

Getting your niche subject to the top

We all have a particular bent on what we write about. It may be health, or exercise, or even gardening in Gumboots.

Therefore you need to know what sort of things readers want and simply answer the question for them.
EG: Why do your feet sweat when gardening in Gumboots?
Now that's a great keyword if ever I saw one so It is just providing an answer.

However, remember you may be playing with experts here so let's back it up with a bit of authority.
Simply quote someone that is respected in that circle.
Gassy Gumboots the world's premium manufacturer said it depends on the inner lining and they know these things.

Google loves authority and it will help in your SEO and getting read.

Next is optimising your site for SEO

Over the past couple of years, Google has increased its focus on site speed.

This can be caused by several things however always start at your carrier. If you are using a cheap hosting service this may impact your site speed and there is nothing you can do about it. That is why I always use the Wealthy Affiliate site for my hosting because it is fast and you have all the checking tools available to you.

Page speed = user experience

This is particularly so on a Mobile phone where many of the searches are now done.
The biggest culprit is oversized images which take time to load.

Unfortunately, readers just won't wait for a slow-loading site, maybe a few seconds but for the time-challenged searches, it is far too long.

Everything on your site must be optimized for speed.
Therefore every little tweak you make will make a much larger difference. The one-percenters add up very quickly and make that difference.

Remember the best blogs in the world will never get read if they fail to follow the basics.

How to write the perfect blog article to be read by simply answering questions

Just answer the question that has been searched

This should not be so hard to do. Every search query is looking for an answer and your job is to provide the solution.
The world divides at this point where some will say answer the question at the top of the page.
Problem solved and move on.
Others will say lead them on a journey of discovery and outline your reasons for the answer.
Like reading a book where you need to get to the end for a solution.

My opinion is readers are looking for more of a story than a quick fix. When you are interested in a subject you want all the information you discover before making a decision.

For example, we all see new car ads with the glamour and sparkle of what your life would be if you could just drive the New VW electric. You have a passing interest and you are gone.
However the day you make a buying decision you want details. You will compare and analyse in great depth to complete the mind map of buying.

Therefore give them what they want and more to cover all the needs.

Writing a blog for money

Writing a blog is different and you need to get it right

First of all, you must condense all your knowledge into a couple of thousand words. OK, it could be shorter at about 500 words or even longer at three thousand but remember that we are writing for attention-deficit readers that are seeking a quick fix.

All the SEO services say much the same thing;

Short sentencesUnder 25 words
Lots of Paragraphs less than 300 words
Support ImagesWith an Alt description completed
Use of # headings to cascade downStart big end move down and don't come back up
Write positively The subject comes early
Transition words Connect your sentences
Colour is greatIt adds character
The shortlist of rules

If you use a good SEO tool it will guide you on these and help with your word selection.

Content writing tips

There are also the rules of SEO

  • Have Internal links. To link further reading
  • Provide external links, for authority
  • Key phrase density, about 1 per 500 words
  • Using no-follow links, for affiliate sites
  • Meta and heading correct, important
  • Using Key Phrase Synonyms to build your following
How to write the perfect blog article to be read

One of the important changes is that Google now wants you to identify your extremal links.
importantly they don't want to follow affiliate links in which they have no interest.

This is a pop-up from WordPress that has been clicked as an affiliate or sponsored link. You will be penalised if this is not completed

Now to your writing and what to say

This is the good part as there are few rules in what you can say.

Of course, Spelling and punctuation are important however the rest is basically up to you.

However, please remember, that you are writing for the reader. You are not important.
They want answers, solutions, and ways to a better life more than they want to hear about you.

Yes, Life experiences may highlight a solution however we are seeking life-changing opinions from your pen and not what, or how it affects you.

Stay true to the subject without taking off on journeys of self-delusion because that is for writing somewhere else. This is not a Pulitzer Novel it is a solution delivery service just like a Uber Answer delivered to the seeker.

Conclusion and wrap

Let's summarise what we have said in a few words.

Your structure needs to be perfectYou have only a small space to be notices
Comply with Google SEOThey make the rules you do the writing
Site speed is paramountSlow sites don't make the grade
Choose your Keyword carefullySearch terms are the first rule of being found
Write for the readerKeep them entertained
Blog writing

It takes time to write the perfect blog and that time is perfecting your craft as a Blog Writer. The setup is harder than the writing so make sure you have it perfect.
Social Media is a great delivery service so exploit it for your advantage

I could have added that you must analyse your results and learn from your mistakes and become better with every page you produce.
To gain great authority means wring more blogs, one blog does not make you a hero.
treat it with respect this is a marathon and not a sprint

How to write the perfect blog article to be read by Peter Hanley

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