Consumer guide product reviews and how to write for Google

consumer guide product reviews

Consumer guide product reviews have changed and if you are writing them you must also change with the times or get lost in the crowd

The days of just filling in a few product details are long gone

If you have ever tried to write a product review you will understand that it takes a bit of investigation and time to get it right. You might know the product well however there is a lot more to it than that.

First up is your Bio page, yes this will have an impact on your results because Google wants to know what qualifications you posses and should anyone take notice of you. If you are a Truck driver writing about medical equipment it may seem out of place. However if you were a truck driver that worked Ambulance shifts and used equipment the answer is different

In 2011 Google did a Pander update where search queries were put into computer learning.

They looked at a search in a different way

  • Would you trust the information presented in this article?
  • Is this article written by an expert or enthusiast who knows the topic well, or is it more shallow in nature?
  • Would you be comfortable giving your credit card information to this site?
  • Check does this article have spelling, stylistic, or factual errors?
  • Make sure the article provide original content or information, original reporting, original research, or original analysis?
  • How does the page provide substantial value when compared to other pages in search results?
  • How much quality control is done on content?
  • In what way does the article describe both sides of a story?
  • Is the site a recognized authority on its topic?
  • Was the article edited well, or does it appear sloppy or hastily produced?
  • For a health-related query, would you trust information from this site?
  • Why does this article provide a complete or comprehensive description of the topic?
  • Or does this article contain insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious?
  • Is this the sort of page you’d want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend?
  • Would you expect to see this article in a printed magazine, encyclopedia or book?
  • Are the articles short, unsubstantial, or otherwise lacking in helpful specifics?
  • Are the pages produced with great care and attention to detail vs. less attention to detail?

From Yoast SEO

You don't have to follow the exact guidelines however it is all about getting to page one of a search term. Google makes the rules and follows them so I would suggest you should as well.

Trust may be the third principal in the “know like and trust” trio however it is the closer that counts. Give them reasons to trust your work as an established author with knowledge on the subject.

The focus on trust and quality extends even further

It may not be a review however the rules are the same and are applied to every article or post.
Therefore it is important that you use outbound links to establish credibility in your information sources.

This is not an easy task however thinking about the rules and how you can employ them into your writing will become part of your style.
Would your readers like to share your work or bookmark it for future reference, do you do a comparison and provide a fair review.

Google now update the request by;

They ask if your reviews:

  • Express expert knowledge about products where appropriate?
  • Provide quantitative measurements about how a product measures up in various categories of performance?
  • Explain what sets a product apart from its competitors?
  • Cover comparable products to consider, or explain which products might be best for certain uses or circumstances?
  • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a particular product, based on research into it?
  • Identify key decision-making factors for the product’s category and how the product performs in those areas?

consumer guide product reviews from the boss

A good example is taken from the Google Bible;

consumer guide product reviews

The message is repeated over and over that the old ways have changed and you must change as well.

This even extends to your Keywords and Meta description that must follow the ideas of what search engines are looking for.

As a Writer I challenge myself to develop better skills that will allow me to find the Holly Grail of a first page listing.

It starts with a Keyword that will really determine if you will ever get to be read by anyone let alone advance among the pages.

Then it gets harder

  • You need to have a recognised brand
  • Be an expert in all things
  • Do deep research
  • Write like a Pulitzer pro
  • Include more than 1200 words
  • Add a few Pictures
  • Establish Trust
  • Induce them to buy
  • Use expert resources

Where do you start your change

I went back to basic training to see what I had missed and there is no better place than at Wealthy Affiliate where there is a great class on writing a review

To grow in this market you have to be better than average.

Everyday more people are writing reviews and clamouring for a position.
Therefore your product must be superior to all the others.

Human content

You are not writing for a computer algorithm because Google is a lot smarter than that. They want product written for the average reader to enjoy the material and mark it as above average. Yes they may use AI to achieve this however the computers are programmed to think like you and me.
That is why natural is best , it gets read.

Provide alternatives

Comparisons are a great tool even when marking a product down. Many writers will tell you that products they have disliked have gone on to provide many sales.
The reason is that your writing is not a sales tool. It is a resource to deliver customers to a sales page thus the ability of the sales page is important. However that is out of your control.

You need to put yourself in the position of the reader

A technical white paper is appropriate in some circumstances however we are in the entertainment business.
Your role is to captivate the readers and have them trust that you are the ONE.

You will do this by providing a review that shows you are on top of the game. You know your stuff and can articulate it clearly.

consumer guide product reviews need video

Back it up with a video

You can either insert a link to a YouTube video or imbed one in your site. Before your brain explodes and you scream why a video let me give you some ideas.

  • YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google
  • Some people hate reading but love pictures
  • Two forms of approach are better than one
  • Throw Face book and Instagram into the mix and you have even more
  • Do a professional video for free

Video is more important than ever so don't ignore it. In fact it will help yopu get to first page quicker. The ultimate goal.

My conclusion on product reviews

Do not be scared of change. Take the opportunity to improve your skills and achieve the results you want.

Adapt to the times and learn from the results.

Use your analytics to give you answers and go back and make the necessary fixes that need to be done.
Aim for page one and accept nothing less.

Importantly enjoy the experience.

Consumer guide product reviews and how to write for Google by Peter Hanley

Tesla-When a company has it all and for the right reasons

Tesla-When a company has it all. I am an unashamed follower of Elon Musk and the Tesla group. Now I make money from my obsession and tell why

Tesla is much more than a car company

You may either like or dislike Elon Musk however look behind the façade and there is a massive story to be told.

The Tesla story goes beyond that of Steve jobs for outstanding innovation and his achievements will be the greatest adventurer in history

Tesla vehicles started as an idea to change the world. The business was already operational when he introduced a small amount of seed capital to help the floundering operation.
He soon found out that direction and planning were needed to move forward so he joined as an active participant.

This small amount of involvement turned into an obsession and 20 hour days trying to avoid bankruptcy. Electric Vehicles were indeed untrendy and the perception was down played in every press and article.

Electric cars were just play things that would fade out and be like steam engines over night.

How wrong were they.

Paypal; the beginning

Elon first major business entry was PayPal where he bought into an established operation. It was extremely effective as we all know and he sold early for a hefty $200 odd million profit.

This provided the capital for his venture into Tesla where he made the hasty decision that risking half his money was worth the effort.
Tesla ended up taking it all and more as they worked the development stage of growth.

When you get close to the wall of no return you must take action

When the inevitable is the next pay day that you can't fund you are in deep trouble.
This is a situation that Musk found himself in during the early days however he took action.

