How Crypto currency can really work for your business.

How Crypto currency can really work for your business. It is here and it is now and can double your trading in three great ways.

You missed the boat but can now make up ground an easy way

The ship has not sailed away, in fact, it is well and truly afloat as some smart people are taking advantage of the huge opportunity.

A single Bitcoin today is trading at about A$78,000. Now that is a heap of money however many are predicting over A$600,000 in the next couple of years.

There are now over 5000 Crypto currencies available on the market used to buy product, sell product or as an Investment for long term gain ( or loss).

Many Crypto currencies target a specific market and some of them include:

  • Buying online games
  • Gambling in many forms
  • Transacting international funds
  • Shopping
  • Buying property

They are really like virtual money that exists in a wallet and can be used at any time.

Why would a business be involved with a Crypto Currency

You are reading this because you have an interest.

As a business owner I use A virtual currency to gain new business. This is business I would never come across in my normal marketing and it is a very cheap entry to a large group of buyers. In fact many thousands of interested parties wanting to spend Qoin with someone.

It creates its only little world of customers. Qoin developed from the customer acquisition site Barter Card. Here we had Barter dollars that were really in house and very hard to exchange for cash. After a decade of Barter Qoin was a welcome addition.
Creating a Crypto currency using the same interest groups and buyers / sellers was a great step forward.

Next is the fact that QOIN is dynamic in value in that it establishes a trading value on market perception. Bitcoin for instance went from $0.10 to about $60,000 creating many billionaire.
Any coin can achieve this level however there are many variables that will create value or even blow the coin away. Not unlike share market stocks.

I have customers that prepay their accounts and traditionally that money was used as current cash flow. Now I invest in Qoin so over the prepayment period I have invested the money hoping for a gain in value. I can also draw down along the way to meet commitments.

Punters will invest in Qoin as their market reach goes to many new countries and it is seen purely as an investment model. They may become new customers as you target them offering value in what you sell for Cryptos.

How Crypto currency can really work for your business with Qoin

What is Qoin and how can it work for you

Qoin is an Australian Company who have recognised the need and value in introducing a Crypto currency targeted at small to medium business.

My only association is as a subscriber to the service to gather new business opportunities to my Messaging service based in Australia

Bitcoins' have a real advantage in value

Legal tender like dollar bills really depreciate in value over time as purchasing power declines. Once apon a time the banks would pay you interest and you may gain some value however the Tax man would rip it apart and take his 30% before you counted the value.
Now days interest is so low you may soon have to pay the bank to hold your money.
The one thing it did offer was security, it was difficult or impossible for a bank to go broke so your money was quite safe.

Crypto is held on investment for you and the value of that investment may grow or decline depending on perceived value. Example is Bitcoins.

Currently enjoying a Boom market .

How Crypto currency can really work for your business and the many users

How Crypto currency can really work for your business.

Does anyone use Crypto currency

it is a divided market that has several levels;

Investment VehicleThe opportunity for great Interest returns
High return v Low riskan open market
For selling productsIn your business or line of work
Naturally buying productSafe currency
Transferring moneyQuick and easy transactions
New business marketFind new customers

Today people are starting to use Bitcoin for payment, or should I say a very small percentage of a $60,000 coin.
In Australia one company is taking Bitcoin for NBN network payments. This is just a first step to the future.
Businesses are recognising that the new currencies have a value that other avenues wont supply.

For the small to medium business owner

First of all the bit coin market is like the stock exchange, it goes where it wants and that may be up or down. As an investor that provides an opportunity to look at risk and make some decisions

  • You may opt for a safe and steady growth
  • Maybe a little bit more of a risk to get more return
  • Speculative trading on new options

I am reinforcing that the whole venture comes with some risk and that you should be aware
of the total environment when starting out

Blockchain is used by Crypto currencies in many applications but not related

Block Chain is the horse before the cart.

It allowed an entirely new way of transacting currency exchange. Block Chain has had many knockers particularly from the financial service businesses that resist change. Moving funds became instant and secure a mile away from the old banking methods that have survived the years.

In many cases Blockchain technology stands behind the Crypto world supporting transactions in safety

One Australian start up offers a three way deal for business.

How Crypto currency can really work for your business.

Qoin was established in 2019 however it was not market ready for many months. Therefore you would be in the early investor group.

  • You can sell product
  • Buy product
  • Gain value along the way
  • ( there is always a risk of loss and that should be taken into account)
  • Invest spare funds for future gain

In 2019 when I started my Crypto watch portfolio my stock of choice was Etherium however the $137 price tag put me off. I was glad because it went down to $102 within a few months losing value.
Today April 2021 it is a$2890. You do the Maths on what I lost.

Many of my Barter customers now trade in Qoin so I am targeting future value and many more customers that will come on board.
Qoin is just one of the ways for you to future proof your growth.
Choose carefully and enjoy the journey.
More on international crypto

This is not an attempt to sell you on a product

I wrote this blog to introduce you to a concept that may have value for you and your business.
Crypto currency is a multi Trillion dollar venture with thousands of opportunities of which some will be winners therefor others will be losers.
The Qoin program is a low cost entry that may work for you and produce a whole new world of marketing.
I am not an Affiliate of Qoin however I am a member purely as a business proposition. Therefore is say to enter this world with eyes wide open.

Online marketing is getting harder to manage unless you tackle the problem by fast tracking your solutions.

As marketers we need to innovate and continue to grow with the changes thrown at us. Furthermore you need to adapt to change and move with the times or struggle along with the crowd.

Virtual currencies are a change that many will ignore because of ignorance or even laziness in adapting to the times. You must stay with the market and continue to learn because the world is surely changing and you must come along for the ride.

My Crypto conclusion

First of all the revolution is here to stay. It is still early days and we will see so many changes in the coming years that will alter our life styles.

How quickly printed money has become redundant. In my country I carry no cash and do all transactions by card. ( or in my case on my wrist watch that holds my cards).

Cheques are a thing of the past. It annoys me That I have one client that pays by cheque every month. I is not worth my time to go to the bank for a small amount however change is coming.

Bank Investments are hurting those that rely on interest for a part of their income. They must now draw on assets to get through a day. This is particularly so in the older generation.

Regular mail is a sunset product as bills now come by email and are paid on line.

Home phones are being lost to mobile connections and Internet will soon be in the sky coming at super fast speed anywhere in the world.

Finally things are now moving so fast that we must keep up or be left lagging behind and missing opportunities for growth.

How Crypto currency can really work for your business by Peter Hanley

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