First of all he went to a close friend Larry page and lined up a sale of shares in Tesla at a fire sale price. this was not not something he wanted however insolvency concerns pushed the issue.

Next was a very different approach to a problem.

Musk pulled every available employee to the phone and asked them to call anyone that would buy a car. By the end of the day they had sold enough new cars to cover any shortfall and this avoided off loading the shares . It was engineers, designers in fact anyone that could make a call fronted up to save the company.

Whilst Musk is sometimes portrayed as a difficult man to work for he does have a real employee loyalty.

Elon attracts a hate following

The press love to knock him and ridicule his ideas in a Tall Poppy fashion. In fact just today I read a review showing all the Gaffs he had made that were designed to the ridiculous.

In fact he has demonstrated a higher understanding of business and the environment than any peer before or after him.

An Electric Car (EV) was a pipe dream that could not be done. There were so many hurdles to overcome that it was considered it would never eventuate.
Batteries were a problem, recharging not available, facilities to build a viable number of cars too expensive, they were unsafe, impracticable and no one would ever buy them. That was in 2008.

In 2009 they sold just 500 cars to start the journey. Now in 2021 it will be close to a million cars in the year, an outstanding effort.

Elon has a different approach to most people. First of all he wants things done quicker than realistically possible. Secondly he wants it at half the price considered reasonable and finally he does not take no as an answer.
He also works absurdly long hours and wants everyone to be the same as him.
Some can take it many can't.

What makes Tesla special

The electric car is built around helping to control global Warming because of low or no exhaust emissions. The use of vehicles world wide was soaring with new demand coming from growing countries like China with their increased prosperity. Furthermore road traffic is responsible for nearly 18% of global emissions creating green house gases and damaging the world.

Musk set out to change the way transport is conducted.

Importantly Elon welcomed competition. In fact nearly all there systems are on open source software that can be used by anyone.

The Tesla model has been a different approach to orthodox car building.

He started out with a big and expensive car that had only minor market appeal. They set about showcasing a very fast and safe Automobile that was completely different to the general market. Only now after four model changes is he starting to develop a low cost alternative.

Models have been the S, the E, a three and finally a Y. This was supposed to spell sexy however the e was a Toyota brand and they had protected the word and denied Tesla the opportunity to use it.

Among many problems batteries was supreme

The limitations of battery packs included many variables;

  • Charging and recharging time
  • Use time
  • Heat loading
  • Fire risk
  • Weight
  • Packing

The battle was hard and in pact Panasonic were bought into the partnership to turn virtual computer batteries into a power system strong enough to power a large automobile.

Late last year Tesla launched a new product.

These new tabless cells, which Tesla is calling 4860 cells, will give the company's EV batteries five times more energy capacity, make them six times more powerful, and enable a 16 percent range increase for Tesla's vehicles. The tabless cells were among the first announcements from Tesla's Battery Day

The Verge Sept-20

The growth market

As we shall see battery growth is not just confined to Electric Vehicles because the solar industry is all growing at a great rate. Solar cell roofs or panels all need battery support and the market is arguably bigger than the car market.

It should be noted that this is a world wide market and not just domestic supply. Tesla has taken on the Chinese by building a local factory and supplying the biggest market in the world. The Chinese manufactured NIO is a light year behind and the introduction of a Tesla compact will see a big difference.

Finding increased opportunities for power

Elon's brother had been financed into a Solar energy project manufacturing panels and providing support batteries for domestic use. Elon joined into the group and used similar battery configurations to the cars and thus expanding on the demand for the product.

In the coming five years the supply of batteries alone will add significantly to the income of Tesla. Special factories have been set up and demand is going through the roof.

Tesla plan on delivering 20 million cars a year by 2030 up from a low One million this year

The ramp up plan from its pilot lithium-ion battery plant in California, with its 10 GWh annual capacity, includes an order of magnitude leap for Tesla to 100 GWh by 2022 before ballooning to 3 TWh by 2030

The cost of producing a Kwh of power is somewhere around $100 and expected to reach a figure nearer $50 by 2025. So when you multiply 3TW hours by $50 the income of Tesla is going to be very large.

Changing the world from the ground up

Every car company in the world is moving to EV

From a one man start up to a world changing position on vehicles.

European sales of EV's in 2021 will be in excess of 1.5 million cars, US nearly 8 % of all cars will be EV in 2021 (around 1.5 million cars) with similar amounts in China where it is estimated 30% of all cars will be EV in 2025.

Surprisingly The rise Of Hybrid cars is also growing mainly with the Toyota brand. When Tesla were asked if they would do a Hybrid the answer was a definite NO. The reason being that a full EV had far less moving parts and a Hybrid still has an engine Gear box Diff etc making the change less effective.

Another telling fact is that the European group levee a surcharge on all normal aspirated motors in the form of a tax. Therefore car manufacturers are pushing EV's where they can get a credit.
The tax can amount to hundreds of dollars on the price of a car.

Tesla are about to introduce, a ute, a truck and driverless taxis to markets this year that will bring a big increase to sales.

The Hydrogen impact on Batteries

Again Tesla stated that Hydrogen was not an option being to expensive and unstable to be considered. However many others are walking this plank because of increased power. It may be used in heavy haulage where savings can be made with increased payloads to compensate for cost

Green Hydrogen is the buzz of the year and considerable development is happening around this. This is made from water and Electricity so it requires a lot more energy in creating the fuel.

The race is not yet over but EV is a lap ahead

Elon Musk and the Tesla group have changed the future. A change that will be far better for the environment and for mankind. The losers are the Oil companies that have fought hard to maintain their lucrative market but have reluctantly accepted transformation.

It is an interesting fact that Electric cars consume electricity that mainly comes from fossil fuels, something that must be solved. However a concentrated problem is far easier to maintain than millions of emitters without control.

20 million cars a year

Tesla has plans to produce 20 million EVs per year by 2030, 50 times its 2019 production. Much of these projections are based on the inclusion of a $25,000 EV “within the next three years” – as announced at the recent ‘Battery Day’. There are already several EVs at that price range, but none with sufficient utility for owners (a combination of cost, range, access to charging etc.) to be truly head-and-shoulders better than an average priced ICEV. Adding a lower-priced vehicle to its portfolio would position Tesla to capture 45% of our projected 45 million passenger EVs sold in 2030. 

DNV .com

What can you do about this

Tesla shares are going to go ballistic in the coming years, analyst's are picking a share price of ten or twenty thousand from the current $700 level. This is not investment advice nor do I understand the future however I do believe in what has been achieved in this start up period.

I have not mentioned SpaceX or the Low earth satellites that will beam fast internet to areas that previously had no chance. Nor the Boring company building tunnels at low cost and quicker than ever before.

The future has changed and you can change with it by buying a small investment into a huge growth cycle.
Simply set up an account with eToro and throw in some loose change to get a small part of the action. Off course there is risk involved and you should not put your inheritance across the table. However start the journey and become more educated on the opportunities coming up.

{The author has Tesla shares}

EToro login

Tesla-When a company has it all and for the right reasons by Peter Hanley

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What is the value of a Bitcoin

Crypto currency trading ( Can you average person make money)

What is the value of a Bitcoin and why you should understand the growing interest in digital currency and become part of the tribe.

No, Bitcoin is not a scam or a con in fact it is much more important than you think

In part Bitcoin is based on supply and demand and hence the meteoric price rise, however, it is much more than that.

First of all there is a limit to the number of coins available and they are tightly controlled . Out of the maximum 17million available they are spread in mostly controlled areas.

Who owns Bitcoina total of 25 million people have invested
Treasures have 1.5 millionHeld for the long term
Lost coins 3.1estimated at 3.1 million
Cold storage 8 millionLong term investments
Satoshi Nakamoto group 1.3 millionThe inventors and original owners
Available for trading 3 millionThe current market
Estimates based on market sources

Therefore the market is indeed very thin. When you consider that Elon Musk recently bought about 30,000 coins for his 1.3 billion and they have increased in value by about 20%

Is Bitcoin Crypto really a currency

In the term it is a store of value and can be used to buy product it certainly is. In fact it is now worth more than the UK Pound that was traditionally a gauge for all money.
Bitcoin can be seen as a legitimate store of value.

Some assume it is a non productive asset yet it has constantly been a hedge against inflation. In fact even if it just covers a medium inflation rate over the next 10 years it should be a $500,000 coin.

Political intervention is entirely unlikely except for financial manipulation in a small country like Turkey. They don't want there money going to Bitcoin.

Accordingly a great comparison is PayPal an everyday currency used by an estimated 361million people and considered legitimate currency.
It is interesting that Elon Musk was a early investor in PayPal. He sold at a hansom profit that managed to fund Tesla etc.

In fact the opportunity exists for another big player to take a million coins out of the market and it may be considered that Apple, or similar who have large reserves of cash may be close to a transaction like this.

Fiat money is a government-issued currency that is not backed by a commodity such as gold. … Most modern paper currencies, such as the U.S. dollar, are fiat currencies.

Therefore Crypto currency has no more or less stability than paper money therefore it has value. Beside that it has inflationary potential.

Can you get your money out of the Bitcoin market

Bitcoin is a tradeable commodity and you can deposit or withdraw at any time. The price you will use is the daily announced price less any fees that may be payable.

Bitcoin could crash

There is always a risk that circumstances could see the currency disappear. In this case investors may lose some or all of their funds, certainly a frightening position.

However this same situation applies to any common currency used in the market. Take the example of countries that experience extreme inflation. You buy a loaf of bread one day for a couple of tokens and after several months it cost 10 times more or even 100 times more as the value of money declines. It has happened and continues to happen every day.

The US$, UK pound and even the Euro decline in value every year, Stick a million under the mattress and come back in 10 years when it is worth about half that.

Similarly Gold, Silver and Diamonds are a bad long term investment as they fail to keep up with inflationary pressures. Gold no longer backs our currency, silver is not as scarce and diamonds can be commercially made.

Institutional investors will shore up the value

When you have a currency supported by the worlds largest market players they will ensure the value is retained.
The top 1% of bit coin investors have more that 3.3 coins. That is a small list of around 260,000 entities.
The next 5.2 million investors have less than 0.3 of a coin and the balance down from there
Therefore there is a very small spread in Bitcoin holders.

What if the Super funds decide it is a great opportunity.

There is every chance the multi trillion dollar super funds will have to invest in Bitcoins as a hedge against inflation. They must be looking at opportunity lost and that this is not an aberration.
Several billion invested in Bitcoin would be a miniscule percentage of the funds and offer little risk of loss. It will happen.

One international hedge against inflation

Wherever you are in the world Bitcoin has the same value and is easily traded. When you are going through massive inflationary periods like Venezuela, Zimbabwe or Argentina where would your money be the safest. The answer is simple and easily identified.

When real estate values crash or even decline over time having your money invested in a growing equity may seem like a great option. From anywhere at any time

Are you too late to join the crowd

We have certainly missed the early opportunities for the big gains however this is a very young currency, it is only a few years old and has a lifetime to run. A Bitcoin at a million dollars is not out of the question in the years to come.

Crypto trading choices
Your best buying centre

What other crypto opportunities are available

Will there ever be another Bitcoin where you can ride the escalator from the bottom.

Ethereum is the next most popular however unlike Bitcoin it grows with the market. An original supply of 72 million is added to by about 18 million a year.

Litecoin has a market limit of 84million shares with a platform similar to Bitcoin

Like bitcoin, litecoin is a form of digital money. Utilising blockchain technology, litecoin can be used to transfer funds directly between individuals or businesses. This ensures that a public ledger of all transactions is recorded, and allows the currency to operate a decentralised payment system.


Another is a new entrant to the market titled Coinbase. This is different in that they floated the product on the New York Stock Exchange. However instead of setting a price as is done in a normal float they let the market decide. They expected about $250 a share however it went to over $350 before coming back to around $290. We may see a correction soon from its current value of just under $80 billion. ( Bitcoin about $700 billion)

The Coinbase IPO is potentially a watershed event for the crypto industry and will be something the Street will be laser-focused on to gauge investor appetite,” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives wrote in a note to clients. “Coinbase is a foundational piece of the crypto ecosystem and is a barometer for the growing mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and crypto for the coming years.”

Importantly what is the value of a Bitcoin when it drops

Don't worry about the dips

You are looking at a trading stock where it is dominated by small holders. Any news will affect the price and rises and falls are a daily thing.
All sorts of tools and advise are available on the best times to enter a market. As my mentor said to me;
“The best time to buy crypto was in the past and the next best time is today”

My final words

First of all this is a new world of adventure offering excitement and entertainment as well as profits and losses.
I am not an expert nor do I make any investment advise with my job to simply tell what I see.
Yes I hold an investment in Bitcoin and would love to grow that to a whole coin as I slowly build my holding.
My introduction to Blockchain and currencies was over two years ago however I failed to act. and made a million dollar mistake. Cry no more it is still early days.

Accordingly I offer no advise or recommendations made.

Can anyone make money highlighted for you

What is the value of a Bitcoin by Peter Hanley

In conclusion; Perception drives a market

5-Affiliate marketing mistakes (and how I learned a hard lesson)

affiliates and seo

5-Affiliate marketing mistakes (and how I learned a hard lesson). Not understanding these basic inputs will provide no chance of success

Affiliate marketers have a battle to be seen

Unless you are read and followed no one will click your links and thus no sales will result.

A pretty simple formula really however the big question resides around being read.

First of all you must be on page one of a search term. Over 80% of searches never go past the first three free listings so if you are not there you will not be found.

Keyword understanding is essential.

Understanding Key words is paramount to success

Key words or more correctly Key phrases are the basics of all search terms. It is a balance between competition and traffic and both need to be on target.

Fortunately we have some tools to help us with this otherwise it would really be a difficult task.

When someone searches for anything they type in a series of words and those words are the Keywords that take them to a result. Google ranks all those words and positions them according to their rules.

I use three different tools to gain the information needed to make a wise decision. Remember I said traffic and competition, well, too much of either and you wont be found, similarly too little has exactly the same results. No one looks at you.

I looked up affiliate marketing for beginners and found among others two results

Same page and vastly different results so what went wrong.

Seeing your traffic makes a difference.

Using the tools before and not after

The first is Jaaxy a Wealthy Affiliate product .

This tool will give you most of what you want in terms of volume and competition. Pick volume of around 100 a month and competition under say 50 or 5 pages.

Next we look at Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. a bit more difficult to read but more information.

Finally the important Google search. Google writes the rules so they know.

Ubersuggest also has a Chrome extension that provides the estimated visitors numbers as seen above. They will add to the traffic count.

Using a headline tool helps write great introduction text.

Now we have a headline and Meta description to complete

The above examples both appeared on page one so why did one get more traffic?
The first thing is the headline.
Affiliate marketing for beginners 7 steps to success makes a promise.

I struggled with this for a long time until I found a great free tool by Monster Insights. This tool rates your headline and tells you what you are doing wrong, or right in some cases.

Many experts will tell you to keep your headline short however they are wrong. The headline needs to draw readers in to answer a question, provide hope or come up with a solution to a problem.
7 Steps seems to be better that 2021, ( what's more you wont have to change it)

You need power words and promises to pull them in.

Next is the Meta description the lines below the headline. This must explain what your article is about and whether it is worth reading for them. It needs to contain your key phrase as well.

These three items are a package that need to be the best available on the page. Your time to grab a reader is only about 2 seconds so it must be good.

Key Phrases are the startsearch for traffic and competition
A great headline is necessaryAbout 55 characters is ideal
Meta descriptionGet them in with a promise

Affiliate marketing mistakes and bad links

Use your links sparingly and distance them apart

Being an affiliate marketer gives you the opportunity to link to many and varied income sources. Most of us have a whole bundle of affiliate links depending on what we are writing about.
First of all writing for Mobile content is necessary at all times because this is where Google takes its ranking from.
However having links close together for a mobile phone creates a blurring of the data and they can't be used.
Secondly readers are there for information and too many links creates distrust in what your article is about. Links must be directly associated with your article and provide more information.

Finally you have several link types but three are important

Internal links Linking to other data within your blogs
External LinksTaking them to further information
Authority linksUniversity's, Health services even Wikipedia
Use them at appropriate times

In conclusion, limit your links, write for mobile optimisation and include authority.

Using good SEO is also critical to success

WordPress is my media of choice so I am able to use Yoast SEO. In fact I use the premium version because SEO is so important.
Content structure must be designed with readers in mind. Lots of headlines, short sentences, a few graphics and no spelling mistakes.

Writing must be positive and use ample transition words to connect structure.

You are not writing an engineering white paper. You are there to entertain and keep readers on the page from beginning to end. Provide a solution or answer a question is your destination.

Keeping them on page creates an opportunity for taking them to a destination where you get paid.
You are an affiliate with an ambition to make money. Therefore getting readers transported to the money page is your objective. Your blog or article is the devise to the printing press.

Don't get all hung up on prise winning articles, find the hot spot that gets action and exploit it as well you can.

In most cases the web page you are directing your readers to will be designed to sell the product, that is their job. Your roll is to build interest and move them on to spending money.

Affiliate marketing mistakes and good SEO

Good SEO is importantTry Yoast SEO
Entertain and informinclude references
Move readers to a saleUsing great linking structure

Understand your history and analyse your results

When you don't know where you have been, can't see where you are going and have no idea of traffic you are in the middle of a nightmare.

Firstly Google analytics is available free to everyone. It has such an extensive range of stats
that can tell you many variables. If you are using WordPress then a great plug-in is Monster Insights. ( The same one for your headline analyser) This puts all the vital stat on your front page so you are reminded constantly to check your results

My conclusion to affiliate marketing and the lesson I learned

The principal lesson is that many variants make the whole and they all need to be in line. Like music it is not just one note but a range of inputs to create a tune.

Affiliate marketing is like that. You need to line up all the ducks to capture interest and intent in a part of a second.
Therefore you should concentrate on each variable and get them all correct every time. Any one failure may well cost you a reader and importantly a chance of income.

You are an affiliate to make money and we sometimes get so wrapped up in our content that we forget that important principal.

The best place to start an affiliate journey is with the training at Wealthy Affiliate. From starter to professional there is something for everyone and your entry is free.

They understand the business better than any one so even being in the forum provides healthy tips and advice.

Furthermore you can get answers on a range of issues in several ways designed around a quick finish to your issue.

5-Affiliate marketing mistakes (and how I learned a hard lesson) by Peter Hanley

Buy Crypto Currency online ( and trade the market today)

Buy crypto currency online
Buy Crypto Currency online ( and trade the market today). The new game in town is a place for everyone, you just need to be careful but how?

Has the Crypto market over heated and gone past us

The whole market is relatively new and most people just don't understand blockchain or coins creating fear and doubt.

If you are wanting to buy into the market you are evidently past this point and moved on to curiosity and excitement.

With massive investments by people like PayPal, Google, Tesla, Citibank, JP Morgan it is evident that the market has gained credibility.

Having a value in excess of US$2 trillion it is no small player although dominated by Bitcoin at about half that amount.

Most of the value is post 2017 so a relatively short time in any financial cycle.

The market is young and the future looms very large.

Is it safe to trade in online currencies

Many are finding this market is an ideal hedge against inflation however. Yes it is a rollie coaster ride with an upward trend over time.
This excludes the bottom tier entries that are there for padding.

Saying all that the market has been in a Bull Run for some time although forward projections see this strong trend going through to 2022.

I know nothing and this is not financial advise it is purely a discussion on a subject of interest.

You really need to have some skills in this to not get burnt.

One way to achieve this is by mirroring a player that has a history in the market.
Some brokers encourage this because you get to track your portfolio and see exactly what is happening along the way.
This is a form of protection and learning at the same time however results are never guaranteed.

Local area trading is available

What advise is available for new market players

First of all my advise is to learn as much as you can before investing any money.
Your broker ( my recommendation) will have a training program that you can play off market to see how you go.

You will quickly learn a few tricks and that life is not all roses.
Next is to follow a good investor for a time to see what could be if you have the talent and understanding.

Finally to employ a stop loss in all your positions to save failure in the case of a major shift in the market. It does happen and can bite very hard when it does.

Furthermore it may be wise to invest only in Bitcoin and Etherium who are the market leaders and will continue to be at the top for the long term. Time should take the wrinkles out of the market and provide a good return over a longish journey.

Buy Crypto currency on line( and trade the market today)

eToro was my broker of choice

Crypto trading choices

I looked for someone that had a long trading history and an easy to follow page. They had to have the tools that I needed and the ability to control my world.

You will need to upload security documents like a Passport or Drivers Licence and completer a facial image recognition by taking an image in a snap of your self.

Then it will be banking details, drop some money and you are away and running.

You get to view the activity of all the selected stocks and drill down into all sorts of data analysis and graphs to gather really good information.

The activity is live and changing as you view the page and the above shot was a day after the April correction, the whole thing crashed for a short time. The low yesterday was $54431 a big dive from $66,000 just a few days ago.
You can see that the trend is upward at the moment however there may be another correction to come. I promised excitement .

Buy crypto currency online just like the big boys.

What do the big investors think?

One recent venture was by Elon Musk of Tesla fame. Elon had some spare capital earning little or no interest so he bought bit coin at at about $36,000 that sent the market up and then into a loss position.
Even at todays figure of $57,000 that is a great return on a US$1.5 billion investment.

Interestingly he is happy to take Bitcoin for the sale of a new Tesla, so come on market I need one.

The next is Greyscale Investment a New York base investment fund and an early entrant to bit coin.

Grayscale has by far the largest Bitcoin portfolio of any institutional investment platform, with over $30 billion in BTC currently under management in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which trades under “GBTC”.


I could do many more but suffice to say there is some big investors that are going for the long ride. See more at Crypto markets

Can you monitor what is going on with the Crypto market

You sure can. There is so much data available that a rank amateur can keep up to date and have a chance of success using the data available.
This is a simple chart of Etherium over the past few months of a Bull market with a ending correction.

buying on the crypto market

Off course there will be good days and bad days and a few classic corrections along the way .

This is not a market for the feint hearted because it is an Investor driven result.

Furthermore it has a young following that are volatile in their activity seeking quick profits.

Are all Crypto currencies safe?

There is the amazing story of Dodge Coins. This was set up as a joke by a couple of smart programmers and left to languish and find its own way.

Buy Crypto currency on line

Today Dodgecoin is worth $0.34 following a year that went from as low as $0.03 to a high of $0.56 on reasonable trading. It is a Joke coin with nothing behind it however that is the market.
Many hold it as a fun token reminding them selves the real value of the currencies.

Conclusion on trading

First of all and as required to say, nothing in this represents trading or investing advise.

However it is a fun place to be where you can hang out with a few dollars and try your skills.
Never risk the family Jewels on any trading at any time because the downsides can be pretty big.
Finally it is also a very emotional journey just like being at the casino so remember to take your profits and limit your losses along the way

Make a start at eToro however practice before you play

Buy crypto currency online ( and trade the market today) by Peter Hanley

What is the value of a Bitcoin

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds)

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds). When 62 % of all searches are not clicked you need to get smarter and start now

Why has Google searching changed

Unfortunately Google is not there for you the marketer. They want to answer a question and move on.

They try to have a direct result for your search that answers the question for you so you read and move on.

The above is a typical example where no click is required. If you are currently in The Northern part of the world we are at the end of Autumn here down under and perfect weather. Just saying.

As you can see weather request have a big volume and impact the results.

YouTube take a bundle of traffic from you

In fact YouTube is directly searched nearly as often as Google. Plus the YouTube videos are mostly in the top search spots so they also take the traffic away from you.

Google searching
Compliments Neil Patel Uber Suggest

So things are getting worse and not better.

Paid adds also burn your traffic away

Now it may be true that we avoid the paid adds in most cases however they still get a lot of traffic, if not people would not pay the premium price for them.

Therefore we really are in a battle for readership.

  • We can pay for advertising remembering a click is not a sale.
  • Do our own YouTube videos and try to get them rated
  • Be ranked on page one
  • Give up on the game or get smarter, it is your call.

My seven ways to better results

1: First of all it is understanding keywords and how they apply in a search.

Furthermore if you are not on page one no one sees you anyway.

If my keyword for this blog was Google there are about 480,000 searches a month for that term therefore impossible to rank on page one.

However “What is Google search engine” has little competition and good traffic

Finally for this section it is using your keyword in your URL. This can increase your chances by a massive 45%

2; Answering a question or solving a problem

Most searches are seeking an answer to a question or a solution to a problem that they have.
This is a fact . Thus using this format can increase your chance of success by 14%
Yes 14% makes a big difference

3: Power words, emotional words and common words help

A mix of all of these really help with your headline. I used Easy as my emotional word and Beating as my power word. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with good headlines so I use a headline tool by Monster Insights. This is a basic WordPress plug-in that analyses your headline and gives you ideas for improvement.

1: Google Search (why It Doesn't Work Anymore)

2:Google Search (why It Doesn't Work Anymore And The Way To Overcome It)

3: Google Search (why It Doesn't Work And 7 Positive Changes For Instant Success)

These are ideas I worked from. The first was a low 48% so I needed to improve.
The middle one was still 48% so back to the drawing board.
The third one bounced right up to 50% but still not suitable.

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds) actually got a pass mark at 75%

That is what I used.

4:Try using a year for effect, example ” best Google search in 2021

This is done quite a lot now and Patel states a 9% increase in searches when using a year. However make a note to change in the new year.

5: Curiosity works really well

I particularly like this one for a very good reason. When someone searches a term they like then you have a vey short period of time to get their interest.
Who let the search term of of the bag, why Trump was really banned from Twitter,
If you can grab a reader by curiosity it is a great starting point.

6: Creating your own Meta description, a must do or Google will mess it up

This is not number six in order it probable should be up the top so take good note.

If you don't write your own 160 character Meta ( what your article is about) then Google will take a few words out of the first paragraph and use that. OK, they should know what they are doing because they do run the show however you need more control than that.

The Keyword comes first, and the description should entice a reader to take action.

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds). When 62 % of all searches are not clicked you need to get smarter and start now

Peter H

In this case I identify a problem and give you ways to better internet searching.

Have a look at the paid ads on the first page and look at their meta description, Can you do better by one of the many ways here.

7: Putting it all together for more clicks

You may have noticed that copy has not been mentioned, the setup , links nor anything else.
If they don't click they don't read so it don't matter.

I Use Neil Patel for many things mainly because he really knows his stuff.
In this he is promoting Neil Patel . His name is in the URL, the title and the meta description .
He wants you to know more and screams look at me.

You need to be as good as Neil in writing your material. Practice and learn until you get the results you want.
Remember if you are not searched you are not read.

My search conclusion

Finally my wrap up and advice.
Having your material searched and read is the total ballgame.
Therefore do it properly every time and give yourself a chance of success.
Furthermore take as much training on this one subject as you can
Finally If you mess this up there is nothing to follow.

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds) by Peter Hanley

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links (How to avoid the mistakes I made)

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links and how to avoid the mistakes I made. Every click should be money so understanding the rules is essential.

No, not really, except that you need to get a payback from either one to enjoy the benefits. Free ones may take you longer and a lot more work however the return is all yours. When you pay for a click you certainly need some sales to justify the expenditure.

Money in less money out equals a return. if it is negative it is time to think about it.
The term Affiliate Marketing would cost you $5.30 for every click. (Uber suggest). That is not sales that is clicks. So if one in say eight subscribe you have a cost of over $40 a subscriber.

However if your return over a period is more than this then it is worthwhile.
If you are new to this leave it well alone for awhile however for the more experienced it is simply mathematics

Off course some Affiliates pay better than others. Amazon may now pay you a paltry 2% on most products which makes it pretty hard unless you are selling big ticket items.
I like commissions that are paid monthly on a recurring basis like Wealthy Affiliate where you may get $24 a month for the life of a client.
However many don't stay in any product for long so it is only experience that can guide you.
There are literally millions of affiliate opportunities in just about any product you can think of.
However choose one that has market acceptance, demand and a good return as your number one choice.

One is never enough and that saying really fits in here. You can have as many affiliate links as you want on the proviso that you can do them justice. I limit myself to about eight products that are closely associated with My small business marketing niche. That way I can get a good balance and a reasonable volume of clicks.

Choosing your time to offer a product

Timing is essential and that can apply with your affiliate products when you go to market.

First of all we have four seasons that have very different needs. You will never sell Snow Shovels at the beginning of summer nor thin jogging shirts at the peak of winter.

What's more we have festive seasons where great opportunities are available.

then there is Black Friday an internet dream when products move faster than any other time.

So Pick your product and match your timing to achieve greater success.

Good SEO is the starting point

Nothing in the internet world works without good Search engine Optimisation. Being an affiliate is no different because you need to be seen to sell. Keywords, Headlines, offers, and structure all count in being found. The most important is keyword use and that is why I wrote a lot more on this issue.
SEO is about many things however it starts with a Keyword and your headline. Without having these correct you simply won't be read.

Consistency is the first objective

If you do a promotion once and it does not work then try again. Building a brand takes time and your brand is carried in everything you do. Overtime you will gain a following and traffic will not be a problem. A brand may just be your name (as I do) or a pseudonym that you choose, it matters not. What matters is consistency

Using forums to advance your opportunities

Some will excel at this and some will hate it however it does get results. Posting on Quora is easy and you will get lots of requests however too many links and you will get banned, don't say I didn't warn you.
i included this because it is heavily promoted but it is not my favourite way. I have and still occasionally post on Quora so I cant knock it.
Parlar is another among many you can use

Having a data base of followers

If you read nothing else on this page read these couple of paragraphs.
First of all a data base of contacts is like gold. You can use it often and it still retains a real value a value that you can bank.
These are picked up from everything you do and kept in a manner that can be used to contact them.
However not every contact is real or of use particularly when gained in ways that should not be used. Black lists may hold little or any real value however those real names cultivated over time by the many ways to market are invaluable.

Off course Social Media is always a winner

You can advertise, gather followers, post articles do lots of stuff on all the advertising mediums named as Social Media. The first was Facebook that is still growing after all these years right through to TiK Tok the latest trend in instant media. It is interesting that each of these has generally a age based following. look at Facebook that started out as University students, went to the younger set and ended with an older demographic of followers.
This is a long subject however an important one for you to be placed in front of your demographic.

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links by writing blogs.

Blogging is an easy way to results

What is a blog? Well buddy you are reading one right now and somewhere on this page will be a contact form to give me your email address and name so I can add you to my data base. However the purpose is to educate you like a book would only in a lot less words,
There are literally millions of bloggers and for those that like to write a great place to be. However it takes time to grow a following but once there a powerful form of affiliate marketing.

If it was too easy everyone would be doing it

Affiliate marketing may be the best job in town however it takes some time to gather an audience.
Many will jump in and out believing it is not worth while whilst those that stay the distance will reap the results.
There are many roads that lead to success. You can choose several at the same time to ply your wares on the market.
Success comes to those that apply the rules and training is the answer.
Trust in your self and your future will be filled with financial rewards.

My final words

Using multi media will assist your promotion in different ways and then ramp up those links that provide the best results.
In fact if the analytics are favourable this could be the time to look at paid advertising to complete the package.
A positive return on investment is the basis for extended marketing and much higher income.

Best marketing plan for a street food outlet

Best marketing plan

Best marketing plan for a street food outlet. How I approached them to gather new business and win the customer war in one easy way

A fish shop and a Burger Bar compete for business

We all have a local shop for either take-away food or a fast dine in service. However our needs change and we tend to wander to the new or latest trend.

In a close shopping strip there is an assortment of businesses which include two new outlets. A Brooklyn Burger bar and a Fish and chip shop. Both are pretty fair dining however both are quite new and customer flow is slow.

They have together spent a ton of money on a new setup and initial marketing so are very shy to commit to any expenditure unless they get an immediate return.
They also see the other as an enemy taking business away from their business that could be spending money at their premises.

However I see the markets as the same people at different times and that the greatest attraction to a new business is word of mouth marketing.

Burgers are Ho Hum and Fish shops every where so how can they stand out in a busy market
and attract new customers.

Joining forces will benefit both outlets

I needed to explain they are not mutual enemies or even competitors because they are quite different in what they supply. However, they are both casual dining and take away meals.

Furthermore I don't see Uber Eats or Menu log take-away meals as an answer because their rates are so high thus trimming all ready tight margins. Yes they are a must have and allow for higher turnover and supporting staff levels needed for walk in clients.

Therefore we need to attract people to somewhere they don't know and entice them to try and make decisions based on value.

My first suggestion is a letter drop

Yes there is a cost however it should be returned in meals.
The brochure should contain an offer that will entice new customers.
It may be around slow nights so that you balance the week. Weekends are generally Ok it is just Tuesday to Thursday trade that is slow.

The problem was what to offer that represented value.

The Fish shop was encouraged to package a meal for four. This would include Fish and Chips, squid rings, a few Prawns and scallops. I have seen this work very well before.

The Burger bar had a great call to action by offering half price beer, yep the punters love a cheap beer and the Burger boys still make a margin so it is not a loss leader.

Best marketing plans start with a web site

Back this up with a good website and competition

Off course a good website is necessary to back up the action and a booking menu would be a good idea but we may leave that for a bit later.

First of all we want some names and email addresses plus where possible a phone number.

We could do this by having a Free meal offer for a party of five.

The details will be on the brochure and the entry on the website plus to everyone that walks into the shop and It will run for 45 days.

This data base will be invaluable going forward because we will use it time and time again.

All staff will be trained to get client details wherever they can and we will set up targets to be achieved.

Food sharing will be optional with meals delivered to the other shop.
So the kid wants a burger and you want Fish and you want to eat-in, not a problem. Just give us your mobile number and we will call when it is ready.

This will really enhance the whole eating experience by providing choice.

Adding Social media to the mix

Facebook is still a valuable tool as well as Instagram and even Twitter.

You will need to set up a Facebook page at the very least and maintain it with regular posts.
Many will browse the Facebook looking for dining ideas or even comments on the premises.
Again this is easily outsourced for a small price

Best marketing plans and Social Media

The Google listing

This is a really important part of the promotion particularly for those we have not yet touched
with our marketing.

We will encourage a few great reviews that will say nice things about us and maintain a five star rating.
It is expected that a bad comment will come through at some time and this can not be avoided. It is a problem in the industry.

The important point is to address every bad comment and fix the issue as fast as we can.
There are those that seek free meals for writing good comments thinking they are the Gourmet experts. By getting our own comments we water these people down.

The newsletter experience

As we build a following they will receive a regular newsletter about general food trends.
What fish are in Season and why Wagyu beef is so expensive type things.

However never miss an opportunity to add a call to action.

Try our new Vegan Burger served on a plate of hope for those that don't eat meat.
Rate it from 1-10 and win a dining experience.

You can use the stats for future promotion particularly if you encourage high scores. Eight out of ten diners rated our Vegan burger a 10/10. Take away or dine-in

Best marketing plans will always include SMS

SMS will be a winner

I have often told the story about the Sydney restaurant where you need to book months ahead just to secure a table.

However every one has a down day with cancellations or weather problems when tables are free.
They just SMS a section of the base and say tables available tonight, first in best dressed. They never have an empty table and with a huge data base the clients would only get a message irregularly so it is like a treat.

We will promote the slow days with a special offer and entice them to drop everything and come on down.

It may surprise you that many families will take the opportunity to not cook the family dinner when there is an easier way.

The growth stage will be quick and then in maintenance mode

Restaurant bookings in our area are quite busy so once we get known better we will soon achieve a desirable level of patronage.

Being hard to get really encourages word of mouth activity. So we can change our offers to suit the occasion.

It is important to promote customer experience and establish regular clients.

We will have a Cheap drinks night once a month and maybe some entertainment to vary the package.

Furthermore it is important that we remember we are a neighbourhood restaurant and not a tourist destination. Repeat customers are our target so we really need to satisfy them.

Using names and personalising the service will overcome average food every time. We all want to be known and enjoy a bit of celebrity status.

Best marketing plan include a contact link

My dining conclusion

Other than the initial cost of a letter drop and setting up a web page costs are minimal and can even be outsourced.

With all internet media consistency is rewarded however neglect is noticed and acts as a negative.

You don't have a big pull of customers with most coming from a five Klms radius however you will also get others from further afield.

Having a good data base is the key to the whole solution.

Best marketing plan for a street food outlet by Peter Hanley

The seven top marketing strategies for small business

The seven top marketing strategies for small business. You are in danger of being left behind if you don't keep up with the market

Why pick just seven when there are hundreds

An interesting question with a three part answer.

First of all there is an ancient rule from the early marketers called the rule of SEVEN. The rule states that a potential customer must see your message at least seven times before they will commit to buying your product.
Seven may not be an exact number however in todays market your brand must be recognised and that will only be achiever with consistency.

Secondly, as a small business owner you simply don't have time to spend on a wide range of ideas and trends. Marketing tales time and money and both of those are usually in scarce supply.

Finally, and generally very true, only a few good ideas will work for you and get people through the doors and at a reasonable cost. We all have different needs and opportunities so making the best of what we have is the key.

Your web page and SEO

This is the easiest of them all however also the most important.
Your web page serves many purposes and one of those is where to find you, or perhaps how to call you.
I don't want to go searching through a dozen pages to find a phone number or address.
If I am out and about and using my Smart phone because I am lost I want answers now.
Ok, a lot of Web builders will disagree with this and tell you it is all about the web experience. They say hide the contact details on page ten so we have to troll through wonderful pages to get there.
Sorry it is too hard, give me at least a phone number on the opening page so I can contact you.


The second point is Keywords a vital part of SEO. does your site attract viewers to what you sell. If I want to buy a bush saw in Texas will I come up on page one of the search term?
If not you aren't going to sell many bush saws.
Fortunately this is easily and cheaply outsourced in these days of competition. Let the experts do the work and you ask the questions, Will I be on page one of the search terms for my business. if not please fix it. ( it may take a little while but get the action rolling now(.

Your Google search address

This is your business highlighted when someone types is a search term, a nice picture, address and phone contact details and a five star rating.
This is a free service and one in which you should be active. let me give you an example;
If you go to bush saws in Texas there is no Google listing, in fact the highest searched term is the Stihl listing which is pretty generic. Therefore you will scroll the page looking for what you want.
However if you search Bush saws in Nevada it is a whole different answer. The three Google listings are in your face and you probably won't search past them.
It then comes down to your wording to be the best of the tree.

A tip for you to get your five start ratings. I did this and it worked within a very short time.
I emailed a group of my clients and asked them for a good rating, In return I would do the same for them. All done in about an hour with great ratings and my 5 star badge of honour.
I competed the deal by returning the favour for all those that replied.

Include your local directories

I might add to this that there are often local directories that take up the first page of many search terms, particularly in say Food.
Most of these directories will give you a free listing and all you have to do is ask and write a small script. The volume wont be massive however get a few directories working your way and it really adds to the count.

This is something you do once and it works long term delivering excellent results.

Your VIP club or Rewards program and collecting customer data

One of the most important assets your company can have is a comprehensive data base.
Not only will you use this on a regular basis it will have a value of its own adding to your business worth.

When you have a data base of clients you have lots of choices. You can email them, send a newsletter, write to them, call them and SMS them with wonderful offers.

It is important that we look at the clients lifetime value not just one off purchases. You want them coming back for years to come and only by staying their face will you achieve this.

I have a favourite saying that says, “If they are not reading your stuff they are reading someone else's” and top of mind gets the Bickies. When they are gone they rarely come back.
Grab the data every way you can and at every opportunity and store it in your CRM system or even just an Excel spread sheet.

Carriers say on average a customer is worth $5.00 a month to you so if you have a thousand names and numbers it may well represent a sales income of $5000 a month or an extra $60,000 a year.

Newsletters are a cheap and easy answer

To compose and send a Newsletter from a pre done template takes about an hour going slow.
This can be done every two weeks or even monthly to keep your customer base nice and warm. The idea is not to sell to them but to inform and entertain them however always have a buy button because we never know.

All my high flying customers do newsletters because they know they work. Even the local Tyre Service where I might visit every two years has a mail about car trends and what is happening in the motoring world.
Being a bit of a Petrol head I read everyone because they are interesting. When it is time for new tyres they are my first port of call. Is it worth while?
Over a ten year period I may spend, with my families help, tens of thousands of dollars on rubber, so yes well worth the effort when they have a huge customer base.

Your Facebook page must be current and topical

Facebook is not dead by any means and is often used as a reference source. We look at what is happening and what is current and any comments people make.

Yes you can use it for advertising as well however at least post on it weekly at the least.

Again this can be outsourced if it is time consuming. Take a bundle of photos and add them on a regular basis with a few lines of promotional words.

It will not send them streaming into your business however it is an important touch that is cheap and reliable.

Now I want to spend a bit of your money

This is an optional choice and will need to be outsourced unless you commit a bundle of time to it. Retargeting and Remarketing are the two hot topics.
Retargeting is chasing clients that have looked and gone. By placing a pixel capture on your website the caller details are recorded and next time they use that Keyword your Facebook advert will pop up on the page, you pay a fee when your advert is clicked and hopefully you sell them something.

Remarketing is after they have made a purchase and are all hot to spend money with you having got their trust. Because they bought a Bush Saw now they really need sharpening stones, or anti corrosion oil or maybe even a new battery driven Chain saw to make life easy.
Again you generally pay on clicks.

Both of these are the latest trending products to produce a great return on expenditure.

However be careful and spend wisely because it can get away.

SMS will work faster and better than most media

Last but not least is my best value option. More here

98% of people read an SMS and depending on the offer many will reply straight back.

You need to have a compelling offer, be exclusive and have a time limit to take up the offer.
” Get 30% of the  STIHL brush cutters while stocks last” VIP customer exclusive.”

It wont get everyone because they are not yet ready however you only need one or two to pay the way. SMS cost about $0.10 each so a thousand cost about $100. The question is how many brush cutters can you sell among your Bush say clients.

My tip is to send a sample on the first run and see what happens, you may need to change a word or two to get better results for the final blast.
It helps to use first names and an opt-out within your basic 160 characters. A bit of practice and it becomes easy.

My conclusion on the Seven

Again, and I repeat. keep your marketing as tight as you can.
Everything takes your time away from the main project. However you don't have the option to do nothing so these are a compromise on the factors.
Time and expenditure over returns, an easy formula.

Your marketing is important so treat it properly.

Cleaning up old content and coming forward

Your content

Cleaning up old content and coming forward to let Search Engines know you care about your blog . The best ways to go shown here

A chore or a new start, it's your call

The first action is to tour your old pages and posts finding those that are obsolete.

You may have posted on Donald Trump being president however that is is the past, or maybe the future, but not in the next four years.

That is the sort of post that you need to make a decision on.

  • Delete the post and forget it
  • use a 301 redirect to The Joe Biden page
  • Then a 401 to tell Google page deleted
  • Or 410 to say page gone forever

Deleting obsolete posts is good house keeping.

We all have these and they affect your results. I use a Brocken link plugin that tells me how many I have at any one time and where they are.

One way around this is using a product like Pretty Links. Here you store all your links on the dashboard so when you want to change a link it changes every page or post.

Not only that it also records all traffic so you can understand how well the link is working.

Yoast SEO also has a great link checker on their service.

The meta description is also important

The meta tells people what your article is and is the first introduction to your page .

You can write your own Meta or have Google make one up for you taking a part of the first paragraph.

The better this short description is the more readers you will get and hence more sales.

Again if your Meta went praising Donald Trump it is old material and needs to be up dated.
You have about ,

meta description (sometimes called a meta description attribute or tag) is an HTML element that describes and summarizes the contents of your page for the benefit of users and search engines. … Your meta descriptions are important to you and to your SEO rankings.


You have about 160 characters, spaces and words to make your point.

Cleaning up old content

This is an example of a good Meta description. You can see it has attracted a lot of visitors because it explains exactly what the reader wants.

Therefore it is important to keep these up to date.

Cleaning up old content and adding Video

Adding pictures, graphs and lists

One easy way to bring old material up to date is to make it look pretty,
By adding relevant pictures, graphs or lists really helps a page jump out.

Then off course you have colour to brighten up the day.
These are easy additions however they have a big impact.

Readers scan your writing looking for things of interest so a picture brings them to a stop
or pause to read more.

Your content is important

You can not ignore outdated content or even badly scripted work. Yes we all have days when we are not quite up to the grade particularly in our early work.

Sentences too long, paragraphs extended beyond three hundred words all make a difference.

Furthermore the use of headings and subheadings should be checked.

That is not to mention spelling and grammatical mistakes. You can use a product like Grammarly to make sure you are on track

Video is now king, consider adding one

A Video does several things.
First of all you can link to a video or embed one on your site to get a better click ratio.

Secondly time on site is a relevant SEO objective, when we go to a video this will increase the visitor time.

Thirdly YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google so you can make a radical difference to your traffic having readers from more than one source.

If you are not sure how to do this try Vidnami free for a week and see how it all works. Within an hour you can have a professional video completed and loaded to your site.


Industry leaders put this first on your daily task list. Your post has age and maturity, relevance and position therefore you can only add to this and improve the results.

What is the most important thing to do? It will depend on what you originally did and what mistakes you made to easily update the site.

Finally Neil Patel, for one example, has a team working exclusively on old blog posts believing it will make a big enough difference to justify the expense,

Cleaning up old content and coming forward by Peter Hanley

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